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THE SENECA COUNTY JOURNAL, W EDN E S D A Y, JtJNE 14, 1899. Seneca County Journal SE N E C A FA L L S , N .Y . WILLIAM J. POLLARD. EDITOR. Lugast Clrenlatlon in Town or County 3 report (Jeneral Luna and his aide-de-camp Lieutenant Pasco were assassinated at the headquarters of Aguinaldo, June 8. T h e CK0ISEK Olympia having Ad­ miral Dewey on board has reached Singapore on her way to the United States. The admiral’s health is said to bo improving. C a i - ta in H enry H iciiols of the monitor Monadnoek, stationed near ^Manila, died Saturday from sunstroke, and was buried Sunday at Cavite with appropriate ceremonies. A lexa nder J. C assatt of Phila­ delphia, Pa., has been elected president of the Pennsylvania railroad in place of Frank Thomson who died last week. The salary is ,§100,000 a year, a very comfortable sum. T h e season opens at Saratoga to- The Grand Union and United ;es hotels are ready for summer guests and are capable of caring for about 3,000 people alone, while t other hotels and boarding houses can feed and lodge 10,000 more. T h e A merican line steamer City of Paris which ran on the rocks off Fal­ mouth, in the English channel, May 21, has been abandoned. There is 30 feet of water in her hold and all hope of saving her has vanished. Her loss amount to nearly $2,000,000. W ork w as commenced last Friday )n the United States Government build- )unds of the Paris Expo- contract calls for the building to be finished in eight months. It will he one of the handsomest govern­ ment buildings on the grounds. ing on the groi sition. The ( T h e e l e i ' hants in Central Park, Now York cit}' have just been treated to a coat of lampblack and oil. It is said tliat this mixture is good for the ani­ mals when in captivity. Their hides arc first scrubbed clean with soap and water and then the blacking is put on. T h e F rench Cruiser Sfax, left Cayenne, French Guiana, last Saturday with Captain Dreyfus on board. He has been restored to his rank in the army and will be given a new trial by the court of Cassation on reaching Prance, when ho will no doubt be ac­ quitted. T h e sailino yacht Colunibin, which will defend the America cup this fall in the international races off Sandy Hook, was launched from the Herreshoff yards at Bristol, R. I., last Saturday. She is ninety foot on the water line and twenty-four foot beam and 132 feet s indies in length over all. T h e counties of Albany', Schen- uelndy, Saratoga and Washington in part of the eastern part of the state are suffer­ ing from a prolonged draught. No rain of any consequence has fallen since the snow disappeared. Corn, oats, hay and potatoes will be a failure in these parts unless rain comes very soon. T h e I'RiZE fight between James JcH’rics and Robert Fitzsimmons which took place at the Coney Island Athletic Club last Friday night resulted in a victory for Jeffries in the 11th round. The gate receipts were $65,000 and Fitxsimmous received $25,000 for Ms ■share and Jefiries $16000. Jeffries is now champion of the world. A i '. uonze statue of the late Presi­ dent Arthur was unveiled yesterday in Madison Square, New York. The statue is nine feet high and represents President Arthur in a standing position with eye glasses in right hand and a book in tlie other. It rests on a granite base and bears the inscription “ Chester Alan Arthur, twenty-first president of the United States.” mgvess Bryan was a great advocate of free- trade, but had no fault to find with the money system. When he was a canai- • the pres attempt to defei trade, in the face of the terrible bungle Democracy had made in tarifi legis­ lation from w hich the country w as then Huneriiin;. Instead, it was the money date for the presidency he dared not fend or advocate free- pooplo decided that qirestion, decided the tariff question, agf qviestion, as they lestioD, against the ided the tariff question, against D em ocracy. And now , if he shall be tlie Democratic candidate next year, Mr. Bryan must perforce abandon his pet theories of 1896 and whoop it up o n a ‘‘bust the trusts” cry. De­ mocracy is in sore straits for an issue. It always has been. T he n e w torpedo boat Stringham, which the Harlan and Hollingsworth Company is building for the govern­ ment at Wilmington, Del., was launched last Saturday. This is the largest and most costly torpedo boat designed for the navy. She is 225 