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Pages The Madrid Herald. October 25,1917 wamm&a 5E WADDINGTON DEPARTMENT WADDINGTON Oct, 22—Horrible weather! George Roach of Massenal spenr Sunday with his parents, Mrs. \W. T. Brown and Mrs. E. .1. Hoy spent Tuesday in Ogd. Mr. amd Mrs. J. E. McKee spem Thuirsday in. Ogd. and Cantom. Mrs. T. Campbell of Morrisburg is the guest otf Mrs., S. B, Doran. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Daniels bavfl i-eturned •stroim their New York trip. Mrs. P. J. MoMoi-row of Ft. Cov- inigton ia the .guest of Rev. Father D. E. Cahill. • Mir. amd Mrs. Thomas Bulrke and Mm Ana Short of Caatooi spent Sum,day in. toiwn. Miss Anna Calnoir. of. .Canton ia spending some time with her sis- ter, Mrs. ¥m. Banna. Edgar and Arthur McDowell of New Yoirk City are guests of theii moidier, Mrs. Mae McDowell. Martin O'Brien, hais returned to -Boston, tavinig spent tbjreet weeks at his hoime here. He was aceom- pamied by Francis O'Brien.,who also intend® to remain in, Boston. WaddingtoEi Grange The next tragulair mreeting o-I Waddimgton, Grange, No. 980, will he held on 'Wedinieisdjay evening October 3ist, instead o-l November 6th,, the chanig© being made on ac- count of election. A union. 'temperance mie'ettog will be held in .Waiddingcon Presbyter- ian ehuirc-h on Sunday evening, Oct, 28th. The Norfolk Mai© Quartette will ising. Le'c this be a memorabts temperance miaissmeeting. \•DAVID HARUM:\ COMING Mr. Yiannult of the Palace Theatre hiais kindly offered the proceeds of the movies on Tuesday„. Oct. 30th to the \National League for Worn- enfe Service.\ The League is li- miaracecl only by &<** will contribu- tion©. Every cent igoes to buy yarn ami materials for articles! for our soldiers. Each boy from the. town of Waddimgtion who is called u furnished with needled articles. The isoldiers are lighting our bat- tles. Let eveiryone do) Ms bit to make them aia comfortable as pos- sible. Th© film will be \David Ha- ©*Q \ Two shows will be igiven at 7 and 'at 9. 'Tickets, 25c; children, 15c. All make am, affolrt to swell 'the treasury of thie) Leaigue. OTHER WADDIKGTOM Oct, 23—W. A. Dunn, i s preparing to move to Wad. Mans. Charles Ward waisi in Pots- dam on business laac week. Clarence Stoarpe foais FettuMued home from Summeiville, N.Y, Miss MaJrve 1 Myera apemlt Sunday wiah her sister-, Mrs. S. MeDoaaihd. Miss Emma Wilson is spending the week with her niece, Mrs. Al- bert Sweet. Mliss Clalra Castle motored Suin~ day to Ogd. lob Mr. amid Mrs. R. J Algie, wiho spent thief day at the Caiatle home. Mr. 'amd Mrs. W. J. MeBaltlhl\ went Saturday to Wtotiiipoip amd ifchero remained over Sunday witihi -their diaiujghltettis, Mrs, Eioleoin.aMcT Miss Notra McBai^i. Mir. and Mrs, Eli PMllips amid diaiuighiteM motored to Ogd. EWday, also Mrs. Geoiri^e Burlinigaimel and Miiss Janet BuMinigaimie were i n this city on business. iflJDr. anid Mrs. Howard Putiniey hiave Isold itiheir farm in, Lisbon and will |go within a miomth, to thejbr iieW home in Moo'Dama, where Mrs. Poltjmeyfe fcrottibier inesideia. Many Brieudis xegrleit 'their deppartuat'f, bo'th, in. Wad, amid Lisbon. CANDIDATE'S ANNOUNCEMENT W. A. Duinia Wislhesi to- ararjouncii to the viO'tetas of Wiaddinig'ton thai he iia a candidate Wr tihei> ffice of 'Siapefcimlteaident of ffigihrwiays f<oa Wiaididinigtoiu at the cbtoing elec'tioin November -0, 1917, Amy ihielip lua may treoeivo will toa igraloefully ap- (prccialcwd. 21-22 any person be authorized to ti'affic in Liquor under the Pi-ovisions of Subdivision Three of Section Eigiiit of the Liquor Tax Law, namely, by selling Liquor no>c to be drunk o;i the Premises where sold in the Town of Waddinigton, New York? QUESTION NO. 3, 3. Selling Liquor as a PharmaciSv on a Physician's Preftcripuun. Shall any pc-Tsoin be authorized to traffic in Liquor under .he Provistions of Subdivision Three of Section Eight of the Liquor Tax Law, namely, by 'selling Liquor ,as a Pharmacist on a Physician's Prescription in the Town of Waddimgcon, New York? QUESTION NO.(4. 