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T H E JO U R N A L LA R G E S T CIRCULATION REACHES THE BEST CLASS OF PEOPLE AND IS THEREFORE THE'BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM IN SENECA COUNTY. T H E dO U R N Au BESTJOB * D E P A R T M E N T BETWEEN SYRACUSE AND ROCHESTER, AND WITH OUR NEW P R E S S E S AND TY P E CAN DO FINEST WpRK. D E ) V O O : ' K L : > t o T H K i n t e r e s t s o r T H R R R O R I v R o r s r n r c a . c o u r t y . VOLUME 7. SEOTICA FALLS. N. T.. 'WEDlifESDAT. OCTOBER 21,1891. N U M B E R 84 §i? 9 <?ea ^o.Jourijal PrBI.TSHEn KVEKY -WTl^XESPAY I'.Y THE JOURNALPUBLISHING CO. SENECA PALLS, N . Y. P. N. STEVENS, I N. B. STEVENS, MANAGER. j EDITOR. XERITIS : tfoimty bubscribers. bl.oO ivben p.Tid in .ndvance; Subscribers outside the county, $2.00 per year,postage prepaid; Btibscription for “iic luonths, $1.00 in advacc. e../YEBTtSlNG BATES ON APPLICATION. I.EGAD N otices .—UbticcB required by law to be published, charged at the legal rates. B U S IN E S S CARO S . A. JI., 2 to 4 ami 7 to S f. .ii. 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Y. ’ OKKICE OVER ELANAOAN’S IIAKEKY. i ^ f ’-Auudgum «'it]iiigH, 7.J re r (»r lower nelo, $10. ............ . T cheap teeth, $S. g i ! « S { i n X ^ i : ^ - B r i d g c w o r k o « Uob or Uubber, at lowest pos«Ude nites. Nitrous Oxide Uas uti«i other Anaentheties fo) IRVING’S COLUMBUS, i billows At tlie southw est end of the island he ' foniiti flue lakes of fresh w ater, o v e rhung ^ he was told tlie l.iml of Cuba lay Isabella A fter tliree days’ navigation, in the course of whicli he touched at a group of seven or eiglit small islands, which he called Isltis de Arena—supposed to be the pre.sent Mueai-a.s islaiiii.s—and having crossed the Bahama btiuk and i £ S - ■rbage. all the casks o f the ships to be filled. ‘Here a re large lakes,” says he in his journal \and the groves tibont them are marvelous, a n d here and in all the island everything is green, as in April in Anda­ lusia. Tlie singing of the birds is such tliat it seems as if one would never desire to depart hence. There are flocks of parrots which oRscure the sun. and other liirds, large and sintill. of so many kinds all different from ours tlnit it is wonder­ ful;ful; andnd ite.sides,.sides, therehere a rere treesrees off a a ite t a t o a thou­ sand sjieeies. each having its particular fruit anti all of marvelous flavor, so thtit 1 am in the greatest trouble in the world not to know them, for 1 am very c ertain th a t they are eacli of great value. I sliall bring home some of them as speci­ mens.^ and also some of the heriis.” To this betintifnl island he gave the name of his royal patrone.ss, Isabella; it is the same a t pre.sent called Isla Larga and Exnmeta. Columbus was intent on dis­ covering the drugs and spices of the east,east, andnd onn approachingpproaching thishis islanda: had a o a t isl fancied he perceived in the air tht odors said to be w afted from the islar of the Indian seas. “ A s 1 a rrived at t cape,” says he, “ there came thence fragrance so good a n d soft of the flo ers or trees of the laud th a t it was 1 ;st tiling in the world. I beli< are liere many herbs and trees THE MODEL SHOE STORE. N o te T h e s e P r ices Ladies Dongola Shoes $1.00 and upward. Men’s Calf Shoes $1.25 and upward, Children’s Shoes 2 5 c . and upward, I carry the finest and largest line of M en’s. Ladies, Misses, and Children’s shoes in Seneca Falls, and invite all to inspect my line of Boots and Shoes and compare prices. My line of Rubber Boots and Shoes are all of this season and at the very lowest prices. mODEL SHOE STORE, O p p o site P o s t Office, LOUIS L. RAPHIEL, there a re liere many herbs an d tr wliich would be of great price in Spain for tinctures, medicines and spices, but I know nothing of them, which gives me great c o ncern.” Tlie fish which a bounded in these seas partook of tlie novelty which chiiracter- ized most of the objects in this New World. They rivaled the birds in trop­ ical brilliancy of color, the scales of j .some of them glancing back the rays of light like precious stones; as they sported •ihont the ships they flashed gleams of irold iiml .silver throngli the clear waves, ami tlie dolphins, taken out of their ele­ ment. delighted tlie eye w ith the changes of