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The McGrawville sentinel. (M'Grawville, Cortland Co., N.Y.) 1878-1887, February 12, 1885, Image 1

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JtTBLISHED EVERY T^URS A AY. in advance;! 5ff cejtts;! ^& ;' A trH, StrBsdRcmoN PHlCE:rSl;00pEmye'ar i in ; if not paid in Mvaiice ,$1.25;. six months three'a&nthsSScents.- ' j\ s 1 Advertisirifryates inadeknowtfon amplication and, *wprn circiilatlph; given if rehired* ' ' ' J *- -. fipmmojucations to ,. TOe«e^^is.i f McaraWTmc,-N, $•; : f • • -»;- \\\^ if • .-;- Enteredafcthfepostofficeat McSrawviUe-.as sec- ond clas£ raatief. i ', I- .€StIRSJ)AT,,.ElBRtJA^T l%,'\)I885i. T^KPHB KENTil?EIi If; -Tim; New- Orleans exposition so far is jntaly proving a series of financial env bkri|assmehts. A statnaent of the finan^ ces has recently been submitted to Bres- tet|t Arthur showing,; a deficiency, .iof !/f;S19v00Q and congress is asked for furr ftlier, assistance in,carrying the exposition m through,- $be demand for space for ex- hibits is. greater than, can be supplied It i s reported that the - awards in some departments a^e not paid owing t o the finaniaal cqtiditiofr.' ' ' ;f* - TpaE< Toiler skating craze. ha's nearly , The SBK5?DIEL and appurtenances ,_. have become 'tfie.. property of Jfe'ssrs. i Berggren Brqs, t of Syracuse, formerly of this vrilage^^jFKesj^entlemeh ar& w;ell - \' l '\*\an^H''atotab-lv\^i'^ .- : •,_ >, ^-' • ,-...- • t~ -...-44.,.\j -: ' have had experience i n the business and' are justly entitled towand we'liave no -.. '• doubt they .\frill i£ceivel from citizens j in l II-' this and adjdiniug towns; that aid aid' encouragement which. ,%Jil continue to • •, make; the iSjestlNBt, enterprise a success.. • . : ', -i ••• ' ' Iskiif'WKiiL. Col. 1 H^~ On Monday of-this week the MCGJRAW- 1 rpgssedf into_ v pa ;han.5sdf jg^hdersiguep\, and tB-toasfeixtgli oHr\Bow\TtTaay be-well fe give briefltya fetrpspecfe-aid also a- prospectus] of ou^ lapei.. Xhfi'•-\ SE^Tfxsi* in the jpjMJt,. laboring un^eFtl55 t c!tsad|yafrtages> quent eiyinges. in editorial management, inexp£rjSi£je\ana other detriments to a ,^rosperbui,iV^|fare^' bajs'.iiot, w* I v rxl •we ' , lai [are mwarej-b^nWrieiidly'jreceited by;a '•nanjber. lbO|s-.,su1bscribers., ' Itsf'f-sntaer I business maridgqrs.; may; ^ave d-ome^iiH -» \gl^feS^w howSto-d'^' to iromote ; 't _ . tejests of :the »papei;|brit ^ill yrelhear ii 5many>eDmi}iainiSi tBbugri'sb'mej.may; be Mnonsf twfes,-:\ But t-h^ paatgejf , , catritGHES. PilKSBKTERIAiEi.^SeV.i. (Jilbert Bltte; P««t< Oivtne .Service every Sabhath »t 11 x. B,ab4 1 p. ».] Shnday School ] at 19:16 p. -it Pra; Me;eting8.Wteane»day and Saturday eVeiflige „ •a&PPWfyiJSer.* T>. -B n Grants Paatot,: ,| SnHr dayswviceB at:ll A* H. and 7:00 *,.HiJSnnaiy Schoprj&lS.^Eriyer iteetings, Snnday even- iag at «|00; 'Wednesday ttTCfii«Kat7:S0A ' , MBSI^DN^ KPISCOPAli^Bev.- W. D., Fox, Piistd*., Preaching e«ery S»bhath,at 1U 14., c. sSund*y8'ehooi:atlsi:15fe*.fClass 12: IS r. «. Prayer meeting, Sunday, STbofe* *r V 5und»V8VhQoT:atiii5 k*. rClass MceliihsTat 12:15£. M. Prayer rneetips,. •6:00 R it.i and.'I?hiir l Bday,at 7:15 * . » .|:T run jits race and hasi coine Out\ wanting, Stoek-hold^rsJ ar6 scratehing their heads in earniest now, The buildings, as a ijile, ||£re adapted' to nothing else and 'tftey* have not began tp^ pay |OT; |4hiHiselves yet, •Bi&gjhamtoh, having ao|opera^fioiiso-^the academy of music nay|fflg burned some time ago-^has coa r j vertfed one of its rinks into a halt for^ epeniftg; entertainmetsfe. JBa* In other S^c^that;h7a^^h~abuHdanc>of. pkfies4 of lamuaement th,ese~gfbund covermg* siructu;r6s \will beconHe a dead loss. The ooflstaht disapproval of this sport by ihysieians,. ministers and, parents is claimed t o be the cause of jthe calaiatty. 4; TOWN-MEETING^ are so nearly at liand i hS^ia word here may not be amiss, -We Jrei of the opihion'that on occasions liie. tap-'it shquldnofebe', go much -partisan^ isin as the quality, of • the man nominated : that shoiild rule tne mind.' In a' jststft |^i^overnniftttfe%fecti6n\it 'm»S( be. •well noughrto bie r ruled by a party feeling >u6 '•tv'ben we come right down, to lescal -.u^^—r«<uk*aof& w=»'nnTinftt. be\-reore- Paslpt aiidr Mccl 6:00 r vPtooL •^!NTiiy?IAL £d1>S% NJ>.