4, Selling Liquor by Hotel Keep- ers, Only. Shall any person bo authorized to traffic in Liquor under Subdivision One of Section Bight of the Liquor Tax LaV, but only in connection witl* the bu»i-> nc»ss of keeping a hotel in the Town of Waddingion, N.Y., if the majority of the votes) cast on the first question submitted are i n the negative? GeorgeN.Redington, Town Clerh Dated, October 15, 1917. Using the Scrub Palmetto. Once a prolific and troublesome waste product throughout Florida, the scrub palmetto is now heing developed into an asset of great possibilities. Not only has it been discovered that paper of good quality can be made from it, but the manufacture of carpets, mate tings, twines, rope and burlap from the plant is already an industry of high standing in the state. Only the green leaf, or fan, is used. Claim is made that the palmetto leaves when shred- ded and spua are very much tougher than the grass now used for mattings. The green leaves are fed just as they are cut into the shredding and spinning machines, and in three minutes they come out in twine. This avoids the discolorations and losses occasioned in drying, storing and handling grasses commonly used for matting. Palmetto can be cut every day in the year and Immediately made into twine. The pkeins of twine when hung up dry rap- idly and uniformly. The twine is used as soon afterward as necessary.—Argo- naut. XA1IN YOUR BALLOT There Must Be a Cross Mark Opposite the Name of Each Candidate For Whom You Wish to Vote. THERE IS NO PARTY COLUMN if You Fail to Mark Every Candidate, Y.our Vote Wil l Not Be Counted for Candidates Not Marked. innr opi. ciotn can- didates. To Vote for Republican Candidates. To vote for all Republican candi- dates on the ballot the voter must make a cross mark in every square to the right of the Republican emblem, the pagle. Below is a reproduction of the first two groups on the official ballot, with cross marks for the Republican candi- dates, lo familiarize you with the ap- pearance of the ballot that will be handed to you on election day. As the groupings vary in different coun- ties it is not possible to present an entire ballot. It is important to vote the entire ballot. It is particularly important to vote for your Republican assemblyman.. THE VOICE OF THE PRESS. Cread of the Busy Man. I believe in the stuff 1 am banding out, in the firm 1 am working for and in my ability to get results. I believe that honest stuff can be passed out to honest men by honest methods. I be- lieve in. Working, not weeping; in boosting, not knocking, and in the pleasure of my job, I believe a roan gets what he goes after, that one deed done today is worth two deeds tomor- row, and that no man is down and out until he has lust faith in himself. I be- lieve in today ai5d the work I am do. ing, in tomorrow and tbe work I lmyie to doiand in the sure reward which the future holds. I belieVe in. courtesy, in kindness, in generosity, in good cheer, in friendship and in honest competition. I believe there is something doing, somewhere, for every man ready to do it. I believe I'm ready—right now!—Elbert Hub- bard. Every voter should examine his bal- lot with care this year and ru.ike sure that Ins choice is recorded i <r every office to be filled. In a long ballot it nearly always happens that candidates in groups near the end of the ballot receive a much smaller vote than candidates in groups at or near the top. Three state officers, attorney general and two associate judges of the court of appeals, are to be elected and the names of the candidates for these offices appear on the ballots hi all counties, the candidates for attorney general in Group 1 and those for as- sociate judges of the court'of appeals in Group 2. Members of assembly v '11 be elect- ed in every county of the state. The names of the candidates for member of assembly appear well down on the ballot, the number of the group vary- ing in different counties. No Party Column. Under the old form of ballot a voter who wished to express his preference for the Republican candidates could do so by