colors ascribed in fable to the chameleon No Jinimals were seen in these islands, e-xcepting ti species of dog which never barked, a kind of cony or rabbit called ‘utia” by the natives, together w ith nil merons lizanls and guanas. The last were regarded w ith disgust and horror by the Spaniards, supposing them to be fierce tind noxious serpents; but they were found afterw a rd to be perfectly harmless, and their flesh to be esteemed a g reat delicacy by the Indians. For several days Columbus hovered about this island, seeking in vtiiii to find its imiigin:iry monarch, or to e stablish a ication w ith hiii WALL PAP E li HE A I - T lE l 7 . PA TTKRNH juxl rect ived. DHCCiH A N D M E D IV ISH H Prices Reasonable. D a v is 8 l C a s e y GUT GLASS BOTTLES! TOILET ARTICLES, & c. H R i;8< 'R I I > 'riO N « » Varefultu ( mnpmauled Y IFc carry a comjikk lint oj AND SUPPLIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, at reasonable prices HILiMIRE HILIMIPE JUST HECEIYED AJargp tuul ssU'Ct stock of new K a l l S u i t i n g s AND OVERCOATINGS. Remember the place, - • PA R T R ID G E BLOCK, S e n e c a F a l l s , N. Y . T H E T A I L O R PEAD the journal , T H K B E S T P A P C R m SE1 0 :OA COUNTY. until a t lengtli > relticttuuly became convinced of his ooner, however, did one <' ivtiy than anotlier succeed! reply to tlie c ontinual intjuiries ma ' tlielie 8p:iiiiardsp:iiiiards a fterter thehe wbe»hence hy t 8 a f t source w they procuredrocured theirheir gold,old, thehe nativesatives uni-ni- :tiou called Cuba, but all y p t g t n u !uly pointed to the south. Columbus hear of an island iu that th a t he Id collect t IS of the nt t from the loredi by his signs of the n atives wtis colo imagination He understooil it to be of great extent, abounding in gold and pearls and spices, and carrying on an ex­ tensive commerce in those precious arti- cle.s. !ind that large m e rchant ships came to trade w ith its inhabitants. Couii>aring tliese m isinterpreted ac­ counts with the coast of Asia as laid down on his map, a fter the descriptions of Marco Polo, he concluded th a t this island m u st be Cipango, and the mer­ chant ships mentioned m u st be tliose of the grand khan, who m a intained an ex­ tensive commerce in tliese seas. He formed his plan accordingly, determ in­ ing to sail im m ediately for this island and make liiinself acquainted \\ith its ports, cities and productions for the pur­ pose of e stablishing relations of traffic. He would then seek a n o ther g reat island called Bohio, of which the natives gave likewise marvelous accounts. His so­ journ in those islands would depend upon the quantities of gold, spices, pre­ cious stones and other o b jects of o riental trade which be should find there. A fter -sail, seek the city Quinsai,which, accord­ ing to Marco Polo, was one of the most magnificent capitals in the world; he would there deliver in person the letters of the Castilian sovereigns to the grand kh.m. and when he received his replj- return trium p h a n tly to Spain w ith this docum ent to prove th a t he had accom plished the g reat object of his voyage Such w,as the splendid scheme w ith which Columbus fed his im agination when about to leave the Bahamas in quest of the island of Cuba. THE LANDING OF COLUMBUS. For several days the departure of Co­ lumbus was delayed by contrary winds and calms, attended by heavy showers, which last had prevailed more or less since his arrival among the islands. It was tbe .season of the autum n al rains, which in those torrid clim ates succeed the p a rching heats of summ er—commenc­ ing about tbe decrease of the August moou aud lasting until the m o n th of No- Ui iruiu tue isiuuu ui Lbuueiia, uu early becalmed untU m idday; a g in d then sprang up, a n d .asheob sserves. t begiin to blow m ost amorously. 1 $2,800 w ill buy an elegant tw o story briok I louse, \With double lot, good bam , and all m odern home attachm e n ts, in prim e order, and .an excellent location, in the village of Seneca Falls. Apply at office of N . B. Stevens. Fall street. I have been troubled with catarrh for ten years and have tried a number of remedies, but found no relief until I [UirehiLsed a bottle of Ely’s Cream Balm. 1 c o nsider it the most reliable prepani- tion for catarrh and cold in the head.