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The Seneca County journal. (Seneca Falls, N.Y.) 1885-1902, June 03, 1891, Image 4

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THE SEIVECA COXUSTTY JOUHlsrAX, WEDISTESDAY, JUISTE 3, 1891. D y s p e p s ia reduced to 1C2 pounds, suffering burning sensations intlie stomaeii. Intense V people have suffered more severely from dyspepsia than Mr. E. A. McMahon, a well known grocer of Staunton, Va. He s.-iys: “ Before 1878 I was in excellent health, weigh­ ing over 200 pounds. In that year an ailment developed into acute dyspepsia, and pounds, suff usations ii ilpitatlon ot the heart lusea, and indigestion. I could not sleep, lost all heart In my work, had fits of melaueholia, and for days at a time I would h.ave welcomed tleatli. I hecame morose, sullen and irritable, and for eight years life was a burden. 1 tried many physicians and m.any remedies. One d-y a workman employed by me suggested that ii Suffering I I .sia. I did so, and before taking the whole of a bottle I began to feel like a new n terrible pains to which I liad been s my stomal :he palpitc lach heca and my entir up. With returning ngth came activity ot subjected, tation ot the heart subsided, lasier, nausea disap- e system began to 8 Years mind and body. B( the fifth bottle was taken I had regained my former weight and natural condition. I am tod.ay well and I ascribe it to taking Hood’s Sarsaparilla.” N. B. If you decide to take Hood’s Sarsa­ parilla do not be induced to buy any other. Hood’s Sarsaparilla lOO D o s e s © n e D o llar A STAMPEDE. larter of a c entury C a rlotta’s Time Brings It* Itevcnges. It is now fully a quarte r of a c( since a merciful clispensatkm of deuce so clouded the Empress Cai mind th a t she w as spared a single pang of grief w h en her royal hushand was slaughtered in Mexico. F o r n e arly a generation the widow of the unfortunate M a x im ilian has rem a in­ ed in ignorance of h is fate. B u t slowly, and by a lm o st im p erceptible degrees, h e r m ind has become clarified, and she is once more in the e n jojunent of h e r facul­ ties. Looldng haclcward through the long y ears o f darkness, th a t sad Mexican w h ich she played the p a rt of som ething in^her :ee her e r foror h ere pensat h i h r hitter p ast. B u t the same day th a t her recovery was announced also brought the intelli­ gence th a t G eneral M iguel Bopez had been bitten by a m a d dog a n d was u n d er the Pastern- treatm e n t. This Lopez was the trusted oificer -who betrayed’M a ximilian to his bloodthirsty enemies—the w retch whose evil work caused Carlotta's insanity. A fter I m n g aU these long years, despised b y even h is own countrym en and scorned by his wife for h is treason, he h a s perhaps m e t his doom. W h a t fate w ould be more fitting for this false friend, who sold h is benefactor? I t is hard to believe th a t h e will h e cured, w ill snap a n d snarl a n d foam at the 1 Hke a rabid hound. He w ill k paroxysms o r maniacal frenzy. m outh in his r It Will Ho the Deepest Hole In the World. One of the m ost im p o rtant scientific explorations into the d epths of the earth ever u n d e rtaken w ill he c arried out n e ar W h eeling under the jo in t auspices of the U n ited States governm e n t and the c ity of W h eeling. Some m o n ths ago th e W heeling De- 4,100 feet, w ithin 600 feet of the deepest well in the world. In this distance a dozen of thick veins of coal have been passed, oil a n d gas hoth struck, h