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* Pag-e 8 The Madrid Herald, March 15,1917 DEPARTMENT NERAL SU3VEY OF HADDINGTON I Jlk '\*- cl, ' a,rl ' 0 ' 1:l,e Burlin.ga:ine,anold I and very highly respected woman, Mar G-Fierce winter a^-ain' I passed awy on Thursday morning Mr. and Mrs. Rohwt Shiver vtei-' a * «?* °?1°<* on March 1st, 1917 od relatives i.i Massern. last week. «\<*' bei11 ^ «Mifi«ed to her be d M .,,„ T\To„v 0 -„„. „ ,J rp „„„ foe five weeks with the infirmities Misses Mnmre; and Teresa „ . , ,,, , , . Duffy visked friends in Oantac, « lE oId a '^- She was very tenderly . ,,-„„ ^nnri.n,. i, last week. by he r granddaughter, Mrs. Geo. W\ le S reat Pineal importance is Bdson Niekerson and Sar.ford' SiP*- Surviving axe a «n .toes t atached to the capture of ^Bagdad^y Oarrutbers were in Water town a awd several grandchildren, few day* last week. | Miss Trayer of W . H . S CARRANZA IS ELECTED Vote Said to Be Largest Ever Cast In Mexico. LEGAL NOTICES spenit Sunday with.her parents. Mr. and TNCnv „ TOR Pfv , T a TTT<5TTT?V Mrs. Henry Traver, in JS awards. . tiNLtUiAbiiYU LOfcTS JUSTIFY CHEBSEMAKERS IN ASKING I Mr. .and Mrs. John W . Forsycbe spent the past week in Norwood as the quests of Mr, and Mrs. Geo. BmiUu I Mr. and Mrs.W. A. Daniel® visiced i friends ami l-eiadves in Go-uverr— ettrand OgdeinsburR from Tuesday oheetse factory so far this season uiuil Thursday of this week. bad shown che patroans willin 3- to the British th e military results of the notable event are of even gt eater im- portant result, pointing to the possi- bility of a comparatively speedy link- ing up of British and Rjssian move- ments against the Turks in this far ,.,,„„ , ~ _ ! awav field of war. MORE PA? FOR THEIR WORK I wllile Briu , h were driving success . I fully against the Turks along the Tigris, in Persia the Turks have been receiving hard usage at the hands of | the Russians, according to Petrograd. I In northwest Persia the Russians have . ,. , , „ . -- captured the town of Sahna, and the M;r -,. B ?L ia .i!'; t i VL TJ.* U : ( ! d ;!; 1 ^ y ,,°' 1 ! ^ Ue \ a ' a T* D ^ tia l b&ost . ill ' l>rice ' S : Ottomans who were driven of Hama- A raceme press item told how the Monday niuriwiig. Tine iuneral was tor-Jus making of both cheese and held o.i ' ' ' \' tivrn \V hel d o.i lut-SiUy. His lather came K,„+,„,T r .nnrir., •*•'\*« *i,TT~ \\\V\\' Vau-riosvu for the funeral kuctei, owing to the great increase „,, T ,. ,,. . „ . P kl - '^ ,oc \ ;it of supplies, such as , Th I Jj dieS _ JllSS : 0 : : : ary , Stxa . ety , 0f ***»<• extract, banda-e cloth ar.d boxes. During- the coming season l he Pr L 1.t> j 1c r ia; i CI .y c eli ^ er v e d , dan are still in retreat. In Asia Mimr along the Civas road the Turks at- tempted to go on the offensive but were repulsed. No action of great importance has delicious supper a t the home of JC^^.. wiU ^ ^ gfl pe ,.\ hiun , cll . ed been r.q orted f.om any of the other Mrs. Homer Taylor last Thursday ° ' ^-u....... _* — „_ ©A Ciuing. ProCvids- , SfS.15. FraiiJi Doran is very fcick with or three years ago, the price paid and near Fazo.ivanx attacks against lor making- cheese was $1.10 and French portions were attempted but for batter $2.50. A year or two ago ' '' ere repnbed. The French on the erya-ipeias. Richard Gorman sui- fercd a severe attack with heart trouble Sut.day, bu t he is much pounds- for making cheese and '? e * lera °^ ^r. The Germans near *•> 7'i np.i. h»-,rt,A-..^A - , J. T% Nouvron, nortn of ihe Aisne has been »-..o pet burtdred xor butter. For el1?aged , n a yioleut artn duel »,) yeaas or longer, and uo to two wjl]l tI;e Trench. Northwest of Rheim.s better aw an d able to attend t o ._>o e M . a , s added to the cheese Irate, other hand carried out successfully bis duties- ai -cull >i custom.