— Geo. E. Crandall, P. M ., Quonocliawn- taug, R. I. Every tissue of the body, e v ery nerve, bone and muscle is made stronger and more healthy by taking Hood’s Sarsa- le the coast to the we.st of 1 s he approached this noble Islaml he Struck with its m agnitude anil the ideiirdeur off itsts features:eatures: itsts highigh and gran o i f i h airy moimtains, wliich reminded hii those of Sicily; its fertile valleys and long sweeiiiug plains, w:itered liy noble rivers, its .stately forests: its hold pro- montorte.s and stretching headlands, which melted away into the reinote.st di.staiice. He anchoreii in a beautiful river of transjiarent (.•leariiess. free from rocks anil shoals, its b:iiiks overhung w ith tree.s Here l.iiidiug. and taking po.s.session of the island, he g:ive it the name of .luaiia, in honor of Prince Juan, and to tlie river tlie name of San Salvatlor On the arrival of tlie ships tw o eanoe.s pill off from tlie shore, bnt fleil on .see­ ing the boat !i|ii)roach to .sound the river tV»f aiifliorage 'file a d m iral visited two cabin.s. abandoned by their inhalntauts. They contained but a few nets made of the fibers of tlie palm tree, liooks and harpoons of bone, and some other fi.sli- ing iinplement.s. aud one of tlie kind of dogs he liad met witli on the smaller islands, wliicli never bark He ordered that nothing shimhl be taken away or derangeil. Returning to his boat be proceeded for some distiinee tip the river, more tind more eiieiiaiited w ith the beauty of tlie country The banks were covered with high and wide.spreading trees, .some bearing fruits, other.s flowers, while in some botli fruit and flower were min­ gled. be.speakiiig a perpetiuil rouml of fertility: among tliem were many palms, but ilift’ereiit from tlio.se of Spain and A frica W itli I the natives tliat Tlie continual eulogies made by Co­ lumbus on tbe be.auty of the country were waiTtiiiteil by the kind of scenery he Wits belioldiiig There is a wonderful splemlor. variety and luxuriance in the ‘tatiou of tliose tjuick and iirdeiit flowers ;md the colors of the soms derive a vividne.ss from tl: parent purity of the air ami the deep se­ renity or the azure he.-ivens Tlie for­ ests, too. are full of life, swarming with birds of brilliant pluintige. Painted va­ rieties of jiarrots and woodpeckers create a g litter amid tlie v e rdure of the grove, and hum m ing birds rove from flower to flower, resembling, tis has well been said, aniimiteil particles of a rainbow Tlie scarlet flamingoes, too. seen sometimes through tin o pening of a forest in a dis­ tant .sjiviinna, htive tlie appearance of soltliers dniwii up iii battalion, w ith an advanced scout on tlie alert to give no­ tice of approiicliing danger. Nor is the leiLst beiintiful part of an 1 m ated nature tlie various tribes of iii.seets peopling every plant anil displaying brilliant coiit.s of mail, which sparkle like pre- Siieh is tlie splendor of anim al and Vegeta l)le c reation in these troiiieal cli­ mates. where an ardent snn im p a rts its own luster to every object and qiuekens nature into exuberiint feeuiulity. The birds in genenil a re not rem arkable for their notes, for it has been observed that ill the feathered race sweetne.ss of song rarely accompanies brilliancy of plu­ mage. Columbus remarks, however, that tliere were various kinds which sang sweetly among the trees, and lie frequently deceived himself in fancying that he lieard the voice of the nightin­ gale. a bird unknown iu these countries. He was. in fact, in a inooil to see everj-- thing through a favoring medium. His heart w:is full to overflowing, for lie was enjoying the fulfillment of hjs hopes a n d the hard earned but glorious rew ard of liis toils and perils. Every­ thing around liim was beheld w ith the Dred and exulting eye of a discov- ivhere trium p h mingles with ad- ation, and it is diffleiilt to conceive erer, where miration , ar ■apturous s tate of his feelings while ■ ig the charm s of a ' thus e xploring th e charm s of a virgin worlil. won by liis eiiterjirise and valor. From liis continual remarks on the beauty of scenery and from his evident delight in rural sounds aud objects, appears to have been extremely open those happy influences exercised over some spirits by the graces and wonders of n ature. He gives utterance to these feeling.