making one cross mark in the circle under the party emblem and his vote would he rceon-'d for every candidate in that party > o'.umn. Under thf present form of ballot that is not possible. The offices to be filled are divided info groups on the ballot and the voter must make his choice in each group. To vote for a candidate he must make a cross mark in'the square to the right of the emblem opposite his name. For example, to vote for Mer- ton E. Lewis, the Republican candi- date for attorney general, the voter must make a cross mark in the square to the right of the eagle which ap- pears opposite the name of Mr. Lewis in group No. 1 at the head of the b.'l- lot; to vote for Chester B. McLaugh- lin and Benjamin N. Cardozo, who are the candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties for associate judges, the voter must make a cross mark In each of the squares to the ri.cht of the eaerle and pfsx whit\? •'<-•-•- While the office of attorney general is as old as the state, as a matter of fact the scope and importance of its duties have grown rapidly in the last ten years. The volume of business be- fore the court of claims alone, where the interests of the state have to be protected by the attorney general's de- partment, has placed a burden of great responsibility upon the department. Claims are presented there running into the millions, and unless the attor- ney general were alert and efficient the state would be mulcted of huge sums. The compensation'act also has placed new duties, upon the attorney general. Hundreds of cases, embrac- ing claims for compensation, are con- stantly passing through bis depart- ment. The election of Attorney Gen- eral Lewis is therefore a matter of no small importance from any standpoint, considering his record of successful management. — Rochester Democrat- Chronicle. Excise Questions Submitted TJhie Mlotwtaig' ttuisalcioinB ^ u ^ D Buftumicted 'to- tto Electee; of tthio Totwtn, of Waddinigtoh iait Biennial Town, Meetimg to> bet hold Novt>tri- bes Oth, 1917— QOT#TI0N NO, 1. • *>' IT • 1. Selling LiqtiOir tooi be drunk Oft Ipie^WtrfsBS'R'lhidireBO'ld, Stall any !pa»o»l \be. laiuiaxoa'teed to; traffic in ' I/l<ppfr tijjidor Whits ptoorviislomis' ol ftijIbaivMoin, Gne ol Seedon EiigM ot iiaws Llqttoir ttta Law, Matmelyi •te;jr*»ilta& Jicfluio* idol W druinflc on •%Sd»m^ 'TVlttddtag'toin, New YouM i , , Q.trjiSsWl0K^o..a,, ' & $dt&g -%A(iW! poic. to 1*et dfettfflfc ; 61ft 'rihfc $tri$Hlii*«. \wawiro .(sand. Shall The Sadness of a Wedding. There is something sad about a wed- ding. The young groom is leaving a home in which he always has had his way and is gfing into one in which he never will have his way. Although his parents do not go through the formal- ity of giving him away at the altar, they know well enough thai in a few minutes he will be a son-in-law to an- other woman, while to them he is noth- ing but a son. There he comes, with another man holding to his arm. Ift looks as if he might have made an at- tempt to escape' and that tbe strong best man captured him and brought him hack. He is ns happy as he 'is nervous and so trustful that he has no fear for the future.—Claude Callan in Fort Worth Btar-Telegram. The personnel of the next statr- legislature is a matter of the gravest importance. The grer.t state of New York is now in what may prove to be the most critical period of its his- tory. Measures of the gravest mo- ment are certain to he considered during the next session of the legis- lature and it is important that none hut well-qualified, and. so far as pos- sible, experience 1 men be sent to Albany to attend to those grave matters.