u t not in paying quantities, and gold quartz, iron and m a n y other m inerals found. The hole is e ight inches in diam eter and the largest in diam e ter of any deep well in the world. Professor W h ite, state geologist, has arrived from W ashington, where he suc­ ceeded in getting th e governm e n t geo­ logical survey officers interested in the exploration, and the result is th a t the hole w ill he drilled to a depth of one mile. Then the governm e n t w ill take up the work under the direction of two expert officers of the geological survey and drill into the earth a s far as hum an skill can penetrate. The idea is to take the tem p erature and m a g n etic conditions a s f a r a s possi­ ble, a n d by means of a n instrum e n t con­ structed for the purpose a c omplete rec­ ord oi the progress and all discoveries m a d e w ill he kept.—Cor. Philadelphia (Juick Work by an Ohl Time C'lipp* The old tea clipper Oberon blew ie like a. w ild beast. , Th e old te a clipper Oberon blew in shadows now descending u pon him , his I days, which is alm o st e qual to steamship victim Cai’lotta comes once more into I The Oberon is a teakwood vessel, the lig h t of d ay, serenely b e autiful, once I built y ears ago f o r the tea trade. Cap- more lierself, the mo.st c h arm ing woman tain Fulton r e p o rts h e ad w inds for the th a t h as wore a c row n since Eugenie in first twelve d ays a lter leaving Yokohama, her happiest days. Dissolving views— Then they s truck a favoring b reeze, and i lights and shad o w s -they make up life! old clipper reeled olf 315 miles in the -A t l a n t a C o n stitution. tw e n ty-four hours, following this up w ith a 300 mile r u n the next day, and from th a t tim e u n til she sailed into the Golumbia she ha,s been making from tw elve to fourteen miles j>er h o u r night and day. The vessel is a homely looking old eraft, hu t i t is doubtful if her perform ­ ance w ill soon h e equaled.—A storia Cor. Portland Oregonian. re blackened with Wolff’sj|QM[Blacking /or Pik-Ron, wfltcA WILL S tain T inware some y E D I K - ^ O N ( e x p r e s s s t a b l e s ) SAFES! DIEBOLD SAFE A P UIGK G0|APA)IY l>> W . II. B i r T l .F I t . !%’«*«' V o i’k City, Are building VAULT and BANK SAFES for the l.AHGE.S'l' MONIED IN­ STITUTIONS of the Country, and the BEST of FIR E PROOF SAFES in all sizes, f o r tlie use of a ll li.aving valu­ ables r e q u iring protcelion from (ire. ® ^ ’\Vrite for list of testim onials and sizes DIEBOLD SAFE & LOCI^ CO., W. H. BUTLER, Agent. N o. 79 l)f.\NK S tkkkt . N kw Y oiik , N. V. f Tii<>ii.suml Feet Dung, , Monday a loud ni.ise and slight shak- ’ m g of the e a rth cuU'ed no l ittle wonder- i m e n t among the r esidents near the hills. Investigation proved the cause to be an ice slide. A small and iim o ceut spring issues from the side of one of the moun­ tains, its w aters spreading and fiowing I over a steep incline of rock. D u ring the past w inter m o n ths ice form ed against ’ this w all of stone, increasing in size un- ! til one vast icicle, fully tw e n ty feet in thiclcness and 1,000 feet in length, pro- i jected into the valley below. From the w a rm th of the sun and its I own w eight i t released its h o ld a n d thun I dered down the m o u n tain side, c arryinj inferior co«t ad Slicker” --- - .*-*ticular3 and Qlustrated caulo^ue free. A. J. TOWER, - Boston, M ass. ^ - V v E R PIL L S . \ b A 00 NOT GRIPE, SICKEN OR CONSTIPATE. S uae C ure for S ide H erdaohe , and all tnrablM arlilng from ladigeattonorOimatipatioa. cnrrences in previous years, bu t grander scale.