-! w ith characteristic enthusiasm, and at the same tim e w ith the artles.s- ness aud sim p licity of diction of a child. W hen speaking of some lovely scene among the g roves, or along the flowery shores of these favored islands, he says, “one eould live tliere forever.’ Cuba broke upon him like an elysium ‘It is the most beautiful island,” he says, “ that eyes ever beheld, full of excellent po. and profound rivers.\ The clim ate was more tem p erate here than in the other islands, the nights being neither hot nor cold, while the birds aud crickets sang all night long. Indeed there is a beauty in a tropical night, in the depth of the dark blue sky. the lam b ent purity of the stars, a nd the resplendent clearness of the moou th a t spreads over the rich land­ scape and the balmy groves, a charm more c aptivating than the splendor of In the sweet smell of the woods and the odor of the flowers Columbus fan­ cied he perceived the fragrance of ori­ ental spices, and a long the shores he found shells of the kind of oyster which j-ro- duces peari. From the grass growing to the very edge of the w ater he inferred the peacefulness of the ocean which bathes these island.s. never lashing the shores w ith angry surges. Ever since his a rrival among these Antilles he had experienced.nothing but soft and gentle weather, and he concluded that ti per­ petual serenity reigned over these hapj seas. He was little suspicious of the c casional bursts of fury to which they a liable. Charlevoix, speaking from actu observiv.ion, remarks; “ T he sea of those Clst.ii‘voyn.nt E x a i u i i m i i o i i s . Clair\'oj-ant ex:iminatioiis free by Dr. E. F. Buttorliehl There is no suhieet that requires so much study and experi­ ence as the treatm e n t of elironie diseases. The astonishing success .and rem a rkable cures perform ed by D r. due. to the giftift off Clairvlairvoyance, g o C to off thehe constitutiononstitution off i long study o t c o m an and the curing of disease from natur.al rem edies. I„et those given up by others c.all fo r an exam ination. He cures the w o rst eiuses of cataiTh. scrof­ ula. piles, fem a le weaknesses asthi diseases of the heart, lung ami kidm Guanantees to cure Piles and takci. until the cure is complete. W ill be a t National hotel. A uburn, Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 10 and 17. W ill be at the Franklin house. Geneva, Nov. 18. D b B u t t e k k ielh . TAMMANY’S CONSPIRACY Harper’s 'Weekly Supports the Republican Ticket. The Tiger Must Ke Fought by All Hon­ est Men—Fassett an Idea! Leader, and a Candidate That All Good Citizens Should Vote For. George W illiam Curtis, editor of Har­ per’s Weekly, ha.s the following leader in this week’s issue: Unless all questions of s ta te govermuent are to be wholly subordinated to national policy, the pending issue iu New Y^ork is well summtirized by Mr. Fassett as th a t Df good government against Tammany country.” A t the late Democratic convention it overthrew till opposition within the party, and the .success of the Sartitoga ticket would secure its suprem­ acy iu tlie state. Iu this situation Mr. Fassett stands for the intelligent opposi­ tion of New Y’ork to Ttiminauy Hall, and the protest of the County Democracy speaks for the Democratic pert of that op- “The Democratic party of today in this state, like the Democratic party of tho.se dark years prior to 1871, is absolutely dom­ inated and controlled by a combination between Tammany Hall and a canal ring. W h at consequences befell the p:irty be­ fore as the result of such a comuination we are none of us old enough to forget, and we warn all the honest, sober minded Democrats of the state to remember those consequences, and when the proper time arrives to unite with us in the effort to wrest, the control of the party machinery from those who in the end can bring to it only disgrace a nd defe;it.” A prominent Democrat, the late fusion candidate for d istrict attorney, also says: “The election of Flower would be the death of the County Democracy. It would make Tammany trium p h a n t throughout the state, aud would give thtit organiza tion a voice iu the national alRiirs of 1893. The interest of self preservation demaud.s th a t the Counties should work for the de­ feat of Roswell P. BTower, who was placed in nomination w ithout a voice from this Democratic association.” 