\ 82Q..I'|-9^8^3 • tuctsts e>ery Tuesday eyemng, in ! !Ap«o«i* : Hallv-orl .Chmch street.] .Honrs. of. meeting, .SOCllBTJES. tucets ^er y Tuesday eyeiiing, m lABsoclato . Hall,..or, .Chnrch street. ,Hoars, of.\? 0 ?™^ ' froJ l^rUtof Octob'4 8 tfclo* M,f.-tajik dctober to April, at .7 m, *. Metnbera of the Ordlrfrim otner'tddje£are «P^»'W^ B^OEyLSlCOE FIRE COMPkNti No,; l.^Regnlfai meetings the frSt Monday, in everyl;morith,atf7: 5|0 r|'.M} '•'•'• --\Or HpAt^lPoremanl ' 1 T. JM. & A.^ftegulariheetirJgat AssofciaHdn.HaJl, uydry Sabbath at 4 p. S!\ Animal Jmeetine pn.; ike ithifii, Monday in-Hay, Seeifetary, ?. fU; Jfbrahee;. A' Cordial invitation is extended for^ltabecdnie^mbsrsJof the As,sdciationi meetiri^ at Assooi.atioaJJ:!!!, first and third. \veryTtn Bt ITEOES' SAt^-^g^IB. iioiae i'n%Kfests. *we' cannot be'-repre etfted tp£^6ll by the best nian that pan twjselejjtedt^ujjijatt'er what, iaay be tthe ;he favors. ' \efeJ^Mhejppl^gr -oTEe^orane Itones'frnian, i f he hiife t>as=-. inefs qualities at^d.,enterprile\ If both are equally qualified, why, tSieh^oumay be governed, by. party-tactids: ';'—jS[i s. Cdnger's fafewelt party I^h- ruar|y'55.' ';'•!' • ' v • •'• : Wf. J. Squires, ojf J/arathon>. r \:was. jn- tdfei! Taesday-; ' '^SpWn meeting 1 ticfeets on shortest notice ^t.lbis-ofBce. '.' ^Mri?. AngieP'illenbecl?, of' IJislk v h.as qjeen the guest, of, Lucy Sallj .-\ofj -U-. ;s,|lade,.' gs-rleit-' barbel, Motjge,' •\Mafatnon llMi-ne Host\. Cona m •KEble eMertoptQght>giyen'fey Jhle ^. ||. BeaamgSciioeilast.^ondat !r.|je.^nittg, was ^uite-Jatgely a,tteacteil ?ed anj enjoyable affair., 'j ' ,. ' r^-lTnaXjected:. t o iihe iftew: iproprw > jtpi s.wje lia'd a fiiie^n of job prijitin, f mis.week, and,liaTO'p?p^»ects of at tweean do. Our motto d£ t o do\ %or i J '.t Keasonable pcjces and nave ; wor]c [p l e •wb.e,n p^otnised- . If- yott, wis 1 01 ae'auo%n bill?, cards of anytcoirr: mereial worK printed call! onus.. 1 ,,;.. I-. ; —At \tayior opera bqube, ~ \~' E '•'-' Tuesday.eveiiing, February Carlton willgiye nis political, i'eeturi eniiled''*Tb.eidolden Horse,\ wfeicj wi lbe : inter s^ersed: by 3onle: of tne: au ihorV favorijte ballads, His lectui p; w« belieye .will' be well ;reeeived tb Cc rtland. people. Admission oQ cent; r; N( 1 extra eharge for reserved seats. A . ; ^At fcbis titess*'f; the year, wlieil [the winter's jblasls cause ; the. vr§l cloned to !.fenudder,..the' destrviin j''' —r-FraEfc. I^ebiter Jm|lbi|iatei.. start;, ing a b^ct and sboe store. Ii -4A -wery. pheasant' I iven, \Mr and |lrsl Ei 1 Ihurs^yeyeniuglpfti , H] 'ere .:abouti \Jtbirtyj • rela ;fvgs present] and! a 'wo$t>'' enjoyable ijevening'' was iurpfisfe wasj !. Nprpoltt, on; weelt. Therei spefnt. by; alii; fbey eafiSed witb tbem' sllcb. 4 .supply^ o f c^es'Fand other : dej-' ipaciesjas to. enablen|ji&ni)\to serves j ; a|bpun,tifut ijbast, an l d ; imakoitn;e:.-eyent.i \d^ubl^|eB.jpjyabl^ l; j^o|o|e : -guite ..cost\ mm&m A. Murder' d eai - Bftld^$vme.—j FmanoialJlEmbarraismentSi Eighteen Crazy katipers'Burned] Alive in.L ' .WeDtsiiOaiteiphiiiAsyiuih. •'.' BA^^iNS>itt'B,iPe^, Isl-^At' att' .early ho'ift .^this.jnprjiing.. the] .00'% of An tiy-ihr'^ tpnW(Jaetone.w is fbjind||ying in the snow by;the|rMirOaat|aek;neai|this jpl^ce with shirt' pu'lled - out 'of t'&fs iiairousers 1 /and 1- his flpckefe'ffiMtfed^lbside ;ou|..as though the ;bAdy |fed4,-'t>ejaji• ^hurri^ply vj-868101163*. \ |-of the Jagraai&. I was a 'guest M jer last Monday, p. | •aT'*'-b'ei absent'the 'past week,, in. Cincinnatukil visiting 1 tier Sister. ! Mrs: H: M. Bang-' man, —-'i he butable mustache still' holds its own as a. fashion, and the' fasbic n has, st^ucjk our- friend ErariksFprshe iqu.st' .__! t# deal with, ave not to'\1ihipfje;vS j^^Sijf^nd rn^lo-' : lt^Bgibujid '^n a | foUndpion that, \will lasfc|: ty. |w^ej r&J ,a r sh'a)tes and H >»., ^ i_ ±\ y- H ;,t. qeiVed* in\an;y ,'lleafty ;hL.