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The McGrawville sentinel. (M'Grawville, Cortland Co., N.Y.) 1878-1887, January 27, 1887, Image 4

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(PS\WB^N§M^ytPM!M! Nice Assortment LOW NOVELTIES EN Trimmings. B3ST -^.XJXJ SIXJ^S - EVES'SOlt) AT CAJUI AT \That!s:jei^hi\ aaid PeekHam, \pile on the wood? 'It*s na tnor^t coldjiight,\an4.I never : * wastnp mk liever fn pnchin'\and scrapffi'. -If y°J^M^% «<*•«#¥$\» Mm TraveS,^»ike MMrl comer'. of ^tTie^feTplace^I. al^ayjj ,'set.'\ oh tHe rjefb^and eorjier and i don't s'pose i% 5 .ritSkes Uny Srfference to joK\ . .''MrS:5rraYer^-Bose,ia meek- bbedi- eircS \to the spectacled autocrat' who xuk4iue-rI#rise]iold with a rod of goto • - .-.•=-- * •*. • , ^And^. Abiah Travers, you'd obleege- me by not smokin' while I'm in .the ff h f onsei'' we£t. on the remorse- less old tyrant. i \I£there'&-anything that sends .trie blood ^straight into o'*my hose, its tobaccy i# 30 STANDAR9 BUILDJNG - Cortlartd, ft. 7. Near Post Office.) E ILLU D'VITAL IT?\ rRATIVE Saraole :#«££. mm TOspft ,_. A^GrSatMefflcal ffa& on Madhopd^tervens and Physicar'lletHHty, Prematare Decline in Man, Exhausted Vitality, &c., &c, and the untold mis- eries resulting, from indiscretion or excesses; 300\ pages, substantially bound in gilt,' muslin. Con- tains more than 125 invaluable prescriptions, em- bracing every vegetable remedy in tlie pharma- copoeia for all acute and chronic diseases. It is emphatically a bctok.for every .man. Price only $1 hfcpyftl? post naid,.£oncealed in plana wrapper. It,Y/US-J>IJATIVE SAMPLE FKBE-TO AX.I. Yov.ng arid raiddle-aged men for the nest ninety days. Send, now,-or cat this out, as yoa may never jsee ij. r.'sin, Address Dr. W. II. PARKER, A Bul- . pncli street, Boston. Mass. A ' ' rj*. y^~ walct IHelaie No Nausea, UNTO. Ringing Ears I Pleasant, A POWERFUL TONIC _ that the most delicate Btomach will bear.' A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, NERVOUS PR|6sT;RA;TION, ' and all Germ Diseases. BellevueHospital,N.Y.''TJniveisally successful.\ St Francis Hospital, ) ^^SSlSSfgUlSS ' ' I discharged cared.\ Dr. L. B. White,' U. S. Examining. Surgeon, writes: .\Kaakiue is the best medicine made.\ Dr. I>. H. S!;&ssner,«60 East 121st Sg.,'N. Y. city, has cured ovef-290 patientB with Kasfcine aftet quinine and aU other drugs had failed. He says;, '•Itis-nndouBteffly the pest medicine ever 1 dis- covered. - SjiijSZi - Prof. W. F. Hofcombe, M. D., 54 East S5th St.. N. Y., (late Prof. N. Y. medical college) writes:—\Kas- kine is.superior to Quinine in its specific power, and- never- produces \tne-Bligfcest injury to the hearing orconstitution, Kev Jas. L. Ball,TJhaplin Albany Penitentiary, wntes.tnafe-Kaskine has cured \Ms wife, after twshte years suffering fromimaleriaj and nervous dyspegfeia. Write Mm for particulars.