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The Madrid herald. (Madrid, N.Y.) 1904-1918, November 15, 1917, Image 3

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THE MADRID HERALD. The Worlds Greatest Doctors a^ree that one of the best ways to build new flesh and strength is by ustnj just such ingredients as are used m Father John's Medicine r-which has had ©O years of success as a food tonic and for treating colds and cou£hs. v A/b a/cohor df* dangerous- cfr-igf?^ For Constipation Carter's Little Liver Pills will set you right over night. Purely Vegetable Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price Carter's Iron Pills Will restore color to the faces of those -who lack Iron in the blood, as most pale-faced people do. Unsubstantial Returns. \Did you raise anything on youi promise to pay?\ \Oh yes; I raised a smile.\ Many Children Are Sickly. Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Childret break up Colds in 24 hours, relieve Fevertshuess Headache, Stomach Troubles, Teething Disor ders, move and regulate the bowels, and Destroj Worms. They are so pleasant to take childret like them. Used by mothers for 30 years. At druggists, 25c. Sample FKEE. Address. STothei Gray Co., I* Boy, N. Y. Many Bibles Used. Two million copies of the Scriptures have been placed in the hands of Chi- nese during the year, according to the report of the National Bible society of Scotland. The report states that in Japan also, the circulation had been increased, and consignments of the Scriptures had been sent to Trance for the use of the labor battalions with the British troops. It was report- ed that the revised Japanese Bible had been completed and was in course of printing, and i t was hoped that it would be in circulation by the end of the year. The revised Mandarin Bible, on which United States and British scholars and Chinese literary men had been working, would he completed by the end of the year. The field for its circulation was a very wide one, a s it was estimated there were 300,000,000 people who spoke the Mandarin dia- lect. Didn't Give Her a Chance. \• \You'll have to pay fare for that child, madam,\ said the conductor. \But he's only eight years old.\ \AVe collect for all children over 'eeven.\ • \Well why don't you have your silly old rules put up where people can see them?\ Satisfactory. Bess—Does he make a satisfactory husband? June—Very—for her enemies. Mistakes will happen—and if a fel- low isn't on the job every minute they'll pile up, too. 'In most cases of Dyspepsia Coffee Does Not Agree\— says a well known authority. Many who use cof- fee —not knowing that it aggravates stomach troubles— could still enjoy a delicious' hot table beveragd and es- cape coffee's effects by a chabge to the wholesolme, pure cereal driikk— POStUM •'There's a Reason\ BURMESE TROOPS IN FRANCE HOLD WAR COUNCIL ^ISMi-ffi— ^^M^^^'^^--^'^^'' WM Burmese troops fighting on the western front with the British forces, holding a council of war on the rats. These venomous creatures are the dread of the fighters in trenches and cause a great deal of trouble to the men! This British official photograph was taken at Contalmaison. Striking scene in the shell-filling room of one of Great Britain's big munition factories, where most of the Is done by women. worfi '•.IWMAV VAVtfi ft- '^M>. vss ^v itt/i ^^dvAu ' ^^AW«^t I/^*AIUW» ^/^\/ i j»f '^'iw/s.:) Men of the British navy in the east Mediterranean salving a Nieuport airplane that had fallen into the sea. This is one of the heroic soldiers of Italy in the new winter uniform de- signed especially for those who must fight in the mountain passes. rather Both Pleased. Newed—Do you know, I'd play tennis than eat. Mrs. Newed—Well, I'm glad to hear it, Charles, for I'd much rather play bridge than cook. Should Be Worth Something. Cytisus proliferus, popularly known as \tagasaste Is a plant of ornamen- tal value and a good stock forage plant too. A first line trench on Hill 304, the scene of some of the bloodiest engage- ments of the war. The hill has been won and lost by both sides several times. It is now held by the French, who have resisted every effort of the German troops to drive them out. Taking Kfo Chances. \Take the stand. Now, then, why did j-nii knock down the semaphore?\ \Well your honor, I didn't Know whether to run to the right of It or to the left of it. So to play safe, I ran over it.\ Weakness of Diplomacy. It may be approved strategy'on the part of'diplomats to fool their oppo- nents In the game, but it is mani- festly crass folly for one to fool him- self with the notion that he is fool- ing others.—Providence Journal. Daily Thought. When anyone has offended me I try to raise my soul so high that the of- fense cannot reach it.—Dpscartes. Pocket Veto. When a bill has passed congress and is submitted to the president he has ten days to consider it, and if con- gress adjourns before the expiration of the days the president can defeat the bill simply by not signing it, with- out any veto message. That is called a pocket veto. Disappeared. How can the woman In overalls argue that she is gaining on man, when It is plain to see she has lost a lap?