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The Seneca County journal. (Seneca Falls, N.Y.) 1885-1902, July 15, 1891, Image 3

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THE SENECA OOUNTT JOUKNAX, WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1891. (^o.JourQal SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Thebest Advertising liedinm in t i e Connty. \ c w I'o i - k 'I'iiiic psu'S ScHi'fa rails as follows : .-Mh.i.u . . A. M. sund.i)und.u . . t -;: oa . M. S . . Sund;i\ . . Mail tr.iiii'*. O iir .\o w O lliro . Hi-rcnl'ti'r onv new niul 11 .-c ollic- will tif ill llii- lU'U- riirlriilji'e i.U.ck ill III.- lii'-t 'ton- wc.ll ot till- main l•llInlm•l^ oil llic c-i-ouiiil llooi'. Wc cor- ■ li.iHv invilc all oiir t'ri.'iiils mid ■■al)- ^ci'iliiTi mid mi_\ w lio iii.a_\ wi.ili lo iimkc riicmlly <>i' !niiiili-i.i call, lo .•oiiic and ^cc 111 ill oiir new quarters. .io i i r u i t i i i i ^ s . I!i-ail over the new ml. of L. S. l[oi- kiim in this jiaiier. .Mmmli\lit exeiirsioii up Cayiic'a Lake next Friday iiic-ht. .surroouic llazclton is lioldiiiw eoiirt ill this village U)-da_\. Si-I- iiotici- of Itoinulns Kepiihliemi ( 'aliens ill this paper. t oiiorec'aliimal S. .S. 1‘ieiiie at llie ('. I.. I’ark lliis afternoon. J'iie Democrats luive deeided upon Itoswell F. as tlicir .State Flower. The .Sc.iieens won tin- hall \'mne over the drays m Mareelliis on .Saturday, Lveryhody is gla.l to see that the sidewalk in front of Ihe I'artri.l\.- hloek is heinc- liiiislied. rile lecture by .Sain .small hits been iiulerniitcly postponcil. owiii\' lo tin- illness Ilf his wife. The I’resbyteriaii .Sunday .school will hold llieir annual pienie al t 'ayiic'a Lake park next 'I’liesday. U.-v Father O'Connor l.as ”-tveii St. Patrick’s ehtireli ehoir a vacation dnriiic- the mouths of .July mid Auuii.st. The hot wave held over .Ifoiiday, mid il seemed at times as if w e were ininati-s ol a bic liven, healed for bti.siness. .Jiist think of it, -'I'Jli wi-ichl of two persons who \ fool race al Oswee-o next Thursday. We are rejoiciiiw. (tlitit is. all but the poor bieyelisis,) ov.T Hew w.alks on the we.sl side of .State stn-et, in front of the premises of .Messis. Aloife, .Magee, Wentworth and .tnderson. ilaterial is also on hand for a plank walk before th.’ old < 'lap]> phiei-. This consuiniiia- tion litis long been ■•devoutly wdshed.\ We piildisli this week the call for the Itcpiiblietui ( ’ounty ( 'onveiitioii to be held at Uoninlus on Saturday, .-Vugust 1. tit noon. Nineteen didegates. ineluding ri'prcscntatives to Ihe eonvelltion of Ilepiiblietin Clubs tit .Syrtieuse. tire lo be ehoseil, tiiid the eoiilily eon- vciilion is of emisiilertiblc importance. There will be i.ssued from the during this month, ti little pamphi P c i'so iia l.si. —.Mr. tiiul Airs, llyron Davi.s ing in Phoenix. __ Mr. IJert Patten of New York is visiting friends in town. -Miss Carrie Van Ilouten of ISridge- frieiids ill M'illtird. lo-rov <• of .Sy rtiense is visiting relalives mid friends in town. —liev. and Mrs. .A. .A. P.nrge.ss and -oil of \. lion all' vis.tiii'f re. a u . - in T h a t Fa.v«‘lt«> C a a c a s . The Fayette Ueplllilietili s held ye.sterdtiv OI<l IKirt is visiting fr thirty-two pages entitled “ The Ciuireh anil Poverty,\ liy John Hrlsben Walker, Ph. 0. This is the substauee of a leetiu’e delivered in Wa.shington before the Catliolie I’iiiversity of .America 'I’lie Wasliiiiirtou .S'/«r said at the tiini': “ ■J'he lecture was in .some respe. ks .i remarkable eH'ort in the boldness with w’liieli he broiiglil ho'ne to clergy and laymen their jvspousibiliiy for many of ^ the social dillieiilties dial besel oiir , _ y ijssM . F. Kills of Canandaigua is p,,. i);m,if; „i'il,,. volers, against main eivili/.alion So siiel, plain speaking j,, i,,ns!y lia- liceii beard ii|a)a .t | In for.n • ■■ similar eireuiusiauces. a rca-on a- well as Iiccaiisc eailciis The. llull'alo T iiikk . in rejily to a eor- iid re- I re.spondent, gives this information. 'I'he ■ emieted tlie di.sgrm'i fiil. Imll ilozing | first iiewsiiiipers-imblislicd in this conn- ' y were the following; First newspaper— Colonial Prcs.s.i’o.s- seene.s of a year ago, only, as the .Yea- says, in mi aggravated manner. The eaueiis call wuis signed Ity the secreta­ ries of both die last years caiicn'cs.iiiit one of tliem at least, was refused ud- iiiission to tlie room Ibis year, by .Mr. Ffi d Idiek. wild ■•run tlie maeliiiie,\ street. I locked, and a seleeled sipiad enaeled — .Mr. I! F I’eaeb b-ll last e\ ening I Klar ebainber proeeeilings of the niosl dn loud exieiideil bnsini'ss trip lliroiigli ' iiigli handed order. There being no al it may lie interesting to some of our j for dmil ;ill to every one interested in ^„„P| ; lem adve in getting at a fair expn-.sshm readers to know the fastest time ever j the w el fare amt prosperity ol hi- race , _ |,|.