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•5 rage 8 The Madrid herald, July 4, 1918 WADDINGTON DEPARTMENT CHIPMAN Last week's items Mr. and Mrs. Adam Veitch and -family are enjoying a new Ford car. Prayer meeting is |held every Wednesday evening in theChapel The attendance last week was very good. All are cordially invited. Mrs. Wilber Armstrong is in Ogd. with Mr, Armstrong who recently underwent a very critical operation at the A. Barton Hep- burn Hospital. Adolphus Ghdden and daugh- ter, Irene, came from Potsdam on Monday for a last load of farm implements having moved to PotscHm last January, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Ruther- ford spent Sunday afternoon the 16th., with their mother, Mrs. Walter Elliott, who is not gain- ing as fast as her many friends would wish. Rev. Jas. Robertson has [re- ceived word that his grandson, Lome McDonald Fisher, is in camp near Omaha. Lome is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fisher of Chicago. The Wayside Workers held an ice cream social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Porteous last Friday evening. A good number were present in spite oi the weather and the proceeds were $26. Miss Anna Widrick closed a successful year of school in No. 12 Tuesday, June 17. The children enjoyed a fine picnic dinner in Leslie Porteous woods about 40 neighbors being present. Miss; Widrick presented each scholar with a gift. W. 5. 5. • 4, COLES CREEK. Miss Weltha Dumas of Lisbon is visiting her grand-parents,Mr. Mrs. Wilber Dumas. Mrs. Ella Cole and Mrs. Hattie Heague spent Thursday with friends and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carr of Raymondviile were the guest of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Carr and family. Mrs. Hattie Heague and daughter, Winifred, and Ira and Pearl Hosmer were caller sin Massena Monday. Mrs. Chas. Haggett and child- ren Olive, Vernon and Katherine spent one day the past week at Wm. Hosmer's. Mrs, Hattie Heague and daughter, Winifred, of Wad. is spending some time at the home of her brother, Wm. Hosmer. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dumas and children and Miss Katherine Carr of Lisbon spent Sunday the guests of their parents in Wad. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hosmer spent a few days the past week the guest of their daughter, Mrs. Howard Miller at Hopkmton. Miss Christie Nichols of •T.,?.. ,J», £, *t, *£<>>£• «Jt *Jt .J- «J* •£« •$• •{• •$• *$• •$• «$* »J« »$• •$••$• *$• «5» «$•«$* I MANN & SCOTT f * VADDISTftTON K. Y. * V • f * * Malone spent th; week-end at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tonkin Williams of Wad. Mr. and Mrs. Gideon El is\of Wad. returned home on Monday after spending some time with their daughter, Mrs. Heman Arquitte at Louisville Landing. | Mrs. Alex Homiside of Louis- ville spent Tuesday here the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Frank Carr, her cousin Miss Gladys returned home with her for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Kentner and son, Roy, of Wad. and Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hunter of Sucker Brook spent Sunday at Massena Park, also called on his sister, Mrs. R. P. Shoen while on their way home. They report an en- joyable lime. W S S Any Fool Can Waste. It Takes a Man to Save. By RUDYARD KIPLING unnrt ot vu'tor.v—nun more is no nmi way house holwopu victory and defeat —what happens to us? \This: • ' \Every relation, every understand- ing, every decency upon which civiliza- tion has been so anxiously built up .\v\A go, because it will have been proved unable to endure. \The whole Idea of democracy, which at bottom Is what the enemy fLglUjS, will be dismissed from men's ihiuds, because it will have been shown incap- able of maintaining Itself against' the Prussian. It will die, and It will die discredited, together with every belief and practice that is based on It * \The Prussian Ideal, his root notions of life, will take its place throughout the world. Under that dispensation man will become once more the natural prey, body and goods, of his better armed neighbor. Women will be the mere Instrument for continuing, the breed and of man's cruelty, and labor will become a thing to be knocked on the head if it dares to give trouble. \Nothing—nothing we may have to endure now will weigh one feather- weight compared with what we shall most certainly have to suffer If for any cause we fall of victory.