— Life. Naming Hindu Babies. Hindu babies are named when they are twelve days old, and usually by the mother. A Hint. Here is a suggestion for a scenario: During courtship he kissed her burn- ing lips. After they were married those same lips frequently roasted him. (Asbestos screen). — Florida Times-Union. Toughens Lead Pencils. Putting a common lead pencil In lin- seed oil will toughen and soften the lead, and the pencil will outwear two of the untreated pencils. The pencil should be left In the oil until co^- T>iari»H» Rnrnr-ntpd. 37% More For Your Money Get the Genuine CASCARAj$ QUININE No advance in price for thii 20-year- old remedy—25c for S!4 tablet*—Some cold tablets now 30c for 21 tablets— Figured on proportionate cost per tablet, you aave 9}4c when you buy Hill'i—Cures Cold In 24 hours—grip in 3 days—Money back If it foils. 24 Tablet* for ZSc. At any Drug Stora Terse Biography. \What's that husband of yours do- ing now, Mrs. Snaggs?\ \Time mum!\ Most amateur photographers prove conclusively that truth Is stranger than fiction. It's only a tough world to the fel- low who wants to run It. Horrified. A man who Is given to doing \odd jobs\ about his house was very proud of n bit of painting he had accom- plished. About midnight following the com- pletion of the outside of the house he was awakened by a noise. Creeping to the window, he looked out, and, to his horror, saw a burglar climbing up a ladder to the second-story window. \T^ook out there 1\ yelled the house- holder to the burglar. \Look out for the paint!\ $100 Reward, $100 Catarrh is a local disease greatly influ- enced by constitutional conditions. It therefore requires constitutional treat- ment. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE Is taken internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Sys- tem. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE destroys the foundation of the disease, gives the patient strength by Improving the general health and assists nature in doing Its work. $100.00 for any case of Catarrh that HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE fails to cure. Druggists 75c. Testimonials free. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. All There. \Good heavens! The star has for- gotten his lines.\ \Oh well, the leading lady hasn't forgotten her lines. That gown she's wearing sets off her figure to perfec- tion.\ A uniform for farm hands might help some. Ships that pass In the night are generally frail ones. ALMOST HELPLESS Mr. Reuter Went Through a Terrible Siege of Kidney Trouble. Doan's Brought Back His Heaith. \After an injury I was in terrible shape from kidney trouble,\ says D. Reuter, North St„ West Chicago, 111, •'J. couldn't stoop because of the awful pains in my back and the steady, dull misery almost drove me frantic. I had to be help- ed out o£ bed mornings, the pains across my kid- neys were BO bad and no- body knows the agony I went through. I couldn't do anything and was al- most helpless; it seemed I would never get well. \The urine passed far too often and burned like «,. n.**.. scalding water. The pas- nr - RtBtt r sages were scanty and I had no control over them. At times everything in front of me grew dark and I couldn't see for several minutes. I perspired profusely and I was thirsty all the time. For two years I suffered, trying medicine after medicine without relief. I was just about discouraged and didn't think I would ever be able to work again. \Hearing about Doan's KitUiey Pills I used them and four boxes cured me. My kidneys became normal, my back got well and strong and all the other troubles disappeared.\ Sworn to before me, JAS. W. CAKR, Notary Public. Get Doan's at Any Store, 60c a Box DOAN'S ^\iV FOSTER-MILBURN CO., BUFFALO. N. Y. Notice to Si The Experience of These Women Prove Tftal There is a Remedy for Your Illness. , Aberdeen, Idaho.—\ Last year I suffered from & weakness with pains in my side and back. A friend asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- table Compound and I did so. After taking one bottle I felt very much better. I have now taken three bottles and feel like a different woman; Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is the best medicine I have ever taken and I can recom- mend it t o all suffering women.\—Mrs. PERCY; PRESTIDGE, Aberdeen, Idaho. Kingfisher, Okla.—\For two years I suffered with a severe female trouble, was nervous, and had backache and a pain in my side most of the time. I had dizzy spells and was often so faint I could not walk across the floor. The doctor said I would have to have an «peration. A friend asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. After taking ten bottles I am now well and strong, have no pain, backache or dizzy spells. Every one tells me how well I look and I tell them Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- S iund did it\—Miss NINA SOUTHWICK, R. P . D. o. 4, Box 33, Kingfisher, Okla. LYDIA E.PINKH VEGETABLE COMPOUND q At^bur Druddist's. LYDIA E.PINKHAM MEDICINE CO. LYNN.MASS. DC> The Silver Lining. Crash! Bang! Wallop 1 Mrs. Newmald rushed out of the dining room and saw Sarah Ann sit- ting among the ruins of her best china. For an instant she was speechless with horror and anger. Then she cried: \Sarah Ann, what on earth have you done?\ Sarah Ann retrieved her cap from a sea of gravy, and grunted: \It's the dinner things, mum! And oh, mum, what a good thing I hadn't washed 'em up!\ BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP will quiet your cough, soothe the in- flammation of a sore throat and lungs, stop irritation in the bronchial tubes, insuring a good night's rest, free from coughing and with easy expectoration in the morning. Made and sold in America for fifty-two years. A won- derful prescription, assisting Nature in building up your general health and throwing off the disease. Especially useful in lung trouble, asthma, croup, bronchitis, etc. For sale in all civil- ized countries.