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THE MADRID HERALD. BROKEN DOWN IN HEALTH Woman Tells How $5 Worth of Pinkham's Compound Made Her Well. Lima, Ohio.—\ I was all broken down In health from & displacement. One of my lady friends came to see me and she ad- vised me t o com- mence taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg- etable Compound and to use Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash. I began tak- ing your remedies and took?5.00worth and in two months was a well woman after three doctors said I never would stand up straight again. I was a mid- wife for seven years and I recommended the Vegetable Compound to every wo- man to take before birth and after- wards, and they all got along so nicely that it surely is a godsend to suffering women. If women wish to write to me I will b€ delighted to answer them.\ —Mrs. JENNIE MOYER, 342 E.North St, Lima, Ohio. •Women who suffer from displace- ments, weakness^ irregularitijes, ner- •yousriess, backache, or bearing-down pains, need the tonic properties of the roots and herbs contained in Lydia £5. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. DON'T CUT OUT A Shoe Boil, Capped Hock or Bursitis FOR |^VE£EfSIrT=3Tn \.TBftW »W M'6,lis,R»f. OFf will reduce them aiid leave no bl'emishei. Stops lameness promptly. Does not blis- ter or remove the hail, and horse can be worked. $2 a bottle delivered. Book 6 M free. ABSORBINE, JR., for minHnd. the iiulieptie Unlmeitt for Boilc, Brulsei, S6r«. Swcll'irk*. Varicoee Veinl. AUiyi Pain and; Inflammation. Price Si and 82 a bottle at drugritu or delivered. Will tell rou more if yoo write. W. F.YOUNG, P. D. F., SIOTempIeSt., Sprliitineld, Mas*. Some Satisfaction. At a ball given by Lord Derby in Canada, writes Douglas Sladen, I watched his A. D. C. taking an impor- tant politician, whom he should have known perfectly well, to intro- duce him t o his (the politician's) own wife, a young and pretty woman, who considered herself one of the lions of Canadian society. The situation struck me a s a prom- ising one, so I listened to hear what he would say: \Mrs. I'm,\ Wsaid, \may I introduce Sir. TJm-um to you?\ She looked up at him with an amused smile, and he continued quite blissfully: \He's a stupid old duffer, but I'll get him away from you as soon as I can.\ Many School Children Are Sickly Children \^ho are delicate, feverish and cross will get Immediate relief from Motbe Gray's Sweet Powders for Children. They cleanse the stomach, act on the liver* and are recommended for complaining children. A pleaxant remedy for-worms. Used by mothers for 30 years. All DmpKists 25 cents. Sample FREE. Address Mother Gray Co., Le Koy, N. Y. Prospects Excellent. A friend dropped in t o say hello the other day—he ha-J been in the Blue Ridge region frc a few weeks. He brought this story: A young native, a widower of a year, called at the shack of the father of a numerous family, and after beat- ing abont the bufh for a while, asked the parent for his daughter's hand. \So ye want to get hitched with Sal?\ said the old man. \I dunno about it. Yer fust wife didn't last ye long. What are yer prospecks?\ \Fine!\ asserted the suitor. \All the wlminen what sent their washin' to my first wife has promised to do the same by her successor, whoever she rnout be. Oh. we'll git erlong all right!\—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Captious. \Dubwalte is a hard man to please.\ \So I've heard.\ \He went into a cabaret the other night and complained about the jazz band.\ \Didii't it make noise enough to suit him?\ \No. He said he didn't believe the drummer was exerting bis full Strength.\ In Uniform, All Right. Iiady of House—You say you are In the army. Then why aren't you dressed as a soldier? Bagged Rogers—It's de army of de unemployed, lady, an' dis Is me fa- tigue uniform. To Get in Strong. If you do not feel like flattering a woman you can make a hit by knock- ing her lady neighbors. People eat Grap@-Nufs because they like it and they know its good for them NEW YORK OFFICIALS DIRECTING WORK OF TAKING SOLDIER VOTt A' *fc£ *»\*• **' Captain A. J. Peaslee, Howard Osterhout, Crosby L. Grant and Secretary of State Hugo. 100 FER CENT CROP I WAS Secretary of Agriculture Wilson Estimates Potato Yield Will Be 44,000,000 Bushels. • 24,000,000 BUSHELS OF CORN. Labor Shortage and Unfavorable Weather Have Cut Production In Some Sections—Buckwheat Out- put Twice as Heavy as 1916. —Albany. Early in April Governor Charles S. Whitman appealed to the farmers of New York State to plant increased acreages and to put forth their best ertorts for increased production, in Ol- der that New York might do its part, and possibly more, in meeting tue foud crisis which the world faces, says Cnarles S. Wilcox, State Comm.ssioner o£ Agriculture. \ In his appeal Governor Whitman stated that owing to the serious deple- tion of the food reserves of the world through crop shortage and increased demands from warring countries the people of this State and ti,e United States had cause .