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THE SENECA COPNTX JOHRNAIi, WEDNE8DAT, 8BPTEMBEK 8, 1881. 5<?8'?ea (^o.Jourpal SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Theliest Advertising Uedinm in the Conntj. New Vorfc Ceiitial 'I'iine Xal»le. On ami after Monday, June 8, 18! pasH i:^uneca FalU^nH^folIo OOINIJ KAST. OOIKfl AVEST. •I=; ;is:;rp£: iMS |s = ; ; f y : | l = ; ; I I I ££“: i'sit's: S “: : jSfc”' I ;::r Joiiriialiug'S. Notice tile n ew a d. of K. E. Eilswortli, custom tailor, in tlii.s paper. j''reil Maier lost a valuable carriage liorse, a few day.s ajro, of colic. 'I'lie Soutli Jury Di.strict fair will be, held at Ovid, September 22, 23 .and 24. No meeting of the Boiirtl of Trustees on Jlonday evening, ow ing to lack of a A. Goodman bits made an assignmen*' o 'V. S. Pollard, for the benefit of Monroe & Anderson are advertisi line line of fall and winter cloaks. in and see them. The we.athcr-wise jirofiliets arc pre­ dicting an early and severe winter, with frosts by the 17 instant. ■lean market Itw.as “a cr.aek sliot.” A neighbor reports tliat wliile driving near the r.aee track yesterday afternoon, lie saw J’orly-cmc black birds killed at one shot from a double-barrel gun, fired by Mr. Milton Hoag. They of the fabled “ dainty” kind to “ set be­ fore a King;” “ four and birds baked in a pie.” remarkable shot. m Opera house will oppu for n on tlie evening of Thursday, :i thej comiomedy-drama. c Seneca County Fair, at AV'aterloo, September 29, SO and October 1. Hose race on afternoon of last day. An immense quantity of plums has been shipped from this vieiiuty within a short time, many having been sent west. Owing to the absence of llev. Mr. Margetts, there will be no service in the Congregational church next 8unday. The Seneca Falls nine defeated the Glensides of 8kane.ateles, at Cayuga Lake park last Saturday afternoon by a score of 12 to 5. Johnson tiie season September 17, with “ Hand of Fate.” The Ontario Baptist Association with which the Bapti.st church here is con­ nected will meet at Gorham in Ontario county next week. On the fourtli Monday of tliis inontli. Sept. 28, will commence a term of the Circuit Court and Oyer and Terininor, at Oviil Court House. The well known stallion Scliuyler, recently owned by parties in Boston, lias been again placed in the care of Mr. .lames Cilmore, in this village. The Aliehigan crop report, issued by llu' Secretary of State up to August 2o, indicate a total w h eat crop in tliu state slightly in excess of 2o,000,080 bushels. Mrs. Burton Harrison, the autlior of “The Amglomaniacs,” has written a new novel of New York life which The with divorce. A rtd letter Lawrence park. Ball game liotween the “ ('ineiim.ati Ueds,” a club of young ladies, and the Senecas. (Jaine ealleil at 3 ;30 i-. sr. Charle.s Goetzman, a well-to-do far­ mer living a few miles south of Lyons, conmiitted suicide at noon jMorulay, by hanging himself in his barn. No cause is assigned for the act. A ladie.s' base ball club, “ Cincinnati Ueds,\ will I'ligage the Seneca Falls “ boys\ in what is e.xpected to bo a good in.atch. -V lovely game is promised on IMonday at Lawrence park. Ucpublican nominations for Monroe county are as follows; For county clerk, Kendrick P. Shedd; for superinleiulcnt of llie poor, George E. hlcGonogal; for justice of sessions, Harrison C. Fuller. The Cleveland men worsted the Hill- ites at the first Hist. Democratic conven­ tion at l.oekport yesterday, “ in great )c,” a j the rei)ort says, to instruct for Flower for Governor W!uj voted down. “ AVhafsin a name?\ The Demowai and Uhrouidc says: “ Van iftpper dele­ gates were elected from Seneca County to the Democratic Skite Convention.” Ami a Jones man, on reading the same says, “ let ’er rip.” roslmastcrs appointed—Dej\s Land­ ing, Seneca county, Mrs. Joanna Hose; Eiist Coldenliam, tlrange, .James 8. Burnett; Somerset, Niagar.a, Mrs. P. G. Badgley; South Albion, Oswego, William Ellis; Spencerport, Alonroe, Frank N. Wel)Ster. A person who wilfully enters without till* consent of the owner or oecupaut, any orebard, fruit garden, vineyard, or ground wherein is cultivated any fruit, Avitli intent to take, injure or destroy any thing ttlere growing or grown, is punishable by imprisonment not i ceecling si.x months, or a line not ceeding $250, or both. At an election of vestrymen held Trinity church last Thursday, to fill vacancies made by the death of ,J. Mar­ shal Guion and the removal from the state of (ieorge M. Guion, Kobert 'J’ear and Dr. Fallett were chosen in their idaces. George M. Guion who has recently moved to Chicago, lias been vestryman in T’rinity church for tliirty- fonr years. The Nortli State Street Sewer is under way,and will probably soon be completed, if the grade is not changed again before the digging is done. A great d botch work has been performed in that vicinity, and many express lack of con­ fidence in the engineering ability of those having