'That is undoubtedly the opinion of a very large body of strictly Democratic voters. The County Democracy may think that party “consistency” and ptirty “loy­ alty” require a public expre.ssion of ad­ hesion to the. “ regular” nominations. But the voters wlio compose tlie County Dem­ ocracy will hardly vote to destroy their organization by wholly s u bordinating the party to Tammany Hall. It would be stultiflcation for any Democrat who thiiiLs th a t the control of the party luachinerj- should be wrested from those who can bring only disgrace and defeat upon tlie party to vote tor th a t disgrace tind defeat and for a return of “ the diirk years.” Tlie opposition to the 'Tammany ticket, therefore, will be very much stronger than the united Republican vote, for it will in­ clude .a very Ijirge and influential Demo­ cratic vote and a gretit m u ltitude of inde­ pendent voters, who will gladly unite iu the opposition to Tammany Htill. We speak of tlie united Ilepnhlican vote, be­ cause opposition to the leadership of Mr. P l a tt will not p revent the clo.se.st union of Republicans against the supremacy of Tammany. It is long since tlie Republi­ can party wtis less distracted by factional feuds. Mr. Wliite, who represents its gen­ eral intelligence tind c haracter rather than any personal faction, and tlie representa­ tive friends of Mr. W arner Miller are all co-operating sincerely witli the especial friends of Mr. Platt, while Mr. Fassett has opened the cainpaign amid an enthusiasm wliich usually marks the close of a presi­ dential canvass. 'This is partly due to the fact th a t the Republicans feel th a t in him they have found the leader who has been long w ant­ ing to the party, tind it is largely due, also, to the fact th a t the Republican platform, amid the general baits of all party pl.at- forms to catch votes, declares strongly and unequivocally for the great measures of state policy which all good citizens ap­ prove, and which 'Tammany Hall instinc­ tively opposes. It cannot be seriously sup­ posed that the hope of completing ballot reform, and of honest government in gen­ eral, lies in the supremacy of Ttimmany Hall sustained by the vast aud c o rrupting Ijiquor interest of tlie state. I t is not surprising th a t the campaign should have opened with enthusiasm, and th a t “ P lattism ” as au issue sliould have disappeared, a lthough it threatened to be­ come au issue until the action of the Demo­ cratic convention and its consequences were fully apprehended. Sucli an issue as the practical control of the state by Tam­ many H all takes precedence of every other at the election. It appeals to everybody wlio has the public welfare at heart, tind it is a simple and intelligible issue. We have not failed to express onr opinion of “Plattism ,” but still less Itave we failed to declare, in the words of an eminent Democrat and a distinguished public spirited citizen, that Tammany H all is a conspiracy a g ainst honest government. The incisive and unsparing revelations of the Tainintiuy power and metliods made two or three years ago in The Evening Post are not forgotten. T h at power is unchanged, and its managers are the same. T h a t the scheme of holding the W orld’s fair in New York was a shrewd plot for the benefit of 'Taramany is now a very general belief, and it is no discredit to ilr. P l a tt that he saw it when others did n ot see it, and stoutly resisted it. The fight against Tammany m u st be carried on under the ncce.ssary conditions of a party contest. Tliose who would make it effective m u st vote with the Republican party for Mr. Fassett, and the candidate and the party m u st prosecute the cam­ paign as a party and a party candidate. Tliey will, however, if they are wise, re­ strict the discussion as much as possible to tlie s tate issues. B u t they c annot risk the effect upon their own voters of throw­ ing over a ll allusion to the general party policy. It is fortunate th a t the combined foes of Tammany have in Mr. Fassett a candidate whom in this conte.st they can cordially support. In personal character and address, intellectual and political ability, educated intelligence and famil­ iarity with state affairs, he is what the gov­ ernor of New York ought to be. Platform s are often omnium gatherums of professions to catch votes. B u t the professions prove the existence of the pub­ lic sentiment to which they appeal, and the probable sincerity and future action of the professors m u st be determined by experience and observation, and he would be a person of extraordinary faith who should anticipate honest aud effective leg­ islation for business municipal adm i'” “- tration from the leadership of Tamm; Hall.