^r grave concern; that it was clearly recognizee that the man who tiKs the soil'and produces food for soldiers was rendering a pa- triotic service as truly as was C e man who bore the brunt o£ battle, and that there was imperative need that the farmers o£ New York State fully re- alize the necessity for the largest pos- sible production this year. That the farmers responded to the Governor's request in a manner which places New York in the forefront among the States of the nation is made plain by reports now being received, which show increases in production approaching, in some cases, 100 per cent. The Department of Agriculture, the State Food Supply Commission and other agencies under the direction of the Governor made an especial effort to bring about an increase in the pro- duction of potatoes. Seed potatoes were purchased in Maine and in other sections and distributed to farmers at cost. In nearly every county in the Stafe provision was made for protec- tion against insect ravages, and in oth- er ways the department aided and ad- vised producers. Reports from various counties now indicate that the potato production of the State this year will be in the neigh- borhood of 44,000,000 bushels. Last year New York State produced about 22,400,000 bushels of potatoes. A good percentage of increase in corn is also indicated. With a total o£ 16,200,000 bushels last year, reports indicate that the State this year will show a total of 24,003,000 bushels. An increaso o£ 15,- 000,000 bushels of oats over the produc- tion of last year will he another result of the efforts for increased production. It is indicated that the production o£ buckwheat, largely produced In this State and Pennsylvania, will be more than doubled. Last year New York produced 8,480,000 bushels. Drops Canal Shippers. Shippers ot Troy, TJtica and Rome do not patronize the barge cany] enough to warrant the service of the barges of the Shippers' Navigation HUGO SENDS KSSQN TO HANDLE WAR VOTE Commission Consists of Captain A. J. Peaslee, Howard Osterhout and C. L. Grant. —Albany. Kntiusted with the nandling of New York State's soldier vote on the battle swept fields of France, Secretary of State Francis M. Hugo has defiled a commission consisting o£ Captain Amos J. Peaslee, Howard Osterhuui and C. L. Grant on this important mis- sion. The men have already sailed, taking with them a large supply of ballot baxes and other election sup- plies, wiiich will later on be given to every man from this State, no matter whether he is on some battlefield, in concentration camps, aviation squad or aboard the ships that patrol the North sea. Secreary Hugo's only words o£ instruction were: \Reach tne men from New York eligible to vote, no matter where they may be. Collect the votes and return to this country.\ Secretary Hugo has made careful and well laid plans to handle the sol- dier vote this fall, which incidentally is the biggest task that has ever fal en to the office of Secretary of Ctate in either this oi any other State. Some little time ago Mr. Hugo got in touch with the military and naval authorities In Washington and as a direct result the way of the commission will be con- siderably smoothed. Letters have al- ready gone forth to the commanding officers of the divisions to aid tre Sec- retary of State's representatives in every way possible. In the first place, it is up to the com- mission to get the e'ectlon supplies to England and France, then to establish headquarters and betrin the wrrk of lo- cating New York State's soldie r s and \ji'lori. Tlie commission is rirrvln* letters of introduction from WasMn.?