-; ^i.ile the butter price a ioud still, pe^eral attack- on German trenches. and Ethel an d KaJierine Berry as. bandage cloth an d rennet\ were F ' nl]n admi!s tbe retirement of the Lave had mumps lor t\\ o v. eeki. ! 3Irs. Himar. Buiiinjrame died last ''\in Indiana. The price of rennet on the Rn«,ian front there have Tuesday after a In • g itkness. Th. ' ^ l 'd to be 75c t o $1 a gallon,but it been only minor operations and artu- EuEeral was held from the home i* Mff said to have passed the lery activity. There is still no news on Xhur.Mlay afternoon, R-.-v. R. F . d. liar mark with very little in sight concerning ihe .--ituation in Ponmania, Taylor oflicialii-g. She is survived a^tiie war has cut off th e German i T - 0,:al ar:i!!ery actions are in pro?;- by one son, Jamr-sBurlingame, with snpply, bufc the substitutes do not whom she resided. Several grand-, saiisf . v - Cheese boxes have Jumped children also sim ive. besides many! frnm Uc a Fear ago 'to 20c now, relatives and friends. i 4nr ' d lhe *tipply is uneertain. , , , . , Germans before the British near Irles i-oded for butter, our tubs coming ' on p a turday. re = s along tbe entire Austro-Italian front. COLES CRKEK.. Mar. 13—Milder weather! MIPS. Wm. Castle has been suff er- rvew nome. MADRID LOCALS On F&btii'ary 17, 1917, sk onooia a \ CKBH OF THANKS. Mr. and Mrs. PoJlia \V. More arfd iaimily desire TO thank very kindly 'the igood Tjieighbors amd friends ivho- ministered to us dnrinig the sicknies'S and death of ouir »on aid brother, Edward More. On Saturday evening the young men of the town will hold a. 12 p. jn. dance i a the Town Hall, begit.- niriig a t eight oc'oek. Tickets, 50c. Advertising on Billboards Often imgfrom rhenmatism in her knee; J\\f„**f r M ~ P T^ d'^erhtet waa the past week. born t& M!r - am i Mrs. Logan Sellers. Alc^fco Bancroft attended the ™* s ^^^ Hatatet Jcne* amito :sihow at O^-d Feb 21 ' • J<me3 » wto' hiaa been Mns. Ella Cole\ h,a S been OB the ^^ tto Wlnt* in Prescott sick list for the past throe weeks. 1 WWiB ° ai1 ^^ va*&% roturned BO David Macdonald of Wad. sperit I \* '°° to ^ b ^^S Wrse hete. a f-ew days 'the past week a t Mas- ©etna. While working otn the road Frank Calrr sprained his anikle last Thuirs- d'ay. Mis'i Ida Wells of Louisville Ld.g. is visi'i'n-g a t the home of Mr. amd Mrs. Wm. Castle. j Getald Macdonald is spending eoime'timo with his uncle- amid aunt,' Mr. and Mrs. Martin Golishier, i n New York City. | Misis Pearl Hosmer and brtfther Ira sspent the pi--.t '\>'-V it ^r-r.-l kin'toih. the •gu'est of their sister, Mrs. Howard Miller. Willie TO'bm of Wad. is spc-ndin.i sometime with his n n «t MTS. Jud- ®on Edwards, at Norfolk also at- Tondimg -school while thete. Thieve was a surprise and fare- well paTty held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Macdonald Friday! evemfog, March 2, 1917. Mr. Mac- ', doniald an d family are going to Massema to reside. Many friends and nieig-hboirs regret their depart- ure and wish them success in their iw>w home. Mar. C—Blustery weather! Mrs. George Sipes is visiting in Ogdens-buirg. Mrs. Louise Purvefi 'spent Friday -with Mrs. Leslie Clark. Mrs. Amna Roibmaoai spent a terw diayis last week at Wad. Jiames Wrigbit has purehasad an Overiarud cair amd Wm, Campbell a Fotd, Miaa Grace Cas'tle, teacher at Bl- leinlbuirig, lapejnlt the week end with. 