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THE SENECA COUNTY JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30,1891. Sei}e(:a<5o.Joun)aI SEN E C A FALLS, N. Y. Largest Cireolation in Town or County, N. B. STEVENS, Editor. .. BEPlJBJLICAN NOM INATIONS S T j A T E - ■ u S s a ^ s s . . . of Chautauqua. “S iS F ' WlLulIrS&D, T A . T O R I A L W h y 1 A m a P r o t e c t i o n i s t . BY JAMES SAYANK, GENEUAE MANAGEU OF THE AMEUICAN IKON AND STEEL ASSOCIATION. / am a Froleclionist because I am a?i American. The free admission of for­ eign cmnmodilies, or llmr admission al rates o f duty which are levied for purely revenue purposes, may suit the economic conditions and meet the financial needs of other countries, but history leaches Unit the prosjicrity o f our oion country is best promoted by a Tarifi' which is levied for Frotection as locll as for revenue. Many of our great industries, including the silk industry, the pottery industry, the carpet industry and the steel-rail industry, had only a nominal existence until adequately Frotcctive duties lucre imposed on competing foreign products. All other consideratioiis aside, older manufacliiring countries cmii I to m i l lower wages for labor than this cminlry, and Frolcclive duties were therefore needed to equalize the labor cost of pro­ duction. Our tin-plate industry is to­ day an infant industry because we have not had a Frotcctive duty on foreign tin plates. IVe shall always need Protective duties as long as our people insist upon a higher standard o f wages and scale of living than prevail abroad. I f they were now willing lo accept the same wages and Ihc same social conditions which the people of 11 c i nb c are compelled lo accept our Frotective policy could be greatly modified, i f not wholly disqjcnsed xuith. Whatever it may have betn in the qiost, this policy is therefore to-day chiejly a question of tvages. American Economist. T vitioid fever is raging in Morgan­ town, W. Va. F okest iires are doing great damage in Wisconsin, Jllinois and Michigan. P uussia ’ s w h eat crop is nearly 1,000,000 double quintals larger than in 1890. W atek in the Now Hampshire rivers is so lotv that many of tlie mills can only on half time. A ctive work is being done by the fleet in Alaskan waters in driving out the seal poachers. S ecketauv H usk says it lias been found by experts that women make better meat inspeetors th.an men. T he distress among tlio Prussian peasants is said to be increasing, and they set fires for the purpose of plunder. I t is reported that witliin the last six months 150 young women have taken ujj timber claims in the State of AVash- ington. A ci . eugyman of the Church of Eng­ land has been converted to Moslemism, and li.os been received.into that faith at Liverpool. I t is announced that Anna Dickinson, who is still at the home of Dr. Seward, near Goshen, N. Y., will deliver a series of lectures tliis winter. CuAUNCEY M. D e f e w lias consentgd to m ake a num b e r of speeches during this s tate cam p aign, and w ill do grand service f o r the Itcpublican ticket. G oveknok P attison of Pennsylvania, has issued a proclamation calling an extra session of the Senate on October 13th to investigate the scandal arising out of the arrest of John Bardsley. T he anchor used by Columbus when he landed at San Salvador has been dis­ covered on the coast of llayti, and will be on exhibition at the World’s Fair. It is now owned by the United States government. A bundant harvests are reported from most of the T u rkish provin( especially from those situated in Asia Minor. I t is estimated that the tithe revenue w ill exceed that of a n y p revious year by 500,000 Turkish pounds. D estkuctive forest fires raged in the vicinity of West Superior, Wis., last week. That city was completely shrouded in smoke. The village of Comstock, Baron county, was nearly destroyed, and Cumberland in great danger. A t Independence, Iowa, last Thurs­ day night Richard Edgerton was pois­ oned while sitting by the corpse of his daughter. He experienced a faint feel­ ing, and called for liquor. By mistake his wife gave him carbolic acid, died in 10 minutes. W h e n people who are old enough to know better refer to the present tariff as a “war tariff,” it is well to remind them that in 1867 we admitted only 4 1-2 per cent, of our imports free of duty, while under the McKinley law 55 per cent, come in free,.