||^. Palmer lel'l this morn- ,,f (|„. holiest voters, 1:111 of IlielU or- maih'on a bicycle. 'I'lie world's record j and the govei'iiinenl imd.-r whieli | sp e m la w e e U wilb friend- in j .,i a emiens on die front step -of a l.ieyele. 'I'lie world's record j and llie governineiil nmler whieli w'e ................iiile, jiiieuiiiatic tired safety, is live, an exleinjed repoil < f the leeinre now held by W. ( .loims made on Pad- i is given.\ 1‘riee In eeiils For sale by dinglon track. F.iiglaml. in 2:20 i local newsdealers. The smile .tiimriemi record is held by lie inn-l feel n r // /irtf/: that ring comiiiilteeiiimi who was so elated over ti ....... sure thing fixed for I'yre” that he eonidii'l wait for the reluriis. but glee­ fully proelaiuKiil on .Saturday night liiai Tyre had fallen into the limnls of the .\mlrew-.AIoiiginites. If he Inis a gleam of manly sense left he jirobiibly wishes he hadn't been .so anxiou.s to exliibii his foreknowledge lie can gue-s nean-r, now. w'ho is ••in it.\ This hiding no­ tices on the liaekside ot country fences, or tlie inside of obsenre slied doors, i-n't always a “ a sure thing.\ The strange feature about these corrupt si-liemes is, that men ot ordinarily good repute will tillow themselves to be bamboozled into helping to carry out sueli scandalous I frauds. 'I'hey ought to know better, and hereafter have not the excuse of jiouiid- W. F. Murphy, .\ew York I'ily, 2:2D I-,'), iinide ill eoiiipetition on Charier Oak track, llarlford, ('oiiii.. July Uh .Saturday jirovpd a eajiital day for the outing and gala day of the I. M. ruioii .at Cayuga Lake Park, and it was en­ joyed aeeordiiigly by the large and Jovial crowd m attendance. The lively processional mareh. led by the eoniet liand arovised and enlivened the whole town,and many of our citizens .arranged to spiaid part of the day at le.ast, at the Park, mid enjoy the eiiterUiiniiieiit fur­ nished. Tlnit 'Fyi'e eaneiis was a .stiimier for the piratical conspirators, it only re­ quired .a few hours hard work liy hoiie.st mid reliable men to expose the jilot. , upset the w hole diobolieal plan, mid ; 'I'f\'- so far as the eajitnre the thieving gang by driving { o^omiile in Tyre is eoneerned. And the them into their own net. Thev stand 1 piratical tactics are pursued by tlie exposed, ni>OM tlie eonfe.s.sion of their | same desperate rule or ruin wonld-be own wonld-lie dupes, without .so much “ leaders,\ throughout the county. Tliey a- a shadow of iustilieatioii for tlieir | ''.U.oeritieally prate about ■•l.armonizmg attemiiled .steal. .Vt the Tyre liepiiblietin eanetis last ■Saturday niglil. tlie following were chosen delegates lo the County eonveii- tioii ; Lincoln Coiiipsoii, T'. T. Mun.soii. James E. Knglish. (). \V. .Marsh, Henry Cross: their vote lieiiig lit to 11 for Flmory Story, (leorge Sumner, William Hraden, (ieorge Wall and Xeksoti 11. Seckell, opposing eandidates on what was known as the .Mongin-.Aiidrews, or •■l■onspiraey ticket.\ The cool weather for a portion of last j week, espeeialh al night. diseouraging for tlie growing corn, and it made very little [/rogre.ss. There is he party,\ to hoodwink the etireless, wliile every step they take plainly dis­ closes the cloven foot, and makes mani­ fest to any careful observer, their one overweening jmrpo.se, as exjiressed on at least one portentous occasion by one of the leading eorriiptioiiists, to ••let the liepublieaiii jiarty go to smash, if we cannot runi it.\ lint a lime of retrilnition is emniiig for these graceless false jireteiidims and theii' hirelings. Amid all the erilieisms :ind charges of extravagant management and grab- v.i , o-jiiiics ill the eondnet of villagi' all'airs, rather j ji public oliieerreally aecomplislies good and economical w'ork, lie .should Home, X. Y. I (he hold, liainlindge .Marshall. — Mis- Ci-nevii-vi- .SinUlie of Kvaiis- i wtary who Joined in the eail, nominated ton. III., is lisiling her Irieiid. -Miss i c i.u/.iiee Opdyke, whow.'is aeeordingly Lulu .\mlrew s. c lee led a-ehairm aii. .V registrj of tln^ --.Mr. .Slejilieii .Sietml reiireseidiiig j holers was kepi, and Ihe following dd the New A'ork iln i l nitil /.’.■•///•f“ . w:is . J; I'or Ihe delegate in low II yesterday. eoiiveiilioii. Dr. .V. ,f. Frantz, .James W. —Mrs. Clareiiee Steer mid diildreii of ! j!