- t~n to Genwal 'Perelrng and Admiral S'-ns *i>'1 likewise from the British ard FrPnch Embns^ies in this rountrv. Pol'ansible wooden box 1 \! are being taken to Europe, it ba-\'ng been fig- ured fhat the^e a>-e easier in trans- T'0\tati\n and will better ser\e the purpose Wvn the more cumbersome oteel boxes which are to be used bv 'his State at t*-e big con feneration camps in this ciwnlTv HI/} po« [,, r>1v en *om» of the hatMf>o v, *i«i inhere the T1 v.ri>>or r nf *j PW York State voters is iu'te Isrire. The war ballots aTe not as large as a year airo w^en an e io -ht' f-ot a'fair was 1 -. o n'led to the so'diern in Texas, with instructions to write in the name of their choice, fo- ear-h offlcj. Secre- tary Hugo has a ba'l\t which will do away with much of the writing. It will contain the names of all the can- d'da'es for St'te and cuntv offices leaving the others to be written in. An aeeom.T>azrvn<! , pamn>lct wfl fur- nish t^e men wit'\ the naries of p.'l the candidates. T^e-i will be a distinct ba'lot for l»e mei from »ar*h count-, •vii<\h v.'MIe H will incre r \ - e the labor of the commit'n. it will material!-\ '<wen that of t'\e voter. T-o 7 can see at a phnce who arp the cnn'lidat\s f'-r the offices \h'-ck hnme \ end a Fim^'». cross be f ore his choice is all that will be necessary. Ber on it! Company, It has been announced by the concern which has placed an em- bargo on shlrmc'nts to or from these cities. The Shippers' company oper- ates barges on the canal between Buf- falo and New York, their transfer point being at Coxsaelde. The company claims that the boats can earn more between Buffalo and other ports on the Great Lakes. Dies on Eve of Election. Coroner Adam J. Peetfs, two weeks ago nominated without opposition by #ie JtfjpubHcan voters of Albany coun- ty for re-election, died (n his home )h the Shaker road, Colonic. He had been 111 six months, suffering from general breakdown. Mr. Peets was oppotmd In tho recent primaries for tho Republican leader- ship of the First district of Colonle and at that time was so ill he could take no part In the fight, but his adher- ents fought the hardflr and returned aim a winner by a safe plurality. srkmfln Extradition Up. Governor Whitman pnve a h«arlnr i the application \f Calif'-rnia Pi'i^or- ,ups for the r-ffir.-iofflon of Alwnder Berkman, wanfWl fhr-Tf nn a charge of murder in connection with *\»e bomb mii'i',ig\S dnrb'f '+>'• prernrPdness pa- rade In July, 1fi 1 fi h>il wlfhhp]r] his de- cision, Hfi will miiUe an fffort io ex- Httilnf the mfnntfi of the mind ,1nry flint indicted Berkm^n. Morris T-T'11- fi\ft attorney for BTkmjm. in , \ , ''fs Fraud Jury mHuffs nrc tvifoHp docu- ments in CalKorrHn find eonr«nr , 't that ih\re is n o evidence apralnst Berkman, ?,000 New York State Saloons Quit. Th'< number-of plucr-s In New York ftfalp where Intn^lcatt.^ enn b« sold trf\i1]y WtfS dPcreaped bv more fhnn 2 non. The decrease was brought about by (be beginning of the. pffecHveneps oi\ the Brown amendments to the Sfste liquor tax laws, which provided that afler Sept. 30 them could be onlv one Intoxicant dispensary to overv 500 In- habltantft In poliUml subdivisions bav- ins less than fTB.OOO population. Cntn- •nl-'ttlnn-r S'•<•-•! Staled that Of th« more than 20 000 UepnfWH Itmiied last year 2,092 could not be renewed. Empire State Epitome sa£ Albany.—Milk dealers who awarded farmers a 2 cent, increase have not raised the retail prjee of milk in the belief that contracts made with the Uairymen's League will be nullified by Attorney General Lewis, it was learned. Hudson. — The Columbia County branch of the State Dairymen's League, of which 360 milk distributors are members, was organized. Lester J. Bashford of Hollowville, was elect- ed president, and Robert G. Partrie, of Livingston, secretary. Johnstown.—At a meeting of the Water Commissioners the contract £or construction of a reservoir dam on Cork Center creek was awarded to he Hydraulic Construction Company, of Watertown, whose bid was ?!)D,- 482.30. The only other bidder was the Easlover Construction Company, of Gloversville, whose bid was ?184,05S.5O. Ghent.—As the result of a taxpay- ers' election here, a $2,500 bridge will be erected near the Shufelt farm over the Kline Kill on the road from White Mills fo this place. Eighty-five votes were cast, sixty-five of Which were for the project. Schenectady.—The General Electric Company has given 1,000 of its local employees to the government service since the declaration of war. They are in every branch of the army and navy service and are representative oi every one of eighty-four depart- ments in the big plant. Albany.