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> IH E BINGHAMTON COURIER, '#UBLI*HEI> EVERY THURSDAY BY G. W . HOTCHKISS* A ? TWO DOLLARS A YEAR/IN ADVANCE Office at J .'R . 'Orton’s Bookstore, \R A T E S O F A D V E R T ISIN G . ©o# square one week, — — it 3 “ 1 year, H a lf column 1 year, 'Whole column I year, ^Professional Cards not exceeding 10 lines, $00 50 1 00 8 00 15 00 30 00 5 00 «Legal advertisements at the rates allowed by law. M ORTGAGE SALE.—W hereas AdamG. Ran­ som o f Binghamton, Broome county, by in­ denture of mortgage dated the first day ofFebruary 1839, lor the purpose of securing the payment of the sum of fifteen hundred dgllars, with interest ac­ cording to the terms of said mortgage and the bond accompanying the same, did grant bargain sell and convey to Oscar Tyler of the town o f Bern in the -county o f Albany, the premises described in said mortgage as follows to wit—“All that certain farm piece a r parcef of land, situate lying and being in the town of Chenango and county of Broome and state oi .New York, and known and distinguished as lot number thirteen (13) on the south side ot the Susquehannah River in Bingham’s patent and be ing the lands formerly owned by one Aaron A. Moore -and called the Moore farm, supposed to contain two hundred and six acres more or less, being the same premises as conveyed by said Tyler to said Ran- -som, this mortgage be mg given as security for so m u c h of the purchase money as is above named,” ■\Which said mortgage was recorded in the office of The C leri of the county of Broome on the 11 th day c f February 1839, in book no. 8 , pages 376, &C.— And whereas default has D^en made in the payment iqI the principal and interest money secured by said m o r t g a g e , a c c o r d i n g to t h e c o n d i tio n o f th e sa m e , and-thereis now chimed to be due on said mortgage « t the time of the first publication of this notice, th e sum of one thousand three hundred and seven -’dollars. Now therefore, notice is hereby given, th a t by virtue of a power of sale contained in said ivortgage, and pursuant to the statute in such case Xnade and provided, the mortgaged premises above described, with all the hereditaments and appurten­ ances thereunto belonging, will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, tor cash, on the tenth ^ayx>f July next, at 12 o'clock noon of that day, at the Court House, in the village o f Binghamton in ttoeeountyof Broome—and the said mortgage tvill ihe* and there be foreclosed by such sale.—Dated A p ril 1 st, 1844. OSCAR TYLER, Mortgagee. J o h n J. T y l e r , Att’y. 3 P ostponement .—T he Sale of the above described premises is hereby postponed to the 14th day of Au­ gust next. Sale to be at the sjme place, and at the same time of day above mr ntioned. OSCAR TYLER, Mortgagee- J ohn J. T yler , Att’y. The sale of the above described premises is here­ by further postponed to the 16'h day of September ncxt. Sale to be at the same place and at the same time of day above mentioned. OSCAR TYLER, Mortgagee. Joiin J. T y l e r , Alt’y. M ORTGAGE SALE. Default having been made in the payment of a mortgage executed !>y Cornelius Garrison and Eliza M. his wife of Y estalin ihe county of Broome state of New York to Samuel S H ill of Binghamton in the county a- foresaid bearing date the the first day of July 1835 and recorded in the office of ihe Clerk of said county of Broome on the second day of July 1835 atcne o'clock P. M. in book of mortgages No 7 page25. Said mortgage has been duly assigned by the said Samuel S. Hill to the Sea Insurance Company of New York and by the Sea Insurance Company to Barnet Wager. There is claimed to be due on said mortgage at the time of the first pub­ lication of this notice for principal and interest the sum of four hundred and thirty one dollars and nine tv three cents. Notice is hereby given accor­ ding to thestatute insuch case made and provided that the mortgaged premises as described in said mortgage, viz : “All that certain piece ofland dy­ ing in said town o f Yeffal beginning at a white oak tree eighteen chains and thirteen links W of the N E corner o flot No 4, thence south 89 degrees and twenty minutes W twelve chains and 88 links to a stake arid stones thence south 40\ minutes E 38 chains and 81 links to a stake and stones, tbence N 89 degrees.and twenty minutes E 12 chains and 88 links thenceN 40 minutes W thirty eight chains & 81 links to the place of beginning ” containing fifty -acres ol*land being the same premises conveyed by John Garrison to said Cornelius Garrison, also all that other piece of Zand in Vestal aforesaid be- ingpart ot lot No 4 in Nicholas tract being fifty a- cres conveyed by Samuel Garrison and wife to said Co-nclius Garrison by deed bearing date June 19, 1834 and recorded in book of deeds No 16 page 318 reference being thereunto had fur a more particu­ lar description.” (Excepting saving and reserving that portion ofsaid premises sold by said CorneZ- ius Garrison to One W illiam C Thompson and re­ leased by said Barnet W ager from said mortgage) will be sold pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided and by virtue of the power of 'sale contained in said mortgage at public auction at the Court House in the village of Binghamton in said county on the twelfth day of October next at one O’clock in the afternoon of that day. Dated -JWy 18th 1844, . . BARNET WAGER, Assignee. A mbrose W ager -, Atty. 17 M ORTGAGESALE—Whereas DavidRood of the town 'of Chenango BVoorne county by an Indenture of Mortgage dated the 12 th day of March 1839, for the