„.,|^ j;,,,,. Wolf, Imren Ceiieva are visiting at .Mr. Fred Sieg- Thomas. To the noniinaliiig eoiiven- rest’s on Dridge street. vention. Clareiiee Ojidyke. .Millard Car- — Miss Mattie Unrlless leaves tliis nett, Albert (ireenleaf, \Yiii. .Stringhaiii. morning tor a visit of -everal weeks joj,,, yj,„.ray. with friends in Xmvda. yii-. Fred Illiek is a nieinber of the — Mrs. Klbert ( rowel 1 and family comiU, ami not of (he lowii eommitlee, leavi- to-day for Itocliester, where tlie\ .iu,j exercised usurjicvl aulbority tbrough- t'l resille for the jiresent. — Mi.ss Iteiia .Johnson and brotlier of Hamilton are visiting their ainil. Mrs Col. .Johnson on Cayuga street. — .Mr. Dieter, jirojirietor of Cayuga ; J.ake piirlc, witJi Ids si.ster and son, ar­ rived in town last .Saturday evening. — .Mrs. .tiiiia Ward left last evening for iier home in Siiringlidd, Oliio, called there by the illness of her daughter. in perfect keejiing with the pirati­ cal modes. His clan numbered .IT. Tlircc or four of their dio.seii instrn- iiieiits had beeh collected and locked in ton, HiiU). Fir-t i-)lit:e.i York, 1755. (..■q-er .J- nni il, New ddjiliia. First ri'ligioiis jiaper -I’ceonler, Chillieolhe, (>., l.s( 1. First agrieulliir:il p.-qier -.Aiiieriemi F.'irmer, lialtiniore, ls|,s. First <-oinmereiaI (/ajicr- Prices t iir- rent, Xew Orleans, LS22. I-'irsL |M•nny p:qier ■ .Mondna' Post. Xew York, IS:1;J. I'ir.st indeliemb^iil paper llerabl, ,Vew A'ork, LS:1.7. First illnstvaled pajiev -Xews. Huston, Fir.-I religious daily \\ iliie.ss. New York, 1.S70. First illustrated religions jiaper Weekly, Xew York. 1.S71 First p:iper west of llie .Missi.ssippi - Ke|nibliemi. .St. Louis, ISO-s. Fir.st illn.strated daily in the world — (irajjiie. Xew A'ork, l.s7:>. l''ii’st womans rights papio’ l.ily, Si-neea Falls, X. Y., 1S17. flw’sYoiir^Coal? ouseitNowand ave the Coal Question settled. AVE IT AT SUMMER PRICES! Y o u c a n S a v e by b u y i n g it a t O O D ’S . :y, C o n < ‘y Itl-aiM -ll. N«‘\v V o r l c Cit; .V DKi.KiivnT'i, Mnisi MMia: Titif. On Thursday July 2:Jd a pojmlar i II in the hotel, for emieus ollieial | enrsion lo Xew York, first of the season i y, ^lo<-k SI. Ite i - i i a r i l fo r D (^ “ Ho.seo,\ 1 year old, very intel­ ligent and docile, wms bri‘d by Daniel Alurjiliy, of 'I’roy, X. Y. Motlier was “ .Mag Merrill\ valued at .810.000. •‘Pioseo\ is on tlie registered list and is II allirmative vote lakeii. but i Mr. Andrew Steven-on of Flmwood, I for, mid Illiek jier.sis- Illd., is a glte.sl at the resideiiee of bis teiilly refused to jml the negative. .Some lirother, Al. .Steven.son on Clinlou street. one called for it and received an — Miss didia Fox of .'-yraeuse, wlio overwlieliiiiiig majority. Hut no atteii- has been visiting tit Dr. Covert's, re- turn was jiaid to the vote, m idthe pirati- tnriied to lier home .Monday aftermuiii. ^..,i was set in motion, mid not — .Miss \\ ilhelmiiia La.stmmi returned ^,u|y .jj j^ws and rides of delilierative from Albion this luoridng. Her eoiisin, j,u,iu.,.;^ i,„t „( decency tis w ell. were .Miss Louie Hnrgess. aeeompaiiied her. jjj„ored or niiblnshiiigly violated, so — .Mr. W. S. Cady, D. D. .s., of Fre- doiiia. Kansas :i eonsiii of Dr. Severson, i- visiting friends mid relatives in town — .Mrs. Marshall Cowing of .Vuburn lias been a recent gue.-l of her si-ler, .Mrs. Will. \'. Ymi Ileii-sehier on Haytu'd ^*^^-^.Mr. .s. L. Phillijis, to learn, is eoiilhied al the Fowsley Douse ill Waterloo. Ihwttleiied with a limber, a window was ojieiied !Uid the 1 will be arrangeil for over the Xew York tuilioiniei-menl mtiile from lliere Unit the I Centr.al mid 11. IL IL, at the very low eaneiis bad been ealJ.-d. llliek’s chair- ' rtitv of .•£!(;.00 for the roiiiid triji. by nomiiniled, ••Wallie\ I ook, j sjieeial train nnniiiig Uirougb in day- liglit, giving passengers the delightful .scenery of the .Mohawk Vtdley and Hud­ son Uiver. retieldng .New A'ork before dilvk. Tickets lo be good on special irtdii going, tiiid within in days from date returning. For I'livllier informa­ tion call on nearest Xew York Central 'I'iekel .Agent, or addre.ss Kdsoii J. AA'eeks. (ieneral .Agent Xew A'ork Cen­ tral, Pinfialo, X. A'. every resjieet a model jHqv, and very Unable. Can be bonghl at very rea- nnieh .so that some of their own number left ill ili.sgnst, and repudiated the whole onllmidish jierformanee. straw berries have given place Lo rasj/berries, of wldeli there seems 1.0 be mi abimilmil supply of goo /1 i|iialily. I'he lb^pnblic!iii (•.•lueiis for Waterloo ha- lieeii called for to-inori'ow aflevnoon :il ;!:;in o'eloek, at the .Aemleiny of Music. F.vervbody is inviled on that iiioon- liglit excursion for Friday iiiglil, on ■•lovelv ( ayuga.\ Umnid triji tickets, only 2 i.'i cents. The mill of yesterday w:us in eiledmid wetee.nie, U leviveil vegetation mid ri'lieved the eiierv.-iting opjiressiveness of tlie atmosphere. On .Inly .'ll occur- tln^ sale of the X:i- tioiial A east Coiiijimiv plant and jirojii'r- ty liv the Iti-eeiver. W . 1 '. .si'y inonr, al the factory. al 11 \ . M. * rile local ill last nigliFs linlhlhi that (hi ■■.mens of last iiighi was a si aii.l la ..... all'air. Il was more like a Hill' i:ii i:i:iii anytliiiig else. I II\ .ln.