public matters in ehargo. A great waste of time and money is evident to everybody. iod investment. Six members of n H a ir local br.anch. No. 200, are to receive $2,000 on their expired policies of seven ye.ars standing, money to be paid over in a few days. The following persons are the bene­ ficiaries ; Mrs. AVm. B. Kubert, Wm. E. Hubert, Clias. Golliss, 11. G. Stearns, Chas. W. Combs and John B. Miller. This is about double the amount of their entire payments. A good ii tie “ Iron f Tlie Schuyler county Uepnblican nom­ inations a re: For member of Assembly, William II. AVait, of Watkins; for sher­ iff, .lames M. Anble. of Hector; for county treasurer, George G. ilontgom- cry, of Odessa; for coroner, full term, Dr. E. B. Hills, of Havana; for coroner vacancy. Dr. Gilman, of Hector; for justice of sessions, Cyrus Uoberts, of Reading. T iik Beneffecnt etteets of the pliksli duties of the now Tariff' law are .already iiing to make themselves felt. The of Sir 'I'itu.s .Salt & Co., plusli manufacturers, of Bradford, England’ h.ave moved p a rt of their extensive p lant to Bridgeport, Conn., wlierc they ported by them from England, to sniijily the Amerii Irulgepoi ' m a k ing the plushes f o rm e rly i hat is almost enough for two baked ii A\\c have seen many splendid speci­ mens of fruit this fall,\ but none more factory to both the eye and jialate than was contained in a basket left at our sanctum last Friday by AV. E Wil­ liams of Nortli Park street, Bartlett ji.airs and Lombard plums, were simply perfect of their kind, large, luscious beautiful. Such rich tokens strengtlien the conviction, in a double sense, that ‘Life is wortli the living.” llomulus seems to bo the centre of a good deal of political disturbance of late, a large portion of it iu.ported, but I of homo gi’owtii. They had a local grievance before the last Demo­ cratic county convention on Saturday which the political war-horse of the lieveillc cluaracterizos as “a bold and dislionor.able attempt to disfranchise the Democracy of the town.” And we understand the “ attempt” was suc- cossful. Undyard Kipling’s new novel, written in collaboration with Wolcott Balestior for The (Jcnlury, is entitled “ The Naulahka, a T.alc of AVest and East.” It is a story of America and India. The principal ch.aractors live in a “ booming” Colorado town, 'where the story Oi)cns, Init the scene (inickiy shifts to tlie court II Indian maliaraj.ah, whither the hero and the heroine journey to meet with most varied experieiiees. The story will begin in tlie November Ccu- Tlie Skaiieatele.s J<’rcc rres/i seems to think tliat Hon. Jolm I.,iglitoii of Syra- eu.se, would be a forinidab the Democratic ticket for State , as against “ I'nele Uufiis” Peek on the llepublicaii ticket. That paper also Iiints at an indepemlent llepublioan candidate, “ to icbuke the Hiseoek-Ileii- drieks ring,” in ctiso of Peck’s nomina­ tion. They seem to be having “ U Peek of trouble” in tli.'it distriel, but we do it apprehend an “ imh'pemlent” iionii- ition, in any event. It has been aiiiionneed and upon apx>areiitly good authority, that the V. L. Park and Rail Rotid would close for the season this week, many expressed regrets and regarded it as jn’ematnre, e may rea,sonably look for good onling weatlier in September, more inrortable, in fiiel, Ilian tlie hot mid­ summer season. It is now rumored that there is a prospect of keeiiiiig them open Cor a longer period, dcpoiidaiit upon weather and patronage. AA’o lippe the rumors may prove correct. able ojiponeii gem given to Uev. II. Margetts hist Satnrdi pie of the Congregatioii.al cliurcli liap- A number of the young peo- cliurcli evening, that being liis birthday versary. A number c \ mine and pleasant surprise was Margetts hist S:i pened in at his home, and loft an ele­ gant piano lamp as a birthday memento •and token of their kindly regards. He feelingly expressed liis liigli apprecia­ tion of the beautiful gift, and tiic con­ siderate and generous spirit wliicli promiited its bestowal. All had a joy- visit, and the occasion will be clier- islied as a pleasant memory. Tlie I’nion Springs Advertiser .s.ays: ‘Mr. Daraongli, a Brooklyn contractor, and the lands adjacent to the boii Jacob Cram’s place,iiiclndiiig the steam­ boat dock, and west embracing a meadow near Judge Bo.ardraau’s resi­ dence, on which is to be erected a large summer hotel; cottages are to bo built and a p.ark laid out near the centre of the property. The lake front and other property are to be beautified and iiu- It is said the work will begin has recently purchased Slieldrake. point uiids 0 close of the present season.” This morning at about 9 o’clock the driver of (’. S. Hood’s one horse co.al cart, met with a mishap but fortunately no person was injured. His horse, which is blind, went too near the b.ank on the sontli side of the driveway from electric works at Day and Jlill ollice, and went over witli tlie load. Logs are laid at tlie side making a straight descent of some live or six feet, at that ijoint. The wagon was o turned and considerably injured; horse was very slightly bruised, and the. driver was unharmed. Ill the suit of .John Moore of Syr.acuse against tlie Board of Education of Sen­ eca Falls for a final settlement on his contr.act for building Mynderse academy the report of the referee, Jolm C. AleCar- tin of \Vatertown,.aw.ards to Mr. ;Moorc a judgment in tlie sum of $18,G3C,7G. AATien the Board of Education took session of the building, the full claii Mr. Moore was a trifle more tlian .