—Thousand's of woollen sets are needed by the men of the Rain- bow Division at Camp Mills, accord- ing to a statement of Captain Arm- strong, who also expressed apprecia- tion for the contributions coming from the Red Cross. Massena.—Miss Bessie White, 23, a maid in the home of E. P. McDonald, Elm circle, was found dead on the site of the new Massena High School on the circle. She was clubbed to death. The only clew the authorities have to work on is a red bandanna handkerchief found lying beside the body. Watervliet.—Two hours after pub- licly announcing his engagement to Miss Adelaide F. McCarthy, Arthur P. Zeh, 24 years old, both of this city, shot and killed his prospective bride at her home. The crime was witness- ed by Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy, parents of the young v.oman. After the shooting Zeh rar. out of the house, Jumped into his automobile and drove to Albany, where he surrendered to the police and confessed the crime. He declared .ipalovtsy was the cause. Albany.—R°norts of campaign work from all branches of the New York Ptatp Association Onnosed to Woman Stiffrage were recoiled at a meeting of the State Council of the organiza- tion. Merabers were pre«pnt from all parts of the S'ate. Addresses wpre made bv Mrs. James W. Wadsworth JT., president of ihe National A^ocia tion, and Mi«s A 1 'P° Hill Chittenden head of the F.ta'-p bodv. Auburn.—Giovanni D { onni, a saloon- keeper of Syrncsp, indicted for sell- ing liquor to soldiers from the concen- tration camp at. thp State Fair Grounds, was arraifrnpd t)p fr > r P .Tud're Ray and fined $100 on pleading guilty to the offense. Townsend.—During a fit of insanity, Mrs. Carl E. Diehl drowned her two boys, one five years of age and the other eighteen months old, in a well near her house. HumphreyvilK—A.nna Holmes, two years old. daugnter of Richard Holmes, of this place, died from scalds suffered I week before when she fell into a :ail of boiling water. Cambridge.—Irving Rose while run- ning a thrashing machine at Walter Hunt's, n^ar here, fell into tne ma iihine and was badly cut. His leg was* amputated at the Samaritan hospital. Albany.—George W. Perkins and Ar thur Curtiss James gave ?50,000 to otart a $500.000 fund polisht by the Presbyterians for religious work o.mpn3 the enlisted men of New York. Ballston Spa.—Benjamin Rosendale was arrested at Forest Park, a pleas- ure resort near Schenectady, by Offi- cers McCarty and Sl'«t;n, of this place. Roeendale spent the summer in Sara- toga Springs and there met a man wno took him to his home in White Plaind. While there Rosendale is alleged to have stolen $350 in cash and a diamond I'ing. Mechanicville.—By the provisions of •'.he new law regu'ating the number of licenses for hotels and saloons twen- t3 r -one places which formerly nad li- censes here went out of existence. Six- teen of the 87 licensed places remain, including all the hotels except the Hawley, on i'ark avenue, Hudson.—The public garden work, Instituted last summer by the munici- pal welfare department Of the Wom- an's club of this place, was a success, and more than 65 bushels of potatoes have been harvested as well as other Summer and fall vegetables. Massena.—St. Lawrence county and this place joined In offering a reward of Ipl.OOO for Informal Ion which will load to the arrest of the slayer of Miss Bessie White, whose body was found in the high school yard here. Poughkeepsic.—Twenty-four saloons closed their doors lvjre, having been forced out of business by the Brown excise law. Sixty-live saloons will re- main open, Albany.—Herlmer county will this ypar be required to pay a direct state tax of $52,005.21. In addition, $2,646.78 must be paid for stenographers' serv- ices. Berlin.—-A carload of forty high bred sheep recently arrived at the farm of Prank Whitney, of this place, Mr, Whitney's brother, Maurice, now serv< Utg with the Second New York infan- try, started sheep raising laet spring DII his farm near Centre Berlin. The Whitney farm pomprlfps 1.500 acres. Albany.—RttSHtill 13. Sard, president of the Rathbone, Sard Company, has gone to Washington to work without salary In the Navy Department. Ha answered the call for men of special busihPHs trolnlng to aid In the admin- istration of the complex business of the navy. DAM SPRUNG FIRST JOKE ^sked Eve If She Expected an Ich- thyosaurus, VVhen She Objected to Spider on Rose. We believe that in the Garden of t'lden, Adiun gave Eve a rose In ex- change for a kiss. Aiid she shudderetl ind said, \Ugh! There's it spicier oil the rose?