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The Seneca County journal. (Seneca Falls, N.Y.) 1885-1902, June 07, 1899, Image 4

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THE SENECA COUNTY JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 1899. LAWS OF NEW YOHK-—ByA n tlioi Si^m c s im . = ‘: ? 3 i ? S f e = s 'llffii'gsstS lS i l k 'c « = Slim m s m m m . = m » s?SM g ^ l E E i i a S S M-iMSBMiB matorial all . ‘ omr cylora fur j;^ta;nt.;^ l i i l l i S ^ Sfi-. >:•. I‘..cnj tit i*f ^iilarn-s :in«l ex­ penses.—All If. ■■♦•S4.iry » xp‘ii'‘s incurrorl hy the factory in-i»‘-«-tnr in tlii «i;-;rh.iri?t' of his iluti.-s, .sli.-ill I'H paul hv the state een years, an I no l»ni;ilf -hall he t m- j^^'uvi:. K in ^ h.‘'n S . j n ^ ‘:^? a ^J'r nitn- Mh-lofk in tin- « v.*uin;A of any *liy. or lirhfSi^'hf^r:’ in i?, malu \ shurtur wurU ilty mi tin lam ,lay of the we. k; or men- hours in .tuy one wool: than will make in average of ten hour: per «lay Jor tli - \vht*le numher of the time Wle n sneh work shall I'n^hn an I iSSifSii ISiiiliS* inf? maehiur r - - . it£riA«\ssrsl^SiT-Sii\rS \ s\ni*4. This ant shall take effect imme- State'of New York, Offlee of the Secretary s S i s S i i S t i i l n ' o UGH, Secretary of State. m m v r n n p p i i f s i i i i b”S s s p J r a ;?.'» S K J S S J r S S ' yec.* 2. This act shall take effeet imnio- state of NfW York, nfliee of the Swerctary ; ® | l i i s s s i a i JOHNTiMcIiQNbUGH of State. .AWS OF NEW YORK.~By Antliorlty. S S S S S 7^ H tiTSSS: hiilMirnr in course of eonstniction is five k E k S k * S » ss Imil.litia, Th- i-hiuf offh-er. in any city, memsiwmim ........ ............................ . * i i l een iiuntlred and ninety-uin*-, .subserilip aSSssilSSsr- ir^tute Of Ne%v York, / ^ , . « s K ; S l l “ Pub 4.' Thin State of N.-w York. Office of the Secretary transcript thur-from an.l of the whole of JOnNa\McDO^^^^ 1..VWS OF NEW YORK.—By.Vntliorlty. sSSilSHsSS hecome a law ■■ t mi t:S. articiu II, chap- AN APT to .amVn\' S 'ja U r u a .I law. rela- ‘i i S m m M StatP^o’f New York, Offlee of the Secretary sSSfif'iLSI^s I,AWS OF NEYV YORK.—R yAntliori W M M M M B B S l i i t U l S i l l u m m m B i i l i s ! ; ! ? ila u 'o f New York, Office of the Secretary orl!?hial' hnv mri'iV‘7n \’ffiS‘’olli?,.\’aiffi ‘!l! ti^ TvSSiTi'oi WS OK M3iV rcSiS,,,. r s ™ i S ( . . 5 ' : s : r = |5g i S s i s : !SSS®“- ~ » mmm H=SSi3SS;\KSSt^s: ■ssssaHSi'is i s f i l B I l i f i l i f K i “ • J S i O T ' S s s i i i k s s i s S B S S JO H NTiak^ON bU G H .SecrutaryofState. S l e , . pSilSK'Sh yoTi have prop( for me to ask ii i* ofCcct imme- k. OfTiov of the Secretary lls me that josed to her. H»is proper ask if yon are in a position to marry ? Tho Suitor—Oh, yon needn’t bewor- abont that. I am in a position get “ ' tied about that. I am ; where nothing short of matrimony wi get me out of it, so far as I can discot er.—Boston Transcript. LEADING LINES NI NEW SPRING SHOES AT MOTT’S 96 FALL ST., SENECA FALLS. \ A PJSRFECT FOOD—as W holesome as i t i s D elicious,” / WALTER BAKER & 00,»S BRUKFAST COCOA! “ Has stood the test of more than loo years* use among all classes, and for purity and honest worth is unequalled.*’ —Medical and Surgical Jovmcil, J C o s t s l e s s t h a n ONE CE N T a C u p . ( T r a d e - M a r k o n Every P a c k a g e . WALTER BAKER & CO. LTD., TRADE.MARK. E s ta b lish c d 17 8 0 . D O R C H E S T E R , M A S S . < M ILES FITZSIMONS The Reliable Boot and Shoe Dealer has a fine line of Boots, S h o e s a n d R u b b e r s for summer wear which he is selling at prices that defy competition. All the latest styles and shades in Tans. Agent for the Douglas celebrated shoes. All the different departments at TELLER’S RELIABLE FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT well iilled for the wants of the housewife at tlie annual spring house cleaning time. Everything in line or medium Cahinctware; in Upholstered furniture; in Rattan Goods; in the Redding Department, Mattresses, Cots, Spring beds, Pillows, Comfortables, etc. [i.artment has been changed to the east side of the main Imililing conveniently arranged for trades of Upholstery Dep d to the east side c upon shelving very convci it where can be found all gr Furniture Covering, Trimmings, Cabinet Hardware, and Shelf Goods Generally. New patterns of Room and Picture Mould- j ings comprising several thousand feet are now., j, ready for your inspection as well as Curtain j ti Poles, Shade Curtains, \ ■ It would be idle to attei but a small portion of the Notice