\ .s/ Xirha/(ts has a rich abiin- dm.i-e oi liie sliorl amt lirighi articles whi.'h eh Idreii are -o fond of reading, tliere being lliirly items in the table of eoiileiits. If lliere is aiiylhing l■dilors like il is (irompl jiaying patrons, and we jikiee the Miles .Medical Co. on the ••Uoll of Honor,\ lieemise tliey send tlieir money u ben it is due. I'he middle of the day. i last, was exei’-sively warm. ,»iiig it was ileligbtliil, ami nearly every- biidy seemed lo he enjoying a quiet 'sif'.ta on llifir [>iazy;is or I:uvn.'<. X**N.t iiiontli tiu* ( |^>roiu- ises to [irinl the oiieniug I'liajiters of a short novel by .Amelie Hives, which she eiitith's ••.Ai'eordiiig to St .lobn\ and whieli is said to lie tin- liest work from , have the credit of it, and we would be ..........................................................._ lime yetfo r most of it to ealeh nji, but | Trustee, mid chair-i visilim- Miss Mildred F. AVe.ssell the y iebl nimsi be inferior ill iimiiy fields. ■ lu-hlge committee, nin ion street. Mneh hay has been eiil mid stored in , bridge Job in the Iasi Icn days, and the average bi-tter Ilian bail been mili(‘i|)aled, in yield ami quality. A\'e hope il in:iy jirove so wdth all the farmer.s' crojis. .As to meeting a bicycle, a eyeler gives this advice to pedestrians: “ The thing to do is to p:iy no attention to the bieyi'le—to pass right on mid the wdieel- meii will see that no one is hurt. AVhen a bicycle atleiiipls to jias.s, it is specially di sirable to have (leople w;Uk on mid not jKiy any attention. If thi’y do this no one will be hurt .— Muliui Di-ipiilf/i. which .§4011 vva.s jiropriated, has been eoiiqileled. The time I g.mt press ol lake a deeided stand against capital pmi- ishinnil — Alhanii /f.iyor.v.s. 'I'liJU has lieen oiir stand from the lie- ginniitg, and we see nolliing in reeeiil ileveli>|ienieiiis to cause :iny l•llmlge of SelllilUenlor position t 'hokiii'j or shoek- ing iiiimmi lieings to de:dh tieiiigli it be by public eiiaelmeid, is woiihy only of barbaric ages ami people It seems that the dead fish niiisanee has Mol been eonliiied to Cayuga Lake. In I'ael. il has lieeli a large per cent, worse on llie shores of Ontario, anil is everybody's satisfaction, with a snrj/liis of about .1i7n im hmid. That is a good showing, and il i- a satisfaetioii to make a note of il. .Mr. Williams also ex­ plained the slatiiK of the .Seiiee:i street enlverl matter whieli has been the .sub­ ject of eritieisin It seeiLs that in the estimate for the origimil work, the fill­ ing in after t'le stone were iai.l wa- not iiieliiileil ; ai.d tie' bid' siibiiiilled sliow- ( 111 . ) viiKevl jiroper would require at least the .s>l,iiliio, leaving a eoiisbler- I able sum necessary and unprovided for ed tor the intelli- i work: and as so mneli een.stire e of Xew York ' Tlie result of the vole for Slate llower, ;is tinally declared l/y tlie .'slate Superin- leiiileiil. is in favor of llie rose by a .s.s.lii in a total vote of riial suits ns: hiirrali. for iiiajoritv llU‘ iJO'-r ‘riu* ehilv iniiuiiur of .///I, which is edited .Mrs. Jolin .A. ell* on .‘AA’i'llesley t'ollege.\ and i- ilbisiraled by a line pbolograpli of the college from the lake. .Seneca Couiily lots Jusl been ailded to Tioga, Tonq/kins and .Selniyler in the re-organi/,mion of internal revenui’ dis­ tricts. .Several ehaiiges were made the first of this moulli, and collectors was reduced. had been drawn out by overdrafts mid ilebls, etc., etc., il was determined to •eiit the coal .■leeonling to the. elotb,\ and to eontnu't, or lessen tlie jiroposeil eulvi'i't from lili feet, the old plan, to 10 or 12 fi'i't, mill use wliiil might renniin of the •■SI,lull) iiuiloing tlie necessary till­ ing in. Unis leaving the Joli completed and no shortage lor fiiuds. Tills last jihin will furnish some 20 or move feet driveway on the eiilvert, wliereas it was formerly but D! feet, and leave tlie wliole well bmiked and solid. AA’e deem it jirojier and Just to make this than usual. It w ill , slateiiient of the ease, that readers may hardly doll) charge it all to the liiillhead i understand the situation, !is furnished tlie rei'ciit 1 liy the eon tract! mg j/artii-s Iheiiiselves. .’tlo r t t i a r y . Ollu-r sudden atiiiosiiherie and electrical j Mi-.-. Kvelina Downs, relict of Ibe changes, are Uie cause of extra monal- ‘ i-n,. Djiyid Downs, and sister of Mrs. (i. ity among ti.sli. w. XI,.;ule mnl of Mrs. tli'iiry lleuion “TImt's a show\vorth .seeing..