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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, April 18, 1884, Image 1

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ICONDEROGA AND TTCONDEROGIAN. INDEPENDENT IN ITST NOTHING JOLUME XI. I CARD* T> OWL AND C. KELLOGG, Attorney and Goomkr at low, Elizabethtown, Essex Co., N. Y. In t U „ occupied by the late Orlando Kellog*. •pOBERT DOBNBUBQHr Attorney and Counselor at Law, Tioonderoga, Essex County, K. Y. Offiet in Drake's Block. p POINT HOUSE, CROWN POINT, N. Y., ! A. S. VIALL. Proprietor. Free ooach to and from all trains. A livery connected with the house. HOUSE, B MONITOR© WEED, Proprietor, WESTPORT, N. Y. URLEIGH HOUSE, TICONDEROGA, N. Y. \ T. E, BAILEY, Proprietor. Horses and carriages furnished on applica. lion at the office. Telegraph and Express offices near building. 7ALD0' & GROVES; - - - W A Attorneys and Counselors at Law, Port Henry, Essex County, New York. A. B. WALDO. M. D. OBOTXB, \OOTfiTrE B. BISHOP, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, MORIAH. Esssx COUKTT. N. Y- TOHN a FENTON, t) ATTOKNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, Ticonderoga, Essex county N. Y. Office in Gilligan and Stevens', block. O W. ADK1NS, • DKALKB IK UnfuHug Green, Sea Green, Purple and Variegated •Slate furnished and laid. Terms reasonable. 5late constantly on hand or obtained on short no- ^ie*-Stroot Road, y—-• ~ TEE HOUSE, PORT HENRY, K. t S. EL JsmnBOK, Pxoprietoi Horses and carriages famished on applica- tion at the office. Prssengers and baggago takes to and from the depot and boats free of aharge. THE HALL HOUSE, J. E. HARING, Prop. Good stabling accommodations for the I noraes of guests, in our new barns. TICONDEROCA. N. Y. Mark's Restaurant OPEN NIGHT AND DAY. Farm Meals at all Reasonable Hours. OYSTERS IN ETERY STYLE. Sotels and Parties supplied at speci al rates West Exchange St., Ticcnderoga, N. Y. [RICHARDS HOUSE, M. A. CLARK, Proprietor, Festportr, IEs«e3c Co., 3V. \5T Parlies wishing to go io A-dirondacks can \art from here with my onveyanoeSjOr can » met at trains or boats. Caretol drivers. TERMS REASONABLE. __ [Pianos! Pianos! Organs! Organs! AT THE New Music Store, Corner of West Exchange street and Lake George avenue. ' All kinds of Musical In- struments and Musi- cal' Merchandise. A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT. nrsTRUCTi(k BOOKS For all kinds of Musical Instruments. Sheet Music, Organinas, Piano Stools, And everything in that, line always on hand CALL ON |E,C..D.WILEY ! Proprietor* TICONDEROCA, N. Y. TICONBEEOGA, N. Y., NUMBER 12. $2,000 Worth of Watches GIVEN AWAY of this unprecedented offer, blanks, lists of premiums, sample copies, together with 1 0 beautiful engravings, fit to adorn any lor, [size u Jt 14>, all popular subjects, sent on receipt of 26 is, to pay for packing »nd postage, to any one who wit 1 agree one of our Handsome Swiss Watch*? 100,000 new names and are wilting to spena $10,000 to g*t them if necessary; hence this very liberal list for yoor co-operation. Remember, this applies orjy to the ftrst Club rrr office. We make this unuvjal offer, fcr ' ' that nearly all who examine the Beoi !.-jcome subscribers. Remember, r ;aoney cheerfully returned if f mn'l as represented. \^Address JOTJBNAX, 040 Broadway, PAYNE'S IO Horse Spark-Arrestine Portable Engine has cat 10,000 ft. of Michigan Pirns Boards in 10 hoars, burning slabs from the saw h. eight-foot lengths. Our JO Horse we Guarantee to furnish power to saw 8,000 feet of Hemlock Boards in 10 hours- Our U Borne trill cut 10,000 feet in same time. Our Engine? are C«CUUNTEED to furjiieh a horse-power on a less f acl and water than any other En pine not fitted with an Automatic Cot Off. If you want a Stationary or Portable Engine, Boiler, Circu- lar Saw-Mill, Shafting or Pulleys, •ither cast or ifeddart's Patent Wrou?ht-Iron Pulley, e^nd for our illaftrntfd catalogue, No. 12, for information and prices. B. W. PAYNE & SONS, Corniug, N. Y, Box 1427. .