—Sum as City Cor. Seattle Telegi-aph, __________________ The Hofomutivo Met a Hall of Fire. A n engineer on the D elaware, Lacka­ w anna and W estern says h e w as c oming down the Chenango v a lley w h en the re­ cent s torm burst. A vivid flash of light­ ning startled him, but he w as not pre­ pared for w h a t followed. A hnge ball of fire was seen on one of the rails com­ ing r apidly tow a rd the locomotive. I H e s h u t off steam and reversed the en- I gine. The lightning, which looked like I a ball of liquid fire a b o u t the size of a ' inchii football,ootball, strucli truck the dri- f s Is o f the locomotive a n d , after r jveral tim es around them ST. LOUIS. MO. PHOTO-ENGRAVING. a Lmo—Send stamp for specimen lletropolitan Press Agene K N I G H T ’S I Blood Cure. th% Inc'Uy. KMIGHT BOTANICAL C0„ 252 BroalMy, H.y. tim es aroun d j over on the axles to the op ! the track and w ent spinning a w a y in the I d irection from which it came and I ished a round a distant curve, j The e ngine w as n o t d amaged, w ith the exception of the glass oilers on the side rods, which w ere broken, and the paint on the “ d river” w as blistered.—Bing­ ham ton (H. Y.) H erald. Mr. JUrojulwell’s Peg SLegsed Ooose. There is a goose in A lpharetta th a t I walks around on a n artificial leg. I t is j owned by Air-. J. B. Broadwell. The goose happened to lose a foot somehow. It hopped when it traveled, but could not h op fast enough to keep up w ith the rest of the geese. Air. Broadwell took a joint of cane a n d fitted the leg of the goose iu the hollow of the eaiie, bound it to the leg of the goose w ith a cord and cut off the lower end of the cane even w ith the foot th a t w as n o t injured. The goose now walks w ith ease and seeming­ ly •without pain.—Cor. A tlan ta Consti- PATENl town, sent free. Address,^ C .A.SNO W & G O . OpDOsite Patent Office, Washington, D. C. Experimental Science Oeo. HI. Hopkins. i of n a tio n a l Amusement. A superb work for Young and Old. lllastrated Circular and Table of Contents sent 740 PAGES. 680 iLLTTSXRATIOirS. PRICK by mail, postpaid, . . . B4.0K MDNN & CO., Fnblisheri, Office T he SciEimiic A mebicak , 361 Broadway, New York. $ 35.00 Will buy a NEW ORGAN, direct from the Manufactory. 3STO d A O - B I T T S . Karrols from Solid Xogs. w rought iron, cylindrical in shaj steel c u tter teeth are distributed its edge. I t w as expectei xpected th a t tl A core saw, intended for boring I logs, was recently c barrels from soli ed a tT a u n tc Lacro.sse, La. The saw is made of it iro n , cylindrica l in shape, a n d Ige. I t w as e Idd c u t a b a rrelrel p e r minu is ol c u t a b a r p e r m a trial of the f irst maohii iches in diam eter a n d 31^ ras bored out in th ir ty seco and dur- iiie a core lOJ- inches long for the m a im facture of bai machines is to he b n ilt in New Y o rk Journal. londs. A m ii-rels by thi Louisiana.— Did Not stop the Clock. The lightning iierformed tw o nunsnal feats a t the h ouse of Nelson Vergason on Bean H ill. I t cut h a lf an inch off the an inverted g o b let on a table and nd it. T d ia le goblet 70rk is sail ing as it foun d sa id to have been done melted several table knives.—Norwich lUetin. A Maine Truant Oniceiys Sulferiiigs. I t w as amusing to see several tru a n ts hustling one day last week w ith the truant officer a fter them. They finally readied ' Ing.