-Little Falls Journal-Courier. Charm of Prahova. No traveler who has visited Rou- tnaiiia returns without praising the wonders of Prahovn. Here, after one has passed the heights of Predeal, is a charming valley in the midst of for- ests, of jrroat IWI-.S and spouting wa- ters. The landscape evokes recollec- tions of jSwiterlnwl, with architecture that recalls the oricut. Azugu, Bustena, ire seated on the hauk of a tumultu- ous river. Farther away is Sinaia. The court aud the Roumanian aristocracy Vive built in this delightful valley .heir summer homes. There are no large hotels. All that made life at Bukharest is taken by summer so- journers to the shadows offered by Prahova and its sweet freshness. Near Sinaia the valley widens and Camplna appears, the chief city of the coal lands aud of the salt mines. Ani- mals that are at liberty assemble about a block of sail to lick it, for salt, like petroleum, is everywhere. Population by Sef<. About half the probable population nf the world has been enumerated with relation to sex. About .G0.3 per cent male, 4°.7 per cent female, is the re- sult • of this count. Only in Europe, among continents, do the females out- number the males, the proportion be- ing: Female, 50.6 per cent; male, 40.4 per cent. In most parts of the world of which we have information the re- verse is true. The percentage of males in British India is 50.0; in the tribu- tary states, 51.7; in Japan, 50.5. In the United States by the,last census there were 100 males to 100 females, the divisions of native, foreign, etc., being as follows: Native white of na- tive parentage, 104 males, 100 females; native white of foreign parentage, 90.5 males, 100 females; foreign white, 120.2 males, 100 females; negro, 9S.9 males, 100 females; all other, 1S5 males, 100 females.—New Y/ork Times The Republicans this fall are not making promises. They have the rec- ord of the past two years to speak for them. What will he done in The .future can best he judged by th, accomplishments of the past. An> taxpayer or voter who will make these comparisons will readily see why it is best at the coming ejection to vote for the Republican, candidates.— Oneida Post. Just Boobs. Th'' man who «-n>- behind you in a moving picture ICHT. gouges his knee into the lm. k of your scut and read- the ciijitim,- in Nmd. clear tone' for the beii 1 ill of ii>- neighbors. •M-5 i.^.^.j^^ ^.^.^.^.^.^^..^^.^.^.^.^..j.^. j. ^.^.^. + ^, + ^ f j.+$.A l ++4.+4,++i.$,ji.$.$.j i . Life of a Battleship. We are t'onliuiiiilly reading in the newspapers t'liirt various battleships have been completed, launched and for how long they have been commission- ed. There are pwdmbly few people, however, who know how long a Bat- tleship lasts. The average life of a modern battleship is about fifteen years. In the old fluys a battleship was on active Hprvlre iifarly the wholo time of Its commission, which was about a hundred years. The Victory was forty years old when she fought at Trafalgar, and the Koyal William, which was built in 1670, was not \sempped\ until 1S13.— I/Ondon Mall. Squabs. A squab grows cuni'motiNly the first twelve limirn and siill more rapidly after the third day. Kqimbs are nt first sparsely covered with long fHniuetils of down, the root of-ouch filament In- dicating the point from which each ftj. ture feather in to Ktat'l. The down for awhile mill hatigs on the tips of some of the feathers during their growth and is thought by Home to be finally absorb- ed into the shaft of the growing feather. The Wrong Word. \Oh come! Plop borrowing trouble.\ \Borrowing! (Joe whiz, man, trou- ble isn't like money! When i borrow money I PHH forget about It right away.\- Boston TraiuuTlpt. His Grouchy ORinlon.* \Tbe oflh'e should neck the jnttu,\ \And the girls aren't hanging back either these du,VH.\-Kunsus City Jour- nal. Moth's Wing Movement, The moth has a curious habit, de- veloped during many centuries, whan at rest, or crawling nlowly about the leaves uml stems of plants, of keeping Up a t'oastunl', gentle, funning motion of the \vltign . wltU'li when wen from tt short aiBtnnw UPPCWR like a snake's 'bend ID the net of Btrlkltig. Big Temperance Rally! Waddington Town Hal! Friday, Nov. 2,1917, at 8 p. m. Speakers: Rev. S. S. Davis and Hon. Fred J. Gray of Ogdensburg Special Music Mrs. Florence Hubbard-McKee, Soloist Free Admission •{•*+4'++*+*<{\i\{'+4.^.+^.^.^.^.^^.^^^^, .}.*.H.+4.**^^.^^^^.5..H,.},.