pur- ^ !foso of securing the payment of the sum of five hundred 'dollars with interest according to ihe terms of the said mortgage and the bond accompanying the same did grant bargain sefl and convey to Mathew Coyne deceased, oi ‘the same place the premises described in the said mortg- gage'HS follows : “ AlZ Of Iotno 7, Sidney township, third iractBroome County and State of New York containing iccording.to Joseph Chambers survey seventy acres ofland ijmore'-or less, said tract is commonly* known ns Coopers ■ PaZent or Tract /aid clown in Broome County CZerk’soffice Hoo/c of deeds of no. 19. Page 210, the piece of lapd hereby intended to be conveyed being the same as that conveyed to the said parties of tno first part by Mason Whiting & wife by deed bearing date the 15th day of September 1837 andreconled in book of deeds no 20 which said mortgage was recorded in tbe office of the Cierk of The county of Broome on the 14th day of March 1839 in riBook of Mortgages No -8 pages 397and 398. The amount tfije on ssiiid Mortgage at the time of the first publication of th'is.notic’e is 3-19,4-1. Now therefore notice is hereby giv­ en that by virtue of a power of sale contained ifi said -mortgage and pursuant to the statute in such case made the : Mortgaged premises above discrihed wiZl be sold at pubZic .auction at the Phenix Hor.el in Binghamton in the County •*>f Broome on the 13th day of September next at ] 0 o’clock A , M. .Dated June 18, 1844. -ANDREW DONNELLY, > Administrator, ELLEN DONNELLY, \ Administratrix. M ORTGAGESALE.—Mortgagors, Joseph Adams and -Sarah his wife j mortgagees, Stephen Card and Al- lyda his wife, all of Vestal, Broome county, N. Y.; mort­ gage dated June 30th 1841, recorded with the power of -Bale therein contained, in Broome county clerk’s office, in 3x>ok of -mortgages no. 9, pages 590 and 591; amount ^claimed to be due on Zhe first publication of this notice •3*j$329 61; to become due 8 100, wiZh interest from 1st of jJvne 1844 ; description of mortgaged premises—All thaZ HSitrtara piece or parcel of land situated and being in the 4 tt»wn,-county and state aforesaid, Using a part of lot no. Al In Nichols Patent, beginning at Zhe .north west corner Mf the farm of Luilicr Goodeoow, thence east along the dnorthline of said farm to the centre of the highway, Zhence ainrtli as tbe highway runs to the south line of Simeon \Bound's farnp, thence along a. line of marks to the west line of said lot, thence south along tbe west line of said lot, sixteen chains and sixteen links Zo the place of beginning, containing forty five acres and one hundred and twenty one' rods ofZand,be the same more or less, excepting therefrom ■about four acres and- eighty nine perches of said land, heretofore conveyed to Simeon Rounds-; said mortgage J>etng give.n to secure the .purchase money of the said pre­ mises. -Said mortgage wiU be foreclosed by a sale of-the *m<*rtg*ged premises;at .public auction, at the Phenix Hotel .in Binghamton, on the 16th day of November next-, a t JO 1 fi Clock.A- M.—August 20 , 1814. STEPHEN CARD,? „ . ALLYDA CARD, J Mortgagee*. -A. BIRDSALL, Att’y. 22 M ORTGAGE SALE.—Mortgagors, Henry Mather and diaries W. Sandford, Mortgagee, Elihu Ely, .Mortgage dated August 16th JS 37 . Recorded 17th Au- arustia Broome Counfy Clerk’s office, Book of Mortgages an<* amount claimed due at this date Mortgaged premises described as fotfows, to Jjote No. Q. and .9 in A. Doubleday’y subdivision of original Lot No. 69 in the village of Binghamton Mortgage *iven to secure the purchase mon-y. Said mortgage wili pe wreeZoeed. by a sale of said premises at pubZic .auction o t the Court House in Binghamton on the 7th .day of Sep­ tem b er jiext At JO o’clock A. M. Dated June, 13, 1844 . 11 H . S. GRISWOLD, Attorney. N E W GOO D S A T M A L L ’S A JLARGF and wel 1 selected stock o f Dry Goods ^V G rpcgries and Hardware will .be .found a t . \Bail s Storey they will be sold at uncommpnlyjpw jpcices, those in want wili be so good as to call and May I, 1844. S. H. P. HALL’S l i t i'E LEAD ground in oil No I extra and » v Pare, Ditto dry, ju H recei ved and for sale a t - * amall advance frcm New York w ires by D.MfoAUTHDR, “Equal Protection to all Classes.”—J ames K. P olk . VOL. VI. NO. 24.3 BINGHAMTON, N . Y., THURSDAY, SEPTEM B E R 5,1844 [W HOLE NO. 676. S H E R IFF’S SALE.—By virtue o f one execution, issued out of the office of the clerk of tbe coun­ ty of Broome, and to me directed and delivered, against the goods and chattels, Zands and tenements of Luther Goodenow, I have levied on and shal[ expose to sale as the law directs, at the Phenix Hoiel new kept by I ;aae B. Gere, in the village of Binghamton, County of Broome and State of New YorAf on Saturday the I 7 ih day of August A. D 1844, at 10 o’cZock in the forenoon of that day, aill the right, title, claim and demand of the said L u ­ ther Goodenow,—of in and to the following descri­ bed premises, to wit: aZl that certain pieteor pareeZ of land situate in the town of Vestal, county of Broome described as foIZows: Part ofLot no. 11 in Nichols Patent, Beginning at the South cast corner of said Lot, thence running north aZodg a line of marks, sixteen, chains and sixteen links to a stake and stones, thence west a/ong a Zine of marks sixty one chains and -ninety Zinks to a stake and stones Zhence south sixteen chains aud sixteen links to a sZake end stones; thence easZ aZang a Zine of marks sixZy one chains an:d nineZy links Zo Zhe pZace of Beginning, conZaining one hun­ dred acr.es oflanet more or less—excepting and reserving\ Zhe equal undivided half of two saw m-//s,and the Ground or which they stand, with aZl Zhe waZer ways, milZ yards and mill privileges thereunto belonging. Tbe above de- scribed premises are the same as Zhose conveyed to Lu­ ther Goodenow by Chester Seymour on the 25tb day of April 1836, by deed recorded in Book no 21 . page 333 and together with all and singular, the hereditaments and ap- purlenancer. Zherounto belonging, or in any wise apper. taining. Dated at Binghamton, this 3d day of July in the year cf our Lord one thonsand eight hundred and forty four. JOSEPH BARTLETT, no. 15, Ids ■ . Sheriff. P ostponement .