—Adv. Inciting to Exhortation. \ •\Vhat was the idea of you men get- ting out with firearms and using harsh language last night?\ \Well replied Broncho Eob, \slnfe they put hard liquor out of business Crimson Gulch has been mighty quiet. Nobody seems to take any interest in us. We thought maybe we could get back enough reputation for wicked- ness to induce some evangelist to jump in and give us a red-hot talk.\—Wash- ington Star. HEAL BABY RASHES That Itch, Burn and Torture With Cutl- cura—Trial Free. A hot Cutlcura Soap bath is soothing to irritated skins when followed by a gentle application of Cuticura Oint- ment. Use Cuticura for every-day toi- let preparations to prevent such trou- bles. After this treatment baby sleeps mother rests and healment follows. Free sample each by mall with Book. Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv. FATE PURSUED THIS TOMMY Nearly Spent Bullet Goes Through Hole Made in His Helmet by German Sniper. James Dickinson, a convalescent Canadian soldier, in a letter to a friend, tells this story of the great war: During a lull In the battle of the Marne one of the Canadian troopers took off his steel helmet, and, placing It on the end of his rifle, held It so that about half of it protruded above the top of the trench. A German sniper, observing it, at once shot at it, and the ball, striking it squarely, pierced the steel, going out the other side. The \Tommy\ laughingly showed it to his comrades and placed it back on his head. Fifteen minutes later the order came to \go over the top,\ and this same \Tommy\ was among the first. He was also among the first to fall, mortally wounded. It was discovered at the dressing station that he had been struck by a nearly spent hujlet that had gone through one of the holes that he had so recently shown his fellow soldiers in laughter. Apple Full of Gold. Gold coins were found in an apple by a minister in Albany, Ore.,, a short time ago. The apple was a gift from his congregation, and when he began to eat It he found it contained a suffi- cient quantity of gold coins to pay the expense of himself and family on a trip to the minister's old home in Ohio. He had been planning to visit his mother and the congregation, learn- ing of this, decided to pay his ex- penses. Hoarding New Bread. Old Fatwaste was a food hog. He went from shop to shop buying pounds of this and packets of that, and stored these ill gotten gains In his larder \for a rainy day.\ It was a Saturday night, and a neighbor met Fatwaste emerg- ing from a baker's shop loaded with bread to the eyebrows. The neighbor wanted to know what the mountain of bread was for. \Oh said Fatwaste in a whisper, \haven't you heard that new bread mustn't he sold after today? I am just getting a stock of It in.\ Would Like To, Though. Teacher—Name a bird besides the ostrich that doesn't fly. Bright Boy—The jailbird. Spending everything you make is a sure way of getting to the poorhouse. British radicals demand the close or- ganization of the workers against war. Wealth of Australia. The recently completed \census of wealth in Australia shows that the country's net assets ore equal to' $1,- 675 per head of the population. The migration returns show a loss of 279,- OfiO mules since the war began and. white women now outnumber the men by 80,000. Human nature is to want to fly a lit- tle higher than your neighbor. Some men are most talkative when they have nothing to fttiy. When Your Eyes Need Care Try Murine Eye Remedy No Stonrtlnc — JiiBt Kfo Comfort. 60 cents nt .Druggists or malt Write for Free B«o Book. SiCIUNK EXK BEMUD* CO.. ClitCAGO It Has a Horn. A lesson in natural, history had been about the rhinoceros, and the teacher wanted to know how well the lesson had been learned. \Now. name something,\ she said, \that is dangerous to go near to and has a horn.\ \I know, teacher—I know!\ called a small boy. \Well what is It?\ \A motor car!\ replied the boy. Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, that famous old remedy for Infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of In Use for Over 30'lfeara. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Not His Fault. Boy—Do you work here? Office Boy—Only when the boss is looking. A Sure Way. \I wish I knew how to kill time.\ \'Why don't you join an amateur musical society?\ The better we are, the shorter the Avar, Excellent for Coughs & Colds. HALE'S HONEY of Horehonnd & Tar All Draggittt r U»« Fik«'» Toothache Drop« MlO'R.ElMlONiE I^ shipping to JLewisSaer&CahKu ^ Baltimore. Md. _ itt. nw. Write for our Price Li»t* _ BULGARIAN BLOOD TEA Famous health restorer. Be strong ana vleorouB. Americans bloss this remedy for constipation. Indi- gestion, dyspepsia, liver, kidney, stomach and blood troubles. Don't suBer. Send for FBHB treatment. AM MABTHKL PRODUCTS COMPANY 400 Marvel Bldg. Pittsburg, Pa. \PARKER'S ^ . HAIR BALSAM A toilofc preparation ol!-merit. Helps to eradicate dandruff. For Restoring Color nnd Beauty toGrny or Faded Hnir, 60c and <l,oo at Druggists. PliOBIDA—Dot S|ici!l»l Offer on BpImiilH Unci Near Jin, FOR COUGHS AND COLDS —take ft prompt and effectlye winecly—one that acts quickly and contains no opiates. You can get auch a remedy by a«kin(8 tot PISO'S W. N. U., NEW YOftK, NO. 46-11)17'.

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