|—,—.. coiigratulati[otts : 'during fflie .• weel4' ajid, we must say,' were made to feel'at- home from the s^t;,fQ'r.wMp&biendlV'xeeep' tion, wW ! are ^hanfcfuL.. 'jme shall'pn or t»0 cattsp;this feeling.nm.tpiec^se. • Bsperie.nVe,' ! 'th|!tfgh''it:Hiay be a-.d'earlj teacher, -if .we prpfiiby'ity proyes 'a tper^ feet teaeherrincl^we haVinst had a ! varied- expeiiegce.in Vh^ling of. newsp'ape er and job priBtSng l4.the.:pasfc;\few years, hope toay';merit, respec&,f6t~our papferj and gain.,'for'it a popularity thatyMSQraw-; ville's prominenf;inhabitants would! lilde -to see* ,.The chief feature of onr^paper -shall: bi be i|8 news. '.It..*$H'j| as in thejpast, ^epident. in- poBticf r a^d--fetlieij' >f interest.) We of! jfs>. ..'.\» t party anattergj'Jiojweve*r reseriiM; < ' Fri'gltt \to l *crjQcize -or commeafi |on feet that'in.ay be- ^hpjje to -Kiake a prpinintnt'feature Jpfial cprrespondenee- arid 'for t^e.-llene fit of' farnifK and pthensi will pubjisli a market repptt as. soon as properi-arran^e- •meiits can be, niaae, JGopd. tiiogs, wfe assure all, will appear as fast as t^e can. briiig fheni.about.' SUSPENSE,, still jcOni^Be^eorteerpjing the .War ™ ^RwnrlrfTI. -j^trjfa.T Wnkslp.y has a gR-atn.trf.t-pii.i9iy to newspaper cor- respondents, <and little newsjcanbe g\at-l>; ered escep't from Wolseley's! ofiicial dis- patches. From a dispatch dated at lipn- bdpn^Febniary i^,fwe learn {that on (the !26th ' ( and S7th of January one- of the' treacherous Pachas among wene'ral Gor- id pn's. forces marched the garrisoned the iSide, of the' town nearest' Omdiirman, |saying the rebel attack was expected. from-, tha,t ; luartejr, In. the- •meantime 1 another traitorous Pasha, opened the gates at the other end and allowed the Mahdi's trpups to enter, and the latter easily captured the tQjwn. \Gordon was stabbec: as he! was leaving the 'gOv^ ernnient hoifse,. j^-fearfulf inassaere; of the garrison followed; The panic strickr en j3gy.ptn.ns were captured in their'* flight a^d'put to death : With the 'indst fien.4|sh'tortures. JJost of the victims werfe.-mutilated in a horrible manner. •Their eyes were gouged, their noses. ! were Sift, and their tongues torn out: by* th.e.roqts. The massacre included many : , non-combatants. Egypt&n women were subjected t o shameful indignities. The Mahdi lias repaired the iortifications and hia'de Ehartoum well njgh .imprtegnable; ;Hejlia\s5niade it hjispermanent headonar; ters and is said to have an abundance of guns\.and ammunition. Much; anxiety exists |n' England when reports are de- layed sis tljis one has been. \There are six newspaper correspondents on the field' of batgle'but either their resorts are sup^ pressed prithere is other cause for not se- curibg news more promptly. Look .^-Climt B.orthwick,, of, -the'c Central -Hotel, bus been' confined to :his bdd for %,ia^t days from an attack of : . tfe rbeuSEfatiisnl. .'—^Eeainsters and travellers thrpUg-t| bererhlayie\\ suffeised severely.from-tle cpld *thist, -we]ek. We have ; ieSperience\ a sorlbf^anJextended blizzard. - l^baii t fter... Man --T^ev. ©I 1>H, of Port Byron, N. Y.; will'conduct a series-of meetings; in 'the M. E. church;>cbmmencin? Thursday evening, February, 12,. - -^-Gt;D'. Gfpenman took a seveie cold while going to, Syracuse a fe &• day& ago, and now he is confined fo the bed by an attack of the fever; . T^Tjho furnace at the new- stfhobl hoviseirefused to warm the'buildii g suflaciently jto be comfortable \Wedne s- day, a^id the scholars Were dismisse 3 \• -4^Will Bennett, now at the Pougli keepsj-e business :GPllege, .\has bei in;j confined to bis rpom ! pn, account -a|| sickness but is npw better, we learn, and able t o be abipiit again, ^r-'.wbs d o jiPt- take a baek^seat-in printing auction bills. Have the bi st type, ib, •existence for this work a|id pur. lp|v pfices we, expect will. bri: i g us a largeiirade Iri this line. 1 We have \decided to Change the; -Cation' : day from Satuijday to Tin i I a?;.-- :v.\ •! 