$1 G,C00 and it w as undoubted at the tim e that he would sctllo for less. The loss of this possible reb.ate, the surplus interest accrued and the unknown legal expenses will foot up another little bill of siderably more than $5,000, which the taxpayers pay for supportieg the Edu­ cational ring. Commissioner Andrews of tlie (Jmiricr and tlie Commissioner Stowell of Uie Re.ve.ille. knew of the above judgment wlien their pape: w ere issued last w eek, but did not g ii the facts to tlie public.— Cor. Si/rueuse Herald, yesterday. The great majority of tlie Bemocratic lartyarty wantant Mr.r. Clevelandleveland i D p w M C nominated for Presidemt. AVTiile the honor of holding tlie ollice as governor of a Slate may have as mueli honor attached to it as tiiat of lieiiig President, especially when we take into consideration the special sovoireigii rights of States, tlie supporters and admirers of Mr. Cleve- liind want liim for TTi'.sidpiit for the manliness ami fearlesness with which he meets the dulies of the hour and at- temls to till- duuies of that h igh Hill li.as many followers, but Cleveland leads the van .— Tiliisrillc {Fla.) Rtar. The hall game at the I'ark on IMon- day was a L'lme all’air, after waiting for hour and a half for the ap pearanee of the visiting club, the gaiiii ' illess way, and eon tinned in tlie same line to the tiflh inn­ ing, when the game .stood 12 to 2 in favor of the Sencca.s. At this iioint we, together with many others left the founds, having no doubt as to the re­ sult of the gam e. AVe learn that it Stood at close 20 to 2. It Avas a great disappointment to the large crowd of 1,500 or SO in attendance, who iiad anticipated an unusually close and in­ teresting game. At tlie Reunion of the l-lStli N. Y. S. rsday week, it was decided to liold the meeting of next year at Seneca Falls, tlie followii A”ols. at Penn Y'an, last Thursday week, ollicers were cliosen: I’resideiit, Chai-les J. Martin, Co. A., Seneca Falls; vice- presidents, AV. J . Dillon, Co. A., Seneca Falls; Hanford Struhle, Co. E., Penn Yan; C. T. Severance, Co. C., Phelps; Thomas Baird, Co. D., Geneva; A. JI. Slioiipard, Co'. E., Seneca Falls; D. D. J. Ilarkness, Co. F., Roclioster; .1. AA'^. Allen, Co. (L, Cheshire; L. P. Bird, Co. H., AVaterloo; AAL AAL Becker, Co. J., Benton Jolm Rodney, Co. J., Alaii- cliester; recording secretary, John T. Watkins, Co. H., Phelps; correspond­ ing secretary, John Dillon, Co. II., Seneca F.alls. expeccted, The Democratic county convention met at Bcarytown on Saturday and as le liad a lively time. After two irs’ skirmisliing, Ck L. Becker of AVaterloo was made chairman and A. 11. Serveii of W^alerloo, and Artliiir Brooks of Varick, secretaries. Tlie old Romulus delegation was admitted, and tlie contesting one debarred. By thirty to twenty votes, Jolm A'an Riper, of Waterloo, Henry Terbiisii, of Junius, and Ricliard M. Steele, of Varick, were elected delegates to the stale convention ; Hammond, of Seneca Falls, If. Serven of Waterloo, and Frank C. Avery of Ovid were elioseii delegates to tlie Judicial eoiiveiitioii. The follow- ■e the senatorial delegates from each town : V. 1). Grove.s, Covert; (1. F Sniitli, Imili; F. Tobin, Ovid; AV. II. Kiiiiie, Roiniilu.s; <). ii. Ritter, A'.-ir- iek; Dwight Babcock, Fayette; Gilbert Wileoxeii, Seneca l'’alls; Richard J. Brophy, AVaterloo; Levi A'aii Bii.«kirk, Tyre; George J . Serven, Junius. The eoniity eommittee was made up a.s fol- low.s: Genet Arelier, Covert; V. A. Woodworth, Lodi; .loliii Anderson, Ovid; Peterf!. Cliapiii, Roniulns; Wil­ liam II. Ritter, Varick; AVilliam E. Disingcr, Fayette; William Harper, .Seneea Falls; Aliehael A. Ryan, AVater­ loo; AVarreu Hoirman, Junius, and Thomas A'aii Bnskirk, Tyre. It seems to he a ehronie habit of onr iieiglihor of the Reveille to blurt out “ falsehood” when damaging facts wliieli lie cannot refute and desires to ignore, eoiiio to light. Rut evei’yhody niider- staiids his tactics, and no action for damages eonhl he predicated upon sLatcuieiit lie might make. But well enough, occasionally, to check Ids bluff a little and nail the f.alseliood wncre it belongs. The last Itcveillc There seems to he no f.alseliood, how­ ever uiihlushing, to which tlie JoruN.u. does not give currency. It’s assertion Unit hoys in their teens voted at the re­ cent Doiiioeratic caucus in Seneca Falls, has not the sliglitcst foundation