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THE SENECA COUNTY JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1899. Seneca County Journal SENECA FALLS,;N. Y. The best AdvertisinK^Iedinm in the County DEKKO! DEKKO! DEKKO It is now time to think of buying a KodaR 01 Gamaia for the'summer campaign. We have just received a fresh lot of East­ man’ Kodaks and Cameras and of other makes. We are the agents for Eastmans goods in this vicinity but we sell any kind that is made. We carry a large stock of A t the annual naeeting of the Woman’s Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist church, offi­ cers were elected as follows: president, Mrs. H. Battelle; vice-president, Mrs. Amelia Euglish; secretary, Miss Anna W ard; treasurer, Mrs. Alida Brim. The Crescent Social Club gave a May party in Odd Fellows hall last Monday evening which was attended by about fifty couple, quite a number of whom were from Auburn and Geneva. The Elite orchestra furnished the music and a most enjoyable time was had by all. Justice Dwight has handed down a decision in the case of Hannah B. Gould against Ellen B. Partridge, over­ ruling the demurrer of the defendant and deciding that the complaint on its face states a cause of action. The court has not gone into the merits of the case at all and the decision only re­ lates to a technical point in regard to the pleadings. The Gleason & Bailey works are very busy in their fire apparatus department. They have under construction three large aerial trucks, one for Hartford, Photograph Supplies, such as Printing Conn., one for Albany, and one for Papers, Frames, Plates, Flash Light Powders, New Orleans, La., they also have about Films, of any size for amateur photography. Call in and look at samples of Eastman’s N e w “ D e k k o P a p e r ” It beats the old fashioned glazed paper. Central Drug Store, - 75 Fall St. Minnie Lewis Burlesque company. Opera house. May 19. Edward Hudson is building a new residence on East Bayard street. The full text of the sidepath law may be found on page four of to day’s issue. Quite a heavy wind storm passed over this village Saturday afternoon. The diagram for the May Festival of Music, Geneva, will open on Friday, Kemember the pastry sale at the Congregational church Saturday after­ noon, May 27th. Musical Festival, Geneva, May 23, afternoon 25, 35, 60 cents. Evening 35, 50, 75 cents. The King’s Daughters of the M. E. church will give a supper in the church parlors this evening. The growth of vegetation has been somewhat retarded by the chilly weath­ er for the past week. The D. A. K. will' meet at the home of the aiisses Daniels on Cayuga street next Monday evening, May 22d. Forty nine liquor tax corliflcales arc in force in Geneva at an aggregate ex­ pense to the holders of nearly $12,000. Bishop Merrill will preside over the Central N ew York conference of the M. E. Church which begins at Elmira, October 4tli. A number of the members of Cross Post and the Woman’s Relief Corps are ill Syracuse to-day attending the G. A. R., state encampment. Dr. M. C. Gould has purchased the interest of E. J . Wilcoxenin the Gould Drug Company, and the latter has re- a the business. The JouRKAL is indebted to Assem­ blyman. Gould for a copy of the Legis­ lative Manual for 1899. It is an inter­ esting and valuable book. The annual meeting of the council of the Protestant Episcopal church of Western New York opened in Geneva yesterday and will close to-night. James Alderman, the registrar of vital statistics, has placed his box in Hull's cigar store. Certificates of all births marriages or deaths should be left there. The Lehigh Valley will run an excur­ sion to New York Saturday of this week. Fare for the round trip $7.00. Return tickets are good up to and in­ cluding May 25th. The remains of James Seaman, father of the late Dr. F. G. Seaman were brought from Fairfield, N. Y.. last week and buried in the family lot in Restvale cemetery. The home of ex-Justice of the peace Bickford, of Border City, was stoned by some miscreant Friday causing con­ siderable damage. An tflort is being made to run down the culprit. ie your bicycle tag before you e paths. If you do not you Purchase use the side may get into trouble as the wheelmen intend to see that the sidepath law is strictly and impartially enforced. Rev. Father O’Connor of Saint P at­ rick’s church announced last Sunday morning at mass that he had issued a check for $4,000 which pays oil' the entire indebtedness of the church. Quite an exciting game of base ball was played last Sunday between the “ Buttermilks” and the “Hills” nine south of the village. The score IS to 11 in favor of the ‘ ‘Buttermilks.’’ The King’s Daughters of the Congre­ gational ohnrch will hold a pastry sale in the“front hall o flbo church on Satui • day afternoon, May 2'7th. Nice, fresh, home-made bread, biscuits, cakes, cookies, etc., At reasonable prices. OpeYa house, Friday, May 19th. Minnie Lewis and big company of burlesque operatic and vaudeville stars will appear in Johnson opera house for one night only. This attraction should prove a rare treat. Usual prices. Seats now on sale. The Goulds Manufacturing Company Of this place are so busy in their triplex department they were obliged to put a night force of hands at work last Mon­ day. They have also placed night hands in other departments Business was never better with them. ready for shipment three hook and ladder trucks, one lor Marlton, N. J ., one for the Brooklyn Navy yard and one for Clayton, N. Y. The following pupils of Mynderse Academy have been chosen to take part in the annual prize speaking contest to be held in connection with the com­ mencement exercises in June; Mary Day, Laura Coleman, Mattie Smith, Kittle Ostrander, Lynn Hadley, Stuart Harrison, Lawrence Easton, George Casey. The contestants will be drilled by Miss Grace Glen Hayden. It costs the dealers of Seneca Falls $6,000 for liquor tax certificates. This represents 1,200,000 glasses of beer, at the regular retail price of 6 cents each. —Reveille. We have heard of men seeing double from the effect of the above mentioned beverage, but the statement quoted indicates a condition far worse. 1,200,000 glasses of beer would represent a much larger outlay than $6,000. 'The full text of the new bicycle side- path law may be found on the fourth page of to- days issue. Every wheel­ man and wheelwoman should read it. We have heard many cyclers disputing as to its provisions who gave evidence of knowing very little about the subject they presumed to discuss. A careful study of the law might prevent such persons from making themselves pub­ licly ridiculous. Speaking ot the sample road put down in that city last season the Geneva Advertiser says: The Castle street ma­ cadam wears a great deal better than people had any idea it would, being no drainage and no curb to it. Had there been both, with no possibility of drag­ ging any mud on it from tlie side, it would be as clean and smooth as any street in town, but we admit would not wear as long. We have rather out­ grown our antipathy to macadam. Tlic tonth anniversary of llio Ep- worth league of the Methodist church was celebrated last Sunday evening. Benjamin Andrews read a very inter­ esting pajier giving a historical sketch of the league from its conception. Frank B. Odell followed with a paper on the league of our church. Rev. Mr. Copeland closed the meeting with an address in which he paid a high tribute to the personal worth of the late Ros­ well P. Flower. A petition is being circulated in town to be presented to the state fish com­ mission asking that the local fisher­ men be allowed to take the bullheads, carp, dog fish and eels out of Cayuga lake with nets under the supervision of game protectors. Already about five hundred names have been signed to the paper. The fish above mentioned des­ troy the spawn of the game fish and this no doubt accounts in a measure for the shortage of game fish in the lake. All persons who ride bicycles should secure their sidepath numbers before the first of June, because after that date a fine of $25 will be imposed on every person riding on sidepaths with out a number. The new law has made a large demand for the numbers and as they are very slow in comeing should the present stock in Hull’s cigar store and at the repair shops run out many riders may have to lay away their wheels until a new lot of numbers can bo secured. The team belonging to Anthony Me Guan while coining out of the lane from Kellogg’s blacksmith shop yesterday became frightened and ran down State street toward the Hoag house at a terrific pace. Owen Burns’ baggage wagon stood opposite the eastern en­ trance of the hotel and the runaway team came crashing into it throwing the horses down and piling the wagon on top of them. Little damage was done except to Burns wagon whicli had the thills broken. The Iiome of Henry Smith situated on the swamp road about two miles north of Waterloo was destroyed by lire Saturday afteruoou. Mr. and Mrs. Smith were visiting their son, who lived but a short distance away, when they discovered that their own home was in flames, but little could be done to save the building or furniture. The barns just across the road were pre­ vented from burning by the aid of neighbors. Mr. Smith’s loss is said to be partly covered by insurance. How the fire originated is not known. The new lessee and manager of the restaurant and other privileges at Cayuga Lake Bark, Mr. Earl L. Brown of Syracuse, is a gentleman who has had considerable experience catering to the public and he is now busily en­ gaged getting everything in readiness for the opening of the season Deco­ ration day. In the pavilion regular meals will be furnished at 35 cents or special dishes cooked to order at mode­ rate prices. A special feature and one which is likely to prove popular will be the Sunday dinner from 4 until 6 o’clock every Sunday afternoon. The members of Silsby Hose Com' pany have chartered the steamer “ Charles A. Domong” of Syracuse, and wil! have a;i excursion to Ithaca Decora­ tion day on the occasion of the Cornell- Pennsylvania and other rowing races to take place on that day. The steamer will leave the Park a t 8 o’clock and will accompany the boats over the course returning to this end of the lake as soon-as possible after the conclusion of the races. The price of tickets for the round trip on the lake is one dollar. No more than 150 tickets will be sold so that there will bo plenty of room for all oil the boat. The Riverside Gun Club, an organi­ zation recently formed here, held a trap shoot jnst east of Rumsey’s works last Saturday afternoon at four o’clock. The weather proved somewhat unfavor­ able but in spite of this 125 clay birds were disposed of and some good shoot­ ing was done. The next meet will be Saturday of this week at the same hour, at which time ollicers will be elected. The following are members of the club: Wm. GoU, S. A. Worm- stead, R. Miller, S. Woods, P. McNany, Jas. McNany, Wm. Harris, A. Z. Hurd, Edward Thorne, C. S. McBride, George Roseiiburg, A. H. Morden. It is almost impossible to take up a paper nowadays without reading of the discovery of some new disease germ or learning that articles in common use are lurking places of the deadly baecillus. It this thing keeps on people will have irear germ protectors over their mouths and nostrils, modelled after the smoke protectors of the fireman, and special antiseptic and! germ proof cloth­ ing or else give themselves up without reservation to the ravages o f the terrible monsters. The outlook is certainly very gloomy. The man who invented the bacillus ought to be caught and shut up in a cage with a few million of them for a period of silent meditation and repentance. ______ At the adjourned meeting of the board of trustees lastWednesday even­ ing the matter of additional lands for cemetery purposes was discussed and upon motion of Mr. Wellbery it was decided to secure an option on the Crane property, which Mr. Hawley had offered to sell to the village for the sum of $2,000 for the piece,> comprising about nine acres just west of and adjoining the present cemetery. The village is to pay §2,000 for the land, the lots to be sold by the village at not less than ten cents per square foot, and to pay Mr. Hawley eighty per cent of the pro­ ceeds of all sales until the tract is en­ tirely paid for. The matter of pur­ chasing crushed stone was referred to the street and bridge committee with power to act. An exchange says that gas consumers are very careless in the matter of meters. The mechanism of Ihese small sheet- iron arrangements is as delicate as the works of a watch and they ought to be inspected at least once a year to as­ certain whether they are running fast or slow. As a matter of fact, they are not inspected on an average of once in ten years. A meter is planted on its shelf in the cellar and that is very likely to be the last attention that is paid lo it by anyone but the man who comes around four times a year from company’s office to read it. It may be running fast or it may be running slow, but unless it should stop al­ together or grind out a whole year’s normal consumption in one quarter, no one is likely to think enough about the matter to call for an inspection. Epworth League Convention. The eighth annual convention of the Auburn district Epworth League will bo held in the Wall street Methodist church, Auburn, beginning Tuesday May 23d at 3:30 p. m ., and closing Wednesday at 4 p. M. The delegates of the local chapter who will attend are the pastor. Rev. Arthur Copeland, Miss Ella Pease, A. W. Golder and Bert Kellogg. In the program of exer­ cises Miss Florence Smith of Waterloo, is down for a recitation, “ What One Junior can do toward Making a League a Success.” In the evening George H. Cushing of Seneca Falls, former presi­ dent of the League, will respond to the address of welcome- Wednesday morn­ ing Mrs. Jennie I’Ey of Canoga, will present a paper on “ Hov/ to Secure Variety in Prayer Meetings.’’ Prof. R.J.Snyder of Waterloo will tell “ How to Select Lenders for Prayer Meetings,” and Miss Ella Pease of Seneca Falls will discuss the sub|ect “ How shall we Raise Money for League Expenses.” The convention will doubtless be an interesting one. County Sunday School Association. The twenty-first annual convention of the Seneca County Suuday School Association will bo held in the Re­ formed church, Farmer, Wednesday, May 31st. The ofiicers of the associa­ tion are: president, George H. Cush­ ing, Seneca Falls; vice president, W, E. Peterson, Farmer; secretary, Rev. E. B. Van Arsdale, Farmer; treasurer, Mrs. Annetta Flood, Romulus; secre­ tary of Woman’s Work, Mrs. J . B. Peterson, Farmer. Following is the program: 9:30 a . m . opening service; 9:45, reports; secretary, treasurer, secretary of Woman’s W ork; 10 A. M. town, county and state work, by Rev. S. S. Eddy, Syracuse; 11 a . m .. Re­ sponsibility of the Church to the Sun­ day School, Rev. George Nichols, W’est Fayette; 11:15, a . m . Teachers’ meetings and the preparationi of the lesson. Rev. S. F. Sanford, Waterloo; 11:30 a . M. Shall we use the blackboard and how much ? C. S. Babcock, Seneca F a lls; 11:50 a . m . appointment of committees. Afternoon session: 1:30 r . m . prayer and praise; 2 p, m . primary work, conference led by Mrs. Peter Lindsay, Rochester; 2:30 p. m ., superintendents’ conference led by T. H. King, Covert, in the chapel; 3 p. m . H ow to Reach Outsiders, Outlying Neighborhood Schools, George S. Lawrence, W ater­ loo ; Personal Visitation, Rev. H. Grant Person, Seneca Falls; Home Depart­ ment, Rev. S. S. Eddy; question box; reports of committees; election officers; miscellaneous business. Subscribe for T h e J ournal , Personals ■George Bachman was home over Sunday. —Miss Mary Henion was in Shel­ drake Saturday. —S, S. Gould was in Now York last Friday and Saturday. -William Newby of State street is sick with the mumps. Frank Powell was homo from Auburn over Sunday. William Bradley was home from Auburn over Sunday. —Dr. M E. Williams is suffering from a sprained knee. ■Mrs. John Parsons has returned from a visit to Chicago. —Gen. Henry T. Noyes of Itoches- ter, was in town yesterday. James Carroll of Willard visited wiih friends in town Sunday. Charles Coy of Syracuse spent Sunday in town with friends. William Simsoii returned Satur­ day night from a western trip. —Schujler Huff of Auburn, spent Sunday in town with liis family. -Rev. A. C. Clarke of Manlius, officiated in Trinity church Sunday. —Jack Feeck, the veteran horseman of Syracu.se, was in town yesterday. —Miss Grace Glen Hayden, of Port Byron, was in Seneca Falls yesterday. •Dr. H. Belcher, of Buffalo, has been visiting friends in Seneca Falls. —Harry Groesbeck arrived home yesterday from a trip into Pennsyl- — Miss Elizabeth McGuire, of Gene­ va, spent Sunday with friends in Sen- —k Wealherlow is in Syracuse to­ day attending the G. A. R. state en­ campment. ■Jesse Darling left yesterday for Fairport, where he will manage a barber shop. —Rev. Henry Maier and family of Oak’s Corners, were in town several days last week. ■Miss Sarah Finnegan left Monday for the Thousand Islands, where she will pass the summer. —Professor VauTile of Hamilton High school was a guest of Charles Sanderson last Friday. — Miss Lottie Bowen, of Broadhead, Wis., is visiting .Mr. and Mrs. John Duff, on White street. —Mr. and Mrs. James Young are re]oieing over the arrival of a little daughter born last week. —Miss Belle Donnelly, of Salt Lake City, is visiting her brother, William Donnelly, in this village. —Miss Mott, who has been visiting her brother James Mott, left for her home in Waterville yesterday. —John McGlian, who has been visit­ ing his sister, Mrs. John Hanlin, has returned to liis home in Troy. —Mrs. Dr. Dean of Waterville, Oneida county, is visiting her aunt. Miss Millie Payne in this village. —Peter Durling, who has been visit­ ing relatives in town, returned to bis home in Niagara Falls last Friday. Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Dickinson of Biillalo, were at thoir new cottage at Sheldrake for a few days last week. Rev. William B. Clarke returned from AnlwPi'p, N. Y., Monday ac­ companied by liis wife and daughter. —L. L. Van Dyne, of Geneva, was the guest of ftlr. and Mrs. William Scollin, on Miller street, over Bunday. —Miss Katie Rsfforty, who is teach­ ing in Romulus, spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother in this place. —Tlio death of Mrs Janies Reagan occurod in New York city last Sunday. She will be buried in that city lo-day. —E. P. Lawrence of Elmira, was in town yesterday attending a meeting of the stockholders of the Courier Com- ■^Miss Janet B. Glen of AElieville, N. C-, is visiting at the home of her brother Harry M. Glen on West Fall —John Gnioii and Thomas W. Poll­ ard attended the state convention of the Brotherhood of St Andrew held in Syracuse last Sunday. W. Golder is in Syracuse to­ day attending the meeting of the Slate Association of Opticians, of which he is secretary, at the Yates hotel. —Dr. M. G. Gould was called to North Bellington, Mass., yesterday, on account of the serious illness of his father, who is seventy-eight years old. ■Mrs. Robert Scbuyler and daugh­ ter, who have been visiting at the home of R. Schuyler at the lake, returned Saturday to their home in Niagara Falls. ■Wallace Goctoliious, George Stev­ enson and Henry Fegley are the dele­ gates of Cross Post to the state encamp­ ment of G. A. R., in Syracuse to day and to-morrow. —Rev. A. W. Taylor