\ VCSS UNDERTAKERS AND DEALERS IN FURNITURE 1 PRICES I REASONABLE • _ % NIffflT CALL 65M \Money is a curious article. \Have you ever thought that invest- ed money is the only thing in the world, outside the army, the navy and the mercantile marine, that will work for you while you sleep? \Everything else knocks off, or goes to bed, or takes a holiday at intervals, hut our money sits up all through the year, working to fetch in the interest that the government gives on every pound It borrows from us. \I am not a financier, but I do know that much, and I do know that a man who has an Income, however small, from money he has saved Is free of worry and anxiety for himself, his wife and his children, up to the extent of that Income. It gives him self re- spect, a more even temper, a reason for looking at the future with calm and confidence. \A man who has wasted or muddled all his pay at the end of the week is the servant of the whole world for his next week's pay. The man who has his hit In hand is independent of the world as far as that bit goes, and that knowledge at the hack of one's head must make life a different affair to every thinking man or woman. \Savings represent much more than their mere money value. They are proof that the saver is worth some- thing in himself. Any fool can waste. Any fool can muddle, hut it takes something of a man to save, and the more he saves the more of a man does it make him. \Remember too, that everything we waste in the way of manufactured goods, from a match upward, as well as everything we buy that isn't neces- sary to get on x~ith, means diverting some man or woman's time and energy from doing work connected with the war. And war work, which means sup- plies, food, munitions, ships, is the only thing that is of the least impor- tance now. Nothing else under heaven matters today, except that the war shall go on to that end. \WHAT WE FIGHT FOR.\ \From time to time the representa- tives of the allies meet together and lay down what the war aims of the allies are. \From time to time our statesmen repeat tliem. \They all agree we are fighting for freedom and liberty, for the Tight of I small states to exlsr and fur nations to decide for themselves, how they are to be governed. \All this we understand and perfect- ly believe. That is the large view of the situation. \What is the personal aspect of the case for you and me? \We are fighting that we may not be herded into actual slavery, such as the Germans have established by force of their arms In large parts of Europe. \We are fighting for our lives, the lives of every man, woman and child here and everywhere else. \We are fighting against forced la- bor at the point of the bayonet, with a dog's death at the end. \NO HALF-WAY HOUSE.\ \If tax any reason -whatever we tall A Strong Bank Offers You A '° PER ANNUM On Inactive Accounts Bank By Mail Simply mail 11s a letter enclosing your own check or a money order and in the names yoti direct we -will head u\\ a hank book or certificate of deposit and mail it to yon. « •TO WITHD'RA'W— simply sign your name to a check on this hank or mail ns a letter telling us to send you New York exchange for MO much or the entire balance of your account including interest—and New York Draft -will be sent to you. In Two Names You can -deposit money in this bank payable at all timr* to either of two persons or the isawiror. A man will save HIS WIFE a lot of imnoc essary trouble lay-opening a joint account to be used by her in many i-ases of illness and other emergencies. Mil SAM Of SYRACUSE RISOB&CES 0¥ER TKN MffiLION DOl&ARS SIS South Salina, Street Mrs. A. B. Hart and son Wayne are spending a lew- weeks in Toronto with friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. IL P. Ballou and daughter Betty and M. J. Mullen were callers in Wadding- ton on Friday. Children's day exercises were held on Sunday, and excellent program was rendered and great ly enjoyed by all present. Mrs. Ellen Co ?k of Syracuse is spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. II. S. Andrew who has been seriously sick, pIl'.lM'l ;i- Willi !!>• hi- t.miil^ M id'1.! t.ir •I O.jilcns- Wt\ vvt'i i' nil nmi It haw Rev. W, II J,. ; on Sunday, lie .mil are visiting fi jet iK in a few days. Mis.James Finn burg, and Mis. Aithm IIa\e-i and son Francis ot Nmlolk VUMV recent guesli of Mr<. Julia Me- Quaid and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. R.nn- bougl', Mrs. M. j. Wh.-tk-n, Mrs, G. X. Tunic, ami M,< L. A. Ballon wen- callers in O-dcns burg Thursday. Maelyn Arbuckle of 'W II addles* the people l.ioe in the interest of S. campaign at the in* lii;'ti> n w til tlii- \i the W. S M. K. 1 lunch on Monday even- ing el ibis week. II. I\ Ballou, postmaster of Chase Mills, attended the lunch- eon gh en al the Century Club in Ogdenshurg m honor Senator W. J. Tully, slate director ot War Savin;.