\ And he answered, \Well what do you expect fur one stingy lit-, tie kiss—an ichthyosaurus?\ We believe that to be the oldest joke In the world—older tlitm the gont, the mother-in-law, or any that are sup- posed to be included in the Original Seven. In varying forms one finds it in the Talmud, in Plautus, lu Aesop, iti Rabelais, in Joe Miller, \in all the almanacs and comic papers. When we were a boy, it was told in a minstrel show, thus: A man buys a suit of clothes at a second-hand store. He comes back and complains that the coat is inhabited by unpleasant insects. And the dealer says, \Well what do you expect for S5—humming birds?\ Vaudeville knoWs it in this form i Tenant—\Look here, you'll have to make some repairs in this house. The cellar is full of water! Landlord— \Well what do you expect for $15 it month—champagne ?\ And just last week we ran across Our Old friend again in a weekly comic paper. This time a passenger on a street car Calls down the conductor for not calling the names of the streets distinctly. And the conductor replies, \Well what do you expect for $14 a week—a tenor solo?\ Lastly—a few days ago, we ran a version of the old thing In this column. We cut its hair, trimmed its whiskers, and fitted it with a new suit, but we could not disguise it completely. When you run across it In any of its cos- tumes, send lis a clipping, will you? We are making a collection of that joke. How's This ?. We offer $100.00 tor any case of catarrh that, uanriot be cured by HALL'S CA- TARRH MEDICINE. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is taken internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Sur- faces of the System. Sold by druggists for over forty yeara Price 75c. Testimonials free. P. 3. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. The Spirit That's Naeded. G. Bernard Shaw, the Irish play- wright, said recently ih London that nobody but . an idiot could imagine that the pacifists and socialists would be allowed to have any say in the peace negotiations Which will end the world war. \If Shaw Is right,\ said a labor lead- er, \it's a bad thing for the world, and so I hope he's wrong. \I hope the peace negotiations will create among the nations the spirit embodied In a saying which an old grandmother used to quote in my child- hood, namely— \ 'If you want a neighbor, be one.'\ —Exchange. Help to Save Nation's Food Supply In this time of high cost of living, ev- erybody should use all possible means to prevent waste and to help save food. No one means cam be more effective than a vigorous campaign to exterminate rats which destroy over two hundred million dollars worth of foodstuffs annually. Keep garbage in rat-proof cans, stop up their holes, and above all exterminate thern with Stearns' Paste, which can be bought for a few cents at any store. A two ounce box will usually rid a house or barn of every rat. It destroys mice, cockroaches and waterbugs as well. Adv. Where H e Put Last Employer. Billton (engaging new chauffeur)— And have you any references from your last employer? Applicant—No, sir; but I can get some in about a week. Billton—Why the delay? Applicant—He^ in the hospital, sir. Tommy a*»d the Medicos. Tommy—Moth'.'r, I just saved you a lot of money. Ma—How so? Tommy—Didn'S you say an apple a day keeps the doctors away? Ma—Yes. Tommy—Well, I kept about six dog- tors away today. Quite Sufficient. The Amateur Gardener—What do you consider Is best for cabbage worms? The Market Gardener—I never stud- ied their diet closely, but mine seem to thrive on cabbages. Right Ring in Prayer. To display enthusiasm when praying for the success of the other chap Is the real proof of religion. Friendly Advice. The fellow who tells you how to run your business never offers to finance the shop. Ill III Sip SrJ'li.Bi •&' ' n>^<Tnmw&*^ !fj ~ i SiNet Contents 15 fluid Motm ^^JWPS 1 I'tiitWl'lillME Vi thereby Promoting Digest: Vi GhcerfuWessMdRcstGontefflS. H neitherOpium.Morpltocn^ j!l Mineral. K©TKA55.G. T H3| lift It si « I :9 till mil LGODL oIHOENT. j I AVe^tabicPrepWauoiiforAs- lingtAeStomacfeirndgmTOgon CASTORIA For Infants and Children, Mothers Know That Genuine Gas Jla^eafOUDKS. pwnptmStai JlxSeima Rxbtllc Sell* JnsstStttl RwtrtmnttSexi TfamSttd CtarrfelSqg' Conitipallonand Diarrhoea and Fcverishncss ana J,OSSOF«I;EEP rac-SimiieSi^atareo* For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA rut elNTtUH •SMMnV , HCW YORK CITT. W As Age Advances the Liver Requires