'her pareintoa. MiiSB Anpia C. Widfiek, 'teachelr in diflitirict No. 2, clr>Bed her school on Friday for fotur week®' vacation, Mns. Wm. Sea-viss is recov©rin|g' from luer isicknieiss from her laick- meiAsof igiriip, and Mrs. W. W. Clejm- euicu ia suffetring from neuralgia. Jiatnejfl Duffy is movimg 'to Joiln, McGinnis's f arm, which he has arep't- eajflmid Chairlieifl Sahcier i s mO'Vimig to Myron Horary4* house on tihie Madrid road. Mr. and Mra, Floyd Dfcaik;© :aipe Boon, to remove to Dar- *wS(ni Ketmtoieira' lower fa*m, < By HOLLAND. P UBLICITY is not neces- sarily advertising. Pub- licity can In- achieved in such a manner as to he harmful. Advertising can he done in .such a way ns t<> bo worse than useless. The arlvertis- ing that is successful must make and leave a good im- pression. Thousands of people throughout tbe country ob- ject to billboard advertising. They are angered at disfig- urements of a beautiful land- scape, and if they remember the name of the article on the billboard it is with a feeling of resentment if not with the distinct resolve not to buy that particular object. Circulars thrown into yards annoy neat householders. They give u bad impression instead of making friends. You would not expect good results from waking a man at 2 o'clock in the morning to toll him about the advantages of doing business with you, and yon would not preface mi argument for visiting your slore with f. slap in the face. Tbe billboard and thcclrcu- lar are nftou the equivalent of a slap in the face—not to evM-y one perhaps, but to many. Why take '•liances of offending when the newspa- per offers you an opportunity to reach possible customers cheaply, surely and quicklyV NEWSPAPERS OFFER MOST PROFITABLE WAY TO ADVERTISE. N. Y. Churches Sack Wilson. New York. March 13.—In an at- tempt to show that the people of the United (States are united in backing, the president's action in breaking with Germany and to show Germany thai the people are prepared to go to any length and suffer any sacrifice to uphold the national honor the hoard of directors of the New York Federa- tion of Churches has asked approval by congregations of a declaration ex- pressing these sentiments. A vote showed that 158 churches favored the declaration and that fifty-two were a-gainst it. There Was No Opposition to Carranra Electlon | But the Contests for Con- gress Were Bitterly Fought—No In- timidation or Disturbances Re- ported— Other Items of General Interest. General Venustiano Carranza nas been elected president of Mexico by what is believed to have been the largest vote ever cast in the republic. Although the voters had the privi- lege of writing in or declaring any name they desired, General Carranza received all but a few scattering bal- lots. The estimated vote cast runs ail the way from several hundred thou- sand to a million. The presidential election was provided for in articles adopted by the constitutional assem- bly, -which met at Querelaro. Reports from various parts of the republic indicate there was no disturbance or intimidation. Although there was no opposition for the presidency, the congressional contests were bitterly fought. The campaign efforts of the different can- didates in the federal district lasted until early hours cf Sunday mining. Conditions at the polls throvgnont districts were orderly. Troops <ast their votes in their barracks. BIG RAIL ORDER PLACED Pennsylvania Railroad Contracts lor Over CS.OCO Tons. THE PEOPLE OF THF. STATE OF New York. To- i?eter M. Walker, Rachel R. Liddle, Leslie Walker, Bessie Fisher, Madrid, N . Y., Ed- ward J.Walker, Waddinigton. NY.: Bert Walker, Sarah Walker, Con- tenit, Montana; George Walker, Sask., Way burn, Canada; Robert Taylor, Fortuna, N . Dakota; Adam Taylor, Anna Taylor, Malta, Mon- tana; Mary H. Walker, AlioeWalk- ier, 659 East 24fch-st., Patersom, N. J. MairtlnaWalfeer, Madrid, N.Y.; Edith R. Elliott, Waddimgtom, „N. Y\. Consli tuitimg the husband (or wife) an d all the niext oif kin and .heirs at law of Geor.ge F . Walker, late of 'tihe Town of Dekalb in said Couticy oi St. Lawrence and State of New York, deceased, Send Greeting:— Wii'ereoiis, James p. Warfcer, ute Executor manied in tine last Will anna J. estianieiiu o-f the sakt txeo-rge F. w'aifcetr, oeceasea, has lately ap- plied to. our Surrogate of our OouiU-ty of tit. Jjawreuice to have ©aid Will pro'Ved as a Will of real a,nid pL-rsounat prioperty wi purcu- arnce of the bLaiu.i.e L-U, sucn. case rmado ana proviuea. ion aau eacn o i you are uiereiore cueu aana r-L-iiuiureiu, iJcrsuinauy, to 1 be and appear oeaoT*. w -xuu ourrogate .w t JJOIO oimee J J. ugui.