—The sale of the above described pre> mises is hereby postponed until Saturday the 14th day of September next, at the same place and time of day. 22 JOSEPH BARTLETT, Sheriff. A d m i n i s t r a t o r s s a l e . - By virtue of an order made by John R. Dickinson, Surrogate of the County of Broome, the undersigned adminis­ trator and administratrix of Edwin B. Freeman, deceased, wiZl sell at public auction at the Phenix Hotel in Binghamton,on the 13 h day of September next, at 10 o’clock A. M., the fallowing described realesfate—to wit: All that certain piece ofland being a village 1 >t situatein tbe village of Lisle b?- ing the west end of the premises herein described, the east end having been sold to John Mead by Or- in Day; beginningatastake and stones on thr-south line of the lot and on the east side of the highway lead ng up and down the Onondaga River, thence north 17 degrees, west two chains 4 Zinks, thence north 52 degrees 15 minutes, west 3 chains95 links thence sonth 37 degrees 45 minutes, west 3 chains 75 links, thence south 52 degrees 15 minutes, east 1 chain 75 links, north 89 degrees 30 minutes, east 4 chains 26 links to the place of beginning, contain­ ing 4 rods by about 16 rods making about 64 rods on the west end of said lot, and being a parcel of land conveyed by Norman Marsh and wire to the said Free • an by deed dated August 30tlr 1833.—Dated July 25.18-14. TRYPPIENA FREEMAN, Administratrix, GILES ORCUTT, n o l S t d s Administrator; D M IN ISTR A T O R S ~ S A L E ^ B y virtue of an order made, by John R. Dickinson Surro­ gate of the county of Broome, the undersigned, admistralors &c. of Braoni Hays will sell at pub­ lic auction at thePhenix Hotel in Binghamton on the 2 1 st day of September next, at 1 o’clock P. M, the following deserib?d real estate, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to pay the debts of the said deceased, to wit: Lot no 17 in W atts Patent, lying in Ihe town ot Chenango in the county ol Broome, containing 133 1-3 acres more or less.— Said premises have a dwelling house and barm thereon and a portion of the land is under improv- ment. Dated August 8 th' 1844. no 20tds RILEY M. HAYS, JOHN YOUNGS, Administrators. L oan O ffice , Broome County,) Bingham ton, A u g u st 1 , 1844. J W HEREAS default has been made in the pay­ ment ol the interest due. upon monies secured tube paid to the Commissioners for Loaning cer­ tain monies of the United States, of the coun y of Broome,—Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the Act entitled “ an Act authorizing a Loan of certain monies belonging to the United States, de­ posited with the state o f N Y forsafekeepingpassed April 4, 1837,” the following described pieces oir parcels ofland will be sold at pubZic venduetothe hi’- est bidder, at the court house in the village of Bing­ hamton, on the Third I uesday in September, a. d , 1844, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that clav, that is to say—All that certain piece or parcel of land being the equal undivided one h alf pari of land ly­ ing In tne vilZage of Binghamton and described as follows—Bounded on the East by W ater str’t, north by Land o f John D. Smith, west by the Chenango River and south by land of George Park, conrain- ingabout 1 acre of land more or Jess. Name of Mortgagor James C. Smead— amount due at the time of the first publication of this notice, princi­ pal and interest six hundred and ninety-seven dol­ lars and fifty c’ts ($697,50,) besides costs. The no. of said mortgage is Thirty-two (32). N. Y. RACE, ) JESSE HINDS J 19 •— 25.___________Commissioners of Loans. Surveyor-General’s Re-Sale. S T A T E O F N E W -Y O R K . ■Surveyor-General’s Office, Albany July 30, 1844. T V rO T IC E is hereby given, in obedience to ares- olution of the Com m issioners o f the L a n d Of- •fice, and pursuant to section 50, of T itle 5, of chap­ ter 9, o f part I , o f the second edition of the revised Statutes of iliis State, that en Tuesday the first day of October n e x t, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, at this office, the lots and parcels of land h erein af­ ter mentioned wiZl be offered for tale at public ven­ due, for the am ount of principal and interest, to­ gether with the taxes and costs of advertising, due or to become due thereon, unless such dues be paid on or before the day of sale aforesaid. The following is the list of lots and parceZsof Land above referred to, with the name of Tracts I and places in which they are situated, viz: FIRST SECTION. Broome Codntv :—Second Traci in Windsor .— Lot No. 11. Third Traci, in Windsor.—Lot No. 14, C o r t l a n d C o u n t y : —Massachusetts Ten Town­ ships, North Tier.