\ Shousands upon thousands \write* that Kasfeine has cured them after all other medicines had failed. Write for-hook of testimonials. Kasfeine^tactbe taken witfiout any special medi- cal advice, $1'00 per bottle. Sold by C. A. Jones, McGrawville, N. Y., or sent by mail on receiptof prico. ' KABKEStE CO.', & Warren St., N..Y. the' end Please Don't Forget It.. That Dr. H. James Canabis Indica is prepared in Calcutta, Indlai from the purest and neit native hemp, and is^-the only remer^y,' either in that country or this, that will postively \and perma- nently cure ConsrtmptUmi Eronchitts, JLsth- ma JVoso! Catarrlt, and Aerootts DebiUty, or break up a fresh cold in 84hours. $2.50 per bottle three bottles S6.5.). Craddock & Co., Proprietors, 1032, Race St.Phila.. ELY^ CATARRH CREAM BALM - Gives Belief a^^—y^jwi ».» ~ZM once and ^^^•S2ifet*.CURreCv' Cures dim* in HEA3>* . CATARRH,. MAT JIBFJSE. jV% a . Liquid, Snuff or Ppwdw. Free from - wgypj,- oui iirvxjk hnd-if] fensive odors. -~ A particle is applied info'each\ nostrirand is agreeable. Price 50 cents at druggists; by^ mail, registered, 60centSs~CircniarsJr«e. ELYBROS., , Oswego^N.Y \ grugg ,*•* FOR-ALL. Bermanent employs taent siren jtor energetic men jifcOf j«aBnenigveryJshere.^43aa wetebSauds Bpaia. Samples wertb.^5 and patticttlarsfree. Addres a t once, P. O, ™~~ LY, / - ~ • - -- EKY, Aagusta, Maine. Write toKiay. f. VICK-. Don't miss this chance. lift IMrtlOBangestwice a year, topjt^once % ^wee^; and you HaSrg (he nnest pSt *TBhed \strive \in tne' world: 1 : .-.-Abiah.xjast a rtiefnl glance at his 'betoyed^eerschaum, bathe laid it KiQW-n, neyerthele8S, with the air of a \martyK ' • ; \\ ''And new I'm goin' up .stairs to get'some'knittin''put o' thy' leather retic.ale.i mi I hope yoo'li hev the tea ready by the'time I get down 'stairs,. cause I always was a great stieker foi- early hours. ' I- know '.tSiiiirXypuf feg'lar customs to.hev it afore_si^x, but I couldn't wait^o long, D'o^waysr' i And\ as MJSS Peckham slowly gMmbed the creaking chamber stairs, and her ebony cane tapping at every step, Mary .Travers spoke boldly out: , \Mother how can you let that ar- bitary old \Witch of Endor order you around in that sort of way? Father, take up your pipe and smoke it out! She is neither queen nor empress here; and if I were you, I'd have tea just when I wanted it.\ \Hush mj dear child!\ said Abiah Travers, looking apprehen- sively at hia daughter's kindling eheek and sparkling eye, \you know it won't do to offend her; she's got money -to leave.\ \Money! and what'if she has? Does that give her the right to or- der us, and domineer over us, .and turn all the habits of our lives up- side down, I wonder ?\ \Mary my dear, don't speak so loud,\ put in her mother, \yon know, child, it's for the family ad- vantage to humor all her little ways.\ « - \Mother I would rather work for a living than-toObejb tyrannized over in our awn house;\* \ Husiy Mary-! -Papa and I un- derstand these .matters much better than yon can possibly *do. I am afraid Abiab,\ said Mrs. Travers, turning to her husband, \that we shall have to send Richard away.\ ..\Why?'-' -• \Aunt Peckham says she can't bear the noise of a boy around the house. - \Well then,'* said Abiab, regret- fully, \he'll have to go, Is'pose.\ \Father!\ ejaculated Mary, with- a rising Golor; do you aiean to say that you would send little Dick away —my uncle's^ orphan boy—just be- cause Miss Peckham is a whimsical old maid?\ ' \My dear,\ said Abiah, turning hot, and looking inexpressibly mean and 'cringing under his daughter's indignant glance, \you know we re- ally must humor her prejudice.