feet long, 22 feet beam, with mean draught of 6 feet 9 in­ ches and a displacement of 340 tons. Her guaranteed speed will be 30 knots an hour and she will be propelled by two vertical triple expansion engines of 7,200 combined horse power. Her armament will consist of two eighteen inch Whitehead torpedo tubes and seven six pounder semi-automatic guns and she will have coal capacity to steam straight away for 1.000 knots. The vessel is named after Rear-Admiral Silas Horton Stringham who died in Brooklyn at the age of seventy-eight years, after a service in the navy of sixty-seveu years. | Operations in the Philippines. The Philippine insurgents seem to have relied upon the tradition that in their country the rainy season is a bar to all m ilitary operations by w h ite troops. But General Otis is rapidly destroying any hopes they may have based on such a theory. W hile the army is vesting to the north of Manila, Lawton’s troops have brought back and are actively the insurgents to the south. The oper­ ation in the Morong peninsula last week were followed Saturday and Sun­ day by a general advance sweeping the rebels southward from the com tween Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay with an estimated loss to the onei e part o north 0 igagiiig tuntry b lemy of nearly four hundred men. The two important coast cities of Faranaque and Las Pinas were easily captured the insurgents as usual doing more running than fighting, although their sharp­ shooters seriously harassed the American forces from the dense jungle through which much of the advance had to be made. In these operations the heat was intense but our troops pressed on through the rank swamp growth with the same heroism which has become characteristic of their conduct every­ where and a wholesome lesson was taught the Filipinos. The boldness with which their lines had been drawn in upon the forces about Manila was no doubt due in part to a belief that our troops would undertake no aggressive operations until the close of the rainy season. Hereafter they are not likely to count ou such protection. Many of our regular troops are old Indian fight­ ers and they are led by generals who have been taught to attack the enemy whenever and wherever ho can be found regardless of obstacles which would be considered insurmountable by continental soldiers. This mornings despatches indicate that one of the most serious battles of the war in the Philippines was fought yesterday by Lawton's ti’oops advanc­ ing southward from Las Pinas. The insurgents in large numbers made an obstinate stand at the Zapote river and the fight lasted nearly all day, the American troops drivimg the enemy back only about 500 yards. Our loss in the days fighting is estimated as high as sixty but it is not known how many of these were killed. It is also announced this morning that arrange­ ments are being pushed to despatch about 15,000 more troops to General Otis in order that the places captured may be garrisoned and held. The troops now there number 38,000 but some 7,000 or 8,000 of the volunteers are to be brought home. An Anti-Trust Decision. Although the latest legislature of the state of Indiana refused to pass a specific anti-trust law, trusts in that state, wliose purpose is to further their interests at the expense of the public, will have a hard row to hoe. The supreme court of that state has just handed down a decis’'on in an action instituted against two companies that combined to control a supply of natural gas and fix the price of the commodity. The court held that by forming such combination, tho companies had abused their corporate powers and made them­ selves liable to the forfeiture of their franchises. Justice Jordan, who wrote the opin­ ion, said that when the state sought to destroy the existence of an incorporated body, it must show some grave mis­ conduct, some act by which the corpora­ tion has offended the law under which it was created, or which tends to pro­ duce injury to the public. Where the facts disclose that a corporation has failed in the discharge of its corporate duties by uniting with others in carry­ out an agreement the performance diich is detrimental or injurious to the public, it may therefore be said to offend against the law under which it was created and consequently to forfeit Us rights and its franchist “It is an old and familiar maxim,” continues Judge Jordan, “ that compe­ tition is the life of trade, and whatever act destroys competition or even relaxes it upon the part of those who sustain relations to the public is regarded by the law as injurious to public interests, and is therefore deemed to be unlawful on the grounds of public policy. The authorities affirm, as a general rule, that if the act complained of, by its results, will restrict or stifle competi­ tion, the law will regard such an act as incompatible with public policy, with­ out any proof of evil intent on tin of the actor, or actual injury t public.’ Hot W eather Precautions. The health officer of Cincinnati has made public some directions as to what to do to avoid or to cure bad eflects of the heat. As the precautions and remedies which he advoeates are as necessary and as,, efficacious everywhere as in Cincinnati, they may be s marized as follows; In general, avoid unnecessary exer­ tion and fatigue; take the full amount of sleep that you require and don’t al- iw yourself to become excited about anything. Perspiration should r be checked, but rather promoted, Perspiration should never its free flow prevents the body from iverheated. Drink fro- ing overheated. Drink quently of cool, not cold, water, to in­ duce perspiration. All iced and alcoho­ lic drinks should be avoided. Exces­ sive use of them sometimes causes speedy death. Wear thin and light colored clothing and light hats. Dark colors absorb the heat. If yoi necessarily exposed to tho sun, pi wet sponge or cloth, or a large green leaf in the hat. Lift the hat frequently and do not allow the sponge c become dry. If a feeling of dizziness * or extreme exhaustion is experienced, stop work at once, seek a cool place and pour necK. Sleeping rooms should be well ven- • this decision. leral of Indiana seems to have un­ ited power to proceed against the trusts that are doing business in that state. That officer says that he in­ tends to go as far as the law permits in seeing to it that none of the combina­ tions of capital in I n d iana shall violate the law, As this decision is not based on any specific statute, but upon a gene­ ral principle of law, it should apply in Other states as well— Albany Journal. Presidential Candidates. With the Democratic national con­ vention only one year off, with a large majority of the states holding no gene­ ral election in 1899 and with the lines of contest clearly formed in nearly every state the influence of which is likely to be in any way potential in the nominating convention of i there is only, up to date, oni in the field for the presidency on the Democratic ticket, William J. Bryan, the candidate of three years ago. Among some conservative Democrats the ardent hope is expressed that this year’s election may tend to change the situation somewhat, but this is im­ probable, as the only states in which the Democratic party is irretrievably and uncompromisingly committed to free silver are Kentucky and Missi- ippi, which seem likely to go Demo­ cratic. On the other band, New York holds no state election, and the success of the Democrats in Ohio, the prospect of which is remote, would be more likely to alter the Republican than to improve the Democratic situation so far as presidential candidates arq, con­ cerned.—The Sun. ir cold water over the head and tilated. Constipation should be avoided. The first symptoms of sunstroke are dryness of the skin and a stinging, burning sensation in the head. The face becomes flushed and the eyes are bloodshot. When such signs make their appearance a cold bath should be taken at once. A person who is over­ come by the heat should be removed immediately to the nearest shady cool place where there is an abundance of fresh air. The clothing should be stripped from the upper part of the body and cool water be given to drink. If the person is unconscious, pour cold water upon the head, chest and wrists, until consciousness returns. Apply ice to the head and rub the body with it, un­ less the skin is cold. In that case, use warm water. When it is practicable, the patient should be placed in a bath at seventy degrees. If the skin is hot and dry, place the patient in a sitting position against anything that will sup­ port the back. Keep a cold, wet cloth on the head and pour cold water over the patient. A hea vy rain and wind storm swept over Hudson and New Richmond, Wis­ consin, Monday night doing great damage and it is reported that a number of people were