}«5..5,,j..5, St. Lawrence County Savings Bank 79 State Street, Ogdensburg, N. Y. Or.e Cellar open* an Account, Savings Bawk in New York the wIVi ^lace f.,r y,mr money in tin- I'riiti'il State.. Remember onr Name and Street 'C'nrrcMponderK'e Sulii-iP d James E. Kelly, Treasurer t Andrew Irving, President New Spring and &un:rni;r Rugfc all the latest designs. All sizes at priceH which are .sure lo please you. Don't/nil to see the Wool Fibi'« imd Vvvx Rug's be/ore buying jour Spritfo; and Summer Rugi. M. KATZMAH OgdcnstarA N. Y. 22 North Water St. MartinRutherford Contractor G Builder Madrid Springs - - - N.Y. Contracts taken lor the con- struction of all kinds ol buildings plans and specifications furnishec on application. Estimates give> tree. All work strictly iirsl cla-i.- Also agent tot Coitright MeU Roofing. Bring in vour bilk- and let me figure on them Orders ta'^eu ior windows, doors and all kinds building mate'-i.-Us. 1 M Pretty Spot hi West Indies. Port <'iistii\< is the principal city of St. Lucia, v hi eh has bppn called the most French of the British West In- dioK. it !b >, on n very perfect little harbor and furnishes Oreat _Britain with 11 splendid n.u.il base. The city itself is not partieu'iirly attractive, but the hilN, CIIOUMI -V: li 'rnpiinl foliage, rising behind, tin.l the blue waters lap- ping before lend it the charm that is common to all the West Indies. Two to Be Supplied. Mary and her uiotber were visiting. The little tot ate so much that she was scolded. \Uamiua all I ate was for one hungry, and I got two hungries,\ was her excuse. * Auetion ! OF TJiSED AUTOS Because \v>& want all owr spaeo toi new caTs this winter we are going to close ouit all used oars at a hi,3 sacrifice. We will offer tourings, roadsters, .-pilars, eoai'pes., mainy jua'C reijn- isihied anid libe mew:. BE SURE AND COME, Auction held in ouir salesroom 'laic 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Oct. 27th,. $25 deposit will hol'd ai car ten day-. All 'Sold f'ot over $250 may be puir- 1 chased on time payments. 'OVERLAND-SYRACUSE CO. 245 W. WateT-St. Syracuse, N.Y Keep a Jar of Williams' Cam- phorated Mustard on Hand It will relieve pain for everyone in the family. Thxrasaaidia who have used Williams Camphoira'ted Mus- tard Cream will tell you that it will relieve Sore Ths-oa't, Tonisilitiis, Quinsy, Croup. Headache, Neuralgia Rlieumati'sm, Chilblains, Pains of all kinds, Pleurisy, Bronchitis and Colds. In fact, i t will affcM-d Treliei in. nearly all •cases.of severe paine. Refuise all ioricatioims. 30c pet jar. w\. A. J) aniens. LEGAL NOTICES PURSUANT TO AN ORDER OF HOD, Alric R. Herrimam, Surrogace of the Ooumty ot St. JL/awrence, aud according to the statute in such case maa© and provided, notice is hereby «)• all persons having claims against the estate of Alma Peets late ol Madrid in said OO'uaty, de- ceased, that they aire required to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof, to th© subscriber, at the office of Edward P. Martin in the village of Madirid in said County, oui o r before 'the 25th day of .Janu- ary next. Dated -July 17,1917. The- iron E\ Empey, Administrator. E, P. Martin, Madrid, N. Y., Atty. for Admi-nHtrator. PURSUANT TO AN ORDER OF Hon, Alric R. Heniman, Surrogate of tine Coiumjtj of St. L-a-^rence, and accordant to the Statute in such cases mad© ana provided, Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against theestateof JohnE. Wilson, late of th© Town of Wad- dimgton in aiaid County, deceased, that they are required t o exhibit the samei, with the- vouchers thereof, to the subscribers at the law office of Luther E. Ellison in the village of Winthrop i n said County, on or be- foi'e uieisoCR ctay oi September next. Dated, March li, 1917. James Bur- iinigama, Luther E. Ellisc:*, Admin- istrators. A. J. Hanmer, Masseaa N.Y.,Acty.for Admiiii-itratow, 48-17 PURSUANT TO AN ORDER OJ? Hon, Alric R. Herriman,, Surrogate of the County of St. Lawrence, and according to the statute in such case made amid provided, notice is hereby ifriven to all perso'ius having claims against the estate of Laura A. Pike. late of the Town