—Boston Jotmial. N ea r Louisville, Ky., last week George AVemes killed Joseph Sheffield with a blow of his fist. AVomes overseer on the farm where Sheffield was employed as a laborer. A hurricane swept through North­ ern ilinnesota Saturday night, striking tlie Red lake and Leach lake lumber regions. It is estimated that 150,000,000 feet of timber were destroyed. O n September first a new law went into effect Avhich requires tlmt on proof of w ill the legatees and all executors and trustees shall be cited, instead of the next of kin, as heretofore. O n account of the excessively warm weather last week, the public schools in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minn., and many other places at the west, were closed. It was 94 degrees in the shade. S eveilvl large fires occurred at St. Louis on Sunday, among the property destroyed being tlie machinery store of tlie Plant Milling Company. Loss, 6250,000, nearly covered by insurance. A t the second day’s session of the Ohio Methodist Episcopal Conference, Zanesville, 0., on motion of llev. Dr. Moore, editor of the Western Christian Advocate, a vote was taken, without discussion, on the question of admitting women as laj’ delegates to the electoral and general conference. The result of the vote was 123 for and 26 against their admission. A nother fool-hardy balloonist, Lewis P. Earle of Marshall, Mich., fell from or with his trapeze, when making an exliibition at Mt. Pleasant, last Satur­ day, and broke bis neck. A companion, Frank Thayer, of Mt. Pleasant, also started up and came doivn with Earle, and was badly if not fatally injured. D istinct earthquake shocks were felt at Decatur, Jacksonville, Mt. Vernon, Peoria and Cairo, Illinois, and at St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday night at about 11 o’clock. The tremors lasted for several seconds, and were quite severe, but no great damage was done. The air cooled ten degrees immediately after the disturbance. A AViiOLE family of four persons was wiped out by a railroad accident Cambridge, Ind., on Saturday morning. Joseph Black, a jirominent farmer, with his Avife and two daughters, ivas driving to Cambridge city, aud at Harvey’s crossing their ivagon ivas struck by a Pan Handle fast mail train and all four persons ivere instantly killed. A nother gold excitement has started in California, wliieh calls to mind the craze of 1849. Dispatches from Oreo- ville s ay that men at Avork in the (tolden Gate and Golden Featlier mines, in Eeathor river, Butte county, Avhich lias been d iverted from its course a fter many unsuccessful atteniiits to dam it, are noAV m a k ing enormous clean ups, the gravel being literally sprinkled Avith llEV. Dll. S. D. B ukciiakd , Avhosc peculiar alliterative speech in 1884, Avliicli is said to have caused the defeat of M r. Blaine f o r tlie Presidency, made his name famous in this country, died at Saratoga on Friday last, a g ed seventy- nine years. The unfortunate sentence to Avhich so mueli importance has been attacliecl, Avas made by him as cliainnau of a gathering of m inisters to express sym p a thy Avitli M r. Blaine aliout Aveek before the close of the Presiden­ tial cam p aign, and Avas as follow s “ AVe are Republicans, and don’t pro- liose to leave our fiarty to identify selves with the party Avhosc antecedents haA'o been rum , liom aiiism and rebol- A iiotlicr N o w In d u s t r y . Every new imlustry transferred i'ri J'luropoan to American soil, giving in­ creased employment to Ainericani tat) and e.apital enlarging the home market for American producers and iiianu- factiirors, and adding to the Avealtli of our country is a vindication of the hlc- Kinley tariff, Avliich appeals to American citizens more tlian all the tine theories Avliich Democratic free traders can spin One of a hundred instances of the in­ dustrial gain Avhieh the hlcK inley hiAV is bringing to the American people may be fomid in tlio annual report of tiie kScranton, Pa., Board of Trade. It is contained in this brief paragraph : The passage of the McKinley bill lias led to the practical transfer of the Not­ tingham lace industry to this eouii and the Scranton Lace Curtain Mai faeturing Company is noAV erecting a large plant to carry on the inanufaoture of lace curtains here. It is a condition, not a theory, tliat confronts us.