—H arper’s Weekly find.). !V e w $ p a p c r s E n d o r s e . ‘•Educators a re certainly tlie greate.sl lipiicfactors of the race, and after read­ ing Dr. Franklin Miles’ p opular works, cannot help declaring him to be among the most entertaining and educating authors.”—N ew York D aily. He is not a s tr a n g e r to our readers, as his adver­ tisements appear in our columns in every issue, calling attention to tlie fact tliat his elegant w ork on Nervous and H e a rt Diseases is distributed free by our enterprising druggists, Davis «fe Casey. T rial Rottles of Dr. M iles’ N ervine are given awajL also Book of Testimonials show ing that it is unequalled f o r N e r­ vous Prostration. Ueadaehe, Poor Mem­ ory. Dizziness, Sleeplessness, N euralgia, H ysteria, Fits, Epilepsy. First-class place on John-son s treet for •eilc or rent. Inquire of N B Steveii.« A d vertise in the J ouknal . OPPOSES ' 1 t i g e R TICKET. I..ieuteimnt Governor Jimes* Declnratioo Against Taiiiiiiaiiy. T^ieutenaut Governor Edward F. Jones as made a statem ent to the puhlic in sub- coK K U P r The Trade in City and Falsa W ith the possession of wealth comes the desire for power and position. When a man has acquired some millions of dol- congress or a high municipal position. To relation to Tammany Hall. Hess terring to au episode of the Democratic convention held at Rochester in 1871, when it was proposed to eject from tlie conven­ tion the Tamm tny delegation, “I still think th a t on sucli an occasion the great­ est audacity in the right would have the highest wisdom, and, in the long conviction of duty aud my tion tliat a million of people were not to be given over to pillage to serve any party expediency or to advance any views of state or n ational politics. I am fully in accord with the Demo­ cratic principles on which the party was founded, as enunciated by .Jefferson, and have not cliauged my views since the dec­ laration of the Democracy a t tlie last na­ tional convention. But, as previously ex­ pressed by me, I am most decidedly con­ vinced th a t tlie people wlio.se intere.st.s I have always endeavored to advance would be greatly injured were the control of our state government to pass into the hands of the men who now manage Tammany Hall, which would be the result of the election of tlie Saratoga ticket. We well know wliat the predecessors of tliese men did in the days of Tweed, of wliom Mr. 'Tilden spoke as “a local organ­ ization which held the influence growing out of tlie employment of T3,000 perst and the d isbursement of tliirty milliou year, whicli litis possession of all the congress or a him the emoliuments be esseni th%“J em ol of tl e office nij The oiiej n^o^ u in the office are welcome to po.ssibly they go out to the proper receptacle, under the head of “ nec­ essary campaign expenses.” T h at expres­ sion covers a great deal of money as well m u ltitude of sins chinery of loctil govei the judiciary and polic officers of e lectioiy’ iiient, (lomiiiJ aud swayed So far as municipal affairs in the city of New York, are concerned, history has re­ peated itself, and we see in control of th a t great city men more unscrupulous and possessed of mucli larger powers than tlieir predeees.sors, whom Mr, Tilden so vigorously denounc.ul. W hile I would deeply deplore ther ingof tariff reform, still I believe th an emergency ccess of Tam- . Flower as a pre.sidential ca date in 1892, which would place the iia- tioual government as completely under control of Tammany Hall as the city of New York now is, and this would niiike Mr. Sheehan governor. Those who desire this con.sninmar.ion of events should sustain party “right or wrong,” and those who do not, should at HE REPUDIATES TA.MMANY. York’s Nathiiml The New York Herald (Dem.) says: A rum or has beeu in circulation for some time past tliat Mr. Herman Oelrichs, the popular representative German Dem­ ocrat, proposed to resign liis position as a member of the Democratic national com­ mittee. Many of tliose who heard the story refused to believe th a t Mr. Oelrichs would desert his party, particularly wiien an issue of importance stared it in the face. B u t it is just this same issue, apparently, th a t caused him to take sucli action. Mr.Oelrichs believes in a Democracy witli all tliat the name implies—a liroad and liberal interpretation of the word and not the narrower construction, sucli as ap­ plied a t the convention held at Saratoga at which only one wing of the Democracy ame in for recognitioi N kw Y ohk , Oct. 5, 18!)1. Hon. Calvin S. Brice, Cliairraau of the National Democratic Committee: M y D ear Stit I beg to hand you herewith my resignation as the member of the national democratic committee for the state of New imitteo liavo been most a lively recollection of was turned up a while ago, as will be re­ membered, m which a candidate pledged himself in money and action on the prom­ ise of his election. H F rom the time of 'Pweed down, one no­ torious scandal a fter a nother is developed from the workings of this o-ganization ..... from the workings of th is or in its corruption of city, state aud national politics, and still there is little more re­ sentm ent shown than in an angry occa- are you going to do about it?” Ju s t now 'ranimauy is celebrating Its virtue to the world as a slightly tipsy woman dressed in scarlet might do from a street corner. She proclaims a “tax re­ duction” and shouts over the *1.90 tax rate on a valuation of *1,785,857,338, of which only *77,988,510 is exempt from state taxation, and therefore taxable at the lower rate of *1,680. This “ reduction” of 3.5 per cent, in the tax rate was manipu­ lated, as has beeu stated, liy increasing the total valuation from *1,090,978.390to*l,785.- 857,338, an increa.se of 5.3 per cunt. This is the system iuaugurated during the Tweed regime. It was found to be an easy and commendable way of squeezing tlie taxpayer. In 1869 tlie tax rate was *3.27, and tlie assessed value of the tax­ able property iu New York *965.326,614. The next year, when the Tweed robbery was approaching its climax, the tax rate was lowered to *2.25, tind the following year to *3.17. But the property valuation was marked up *110,937,019 over 1869. Says Tlie Press on this point: “We h:ive n o t a t h and the flies of the Tweed organs of those days, but we have no d oubt th a t Tweed received as enthu.si- astic praise for economy aud good man­ agement as the Tammany organs bestow “Tammany has learned no better meth­ ods than Tweed’s in the tw enty years’ ex­ perience. L ast year tlie tax rate was *1.97. Tammany says to the owner of a *10,000 house, 'W e shall only ask you to pay *1.90 tliis year, and we shall only assess your house a t *10,(i00.’ The grateful tax­ payer looks at last year’s tax receipt— S1.97--and this year’s tax bill and sees In the “giving away” of franchises and contracts are the hidden sources of reve­ nue, and successful bidders for contracts are so mulcted by the political ring that he result ■work and swindling to recoup and make something over.- Cor. Cincinnati Coiumercal-Gj bychea; The Democrats have h the machinery of the state government for the past ten years. D uring th a t time the cost of the a dministrative departments has increased 41 per cent, and the cost of the bureau departments has increased T25 per c ent., while the population of the state has increased only 18 per cent. Why has the expense of government in­ creased so much faster than the popula- Last winter, when the Republicans wished to investigate the departm e nt of public works in its management of the canals, tlie Democrats, acting under orders from the executive, stopped a ll legislation rather than permit the investigation. sands of dollars. S beeu made a g ainst tl relations with the pleasant, and I have a lively recolleftion of labors of the last i>resideiitial cainpaign. I cannot, liowevor, reconcile it with my idea of right to 3*etain a position to which I was elected by the representatives of the Democratic party L o u is^fim whon^a^lil-ge and^^^^ I t has been said th a t the waterways are portion of that body is arbitrarily denied ad- being used for political purposes; th a t in- mission to the councils