in fact. All who attemled the caneus know that it was the fairest and best expression of tlie Democratic voters of the town that it was possible to have. Now, tve do not propose to take issue with the last statement m the above paragraph, for under existing circuin- staiiccs, it proh.ahly was not “ possible to h.ave” any better “ expression of the Democratic voters,” but when the Rctvillc says the “ assertion that boys in their teens voted at that caucus is a falsehood, he is probably mistaken, to put it mildly. AA'e have the personal assurance of one young man, yet in his teens, that he did vote at said caucus, and voted what was represented to him “ a Stowell ticket.” Ho also aflirmed that he knew of others yet under age who voted the same ticket, and our in­ formant has no oilier imputation to his discredit, that we are aware of, except above mentioned. is stophig at the GoriioU House as tlie guest of Mrs. Clias. Goodyear.— Tru- mansbunj T ree Press, -lAliss ( ’arrie Feeek, idiiig several weeks with her parents e t lie I t o l f e r s l ” igin was enl dollars of 1 in defeating Francis 0. Allen i F. uimek A’n-i.AiiK, Sept, n, 1891. E ditou J ouknai .; —In a recent issue of the .louuNAi. there aiipeared an arti­ cle whicli w.as headed; “ AVho are the Bolters ?” A llow m e to repeat the. ques­ tion, “ AA'lio are tlie Bolters?” How w as it when t ’harles T. -Andrews stealthily, but incffi'ctnally, tried to de­ feat AVilliam ,11. Pollard for supervisor ? How w.as it, Mr. Editor, when Mr. Mongin was entrusted witli tlirec iiund- Democratic money to aid for county judge? How was it when .loliii F. Clovcrt went ill partnicrship wiUi our Demo- cr.itio sheriff in defei Brackli speeted and progressive farmers, who ran f o r supervisor last spriii And how w.as it, if yon please, wlion ,1. II. Stout, tlie pride of the Sweet and Andrews faction, bolted the Republican candidate for county trc.asnrer, and slyly but ofl’ectually supported the Democratic candidate, Mr. Boyer? feating I.eroy ( !kley, one of Ovid’s most highly re- 1^-er Iking about holtc ieksters. L ovai . I I epuisucan . yet, the Courier is continu.ally about bolters and polilic.al A Gold AVatoK w itli black m o u rning cliain attached,, on AVilliams, Bayard or Ovid street, Sunday n ight. Finder w ill be liberally rowiu’ded by leavmg at B. Cumin’s grocery store. Personals. —J. G. Minges of Roclioster, was in town last week. —Mr. Adelbert Showman returns this week to Houghton college. —Dr. AV. \V. Belcher lias been visit­ ing relatives in Cayuga county. —Air. Fred I’islier lias been elected a member of Rescue If. & L. Co. —Miss Klttio Field, of .Syraeuse, spent .Sunday with Miss Cora Curtis. — M r. Lewis Barrett of Ruinseyville, died of eonsuinption on Monday last. — Mr. and Airs. David Edw ards and daughter Cora, spent Sunday in Elmira. —The youngest child of Mr and Airs. Ch.arlo.s Feriiosi was burled yesterd.ay. —Mrs. AI. G. A'an Honten is making a two months’ visit w ith f riends in Iowa. —^Mr. Frank N. Stevens and sisters spent Sunday w ith relatives in Roelies- —Rev. E. II. Dickinson and family have returned from their summer vaoa- •Frnest Gould, Esq., returned yes- Y., and Patterson and vicinity, fday Ire —Miss Male AA'’atkiiis is visiting rela­ tives and friends near Charlotte, on lake Ontario, —^Aliss Edith Trautman returned last Aloiulay evening from a visit with friends Syracuse. —Aliss AlameAVeatherlow le.aves next Alonday to continue the study of music ill New Y'ork City. —Mr. George Smitli h.as removed his family to AV’ellsvillo, where he is engaged in business. —Airs. Thomas Dooley and children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John llalpoiiiiy, in Ovid. —Aliss Kate McKevitt of Seneca Falls i.s a guest of Miss Alaggie Murphy.— Union Springs Advertiser. —^Alessrs. Albert P. Haney and Clar­ ence. A. Lewis were visitors at the Inter- State fair at Elmira last week. —Air. and Airs. G. D. AVallace .and daughter Ethel, of Canastota, wore guests at John A. Curtis’ over Sunday. —Dr. Belcher and family have re- ntly had as their guest, his mother, and brother Harry, of Cayuga county. —Rev. and Airs. Alargetts arc baking a weeks’ outing to visit tlieir old home and friends in Cambria and vicinity, Niagara county.' —Aliss Aland Stowell, of Seneca Falls -Aliss Alai iliss Carrie Fece who has been spend here, returns this week to resuiiie her ■studies at Houghton college. —Air. ( ’has. Alagee, Avife and daugh­ ter, of New A'ork, who have been spend­ ing several weeks at the home of his rather, Air. Thomas Alagec in State St., returned to their liome on Friday. —Jolm AleCabe, av I io went from Seneea Falls to Cliieago, wliere lie in vested in land, .some years ago, the in­ creased value of which brought him a I'ompeteney, is spending some time in Air. AA’iii. (i. AA’aynu and family have taken jiossessioii of the “ Living­ ston place” in (Tnitoii street, and Air. Will Williams will soon re-oucupy his line iiomestead