— Albany Journal. Mr. B l a i n e . Colonel A. L. Conger, member of the Republican National committee from Ohio, recently Avrote to Air. Blaine to see if he could take part in the Ohio canvass this fall. Colonel Conger re­ ceived the folIoAving reply: S tanavood , B ar H arbor , Ale., Sep­ tember 23, 1891. Colonel A. L. Conger, Akron, Ohio: many r but 1 hope no efibrt Avill be spariM to elect AlcKinley. His victory at this time is very important to tlie country, and tlio party. He and Air. Campbell represent the honest difl'erences betAveen the tAvo parties at this time. There is no dodging and no evasion, and the voter need not be deceived. The elec­ tion of AlcKinley names the policy of protection and honest money. Tlie election of Campbell means free trade and the corruption of the curreii believe Ohio Avill stand by AloKinl Very sincerely yours, J ames G. B laj At AVhitesboro, Oneida county, AVil- liam Hinkstone Avas fatally shot in a quarrel Avitli AVilliam AJitchell, upon tlie highway, on Saturday last. Governor Hill addressed a croAvd, numbering about 10,000 persons, at the Orleans county fair at Albion on Saturday. On Wednesday preceding he made a speech to nearly 30,000 at the Dutchess county fair, Poughkeepsie. Aliss Ida Clark, of Palmyra, has just im Koch made her return trip from Rochester, on a bicycle. X’Ue H y p o c r ite IT iiiiiask e d . The insolent effrontery of the Courier editor in Ms treatm e n t of local affairs, political and othenvise, in Avhieh he has Avorked his little treacherous schemes in collusion Avith D emocratic oo-workors in “ the rin g ,” is am using—it Avould be am azing from any other source. In commenting on “The Cemetery Scandal” in liis last issue, this is the concluding p a r a g r a p h : A ll this scandal m ight have been avoided had Asa Tim m erm an been left in charge of the cem e teiy, and Air. T im m erm an Avould h a v e been left there had not a n u m b e r of Republican kickers in tlie F irst Avard thought it “ righ t sm a rt” to defeat Samuel S. Gould for trustee “because he Avas a friend of the Courier.\ This bold but characteristic attempt to take advantage of his own wrong, by charging the defeat of Air. Samuel S. Gould f o r trustee, to other parties Avho Avere inim ical to the Courier, will cause readers generally to smile, knoAving, as every Avell inform ed m an in Seneca Falls does know, that C. T. AndrcAVS insisted upon the nomination of Air. Gould, to carry out the plot of the ring of Ilejiublican andl Dem ocratic pirates, which w as to drop him and elect D r. AI. C. Gould, a Democrat, thus securing a D em o cratic m a jority of the boartl, and a Dem ocratic police justice in place of the then aeting Ilepublican, Avho Avas independent of rin g control, and there­ fore in the Avay of carrying out their corrupt program . Air. Clias. H all of the F irst Avard Avas the choice of a large majority fo r trus­ tee and Avould, unquestionably, have been elected, but Air. AndrcAvs and a few otlier of the Republican riiigsters, as reported at the tim e, sent a special messenger to Air. H all to persuade coerce him into AvithdraAviag his name as a candidate, and he being peaceably disposed, alloAvccl the plotters to “ post- jionc him until n e x t year.” Air. Samuel S. Gould and D r. AI. C. Gould candidates for the trusteeship on the Republican and D em ocratic tickets, respectively. A t the election, not a maxi, neither Air. AndrcAVS, nor any other of those AVho had so strenuously insisted upo Hie n o mination of Samuel S. Gould (the Courier's boasted “ Republican Avork- ers,”) lifted a finger in his aid, Avere not a t the polling place or visible any- Avliore in support of the ticKet. On the contraiy (and Ave state Avhat avo saAV and knoAV,) several tim es it occurred, that Ilepublican voters could not get tickets to deiiosit, as none Avore to be found near the polliing place. The Courier printed the tickets, and voters Avere sent there Avith instructions to bring back a siqiply, but returned Avith o nly three or four at the most, and usually Avith o nly one f o r their OAvn use, and stated that tliey Avere refused any Aleantime, the D emocratic ringsters, Avliose names can bo given Avlien it is necessary, Avcrc on hand and Avorking like beavers, in f u ll force, Avitli plenty of tickets to thiust