—Lot No. 68 , and west half of No. 69. O tsego C ounty : Crum Horn Mountain Tract. Elihu Pratt’s prrt o f Lot No. 18. C O N D ITIO N S O P S A L E . One-fourth part of the purchase money to be paid down at tbe sale, or within forty-eight hours there­ after, and the.purchaser to recieve a conditional certificate that the lot is subject to be redeemed by the original -purchaser thereof, o r his assigns, at anytime within three months from theday of re­ sale-, but i f the said lot is not redeemed, the pur­ chaser shall complete the re-sale by surrendering the conditional Certificate and executing his bond to secure the payment of the residue of said p u r­ chase money, in six equal annual instalments, with interest thereon at the rate of .six per cent per an­ num ; excepting the premisesformerly mortgaged, the-int.erest of which will be seven per cent. Neg­ lect orjefiisal to comply with the above conditions, subjects the purchaser\ to the money p a id down, a n d to a penally of fifty, dollars on each pa reel or lot bid off, to be recovered with -osts of suit. NATHA N IEL JONES, Surveyor-General. U S. District Court—In Bankruptcy. Notice • 10 show cause agaiust the petition’ o f Larr M. Duteher of Union Broome County New Yor 1 for h is di charge and certificate as a bankrupt at Auburn N. Y. on Monday the.2lst day of October A. D. 1844 at 10 o’clock a. m.—Dated July 28,1844 19 — 30f£ H i S. GRISW O LD, Atty. I ELECTION NOTICE. Sheriffs Office, Broome Co. ? August 7, 1844. > N OTICE is hereby given that the general»lec­ tion will be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday in Novem b er next — to wit, on the 5th day of said month, in conformity to the consti­ tution, and laws of the St. te o f New-York, and in pursuance of a notice received by me from -the Hon. S. Young, Secretary cf State, a copy of which is hereunto annexed JOSEPH B A R T L E T T , Sheriff of Broome, Co. ST A T E OF NEw-YORKT, S ecretary ’ s O ffice . Albany, August 1 , 1844, T o the Sheriff of the county of Broome-. SIR—Notice is hereby given,’ hat at the r ext Gen­ eral election,to be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November next, the lollow- ing officers are to be elected, to wit: A Govern­ or and Lieutenant-Governor of this state. T h ir­ ty-six Electors of President and Yice 'President pf the United States. F o u r Canal Commissioners.— A Senator for the Sixth senatorial District, to .sup.- ply the vacancy w h ich w ill accrue by the ex p ira­ tion of the term of service of Nehemiah Platt. ’on the last day of December next. A Representative, in the 29.b Congress of the United States, for the twenty second Congressional District consisting c f C h e n a n g o Broom e and T ioga ;>Also the follow­ ing county officers, to w it. One-Member of As­ sembly, and two c o toners in the places of D a n ie l Davidson and Reuben Stevens whose terms will expire on the last day of December next. Yours respectfuliy. S .' YOUNG, Secretary o f Stale. N. B. You are without delay to deliver a copy of the above notice to the Supervisor, or one of the Assessors o f each town nr ward in your County; -nd also to cause a copy of said notice to be pub­ lished in all the public newspapers printed in your count once in eacn week until the election. If there be no newspaper printed in your county,, then the publication is to be made in some one of an adjoining county. BRIGADE ORDERS. STA T E OF NEW -YORK ? H ead Q.uARTEns,Utiion,July 12 1844. ) B RIGADIER Gen. Ephraim Robbins jr. of the 4lst Brigade of Infantry of the militia of this State. Ordeis and directs the eommandrnants of the respective regiments in said Brigade, to rendezvous with the commissioned non-eommis- sioned officers and musicians of their respective i egiments, for the purpose of training disciplining and improving in martial exercise, at9 o’clock A. M. of each day, as follows: 200th Regiment commanded by Col. George M. Tyrrell at Braggs in Windsor on the 23d and. 24th days oi August 201 Regimentcommanded by Col:J. C.Robie at the Binghamton Hotel in the village of Binghamton on the 26th and 27th days of August. 3d Reniment commanded by Col. W m.Irvine at S evens in Whitney’s Point on the 27*,h and 28lh days of August. 272 Regiment commanded by Col. J. B. Brock­ way at Balls in Ber/rshireon the 28th and 29th days of A”gust. 53d Regiment commanded by Col. N. W . Davis at Edwards in the village of Owegp pn the 29th and 30th days of August. 250th regiment commanded by Lieut. Col. Jere­ miah W . ’Robbins, at It, G. B 7 (?wn’ 5 in the Tillage of Union »n the 30th and 3lst days of August. It is ordered and directed that the 41st Brigade shall rendzvons by regiments for th? purpose of In­ spection, review and martial exerpise a t 8 , o’clock: A. M. as follows. 200th Regiment commanded by Col. George M. Tyrrell, at E. Northrops in Harpersville on the 9th day of September. 201 st Regiment commanded by Col. J. C. Robie at the Phenix Hotel in tbe village 01 ’ Binghamton on the 10th day of September. 250th Regiment commanded by Lieut. CoZ. J. W . Robbins at G. W . Mersereaus in the village of Un­ ion on the 11 day of Sept. 53d Regiment commanded by Col. N. W . Davis at tbe Tioga County House ifceptby Wm. Beachin the village of Owego 011 the l2th day of September. 272d Regiment commanded b[ Col. J. B. Brock- way, at \‘oah Goodrich’s, in the vilZage of Newark on the 13lh d..y of September. 3d Regiment commanded by Col. W illiam Ir­ vine at Burghedtin Lisle on thel4th day of Sept. It is otdered and directed the line of the respective, regiments will be formed preciseZy at 9 o’clock A. M. Commandants of the several regiments of the 41st Brigade, i\ til cause their respective regiments to be in line precisely at 9 o’clock on the day above desig­ nated fo?