> Campaign. Several from here attended the Buell-Chamberlain wedding iu N Notwood o.i Saturday. M>\ Chamberlain was formerly a- •:> t.t al the Norwood and Saint uti,- Lnvreiice railtoad station and many friend here extends heart- iest congratulations to him and his bade. On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. J^iha MeQuatd gave a shower tor Miss Theresa Fobare whose marriage to Mr. Charles Man- ville of Massena which took place Tuesday, June 25. | A de- lightful luncheon was served to the numerous guests who all en- joyed a very merry time. Many useful gifts were given the bride and she receives the best wishes and congratulations of her many trie nds. •AT********************- If one person ' bought' the whole limit of the War-Savings Stamps Issue his contribution would effect nothing. But 100,000,000 saving and in- vesting will hasten the war's conclusion. Just do your share and watch the others do theirs. Invest In and boost War-Savings Stamps. Let us give up our luxuries and Kaiser Bill will give up his am- bitions. Put your money in War- Savings Stamps. Four per cent, comoounded quarterly. CHARLES S. WHITMAN. ******************** W. S, S. tJFrom the sale of a $50,000 farm to the recovery of a wander- ing bull pup, you can put your faith in the want ads. tJThey are great' little hustlers, and are never off duty. «— w. s. s. — CHASE MILLS. Mrs. Alvin Allen is visiting friends iu Ogdensburg. Miss McNully of Massena was in town Saturday. F. R. Martin loaded a carload of cattle here Saturday. Thomas Parkinson's condition remains about the same. Miss Sawyer of Tupper Lake is visiting Miss Florence Thom- as. The Mein district Red Cross Society meet with Mrs. William Short. Mr. and Mrs. Wears and two childjen were callers in town on Friday. Mrs E. C. W T alson and sen Kenneth were in Madrid Salui- day. Mrs. John Whalen, Mis.sjanie and John called at Thos. Park- insons, Monday. Now land and Tullle and T. R. Malone} are building a ga- rage at the West End. Miss Mary Xowland has closed Irer school in Nyando and is at home for the summer. John J.X. Gilronre of Ogdens- burg visited his brother, Robert aad family on Thursday. MHS Pearl Pifer of Raymond- viile is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. E Pifer. •5- FARMERS % For Farm, Garden, Orchard, ami * ©airy Implements .5. R neli as Plo-ws; Harrows, Disk. * ^ingle and double action, Tongue g Trucks, Spring Tooth and Peg g. Tooth Smoothing Harrows; * Wec-'ders Drills, Lai d Rollers. •j- * Corn Planters (all Irinfls > Rid- J, ing and \Walking • Cultivators. •* Potato Planters, ftyrayeTs and * Diggers. _- MOTOTR, Raltwt. Hay Loaders. || Grain Binders, Com Harvwtrr*, '$• Gas Engine? and Tractors. Also * Sugar Evaporators, Tanks, etc. & All machines used on the farm * sold and repairs for each and all. ^ When in need call or 'phone I JOHN T. ROBINSON t Madrid Springs, NX I ThoheNo.9-F-21 i ~ Ame half a Almost a century and a Army helped us turn a National Holiday. from overseas served to swing unselfishly for American a solid foundation for lliir ,0 a gallant little^ French random date into our greatest' ships and.. 7,000 men 1 fie scale. ; Fighting' independence, Lafayette laid ighemt the worldi - 'Freedom t And, now has com® Pershing, with a mi our opportunity to repay. n is m r ranee acknowledged bringer of Victory. Civilization itself will celebrate this year's Fourth of July} In England, France, Italy, leaders whose own ex* perience recognizes the miracle the United States ha£ wrought are unstinted in their praise* In this country,\ too, 4 those who know are too busy to\waste f energy in criticism.*' But find the man who doesn't * know and isn't helping—and you will far too often find a man will- ing even to lose a battle to prove his Government wrong;' %, If we continue to succeed/ 9 say& Secretary Baker\ , ^ on page 15 of Hearst's Magazine for July, \it will be because millions of loyal Americans continue to . / give us their aid.\ / - • Are-you one of those millions of loyal Americans? uo you'really know about the War Department? Do'' y^ ^ hateve r people tell you about ourArnW —your Army— or do yon make an effort to get the facts? {< The A merican Hearst's with the falki rmv of Today\ ?L- ccaperccion was prepared for of the ar Department War as a most complete and accurate statement It is endorsedJ?vjh7Secrp.tf>ry nf JTo Secretary Baker, as to Secretary Daniels an<Ttd Cithers who are making our Nation the chief figure in the worlds most magnificent enterprise/Hearst's offers a chance to address half a million loval American reader^ fr .~ t i hr( ^ gh , th , !S great audience—an opportunity to timg the Truth full in the face of the puny Pessimists, pettyj'oliticians and professional Faultfinders. ; • If you 1 don't wish to think well of your own Government? you won't want Hearst's-this month or any other. _ But if you want the truth and really prefer to be patriotic—to know the best about your country—you won't fail to read \The American Army of Today\ m the July' e s # gazine ZINE a •\

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