into tlie liands of voters, and not r. fcAV of tliem AVore used by Republicans, for reasons already' stated. Tlie treacherous schcuio to jiut up “ S ammy” Gould and then let him doAvn, to spite other Republicans, and officers, Avlio scorned to Avear the yoke of boss- ism, w as concocted and jiromotcd at the Courier office, and Avas one of the many villainous little political tricks f o r Avliieh the editor of that piratical organ is noted. It is equally in keciiing Avitli his roimtation in that regard, tliat iie sliould iiOAV, after aecomplisliing this contemptible piece of trickery, f o r tlie purpose of inisloadiiig outsiders Avlio are not fam iliar AA'itli his Oiierations, or, taking only the Courier, fail to get the facts and truth in the m a tter, imblish abroad tliat tlie niiseliief Avas a ll done “ a num b e r of Republican kickers, lie (Sam u el S. G ould) Avas a friend of the Courier.\ It is adding insult to injury, so far as Air. G. is concerned, and if he doei liy this tim e fully niulorstand I ioav and Avby he Avas made a tool of, be docs not possess the iiiteliigence and guiLption for AA'Iiieh Ave g ive him credit. The same tactics, for the same sons, largely, and in the same quarter, to carry out the term s of r ing compact, Avere eiiqiloyed last year, Avlion S.amuol Kibboy, Republican, AVas defeated trustee by W in. W illiams, D em ocrat, to keep tlio Demoeratio majority and m ain­ tain the suprem acy of the ring. lIOAV imieh tiie vill.age, especially the taxp.ayors.liavc g ained by these Andre' llnm sey plottings tlic present condition of our m u nicipal affairs Avill iirotty clearly indicate; and if the prosjioct pleases, tlie.y Avill probably keeji rig h t on. and subm it to and perpetuate tlie rule of that kind of “ bosses.” N e w Voirk X.cttei’. [REGULAR CORKESnONUENCE.] N eav Y ork , Sept. 28, 1891. Tlie discovery last Aveek of tons of poisoned grapes has created a panic in the fru it trade as tlie public are now afraid to eat gr.ipes w h etiicr poisoned or not. Tlie consequence is tliat the price has gone down to about tAvo cents a pound. The condemned grapes Avorc poisoned by b e ing sprayed, Avhile groAving, w ith a solution of sulphate of copper, f o r tiic purpose of destroying the p h y lloxera. The claim that the solution is not poisonous, it lias been used in France for fifteen years and aatis recommended in tliis country by tlie Department of Agricul­ ture. The chemists of the Board of Hcaltli, however, are of the opinion that the solution, as applied to some of the grapes, is injurious to health and to 1 ife. A h has tlierefore been seized ' the authorities, thoug jkness from e.atiiig tlie grapes has yet len reported. It is hardly possible tha e solution is really dangerous Avliei properly applied, but perliaps it Iia been used by some groAvers in a careless manner. A neAV b a n k is a bout to be establi in this city which Avill be knoAvn as t a millionaires bank. It Avill large quantity 1 and destroyed Wished tinctly a millionaires bank. It Avill be located at the Plaza Hotel, 59tli street and Fifth avenue, and Avill be called the Plaza Bank. The combined Avealtli of the men backing it is probably $500,- 000,000, among them being William Rockefeller, C. P. Huntington and John J. Astor.j E davin A rling t o n . “ X h e H n U o ly A l l i a u c e . ” That is Avhat the New York Recorder calls the political combination of Tam- manyism aud llillism, as at present represented in the candidacy of Roswell P. Flower for Governor of this State. The Recorder concludes a scathing article dunoimeing this “ combination of chicanery Avilh brutality”, as i'ollOAVS: The situation, is tar more alarming noAV thau Avheu Tammany last aimed to secure the ITesiaeuey of the Unite ’ States through tlie Governorship of Jle York. Tweed aud his eoUeagues hi no such ally Avithiu their own party i Hill is to the Junta of to-day. Hofiman Avas a respectable figure-head and the canal tliieves were only feeble imitatoi of their masters in N cav fork city. Bi Hill typifies and embodies a great an distinct force, controlling the State machine as despotically as the Junta drives the metropolitan machine. To­ gether tliey are so arrogant in their strength that they think they can afford to trample on the 1 aside the farmi veterans Gluipii reland lers, Hie city Avorkers and AVho put coulideuce