-them to rendezvous and see that their entire regiments are duly notified pursuant to law requiring alt able bodied male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 years who are not by Zaw exempted, to appear armed and equipped ready to perform such military services as there may be required of them. Tbe Brigade Staff a»-e also required to be in attend­ ance at the several services in the 41st Brigade and appear fully in Uniform. E. ROBBINS, JR. Brig. General. Commanding the 41 si Brigade. HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY H A R T F O R D C O N N E C T I C U T . Incorporated in 1810 —Charter perpetual—Capital $150,000 — With Power to Increase it to $250, 000 . r JlS W ell KnoAvn and long established Compa­ ny, w ith an am p le cash capital, have appointed S.H . P. H A L L Esq. to be their Ageut for Bingh­ amton and its vicinity, with power to fix rates of premium and issue poll ies without deZay, on n-ost kinds of property. They will insure Mills, Facto­ ries, Public buildings, Dwellings, Stores, Merchan­ dize, Household Furniture, &c. on favorabZe terms; and the public may rely on responsibility, liberality and strict integrity in the administration of tbe company. Its officers are. ELIPH A L E T TERRY, President. Samuel H. Huntington, Hezekiah Huntingdon, Albert Day, Junius S. Morgan, Jam s Goodwin ji. John P. Brace, Charles Boswell, Henry Kem-y, Directors ; JAMES G. BOLLES, Secretary. Hartford, July 10,1844. | 3 fOwners of property wishing for insurance against loss or damage by fire are invited to apply directly to the subscriber at his store. 3m in si S. H . ‘P. HALL. Jn the rjiatter of Elijah ) Estus,a nonresident debtor. \ n ^ H E undersigned-Trustees of th# Estate of Elijah Es- J- tns a nonresident debtor hereby g ire notize, that there will b e a general meeting of the creditors of the said EZi- jah Ksta?, at the office of A, Bibdsall in ih e Tillage of Binghamton, on the 5lhday o f October n extat # o’clock in tbe forenoon.—jVated July 27,., 184-i, IB; 'MARVIN, H. CONGDON, J. B. ABBOJT no 19 TO weeks Trustees. B E A U T Y ! & E A U T Y ! f < OBIiES Mbdicatbd Ewdbbiuc SoAt, a~beautifying-- Application which will remore mil Pimtlss, Blotch­ es or Fsxcxues from the Skin sad leave it soft and free, from blemish nr disease, for sale by ’ L. M. BEXPORD. March 2,. 1844. N! TO H A R D W A R E D E A L E R S T HE Undersigned will wholesale at Cost Zhe Stock of Hardware formerly owned by Morgan & Miller, con-; sijtinv of. Iron, Steel, Nails Saddlery,Cutlery,House ,trim- 'mings, Joiners tools, &c ic. Persons engaged for wish­ ing to enenge in the Hai ware business can purchase this stock on favorable terms -Binghumton, April 25,1844. S. T. ROBINSON, ___________________________ G. W. HOTCHKISS. W H A T I W A N T I S T H I S H * I W A N T to exchange W estern/Lands fox farms in this county. I want to exchange property in the village of Binghamton for ’ farms. I want to sell building lots in thq village of Bing­ hamton on five, or ten years credit. 1 want to sell several iaim s Jn different parts of the county. Iw a n t Zoexchange lands, either in the west, in the village, or in the county, lor personal property of any .kind. I want to -exchange farms or -valuable village property, for a stock of dry goods or groceries. I want t.o sell on twelve months credit a pair of fine horses; a span of good work Jhorses; a good single hprse; a fine extension top family carriage; four -good buggy waggons; two two-horse lumber waggons; three set fine plated double harness^ four set single h arness; and two set Iumberfiamess. And what J want more than all .is to have any good friends pay me what they owe me, and save me the unpleasant task of dunning- them, or what is more unpleasant, o f suing them. Tbe boosts of my dry goods establishment of .1842, and of my drug establishment pf 1843-4, as well as the Ibooks of .iny professional practice, are all to fie Jotlnd, at present,-at my office, and all who are desirous settling with jie musi .call soon -for m y dem^jicls wilZ shqrtly jbe Jeft with a proper ot&cer for .col- Icction. July 24, 1844. OUR SHIP. A ir—“ A'-life on the ocean W tte.” Huzza ! for the good old craft, That gallantly ploughs the deep, Brave freemen fore tknd aft, Their aleepless vigil* keep. Though boisterous winds prevail, And storiity billows roar. She scorngthc driving gale, -And prouiUy nears the shore. She nobly dashes by, Despite of the raging sea ; Then raise your shquts on high, For that good old shap of the free! The free ! ths free ! that good old ship of the free ! The free! the f r |e ! huzza for the ship of the free! Let angry ocean chafe. And roar with a defnon’s b last; Our noble ship is ta|ef A n d the deadly breakers passed. Though bailing surges rise. She b r m |r dashes through; As an eagfe awilt she flies, Anti bounds o’er'-the sparkling blue ! Sworn io the good old cause, We’ll fight with a freeman’s glee, Under the stripes and stars, On that “ good old ship o f the free!” The free! the free! that gaod old ship of the free! The free 1 tbe free! huzza for the ship of the free ! Huzza! for James K. Polk! And Dallas! Our noble crew, Will scorn the tyrant’s yoke, And bear them safely through! Our Democratic Flag .Streams to the brigbt blue s k y ! Soon every hilt and craig Shall ring with “ V ic t o r y !” Then let our standard wave, Over the land and sea! Hozza for the home of the brave, And that good old ship of the free! The free! the free! that good old ship of the free! Three cheers! hozza, huzza! huzza for the ship of the free! OALERATUS A few easks of very superiorSsleratus O'jnstrseeivcdaitdfor ssle by 1 WM. M1 ELTJ INDOW Guam, a few.boxes 8 by l0, which I w illsell at Coot for cxin. W . M. ELY. POLK AND DALLAS SONG. Tune — Miss Lucy Neal. Oh come young Hickory boys, It will not take-you long, While we tell youuf two Hickory boughs, Which are bcth good and strong; For they arc of the people, And'proved both good and true. And will carryout the measures Which Hickory used to do. So poor Harry Clay, Oh ! luckless Harry Clay, You jpevcr will be President, - r For.