\ wa.sP'iU'f. .Ued at her home ill 8tale wind a string of people remarked, ami ; \\ '\-\f Avhat wo thou^lit, as wo 1*olI in with the erowil tlmt nmlereil in Hanna's .store on lo elnirgi increase mid starvation, i ^ I fish laws. Old fishermen say that very i ' ' ' I sudden and severe llinnder storms, — '■ St.ale slrei't aliout nine o'eloek last Fri- ‘illng. Tliere, strinig along tlie tlie eentri- of tlw room, were spre.ad thirty-three splendid fisli. all pike but one I'liey were tlie ealeh dur­ ing that d.ay of .Me.ssr.s. .Selleek, llanna and Comber, and made one of tlie tiiicsl strings «.ver shown up lieie. a.s every­ body agreed. Who wants lo go tliem even one fie t l e r ' V e shall In* glad to riqiort any iinprovemenl. (leiieral liuller's t'ortheoming book will be one of the largest historical .autobiograiihies ever published. It will eontain one thoiisanil large ptiges, printed niion high grade jkajier and itrated with several hundred wood igs. It will be jmbl Fiiglish. Herman, and Freneli. 'riie number of j artists are now emjjoyed on the work. The Dickinson Type Fonndry is easting tyjie esjieeiaUy for it. The I he siinmii'r m eeting at llie I'virkw'ood j typ,)o;ra])hy and jn-ess-work w ill be by Driving I’ark. .Syracuse, bakes place i p,.y,;,. ,,f Ifoston. the first eiU- ,Jnly 21. 'J'.’. 2:: and 2t, l.'siM. There [j,,,, i,,. o,,,. hundred *’• ^ ' M'.ade, mother of Airs. L. are HiHeiilrie.s and .'S.'i.llUU in premiums tliousmid. probably double that number, i •\'• l'•■onavd of tliiis village die.l of heart .Anyone desiring further information i 'p|„, |)ui)lishers are ,A. M. ThavtT vV Co.. ' •'•'’'‘‘.ase at her home ill Owego, X. A'., mio|)lion of eleetrie lighting, there com the use of :i elirreiil for motive jiow er for al! binds of iiidnstries, and for use outshle of what are jirojierly called iii- -M i s s Vire-iiiia .Stores of Ctlea. X. Jiwlnes in wbiel, mmmal power is dis- nieee of Hen. Dmii.-I Hiillerfieid. is I’P\''''' ''leelrie motors. 1-romiiieiil among these is the jmminug of water in dwellings and oilier biiiidings in eilics -.M r . Will H. Young of New York ' ilkiges w here Ibis work Inis nsnal- mid .Aliss Jessie A'iek of Hoebesler. I .A delightful summer bonie on the I sliore of charming Cayuga Lake, aiiout : I 1-2 miles .south of C. L. I’ark, can be I purchased Just now at low ligures, as I tlie jmiprietor eonieinplates removing Xainrally. .'.long with the general j ^ p, iirehase .Such desirable jiroperty on IM o c t i'ieai P ii i n o * ly lieeii jierfornied by limid. Fleelrieily b’lids ilseIC lo this use in a [iceliliarly ( Ilieient manner, as it is jierl'e s.inable figures. Call on \\\. Ilarji his re.sideiiee, 10 Jeller.son street, it diately in re.ar of H. IL Freight dejtot, Seneca Falls. X. A’. t f .4 1 t o iitio ii, F s i r i i i c r s ! You can buy “ Hinder Twine\ at AValler's Hardware for le.ss money than over before. ■•Sisal\ at il cents ]>cr poimd: \Standard\ al 10 cenls per pound: ••Fure Alanilla\ at l:> cents per pound. .Also Horse Hay Rakes. “The .Ax' educated, aecjonijilislied y'oung lady of I’eto.sky. .Mieli., Inis split twenty eoi'ils of wood with her own bands mid lias il jiiled neatly to sea.son for summer .-loi>ping as soon as il is filled.—X'c/'i // ////■'■ Jiinririiii. rill'll follows in the Sruitli/ir rHn an illustration liy engraving of the siimllest motor made for piimping piir ].i)-e-, from the Thoinp.son-Hoiistoii Mo t'»r Company . iI 20 .Albinlie .Avenue.I>os- loit. .Muss It i- deserilied as a l-ll h. p. elei Irie niolor. eonneeleil l>y :i' belt with a 1 1-1x2 inch Honid triplex i visitiiig llieir eoiisiii. M i\ Sophia Reed, on Fall -ireet. -.M i's. F. O. Comstalk f|■.ml .spring- '>■' \''\'\ff port. .Jtieksoii county. .Alieh., is visiting worh wl.en the t:,nk beeoines enij.ly and at tile I'esideiiee of Henry F. 'I'roiiiman. on Stale .street. — .Mrs. H. C. Klejiiser and son mid .Mr. Cranlon I’iiiljqis ol Milwaukee, W is., are spending the slimmer willi Mr. Fred .Alaier, sr. —Miss .Alice Fkinagmi was mi atleii- dmit III tile daiieiiig jiai'ty given by llie l’;irnell .social einb. at I’eiin A an. on Wednesdax evening last. -.Air. (ieorge and .Miss .May Watkins I’\'\!' Com.eele.l wilb tbis.Mitlit is mi left yesterday morniii-’ for M \isil with milomalie-low aeliiig switeli, J'or .sto|j- I’riemls and iVlalive.- on Hie Hndsim.ainl l’\'“ Hie nmior as the waiter, in Hie lank in 'Hill 'iWout New '^’ork < ity ri-:n*licK il-'- full und slni'I.ini'' it -.M r . (Tins. A, Cui'lis iinil wife, and •■'i'''\ i'\ fni'lifl- nej.hew, Frank \\ ileoxen, I'eliiriie.l s m - '■ I\\ pumping oiilfit lias a eai.aeiiy of lirdav from a pleasant visil with friends I\\ g.'iHon'- a\ Imiir raised to a heighi ill Ihe .soiiHiern jiarl of the Slate ■>'' 'I'*\ ...... -'I •'^i^\- ''• I'- --.Airs. Lnev Haker. m oti.er-of Col. 1-'-’ inch Could triplex A. S. Raker and .Mrs. ,1.11. MacDonald, I’\\'!'