in pendent the Kings County the ditch because for Tam m any Hall, uuny, tliG iVlcpliisto- ______ ,, _____ ,,_lities’aud the insatia­ ble tiger, against all the fairness, hon- ’ itizenshipof tlioFmpire i, Kepublica It is^Hilland° Tammany, the Mephis phcles of peanut polities aUd the iusat States, Avith David B. Hill as Presiff™* The Avay to strike an effective “tov against Hillism and Tammauyism ■ ’ ' ises is to defeat the elements ithin the verted to c o rrupt uses is to ticket nam ed by a bargain c greater than in the time of Tweed, and the duty of meeting it at the threshold more sacred and more pressing. The Republican State Committee has organized by electing William Brook­ field, cliairman, Gen. James IV. Wads- Avorth, treasurer, and John S. Kenyon, secretary. Gen. James W. llusted Avas elected chairman of the executive com­ mittee. Tlie executive committee is composed of hard fighters, and they Avill add greatly to the brilliant efforts of Fassett and Yrooman, av I io Avill canvass tlie State jointly. The Fiftli District Republican Judicial Convention after taking seventy ballots adjourned to meet in Syracuse October 1st. There Avcrc sovouty ballots taken and the last Avas more evenly divided thau the first. It AVas : Mills 4, llogt 6, Matteson 7, Scripture 4, Wriglit 6, Turner 8, P. B. McLennan of Syracuse Tlie Republican State Campaign Committee lias fixed the folloAviiig dates and places for Mr Fassett to speak: Malone,September 30tli; Poughkeepsie, October 1st; Lyons, October 2d; Syra­ cuse, October 5th; Lockport, Octobei 6tb; Jamestown, October 9th; Buffalo, October 7th; and Daiisville, October Secretary Foster Avill go to Ohio about the first of October for the pur­ pose of taking the stump for IMcKiuley. His speeches Avill, in tlie mtiiii, be upon financial topics, although he Avill nqt slight State affairs, ufion Avhich few men in Ohio are so Avell posted. The Secretary takes special pleasure in calling the doleful predictions Avhich the Dem o crats have made of the coming enisli ill the Treasury ever since he lieeaine its head, aud of the case Avith Avhieli tlie T reasury has passed every predicted crisis, not o nly Avithout ilefault or deficit, but Avith cash to spare. All tliese things ho Avill tell the Ohio A’oters in his OAVii inim itable style. He Avill also shoAV them AVitli indisputable figures that the present D emocratic predictions of future bankruptcy are as Avild and baseless a s Averc a ll of those Avhieli have gone before. A the Republican senatorial conven­ tion for tlie tAvonty-soventli district held at lloniellsville on .Saturday, Frankliu I). Sl>;TAV 00 d, of Hornellsville, Avaf nominated for senator by acclamation. iV senatorial committee Avas appointed, with power to apiwint a eadidate for senator in ease of a vneancy. I’liarles IV. I'lare AV.as nominated for senator by the Demoer.als .at Pulaski, Oswego county. .John A. Nieliolls, of Dewitt, nominated for senator for the T’Aventy- sixth district by Democrats. At the Demoeratie'seiiatorial conven­ tion held in Sebeneetady on Saturdtiy, EilAvard H. Hoyt, of Saratoga county, Avas nominated for senator. Major Brinkerhoff, of Red Creek, Avas nominated by the Republicans of the First district of Wayne, for a member of Assembly at Rose. Tlie Democrats of the Second As­ sembly district of Steuoen county have nominated John N. Lyiiahan, of Corn­ ing, for the Assemblj’. It is said that FloAvers’ role in the present camjiaigu is, to sign checks and s:iy nothing. He Avill find himself chcek-inated a t the Avind u p of the gai N o t one of the laAvs by Avhich the State tax r.ate Avas loAvered OAved its origin to a D em ocrat, Tliey Avere originated by Republicans, advocated by Republicans and passed by Kepubli- raiis. The records iirove this a ssertion. — New York Press. O c tob e r R a c e s . The NcAvark Fair Association Avill liold a race m eeting on its mile kite track October 13,14 aud 15, 1891. Tlie track is in the best of condition, and Avill be kept so. The program is as folloAvs: October 13—1, 2 :45 trotting, 3 in 5, 6200; 2, 2 :26 trotting and pacing, 3 in 5, 6200; 3, running race, catch Aveights, 2 in 3, mile heats, $150. October 14—1, 2:35 trotting, 3 in 5, 6200; 2, 2:40 pacing, 3 in 6, 6200; 3, 3 year old r.ace, 2 in 3, 150. October 15—1, 2:-i0 trotting. Sin 5, 6200; 2, 2:18 trotting and p:icing 3 in 5, 6250; 3, running nice, catch Aveiglits,' 2 ill 3, mile lie.ats, .