^..Wiley &Co. Manufacturers of and Dealers in WAGONS* CARRIAGES OjCJSvei?y I>©sopli>t;IoBL. We wfll not be Undersold. ALL WORK WARRANTED As \Represented- SHOP ON WILEY STEEET Ticrnderoga, N. Y. 2} WICEEB Ss WEAR, Weed'g Block, - TUsonderoaa, TBALBRS IN GEN'ERAL GROCERIES —AND— PROVISIONS, Flour, Corn, Oatmeal, CANNED GOODS, Tobacco and Cigars. BEEF, MUTTON, LAMB, PORK, POULTRY, SAUSAGE, TRIPE, HAM, LARD, A HIRED MAN'S CRIME. Shocking Murder of an Aged Couple .. jn Illinois. The Old People Hacked to Death, With 1 an Ax, FISH, ETC. L E. WICKER, THOMAS WEAR. Following are details of a terrible tragedy enacted a few days since in an Illinois farm * house: At about 10 ofclockon Wednesday night a double murder was committed near the village of Bandin, six miles northeast ol Charleston, HL The victims were Ne- hemiah Fleetwood and wife, aged sixty-eight and seventy years. The Fleetwoods lived in a two-story house. They slept downstairs, and the hired man, James Winkleback, occupied the room directly atoow them, while across the hall, upstairs, slept the grown daughter, Emma. The family retired early on Wednes- day night. At about 10 o'clock Emma was partly aroused, and heard Winkleback, she thought,talking with the old folks below. She dropped off to sleep again, and some time afterward she heard another noise below, but was not wide awake enough to know whether it was the sound of a revolver or blows with a hammer. Again she went to s^eep, but was soon awakened by the smell of smoke. She saw that the house was on fire, and called across the hall to wake Winkle- ba$k. He pretended to ^ust wake up, and told her that she could not get down that way (the stairs leading from Winkleback's room' to the room below occupied by the old folks), but she burst through the room and down the stairs to the old folks 1 bedroom. With hurried efforts she put out the fire and cried out to Winkleback to run for help to the neighbors. He brought no help until he had been sent the second time. After putting out the fire tne daughter found the dead bodies of her father and mother lying in the charred remains of the bedstead. Their clothes were burned from their bodies. Stove wood had been brought in and placad on the bed to feed the fire. Neighbors arrived and found that Fleetwood had been murdered be- fore the fire was kindled. The old man's head had been crushed,and was completely severed from thft lx>dy. His wifft, ha,H been shot, the ball passing in at the corner of her eye. Her throat was also cut from ear to ear. Circumstances point to Winkleback as the murderer, although he denies all knowledge of* the crime. Vvhen it was suggested to search the well for the missing axe he pro- tested that he had left the axe in the woods. The well was pumped dry, and in the bottom was found Winkfebacks own axe covered with blood and gray hairs. Stains of blood were also found on his trousers. The next morning he appeared dressed in a clean shirt and refused to account for the one he had discarded. Winkleback was arrested, and the sheriff started with him for the jail at Charleston, as a crowd of 500 persons, who had collected at the • scene, threatened to lynch him. A revolver, which Winkleback acknowledged as his, was found with two of the chambers empty. It la believed that lie shot Mrs., Fleet- wood with it before cutting her\'throat The object of the murder is unknown. The •old folks had no money. U seems that Wiu- kleback was in love with Emma, and had in vain sought for her parents' consent to their marriage, but this would hardly give him cause to take their lives. The coroner's inquest resulted in a verdict holding Winkleback responsible for the crime. The jail at Charleston was guarded by about a score of the friends of the sheriff, and all were fearful lest the mob should come on and attack it. A hurried consultation was held, and it was soon determined