*4.1he people say. ...... .. One comes from Tennessee, The other from Old’Penn, \ They both have been in harness, And are good Jackson men; And when they are-elected, As surely they will be, They’ll prove them worthy Scions Of the good Old Hicko<y tree. So poor Harry Clay, &a. The coons are mighty busy, In fighting for poor Clay, But they’d better leave their labor, And not throw it away; ' The fire is in the mountains, From Maine to the Sabine, There’s not a vale but what ’twill rcacji* Nor even a ravine. So poor Harry Clay, &c. Great Britain wants young Texas, But she’ll find it no joke, For we will cast ballots For the worthy Colonel Polk. He never will surrender, An inch to British laws, For he’s a firm young democrat, And true to the good old cause. So poor Harry Clay, &c. Come all you sturdy Democrats, We’ll conquer in the fall, ’Tis Liberty inviting us, Then let's obey her call. E ’en as our fathers ready stood. As in the times of old, Against the foes of Freedom’s rights, And British tyrant’s gold. So poor Ha'rry Clay, See. A M ayor A r r e s t e d . — A week sir.ee May­ or Pratt, of St. Louis, was arrested and taken, lo the calaboose, by a citizen,, who found him walking the streets at a late hour. He accosted his honor, and demanded his reasons for .keep­ ing such late hours. T h e Mayor, whom the citizen did not know, refused, and he was prompt­ ly taken to the lock-up. Thedenoument was rather funny. A R e l i c o f N a p o l e o n . —Mrs. Catharine Sedgwick ha&*n antique ring, a relic ot JNapo- leon, which was given to Gen Devertaux by Madame Bonapart, as a memento of the ambi­ tious conquerer, his particular friend. Cut on a cornelian atone, i? the bead of an . armed kniobt, and upon lifting tbe stone a blue satin, cover is discovered, upon which is a very min­ ute lock of Napoleon’shair. T h e ring i» a per­ fect bijou. _ resembled that of an earthquake. -New pumps were instantly put down, but it will require two months time to clear the shaft, so as to be able to look after the.bodies.pf the unfortunate Boston Post. men. £ 3 * \V e copy the following item from the Boston Post: The New Orleans election frauds— T h e re­ port of the committee appointed at a mass mee­ ting in New Orleans to inquire into the recent election frauds, have made a report, the first part of which appears in the N. O. Courier. It gives a detailed history of the famous Elliott certificates of naturalization, shows that those which were fraudulent among them were issued at the instance of a Clay club; and establishes. by incontestible evidence, the fact that out, of the seventeen hundred and forty-eight papers is­ sued by Judge Elliott, only nineteen ivere ever questioned— all of which were procured from Judge Elliott by tbe authorized .agent of the Olay club. ' In proof o f these positions, the com- mitiee cite the journals and documents ' of the court before which Elliott w a s impeached.— T h e re can be r.o mistake about- the matter. T h e S h e r i f f in d u r a n c e ! — W e learn from a reliable source that the Sheriff of this county, was seized by some of the “.Anti-Rent” men yesterday at Sacdett’s corners, near the line of B ern and Knox, and placed in close jconfine- ment. John H. Leonard, one of the Sheriff’s deputies, was with him at the time and is impri­ soned. It is further said that the anti-Rem men refused to release the Sheriff until he de­ stroys all the papers he had with him. W e shall probably have all the particulars of this affair to-morrow.— Albany Evening Jour­ nal. T h e Albany Daily Advertiser of yesterday says:— We are assured from undoubted authority that sherifF3attei man was not shut up in a shed by anti-renters, as was currently reported yes­ terday, and that the following are briefly the particulars of the case:— T h a t he voluntarily drove his team into a wagon-house, and remain­ ed-there with his horse during the night—that probably, by reaeon of the whooping and noise made by the persons present, the landlord did not hear his calls for admittance—that an at­ tempt was made during the night to enter the wagon house but the Sheriff being on the alert cautioned the persons noi to persist in coming in—that after breakfasting, he went on his busi­ ness sou tb-west several miles—that upon his return, his horse was shot near the gnlph, about 14 miles from the city— that he pursued the men who fired but could not overtake them—that ihe persons who fired were disguised; and lhat he took two persons prisoners, one the driver of the team who brought the disguised men from Reidsville. The Sheriff, we learn, returned' to the city last evening.—IV. Y. Journal com­ merce. ’W d H A i T i l . 3 -A « B .A T h e following postscript of a < letter.AorAhe Editor of the JKnickerbocker, is one.of the rich­ est specimens of fun .and -fiumor,-which n r e have met. with, for a long time; and if our .read­ ers sides ache a3 much from daughter, as ours did, we pity .them, ; I t is rapturous, unique, and the author, a genius rare to be met. : P . S.— W hop! hurrah! .’L ight-upon rihe world a g a in! ■ W here are you tny fine .Editor? Isav, sir, I was an ass—do you hear, an :ass3 premature, wi.<e before m y time, a brute, j a blockhead! -Did I-talk.of dust and ashes?