and Mrs. Tay­ lor lettyesterday to attend the meeting of the State Association of Congregational churches and ministers, which is being held in Cortland this week. •Fred Mickley of Cleveland, Ohio, has been in town for a few days having been called here to attend the funeral of his mother. It is his first visit to Seneca Falls in eleven years. •Miss Lillian Richards, aged three years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil­ liam Richards, fell out of bed last Thursday morning and broke her collar bone. Dr. Crosby attended her. —8. Rebstock, of Buffalo, was in Seneca Falls over Sunday. On his re­ turn home ho was accompanied by his mother, who has been visiting for some time at Fred Maier’s on Stevenson —Rev. Arthur Copeland was called to Penn Yaii, Monday, to conduct the funeral service of John Lewis, one of the oldest business men of that place, and one highly respected. This after­ noon he is in Clyde to officiate at the burial of George Hoyt, Esq., for many years the head of the Clyde glass -works, and a trustee of the Methodis church of that place for over forty Prof._ Bradley, The optician at I. Randell’s store again May 18 to 20. Mothers bring youi children. Come yourselves and have the eyes tested. Don’t neglect them. In The Churches. ST. PATRICK S. Next Saturday will be Vigil of Pentecost day in the Roman Catholic church. Mass will be held at 8 o’clock and it will be observed as a regular fast day. CONGREGATIONAL. The King’s Daughters will hold a pastry sale in the church, Saturday afternoon, May 27. The Whatsoever Qircle of King’s Daughters will meet Friday afternoon with Mrs. Carter, on John street. Subject for Tlinrsday evening prayer meeting—The Soul’s Need that the Body Rest, Subject for Sunday morn­ ing service—The Rizh Man and Laza- METHODIST. The Epworth League anniversary was a success. Children’s Day will soon be here and steps are being taken to observe it. The King’s Daughters held a delight ful musical at the cliurcli Monday evening and will give a supper there is evening. Next Sunday being Pentecost Sunday, the pastor will observe it by an appro­ priate sermon in the morning. Usual service at night. Obituary. .TOSEPII LA FLEUR an aged resident of Seneca Falls, died Friday from injuries caused by a fall a few days before. He was a native of France and eighty-seven years of age. He leaves four children, Joseph, Mi­ chael and William La Fleur of this place and Mrs. G. M. Demarest of W’aterloo. The funeral was held Sun­ day afternoon at three o’clock at St. Patrick’s church. MRS. ANNA STECIIEK, aged eighty-four years, died Sunday morning at tlie home of her daughter, Mrs. Norman L. Beach, on Garden street, from exhaustion due to old age Deceased was a woman who was high­ ly esteemed in the community and she had been a life-long member of tlie Methodist Episcopal church. Slio was sister of Mrs. Lewis Deinott and is survived by several children and grand­ children. The funeral was held Tues­ day afternoon from the house, Itev. Arthur Copeland officiating. SIRS. MARY J. MICKLEY. There was a general feeling of sor- iw in this village when word was re­ ceived Thursday of the death of Mrs. Mary J. Mickley, wife of Henry C. Mickley of Seneca Falls, who had gone to Syracuse but a few days before to idergo an operation for the removal of a tumor. The operation was performed Monday but her constitution was not strong enough to enable her to with­ stand the shock and she gradually grew weaker until death ended her sufferings. Mrs. Mickley was in her fifty-seventh year and was born in B'oomfiold, Ontario county, but, with the exception of a few years her whole married life had been passed in Ibis village. She had a large circle of friends by whom she was dearly loved and she was gene rally respected and esteemed. An active member for years of the Baptist cliiircli society, she was a woman of loble character, devoted to her family and home. The surviving members of the family have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their sudden and deep aflllction. Besides her husband, five cbildren are left to mourn her loss, B. F. and Clar- euce Mickley of Seneca Falls, Fred of Cleveland, and Edward B. and Mrs. Irene Kern of Mansfield, Ohio. The funeral service was held at the family home on State street Saturday after­ noon at three o’clock, Rev. S. M. New- land of the Baptist church officiating. Children’s trimmed leghorns for one dollar a t Mrs. Hadley’s. Fine lino of imported and domestic 1 cigars at Hull’s. _ _____ New Lehigh Time Table. new time table went into efteet on the Lehigh Valley Sunday by which the people of Seneca Falls and Water- are given a much belter train service than formerly. Four trains each way are now run daily except Sunday between this place and Geneva. The first train leaves here at 7; 30 a . m . with no change of cars at Geneva, for Rochester which is reached