\ At this instant the \tap tap\ of -Miss Peckham's erutcii sounded once more on the stairs, and the dis- cussion was of course interrupted, while Mary went on.setting.'the ta- t>le, clinking -the cups and saucers together with unnecessary energy, aTtd rattling down the- knives and forks like a young, hail storm. \^\This^is a mighty; inconvenient house of yonri:, Abiab,\ said Miss Peckham, gloomily. \Chimblies in the wrong.corners, windys jest, wbere tshey had't ort to-be and ceiiin's so* |owS feel as if 1^ was ,*bein' flattened ilowta thehull mortal tifire. 9 ' 1 \I am sorry,\ apologized Abiah ; hoj—5 '\ \Sorry!\ echoed the spinster. M ®p $?&£- & i»; -WI^Fj£xf»sur& Causes Cou, -^^iSipSSiSsyKEfcsraraHs'fi; Bnenmotfia, B ..__ ratgia, \Sciatica lumbago, Backache and other ailments, for which BCTSOU'S. Caccine Piastersjare admitteg ib be the be^remeaySnowiit. T£p9fei lieve and cure ina few hours wherejio.other ? api»li- cation is ofihe least henente.*KiiaJSffle%^3W$SSpft Physicians%md Brnggists.^^wsBse;»f Xmifeti^ns under similar sounding naniesi' BncliV-j^B.~ 5 'C!aj>si- i. .cnm\\ \£^aieM^r.»Canspfe\ ^ajaotj^ate s)>n^ ang &%£&& otBgS.?ej^stoeSreifflfigwhen . yoa ba^' J Al^dtaggiBt8,i-«jSE3UBt7»* «' &' LfelTBJEatyourown-home^BysoBeiwho _ ,. KifiJjas^iioted «p%a«B8iS 5 -'^«»SBS'* &D *» t 3 ^^ <?•»«*JMnueff in threemonths;»nd * •#irir^^^therer-SOT} particulars - tojttjreifcaiitatH Hew TaWm*. \I am, mother. Pm tired of tlrM I ifespotie rule. Father is bnild^flg an i addition tosnitMiss/Peckham; JIBO ; have papered all th^ rooms^fef her tasted Dick has™**been seat^b the. po^f-house,%id-poor, half-bliM Sat *lxJi>nesliasi)een turned on tygif thej Jatchjen r^gscatisei M|ss TPeckham thiak she cosj^too -smuch. Mothej, noilessirig will-comedf€his, trfough; Miss PecWrath had all the gqlJEl of Opjiir to back it. • And now I :can endure it no longer,,so I shall .marry Truman—partly becausfihe iss dear good fellow and I.love him, and partly because-he says I shall have Dicky to live with'me and a c~6rner for blind Sally inni-y kitchen. And, mother, you_-jnay .come and sit ofr your own sideoffiie fire-place^.and father shall smoke all over the house, if he likes, and if Miss Peckham shows her wrinkled old face within a quarter ..of .a mile of the place; we'll set the dogs on her, Truman and I.\ *Mary! • Mary!\ ejaculated -her mother; but it was not without a singular sense of relief that she •heard her daughter's independent plans. \For you see, father,\ she\ said to her helpmate, w\hen Mary was safely married and out of the way, \Mary was , too spirited like\—she never would do as Aunt Peckham wanted =and to tell yon the truth, shd told me last week that unless Mary could be disposed of some way, she should go back to Luke Storrs' house. \I—I'm very glad Mary concluded to have Truman Lilly,\ said Abiah, cringingly. \It's all-important not to disoblige Aunt Peckham, espec- ially now that I'm mortgagin' the farm to pay for. the new wing, and paper hanging, and things.