killed. Tho Knights of the Maccabees will give a strawberry and ice cream festi- Frank Kidd’s lawn this Wednes- evening. Reed has just returned from Porto Rico, having received his dis­ charge from an infantry company the U. S. army. Rev. D. W. Lawrence of Hudson, and Miss Myrtle A. Wertman were married at high noon, Thursday, Juno 8th, at the liome of the bride’s mother, only the immediate friends and rela­ tives being present. The newly mar­ ried couple left for their new homo in Hudson. ok visih Daniel G. Beck visited friends in tho south part of the county last week. There will bo another bicycle race Saturday afternoon. An acetylene gas lamp will bo offered as a prize. Miss Cecil White and the Misses Ethel and Bertha Mitchell of West Junius, spent Sunday with friends and relatives here. Tho Baptist Missionary Society will hold an ice cream social at Herbert Compson’s this evening. All are cordially invited. loicty wi ice cream social in the Methodist church, Thursday evening, June 22d. The Tyre cornet band will be present and furnish music for the occasion. The bicycle riders of Tyro had a good road race last. Saturday afternoon. There were five entries. Daniel Beck came in first in eleven minutes and fifteen seconds thei distance being about four and a half miles. Children’s day was observed last Sunday evening and the line published in T h e , J ournal proved unusually attractive. The church was handsomely decorated with flags, flowers and ferns and a large audience was present. le progra: . last wee Excursion to Ontario Beach. Account of the Grand Opening Ontario Beach Park, Thursday, June 15tli, 1899. On above date the New York Central w ill sell excursion tickets to Ontario Beach, on account of the opening of the Park. There will be a Two Thousand Dollar fireworks dis­ play ; Liberatti’s famous band of 45 pieces w ill furnish m usic; Knnning Elk’s Wild West will run hippodrome races on the beach in the afternoon and evening. In full view of the new board walk which will hclfl thirty thouaanfl people. T h e entire beach w ill be il­ luminated. The Broadway Theatre Opera Company w ill sing the H igh­ wayman in the new theatre; A ll the above attractions free as well as entrance to the grounds to all N ew York Central patrons. An admission to the grounds will be charged to all those who do not use New York Central trains. Call on New York Central Ticket Agents for tickets, and all particulars, or address H. Parry, General Agent, Buffalo, N .Y . Z ickel Plate Road is now selling tickets at very low rates to many points in California, Oregon, Washington, and other western states. The service of the the Nickel Plate Koad is unsur- ised, consisting as it does of three trains, daily, in each direction, between Buffalo and Chicago, made up of elegantly upholstered day coaches and vestibuled buffet sleeping cars. The dining cars and meal stations are owned and operated by^the company and serve the best of meals at reasonable rtaes. For information call on your nearest ticket agent or address F. J. Moore, General Agent, Nickel Plate Road, 291 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. Bicycle sundries at the lowest prices at W. E. Hull’s cigar ptore. Y Clrclo, M ib . J. F. Hunt, Y. P. S . C. E. Convention. The annual convention of the Seneca county y . P. S. C. E. will be held with tho Presbyterian society at West Fay­ ette, Jun e 16, beginning a t ten o’clock. The following is the program : morning session . 10:00—Opening service. Rev. G. W. KorBchnor. 10:10—Qreotlng, Miss Edna Lorcli, West Fayctlo. 10:16—Response. Mrs. Valentino Bouton, Tru- 10:20—Eeporta of ofllcera. 10 ;30—Singing. 10:33—••Bringing North Hector. 11:13-Singing. 11:20—Addreas. “Tho Clnaalileatlon nnd Charao- torlatiCB of a Chrlatlan Endeavorcr,” by E. L. Moggo, Sec’y Y. M. C. A., Geneva. 11 :50—Appolntrnom of Commltteca and Jliacel- laneouB huaineas. AFTERNOON SESSION. 1:30—I’ralao aorvice, Rev. Wianor Kinne, ICondoia. 1:45—Reports from societies. 2:00—Junior C. E. Work, Mlsa Grace L. Jonca, Rochester, Asst. Junior Supt. N. Y. State 2:30—Reresa and Oonforenco of C. E. Committees and Junior Workers. 2:55—Singing. 3:00—Responaibility of tho C. E. society for ^ Young People of tho community. Coni once led byjy Districtict Sec’yec’y L. M.. Itonplei Distr S L. M Ito “Persons‘Persons or Proxy inn C. E. Woik,’’ 3:25—Collet 3:30—Address, • or Proxy i Rev. Charles DeWoody, Genet 4:00—Question box. 4:16—Reports of Committees. 