in the same street, va­ cated by Air. AVayiie. ■Rev. I.. .1- Gross of We.st Somerset, idled ill the Baptist ehnrdi last Sali- lireaeh ag.ain ne.xt Sab- aiid evening. On the 2(ltli in.st. Rev. AA'iii. Rich of New Hart­ ford will occupy the Baptist pulpit. —Air. .losciili Seely, of St. Just, Orange county, A’a., and a brother of George B. Seely, was recently elected of the magislTates on the Repu ffieaii ticket. His first case called liiiii to tr.avel seven miles, and his fee was IG 2-3 cents. —Airs. S. A. Aletcalf of Rochester, for many ■ years a resident in Seneca Falls Avlio li:is been in town for a few preaehi hath, and will j h.’ith morning (lays looking and renewing turned on Alonday to lior home in after Iiusiiiess interests old aeqnamlaiices. re- —Air. Win. Nichols of Oswego, li been in toivn for a day or two, Avhen lie IS called to Oswego yesterday by a legram announcing the death of his ■andmother, Airs. Hemond. He re­ turned at once. No further p.artieiilars have reached us. — Airs. Carrie Conant and cliildrcn of Camden, Oneida county, visited Aliss .1 ennie ( 'owing last week. Aliss Cowing aecompanied Iier gnesLs on a trip Niagara Falls. Airs. Conant also calh upon other old Camden frieiid.s ivho Avere most h.appy to greet her. Aiiiei'ican Pork for Germany. The oiieiiing of German markets to Aiiieriean pork is another signal triuiiipli of the Repnhlieaii administration. Armed ' the reciprocity clause of tlie Alc- iiilci' law Avith the power to impose discriiiiiiiatiiig duties on German beet sugar. President Harrison was able to very persuasive arguments in ob- ng the concession that Inis been ited. It is presumed that Alinister Ips urged this consideration Avith taining the concessioi force and effect at the German court. Certainly we have an exempliiication of inge of poi it that will ;reat mutual advantage to tin' coutr.act- sugar—an arrange reciprocity in the excliange of pork for ing nations. The sale of pork products to Germany Avill he iui important item in our exiiort trade. For the ye.ar ending .lime 30, 1890,England bought $31,474,291 Avorth of haeon and .$5,239,329 Avortli of ham from the I’liited States. It is estimated that tlie German market will he worth not less th.au $10,000,000 or $12,000,- 000. This Avill be a distinct benefit to a gre.at farming interest, and will re­ ceive cordial recognition as a triumphant achievement of the Republican tariff policy .—Demoerul and Chronicle. lCc<1iioc«l B a l e s to S t a t e F a ir a t S y r a c u s e . Tlic N cav York State Fair will be held at Syracuse on the new fair grounds, Soptembor lOtli to 17th inclusive. The N cav York Central Avill make greatly reduced rates every day of the fair. Call on ticket agents for further in­ formation. A larg e assortm ent of H em eopathic remedies at the Argyle Pharmrey. T l ie S a m e O ld P r o g r a i ii m c . the hill practice in marching up I tlien m.archiiig down .again veiition, and, as usual, the jourt Our ami.able friends, the professional enlivened by violent abuse of all other Prohibitionists, followed their ci m.archiiig down .again in State con- politieal parties, especially tlie Republi­ can party. Tlie orators Avere not al­ ways careful to march hand in hand with truth, but where they Avere Aveak in accuracy they were strong in velie- mence and this Avas probably uuich 3 satisfactory to the enthusiastic audience. Air. Ifcnry Clay Bascom, avio I Avas the temiierance candidate for governor six years ago, Avas the principal speaker of the occasion, :ind preparatory to nominating a ticket lie declared that though Hill was “ a total abstainer” he was -‘for the Avhisky ring every time.” Presumably this statement gave the con­ vention its cue, for tlie delegates imme­ diately proceeded to strengthen the litioii of tlie man who is “for the whisky ring every time,” by nominating a ticket Avhich they knoAv cannot he elected. It mattered nothing to them Avhom the llepublicans might select to lead tlie battle against Hill and his dis­ reputable forces in this State. Tliey 1 dominated by one idea and one idea only, and following it as they have followed it before they were led to the support of “ Avhisky’s Governor” and there tliey AVill obediently remain, de­ luding themselves AVith the cry of tem­ perance reform. Perhaps the Prohibitionists might do the Republican iiarty some good, but happily tliey can no longer do it harm. ,'heir attitude is avo II uiulcrslood and as lolitical opponents they are classified 11 advance with Democrats and Alug- wumps.