to Creditors. £ x r S i S * 5 ; ; r s \ a ' . \ S ^ S s r - Notice to Present Claims. S H B S S f s S S ou or before the sth tlfty of November, ISIU). Aci miniKtrati Attorney for Adniinist 97 Fall St., Seneca Falls, N. Y. JOB PRINTING AT THE JOURNAL OFFICE We are agents for the ‘New Idea” Patterns W3«—LADIES’ SHIRT WAIST. Sizes 32, Jl, 30, 38, 10,43. Cutting and fitting is easy with “ New Idea Patterns.” Any Pattern and Any Size, only lo Cents. Subscribe for “ New Ideas for Womans Wear,” a Magazine issued monthly. Price 5c per copy, 25c per year. O T J i s d ; 3 y c i : T T C 3 - s . Leading Gents Furnisher. The latest o f everything in our line at the low est prices. AGENT FOR THE CELEBRAT­ ED YOUNG’S HATS. The largest and most com­ plete line of Neckwear in Sen­ eca Falls. F. CUMMINGS, Cash Hatter and Furnisnher. Subscribe for the Journal. Fresh A rrivals of New Furniture arc received almost daily at the Furniture Rooms of 0 _ H _ F = O W E I = R S , Columbus Block, Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N. Y. We are also prepared to make PICTURE FRAM E S,^^^ A new stock of Moulding this week. Come in and make your selections. Prices Right, The Best Advertising Medium is the Journal. Try i t and be convinced. 1 portio TELLER’S. CAPITAL - - - 8100,000. EicliangeNationulBank OF SENECA FAI.LS, N. Y. A. R. PALMER, HKNilY llOBT M a L.TON UOAO, JOBIMI T. MILLER, J. SHOKM. NORMAK n. BKOKER. DISCOUNTING doalrablo bueinoss pnpor n ALFRED GOODMAN, Agt. Tj^ine Mfirchiiiit Tuilorin:;. Itoonifl ovor ETuftth Store, next to ExchotiKO Nntioiml linnk. A1 Scientific Htncrtcnn. For Route, ” C. C. C. & ST. L- RY. Do You Love Music? If so, secure one of the latest and prettiest Two-.Steps of the ilay, by mailing 7'cn Calls (silver or stamps) lo cover mailing aud post­ age, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO=STEP. [Mark envelope “Two-8tcp.’ j We are giving this music, which is regular fifty-cait sheet music, at this exceedingly low rate, for the purpose of advertising and test­ ing the value of tho different p.apers as adver­ tising mediums. E. O. McCORMICK, PaflfionKcr Traflic Manr “Bia FOUR RC t)UTE,” New Spring Goons arriving daily at BAIRD’S. New Dresss Goods, Latest Weaves. Choice Black Crepons, Fine dualities. Plain and Figured Silks, Newest Shades. Capes and Jackets, L a testlStyles. Ladies’ Suits and Skirts, Good Materials. R. & G. Corsets, Kabo Corses. Kalamazoo Skirts, Sold by us only. Also a good variety of NEW WASH DRESS GOODS onsisting of Dimities, Organdies, Welts Piques, Ducks, Percales, Ginghams, Seer­ suckers, etc., etc., which we are selling a ’ unusu.ally low prices. VISIT OUR CARPET ROOM where you will find the most complete assort ment of Brussels, Moquette, Velvet and Ingr.ain Carpets in Seneca county. These goodslods we buy directrect fromr the mills we buy di f and sell them at the lowest possible prices a BglRDS. ssissasis'ii s i i i s s s s SS3 “li'SS£3 sS I.^AWS OK NIDW VOUlv __ By A iitliority. ^vSf Co\i. _______ ^ ELY’S CREAM liA lM Isaposltlvecr Apply into the nostrils. Ills quickly absorbed. 60 cents at Dmsgiets or by mail; samples 10c. by mall. ELY BROTHERS, 50 Warren SL, New York City. L E G A L N O T I C E S . j Seneca County and Surrogate’s Court. s s r s “ SSISBT!.six^s=s ;£K£5«=;atsi“ u tiie village of Ovid, on the Third Wed- CiiAB. orBECKmi, Clerk. I’ATRICIi SAVAGE. ^ lot, Uvcnty-mtio Chains and ninety links; thence und a half degrees east, along the north line of said lot, to the centre of the aforesaid inibUc high- S S S S S i the aforesaid road: thence Bomherly, along the centre of said road, south, ten degrees east, lo the Ei’iE Excepting and reserving from and out of the fuurtli rods, more or less, in till' iioi U iwoh I corner one lili if. Uartruii to Jacob Williaiiisoii, dated S iS £ '”'\' .. *ss'.a.s“s;i™,, M ac D onald D kos ., Attorneys for PlninUff. mmm El i S l i i l i p l l i f i t i i i rbUGH. Secretary of state. r.AWS OE NEW Y'ORIv _ By Awtliortfy. ork, Offlee of the Secretary fOUGH. Secretary of State. RAWS OF NEW YORK.—By A n tb o r it; e shall n 43. article IL ohap- 'X a ° l s f e Z i l J ° f o >NOUGII, Secretary of State. S ? f e r L . , _ . . - s’S H S H S i J i i S S i I f ;Sd\ c\rali7:irfn!i“’^s?6c“y '’^ ‘\“ymi‘n“ f’?A°«orneye, P . J i T e ru tlL 'i b tltrk L lls. N. Y. !S5B r £ i = ~ “ ES3?S;SSBS;HS issE s a s i- s S K L \ ! h “ 1?: quired to appear by your guardian, if you havn '\ E S l S ’e ^ S ■ m M m ■ iS I g f Citation for Accounting ’^%1

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