at 9:10 A. M, and Buffalo where it is due at 10:30 a . m . making the run from here to Rochester in one hour and forty minutes and to Buffalo in just three hours, much quicker than any trains on the Central. The next train leaves at 10:10 A. M,, connecting at Geneva with through train for New York and also with the local train south on the Ithaca branch. Trains also leave at 5 :40 and 7 :35 p M. From Geneva trains leave for Waterloo and Seneca Falls at 6 :40 and 9 :40 A. M. and 5 :00 and 7 :10 P. M. reaching here about twenty-live minutes later. The revised time table is given in another place. Young Thieves Caught. Last week Tuesday, J . E. Cooley and E. L. McWhorter, of Kendaia, notified Sheriff Clark that their boat house on Seneca lake had been broken into and a sail boat and other property stolen and that they had reason to believe it was being brought down the canal from Geneva by two boys. The sheriff secured a warrant and set out at once finding tbe boys about two miles this side of Geneva. They were ordered ashore and came only when the sheriff displayed his revolver and politely in­ sisted. Their examination was held in Waterloo Wednesday last before Justice Kuney when they gave their names Frank Ellis, aged sixteen years, of Watkins and Frank Prosser, aged nine­ teen years, a native of Milo, Yates county. They claimed to have bought the boat of another party for $10 but were held to await the action of the grand jury. It is said that missing property belonging to several Schuyler and Yates county residents was also found in the boat. Decoration day is the day set for the big boat races between Cornell, Penn­ sylvania, Cascadilla and the New York Military Academy. Single fare for the round trip on all railroads. Obser­ vation train tickets on sale at railroad ticket office. Only $1.00. A chance of a life time to see one of the big boat races of the year. Bicycle sundries a t the lowest prices at W. E. Hull’s cigar store. Waterloo. Thomas Denne will leave soon for a visit with relatives in England. A. L. Childs and John L. Cone have formed a partnership as real estate agents. A second May subscription party was given in the Academy of Music last Friday evening. The AVomau’s Relief Corps held a very pleasant card party at G. A. R., hall last Thursday evening. A memorial sermon will be preached in the Baptist church, Sunday evening, May 28th, by the pastor. Rev. S. P. Sanford. Several departments ot the Water­ loo Wagon works are compelled to run overtime in order to catch up with orders. Miss Louise Semplner has resigned her position as organist at the Church of Christ and is now organist at the Baptist church. The Waterloo Wheelmen have de­ cided to limit the number of tickets to be sold for thoir excursion to Ithaca, May 30th, to 300. The Waterloo Democrat says that five young ladies and one gentleman, teachers in the public schools, are to be married soon. A judicial settlement was had Mon­ day of the accounts of Sarah J . Fisk as ; administrator ol the estate of James Fisk, late of the town of Junius. Frank Y^ost, of Fayette, while break­ ing a team of colts Friday, was kicked the knee causing a bad fracture, many friends will be sorry to learn of his accident. Rev. S. F. Sanford, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church at Water­ loo, has accepted the Invitation to de­ liver the address on Memorial day be­ fore Post Keeslar, No. 58, at Wolcott. Mrs. Richard Richards, sister of John Becker, Sr., of this village, died Satur­ day, May 6th, at her home in Allen­ town, Pa. Mr. Becker and grandson, John B. Becker, J r ., attended the fune­ ral in that city Wednesday. Miss Daisy Folkrod of Fayette, was taken to Rochester Tuesday last by Doctors Haslett and Osborne suffering with appendicitis. An operation was successfully performed at the hospital and she is now recovering rapidly, “ The Hero of the Oregon’’ a patriotic naval play, will bo presented Friday ining by local talent, at the Academy of Music, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Aiken. The enter­ tainment is to be given for the benefit of the Waterloo band. John O’Donnell, an employee of the Waterloo Wagon Company,was knocked down and severly injured at the works Saturday afternoon. He was assisting ill trucking some object, when the handle of the truck flew up and hit him a severe blow under the chin. His face ; covered with blood from a deep in the jaw and he was rendered al­ most insensible. Tyler J. Snyder post G. A. 11., has appointed committees for Memorial day as follows: Clergy and invitation, Comrades Kist, Cadmus and Rowe; program and line of march. Comrades Cox, Hogeboom and Diltz; flowers, Comrades Cox, Shirley and Sands; irriages. Comrades Marshall and Ed­ wards j music, Comrades Sands, Dercli and C o x ; decoration of graves. Com- rades Lampliier, Sweet anil Marshall; decoration of hall. Comrades Frink, Jjampliier