4:20—Election of olllcers nnd MisccIInncaus b 4:30—Adjournment. We make the highest grades of flour. Leave your orders at W. E. Hull’s news room. Yawger Mill Company. Commencement line at Charles H. Kniglnight’s. day preset K Leave orders for the Yawger Mill Company’s flour at W. E. Hull’s news A gold pen from Knight’s will make a useful present to a prize speaker. For Rent. Part of double house on Center street. In good repair. Inquire of Mrs. J . A. Pollard, 20East Bayard street. Yellow soasp make quickly, rosin suds in which there is no washini power. Ontario White makes a trifli slower, rich,, pureure soapoap suds that does p s sud g than any other When the washing is done tho clothes are not yellow and sticky but white and sweet. Don’t use soaps that only part soap when you can buy On­ tario White, which is all soap, at five cents a cake. N. E. A. Convention, The N ickel Plate Koad w ill sell round trip excursion tickets to Los Angeles, Cal., and return, at very low rates, the occasion of the National Education­ al convention in July. Mr. George S. Houghton of Boston, is organizing parties to go through in special trains, July 3rd and 4th, with stop-overs at tho different points of interest enroute. For rates, sleeping car reservations and Other information, address Mr. Hough­ ton at 306 Wa.shington St., Boston, Mass., or F. J . Moore, Gcn’l Agent, Nickel Plate Road, 291 Main St. Buffalo, N. Y. Saturday and Sunday Excursion Rates to Rochester and Ontario Beach June 3rd. to October The New York Central excursion tickets every Saturday and Sunday during the sca.son to the above points. Great improvements have been made at Ontario beach this season. About June 15tli Libcrati and his military band will commence daily concerts and the Broadway Theatre opera company will give two perfor­ mances daily free. The beach has been fenced in, admis.sion free to New York Central excursionists. All others wi'l be charged an admission of ten cents A broaa board walk v/ill be constructed the bench similar to the one at itic city. For tickets and all in formation call on New York Central ticket agents. along tl Altantii How Is Your Wife? Has she lost tier beauty? If so, Con­ stipation, Indigestion, Sick Headache are the principal causes. Karl’s Clover Root Tea has cured these ills for half a century. Price 25 cts. and 50 cts. Money refunded it results are not satis­ factory. Sold by George B. Davis. Dyspepsia—bane of numnn existence. Burdock Blood Bitters cures it, prompt­ ly, permanently. Regulates and tones the stomach. Would Not Suffer So Again For Fifty Times Its Price. 1 awoke last night with severe pains in my stomach. I never felt so badly in all my lite. When I came down to work this morning I felt so weak I could hardly work. I went to Miller and McCurdy’s drug store and they re­ commended Chamberlain’s Colic, Chol­ era and Diarrhoea Remedy. It worked like magic and one dose fixed me ‘all right. It certainly is the finest thing I over used for stomach trouble. I shall not be without it in my homo hereafter, for I should not care to endure the suff­ ering of last night again for fifty times its price.—G. H. W ilson, Liveryman, Blirgettstown, Washington Co., Pa. This remedy is for sale by The Gould Drug Company. Is it a burn? Use Dr. Thomas’ Eolcc- :io Oil. A.t your druggists. Tell Your Sister good digestion, a healthy liver bowels. Karl’s Clover Root Tea Sold by George directly on the bowels, liver and kid­ keeping tliem in perfect health. neys keeping tliem Price 25 cts. and 50 cl Three spectres that threaten baby’s life. Cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhoea. Dr. Fowler’s Extract of Wild Strawberry never fails to conquer A Card of Thanks. . r lasting erlain’s family. ’e have used it in so many cases of lUghs, lung troubles and whooping ugh, and it has always given the most irfect satisfaction, we feel greatly in- the manufacturers of this I wish them to please accept our hearty thanks.—Respectfully, Mrs. S. Doty, DesMoines, Iowa. For sale by The Gould Drug Company. Mothers lose their dread for “ that terrible second summer” whetv they have Dr. Fowler’s Extract of VYild Strawberry in the house. Nature’s specific for bowel complaints of every Attention Teachers. 