— Exchange. The Negroes. the great Southern Exj ,inging to sayy a'bout losition to he ! We have had someth to sa a trick, of Raleigh, Avho is Secretary Connected Avith the Exiiosition is city of Raleigli, N. C., and that its leaders is Hon. ,Ino. T. Pat- leigh, Avho is Secretary, ith the Exiiosition is Avhat is known . ts the Colored Peoiile’s De­ partment, presided over by Rev, J . V. J’rice, jD. D., a full blooded negro of fine appearance, as black as black can and as eloquent as any man in the United States, Avliite or colored, lie is said to be by all odds a niiicli smarter than Fred Douglass. He is presi­ dent of the IJvingslon College, of Salis­ bury, N. C., an institution for colored jieople, Avitli an attendance of more tliaii tliree hundred pupils. Tills is tlie man who lias done more for tlie advancement of his race than any other negro, living or (lead, ami it Avas a fitting honor to confer upon liim the position of Chief of the Colored Dep.artiiiciit of the Exposi- It will 1)0 worth a trip from any 31’thern State to see tlio progress the negro is m a k ing in Jiis Southern home. 1‘lvery Soiitliern State has its colored org.aiiization, AvithaState Commissioner to work lip its colored exhibit. The State organizations h.ave under them an organization in cacli county. 'J’lie ne­ groes are more thoi’oughly organized in this Avork than tliey luivo ever been be­ fore for .any purpose. They have had apart for them separate buildings in wliieh to make their displays. This display of the negro Avill show hellier or not the race is improving during freedom. It will sliOAV on what terms the Avhite and eoloreil people live together. The round trip rates from N cav York, Baltimore !Uid Washington during Octo­ ber and November Avill be less tlian fif­ teen dollars. The price of lodging in the tempor.ary hotels on the Exposition grounds Avill be fifty cents per day. The hotel charges will be from one to two a lialf dollars. Accommodations can be Secured in advance by address­ ing Hotel Department of the Soutliern xposition, Raleigh, N. C. Large numbers of Northern manufac­ turers Avill liave machinery and goods on exliihition. Tlie management admits all el.asses of manufactured goods m.ade in the Northern States. The Hom e m a g a zine. This popular family periodical enters e fall camiJaign ivitli an -unusually attractive table of contents for September. B o i i i u l i i s . Messrs. Joshua Hinkley and W. B. Goodman went to Sodus last week and returned Avith a fine lot of pickerel. C. E. Fidler moved to Geneva on Tuesday of last Aveek as exiieeted, and lias employed P. LaTourette .as clerk in his store, Avliieh it is hoped Avill give satisfaction to Ids customers. W. D. biddings is liaving a well drilled at Ins residence hoping to get a better quality of water tlian is obtained from his other well. Airs. Sally A. Johnson releet of the late William T. Jolinson died on Satur­ day, August 29th in her 83d year. Tlie funeral was held on Alonday at her late residence. Halsey Smitli died of lieart trouble on Saturday, August 29th after a short ill­ ness. Tlie funeral took place on Alonday' at his l.ast residence. Bert T. Johnson .and Aliss Ida Aloore, liotli of Avhom live near Willard were married at tlic Presbyterian parsonage ill this village, on Sunday, Seiitember 1 at 4 r. Ji. Rev.. J.. AY.Y. Jacksacks J A J performed Bion E. Hicks has gone to AVcllsbm to teach at a better salary than is usua paid ill district schools. A Air. Esty of Cardiff has taken liis place, and oiiened the school on Alonday. Recent guests are Airs. Lovell and children of Hamilton, at Airs. S.agcs, Air. and Airs. LoAvman of Brooklyn, at Thos. Samples, AA^. Bard of Chicago, at .1. Keefers, Airs. Alaiiagam and Aliss Rosa Frasoli of Philadelpliia, at AA’ilson G. Hunts, AV O. Hanlon and family of Geneva, at J . Alonroes. ow's Your Coal? ouseitNowand ave the Goal Question settled. AVE IT AT SUMMER PRICES! You can Save by buying it at OOD’S. Ovi<1 Ceiiti-e. Charles Horner sliippod from Ovid Centre depot last Aveek and Alonday, thousand ten pound baskets of New York State Fairs. New York State Agricultural Society —Syracuse, Sept. 10-17, in-jlu-sive. AA^’estern N cav York Fair—Rochester, Sept. 21-25 inclusive. Inter-State Fair, NeAV York and Penn­ sylvania—^IHmira, Sept. 1-9. Broome—AVhitney’s Point, Sept. 1-4. Catharine A”alley'—Havana, Sept. 22- A ncAV dining hall. Mrs. F. T. Com her Avislies to respectfully inform the public Riat she has opened a first class I dining hall, in the iieAV Norcott block on State street. Aleals at all hours. Oysters, ekams and lunch of .all kinds kept constantly on hand. plums lany friends of Halsey Smitli here Avere surprised and imiiied to hear of his de.ath last Aveek at Ovid. Airs. Eliza AI. Akins, h.as been very' ill several Aveeks, and her family have J liopes of her recovery. Sheldrake. Aliss Alaria Coleman Avill attend Chemung—Elmira, Sept. 29-Oct. 2. Cayug.a—Auburn, Sept. 30, Oot. 2. Ontario—Canandaigua,September 29- Oswego—Oswego, Sept. 1-4. Oneida—Home, Sept. 21-25. Soutli Jury District—Ovid, Sept. 22- Seneca—AVaterloo, Sept. 29-Oct. 1. Scliuyler—AVatkiiis—Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Trumansburg Union Fair—Trumaiis- Faw n mowers. A Large variety of tlie best LaAvn Alowers at loAvest prices at AValler’s Hardware. ly one in Avant of Screen Doors iVindow Screens Avill