\ The Ozar of all the Russias was not half so autocratic as Miss Peck- ham in her more limited domains. If there was a momentary cessation of homage, she had only to say, \I guess I'll see Lawyer Johnson about altering my will,\ aid they were— figuratively speaking—prostrate be- fore her. To be sure, Abiah Travers some- times contracted his brows over the numberless expenses into which the old woman's whims and humors led him ; but he invariably consoled himself by mentally remarking: \Never mind; she can't last very long, and it'll be all right when I get her money.\ And one day, Miss Peckham being veryold and feeble, bethought her- self to die, which was perhaps the best thing she could have done. \Now for the money!'' chuckled Abiah. \It's been a long siege; but I guess it'll pay.\ The will was produced, . in full family conclave, Luke Storrs's fam- ily being all present in deep mourn- ing—Truman Lilly, his young wife, and little Dick the orphan. . \How much ?\ shrieked Abiah, as^ the legal man sonorously read out the long phrases. \To be equally divided between my nephew, Luke Storrs, and my nephew, Abiah Travers,\ shouted the lawyer, \the sum of fifty dollars !\ \Is that all ?\ fairly shouted Abiah. \Is that all?\ echoed the infuriat- ed Luke Storrs. . \That's all,\ said the lawyer, dryly, taking a-pinch of snuff. \But look- here!\ ejaculated Abiah- taking him by the sleeve. •'^Where is Miss Peekham's money ?\ \That's Miss- Peekham's money.\ \All ?\ \All!\ \And you knew it all along ?\ \Why yes, of course I knew it, but wasn't my business to say any- 'G0LDEW ©;&¥§\ HAHBS©ME, SESTEBN-PAGE,-ILLUSTRATED' ..• ' t ;. 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Y., or to ahyother officer that may preside at the town election of said town-, to be held in February, 1687. We, fhe undersigned, tax-payers of said town, do hereby make written request that you submit to the electors of said town at the next annnal elec- tion thereof and .allow the electors the^i-ol to, vote by ballot upon the question of ehanlYng the man- ner of working the highways, pppmant to Laws oi 1873,.Chapter 895 arurthe acts amendatory theTelo. Dated, January 8; Hsr. . .EitzBoynton, , fXT. Walla;e, E. Keator, Samuel Kealor, Madisoq Woodriff, Isaac Edgcomb. Martin Edgcomb, Fan* Msxson, Geo. W. Clark, Z. H. .Tanner, Charles H. (iallagher, George Conable, \Fred Conable, Derosa McGraw, Eustace C. Parker, Justice,of Peace, P.B. McGraw. A. P.. McGraw, Sam. Hammond, E. A. Pish, II. L. Bronson, C. P. Walrad, W. R. Curtis, John White, O. U. Kellogg, L. M. Loop. SlwS CASTOR f For Infants and Children. \Castoriais so well adapted to children that I recommend it as tztperiorto any prescription known to me.\ A. S. Archer, M. D., /// S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, JV. 2. Castoria cures Colic, Constipation* Sour Stomach, jDiarrhoea, JSructa- tion, Kills Worms, gives sleefy, and pro- motes digestion, Without injurious medication. The Centaur Company, 782 J^ulton Street, JV. 2. Never in the history of our store have our sales been as numerous and large as in the last SO days. Our cut prices did it and we pro- pose to keep it up. Such was the inevitable result of our wonderful sale. It has served its purpose well, assisted to reduce our im- mense* stock and thrown would- be bargains of other houses in the shade. No need of buying old antique styles of Clothing of the past ages when you can buy new fresh goods at half their value. \Sorry don't batter ,parsnips! I'll , . ,,„ * telf von what yoti'll 'teive to do, if For sale by all Grocers and - ? J , .