0 you expect to attend the National Educational Association convention at Los Angeles in July? Why not join one of the Houghton special parties of July 3rd or 4th, who go through to Los Angeles w ithout c h ange of cars, w ith stop’ovors at points of intei’cst enroute. Round trip excursion tickets at very low rates via the Nickel Plate Road. For information, address George S. Houghton, 305 Washington St., Boston, Mass., or F. J. Moore, Gen’l Agent, Nickel Plate Road, 291 Main St., Buffalo, N ^ Y ____________ Low Rate Excursion to Rochester and Ontario Beach via the Lehigh Valley Railroad. This com­ pany will run excursions to Rochester and Ontario Beach Saturdays and Sun­ days during the months of. June and .Inly, August, September and Octo The fare from Seneca Falls will be $1.00 for the round trip. Tickets will be limited to return date of sale only and will be good for all trains except the Black Diamond Express. Inquire of Lehigh Valley Jicket agents for further particulars. Have You Anything to Sell? Newspaper advertising is the most successful selling agent you can hire. Estimates furnished for advertising in any of the newspapers or magazines published in the United States Canada. A special list of Central and Northern New York papers. Write for it. Advertisements prepared and illustrated. High class booklets and circulars. Want a specimen ? J. P Hobbie, Advertising agent, Bastable Block, Syracuse, N. Y. Does This Strike You? Muddy complexions. Nauseating breath come from chronic constipation. Karl’s Clover Root Tea is an absolute cure nnd has been sold for fifty yi on an absolute guarantee. Price 25 cts. and 50 cts. Sold by George B. Davis. To the Public, We guarantee every bottle of Char berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and will refund the money to any one who is not satisfied after using it. It is the most successful medicine of the world for bowel complaints, both for children and adults. The Gould Drug Co. Knowing Chamberlain’s Cough Reme­ dy to be a medicine of great worth and merit and especially valuable for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, we will hereafter warrant every bottle bought of us and will refund the money to anyone wlio is not satisfied after using two-thirds of a 25 or 60 cent bottle. The Gould Drug Co. 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Dr. Bntterfleld will be at the Osborne House Auburn. Thursday and Friday, Jum 15 and 16 . Clairvoyant exammations free by Dr. E. F. Butterfield There is no subject that requires so much study and experi­ ence as the treatment of chronic diseases. The natonishing success and remarkable remedies. Let those given up by others call for an examination, He cures the worst cases of catarrh, scrof­ ula, piles, female weakiiesses asthma, diseases of the heart, lung and kidneys. Guarantees to cure Piles and no pay taken until the cure is compk\' D b . B utti LAWS OP NEW Y O R K.-ByA n tliorl . Imprisonment. :e effect imme- Vork, Office of the Secretary area the preceding with the in file in this office, and do _ th a t the same Is a correct therefrom and of the whole of oDONOlJGH, Secretary of State. R o V al Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum bakinff powders are the greatest menacers to nealth of the present day. ______ ROYAL DAKINS POWDEB CO., NEW YORK. Do You Know Consumption is preventable? Science as proven that, and .also that neglect iiieidal.icidal. Thehe worstorst cold orr coiough s su T w cold o c :an be cured with Sliiloli’s Cough and iuvuplion Care. Sold ■antee for over fifty ycai Cons guarantee for over George B. Davis. special dye: for[■ cotton.otton. c If your goods should not all wool, you would have to buy o packages and dye your goods twice Ltnnm Fadeless Dyes will color either buying a jcial .dye silk, wool or cotton at one time in the same vessel and you only have to buy one package. Sold by George B. Davis. Everybody’s liable to itching piles. Rich and poor, old and young —terrible the torture they suffer. Only one sure cure; Doan's Ointment. Absolutely safe; can’t fail. was a slight strain and would soon bo well, but it grow worse and the doctor then said I bad rheumatism. It cpntinned ■orse and 1 could hardly get f ork. I went to a drug stort Iruggist recomnicuded me to try Clian: berlain’s Pain Balm. I tried it and on half of a 50 cent bottle cured me entire­ ly. I now recommend it to all my friends.