that the safety of the prisoner demanded his speedy removal to Mattoon, twelves miles distant. Winkleback was handcuffed and conducted to a waiting carriage, and was driven to Mat- toon. During the ride an effort was made to get something out of the prisoner, but he was shrewd enough to understand the importance of keeping his mouth shut. He said, how- ever, that he was innocent. A WEEK'S NEWS. ; Euim wid Middle Statif AT the Pennsylvania Democratic State convention in Allentown, Pann.. General w. H. H. Davis, of Doylestown, was n <H»/nated for Congressman at large, three presidential electors at large were put in nomination, six delegates at large to the national convention were elected, and district delegates and electors were chosen. The pisiform adopted favors \ a tariff for revenue limited to the necessities of the government\ and \the abolition of the internal rev t f t goernm the internal and such iti t i olition of revenue system of taxes adjustment of the itti ill b i and such adjustment of the existing tariff ditties as will be consistent with these principles;\ denounces \theelec- toral fraud of 18$-7,» opposes centralization, k, etc., and declares that the choice of the De- mocracy of Pennsylvania as the candidate of tiieir party for President\ A MAN suffering from trichinosis has been admitted to Bellevue hospital, New York,and bis^case is being watched by all the.doctors. A piece of muscular tissue about the size of a pea taken from his arm was found to be swarming with trichin®. THE British schooner George Calhoun en- countered-ar-Gloucester, (Mass.) schooner at sea in a sinking condition; and while trying to transfer the latter's crew of five fishermen to the former vessel the boat was swamped. The five fishermen and a sailor belonging to the George Calhoun were drowned. After- ward the George Calboun was wrecked, and her remaining crew of four men were rescued by the schooner Zenobia and taken to Boston. JOSEPH AGATE, a retired merchant worth about $ ),000,000, chiefly in real estate, com- mitted suicide in a New York hotel by shoot- ing. He was a resident of Yonkers, N. Y., and left a note stating that he was suffering from nervous prostration, and had not had an hour's natural sleep in four months. AFTER the lapse of nearly a month four- teen of the one hundred and fifty odd miners killed by th* catastrophe at Po:ahontas, Va., were found, partly decomposed and dis- fid lt bd idtifiti iteMBBKsoftheHouseaMnmftteeonwi^f lands are of opinion that a bill will be » - ported to repeal the pre-emption and timber culture acts, and to amend the homestead act. COHPLKTK returns of the postal revenues for the first and second quarters of the pres- ent fiscal year and estimates for the third quarter give the folio wing results: Gross re- ^ te ^ f t ^^ S « quarte r 67 f ^»^ r t nf o« quarte r ^^ Septemb 1883, $10,595,867; for the quarter ended cemberr 31, 1883 tid $11159616; ults: Gross re September 30, ter ended D , $,,7; for the quarter ende cembe 31 1883, ascertained, $11,159,616 esti- mated^for the quarter ending March 81, 1884, $10,769,614; estimated for the quarter endine June • 80, 1884, $10,737,349: total estimated revenue for the vear, $43,362,446; total reve- nue for year ended June 30,1883, $45,508,693; falling off in the revenue for the present year, $3346346 alling off i $3,346,346. DURING the first quarter c^his year there has been a large increase—more than twenty- seven per cent.