of Madrid in said County, deceased, that they are re- cruited to exhibit thesame, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber at thelawofficeof Frederic J. Mer- rimain in 'the village of Madrid in said Coiumty, on or before the 6 th day of Novem!ber next. Dated April 24,1917.. A. Stanley Pike, Elbert G. Beebe, Executors. F. J. Merriman, Madrid, N. Y., Atty. for ExecuJfcors. Football Wo have everything in Football ran.ph-crr elia trom shoes to headguaTds. Special prices, on • outfits—quantity purchases—to leagues or teams. Stoves 6c Ranges We are agents for the fame us Git I. weed Stoves and Ranges, We also have the A.it Garland Heater. v We carry a complete line of Builders'Hardware BOWMAN 6c GLOVER Hardware and Sporting Goods 84 ford Street Qgdensburg, N. Y., trfr^Wrfrtf'e't -S^M- J^-H.'H.'}\}.!}\}.!}.'?..}.'}. tH'-J-#*^'M<i}''M.*4<^iH> , S. , 5\.5.>5.iH. V Bev^are of That Cold! A stitch ill time saves nine. A remedy taken for your cold Baves serious trouble—bronchitis, pneumonia, tubercular com- plaints. A cold is so eaKy to catch at this time of the year, and it generally lasts unless you shake_ it right off. Our reme- dies for coughs and colds are recommended for your consideration and for your use, Frederick: Xfresb O Ardei&sJ?&xgr PHARMACIST SALE OP REAL ESTATE BY i FORECLOSURE State of New York Supreme Court, St. Lawrence County, Omar P. Stearns, plain-till against Daisy vvuson, Jianies Burlinigarne and Lu- ther B. Ellison, as adniiiustraTo\?/ ut die client's ot John E. Wilson, deceased, Samuel Kennedy and Al- Van Wii'Mwi, J emu© VVUBOL, and Ruth Wilson, uxe last three being mauittui. muuer lourieei- years oi agt, ueienUanL's. fu pursuance oi a luagmeuL of foreclosure amdi sale, ami graced in uie auovo entitled auaoiii. and emored. in in** oliice oi ..he Cierlj. oa {51. ijawru.ice co-uinity on uie lith day 01 aepiember, lsi,, i, jiu-w aru e. iuartiu, tne releree in -aiujuu^iiiLMi, iiittieuimu appomi.- ea, \viu sell a^i ine front aoor of Jie post office i.j, ut,o village, ui \i auoa.,giom, &L. Lawrence L.o,U!i.l,v, JS. X., a.L omq oclock ahiai>p in the aitenjoon, on uieau usiy 0l aNuve-m- ijer, idi,, uija premises, described \• tIlt -' ^10 jaugemeitLL as i'ollowis: All that ceitai!i tract ot- parcel oi land, 'Situate on tnieuown oi vvau- dinigton, County oa {31. Lawrence a,au ijtaie ot JN ew i. ork, ana bound- ed as lonows: begiuumng at uuo aoutheasieriy cornier oi ot. Law- rence Kiver 10.C JNO. 43 and running thence aiomg the easterly hneof saw l0 \- * s a e-^- J-6 min. west 15 chains 9b links to tne soutiiwesteriy corner of a iot oi lano conveyed to J . Brodie Thence aiong xn© isoutherly line oi J. Bii-odie IOL north li'2 deg. 30 min. eaidt ij cliaiiis \10 iimts to una noirth- wesieriy coraer 01 Franklin Wnl- uriLige iot. Theaeo along uu&wes- terly iiue oi VValbridgq lot souith •i!-aeg.i>0 min, east 415 clnains 36 links to viie liiie between st, Lawrence River lo.c 42 and half mile lot. Thence aioii.g 'sami> KoatLli, bz aug. oomiii.wesc b chains Slinks toi the place ui beginning, containing, 30 acred oi lanu, be me same more or le«5. Also, all chat other piece or lot 01 land, situate in said town of Wadding com and bounded as fol- lows: beginning _at thei center of uie fatate road whore same is iinter- 'secoed by Bt. Lawrence-, l-civer lots 41 and 42 -and running thence south sseaeg.-eias.. alo^g tino line between said JO.CS 41 and 4-2,19 chAinisSO links to. a p.oat the corner oi ut-orgo Rnui- arford tot 3'0 deg. east 13 cnains 40 links and the same, course contin- ued 'to the easterly lia.e 01 the first above described premises. Thenca noa-tinerly along true, ©aisterly lino of the afore said \Joimathan'' Carr'a t lo; 19 chains TO links to the centoi- of tne «iate road, 'lhtince easleriy along the center of .said road, to the place of beginning, containing in the above described, pieces or lots of laud 70 and 2-100ths acres of lauid, be the same moire or less EXCEPTING AND RESERVING ia isorip of land deeded J.uh,n Brodiu ior a Tkghi of way. Also all that tract or parcel ui land situate