—F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa. It is for sale by The Gould Drug Company. Seneca Lake Steamers. SUMMER TIME TABLE. Takes Effect flay 29, I899. Beginning on the above date, tho Seneen Lake Steamer “Otetlani’’ will make landings as per tinio table below, nna this Bcliedule will be in effect for jeavo Geneva .... 1.12:00 Noon Lamoreaux (f) .................. “ North Hector ..................... Pcaeh Orclmrd (f) ........... aicnorft (f) .................... . “ Watkins ............................. GOING NORTH. x\n Uo GU-nora (f) ................................3 :S0 “ l*each Orclmnl (f).........................:5:40 “ North Hector ............................... 3:£5 “ Lftmorcaux(f). . ............................. 4 10 Lodi............................................. 4 :25 Tlighlimdft (f) ........... . Long Point (O ......... Willard ................... . Hresden... \ Hoys “F” indicates bontBstop on sigmU only, or to land passengers. F. A. Herendeen. Geacral rassenger Agent. OBNEUAL OFFICE, GENEVA, N, Y. A s k y o u r tlrugjjisi f o r K o s r p o , 10 c . The quicKest H eadache Cure on earth. We can furnish you Old Private Growtii Coffee for 25c per pound, equal to any 35c Coffee on the m a rket. An excellent J a p a n T e a fo r 50c per pound. The Best of Canned Goods a t th e low e st possible prices. Peas lie and Corn 12c per DO you EXPECT TO CLEAN HOUSE? We have all brands of Clean­ ing Powders, Mops, Scrubbing B rushes, etc., and m u s t sell A. i. Shepard THE RELIABLE GROCER, D AN IELS BLO C K . NATIONAL MEDICAL INSTITUTE, M. C. GOULD, D E N T I S T ! SENECA FALLS. N.Y. Uedlum Size Gold Filliaga, each f 1.50. Gold and Plr.iiin V ir u > n fiUings 75 cents. Rubber and Oxy Phosphate Fillings 75 cents White’s or Jnstl.s fi:ll upper or lower sets $10 Wilmington Sibleys and other cheap teeth, $8 Singlecrown on root $2.50 Skeleton plates or Movable Bridge work on Gold or Rubber, at lowest possible rate Nitrous Oxide Gaia dmlnistered. As a Matter of Fact T No h o u s e can do b u s i n e s s and s e l l goods below cost The air is full of trade lie s and th e se n s i hi e pe'opl e ought not to be fooled A n y t h i n g t o s e l 1 g o o d s s e e m s t o be t h e m o t t o . Of som e of t h e c l o t h i n g d e a l e r s in th e county. But every in f e r io r garment th e y s e l l Puts another b lack eye on th e ir And every good man t h ey dupe makes anothe.r good custom e r for us. Our trade th r iv e s by o f f e r i n g H o n est Goods at H o n est V a lu e s . It is tru t h f u l a d v e r t i s i n g that has put us w h e re we are today; A cknow ledged by e v e r y body as th e lead e r s of the c l o t h i n g b u s ines s in Seneca County W e save you t i me and w o rry and we a lso save you money. There is no guess work about our c l o t h i n g . If you buy them from us th e y are r i g h t . T 0 Myer Todtman The Only One Price Clothier in Seneca Falls. THE “BEE mVE.” A Special LACE CURTAIN SALE Now is the time to buy Lace Curtains. The best opportunity that txie people of Seneca County ever had. Look at the bargains we are offering per pair. I lot of Irish Point full size, $ 4.25 Special, I lot o f I r ish Point, full size, at 3.39. I lot of Ruffled Bobbiiiets, full size, at 1.69. I lot of Ruffled Bobbinets, full size, at 1.25, I lot of Ruffled B o b b inets, full size, a t r.19. I lot of Ruffled Muslin Curtains at 1 . 45 . I lot of Ruffled M uslin C u rtains at 1.35. I lot of Ruffled Muslin Curtains at 95c. I lot of Barred Muslin Curtains at 73c. I lot of Barred Muslin Curtains at 59c. I lot of N o ttingham at 2.25. I lot of Nottingham at 1.69. I lot of Nottingham at 1.45. I lot of N o ttingham at .95. I lot of Nottingham at 89c. R e m e m b e r t h a t this sale will positively close Saturday', June 17th O p e n M o n d a y and S a turday evenings. V e r y R e s p e c tfully, 3 . E - B E L - I ____ E . J. R Y H N O R R E R 3 t h e : Best Values in Furniture EV E R SHOWN IN SENECA COUNTY. W E KEEP • AN EXTENSIVE STOCK OF UP-TO-DATE GOODS See our Morris Chairs, Fancy Rockers, Parlor Tables, Baby Carriages and Go-Carts. W E HAVE TH E B E S T DININ G T A B L E ON TH E M ARKET. trouble to show goods. E . J. R Y M N . We are agenis for the ‘New Idea” Patterns WM-LADIES’SHtRT WAIST. 81X68 32,34,36,33,40,42. C u tting and fitting is easy w ith “ New Idea P a tt e r n s .” Any Pattern and Any Size, only lo Cents. Subscribe for “ New Ideas for W omans W e a r,” a M agazine issued m o n thly. Price 5c per copy, 25c per year. S T O W E L L ’S .

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