—in the sale of two-cent post- age stamps over the corresponding period of 1883. The issue of postaVcards has fallen off , about 18,000,000 pieces since the two-oent rate i was begun. A BILL to restrict the use of distilled spirits to the arts and manufactures has been re- ported adversely in the House. Foreign. OOTB-HALF of Mandalay, the capital of Bur- mah, a city of 90,000 people, has been destroyed by fire. A POSITIVE proof of the connection existing between the anarchists of Europe and their alleged confederates in the United States is said to. have been obtained by the Swiss authorities. CAPTAIN SCHOONHOVEN, of the wrecked steamer Daniel Steinmann, made at Halifax his formal statement of the terrible disaster. He said that he had overrun his reckoning in the fog, and. till fatally too late, mistook Sambro light for that at another point. He thought if guns had been fired by the watch ashore he might have been warned in time to escape the peril. FIVE French missionaries and thirty cate- chists have been massacred at Thanhoa, a townn inn Toi The Voter by Which it was Obtained —Opming of tb* Debate. Considei-atfon of Morrison's Bill Begun in the House. Following is an account of tl» manner in which the great debate on the tariff bill was begun in the House of Representatives at Washington: * At the conclusion- of the call of committees in the House Mr. Morrison moved to-go into committee of the whole on the tariff bill. OB the viva voce vote there was but a weak re\ sponse on either side. A few members of the ^publican side called for a division: and one heard° demands for ?*** and „*»*?» were Mr.Kelley hoped that no objection would be mada to going into committee. The objec- tion could be raised at a lat>r R!^?™ WC, the tariff bill would be reached mcSIm^ The demands were thereupon withdrawn and the Hous,} went into committee (Mr. Cox of New York, in the chair) on the bill indica- ted. The title of the bill having beenread Mr. Eaton objected to its consideration, and his objection was reinforced byMr.Kellev The committee then rose and reported S« objection to the House. The speaker stated the question to be whether the committee should consider the ^^j'^ - 1 to t h lB figured almost beyond identification. | tow i Tonquin. THE body of Payne V. G Thilly, a promi- i GENERAL GORDON shelled the rebel camp nent saloon keeper of Cincinnati, was reduced near Khartoum and killed forty of the to ashes at the JLe Moyney crematory, Wash- enemy. In several engagements between y y y, ington, Penn., making the twenty-ninth case of cremation which has taken place there. FORTY-ONE trade organizations mar-hed General Gordon's troops and the Arabs the latter were defeated. The rebels about Khar- toum are estimated by Gordon to number TunpiTjcdssKJn vu AJ UIUU. kj^titwcj. X^CVY JL u i A. City, j ^j^y^' and held an open-air meeting nrfavor of an t A. M. GILLKSPIE & Co., London mer- eight-hour law. j chants, have failed for $1,250,000. Two men were instantly kille I and several : THE Dutch authorities have blockaded a seriously injure! by an explosion of fire- portion of the Acheen coast (Sumatra), with An analysis of the vote shows that 1#> Dem- ocratsi voted for consideration, and that five Republicans voted with them. The five Republicans who vo'ed to ft up * r the bm were Messrs. ' Anderson, of Kansas: James, of New York- Nelson Strait and Wakefield. Ninety-nine' Republicans and thirty-nine Democrats voted m the negative. The Democrats were- Hew- itt, of Alabama; Budd Gk»l HW Tully, CaWornia;'Eaton;cSnS?^ Indiana; Finerty, Illinois; Hunt, md \ ay « ai 7^d Frtll damp in a < oal niina hear Elizabeth, Penn. THE Unitel States and Brazil Steamship company's steam-hip Reliance, running be- tween Kew York and Rio d^ Janeiro, Brazil, was wrecked while on her homewaid trip a view to exercising pressure upon the rajah of Tenora to force ruin to release th& crew of the wrecked English steamer Nisero, held captive since last rfovember. FIVE nations—the Italian, American, from the latter place. She was valued ! French, German and English—are demand- et $&' 0,000, and her cargo contained a nong j ing indemnity from Hay ti for damages sus- other tilingi 7,000 b3g^ of otfee. All on : tained in the recent rebellion. board, including Thomas A. Osborne, United : AN expedition under General Aguero has board, incldi g omas A. Osborne, U States minister to Brazil, were saved. „ JOHN C. PEKRY, re?ently