—Belfast Age. TO COIVSITMPTIVES. The undersigned having been .stored to health suft'ering f o r sever.al years witli a severe simple means, after lung aftection, ;uul tliat dread dise.ase CoxsuJH'Tlox,is anxious to m ake known to his fellow sufferers theineans of c u re. To those who desire it, he w ill checr- seml (free of charge) a copy of prescription used, which they w ill find a sure cure for CoNSUMP-rioN, A sth ­ ma , C ataukh , B ronchitis and all throat and lung AI ai -. adies . H e liopes all suftei’crs w ill try his Remedy, as it fully s is invaluable. Those desiri I — catalooob fbee __ •ISaiilD m lN i ^ ORGAN CO M P A N Y (MenUon this paper.) ioription, w h ic h w ill cost them notliing, ind may prove a blessing, w ill please address R e v . E dw ard A. W ieson * W illiam sburg, K ings County, New I suffered for m o re than ten years w ith tliat dreadful disease, catarrh, and used every available medicine which was recom m e n d ed to me. I caimot E ly's Cream B a lm has afforded E m a n u el M e y ers, AVinfield, L. [., N. Y. Horse Rudllsh for tlie Gi A week or tw o “ Work horses in the city are worth times as much as country horses becaus blanket them in the stable.” iluable information about horses. Two or three dollars for a S/ a Horse lanket will make your horse worth more and eat less to keep warm. ( 5/A Five Mile ^ . ) 5/A Boss Stable Ask for j 5 ^ ^ E \ e c i m 5/A Extra Test Me You Troubleil to get Gooil lolesses? sigiiea Uy miu, any constatik* witl-iii tin* said vH- 3oes Yoiir Coffee anif Tea liave a Ricli Delicate flavor? i l s i i i s l i s i to collectors iu the sevenil towns, and shall he en- t oiiiT OI saiu t oumy oi fjenec: ........ May 27—July S C o llec t o r ’s TVotice- N ™ S ; ; : Falls, have receiviul the warrant for the collection -S e v o iitlt J u d i c i m D i s t r i c t . A.Nt) TEUJUI.NEll AXI) SPECl.tl, TEKJIS <)>’ THE Sni-llEME.COCl! roKTUE VEAKtlM.O.J. Cimiit ( onr a d Courts of Oyer and Terminer. MONltOE. First Mondaj of October ......... !(•(■ Him U It I'ov arc Iroithk'd in tjMinij best ijuaUliis, a trial will con wi‘handle dricllij the B E S T OBADES. W'e heep ci asso7-hntnl of the BEST ANT> PUREST GROCERIES ago a lady of this city -vote a note to The T ribune recom- \ a i c* tending tlie nse of horse rtidish its a ! 30 other styles at prices to means of alleviating the grip, if not af- ’ body- H J'O*' can’t get them fecting a thorough cure. Several in- I dealer, v/xite us. stances in which this suggestion was j acted upon w ith strikingly favorable re­ sults h ave come to the knowledge o f The Tribune. Ordini eaten a t frequei day a n d in connection w ith food a t the table, if food is eaten a t all, has been found rem a rkably efficacious in banislf- ;iie d istr tcious in bai issing cough t h a t frequently till the other symptoms of grip have gone. I t c an do no harm ry i t a t a ll events. The hum b le b n t gent horse radish m u st have been lingers aftei the grip ha- to tr y i t a t i punge n t ho m ade for some good use.—Chicago ]llr.s. l ’otter’8 Offer. “I w ill give you $.j00,” w rites Mrs. Cora U rquhtirt P o tter to a literary friend in this c ity, “for the first act, $1,000 fo: the second, $3,000 for the th ir d a n d .