-jioU-u.rg in u^ >_-^Luii.y ut St. wiu'cmci;, on the Dm U...',) Il l Apl'U, lt>J.., .li ivl UOUUl-L. 1.1 lUienuOflj, tii't'n aiivi IJXTO LO s-nou i_^i-iy^ *\ A^y auell l«bw >1 ,1. O-.i.U. IL'SiU- njo.i>. M.1HUUJ.U mO'L >JV jjrouateu, u.-i.iit u an-y o i tlltu- iijiv^oia i.e-r- »o-»-o are uind-ei' the aare of t.wenty- \j^.c .> uiilo nic y \> HI Jixt-a^v.- ccLive . .•.II.-D tnat Luey are required t o ai-ipc-cu. uy Ui*.u. gt-^eiai guaiuia-, iv ^..cv t J...W -J.JL-, u-u-u ii Liie^ nas e •Louie ih-at tiity apxit-cu- ana ajjjj.i IVII' me uppoi..iiu w iiiL oi a i>XJcciai gaoiuj.a.;, oi' i-i I.K- o\^.'iic u-i L1.14 , Camada; Hetnlry M. Duffy, 3965 A, Olive street, St. Louis, Mo.: cornsti- tuidnig the husband (on- wife) and ail the next of kin an d heiraatlaw o-f Mary Duffy late of che, Town of Waddinigtcon. in sad County of St. Lawrence and State of New Yotrk, deceased, Send G-reetirug-:— Whereas, Teresa Duffy, the Ex- C'eu-toir mamed in cine last Will an d XestameiK of the said Mary Duffy, deceased, has lately applied to> our Surroigaet of our Counity of St. Law- reiiitoei c ohiave said Will T>roved aB a Will o-f real and personal proper- ty in pursuance ox the Statute in such ease made and pro-vided: You amd. .eiaen of you are therefore cited and required, personally, to- he and appoar before oiax said Surrogate at his office i a Ogdefnisbuipg in tine County ot St. Lawrence,, on the 9th day o:t April, 1917, at io oclock in forenooni, tiien and there to show cause why such last Will and Teista- meat should not bp pro bated. And if any o-f the aforesaid per- souis are andier the age ot twenty- oune years they will please take niO'tiee that tiiiey aire required to appoar oy their general gujardian^ ii they have one, and if they have iioan© chat tluey appear and apply for the appoinitmeiiiL of a special guardian, ue in tine event o-f their mature oa- aegiect to do so, a special guaot-ctiaa win be appointed by the ouirroigate to re,presenjt aad act f or them in the proceedings lor the probate of said Will. In 'testimony Whie-reof we have caused the seal of office of our said surrogate to- be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon.. AlricR. HOT- liman, Stwrc-gaiL- oi said (XJ.S.) (.o-uiity, at Canton,insaid County, che 1st da y of March, laiT. Ceyioia O. Ch«t;iey, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. E. P. Martin, Attorney, iuuund, N. Y'. ..uuu V±- IUL^I^C. .ri u.o oo, a special Orders have been placed for 6S.332 I guaruiau. \\i„ ,_,^ • d . lJltoul , L&a \ iy tn ^ '—.lu^diem 1-^,1-^.1-;^ auu au lur tjnem iii uic i-iuccuiij^j, iui- LIIU [jiouneo-l i-iUia v> in. i.i imuiHu.,,, ti mreui we liave Coiusu-u. LIIIU- sum ui uiiiuc ui oar caia ourrofate to he h.jrea.i.io anixed. VVnii.e : ,o, a(j.u. AiTicR. Hex- Germans Take Belgian Trees Now. Havre, France, March 13.—The German military administration in Belgium has begun systematically req- uisitioning the trees throughout the country. According to information received by the Belgian government here the Germans aTe tak'ng the fine3t growths, province by province, and sending them to Germany. 200-Foot Fail Kills Three Men. Middlesboro, Ky., March 13.