appointel chief justice of the supreme court of Wyoming Territory, died suddenly of apoplexy* while walking with his daughter in Brooklyn, N. Y. JEb-flGRii borttin Sullivan county, N. Y.,. pon u General Aguero ha invaded Cuba. Advices fromr Havana say that General Agueco in landing met with no resistance, and that many factions joined him on the march to the interior, swelling the party to several hundred followers. They had sev- eral encounters with troops, the result of i-p 1HWf*#* a lawyer by profession, had long ; which was that the troops were obliged to resided in Bfet*akl#n, aiwl hsd served in the i retreat. The government has telegraphed to New York senate and assembly. sspain r«,uwHng that additional troous be South and West. sent. BREAKING JAIL Figrbt Between Kiarht E»capiugr Pris- oners an d Pur»uing: Citizen*. The town of Gainesville, Ark., county seat^ of Green county, has been tiie scene of a most exciting episode. There were confined in the Gainesville jail eight prisoners, one charged with'murder, three with hors3 stealing and four with minor offenses. The jailer's name is William Onsby. The other evening about 5 o'clock he made his usual rounds of the cells with supper for the inmates. He was the only person in the building, excepting the prisoners. When he entered the enclosure in which the cells were located he noticed nothing unusual, but while engaged in the distribution of food he was suddenly struck a blow on the back of the head and knocked down. As he jumDed to his feet he found himself surrounded by a desperate gang of criminals, armed with chair backs, - chair legs and such weapons ld by bki l CHARLES READE, the noted English novel- la *_ r>L. T J. , T,,. . ist. died a fevrdays ago in London at the age REPORTS from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, ! o f seventy years show the condition of the wheat, clover, timo- , ~ .' , , , . n . , thy and apple crops to be favorable, and the ! , G ** A T ? xc \ temen £ was <*\*** m Birmin |; peach crop unfavorable. ! 5?\ 1 ' England, by the arrest of a man named — . ..,. , Daly with a number of dynamite bombs and THIRTY buildings, mostly frame structures other explosives in his pockets. His arrival occupied as stores and dwellings, were de- in England had been discovered by the police, M md \ ay ' « ai 7^nd ; Ferrtll, FieS^nd McAdoo New Jersey; Converse, Foron Paige. Warner and WilJdns, Ohio; Boyle! Cui tin, Duncan, Elliott, Ermentrout, Ho? kms, Post, Randall, Stcrm, Mutchler a£ Pattai, Pennsylvania; Barbour and Wise Virginia; and Arnott, Hardy, MuUer* Robinson, \ Van Alstyne, ''Wemp!e b !*l%S? and Stevens, of New York Th9 tariff debate of 1884 was then opened by Chairman Morrison, who read until he was weary, from a speech in manuscript, and obtained permission to print the r- mamder. Judge Kelley spoke next A J ar i 6 , P° rtio n o' the spe-h was devoted to a relation of Judge KelleV* observations during his visit last year of the condition of the -workingmen, women and children in England. He alw dwelt for some time on his favorite proposition to repeal all internal taxation. L ,, Mr - MiU^.of Texas, next assarted that the .Morrison bill would reduce the c\ of imported goods, enhance the prices of American exports, advance the wages of American workingmen and confer uch ps secure b breaking their ll That old established paper. th e People's Fireside Journal of N'ew-Yorlt, irithits popular prices, handsome illustrations, mter- C esting reading, fascinating stories, jolly Laughs, and valuable premiums, is more attractive than • ever this year. Send 10 cts., and this most I & f%j\f%f% A f% interesting and readable I $2000.00 of all SmiJy journals I (now in its sixth year) will be sent for eight weeks trial, postage pair', to any address in the United _ ^tesorCanada. Fora5cts.andtwonameswewit! — ~ send the paper, and in addition a handsome pair ~ mT of ear-drops, a r&g. •• \J W» B %T or sleeve-but- ON