Small Pin, Small Dose, Price But Great in its Work occasional slight stimulation. CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS correct CONSTIPATION f\/\lrt»>l*»c«rk¥*Pnl«k Ff»s»Att ne«al!y indicate the absence of Iron i n v.ojoness or raie r aces the blfeodt r . » • p .ii • condition which will be greatly helped by V^arier SlrOOr 111» Canada's Liberal Offer of Wheat Land to Settlers isopentoyou- -to every farmer or farmer's son who is anxious to establish for himself a happy home and prosperity. Canada's hearty invitation this year is more attractive than ever. Wheat is much higher but her fertile farm land just as cheap, and in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskat- chewan and Alberta 160 Am HwMsftMi An Actulrf Fiteta Srttlwi •id Othr Lis* S»H it baa *1 S to $20 fa ken The great demand for Canadian Wheat will keep.up the price. Where a farmer can get near $2 for wheat and raise 20 to 45 bushels to the acre he u hotihd to make noney — that's what you can expect in Western Canada, Won- derful yields also of Osts, Bu-ler and Flux. Mixed Famine in Western Canada is folly as profitable an industry as grain raising. The excellent grasses. *\1 o* DTrtritlon, are tbo only food Tequlred elth«r -for beef or dalzy purposes Qood scbobls. cbnrcDefsmarketa convenient, climate excellent. There is an nnnsn&l demand for farm labor to replace the many yotine men -who ba-vo volunteered for the war. Write for literature and parllcnlars XB to reduced railway rttee to Snpt. of Immigration, Ottawa, Can., or to O.G.RUTLEDGE 301 fast Genesee St, Syracuse, B. T. Canadian Government Agent A B6y With a Future. Bills Perrot Blister, the fly-fishing expert, said at a banquet: \The prime virtue of a good angler Is patience. No man or hoy ever de- veloped into a successful fisherman who hadn't at least twice the patience ot Joh. \There's a hoy in Shawnee who i s going to make a champion one of these days. 1 saw Tilm fishing the other af- ternoon on the bank of a creek, and I said to him : \ 'What are yon fishing for, son ?' \•'SniRs said he. \' 'What are snigs?' said I. \'I dunno,' said the boy. 'I ain't never caught none yet.'\ New Hotel for St. Paul. St. Paul Is to have a new skyscraper hostelry on the site of the old Ma b . ; e hotel. The best antidote to a woman Is a long dose of her. Hastening His Departure. \Is young Eoreson making much progress with Miss Gadder?\ \Not in the sense of winning her affections.\ \No?\ \It is currently reported tbat when he turns his back to put a new record on the phonograph she moves up the hands on the clock anywhere from fif- teen minutes to half an hour.\ Oh, My! Edith—I bear that you have lost your valuable little dog, Mr. Sopht. Mr. Sopht—Yes; in a railway acci- dent I was saved t>ut the dog was killed. Edith—-What a pity. The Question. It isn't so much a question of whnt a inau ought to do as what has h'» done? It's a good wind that doesn't blow the dust Into somebody's eyes. A Letter From Washington The Food Administrator Writes Us: \The use o£ baking powder breads made of corn and otlier coarse flours instead of patent wheat flour is recommended by the Conservation Division of the Food Administration. The wheat needed for export is thus conserved, and at the same time healthful food for our own people is provided. The circulation of recipes pro- viding for these uses would be of assistance in carrying out our plans.\ The following recipes for Corn Bread and Rye Rolls save wbeaK flour and make attractive and wholesome food for every day when made With BAKING OYAL CORN BREAD t% cups jjorn meal RYE ROLLS % oup jfottr 4 level teanppons Royal B&king: Powder 1 tablespoon »uir»r 1 tcanpoon unit V/„ CUBS milk 2 t&Slespoous shortening Mix fliorouttfily dry Ingredients! ai& milk and melted nhortoiilnitj Isent well; pour into Well groused fas •md Imke in hot oven niout 20 ininuten. B etepe s^e &fax V, tcanpoon »*lt 3 level +,9«.»pi)dfl» Eoy*l Baking Sowrfler % oup mtllt % tammiiotm shortening Rift dry ingrodieatil together, adfl Jntlk «nd M6tt«J •hortenME. Knead on 'floured bowrd j iliupe Into *olli. Put Into greased p*H0 and alliWr to ataad In ^arm plaoe 20 to 25 raliiutsfl, Bake In moderate oven IS b 30 mitiutoii, Our red, white and blue booklet \ Best War time Recipes\ containing additional itmilar reeioet ' - ~ •\ 'Company,l)eptM,i$6Wtmum$irtot r N*i»YM, tent fret) on request. AddrcsaRoyalSaklng Powder i MM

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