-J- Oh?-,sir, I lied multitudinousiy. Every nerve every muscle that didn’t try to strangle one in that utterance, lied. No sir. let tne tell you ifo a great world; glorious, magnificent; a -world that can’t be beat 1 ;T a lk of the stars and a bet­ ter world, but don’t invite me there yet. t-Matee my regrets, my apology to Death, but say that I can’t come ‘positive engagement, be happy some other time,.-but not now.’ Oh no,-this morning is quite too beautiful to leave; and be­ sides, I would rather stay, if only to thank God a little longer for this glorious light, this pure air that can echo back my loudest hurrah. And then my boy— B ut havn’t I told you?—W h y , sir, I ’ve got a boy! a boy ! h a ! h a !! h a !! I I shout it out to you—a b o y ; fourteen pounds, and the mother a great deal belter than couM be expected ! A n d I say M r. Editor, it’s m in d hurrah and hallelujah forever! Oh, sir! sucli legs, and suh arms, and such arms, and such a head ! and oh 1 my.God! he h a s his .mother’s lips! I can kiss them forever! And then sir, look at his feet, his hands, his chin, his eyes, his •everything, in fact—so perfectly O. K ! .Give me joy, s ir : no you needn’t either. I ’m full now; I run oveiyand they sav that I ran over a number of old women, half hilled ihe mother, pulled the doctor by the nose and upset a’pothe* cary shop in the corner ; and then didn’t I ring thu tea-bell ? . Didn’t I blow the horn 1 .Didn’t I dance, shout, laugh, and cry altogether? The women say they had to tie me up. I don’t -be­ lieve that] but who is going to shut his mouth when he has a live baby? You should haye heard his iungs, sir. at the first mouthful of fresh air—such a burst! A little tone in his voice, but not pain; excess of joy, sir, from too great sensation. The air-bath was so sudden yon know-. Think of all this beautiful machinery starting off at once in full motion; all his thousand out­ side feelers answerino to the touch of the cool and that out P rotection to F armers .— W e under­ stand that the keeper of a public house in this vicinity, has bargained with a farmer forallthe potatoes he may want for the year, at one shil­ ling per,bushel! about one half what they were worth two years ago. ' In the mean time, most of the articles which the farmer has to buy have greatly increased in price. Beef at $ 4 per cwt. and Potatoes at one shilling the bushel, is what the farmers can’t stand.— Neio-JIaven ter. Regis L ik e F a t h e r L ik e S on .— ‘W hat’s that ^ said a schoolmaster, pointing to the loiter X . ‘Daddy’s name.* ‘N o it is’nt your daddy’s Dame, you block­ head. ft’s X .’ ' -I’ll be darned [fit is. ’ I t ’s daddy’s nam e — blow’d if it aipt. I ’ve seen him .write it often.’ •‘Go to y o u r seat, you booby.* A dreadful accident occurred on‘Friday night last, in the.mine of Messrs. \Milne* fit Spencer, ar PottsvrHe, Penn./by which three men, Hen; ry Fox, Jonathan.Nixon, and JohnJRitchttt were instantly-killed. ’The-colliery bad--been work ed some vearr ago below water level, and then abandoned, end suffered 10 Jill-up with water. ■Messrs- M . & S. eurik a^new .shaft to tbentepth of three bi»ndrcdfiret:bclo\v the old workings, and in this shaft the threefisen were workingi : when thesppsrincumbent massof water burst- ing lbs barrier, rushed jnnpon •ftd;jBV 9 tw helnv ed the«i.< I t is supposod tbst ,t)w-wpi«» must base feeedkitseU tbvoofhi a. fiassivean tb» a k t^ V a l u a b l e R e c i p e s “ fro m P u n c h .” — G in g e r P o p . — T ake a large root of ginger, and after boring a hole into it fill with powder and plug it up Put it on a hot fire and in a few minutes you will find your ginger pop. S po n g e C a k e .— A very light cake may be made by enclosing a sponge in a thick coating of dou?h. It requires no salting, but may be sweetened to’tbe taste. R a s p b e r y J am . — P u t sixty-four raspber­ ries into a goose quill; and your jam is com­ plete. ’ T a l l C o r n . — A ‘Down-Easter,’ it is said, recently told a citizen of the ‘Lone Star Repub lie’ that nothing could beat the corn in Connec­ ticut. T h e Texan said he knew nothing of the crops in that section, but in his country the corn stalks bore seven or eight large ears, and a gourd on the top with several . quarts of shel­ led corn in it! T h e .Y a n k e e took his hat and marvelled. ‘ L inseed O il .— T he Cincinnati ■‘Gazette states that’.here are five Linseed Oil -mills in that citv and another one in course of erection. They are capable of making, in the aggregate, 900 gallons of oil per day. Cincinnati supplie? the whole west, including 'New Orleans -and Mobile, with the article. 'T h e manufacture of linseed oil for export, is a new business in the West. - It is only a few years since it was ob­ tained from the East in large quantites, for-Wes­ tern consumption. Thom as F . M arshall, of Kentucky, h as writ­ ten a letter in favor of the Annexat ion of Texas, and defining his motives for hostility Jo Mr. Clay. ’ H e says— “ I am not like to eat my own words in relation io any thing .The district which ! represented in congress was fairly and distinctly apprized that I parted with them on the. presidential question.” T h is is the third K entucky member of the last congress who has abandoned M r. Clay. T h e others are fohn Pope .and J. C. Sprigg — .Boston .No­ tion. air e a r ; looking .great (Gen. J a c k s o n . —.The Louisville 'Journal say s : “ W e have just conversed with .a djstin- guishedgentlem an, who was on the -continent of .Europe when G eneral Jackson made his te-rible onslaught on the k ing o f th e F ien c h some