1 :- - ' I i publi- li'Sday. mofniiig;,sO .that our'jjatj'ons;- WlereSer;teof^ll^assp'rtherefp|p- theyTSay Ve., will be sure to gei > ^tbeir, * paper befpi-e the week endsi* .wfe'- .ai-e- iaboTurg-at^pseseSt uiidefcmany disao|-i vantages best known to 'a. printer, and • w.e. s ask. th^' forbearance of\ puf \reaoers ^ from- Sx-pecting gyea:ef achievements nS^kphaycpHg.rltiring t.liis pur 1 first' $'eek., We. h|je been pleasedlto add to our list coasii tcahie V law. One of 4hese, abplislies n thejlraiiou^ce lin^t -of^firfet-class mail^j v .ii}| f '|kich.,.; wap in_ town Tuesdjay, •«\• -C-i. •••'*;\• - - • . BHrfi^^pew. sRbscribefs this week -mdl . SPMBehahg'eslinthe^p^fistaltegulationS; areMl^eiy^to be enacted:-at- this' session/ of^pngrfess. %<yp : neW.provisions of -IS em artanee have.i been en- grafted, -into- ritft-.^postpffipe-; .appropria- f lifeely' to 'be- •^-fTheclieap*entertainments .giybn, in C9rtland of late have almost eo n pletely -broken Up the skating rirks there. The difierence in price of j mission is, claimed to be the causey ^'Charles Hoffn3an,~a~7pTing lijan .who'isV wCKrkijhg j for Will T'ager', at Spi&li 'had.the mjisfortiine last J*ri^ t/b, break ikis leg,, which was caused^fe [eomi-Ug,'-Under'th,!e weight, of ...a liw log.; The'leg. wajs set by 'Dfs. H sir- dfick indf -Stone. 2-Hpinpbrey &,- 'Atchisoh, of Najsh- ma|.tejr'£or singlelpostagera^e^ind reduc : f es the; second-class;-rate #f tw o cents per, pdtfndl-to one Tent. This! is aboncesr-- sion to'popnlardesire v/hio;h in ay well \and iustlv be madfe. The pther is Jlr. SljinBfersMlI, providing; foy the imme- diate deliye'ry of letters received before 'midnight,.to wiiicjuire attached Special. : .--..-.^., e ... - •• . i _. T--V_- » HtltSPy?^-\ ^aipai^fflBEtiet'ters'may thus be hpp?jtessee«^-pry^min^morerT^^ tb theiklestinatloh at a slight (•:+:_ 1 one'x«n-4qaestioTr^%n^==saej = iha^ p, he^ts^ paper is.a'gEand.institufloTt^a^villagei,. wlien made a paper^or thepeoplev.and| for tHti-Teasbn We shall expect the' cpr ; •\ t -\ ---= ' '-•'- - --'-4+*=; i -. .; : \:'• u .operation of our toji'ns^pepple i n the wafyf of patronage'apd'iagiviiiens what new.^ cahV .^We extend?a* cor dial wjelopnie! i\ may wish'te-iealli-on 1 ' Us, and •^rrge c^nsHy pleased to make new 4c*ojrf»ntances.and to seebldffiendst _.W-&^:h4ve J-added ' pomewhat to Our -\- ad(litifinai expense to the; sendpr, and \TZTl. • •to any an) fe^. . 'X.-. - •-' faeihties, v fig' job. iprihtSng, raentipni-iaf ;wfiu;Ti\i5 iial&iaburiocai columns. '• \ ! ,} - ^4-PdnOw^^ not bngfepln^ei| on this this expense will doubtless pay the cost to ijiie Goyernment of th'e Additional-car^ rie&{ j;'^. -• ' i- . I L _..»-• j -; jTlie; s|eps toward improved postal fa^ ciljiues^iid clieapened postage arpi' juitir fled by experience., Thpyi ate- not only. Of b^efit to; the peopieibjtf they^rejujn- gc pdj^gaj«ialj^OTt^^^r^^^r7educ- lipn' <of first, class or letterrppsla^e f j-p'm three' to two^cenfs per half otfuce mSde but 'comparatively .sligh|t reduction-; in j p6'stfii revenues, -^akipj^hejlimit ,pne otin.ce instead of ohe'hai|^oiinpe wilj be; a^co'nV^eiiience and wllr probably 'not rtpprfcfabiy egeOt the rjefendes. '' Rednp- ing-titrate on seeond^tessjgatter: Will probable^reduce the revenue stightly, but as^the postal service Very nearly supports itself and the revenue is* stead- ily, gripwing .there is likqly to beno cpm- piaitH;; on that account. '• j \ \ '; Jj&'rie general -efBaenci^of -the \\postal Service does nweh to jnsjtifjr its being a branc\h of the governmjsnt service*, \fhe s^ongj^\«rgnHientJfeil a; government . telegraph is! based on ttfe efficiency oi Itfae-fjsf^e,.;;. . l '\ He (pas called frbm home by. the , ill- ness' pLijs. mother in, Homer, ^shb died-, last; week:'-' Humphrey'Ig.-^'ell = ' knQwin u iff^l|is4wam^Audiit i ui to heat..