$150. Purses divided, 50, 25, 15, 10 per cent. Entry fee, 10 per cent. Entries close October 7, 1891. In addition to the races, opportunity Avill be given to those Avho d esire to trot against time for records. It is estimated Hit : Cayuga county 1 of dollars Avorth Avill h ave a h a lf m illion ol of tobacco for sale this fall. The NeAvark Fair association Avill hold a race meeting on its mile kite track October 13, 14 and 16. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov’t Report, Aug. 17, 1889. A5SOUTTELY PURE B o i u u l i i s . Prof. W. A. Cams, a blind r gave a vocal and instrumental concert in the chapel on Monday evening of last Charles Yakeley moved last Aveek into the Mrs. Russell house, recently vacated by C. E. Fidler. It is reported fliat Mr. Reed Avill occupy the house vacated by Charles Yakeley. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harrison and Mrs. DeGrafl' of PaAv PaAV, Mich., visi­ tors of the Snook family, left on Mon­ day to visit relatives near Auburn. Amos P. Miller is said to be gradu­ ally iinjiroving from his late illness. William A. Warne is visiting friends in N cav York city and N cav Jersey. Miss Phoebe Marsh is visiting friends in N gav York city. Rev. J. W. Jacks and Lyman E. Jacobus represented the Presbyterian church at the Presbytery at Naples last Recent visitors in tOAvn are Rev. J . L Gross of Somerset at IVm. Bainbridge’s. Mrs. George Brien of Peoria, 111., : M. Steele’s, Arthur Lynch :it Peter Lynch’s. M a c B o u g a lls. The Balliets hold their annual iiiciiic last S:iturday on the banks of Cayuga lake. The day AVas pleasant, aud the lake Avas beautiful. The day Avas spent in fishing, boat riding and merry mak­ ing. All Avelcomcd the steam yacht, J. W. Hendricks, Avhicli arrived from May’s Point. As the day drcAV to a close, the merry friends departed to their homes, all having enjoyed a good time, and may God spare us all to meet there again and partake of tlie many choice kinds of fruit. A rich table Avas spread on the shady laAvn of Mrs. Stahl. The Xiarty consisted of Peter P. B:illiet and Avife, Charles E. Balliet and Avife, Charles C. Balliet and Avife, John Bal­ liet, Webster Balliet, NcAvton Balliet and wife, Jacob Menges and Avife, Mrs. Mart Garnett and chiUlren, Nathan Saoger, Mrs. James Kcmery and son. Dire Knight and Avife, Jesse Kidd, Miss Katy Balliet, Miss Annie Menges, J. Eugene Fisher aud family from Aurora, Ilk, Avho is sxieiuling his vacation in old Seneca. S h e l d r a k e . Tlieo. Coleman is in Westfield, Pa., acting as judge at Hie Horse fair. C. D. Osborne Avill build a store and dAvelliiig house on the place he recently purchased. L. Gould of- Truinaiisburg Avill do the Avork. It is talked that a ncAV iron bridge Avill be xdaced :icross the creek. IVe understand that Mr. Cram lias made liber.al offer towards it. The M. E. p:irsonage buildings Inive been moved to the lot x>urchased of R. L. Darnigh, near the cliureli. EdAvard Lent and Miss Josie Gouiidry Avere united in marriage at the home of tlie bride l.-ist AVednesday evening by Rev. h lr . Cariiiliaii of GencA'a. The good Avislics of tlieir many friends a sliOAVii by the beautiful xireseiits and the hearty coiigratukitions. They started for their future home in Brooklyn 011 the CA'ciiing train, am idst showers of rice, and Avitli the Avislies of a long :ind happy life by all Aviio know them. L.o<li C e n tre. lion. W. IV. Vaiidemark :iiul Avil'e of Junius, and ex-Scliool Commissioner Godfrey and Avifo of Waterloo, avi riHH'iit visitors :it IVL J. 'i'niphagen’s. A great many in this locality liave sold their hay and the presses :ire nm- iiing :it full bl.'ist. Mrs. Bogart and diiuglitor Eliza, of Jsyr.'ieuse, visited at tlie liome of J:ired House last Aveek. 