eight or ten years ag o ; and although the gentleman of whom we speak was n ever a parti- zan of the G e n e r a l, he says that .the effects of the old chieftain’s conduct on that occasion-pen­ etrated to the very centre of E u tope, and inspir­ ed a kind of atye io m en Who bad before const dered our cjo.untry a fourlh rate power.” ' A ^boarding school miss, being nnw ell thought it was p o t genteel to Bay s h e was Bill- ions, so she complained of ?being \Wjiiiawrfi us. Tljese.are the days bf refinement. Q u e e n Victoria, is practising in rdfdejr to speak Russian to ihe E m p e ror N icholas. ,:$he :succeedsuvery w ell— speaking’E n g ljsh through ibabarRdf a small gridiron held in her mouth, . . the flutter and crush of the curious contrivance of the eye, wonderingly and bewildered upon the world, so glorious and dazzling to his unworn perceptions— his netw o rk of nerves—:bis wheels and pulleys; his air-pumps and valves, engines and reservoirs; and with all that beauti­ ful-fountain, with-its jets and running streams dashing and coursingthrough the whole length and breadth, without stint fur pause, making a l­ together, sir exactly fourteen pounds! Did I ever talk brown to you, sir, or blue,mr any other of the devil’s colors? You say I have. Beg your pardon, sir, but vou are .mis­ taken in the individual. Ia m this day, sir, multiplied by two. I am number one of .an indefinite series, and there’s my continuation,—;- And you observe, it is not a block, nor a block­ head, nor a painting, nor a bust, nor a fragment of anything, however beautiful; but a combina­ tion of all the arts and sciences in one; painf- ing, sculpture, music, (hear him cry.) mineral­ ogy, chemistry, mechanics, (see him kick,) .ge­ ography, and the use of the globes (see him nurse.) am i,ue is a perpetual motion—a uipb piece that will never run down!— And who wound it up? But words, sir, are but a mouth­ ing and a mockery.” T h e T o m a to. — This deliciou's fruit is tiaxv in seasoD, and the Albany Cultivator gives ih e following receipt for its preservation :— Dip the ripe fruit in scalding water, peel them and divide them into two, or if very thick: through, three slices; lay them on plates, and put them into the oven after the bread is drawn ; if it is a good oven, by the time it is cool, or i n 48 hours, they will be-perfeclly dried; put them into paper bags and keep them in a dry place; when wanted, for use, dip them into cold water and lay them on a dish to sw e ll; and in a minee or stew they are almost equal to the fresh fruit. If you wish to make tomato sauce, water to cook them in. They are eat out of hand in the dry state. add a little v e r y . good T E R R I.B LJU E X P L O S I O JS Currespondencij of the Tribune, PHILA.Aug. 13— P .M . The steamboat Portsmouth, Capt, Drvoe, ex» ploded her boilers this morning about'8 o’clock, almost .immediutely-after leaving the wharf a t Arch street, bound to Cape May, with upwards of 50 passengers on board. The second engi­ neer, Edward Stevens, of New-York, and an elderly .gentleman residing at New-Castle, nam* ed Thomas Massey, were dreadfully scalded, neither of whom can survive. Isaac Ames, the first engineer, and Gilbert Johnson, both of New York, the cook, were also badly scalded,, but are not considered dangerous. Ames, when first discovered, could scarcely be recognized, being literally covered with ashes. Poor Ste­ vens, in bis agony, begged to be thrown •'over­ board. which requst of course was refused, when he instantly leaped into the water, but was final­ ly saved, nnd now lies, with the rest of the suf­ ferers, at the Pennsylvania Hospital. None, of the passengers, who were principally aft, receiv* ed any injury as lar as I could learn. '.Theiex- plosion caused no report, but the calamity which had befallen the boat soon became .known, and considerable consternation prevailed among the passengers, who were soon after relieved by the various ferry boats. T h e ill-fated Portsmouth floated down the river a -short distance, .after which she was conveyed to Kensington for the purposeuf being repaired. T h e cause of the accident is attributed, I am informed, to a defect in the character of tbe iron forming the steam chimney. The Portsmouth formerly belonged ed to your city, and was brought here for the purpose o f running to Cape May and Baltimore as-an opposition boat. She ha? done a good bu­ siness thus far. but this accident, I fear, will prove her ruin. There is no blame, I belief*^ to be .attributed to Capt. Deyoe. , 'From tfaa Concord (N. H.) Patriot* T h e o p p r e s s io n o f D o r r - ;—T h e treatment of the .upright D o rr by b is oppressors in .Rhode .Island, is d raw ing forth from every loyer of lib­ erty deeper and deeper execration. T h e history o'f no.despotism in E u rope is stained by m o re inhuman cruelty and deliberate malignity. D o rr is confined m a sm all room, with dam p Avails and floor of granite. T h e only avenue of light and a irisfrorn an opening above, through which he may.peer .and catch a glimpse of the sky, -or pei chance, in a. solitary,yveary nightj b y d ih l & vvatching, gladden his-.aig.ht with the view of star. ;H e is alloweckto h o ld no intercourse with ■any person, either.verbally o r in writing., -$!?• keepers, sullenly push his fare tq h im th r o u g h * hole, just large enough for the purpose. Thea* Jbe is left to w ear o ut the - tedious' bbO'riB, by in the frivolous em p loym entof m a k ingA a * , Mflf bynighf, in tbe I'tqqm y maiipe, the barbarity and tyranny o f {

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