&at.be is apparently do ng well. ^M:^.;|!HH4fWitaiey,,'laving sfitd; their farm,, will sell, St public aucmpn on the farm one and phe-half miles easf; ©if McGrawyille,, Tuesday, Fen ary[ 24, at 10 A. utdasds used pn M., the stock and farm the farm beretofpre. Six dair^- eows, a good team, wagons. etc[y;arejamong|;he, things |o be sold] i~W,el have' secured the servicel^bf m^m; as an a mm\ ana no win iW'Se- attache .of this office;, Tbe paper, we j understand, ha& done.a's well under his oare as any since the first proprietor's management,* ihd npBV,that p.ur force is. comppsedi. c nl of practical- printers;we shall strivls-to dp| iyoriHH^acti l^We learn from many sources of the excellent medical qualities^ of up of Wild .Cherry for which! C. ,Aj Jones of this place, isgeneralaggnt. Testimonials froni leading men of pur ; ac 3uatnta,nce.sflak in ^ery'Wgh te fens 'of thisjjnedieMJe as a specifie fc r a l&il&t eefugit itriting troii'bles. -;., 9mmM pp >r should be- JpPked are the silent .sufferers who'lack. jtoMI food, fuel or: dlbthing. ,fhef shqtM bejspught Put j and ca?ced for.. The r un worthy destitute arejnot baefewar(|l a rule, i n announcing Jtheirj^ntf; j^r-\v^e=haye \adde jour *ofSpe 4J ,la|ge ^j&atity£pl ae#|^pje^gj^ja1 fdesigdel forTiucti?n and; p'ther^large bills,' and having .t he best pf facilities eatf turnv out^aa^-fltass-p-i ^niei xee.notice,'wili be given in th£J SilNiiiiEii, |if required. yhen we dc printing- ier anyone,\ flius, \giying diauble, vafaein adyertisiUg. ,i . L-A * ! B,ijG;4 r d n er will, sell at public aujctipn for Fdgar t^arreh. •pn,:t3i( pl|tce known Vas the Hugh McEeyittj farnj^faneibilil-e \norfii-east. of ?v Freel'' town COrnbj's, Satu|day, February ! 2t, 1,$8 : 5, -%t 10 : A...MV-tj&rstock.an.d .tobls formerly „ used, -cos£the \jplacb. ; 'Shi ^c^Ejonsists.^ oftioUricows, - seye'i f tw6ry^r J ^|^^nJ|arshTJ'8 • bull,-\ twt | hPrses\\j a: yearling; [ Colt- • and. -genera '- farm iiitehsils,,'; ' ,t-' ';' '.!.-' ,'-'-•!- \• ..^^-lii'bbie Bu,ndy,j of Walton^ 3*li* .has been Working i n the cpf&t factpryfj ill ithjts [plape- of Sjate,. recently con 'traetpd k severe cold which deprivedl ; ben of her speech, 'and she has beef' abl3tp speakrdnly i n a faint wiispenl Her 1 lather, B. B. Bundy, wasjnotified: by her sister! of the cir0utastanees;.ano' ; Tuesday he L came' for. his daughter:; an<ji took hei. to!his home at ¥wt m &- • |v\ -I- : L . ••'••U.i 'f-Wp havje received fjrbm'the secfJ ret^ry's office pf the New[ York Firei! meVs association;'' -ot Kingston, two •pamphlets^bne a\. directory of the .^ewiYorli: state_.voliinteeir fire service for 1884, and the other, tbe. prpcee'd?- ings pf the. twelfth annual cPnven.tion of, the firemen's • association. : of this;; state heldjat Utipa last fall. These are handy', books of reference and any firfeman wjio wishes to rpfer to \thlem; ih'ay jdp sol at pur office.'!' ';'. V^SinCel the change of time on, 1 the ®. Li & W. railroad the mailed u e ; at this jxlac'e have suffered' a, 1 disagreea-! ble changei The first mail train froin 1 Syracuse does not reach Cortlaid un-; til §,f ter noon- and our first'mail in thd day is-.'re^eiyed about half-past, .twpj However i t is hoped, that the! early! ^morning: train from .{Syracuse will b4 eohvertedj'into ah aeeomo^atioh 'tnaij •train, if nothing more, and thus givej us.tha?ee mails a da^ as \before!. -\ . • ' ..—!£he-farewell' party at the^Gbnget Hotel i n this place -yviir -be :givea- Mrs- : M, '.W. Conger, Wei\ eveni|ig, February 25/ 1885.' paihsiwiil be spared to>make ifcaajenf joyab|e affair; and*the friends o|\tKe'| landlady, Whicb^are ndt a. few^ sho'uld 'assemjbie enmagse as 4 tribute 'ik_^2 lpeet.1 iThe fuftjbilr'has Jaeen. placed at the 1 low price'-ofiLOO, abd ; we| pre- dict # crowded ball. : Music wiil fee\ g|v\eri ? by Butterfield's prchestrai •'[ . —iThe legal techicalities long'p^nd- j.ing between Benjamin Welbha^d|i W. f A. Carpenter of this place, regarding the r^gbts -of landlord -and tenant,, |'have.!;at' last been summed', \up; At first, it appears,- through i some cause, Mr. Welch gave notice' to Mr; Carpenter to; ; yicate the bouse'!.in which'he was Jiving; and the. Carpehj ters laking offense alleged tiiaf Welch jtsed^Jeather parbarpus eompufipry I \§r}nfe and the distract i'nfpression' bf- an :ateA^ad,_ He itadjexhi^ited a'large toil ^*«maL£jg^|;jpjjjgjg^, jqg t . eyemiig Jand |^)fbbaMly!spm6.