'J'lie hot and dry Aveatlicr is maturing corn, beans, potatoes, etc., very rapidly. Clias. Bush .and iMr. ])aven|)ort each lost a liorse last Aveck by miring in mud holes. F r a n k Auble is running his basket factory at full sxiced. Frank is an in­ dustrious felloAV and Avill succeed. Win. M, IVyckolf, father of the late L. B. IVyckoff, died at his Jiome in Lodi Centre, last Sund:iy, after a short illness Avitli liardening of the spinal cord. F a y e t t e . A XJleasant p a rty of young people m e t a t the home of Miss Mundie Sheridan on Saturday afternoon last, the occasion being h e r 12th birthday. M a ny beauti­ fu l and useful presents Avere received. Hiram Olmstead of Corning, is visit­ ing at the home of his father, William Olmstead. A party of fishermen took a cruise on the J . IV. Hendricks to Mays Point Thursday of last Aveek, and returned on Saturday afternoon. They report poor flsliiiig on the cannon dock. W. T. Sharp of Santiago, Cuba, is in town visiting ralatives and friends. He Avas recently married to a lady from Syracuse and will return to Cuba in a few days where they expect to make their future home. Queer world! Queer people! Here are men and Avomen by thousands suf­ fering from all sorts of diseases, bearing all manners of pains, spending their all on physicians and “getting no better, but rather Avorse,” Avlien right at hand there's a remedy Avhich says it can help them because it has helped thousands like them. “Another x^atent-modicine advertisement,” you say. Yes—but not of the ordinary sort. The medicine is Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery, id it’s different from the ordinary nos- um.s in this:— It does what it claims to do, or it costs you nothing 1 Tlie AVay is this: You pay your drug­ gist 61.00 for a bottle. You read the directions, and you follow them. You get better, or you don’t. If you do, you buy another bottle,and perhaps another, if you^don’t get better, you get your money back. And the queer thing is that so many people sire willing to be sick Avhen the remedy’s so n ear at hand. ; lioa.i'<l o f X 'rustees. R egclaii M eeting , Thursday, Sept 17, ’9] No quorum beiug present ou Mouday eveuing, Septcuibur 7, ls91, jnirsiiaiit to call of the President, the regular meeting of tlie Board of Trustees was held al their room ou TliursUay evening, September 17,1891, present, President Eugene A. Kimisey,and Trustees Williams, Gould, AVellicrry, Hughes, Me. Keou aud C’usliinau; absent, Messrs. II. N. Ru sey and Patriclr McGuire. Meetiugting calledalled to orderr at c to orde at eight [S) o’elU' minutes of the last regular meeting being I9ad by the clerk as recorded were, ou mol) The several bills as presented aud audited Committees tvere after aimomicement of < detail as to amount,and service reiidered.on motion, ordered paid. The Clerk, in eonipliaiiee witli iiislriictions from the Chairman of the Street aud Bridge Committee, aimounciiig to the hoard tliat the payment of the hills and elaiius as had been formally presented aud duly aud ted at this meetiug, would e.vliaubt tlie credit baUiiice in .street Fund, and probably create an overdraft therein, when properly charged in the aggregate, ^Ir. M’illiamti stating, during tl discusaioii following bucli aimoimcoment, that : necessary work us authorized by the annual ta meeting Imd been performed under his directio and that suchLich repairspjiirs a re leted for a li ggregatiug sixty doll •oiiriatiou voted for Mclveou, seconded by Mr. Cuslimau, it w On motion of Mr. Gould, seconded by Mr. AVel- berry the following preamble and resolution was ‘^ t e ^ ^ ' S ^ ’^I^^U rtercEpressiy forbids dating to Itestvate ion called to certain c muuugement of said tellers of the sexton arc in­ correct aud misleading, viz., that the pay roll c said sc.vton for tlie month of June, ISUl, represeute that John Newman, an emiiloyee of the village t at $1.50 per day, for which he received u cheek on the Village Treasurer fc John Newman actually w< the mouth of June, ‘ibyi, 1: 2nd—AVe iiud that the li tcry 1ms hud laborers and teams employed and paid by the village of iieneca Kails, to work upon private lots, which he owes for aud improves under coi tract with the owners, the cost of which is m properly chargeable to the village of Seneca Falls, 3d—AVe find that John Newman, an employee < the village of Seneca h*alls, presented to this Boai a voucher for work alleged to have been done I him in the month of June, Ihul, in Itestvalc cem tery, viz., for 18 days work at $1.50 per day, re­ ceiving therefor a check on the village treasurer for $27.00; upon invcstigatic Newman actually worked 12 1-2 days cemetery in the mouili of June, l-SUl. AVe respectfully submit Uiese facts to the Board, \V E O ^ /S u E n i, ceting of this Board. On motion of Mr. Williams, seconded by ilr. McKeou, it wa . la In compliance witli tlie above, tlie Bresident