$4,00C for the fourth tind last act of the new play to be w ritten f o r me on a them e ol the day - u d tim e—dealing w ith A m e ri­ cans—w hich shall biive an absolutely new m otive the interest in w h ich shall he continued to the last scene.” So d if­ ficult is i t for a dram a tist to secure a new motive—or w h a t the phrase m a y he taken to mean, an absolutely new appli­ cation of ono of the fam iliar m otives ol D U S T E R S ARE THE BEST. 100 styles, prices to suit all. W m . A ykes & S ons , P hiladelphia . Sold by all dealers. lubbed VI, his father b eing considered as Napo­ leon V, the poor young Prince Imperial having been styled Napoleon IV. He be th ir ty years of age next is a line looking m a n , w ith thing of the gi-audiose ca.st of features oi the great emperor, though resembling far less the m ighty founder of his race gre a t emperor, t less th e m igh ty fc II d id his father. :omising pretend\’ vices of the e lal CO T JphfirLlpW a Telegraph. tha n d id his fathe r. H e is by no means a prom ising pretend er, having inherited the vices of th la te prince w ithout his irful intellect .—i tions for a novel experiment. H e is about to put a new face on a negro womim who resides on Mr. S. H. Fort- son’s plantation near Eliam , Ga., and whose face a n d m o u th w ere nearly all ■^hot off a b o u t Christmas. She has n e a rlj recovered from the wound, but it has left her face in a very bad condition. She w ants a false face p u t where the wound i.s, a n d Dr. A. S. J . StovaU, whose efficient sldll caused her to recover, will int the face on f o r h e r.—^Exchange A novelty at the Crystal palace during the Easter holidays w as a G ilding uppei railway, w h ich has been laid down along the terrace. I t is worked by hy­ draulic power, and ----- - ------ -u— ils, hut no wheels, h u t run, or platra of m etal, which hich caniages have ather glide, on ;es of m etal, w trai iron surface, upon w hich a spray of « r is p rojected. me ounces. Heligoland is not to be m ade a n other libraltai’, hu t w ill he fortified on a small cale, so as to be o f some use to Gei-many ■ 1 case of war. The late -f esteemt a s tatue of Philadelpl D esirable liomei good house, barn, w ell, cistern, all in good o r d e r ; one of the best place Call on N. B. fStevens, Anderson’s store. 'roy street, f o r sale. Monroe & D o Y o u K i k e S o ii|> i If so, ask your grocer to send you a quarter pound tin can of “Edward’s Dessicated Soup,” essence of meat and vegetables combined, all in a dry state, Sold in Europe (manufactured there), Asia, Africa, and now, by its own intrinsic merit, forcing itself into every city, town, village and ham­ let ill the United States. Samples furnished free for which, and price list, address Oliver Anketell, 26 South Williams St, New York City. For sale by Finnegan & Co., Gargan Bros., S. L. Monroe. WHAT CURES PIMPLES i\tt, red, rough ami oilj :i, am] niOHt coinple-\- lUlit^flguroiuciitB, U that of all fc^kin CUTICURA SOAP AlKiiliilcly imiv, (U-lic-atelv ine(licateil,exqui»itely blotdics, hhicklicada, n-.l ami oily akin, ami moot WALTER & WOODARD, i s r o s . 35 & 3 7 O V I X ) S T R E E T , IILES FITZSIillONS BOOTS, SHOES ANO RUBBERS, 91 Fall St.. SENECA FAEI.S. Cgs^Trailo ruspcelfully solieitcd. 1 , 1 BELCe, D.0.8., 70 Fall St. Hrtiflolal Teetli! r witlimit I’LATE-J. A s p e c ia lty o f d iffic u lt P late w o r k . T h e m o s t c o m p lic a t e d c a s e s so l i c i t e d . Another lot just received of those fnniotis DONGOLA LEADER SHOES, Common Sense and Opera Toe. FUME GUM RUBBER BOOTS, B A B IE S ' RU B B E B S , UHILDREN'S SHOES, &c. (Groceries, and Dry Goods, oj all kbids, also Shop Pails, Milk Pans, Pie and Jelly Tins, Batins, Tumblers, Mugs, Egg Beaters, Tacks, Sweat Pads, Halters, Hair Brushes, Horse Brushes, Whitewash Brushes and Curry