&ie ! laia 'in! waif', for Mm JwHen on his ^ayiboiQe!. * He j^as placed fpn'thettrackVttflth^art isjuspicioii\ .but as- l^p traiS had. passed 'befpro he wji^ fOund, : OT^ef3s?e^fl'entSad, the'rascalf' are .at pv GHipteo, '.Peffi t2.i-3?ijyje 'mep^eTlAdeaf ;^S»m' sjiffoiatibi i .While eleainihg la :• streM 1 of ; thed i rse^er:fere.: tPrBay.*\^ Aj^iiinbeti, Stiiers fyery -Mr* o\v3y^sc1 ipedyi 1 ^ [ iStS'bfJ&e'ddespi #<jay| lilBgm >!reac8.- 1 iear\ : Syracu8ei b-lL ;was' -fited 4- h'^^^^-^^9ilS[ijEigr^tii^D > '': WhidhJ .fae'eded Ijhpthitfg.tg niakeititlifi mo£t hprrible disas-.; 1 I^teifoflhe/Miid.eybr Known) in{|he. history f|W|buffaing.bfk;the-4nsape^ flepaf|dSie^t l^ic'liir^s Ib^ardslthe'.^ |^?0a|iKGf tfip^raain buil^iiog'; of>tbe alms- rsBtrBpg4-J[?a<T- , ^fS^^^l^ft|sSs^&wtth\a°[cleaye.i! jp^i^o#^S§?i*5\•&#•&? ]F#$ Ranged- this pgd;iitei!.alh|M|j brsa&fii^rati FdinneK. c ' h% '•\--^^0i^^i [ ' ) ' .-fiebtfiary.r uS\3jS^Wrtord!tet^M ^e;qause).8Cie 'j |^d'Hve.iiYith hiinj was J*iaag|d this|mprn- iJBf,,;' -He.confessed, ''t • •>-* ; r •• \-. ' • |^,It|s^Oftea|thaf; a ; bpy v |.|ft ;jPif|sfieicl, : MasS.i,,l»as]!'sympWed'jtwffi.'JiS''' 31 ' -M- ihevWiill/pst;ikej:p xjmeT^Hl^spTJSg tlie ^erifa^HielpFw| li dse'of ,itf .mm apdprd^-»; l h.-\ - I!? i':.:^,'.! ,-. : I ••;.• .,,. :^T .#kwra^Yl#|fes if, -; i; 'P^jStticftltOifl ' <Ju\'^ BBc ihatistn v Ken !fa10aVBpryss«5c t '' ^*iod| : fbK man. and ; f!iieX&^; k.^&ipbj.pHysicianeiuse. and ^ep Oii^endik^Sa]tisfactiptigii^ante.ed, IFor 1 :|ale^«by'C./-&. ao'p'es,,' .'•' If' Thlfpllow^ kthe MM, letters tha] :pma|n; uncaied for a t Hife JKtcGrawvHfe post office: ^''''. ,,.,,\' -T - ! . MrsUpubpna StppBens!;'.: Miss'Beftha KHderfiauM; MiCpfertHoldHdge , f'' ! Anie!-Dye ,' '•'; \ til Misfe^dith feurlinhamj :•' Wral Ida^lJeiard ; Miss: AS'^a'Brpwpell u itRiii'.M Th;&egular Busihesgj ui^eting -pf ibe J. MjM?.;^,,- of this y|||a : g^ wilijb^e.held at A^spcfatipii HallpMp^day evehing,; Febr.|jar^,l6. - Ail of the! members of the \30oKt''s^kieeS6i any smai;'-. square andij Lspipiorfs'looSigenVplppe that happens |p.«cpmib in ypm wife's-mail! j jtt will prpb,- -abVcontainliey hew borim i;.r-rl?ctttRiierl 23—Rjchara %sla„-Ziinmr his\ -friend: .,'(-.-.. mahiseri Faraittre:Se|aH^,^Sa T ;*n^!|idS : dt - .general JOD-.^orkidpngifctS j. .,-;\.. -. •.^^}y33tf , atson. '.'• Ji^Sw^GTirjreSBj.'oi'' \f-> - !'. !•''- P.-' f. £ I stones.ietc., the flneatqnalittes-'ol AatEStCAlf ' '•AXp. * iTSE^aimfisr JSAitSx, &• cdrstatitft 6B • hmfaSCOTGtfMinp, AJKEBiCAtfP&Air: JX-E'furnished on eiiort. notice, Jamea St., iiaar CORTLAND'S 3iay^mber!si!!t^enc^sB™~ isil -- > °* iai Strongest Companies' v U'sVafcail, \•''-' * im es 'bd'nglit at berries. Black & Red Rasp- ,bter^es» ! a»lii^iTOter:f'^ f '~'' i ''\' Sv S.,Enpx, Sffl^Ste»'J^et'Conrityc6fie6i&ani3 f nbtTceras^ef.et)^gw«n-io- ^'^muUs'\-)t'iSyingf fclaftnB ^igainst^ |te. feijtate. .pTMte6rfajBffigfliB?i lafe Qf-tlie.toWja^at Gbrilanayiilej. iflece9:se?5f]J]Bst-. tliey areiregnuedffl'eaaiibit tne.Baiiie- 'v^i ' jrpnSE-] era toereof. to t6ei«41j4eribfei', tHe:;execatpMo1C,th!a jesiate -ofthe -seSm^-\--' '-- \- UJ ' iUu '\••' tow^ ol Splon, Coti\ ;Jdfe tlie.-l(}&-4a.y pf, i.-ibsted.-Angrist^'Ml 1 '\ . '• ' :•'-' • \'- •''' '--tit PTJBSrjAKgBfeQSi^N ORDES b F EpHJi^.^'^ ~ _ .Knox,.Surrpgate;\6f. the .•cpunty 'OtjjCortlandj I: '. neflceis%ere'By,gJwnliS'all'i^i|>nsnaVi%|elliS^'^ . ._ _ ..featrigt fee estate. alBBrgamm.KBerfere^^^^ l:o, r ^'n^ | .lt£etown6ft!6ttlan*dyille;, deeeaseB,- flra4^'ey-^--e^i : t ^-^v;;'^ ^^regujreu to exmoic the saroe,-jri% tfteJJdn^fi^M:\ thfereof,jtotbSsnbsciitierrUie acliSiniBtratriioftner. estate of the said deceasedi at'U&Ji-Mi^'ftt&ste h,Sytacnse,^N. Y., 'on|or iefor^e! .iths IStbSpaj \cjt^r- •=\•' 'i : (^w»fc.5:'I 5 4\. , .-.,* . T . before, as 15thSHSf ;o*r- r .-?^tl^+^3ii-' Angn8t,,l885. .. ' ,-}.. \ , • -,'•\' -. -; ' H •>';*• - ; -' JT liFwfe I>ated;,Jfiniiafy;31sffl885. ' V ',' $ i } •ii\---<i->yf4 i f.