of the party. a.s was the dividiials have beeu allowed to enjoy the property of the state without return other than political tliat incompetent men have been employed solely because of their po­ litical influence; th a t a petty scheme of blackmail is practiced upon boatmen, while their interests are neglected, and that other and serious abuses flourish. None of these charges ha've been disproved. I t is rumored that the bureau presided over by the commissioner ^ labor statis­ tics, a personal friend of David B. Hill, has exceeded his appropriation, aud that money is being borrowed for its m ainte­ nance in violation of the constitution. It is said th a t the work of this bureau is al- vholly politiciil in its nature and of the party, as was the case at the recent Democratic state convention held at Sai’.atoga last moiiih. Tammany Hall was admitted to the exclusive representiition of New'York city and county by seating its seventy-two delegates and declaring none others to bo entitled to places iu the con- York; that voters can prove their Democracy only hy accepting its methods,, voting foi- its candidates and being willing to be represented hy its delegates in the party councils. The Perpetuation of Tammany. A vote for Flower and Sheehan is a vote for the perpetuation of Tammany rule. Neither a nti-Tammany Democrats nor tbe Democracy of Kings county stands any show of recognition if the Flower-Sheehan ticket is elected, and naturally enough they are preparing to slaughter it. W hat farmer, even though a Democrat, cares to give a vote to an organization holding in such open contempt the “hayseed” popu­ lation—an organization whose very name is suggestive of robbery and jobbery? No Tammany rule for the rur.al population!— Oueonta Herald. :m law m pensive to Tam many Hall tenths of the legitimate at public cost?—N< when nine- printing is done irk Recorder. Every wage earner should paste this in his h a t—Fassett is the father of the law M o t l c i 'n m i r a c l e s . tr.T l trium p h s of D r. Pierce's Golden Medica Discoverj'. in resioring liealtli and reviv ing wasted vitality. Sold hy all drug I iiave been troubled witli elironie catarrh fo r years. E ly's Cream Balm i.8 tile 01 politics. It is hinted th a t other state bureaite are not managed as they should be, and that their expenses m ight be cut down w ithout injury to the interests of the The state g overnment has become a k ind of Democratic trust, and those who man­ age i t regard as an impertinence any at­ tem p t a t investigation. It is time the people were given a chance to go over the books. No p a rty has a right to say, as the Democrats said last winter, “This is onr affair; you have no right to question our acts.” The adm inistration should be over­ hauled root and branch, and the tru th or falsity of the charges against it deter- Tbe welfare of tbe state is a t stake. Turn on the light.—Albany Evening Jour- . The question this year Is ju s t this: Is Tammany to rule the state or be de­ prived of its power to plunder New York! Fassett represents municipal reform and Flower represents the municipal rings. W hich is to win?—Brooklyn Times. tie Baroness Bulow has been appointed ipanion to Queen Elizabeth, of Rou taking tb« place of tbe dismissed tnauia, t S t r o n g ; W i t n e s s e s . nong the thousands of testim onials of curesi liyy D r.. Miles’ New H e a rt Cure, li D r is that of N athan Allisons, a w ell-known citizen Of Glen Rock, Pa., who f o r years h:ul shortness of breath, sleeplessness, pain in left side, slioulders, sm o thering spells, e t c .; one bottle of D r. M iles’ N e w H e a rt Cure and one box of N erve and Liver Pills, cured liiin. Peter .laquet, Salem, N. J., is anotlier w it­ ness, who f o r tw e nty yetirs suffered w ith H eart Disease, w as pronounced incurable by pliy.sicians, deatli stared him in tlie face, could not He down for fear of sm o thering to d eath. Im mediately after jring t< 1 f o r years. E ly ’s Cream Balm using the New- Cure he f e lt better and inly rem e d y am ong the many that j could lie down and sleep all night, and tised that affords me relief.— E. l ' s “ “ w a well m an. 'Phe N ew Cure is I sold, also Free J' illard. D ruggist, J<’liett, 111. 3 N ew Cu re i Javis & Casey

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