- ''apaeily of '25o gallons : is h i n g e r i t i e a l l v i l l a l l h e hom e o l her Imiir raised to the same height. TI daimliter in Fall streel. .She is eightv- n'\\'''Tof gallons delivered varies in- tw.ryeavs of age —Mr. David (.oiild mid sister .Nellie, rais/.L Misses Fdna and Helen Hale, .Miss .Alin- H \ orlhy of mention that this eom- nie Hrow i, mid .Air. Lew I.s .lolnison. left 1 ■ after Ihormigh investig.ation mnl vestenlav morning to join a pariv of ''xpei'iinent. foiiml Hie triplex pump, I'rienils iii a eaiiip on ( ainindaigtia lake, •\amifaetured by the Could Comj.any | to be ab.sent about two We<-ks 1'“^'- -K d itor Stowell of tin- /.’. rriU, with I”” '' '''loi't'-J H>'‘ same aeeor.lingly. bis ,vif.- and daughter, is m allemimice “ > •a''-- t'“‘ I’uniping ont- liLs. Hie pump and motor are jjltieed np- favorable terms. The cottage i.s beau­ tiful and cozy, with jiarthil fiirnisbings i which will go with the place, and aliout two acres of surrounding jilot. Il is a selected site, iirejiared for eoml'ort and eonvenienee, and is olVered for a s)iorl time at iSl.SOi), aliout half its value. For jilot mid jiavtieiihivs enquire at oliiee of X 11. .Stevens, .Seneca Falls. Monitor ( )il .Stoves mnl Ranges now on exhiliilion and sale al AA'allev's Hard ware .Sli>re. .Also the .Almska Hi'frige- F i i i o llo i iio s t P iM l a< :• Itai'grsiiii* One ot the most beautiful and valua­ ble residences in .Seneca l-Aiils, costing 111 ‘arly .'^llO.OOf. anil eoinbining all the benelils of modern I’lmvenieiiee. is now oll'ered :il only !?I.S,tH)0, mid on very- easy terms of jiay meiit. Tlie reason of libenil oll'er, is that the jii'e.seiil owner and family are jirejv.iring to make their residence in ;i western city, 'i'he Inmse is of liriek with .stone trimmings, :ni(l sl;iled French roof, Ihree stories in beiglil ami tower, lias firteeii rooms of hard-wood finish, steam lieat. hot mid cold water, lialh-room. gas fixtures, eleetrie bells, mid the best of sewerage. Il i.s altogi'Hier :i jiahitial re.sideiiee, in Cayuga street, called tlie line.st in town. 'I'he groimds are fi lx2:hs feet. Hood barn mid stalile and exeelleiil well of water. It is a rare elianee to .secure a ilirect- .she, together witli her grand- daiiglilers. the Alisses Lormore, spent Hie w'iiiti'i’ ill Floritlii, :iiul while tliei’e Mrs. l)r>u'ii.s was prosti*ale «1 lime with I'ever, which left her in a state of nervous weakness, seeming eelitel' al the liase of the brain, and Im- p.airiiig mental :us well as jihysical For montlis she inis been unable to take nourishment sullicient for tlie bnil/ 1 - ing up of strengH), and vitality has been wa.sting away, until tlie lanqi of life is at length extingtiislied. Deeea.sed wa.s a very esliniable xvommi. ill whom kindly and eliristimi traits shone in an eminent d egree, in the faith­ ful discharge of all the duties ot life, yhe had been a resident of our village for many years, and enjoyed tJie uni­ versal e.sleem of her aeqnaintanees. The funeral took pl.'iee tliis morning from her home in State street. Rev. .Mr. [ Dvekinson of the I’vesbyterian elinreh ofiieiatiiig. W i icrliiieii al ^yrariiKi’. at the National. Fdilorial Coiiveiitioii at .St I’aul, Minn. Harriiig ill health and aeeideiits they ar<‘ neee.ssurily liaviu<i a .Ueuring. glorious time, and we sl.ay-at-homes at least heartily eongTaUilale tliem. - Air. Edwin .Aleiltlen, wlio lias hecii siiemlina .Immliler. Mrs. Hubert Halloii.iii Ch-ve- naiiieiit at llie Kirkwood Driving Fark. land. Ohio, retnriied lionie on Alonday > 1>‘'«P’>‘ l>i'<-‘^ont. ami kast. He wius aeeompaiiied by his dau<ih- Hie wo:ither .mid track were perfect, ter Mary, who Inus spent several months 'A 1-. .AInrphy of X. A . ( ity 'won .all in Clevelaml. ami al.so by -Mrs. Dalton, H'e Slate ehampion.ship.s, with Last week iTltlay iiml Satui'diiy H ip •ouple of xveeks witli bis Syracuse Cyeiiiig Club heUl their tour- n see large liills at JtU ItX.vi. olllee. of Bo.ston ^ Aloiid.ay evening at 5::!li o'eloek. --------- s- --------- ---- ------ ‘ Resides Airs. Leonard she leaves two I'hat I'yre siiaj) eaneiis worked w ell. 'i’he Waterloo local in Saturday night's ; ,i,„,j,i,ters and one -son. Mrs. Charles and eaiialit the piratical sneaks in their ' syraeiise 7//r/tW reported -‘the tir.st Re- ' sehryvel' of Moravia, and Mr. Imuis own traj) 1 lieir y.) a head bids jiroved puldican eniiens of the season in this vi- i .i,„j AJinnie Wade of Owego. :i j.ooi investment for them, but served „ n i l.e held for the town of F.ay- , -pi^, deceased was about .As years :i good iiiirjio.se by more i>mpliatieaUy ^ ji,,. j-'ranklin House in .South Wa- : ;i„d was an estimable woman advertising their well known '•a.seality. j ti.i.joo on Tuesday, to nominate dele- everyxvay. Alaiiy friends will .sincerely o i ^ i t exeursiou ' •‘^'•ii.atorial eon- ' syminitliize with the son and daughters ventioiis.