•''••• • l . . !REBttNii<l. Bsif^GHES, ',,,]\\ ''' ; :V - '-' : -'l 3 ' - ..fc ' •) '.id&fflisgatSfei-J ^TQGQIMI Eiehatdreaa •^^5W^WPSM¥*^^| agedy, is ansiotwto.maB5JBQO»fn'to , .:fa* ! lellqsp?J snflerers the meSns.of^are/ So^l\Jr^ieiS'x&|^-9 BEOSrGHlt];S,<teci Parties. wlWUriganl^a tion;?*Iirplea*6-aaae8s, Ee^l-BjQS. WIJIiiT ;Eehn|St., Wjlligmsbiirgh, ~N. ^t f\;fj CTM!D^SBTO*!<^VLMl\B^a'«VS'.f| s«,Wew?T«^..^m5*ate^;^|aii Td.aa^r^ja^iiofilgSfie^nlfcafty;;: 'if^ .1 iiMjiiii & ijes^fere'd: ia! geijjjeraa|i '%v|ng|rinn6cenHyl6dDf • 'i';.. trafcted,the ^ateof-tfelfTOase^pfi^pM^Ba^tt''\ w v - consequence,tiiffered»llth'e!hbrro*^i8«n^:I«^ t .final] ylcdjisfK'.AddreFi-iii^^<6bbfdjirjoe.,j: j M*-^ ;>f ^ irfe^- ; AT* : ;'i;.'»Ti^ni*<-i^Hk-^ii*U. *W:I^AftttiA.--.\' . . Why-, dl?. (h^'pe'opfejbuvll^'^ru'i^lif WildjQjerry @paipp®riri|iprefei^ncb to' al|^BSi?v : .'*\'l i''\-'' •' -|t\ : f v -•'- -I\'!'' : ' .-, j Because every bpttle-iis Wftriraniied. 1 '.. ,i.-..; .. fiecaufe the testan§njialsmdWJi»g »t! it is.dOjngand'bas^pce.d'offptf!^^ places* greaf wayBJOfE andfenyyil^^Sp; jii'e?sprjs;. : wh6;.p.rbbaS^iieve» ^ l Oni ffriendsi raMacfttfainjtandes whoni' we*q If^eq^useth'&fflQsejiir'smfflli'.and sp| tlie' •niefflelLe,lseheapi.. r j '}i -. .'j,'.'. ''',''_ ,- • j. ' • .'Blpause its'taslefend .effect are so^lfe'as- i%nt'|^;;. :'.-•'.-t, \I '-?: j. h \ '•[••-':: v! J^ecauSed it always eureal,|ihd is adapted '•'lutijaris, froin nj^st rugged 'to AssoSation are'requyedHo be pre^entpfelf^^^^eiF \•; .frj; .. 'M'*' • r :J£ •. ' .. , '. J, .:>- i.i. .\ .- i.'iiiV; After-Teading-itfertestinipnials oft. the. as lAnortant businesi- concerning the hR,CTi,5i.A. «ttJ*5»= SkvaM nii^f.iss *;.4inl>' as nmppr'tant busii|ss|' c'oticeming th e poniifbjg stateiconventlpnl; to be,held^t, Syr i a|use i: Feb!rparyl?'|§2i, will.come be- fore &e meeting. \.•<* ''/*',''- f'' Po|iowlng are tbe-names' of the lead- i ets appbinted' for;- ttfe ' dates opposite ;ihei]|;naniesi:f, --• • \Vj;!'-\','• .• - '.•:•,.'';.,. s •>' S*|b; \tt-^WSH; i^uchaiian..:-..\. ; > '- > \$jjk '2l2^F.-!Gfi, l%3gaheny,' '. - '-v.' i^^e^fey-Walle'r.\'-.'. ^ #Q'f SSh&'iSeBrei t«~U t»Ier' ; Blaine. Sjh&bn-Iy.tiiil goveWinent frdnv 18^1 to 1881} ; H<m,-*'o?' . _ ^i?fele'- ; ^..^.Iroin^.; says:v^r76<feY«* : It^M-pt-uiv'nb' tbatfer jKhether.h'e bjeJfr; Blmne'e friendojfenaniy; 'wHllbeiier pntit do*A nntilljehaB.rcad-ftSKfiSlef ^ ^f?ga)0-per.irionth paidsooffl -responcrpalr.agente.. rNor^ich^Conn.: ;• | : J-'-'.V' . 1J 4i T j?^ 8n * '• 4®??3|^!jrd -^EHBJ!^!'? |iciGlraifrTrfli6 tjiiibrJi ©chooi* ' '01£i Jones, General Specific Med,. Qpi- . j ! Mkf hiv-.f-l had taken av KI'H.'MfiCfB^w,'. !• it $>$- V.. ©r^endaff -p| Me-. JIcGrawyile Steam'Mill writ6s:.>,, ' ' j j;' . -. ••> •'.-.£. '• \ - ~ - - - - - 'Agent. \Empire Tlie.; : fdltowfng *roll pf honor o£. the McQgj^^iJl&l&mori'Se^dor^rJlie^^^^ S^feDe^^^er^feJsaof^^^SsSSews But ' ' * \ And seb; portent andschoHTafilji.. \the\ Kighesl ^sl^r|p^^y| i = , :;^^•^ • : '-'-' t \ ! | ;;,: ! (Sa&met:^deJafiirient: v 'l^ry; \McQuat , •Jyant McGrd*|*!0atih:el;< 'fVarr'eiai\j'iiihns| Peejf,; Admfer&i Jf^I !'&*$&* '? u .!'fe McCjaat, Bert Brapian;! Helen Brooks j ^Adaie/Baljai !v f ' .•-, *1 ; ! \ .; . '••'' ..-'.j; Intermediate departjnen'ti,' Ltda Rum^ sey^ Wia JIaybary, JttilesEPeek, Phil flpag| l:Iiibb N ie Lewis,.Gynthia BrbwrieU, f*ahnfe Wiliob.!. > -,-j ' ., i JV-'.-'•;-. '.- i ..' ,;; . Primary department:: \ s -Clyde«^eers;V Ettie Jiatherj.^rep. Pudney, Arlpne^jKud- |jaeyj -\tillje '.'•|Tprcb)t,'..,fellie < ''^en^ Woujd-'natnr.ally last^erssn:a:'week or niorpj] Seeing fhe'efflpatewof your Syrg^ of^^dlQh ; s3^bo«^.dnm\tesBifiea hy' so maby wetr-knpwn citizens, Apibc'ared: abpttlei topkijt infulldose^nci^^ft'^ri- lffo|iyw,ihg,cit)zeas.gj<S*an| puiebasS *jbot - .tl.e^tad be curbed. .¥pU.'isiltflnd'it,at.Hny r j'draiffistpre,' * '••' '.' !'«;•'\ {•''>.• '{' \?~ •'• CTtlelHrtn. P. H- Mc&raw writes: • •\ MejaBAW^iLijB,' Jf{ J T..l>ec].'.ipjth ) , 1884,1 ' f|Tpnr.%jup pff^iM Ofterty.'Poiripoirnd js: ablexcelfeh't remedfc* '#pdjl would reponv n>erMittp,iaTl pfersonsj/'affecteri wiih- dis- ea'seaof tlii throat{indrfud^.. Tours',; •'•*•- \J;. V . • ' . : , 1 '.VF - '• VPl B: MiOnxvi ma ,^». «•»-.. .