Combs, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, &c. Best line o f Teas, Coffees and Molasses; everything at boUom pi'ices. <e*Call ami see for yourself. M. E. BACHMAN. LIVE, ENER6ETIC MEN WANTED l i o n d o n P u r p l e And Paris Green for F r u it T ree pests and Potato Bugs a t W aUer’s H a rdw a re. Also the “ B atavia” Corn Planter. C. S. M E R R ILL, .Sueeessor to R. J . ROGERS & CO., ---------- IJRALER IN ---------- L U M B E R , C O A L c& W O O D , ALSO MANUFACTUREIl (OF C o m b i n a t i o n K e n c e ! T H E 15E.ST AND CHEAPEST MADE. W E CARRY A C O M P L E T E STO C K AND MEAN BUSINESS. CO.ME AND SEE US W HEN IN W AN T Ol’’ ANY THING IN OUR LINE. ALFRED GOODMAN is now occupying his new store E n tire N e w Stock ! Fine Clothing! CIOTH, HATS, CAPS AND FURNISHING GDDDS, •and w ill guarantee to undersell all olhcr.s. i also.keep a fine line o f Imported Cloth and Worsteds suitable for Ladies jackets, Dolmans, etc. ALFRED GOODMAN. Iti A MAXIU THAT APPIAKS WITH l*J£CUIJAlt FOKCJC TO SCHOOJ^, Artistic Coloring and Blortfliitg! in new and novel designs, are tlie goods bonglit in W A L L D ECORATIONS. IRCE A SON, of Buffalo, a r e envied by all m a n u f a c t u r e r s . lA Line d rect from th i s firm (n o t j o b b e r s ) h a s n e v e r b e e n h a d in t h i s p l a c e until now . CALL AND SEE GRACEFULLY DESIGNED AND EXQUISITELY COLORED WALL HANGINGS &.FRIEZES A t S h a n d l e y ’ s , A Full Line of P a p e r s , S h a d e s , Room M o u ldings, C u rtain Poles, PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, ETC. e o 2F.A.X.X. S T R E E T . For S h e d or Poultry B u ilding Bxcellcut roof complete. Anyone can lay it. $ 2 per too Sq. Feet. LOW PRICE, SHE summer, warm in winter. s b o ’ S q i T a T r F e ^ lATmitG PAPER. ’Wnter, wind and d.imp proof. Keeps bnilding cool in warm iu winter. DURABLE, FIRE PROOF. all butld- :ep or flat ter tight. STA T E SIZE OF ROOF and VO will nail special low estimate and full particulars. SAMPLE FREE IF YOU SEND STAMP. ^Write at Once. Indiana Paint and Roofing Co., New York. Datuil Kallt?, N. Y., May i>, A D D IS O N , s ^ §:(/) L i J f I K i U > ( / ) f =? O ! if ^ to 5 if O I O O g 8| M 5 n ? S i C3 r 3 tg QO Sr\? 127 F a ll S t THE TRIBUNE, B MONTHS, 4 0 CENTS. liable und free from proof that the party which enacted the McKinley hill can he trusted with the tioverinnent, has been put into print in the t'uited Slated during the lar^t twenty yearn. WJien will the Democratic party and the foen of wise, intelligent, puhlic-spiri * Government learn to debate public questioms in admirable temper exhibited by M.r. llorr? 'J’iieee arliclen should receive the widest ponnible tiou ill the Liiited 8hites. (iuestiona of currency and coinage, and ti ■IS new projects brougJit forward by the Larmers’ r, will be discuBsed by Mr. Uorr also. Iks are, in the ers of the rnited States, but are good for gene ;o good is being printed tlie far- instruction. Xotlni this time by any other newspaper in the TTiiited States. The Tribune has always been the paper which has .supplied Trotective Tariff arguments the whole country, 'riiose who want tl arguments from their original source, and earliest possible moment, should subscrilie fc New York 'rribime. A specialty is al.