—Three men were instantly killed and dam- age done which forced the closing down for repairs of the Wast fur- naces of the Virginia Iron, Coal & Coke Co. here last night when a cable parted, allowing an elevator to drop 200 feet. tons of steel rails for delivery to the Pennsylvania railroad system during 1918, according to an official an- nouncement made in Philadelphia. . The 1917 delivery, ordered last year, totaled 205,0-00 tons. The high price of steel is given as the cause for t'm reduction. The price for the 1917 rails was $30.80 a ton, and that for the 1313 rails is. $40.80. Of the order an- nounced today, 30,066 tons go t o the United States Steel corporation, 19,- 133 to Bethlehem Steel, 15,033 to Cam- brla Steel and 4,100 to the Lackawaa- na Steel company. Senate Passed Limited Cloture Rule. After more than one hundred years under rules permitting de- bate limited only to the physical en- durance of senators and the provis- ions of the constitution, th e senate last week, by a vote of 76 t o 3, put power in the hands of two-thirds of its members in the future to limit discussion and t o say when a vote shall he taken on a pending measure. Never while the amendment is in the senate books can a little group of wilful men, as President Wilson call- ed them, prevent a vote upon a bill before the senate if two-thirds of their colleagues will otherwise. -.* *.'UJ.l-0- i,ij.a.) Coumy, at i~a.ai.on,iii&aiu UOUULy, iliie iSLii uuj ui -fc'eurwary, j.at i. ueyioat u-. oii.a.,i_-y, i v,j!,,.„. 0i CJ1U ou-ri-'ugace » Lomi-L. a. c. »iai. lu , . Id,, N. X . ***:), Wants City Rid of Ships or Men. Washington, March 13.—Formal re quest for the removal from ihe League Island navy yard of the interned Ger man commerce raiders Prinz Eitel Frederich and Kronprinz Wilhelm it the 7-0(1 men comprising their crews, was made personally to Secretary Daniels by Mayor Smith of Philadel- phia. He told tbe secretary they consti- tute a menace to the safety of the city. Record Wages for Mill Workers. More than 30,000 pudd ers and sheet mill workers of Ybungstown, Ohio, will receive large wage increases within the next two months, as a re- sult of the examination of bar iron sale sheets by the Western Bar Iron association. Sales were on a ?2.35 caTd, entitling puddlers to ?H-o0 a ton, the highest wages paid in the his- tory of the iron industry. The -n- crease is $1 a ton. Bar mill workers will receive an increase of about 10 per cent over existing rates. Sheet and tinplate workers win also be given an increase. \POOR HID $50,000 AWAY Relatives of Rockland County Man Find Treasure. New York, March 13.—Although Prank Grimes of Grassy Point, new Haversfraw, was supposed to have been penniless when he died recent ly, m-veral of lib distant relatives were furious to know just what hf did have hidden in bis house. S< they searched the premises from eel far to garret and found money and ic cirri ties amounting to $2E>.«U0 and dei-ds to property worth as much more. The money discovered by the searchers, including that called for bj seven dust covered bank books, total | led $21,00-0. Among the securities waf a $1,000 Japanese government gold bond. The relatives have notified Grimes's sister, who lives in Ireland, of the hidden fortune, and they're go ing back and see if they can find s.omethinir more. Mode! Moo! Work Illustrated been worked out elsewhere. The proposed advantages in useful, efficient education are so plain and so great that the man or woman who does not see them is hopelessly biapsed. This proposed consolidation is no scheme of selfish politicians whereby somebody can get graft. It simply is another step upward in humanity's progress, and it probably must be made in spite ot the same obstacles as other steps of progress have been made, that