and Sands. A meeting of the village board of trustees was held Monday evening and W. A. Gibson was elected clerk; Frank Shirley, street commissioner; Stephen Cook, collector; H.AV. Clark, treasurer. No agreement was reached on the office of night watchman. Paul Tucli, George Markell and Frank Rickey were ap­ pointed members of the board of health. President VauRiper named these stand­ ing committees: streets, Renner, Van Riper, Lohr; fire, Jenkins, Chamber- lain, Cronin; finance, Van Riper, Cham­ berlain, Lohr. The annual tax levy authorized as follows: general purposes $10,000; water tax, $2,280; board of health, $500; payment of bonds, No. 3 and 4 and interest, $1,360; total, $14,140. Cornelius Paine, Frank Hill and Will Green were appointed special police without pay. Leave orders for the Yawger Mill Company’s flour at W. E. Hull’s news If you need the services of an opti­ cian call on A. W. Golder. We make the highest grades of flour. Leave your orders at W. E. Hub’s news room. Yawger Mill Company. Children’s trimmed leghorns for one dollar at Mrs. Hadley’s. Base ball goods and fishing tackle at Hull’s cigar store. $1.00 in Gold for the boy who takes best pictures with the Cam eras we give away N unnolu ’ s , C lothiers . If you want to give the “Johnson Home” a present ot a magazine or paper tall at Knight’s and let him fur­ nish it, giving the Home and Knight the benefit of this hint. Summer Fuel. Crushed coke eight cents per bushel; in quantities of twenty five bushels or more seven cents per bushel. S eneca F alls & W aterloo G as C o . The Palmer Hammocks, best in the world for sale at Knight’s. Summer iTillinery. You can save money by buying yoi summer millinery of Miss Mary Moran at her home on W est Fall street. The latest stationery is “ blue with a narrow white border” for sale only at Charles H. Knight’s. Get Your Ticket! Saturday, boys’suits, all wool, $1.47. Men’s fine onting caps. 49 cents. Men’s and boys’ belts, 25 cents. Men’s nobby suits for excursion purposes, $9.87, $10.50, $12.00. Men’s all linen collars, 9 cents. Men’s and boys’ soft front shirts, 47 c^nts. The Yawger Mill Company deliver their flour to any part of the town. Leave orders at W. E*. Hull’s cigar store. Portuando and Red Cross cigars at I Charles H. Knight’s. I County. The Ovid Epworth League celebrated its tenth anniversary Sunday. Dr. A. Horton, of Ovid, made a bus­ iness trip to New York last w eek. Ovid and AVillard wheelmen can pro­ cure sidepath tags of Rev. C. W, McNish. Newton Travis of Ovid Centre, has gone to Athens, Pa., as telegraph operator. A meeting of the stockholders of the Seneca Telephone Co , will be held at Ovid to-day, Mr. and Mrs. S. Horton, of Ovid, are the proud parents of a daughter, born last week. The Baptist Y. P. S. C. E., of Farm­ er, will hold a social in the church parlors Friday evening. A county Sunday school convention will bo held in the Farmer Reformed church Wednesday, May 31. Mrs. Hiram K. Covert of Farmer, slipped last w eek while cutting aspara- gtis in her garden and dislocated her shoulder. Howard Miller rode his bicycle off the dock at Kidders AVednesday evening. vas pulled cut none the worse for his w’etting. It is stated that the Seneca Canning Co., of Farmer, has already contracted nore acres of corn this year than was used last sfason. Mrs. Richard Hoagland, an aged lady who at one time lived in Ovid, died at Mecklenburg last week. Her age was about eighty years. Work oil the Farmer sidepath from that place towards Ovid was com­ menced last week. It is difficult lo get sufficient ashes to carry on the work. D. T. Bennett, of Farmer, one ot the sidepath commissioners, has a supply of bicycle tags which he will furnish to all wheelmeH of the south part of county when the application is accom­ panied by the necessary fee. Miss Gertrude Louise Mosher, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy 0. Mosher of Romulus, and Asa Ililkert of the same town, were married Sun­ day evening at the Presbyterian church. Rev. J . W. Jacks oiliciatiiig. The house of Frank Tnnison, several miles south of Farmer, took lire W ed­ nesday from a mattress laid too close to a stove pipe where it came tlirougli the floor. It was diseovered fortunately in time to prevent a disastrous fire. Peter AA’eatlierston died at his home east o f Farmer Monday of last week, and was buried Wednesday at Tru- mansburg. He was a blacksmith by trade and had been confined to his home by a cancer for nearly a year. His age was about seventy-one years. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rice of Angelica, died at Farmer suddenly Saturday. The child with her parents had arrived Friday on a visit and Saturday the mother found the little one dead in her cradle. It is thought that she died of a convulsion. The members of the Ovid Y. M. C. A., have elected (he following ofiicers for the ensuing six months: president, LaA’‘enie Dorenius; vice president, Wini­ fred Jones; recording secretary, Mont­ gomery ALan A''leet; corresponding score- tary, Mrs. T. II. W illiamson 5 treasurer, James B. Kinne. The following officers have been chosen by the Methodist Sunday school of Sheldrake for the ensuing year: Mrs. Mary Moore, superintendent; Misses Katie Quigley, Lottie Kelfman, assis­ tants; Miss Missouri Harris, secre­ tary; Miss Maude Dunlap, assistant, Mrs. J . C. Blew, treasurer; Miss Stella Bodiiie, organist. A team of horses belonging to M. E. AA’right drawing a load of iurniture from Mecklenburg to Ovid took fright at a traction engine near Farmer last week and became unmanageable. Mr. AA’riglit and his wife jumped from the wagon and escaped injury. The liorses ran into a fence and became entangled in the wires and the wagon was upset. Some of the furniture was pretty thoroughly demolished. During his pastorate of the Romulus Presbyterian church Rev. J . AV. Jacks has ofliciated at 483 funerals, 131 of them being members of that church, has solemnized 176 marriages; baptized 204 adults and 120 children. 371 nave been received into the church, all but 63 on profe-ssion. He has ordained 9 ciders and 7 deacons and 26 different men have served as tru.stees T.'ie church now has on its role 260 members The number of eggs bought and sliipped by Farmer dealers each week is probably more than many have any idea of. The principal shippers are Charles S. Holton and Jay Doolittle, and they pay from $1,800 to $2,000 each week for eggs. During two weeks ending May 6th, these two men shipped over 600 crates, or 180,000 eggs, and each bought more than he shipped in that time. One day last week C. S. Holton took 2,800 from one town. Each gentleman ships from two other stations besides Farmer.—Farmer Review. A rare treat Minnie Lewis company Opera house, Friday night. May 19. Leave orders for the Yawger Mill Company’s flour at W. E. Hull’s news The diagram for the May Festival of Music, Geneva, will open on Friday, May 19. _____________________ Fishing tackle of all kinds and prices at Hull’s newsroom. Musical Festival, Geneva, May 23, afternoon, 25, 35, 50 cents. Evening 36, 50, 75 cents. AVe make tbe highest grades of flour. Leave your orders at W. E. Hull’s news room. Yawger Mill Company. Glasses carefully fitted by A. AV. Golder. If you are troubled with head­ aches for which you cannot account, it may be that properly fitted glasses will Don’t forget Minnie Lewis company, Opera house Friday, May 19. Summer Millinery at very low prices. Now is the time to get your hat -for Decoration day at Mrs. Hadley’s. Children’s trimmed leghorns for o dollar at Mrs, Hadley’s. Boys’ Cameras given away with all $2.60 suits at Nunnold’s. Good soda. And when we say good we mean just the right kind; the kind that is made from only fresh and pure m ater­ ials; served in delicate thin glasses. Every glass is carefully washed and highly polished before using. Neatnesss is our hobby. Try our Pineapple Crushed Fruit. Ice Cream Soda sc. G O U L D D R U G CO M P A N Y . All the different departments at TELLEE’S EELIABLE FURNITUEE ESTABLISHMENT well filled for the wants of the housewife at the annual spring house cleaning lime. Everything in fine or medium Cabinetware; in Upholstered furniture; in Rattan Goods; in the Bedding Department, Mattresses, Cots, Spring beds, Pillows, Comfortables, etc. The Upholstery Department has been changed to the east side of the main building upon shelving very conveniently arranged for it where can be found all grades of Furniture CoYering, Trim m ings, Cabinet Hardware, and Shelf Goods G enerally. New patterns of Room and Picture Mould­ ings comprising several thousand feet are now- ready for your inspection as well as Curtain Poles, Shade Curtains, Draperies. It would be idle to attempt to enumerate but a small portion of the goods at his store that are needed in every house. TELLER'S. AVe can furnish you Old PrlYate Growtl Coffee Coffeeoffee for 25c per pound, equal to any 35c C on the market. An excellent J a p a n T e a for 50c per pound. The Best of ^ Canned Goods w at the lowest possible prices. Peas l i e and Corn 12c per DO you EXPECT TO CLEAN HOUSE? We have all brands of Clean­ ing Powders, Mops, Scrubbing Brushes, etc., and must sell A.i.Sbepard THE RELIABLE GROCER, m D AN IELS B L O C K . L. Hoskins We contracted early last winter for several hundred SUN UMBRELLAS. They are all 26 inch, steel rod, paragon frame, twilled union silk and taffeta silk covers, with handsome selected handles. Have just been received and put on sale at $1.00 S1.25, $1.60 & $1.65 EACH. Sun Umbrellas as good as these 'we think have never been sold at so low a price. L S . HOSKINS For Rent. Part of double house on Center street. In good repair. Inquire of Mrs. J . A. Pollard, 20 East Bayard street.

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