«o made of an.swering tiie for 1’he of answering the misrepresentations of tlu* J^'i X>resb, which spring up like weeds after sliower, and must he continually loni up by on from destnictioii. licw..j);q)er in America to tuko the field, l.ist fall, and rally the Kejiuhlicau party from its defeat. It.s work has ;,lre.ady stopped the panie and turned the tables in polities, are idre.idy driving tin- Imiken legions oj ocr-icy from tin* iieid; and vvijile liierc is iiard ligliting ahead, all along tlic line, the prospect now is good for complete success if tin- work is vigor- .'orker in every e.vhorled totdd in cii'culaling the Tariff ami Currency arguments of The Trilmne. :gular rates for yearly suhserlptions will he continued, via.: Weekly, .$1; Hemi-Weekly, !s-e; Trihune, $'2; Daily, $10. .Sample copies of Special rates : Weekly, ci montlis, 40 cents; Semi.Wceklj , c; months, ku cents. tate is e.v: A u iiivci-s»i-y o f 'ITie 'I'l-ibiiiie. The iiftieth anniversary of tlie founding of Tlie Trihune and success ot the great lines of public policy with wliieli liie paper lias been identified were cclehrated -ypril 10, Isdl, hy a great public ig ill New York, attended hy 8,000 people. Speeclies were made hy Major William McKinley, Jr., JChauiicey If. Depew, Charlo.s A. Dana, swell G. Ilorr, and George Williaiu Curtis, poem was read hy Edmund C. Stedmaii, and theie was a programme of American music. The matter lias now been reiirinted iu pamphlet form. Club ruiBors are authorized to offei a free INSUWCE! For I nsurance th a t is R euiauj - e go to 8AMUEE E. JACOBT, 67 F a i . u S t ., S eneca F a i . i . s , X. Y. LIFE, FHtE, ACGUIEN'J’, CYCI-ONE AND TOltNcVHO, AND ItEAL EST-VI’Ji AGENT, AND NOTARY I'LUJLIO. Fire and Live Stock Iiisuraiicc a specialty. All business placed in my hands will receive rompt and personal attention. Horses insured against Fire, Lightning, Broken Legs, Accidents and deatii from disease, wherever they may he in this State. Farm Property insured at reasonable rates gainst Fire, Ligiitniiig, Kerosene Lamps, and team Threshing. AIUosscs adjusted at this -Agency, and Promptly Be sure and see us before insuring elscwher and get a policy that gives value received. .............. Davy ........ :. Adame Sl'i:cl.tl. TKIOIS Foil THE TltlAI. (IF KqflTY CAVSKS. special 'I’erms for tlie lie.iriiig ol motions to In- momh- '““f .'londa.v of eaeli J ................ Davy,Inly ....................... Davy Order of motions at special terms.—E.vparte m m s s m . is a s * '- '* - iwu iLTiiiB OI me couii ■is'^foli ^v'-'-^ liolding said courts to be On the first Tuesday of Juiie.at tlieleonrt lionse lionse m the village of Waterloo, in said county terras attend at eaeli of sain ^ .V grand jury is required to .attend at the June .... . .................. Dated Ovid, Dccemlior County eiitered, ami remaining of record in said olliee; tliat C o llector’s N o tice. receive tile same at the olliee ot A. .Seymour Pol the village ot Sencea Falls, of wliicli tlie following Hume manner ae tlio taxcH imposed by tlie lionrd of Virtue Of tliiB act, «Jmli I.e levied mui eoliccted in ’ w U a IJ AM a l . fla x a g a n , ] )ated Soiieca l^ulU, N. Y., Mry b, 1S91. C'oi’iicll s t a t e Scliolai-ships. Lmon seliool hnildiug in the village of Waterloo, mLimili'VHfM’ t’amiidates must be at least sixteen years of ag i l i S S i P S l.a , e d a t K e n t i a i a , t h i s h m « M » _ School CommisHioner. S i n r o ^ a f c ’s C o iirt— CoitBity. XruTlCJj: is hereby given thatueiirrogatc’s coma )\ ediiesda| ot January, Marcli, May, July, Heptem. of Ovid in said county every Monday during tlie S f i a S s B r JJJiNJ. FK a \NKLIN, Clerk. 'i’eacliei'.s’ £ x a iniiiation$. ~ A n g u s S ! t “oSf,“ N o t ice to CreOitors.

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