from tlie chair appointed as siieli spccii Jtessrs. AA'illiams, Hughes and Ciishn On motion of Mr. Gould, seconded by Mr. AVol- On motion of Mr AVilliaiiiB, seconded by Ifr. .S. S. Fulmer addressed the board in regard to the length and deptli of said Nortli 8tatc street sewer, lion desired lo the ehalrnian of tlie Streetand Bridge B. F. Miteliell, ill hehalf of the piopm ly owner essential to its elUciency be built without delay, a said Nortli 8iate street sewer was aiiproacldng eomi,letioii; after discussion the building of said wells was referred to tlie .Sti eet and Bridge L'oni- mittee, to/VA /07uer to act. Mr. Gould liere formally presented the following tided by Mr. AAT-lberry. Ayes and nays being demanded the adoption of the above was defeated aud lost^ by the .following vote: Ayes, Messrs. Gould, AVelberry and Hughes (3). Nays, Messrs ---- ---- \ and the President, ghes presenting tl ledc its adoption. McKeon, Cushman written form ask the charter.” id nays being callcdd, the adoption of the IB losi^ by Hie following vote: Ayes, Messrs. Gould, AVelberry and Hughes, (3.) Nays, McBBrs. AVilliamg, Mclvcon, 6uBbman and the President, (A.) Properly attested petitions being presented ex emption papers were, on motion, granted to Messrs Ed. M. Ilumsey and George Norto for more than live (5) years service in K & Ladder Oo. No. 1, V. F. D. letitionetitic being presented to immediatemi A numerously signed p the Board, praying for the i te suppression, D,, of an alleged I permanent cldkiug and extinction house of ill-fnmc, said to be located upon Centre street, was, after proved consideration, referred,to the Police Justice, po7ver- to act. A petition in regard to the non-removal of a cer­ tain described crosswalk, was ordered laid upon the table. Communications received from the VilU-ige Board of Ilealth, in regard to defective drainage, were ordered on tile, the flushing of Mynderse street sewer having been effectually performed by Steamer Co. No. 1, the proper remedy to be applied to stag­ nant water on Swahy stieet,iwas referred to the Street and Bridge Committee of the Board, with Power to act. After which, on motion, at 10:45 the Board nd iourned. C adt S ilsby , Clerk. That tired feeling noAv so often iieard of, is entirely overcome by Hood’s Sar­ saparilla, Avhicli gives mental and bodily strength. Colds are frequently caught by the sudden fall of temperature at sunset. Hence the need of caution and Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. It is education that makes all the dif­ ference betAteen the men Avho dig in the ditch and the man Avho bosses the job. It is the superior qualities of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla that give it its acknoAvledged pre-eminence over all other biood-puritiers. 'Ol^D Bi^os. # O P E N I N G nien’s Boys' and Ctiildren's •^1- H A T S & C A H S . 113 &15 1 FALL ST., SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Monroe £ Anderson. The cheapest line of Cloaks, Jackets, Reefers and. P lushes ever shown in Seneca Falls are now on exhibition at Monroe & Anderson’s. Now is a good time to make a selection. New and el­ egant styles and low prices. moiiTOB k RndBison Waller’s Hardware Store “ Royal Acorn” and “ Royal Red Cross” Parlor Stoves and Ranges. “ Mon­ roe,” “ Othello,” “ Happy Thought” and the new four-hole Range, “ Monitor Junior.” stove ro]):iir.s, blacking and xuRHUo ”P .Gtovo.s a specialty. A first-class mechanic in tin shop oxoenting all orders for furnace and job work pronixiUy. Your XR'tronage is solicited. C e o . A. W a ller. DRY ASD HARD Tulip Soap is not boxed until it is Dry and Hard. This makes it veiy economical in use, and explains its increasing popularity with housekeepers. HILIMiRE HILIMIRE HILIMIRE JUST tjECElTED A large_and select stock of new F all S uitings „ AND OVERCOATINGS. Remember the place, - • PA R T R ID G E BLOCK, Seneca Falls, N. Y. T T H F X - A I F O R THE TAILOR Artistic Golorlng arid Bleitdliig! w .md novel designs, are the goods bought in W A L L D E C O R A T I O N S . BIRCE &. SON, of BufTalo, are envied by all m a n u facturers. A Line di­ rect from this firm (not jobbers) has never been had in this nlace A t S handley ’ s , A Full Line of P ' ‘’T p s t s ? e a l % % S ; s “MEs,‘''^r% 6 0 'E'AJUta S T R E E T , j

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