- --- —___ _.,yery ,-aev.pre . , r _. cold]; with.fever,' cough aM'cniHs^efr-aiTttar^^ Are-ypn distnrbe3i-.a± rMjit ahd-Brfp'feen ojtybar •rest by'-a-'slcfcbhlliis'naerSSand^^ cryjng.-wi th-.Diin; of 4nttjhg teetji?,\;lt w*ae|jd.at once.;ihd;:geE» bbtHe:lof^ifs^^iiMift^^b^\iN4i':Srarjp;;j|6iir 'GSiiifEES' TEbTfiiifog^Sj-talii 6 , is-iiisilcalab.le,. It will' fy'teve' th'elpbi m zmw •fsm'i rim »8JrJa thej' -,-- ,,. „ ..,, , .tgmsji phyielans-iiathe'pmie.d'Sti'ffiiVan.d-if phyteians-in-the'Hfttte.d *§titK|VandVisM»M«le--b¥. •••;.. .' J ' VT? .Tjii-.-\'- '' fi^EBlfc^rai .';-.\fT-'\ ; ; f -'-T'-- , : 'f ' :l^: : ~ ^^tasi^lDyi^e^ti^Bata'^JCnreBf&^sjieirf^ ,f ..I'v . BoJtarilcalDyi,,-, ,. r MfitafprnVs.,. ^atliiig.physi r mena; !i e~*^^^««\ i.\«~ A'\\ asrnsB and.Teecqm- ieha'.it:..,Sa^fMJbhiaarafitfeeS...,:Fb«ale>l)J'' C, x .• -.i-^iij .y..Xvj| ^'Vj-^m '^•/•f-.y :-:'r.-:-. ^'••fi .whofjten&nyyeSrsjs^eredt'twnients ytotif^.tlwiji:', .-^i» f '.--I \deathifrorfiTIt^rWg ftMSleSiW* as;tlle:•fan^li: , of •^-f ';-\J'!fcjl |i pressed. MeEstraatio ppmppnndi andflnMt eibellent, \J ,sSal: ftey'eykeep hpase'wflS|eiu|t it/ ! i ' r ._ M ^iiaH^fonritf reme^es^whtehs^r' completelychredfi*;.. Anyifraffer^^bni^ncliiaBlT.i\^ e£Bes_cantaket]SerftQedIS8 4nd'thnff'^;e UeSillf ; i withbatTeve*l{ii^;b§r^b%Swoti0';^j6TO;-ftegtt6i jeetm^uerwbmattfyjmdilesir to tbe ebbojc of^aii eimniiriaSonT>y'a.phyMeia*.|TfieLreci^|iit^tlv^^ direction*,.will Jbe, «?nt to, iiny, addressfTPwex 'Of-' GHAP.6E Becnrely'sealed; ' fAadress 'S&^afe-i*.\ BEAMS?4J6-Marsh8H!gt J, PHilaaaSpli4a>iSi-riSmB ithig-pap^r. •A- vjif\ ••» ••fl\ ,\•'.-.••> ,,••>' '- • -.— e. means, t p -b^ing them to'a# up-der'* standing of Mi. wishes. -. Welch has already 'secure^^^udgment jagggefc Carpenter for re^'f : auB^)Mv-iiow^-a^^g^^ Jennie fih^lrsh, tiktie T*leustei§ M^\tibt Hste'r, Delia^SnTtftki v*J\f' ^~- _•; \'. K ': Ivan McGta*, JuBa^lVicOluit. and .;Mary Mc0nat;ffeni,l the g^tojaer. d^artmeiBfe McGrrai IPpis^H, first^lass^ ^irnil an4;Ofnament4l Trees) Shrubs, \Roses (ifematis> Grape Vi^es, jetc;:! Permanent ,-eiBpTpymeni Gppd; salary! Address,- giving age afijd refk&neksto^nsinessmm/ \ I m ; _4JBJSSft#S ' Bontanlcal <Jintment;?51rt , ,—^.-,—, neljsYarid Inlta.'m'ma.Ho^S.or.all.'E^tias^f,leading t»hysicians ns9 '^nd.reco^^id it. Satisfaction guar^ • anie-ed-^orftlefbg^i^bge^;^^^.^^^^-; '1» Niirseryiiian IRpcjhesterj^-\^ - - . . • \SJ-m£.-.. aKtained) and ailfI',A®Na! to.forMaDES^fE!? „ Odr,oifBee i^bb^telhe^/SiPfltentti iwe<ah6b]tafn3rVl»n*S(ffilBsg;:tlmfe.tBaii;;t labte froni WA^^WPW^ '\ \'' , \ I Send-SipDi^&ajTOiiTOpf*. .... ^teotabifey fteeJ ogsfi^i jani We-reier.-bergj'tp, %f5^tmks.ter } _j Honey Order-Div. ahd?fi|*feialB^6Kae Jfflce. .iForoircillartaa^} . - • • fte^sit \ '611060. write ^actitto cUent^ji|!y|ffiE;b^aTS.!fcte<)i C^^K \•i'j.^1 i. -..: verdict tor Carpenters allegjed brutal .treatment by Welch, thejur^rg, imdefi Judge IHSurray, have brotlghjt i n a -verj diet of |'Nb~cause di a#Mn. w Hhe trial catne off at 'Cortland,' Tkesday oij tbisweei Ik: imaiW' apartment weee ;m%ifcfti and JAziit IrptUi'the iajsept «r taidy d inng. ttje^bnfts* ,n^rdepjartnient, enrollment Si,, attendance 19; intermediate department' \'jDriniaiTrdepartrnentSl a£ ' 1 - 1 •^•\'\!fti*lff-•'**•\^''^' ^***™ By g^m§$^j^^Ttj 'injsgjM E^i^. iMc^ram .t^eihas.-fcprf, •^' 3 ¥^ ; ] haw-iBS». y^f^^i'-^BSure^JB^^yo'qg.Eolaft omeut-, theinteruiediatu dbpartment,, . ie G^rutners and!;\Latie Webber f ^ent, then, in case o|.loss or change, | shave no trbuble^Ais companies^ M 1 - r ;..'-% a :-i pm, prompt, and in .fjull. Any word left at J. 'M, CunsroBm's' Je#eiry Stpe, will receiveproinpt attentibn. !Eit A. McQ^AWi iBS* teSi^^'ksSsPs Sftfc !'rlif mmmmm sa fells morning sicki* elans if \ true private ;pm] sjaiap fo? W«f/ monials, an\\*\\\\ sealed eiiye] i.s& Co., Pal t '.' : - ---3 B^lfflltrfe^-fe f t if .f J y^f?*i^t«frf'f ;* : E-.M| ? »«f\

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