is, in the face of much opposition on the part of those who will be the most benefitted by it. Thus far, at least, history is ever repeating itself. Must Save Print Paper. News print paper price arbitration, undertaken by the federal trade com- mission, will succeed, in the opinion of the commission, only if publishers practice the closest economies in the use of paper. Blank agreement forms sent to publishers throughout the country inform them that to bene It by the price fixing plan they must not only consent to relinquish 5 per cent of their paper requirements, but must agree to discontinue return priv- ileges and must buy additional paper only to meet the most urgent needs. Count Zeppelin Is Dead. •Count Zeppelin, inventor of the dirigible balloon, is dead, savs a dispatch from Berlin received by Router's London Telegram Com- pany. Death occurred at Charlotten- burg, near Berlin, from pneumonia, giants which bear his name and which The count was the creater of the air made numbers of visitations to Lon- don, other parts of England and France, spreading death and destruc- tion with huge bombs. 8tsel Orders at High Record. The unfilled orders of the United States Steel Corporation on Feb. 28 were 11,576,697 tons, breaking' all previous records. The figures showed an increase ot 102,643 tons over the report for Jan. 31 last. The previous high record was that for Dec. 31, 1916, -when the unfilled orders stood at 11,547,286 tons Big Gains In U. S. Shipping. U, S. merchant marine made a net gain of 313,814 gross tons through reg- istry changes since the European war began. Actually, however, a greater number of vessels Ipft the American flag than came under il, but those talcing American registry in most m- I stances were ships of large tonaage. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF J>ie\v lorik: -t o J-e^mae E. Deroy, CiM'jisue i*\ Rauiei'toi-Lt, lVxaunu, j.\. x .; joatOierluts x>. jaargrave, .ulsuoai, i\. i.j Joinai a. jsauivji'iuru, nom- ucr, Lujiu-rau>o , inuiuuo u. xi.u-.iiui-— i-u-rix, uic-veiu-.i^i, oiuu ; 4.1-auijbi^uii ji.. xtuuiei-ioru, r^j-iaudju, x>. x.; x>ei-- tnia xtuitbieriO'ru, bavaa itutntirioru, Ciiai-iras xCU'iieiiortL, lvxauriu, iv. i.; IvtaucM jKu.ui't'.rioiru j. num-pson, JLi'iacioviliej is. x.; marcia xtu<-ner- lOJ-'U, luUOWiS, JS. l.JAfCllieKU'liLM-- tosru, i^alte jyionouh., IN. Y..; Johtn Kujtiiertord, itu«it Rutnerioi-u, jeuuwt,- Ruiuienoi'u, Ura-c-e xtuuLer- toi-a, HuiiiDsviiie, unao : Consatu- u.ng uiie nuisiiaiid tor Wife; ana ail •into iiiuxi. oi ion and heirs at law of Ellen E. Besaw late of the Town oi iUiUiuiriu in»aiu Coumtyoi St. JL-aW ranee amd State of New York, de- ceased, send U-reetiag. Whereas, Ftred XJ. Besaw, tine Executor mamea in tn-e iasc Will and Testa- ment o-i th e said Ellem E. Besaw, ueeeased, has lately applied to- o-ux Stjrroigate of our County of St.Law- ir-eiijiaoi c obave said Will proved as\ a Will of rejal and personal proper- ty i n punsuanee oi tjhe Statute in »acn, case made and provided: You ana each o-t you aretheref ore cited and each o t you are; tuerei-ore ciued aind required, personally, to be and appear before our said Surrogate at his office in Ogdensou'rg in 'the Ooiuinity of St. Lawrence on the 9th jayo* April, 191.7, at 'ten oclock i n tuiio foireiuooii, then and tnere to vahiO'W icauise why said last Will and i'estameinitshioiuid not oe probated. jSiiidif an y oi th e atoresaid per- sons aire under the age of twenty- cime yuiairs they wm please tame .notice that they are required to appear o-y uhew general ,gti-aruian, xi uney have one, and if they have utoine inat iney arppeair and apfJiy ton- Uie appo'imtmeuii ot a speciaf JTUKU'UUUI, -on- in me eveni. o-i men- j.udruiru oil- ucigiet-i to ao so, aspeeiai