find a larg e variety of the best made at AValler’s school at Trumansbui Mrs. C. StoA’cns ofOf“ltll! Itliaca and jAIrs. AVilliam Boyer are visiting at AV. 11. Larkin’s. Airs. Theo. Coleman of Horiiellsville visited in town last week. J. llolfe and Avife attended tlie Tomp­ kins County Grange picnic at Glen wood. llolliugshcad and Avife attended the Grand Lodge of Good Templars at Thousand Island park. AV. AV. Bennett li.as broken ground for a dwelling lionse on tlie lot recently' burg. Sept. 15-17. Tioga^OSAvego, Sept. 8-10. Tompkins—Ithaca, Sept. 8-11. AVayne—l^yons, Sept. 30-Oct. 3. Abates—Fenn Yan, Sept. 22-25. A Good B a rley Market III Seneca Falls. .'lie undersigned take pleasure in i aiing the Farmers of this commmii th.at they liave leased the large Ala Houses a t Seneca Falls and Avill tay t h e iiuniEST MAKKE’r VALUES for barley de­ livered to tiiem. Give them a call. J. AI osek & Co. F or Sale. 3 of tlie finest 3 and living rooms, Fall for a dwelling house purcliased by him. AVm. Covert of Ni 1 place ! gav York city spent last week with ins brother, S. B. Covert. li.eii<laia. The new moon lias brouglit us plenty of rain, and if it continues our farmers wlio are ready to soav tlieir Aviieat Avill he delayed some time. Onr tOAvnsman, E. B. Cole, master of tile (iouuty Grange,addressed tlieToi kins county farmers last Aveek in of State ALister Gilford. His ’remarks forcilile and Avortliy of tlie occ.a- sion. Ed. is one of the best extem­ poraneous speakers in tliis section. A. .Jackson Bartlett is politically sick over tlie Avay tlie Democracy treats J.,'eut.-Gov. Jones, and as .Tack is a first class salesman he has secured the agency for ,Joiie.s’ Political Renovator, of tlie best (political) purifiers manuf.actured, Avarranted to cure. 'J’ry bottle. Rev. Wisner Kiune preached at tlie scliool liouse Sunday. Airs. Benjamin, Avidow of the late David Benjamin, has secured a pension of $8 per month, witli ten montlis back pay. AVe hope the rest of those avio I liave aiiplied for same Avill he as for­ tunate. Every one who fouglit in de­ fense of tlic union Avill secure a pension. NcAvton A^ail of Geneva is tlie g of Ms uncle, S. Vail, C. L. Becker and family spent Sun­ day Avith C. C. Pontius. C. C. is now a strong .supporter of R. P. Flower for governor. F a y e t t e . Mrs. Albert Conners of Washington, 1). C., is taking a tAvo or three Aveeks v,ac.ation at the Seyimour uga lake,tiic guest of Mrs. Bergstresser. Tlie Editor, Airs. Logan, gives a second installment of her observ.ations of tlie life of the tlic Englisli peoifie during lier recent trip abroad, and co tinues the interesting and valuable. Mstoric.al series entitled “ Personal Recollections;” Mrs. Upton’s serial shington tinned; Alary Low Dickinson in the de- iment of tlie General and State meetings of the Order; Giant Allen’s short story “AIcl- issa’s Tour” is concluded; “Figiiting Joe” is the stirring title of a sliort story by .an anonymous w riter; ALary Logan Tucker writes tlic French Legation, illustrated by a portrait of tlie present “ Alotlier’s Home Talks,” “Our Department,” ‘,Tlie Fashions,” “ Home Dressmaking,” “Fancy AVork,” “ Our Painting Class,” “ The Dining Room,” “ Hcaltli,” and “ The Gentle Art of Beauty” are all and severally brimmi if things of ini circle. The article on American Pottery from the pen of Air. D. F. Haynes is concluded; a new and valuable depart­ ment is begun under tlie title of ‘ ‘Alusic;” and Alattie Dyer Britts contributes a most interesting sketcli of Gen. L cav Sey cottage at Cay- lic guest of Mrs. Berg Airs. .Taeob Shirley and son Frank, of AVashington, D. C., are visiting at the home of T. B. Ryan. Tlie funeral exercises of Airs. Simon IJtzenberger of A’arick, an aged lady a former resident of Fayette, Avere lield at tlie Reformed eliureh on Sunday last. $18,000 Kesidence. ■ in (iaynga street. .$3,500 St( street. $3,000 House, ham, and four Greoii- liousos, AVest Bayard street. .$2,800 Brick House and double lot, Clinton street. $2,500 House in East Bayard street. $2,500 House in Alyiiderse street. ,$2,500 House in Alillor street. $2,500 House in Troy street. $2,500 House in Fall street. $2,000 House in Jolinsoii street. $1,700 House in Alyiiderse street. $1,500 House in Green street. .$1,200 House in Spring street. .$1,000 House in' Chapel street. .$900 House in Rumsey street. $900 House in Bridge street. ,$600 House in .loliu street. A’illage lots in various jiarts of tOAvn cheap. $5,000 Farm of 125 acres, tAVO miles from village. $3,800 Farm of 100 acres in \ ’‘arick. .$2,000 Karin of 27 acres in Fayette. $1,700 Farm of 30 acres, 1 1-2 miles est of village. .