in said towii oi \\ adauiigtoo. being Ijui-i of , a certahi lut laid out 01. ui.e map of waid town as number 43 o,i die lots laid out on the St. Law- re inco river. Beginning at a point in the ©an/bet oi tiie highway lead- iing from Wad'dingcoin to Qgdens- burg where the same is intersected uy me lime between river lots nuan bens 43 & 44 which poimc, i s situate 50 links north 26 deg. 30 min. west iron), a istoirne set in Uie ground .and on said line in tbe westerly bouai'ds of said road and riin/ning thence south 26 deg. 30 min. east 39 chains 46 lintes >;o. a cedatr post stamiding 10 links northeasterly 01 a cedar tree coiri.tred. Thence along idiia rear line of said river lot north 64 deg. east 13 chains and 29 links to a cedar post numbers 42 & 43. Thenca north. -2,1 deg, west along the line between lots niuimbers 42 & 43, 41 chain® 50 links to a point in center of isaid road, commonly called the State road situate 50 links north 27 deg. west I/rotm a stone cornier in the westerly boundary of said road. Thence along the center Of the same root'th 56 deg. 30 min. west 13 chains 60 links 'to the place of beginning, containing 54 and 13-ioOth.ii acres, be the waano moire or less. Also all that other tract or parcel of land »nua;e in said vuw-nj of Wadding- ton, being paa't of St. Lawrence river lot nramber 44 and bounded a/s follows: Begginining at a point in the center of tine S'tabe road, where the aamie is intersected by the westerly lin© of St. Lawrence Tiv ; er lot No. 43 and running from thence north 27 deg. 30 min. west 34 chain* 10 links itoi a hemlock post iscandinig 15 links isouth 27 deg. 30 miiin. west oif a black ash sight tree i..,ir..pred thenco aouitn ; 63deg.west 6 chainis 84 links 'to. a cedar post standing 8 iinlts northeasterly of a ^hemlock 'tres corneired,. Thence ' isouiih 27 deg. 10 min. east 33 chainis ' 40 links ito a point in the center ol 'tbe State road, . Tbiemceniorith 72 deg. 45 min. east 3 chains 10 links alonig 'the caniter of said road. The nee noU'di 66 -deg. 15 'min. iqaist 3 chainis 75 links along die center of the isame to tihe place of 'beiginaitog comtainang 23 and 25-100tbs acres of ianid, be the isame more \Or les's. Also, all that other tract or parcel •oif liaind, beinig th© tundividied tliree fouirts part of St. Lawrence River lotcNo.. 44 begiiimfag ait a point in the loent'eT of the State road, where due same JH iiijciirsected by'tfhewe.s- cerly liue of waid river lot .and ruin - ndrnig thence along the line between Su. J-nawrence River lot number 44 &4D rnonvh 27 deg. w.»st 33 chains 20 links 10 the niortheasterly coirn'Sirof the John Carr \at. Tbemco north 63 deg, eaisc along ihi© southieirly limo of Jiames Pwlow's laud € ctoainisSO liuiks to the niorthwesterly corn'tir oi' a lot of I amd owned by thiewid- w of 'Pa'ti'ick Nowlancl, Thence aloniig the westerly lime of tbesaime S, tl dog. 10 min. E. 33 chainis 40 links lo.apoioit in the eerifwr of the State road, Thence along thio canter of the 's-aime iioutheo deg, w»est6 chaima 73 liuiks to the place of beginning, ' coiiucaining 22 and 47-100tbia acres O'f land, be the aaraio more or less. Also all :ih-a; other 'tract or 'parcel of land, situate in said, town ot Waddibigioin being a pairt of St. Lawreuce Piivcs- lot No.45. 'Begin- ninig at the center of the State roatl where iho Jirw bt4ween St Lawrence Kiver tois Nos. 44 &« initersect the aaone .sun.d running die me e north UK deg, 30 min. west 33 chains 18 limks to a po*tthe aotnth- einsterly cornier of thieWhiteEIoufiQ Lrj'i. Thence South 63deig. 30 min,. west 13 chains 27 link>3 to an old pine t'f-oo coirri0re.d. Thence worath 28 deg. 30 min, em* 33 clwiitifi 00 links to the -CBitter of 'Mile S>tats road. Thience nou'th 60 deg, 30 min. oiaisitlB chainis 27 linke along the isaid State road '60- th* place of beginning, comtafaiihig 44 aci'ea and Dl-lOOtha «t .aia 'tttsre of laimd. Dated S»pt. 20, 1817, Edward V. Mafttn, Heleireo, A.. W. Sheala, Plainiclff'tf Atfcotatte-y, BriifSiijiton, 3ST.Y. *

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