tons, suitable for lady C W KkW% 9 orgent. Saooo V 1 * WO rth of useful and beautiful premiums actually pivcn •-••*• * | away every week. We are determined to | D I A I get new readers in erery town. From past I K I A I experience, we find that nearly all who ex- I |||nbiun»c the FIRESIUE JOURNAL become permanent subscribers hence this unusual* W| f B B IT Sffer. Address WW C K I V ntni'S flUmt, JOCRIJL, SWErndtray,] , as they could secure by breaking up the stools in their cells. He fought valiantly and succeeded in shooting one of the prisomra iu the leg, but he was beaten into a state of insensibility and disarmed. Thejrisoners th:n male a da h for the door, having secured possession of the keys, and, wi hout wast ng any time, made for the jailor's house, where thay knew there was stored quite a quantity of arms and , ammunition. Se uring the arms the crowd darted out into the street. The shooting in the jail had alarmed the town, and when the jail birds emerged they were met by a gi-eat crowd ot: citizens. But tbey were desperate men and well armed and did not hesitate shedding blood to effect -their escape. The peo- ple generally barred their doors, many of them being under tha * impression that the town was being raided by a gang of outlaws for purposes of plunder. The outlaws started on a run down the main thor- oughfare leading from the court-house and jail with citizens on foot and horseback fol- lowing in hot haste. The chase was an ex- citing one, in fact, a regular running fight, in which over a hundred shots were fired. Ths pursuing citizens, with the town marshal at their head,shot with poor aim, and so did the escaped prisoners. One .of the latter- James Beekman— who had been imprisoned for a burglary of a store, raised his gun to shoot Alonzo Stedman, a citizen, but Sttdman got in hi? work first and shot Beekman through the head, killing him in- stantly. Thiee of the other prisoners W8re wounded in the skirm'sh, and were disarmed and taken back to jail under a strong guard. The rest of the gang continued their flight, the citizens following, and the chase was only given up when the fugitives reached a cypress swamp and darkn;s^ made pursuit into that region very dan gerous. Kone of the citizens were wounded. v\ he& it was seen that further put suit was useless the enraged populace returned to the jail and made preparations to lynch the wounded men, who had been recaptured, but Jailor Onsby, though himselt fatally' wounded, interceded for them and prevented a lynching. _ has thirty-two cotton mills. ELEVEN negroes were m a skiff on the river at \ icksburg, Miss., when their frail ci-aft upset, and six of them were drowned. A MATERIAL advance in prices for wheat and pork has taken place in Chicago. JAMES FLEETWOOD and his wife, an aged couple living near Raridan, 111., were found dead in their bed with their throats cut. The house had been ransacked. A hired man was arrestetl - THE secretory of the California State Ag- ricultural bureau predicts an unexampled wheat crop for the Pacific coast. - CHARLES B. FINLAYSON, seventeen years old, convicted of his grandmothers murder, nanged himself in the IVjrtland^i0!TfHiail' A REMARKABLE casa of insomnia is import, ed from \Wheeling W. Vaf, where Joseph Saulsbury, a ship carpenter^ sixty years of age, has not slept an hour at a time,nor more than ten hours in all, since January 1. i LATEST advjess. f- m Shanghai report a serious political crisis at Pekm. 1 he empress , has. publicly degraded Prince Kung and four ; memb? r.s of the privy council. They were j stripped of all their honor* because of the dilatory manner in which they have dealt j with Tonquin affairs. ' LOJTDO?