$1,000 pl.ace, of 13 acres, just inside $3,000, tliree and onc-lialf acres in Cayuga street, very desirable. Farm of 30 acres and two city lots in Lockport, Niagara county. AVil change latter for property in Seneea county. Also Southern and Western property in Iiand. Call on N. B. Stev­ ens, Partridge Block, Seneca Falls. W anted. A girl twelve to fifteen years old, to take care of cMld. Salary, $4 a month and board. Address, M oseu , 58 Cayuga St. Attention, Farniei’s ! You can buy “Binder Twine” at AValler’s Hardware for less money than ever before. “ Sisal” at 9 cents per pound; “ Standard” at 10 cents per pound; “Pure Alanilla” at 13 cents per iiuid. Also Horse Hay Rakes, “ 'J'lie TIME TABLE FOR 1891. I t laily roganllesB ( tUMD SOAP ^ ALWAYS D R Y and HARD 2)Outul story of AVashington society life is ow Dickinson in the partnient of tlie King’s Daughters Avrites Alinister resident; T h e Children’s Page” Flower armed ci r. Kersh nty” are all and severally brimming of things of interest and value for tlie liouseholel economy or the family Wall.ace, the autlior of “ Ben Ilur,” in Ms study- to New York. T iiursuat , S eptembeu 24, 1891. On Tliursday, September 24, tlie N cav York Central will run their annual autumn excursion to N cav York and re­ turn at tile very low rate of $6.00, tickets good to return within ten days. Special train will leave Seneca Falls at 10:30 A. M. For tickets and further information inquire of nearest N cav York Central Ticket Agents, also see small bills. At the Argyle Pharmacy is the only place in tow n you can get a 'la s s of Whipped Cream So^a. Rev. Air. Kershner ofiiciatinj Airs. Bergstresser and family and Orrin Alorse and family, are camiiing in tlie Seymour cottage at tlie lake for a two or tliree Aveeks vacation. It is rumored that cards are out for the marriage of Dr. 11. E. Brown and Miss E. Anna Jones some time in the V future. 'he unterrii in this village to appoint delegates the state and senatorial convention, Saturday last. It was a yery orderly and Avell conducted assembly, and aside from a few caustic remarks by tlie lead­ ers of tlie ditt’erent factions, was indeed a model democratic convention. Tlie steam yacht, ,1. AV. Hendricks, Avliich Avas disabled in lier machinery, is again at tiie dock ready for business. ,J. AV. Buckley is on deck witli a Avliole store full of netv goods for the fall and winter tr.ade. A number of our prominent citizens a trip to Rochester to m a lstcr W anted. AVanted, a first-class Alalster. One who understands Barley, etc. -Address, stating what wages desired. J ournal O ffice . e confemi>lating a attend the state convention on tlie 9 th Rev. Air. Kershner, who lias been ab­ sent for a number of weeks visiting friends in Pennsylvania, returned home on Saturdar last. The Russell ejectm e n t case, which Avas tried before Justice Hendricks, suited in a verdict for the tenant. 0. E. Emens who lias been on sick list during the past week, is again able to attend to Ms business aftairs. SalloAv and leaden-liued complexions ; pink-and- ’s Sarsapa- is persisted in, and cosmetics en­ tirely a b andoned. Notliing c an c ounter­ feit the rosy glow of perfect liealth, w h ich blesses those w h o i Fine Hom estead at a Barg^aiu. One of the most beautiful and valua­ ble residences in Seneea Falls, costii nearly $30,000, and combining all t benefits of modern convenience, is nc oll'ered at only $18,000, and on very easy terms of payment. The reason of this liberal off’er, is tliat the present OAVnor and family are preparing to make their residence in a western city. The liouse is of brick with stone trimmings, and slated French roof, three stories in height and tower, has fifteen rooms of hard-Avood finish, steam heat, iiot and cold water, bath-room, gas fixtures, electric bells, and the best of seAverage. It is altogetlier a palatial residence, in Cayuga street, called the finest in town. Tlie grounds are 64x238 feet. Good barn and stable and excellent well of water. It is a rare chance to secure a very desirable property at much less than actual value. For specifications and elegant chart of premises, call at ofiiee of N. B. Stevens, Partridge block. W liat It Does. Hood’s Sarsaparilla 1. Purifies tlie blood. 2. Creates an appetite. 3. Strengthens the nerves. 4. Makes the weak strong. 5. Overcomes that tired feeling. 6. Cures scrofula, salt rheum, etc. give place to the lovliest pin Avliite, AVhen the use of Ayer’s Si rilla is nvigora 8. Relieves headache, indigestion, dyspepsia. For artistic and first-class painting and wall papering, call on or address John AV. Van Dyne, Seneca Falls, or leave orders at Sharps’ D ru g s Fall street. lersisted in, and cosmetics en- L.S. HOSKINS. All at 25 cents per yard. About tAventy-five pieces of Dress Goods which have been sell­ ing from 28 to 50 cents, we will offer during the month of August at 25 cents per yard. In this lot are some very fine Check and Plaid goods also new shades in plain goods. Fast Black Plaids and Stripes. New lot of Black Embroidered Flouncings. Black Lace Plouncings and Edgings. Black Surah Silks. Just received several new pieces, better qual­ ity for the prices than we have ever shown. L. S. HOSKIKS.

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