\ Oh, no: the Seneca Falls great bereavement. I eanetis had been fixed for Aloiiday even- , l^eonard lias been in eonstanl j ing before, tint notice - - - - > A'-iriek ami Aiiror-i Fare for round I fl’mn Hie J in n x v i. and only ajipeared (-vst four weeks, and a.ssi.sted in co m - j ex-Seiiator Sweet ami would if lie liad '^^Nml’inV^safety’ iiy t. W. trip, ;1A cents. All are invited, 'nekets | ^ forting her last days liy every attention I one particle of honor, manhood, or , S l S X \ ' ......... .. .......... .. ..... .............. ' ............................ ‘t filial airection could suggest. | common decency left in Ids makewti,. Ri-memlier ‘he i Iiji Cayuga lake next Friday night, i leaving tlie Franklin House on llie 7 ::>n 1 r. M. train : steamer ivill toneh tit Ettsi i Avlio will visit t'l'U’iiils liere. slicking iiji was going on about town with :i speeial view to a good ajipearanee on Hie :!iuli. Tliat as it slumitl lu*, and .sli'ows a eoininendable pride. Miun eitizeiis are to liave jiersoiia tienlar friends to visit us on that and it is important tliat they imjire.ssion of the jilt Doriitage of Rtilltilo close after him every timi‘. Dorntage rode in splendid I'onn anil was a favorite tlirouglionl. 11«* A\\n b«* hoard from in tin* near fu- lure. Following is a .summary of Hie diuiy ol mil and .7. WilkiUfJon; a good d 1 (*, KUi^onO;^nne,liijl5s^ ^ ^ It is a well vonelied fact that the jii- rates who raided the Repnliliean eutietis ....... ...................,, _________ _ at Tyre last .Saturday night, jiromised a very desiralile property nl mneli less than actual value. For sjieeifications and elegant chart of jiremises, call at oliiee of X. R. Stevens, Partridge block liii W ii Itlo w e r s . A large variety of the best J,awn Abmers at lowest jiriee-- Ibirdwari'. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. A new dining iiall. Airs F. T. Com her wishes to res])eei,fully iirform the jiiiblie that she lets ojiened a first ela.ss iliiiing h.all, in the new Xoreotl block on State street. .Meals at all hours. Oyster.s, elains and Inneli of all kimis kejit constantly on hand. . A full line of of jiatent medicines .and Druggists Sundries at Lyon’s Argyle I’liarmaey. Rinding twine at ,1. H. Crowell ct ■Son's, -12 and 44 Water street. Try isenman’s Strawberi’y eromn. h’em n n b erthat A'an Klee-ek’s Riirdock Liver Fllixir is the very best blood, kid­ ney anil Liver medicine for the spring and sunmier. •Aliy one in want of .Screen Doors and AA'iiulow .Screens will Iiml a large variety of the best made al Walb-r’s Hardware. Farmers you can save money by buying yiuir twine of J. II. Crowell A F a l l s if f a i ' k o l s . (•onnKCTFI) WMKK'I.V. SPJllNd -WIIKAT ri. 1 I''.-iiiul% /K*r hlil., iinlii;: ills' 'r;ii WHBAT Fl.Oim. IS. HOSKINS. DKOVIWION.**. \'■.f\’'';;;;;;;;: Veal ( ’alvi*8, iilivi*, Jier i-wt ........ Ilaiurt, per II ............................... I SlntuUI»>i8, ])(*r l)>«. j | mt Ih ........... JK*P Uushcl ................. dozen S,bin«rl,ietens, DRESS GOODS. Tlii't bn iiu 'li (if (Hir busiiies.'t \vc i niakt' an Ifsp e c ia l feiflui'e, anil j ........ s''’mm.,s SnlpVjinil,^«uveil, |iiT eni-d ........ e,-um.... .... for llu’ Slimmer Seasmi are sliow- iii“ all Hie ,\ew Tliino'.-i at clearing' Our Frices. D ouble fold Caslunert s, all shades wool fillino- at 12 0' cents. Double fold ('ashm eres’ extra fine quality, all colors including lUacks at 2 ; cents. The best lllack French Cashmere. ... ■ all wofil and fine twill, ever F i a i i o io i- .S a l e . •'Fi’.v\ .Sqiiiire. 7 opttivp. Ro.spwnod j offered al 50 cents, :\. (luod, lam’d iiiMra'mvnt^ will .. be .sohrnt a bargain. E.iquire of A. S. | Davis at tlie oJliee of Hie Seiieea Falls j upd 'fan Caslimeres, all wool Alfg. Co., on A\'ali-r sti-i'et, or at the' re.sideiiee of ,)olin Cuddebaek, eonier j 3^ AValler's j 1 long amt ( liapiii X. Y. ■ lee Cream .Soda is delicious at Iseii- F o i i l t i ' y m o i i , A t t o i i t i o i i . VII kinds of Poultrynien's supjjlies. ) inch Fin ('b e c k s in (ire_\ am i aving sect hat is a l! I.— Won bv A. A. /i«n • votk: W. II. mnke,. rgnig '■•VIS”‘V v\ Half One Milt* Ordinary, Koviet*—Won by IL Jt. IVck, -WM iiHo; U. \bram», >iyraeu8i‘, second: tinie,:;m ■n.e rottcTiowdiV'd, Hdevish metb- oils by whieh tlie .Sweet nieti/m :it- (..rc-n,.-\Vo., i,> a . Zin, teiH|)ted lo run tlie Fayette eanetis yesterday, wlien tin-y saw they were ' \ out-mnnliered two to one. eomjdelely evnshed oyster sliells, gi'oniul lione, condition jiowders, eraeked corn, corn umal. I»U.-. .Vl.so im-ubator.s and l>roo<l- ei’s, jioultry netting, sheeting ptijier, felt rooting, etc. K.tl'.g.s for liateliing. M.\eD()i'iiAi.s !'. R. AssueiATioN. Mm-Dougals. X. Y. •‘F f o i i o i i i y I s ■\V c siltli.” Why pa.\ full pi’iee for jioor eoal when yon can Imy i.ehigh A'alley coal [line price from us. AA'e make a specialty of 'riiresiiing C o al: also Kin- /lling Wood. Call and hazardous way of managing even jvoHtieal erooki-dness. and tjrouglit liome al leiusi one enrsi- to roost on their guilty beads. Rut tlial was only one ot their dark traiisnetions. ion of the republieans jiresent ought to V.