* ; newspapers are calling upon ; America to put a stop to the dynamite war. •, It is asserted that there is a coalition of French, ' German, Irish and Englishedynamiters. i A BAND of forty-two Cuban insurgents was ; attacked bv Spanish troops and thirty-eight , of them killed. j EDWARD M. Smith, United States consul at Mannheim, Germany,died a few days since [ of apoplexy while on a railroad train in i England. He was born in Rochester. N. Y., j in 1831, and had served as mayor of that city. ', , GENERAL AQUERO'S insurgent force in •. Cuba has been increased to 1,400 men. HEXRY J. BYRON, the English dramatist, thTuS&g^te«^^ bers have informed the chairman of the com- mittee of the whole that they intended mak- ing speeches, and the debate will belong and vigorous. B LATER e jae, poby ay injng Chinese escaped. The citizens met th^ es- _ , . . , risoner?; and after a desperate fi^ht ; _ LARGE numbers of peo le are leaving d in killing on« and wounding and Canada for the Lmted fctates, principally for ng three others. j >ew England. I hi fd ted Eiom prisoner* at GamesviH« Ark., as- was thereupon fired and evacuated by the\ Faulted the jailer, probably fatally injuring cjjjuese him, and escaped. The citizens met th^ es- caping pri«< * \ ' succeeded i: recapturing three^ .... , Two Spanish war vessels have l wn rmis- ! INFERNAL ma -nines found on a'.Tested ing off Key West, Fla., on the watch for fili- dynamiters in England arowd to haveteen bustering expeditions for Cuba. Unite.! mafi ? m * »»-\ a » \ nd ' he E L lgl ?{? P 11 ™ States revenueVessels are also on the lookout m :c h exercised and calling for the mterven- in that region. tlo n ° 1 he A men-an government. NINE buildin-s forming the i ri.icipal ' AT Sanies, Italy, a di-unken soldi, r fired at )usiness houSs o< Ta -TmaWashinei n ' S a numler of comrades roorrrng in the same i^taSfbeSi ^.\fte^lr^d by donnjfory with Him, killing five of them and busL ritory, nave been comp't3iciv ucsuuicu uj •• . » ,. fire, resulting in an estimated aggregate loss woundini three. of $J7-S0 0. PRESIDENT BARRI of Guatemala, Cen- THE oomiiiasarv' general of the arinv has tra! America, was ,1 gliUy w O nde<l in an . e eiv,d a dispat : h ir.nn Captain Whitehead tem P t to assassinate- him. at New Orleans saying that hv had shipped - 80.0iJ0 rations to the recently flootUd r.giaa. WVTKTC3V (1TV AWTMHC! He rays matters are looking more la vorabie , JM Jj W O X^ W\ij ti a LX1« US, and promising. : THE PhU ^ elpMa medic ^^. iety ^ barT6( i Waihinjrtoxi. l OHt lady docto!>s - I THE tine-wool sheep of Canada are giving MR. NEWCOMB, naturalist of the Jeannette place to coarse-wool breads. expedition, appeared before the House inves- tigation committee and testified as to the trouble on the vessel during the ill-fated voy- age. THE sub-committee of the House committee on the judiciary has agreed upon a joint reso- WITHIN fivi> years Denver has grown from 25,000 to 75.00/inhabitants. PETROLEUM in paying quantities has been discovered in Vinton, Iowa. IT costs New York about $700,000 a year to lution proposing a constitutional amendment Ji g h t Ue r street s and I iublic b «iWi\gs. relating to the currency. The proposed SERUKAXT MASON, who shot at Ouiteau, has amendment is as follows; \The legislative quit the show business and gone batk to Betty powers granted to Congress by the Constitu- and the baby. tion shall not be construed to include the L A HtwLA.the great theatre in Milan, is now power to pass any law making .anything but lighted by electricity. Two thousand Edison 1 -;old and silver coin a tender in payment of . lights are used. ENGLISH capitalists are buying up all the p when fcbli? black walnut timfeer souri and Iowa, SAN FRANCISCO will put up buildings cost- r>lden Gate j>ark for tho fair in 1HS7. PROBABLY the largest and finest perfect plat;; rsonville, Ind. It .tains 150 square feet, and measures 10 ix. ; 2Ui inches. : GOVERNOR MURRAY, the enemy of Mor- i monL'-m in Utah, was born in Kentucky, and is a half-brother of Governor Crittenden. He is six feet three inches high. He was a „ . ., , , . , brigade commander at the age of nineteen AL camp fire of the department^ an( f a general at t wcnty-rme. I public was held in Washington to commemo- L THE wife of President Gonailes. of Mexico. rate the Derations againstMcksburg. Gen- hauing left her husband for alleged ill treat- eral Josejk K. Hawfev presided, an3 among, ment is now living m Houston, lexas, mob- ' Uie \uests ware Pi*sIdenT Arthur GeneraTT\ 50110 .