guardian win be a£>point&d by tine •juiiTOig-ate to repreatJijji aad ac t tor them ui the pi'oeeediing.» iui- me lj:--ot>ai,e Oi said Will. in lusiimomy vv.uiu.re o-i. v.'e have et'iuseu ufte seat ot -oiiice of ou r said bui-roiga-te to oe hereunto auiiced. Wiuiefas, lion. Atrieli. ner- a'lnitiu, aturrogaue o-i said (L.S.) County, at Canton, insaid l.i , County, 'the 17th day oi H'vwumry, 1917. Oeyioati. Clianey, uie^'K -o-i tne SuaT-oigateis , lvxauria, N. Y. Court. E. p. Martin, Attorney, PURSUANT T O AN ORDER OF j±om. Atrlc K. Herriman, iSU'rivogaDa of 'titte Cauinty ot JSL. Lawremce, and Uiccoa'-dimg to- 'th e a-tacU'te in such cade made and. provided. Notice is iieix-iuy gi v en to ud x^ersoins hiav- inig claims against the estate of .lane A. Fisher late of th e town of luaurid in, said Oommiy,. deceased, that tliey aire requmred t o exhibit thiefiame, with the wuehers cher«oi bO'tlueifl'tiibscri&eTat hisoffieein th e village of Madrid i n «*ald Co-umty, om or before, (the l&th da y of Sep- bemibeir mert, Fred W . Fisher, Ad- ministirator; F. J. Merrimam, Mad- rid, N. Y., Atty. for Administeabor. Daitad March- 6, X917. 41-15 THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF New York: To Julia J . Smith, 23 Hamlet tebreet, Sttmmerville, MaiaB.; FtranciaJ. Duffy, No^ales, Arizona; Thoimaia P. Duffy, TompkW, Saaki, Lear Correspondents: the in- creastnig costs of cypesettiag, of paper, and of everything, compels ns to- ask you to omit trivial items. J o r inistaniee: an ordinary buisin'es'a trip co Ogd. or to any county town is not a news item a t all, whereas, a visiting trip of some days or a trip co the Hospital for treatment is .good mews. A m'ero evening oall betwejen families living in theisiame district is mot news, nor any young man% calling o n a girl—it's itresoni'e to-mosit pjeople. Now, a party of several people is news because of their iniumbejr, al'tihioiujgh a regular sessioa of school and an olrdinary church, iservic'e arenoltinews. Please bear ttoae i'd'eas in minidi, workimg out the ig'ejnietaal principle, yonrsielf, Kmencans Ask Aid. Almost one hundred letters hav« been received at th e American em- bassy in London from American residents in England asking for th e particulars as to what steps the American government proposes to take to safeguard Americans desiring to return home. Some of the letters suggest the sailing of passenger ships under convoy of American warships, while others declare that the writers would be satisfied to proceed home on armed American liners. Storstad Is U-boat Victim, The Storstad, a Norwegian ship re- ported sunk by a German submarine, was built in 1911 at Newcastle. She figured extensively in -the news of three years ago after having, on May 29, 1914, had a collision in the St. Lawrence with the Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Ireland, which sank with the loss of more than 1,000 lives. A commission headed b y Lord Mer- sey, a£ter extensive hearings, held the Storstad to blame for the dis- aster. Way Promote Privates. The United States wa r depart- ment ha s directed that between 5,00-0 and 6,000 enlisted men of th e army be designated by regimentrT commanders for commission as com- pany officers in whatever army may be raised. Orders have been sent t-j each regiment to select 60 men who will he eligible tor -commissions up to and including captains. GUARANTEED Plumbing and Heating Our prices are as low as honest workmanship can allow—but we pos- itively guarantee our work. We have had experience, and we can cite you to satisfied customers. That is, reputation and guaran- tee—the main points. Estimates cheerfully furnished. C. A. McMorrow tyaddington, N. Y.

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