\.'.’.?. A' ‘'\“'J - atlmidant'P upon lier .sick luolher for the j In-ing a lihisli of sh.ame to the cheek of it. i’ymij>. A\k I’qfn\ ^ rck W. Ji; ti^iikS liUiI F. Ji; hriiiiier; l!,rniii;>, fi. for sale al AVayne's. .At Hie Reimbliean .Seneca Falls, held on at I'nion liull, but one ticket was j)re- i of tlieir •‘harmnnious\ intent. They seiited and but little interi-.st manifested. ‘ doiibtlo.ss liad a siilJieiently harmonious The following were chosen deleg.ate.s to : eanens. Rut Rejnilillcans al large Inive tlie County convention : .John F. Crosliy, an eye on the cour.s'e of events, and will .Saiiinel Could, (ieorge Raymond, John | regulate the jiolitieal machinery indue Akihoney, .Josepli Metirain. | season. for Hie news not luiving reached so fai Waterloo on .Saturday^ afternoon, i Air. I.eonard left la.«t night to attend j Has hei^ “ Dune\ AleArthur, “ Ren\ Air. I.eonard left la.«t night to attend j Has he? “ Dune” AleArthur, sn.ap worked well, and tho.se who jjjp j-p,, Monday evening j worked it have furnished iinotlier proof to-day. 1 eanens tor ’ The sn.ap worked well. those who the funeral services wJiicli will lie held ' Mongin and Fred Illiek have never had lx>nifi>ge,n«ffalof Ha'ylmul sinWi, x. V.Y itj sw ____ .,a n o j ,iio r t t m ity t o lo s e a n y o f theseut- jistlior KniHifs Rlood frihutes of a good eliaraeter for reasons .At the .Avgyie Pliavmaey is Hie only .Ask vour druggist for Kniglil's Rlood _ Cure, you can't .afl'ord to be without it: | ap’roeiated place in town yon can get a glass of it is tlie best household nvedieine known. A large assortment of Hemeojinlhie remedies at the Argyle Pliarmrcy. by .all wlio thoroughly know tliem. Rc.sl Cycles, lowest priei‘s. Sroitv. Whi))i)ed Cream Soda. lee Cream in (juantities :tt Isemnnii’s. I Advevti.se in Hie J ouunai .. e stock hefore The best lee Cream at Isenmans. S l c a i n Y t u 'iu . file new .steam yacht, “ -J. A\'. Hend- rieks,\ is in splendid .shape and all ready for ji.arties who want to hiri' a line, entirely new ami safe hoat, under the mamigenient of a eoiU]>etenl engi- ■ .Addre.'S J. AV ai .- kk N' H kni )|{K'KS, Fayette, X. A’. D row n sh a d e s at A 5 < 35 cen ts. C'feam Twilled .Stiilino', 42 inclu’s at 50 cents, fedticed ffom 65 ct-t Colored Surah .Silks (all silk) at 35 cents. New Cliallies dark grounds, al.so black grounds, with small wliile tigiires :it 6 cents. 20 pieces Fine Dress (linghams: small neat plaids, light and dark colors, our price— 6 vj cts. sold everywhere at I 2 j 4 . HOSIERY. To Keep Oool BIRD’S ami SCI- the Lawns, Cliallies, Imlia .Silks, Hremiilines, Hinghams, Outings and ■satleen.s, for cooi.Ki; mmssn.s. Tlie Shirt Waists, Cool I'liderweav and ( 'noJ(>r ( 'orsels. riic Mills, Hlovo.s ami Niee llosiei’v. '!'?»•• l.auus, ICnTbroitl<*ri<*s, Ho-ltaS, Mainl- l.iTchlei's, Riielics and Ties, the Hiin and thick Curtains lo keep yon Cool ami .kliady. I'in- Farasol.s. Cinl/rella-s .-iml Fans from the ( heaiK'st to Fine Elegant Flyles. Till- / out Cliimi M.-utiufts, Hugs :uul ,Vrl Squares, in fact KVERYTJIINH SI-LASOXARld-: in great variety at Hie. LOWEST FIHCE.S. B a ird’s 7 3 Fall S treet. Our Oiiy.x fa.st black Stockings for Ladies (jcntlemen and Cliildren have acquired a solid reputation for being Absolutely' .Stainless, and Great Duradility. W'e have all prices from 10 cents up. Onyx Stainless Black Ilosiefy, will not stain the feet or garments in anyway, withstands rejieated W ouldn’t be without it for worlds 1” w a s h in g s w ith soa p aiul s-jda. the enipli.atic declaration ot a lady . , r in reference to .Ayer's Hair A'igor. ! ^ o f .great m erit. ~ ~ , . and having been through' tested •As there is no royal roiul to learning, j so tliero is no magical cure Cor dise-ase. I \ve guarantee perfect satisfaction. Till! e.dect, however, of taking Aynr’.s ■ Sarsajiarilla for blood disorders comes I as near magic a.s can be expected of any mere kunian agency. Tliis is due 1 to its purity and strength. Ladies’ Cveles in stock.—]■'. L. S touv . Cliajiter 1 : Weak, tired, no ajipetite. Cliaiiter 2: Take Hood's .Sar.saparilki. Chapter;',. Strong, cbeerCul, Inmgry. M.C. GOUI.D, O K N T I S T I SENECA FALLS, N. Y. U•■|•■|f;l'; OVKI! I'■|.ANA<:A^'’•S n.AKKkt. .Mi'iliinii Size Unid Fillings, vaufi .|nsu. ^ ^ rillings Tr, cents. ,I||-|- and O.ty I’Il0«liIlalc;Killing», T-'-Icenls. (las and otliPi- A nacsllK'lic.s tnr 1. W, BELCHER, B.D, S„ 7 0 Fall St. Hrtmoial TBBtH! II. s . hoskihs . 1 - witliont I’LA'I'KS. A s p e c ialty of d ifficult Plate work. T h e m o s t solicited. com p licated c a s e s

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