- » stove dealer*. - • - * •: r^pi| y gaicji|ate^-pfl • ray -, fc&jaij'* here alopgj. with, jou—build a two-story Vftigf with* a .'chimt)lyA.rJgbt'in the jftai^are.\ ^-.-•*•: . : : '*• \Yes—brft-^i; will be. so very ex- pensive. , • • • e _^. j..__ , . \Expensive! Of course wings gosfc xoofi^- tbgi^jt^e .Stoars'/fel^S would ha' Jjuilt anything I 'said, and Jemimy was dre£f ul' ^xfouS^r ia# MstayJnere with'em.\ ' ; -• it thing,\ said the lawyer, evidently enjoying the discomfiture of the two fertune hunters. \And Who is to pay for the new addition to my house—and the pa- pering and painting—and -the new Franklin stove—and—and all the expenses she has brought upon mer\ \Ah— ; who, indeed ?\ remarked trie lawyer. \That is certainly a subject •for grave consideration ?\ And that was the end of all the golden dreams,of Abiah Travers aWJ his wife, while Mrs. Truman Lilly observed, with gfeat calmness: \\ \I told yoa how it would be.\ Desiring to close out their stock of Cloaks before taking inven- inventory, and make room for c A :EI. :F» E3 T: Save CReduced-the S'rice of TO WRAPS AND Children's Cloaks WHERE THEY WILL.MEET A READY SALE. Do Not Miss This Chance—They Never will Be Cheaper. If Ton Are Going to Buy a Garment this Tear \. \Weyy well,? *ten ? t say^-a word,?? said th§ dauBt^dt^bi^i,^'ll\bnild #*oStofjatT We cannot deny that there are cougb~ mixtures\'which ate injurious jbf cause they contain opium. ; But i&S.Star><3augh Cure hasaio dangpr ous ingredienls. It. Is -promplj safe, aBd\8urei:t\S ? eiityifive ceait^a bjatUe. •px :TENiS tovea^T^d^Tto^^llCoDyrightB Obtained, anaaffj^ra»®^8^ffitnWCK5'.5Eatent Office Attend^ W^r^OI>EBA5E'FEESE ••\ c? >• ' U ' »nrl jgf^g^g y^cnM itflaw^mj thro those [OOIiSQHtaRSWlNe^ We »3*ise-«8 \\\\\\' '\ *Sr^Mn^tt«,3SOj. NOW IS TOUR TIMS! COB>TLAND, XT. T. ThMAUismi WEDOltiG, BIRWDAY OR HOLIDAY PRESENT.\ CombininE a Vsalor, TAitrtarr, -SmoUns, Seclininc or Invalid CHAIK, T.OTJSGE, BE» or COUCH. - ~ 'iiy, andnp. Send stamp I ^~SHl^EDtd aJJ for Catalogue. | jmrts of the ijrorld. rum _ ATlirrrrlsrSd-with the Antomatlc Coacli BraK«, ami ReSaied^ BtcrarWliole»nle?Tlce». Send stamp for Catalogue, aad state carriages. tUBORC S3AWF'GC0 0 ,845N.8th St.,Philada..Pa. Having purchased the' stock andundertaking; business formerly, belonging to;the late R.H.'Graves • • _. .\ \'I^ouiaaraBuneethatl-amprspsred'tbrao-..- «»_ -.. j .. Men's Furnishings at Half Price ! Hats r _ Caps and Furs at Half Price! BUT HOW AM SATE MOSET. 1200 Men's All Wool StiitBat $10, marked down from 14, 15 and 16 Dollars. lOOO Men's Heavy Durable Suits at $6, marked down from 10 and 12 Dollars. 1500 Men's All Wool Pants at $3 and $4, marked down from 5 and 6 Dollars. 750^ Men's All Wool Overcoats at $6 and $8, marked down from lO, 12 and 15' Dollars. s Remember this is a general re- duction in every department and you will be the losei* if 'j&a pur- chase Jbeforf seeing the great bar- gains we ol^Br anjd whli% ca« be saved in Dollars by waite^^at Mr- m Y^ S 1 ! & I* t *•? , -31 ^ SO^ - •*• ^ :^ H' *mm -Ms ,.^%»4 '^sMSsHi M ^.\^--3

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