^' havnig trie<i to supjiort hei-self by i 1 Grailt r secretary Lincoln, and General Lo- | keeping a miJlinery «hop and failed. She is ] \' r ~< J ' i the mother of ten children. j s an - , :—4 — L INSPECTOR WOODWARD, of the post-office department, appeared l>efore the House com- . $ . ( ., K) mitten of investigation and explained the m *> *,. j_ f . good resulte which had followed the star route prosecutions in a reform of the service. GENERAL ADAM BADEAU, who has been ; gia.ssevwHiiiap.Aa.wj United States consul general at Havana for i J ust been finishe<l in two years, has forwaraed his resignation to the state department at Washington. , THE Senate in executive session passed the resolution authorizing the President to rec- ognize the African International association as the ruling power in the Congo region. A SPPXIAL camp fire of the departmw tlu> lotomac of the Grand Army of the Re- public was held in Washington to commemo- FIFTY maskei men went to Jackscn, Ky. f at night,took Henry Kilburn (white 5 and Ben Ftrong .olored) from th^ jail anl hinged them. Ihe two men were imprisoned on thj charge of mur.ler. CHARLES GIBBS, a negro employed by a farmer named Moore, in Burleson county, Texas, murdered his employer's wife with an ax and fled. He was capture! by a crowd* tied to a staks and burned to d alh. A NUMBER of persons were killed or in- jured and much damage was done to prop- erty by a t rnado that swept thr. u;h ix>r- tions of Ge:-r^ia, Mississippi and Alabama. AtChipley. Ga., hes Alford was killc<l and h!s wife and three < hildren were badly in- jured; John Langford and son were badly hiu-t and his wife and child ki lxl. A dozen houses in thi^ pla-e were, demolished. At Blac'c Hawk. Mis;., several persons were in- ^ured and a uuju'-^r of buildings partly do strojed. AT the thirl annual banquet of the Irxjuois club, of Chicago, an or^aniz te n ; ccmpr.s** 1 ! of prominent Democrat;, Keiiat'^r I PenUetcm and otaers nude addressss and '• letter/* were read frjm .Samuel J. Tildeu i and J^enat^r Bayard. ! A NUMBER of business men representing ' the bearIs of trafle and chambers of coin- nierciof various cities appc^arel ba'ore the H«.us» coinage c< nim'ttte and made argu- ments in fa%or of the ;a-p»:ision of silver coinage. t GEORGE TICKXOR CURTIS, before the HOUKQ committee on the judiiiary advocated the adoption of a constitutional amend- ment linntinj the jx>wer of the government ! to Lssu? r.a]>er ra^ney to times of war. He u\titiBzd the recent dfcclsicu of the supreme ; court declaring reissued gi-eenbacLs to be a < legal tender, and ^aii that it was contrarv to views expressed by Justice Mar^haLl, anl • that the court's coastruction of the Constitu' ticn was unwarranted. He favored the aaop\ ' titn of an aniendm?nt declaring that Con- ; gres.s had not the right which the supremo J court said it had. THE capture of Hong-hoa, by th« Freach 1 tenninat. s the campaign in Toirjuin. The '•• financial <iut-stion remains to be settled with ! China. The French demand will he very I heavy. AN uprising against American reeidentu occurred at Fra assL'cas, Mexico. The popu- ; lacp burned railroad bridges and tore up th« j track for miles. Tri*>i»s were tailed out to quell the disturbance. IATEH C Senate. A hill was ivi>orled favorably to proWdo fur a coinnus>ion on the sul)jo-t of the al o- Ih.lirliqi.or traffic.. . .The Houj«e joint ix>s<)l'.r ti'n i r ivi<lmg that iertain IKH>!»S b;» fur I.^IKH! t> th.> ('inoinnati law library was anieiuios! and JKIS.^I the Bankruptcy bill as further considered and much progress l v as i

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