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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, April 25, 1884, Image 4

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Sentinel and Ticonderogian. .1. K. MJLHOUAM), Ktlitorand Proprietor. TliOXDEROCJA. W. Y. FRIDAY MOhWIXtr, APElLL\\h 1SS4. The VUen Convention. Our Hon. N. C. Boynton was made chairman and Theodore Roose- velt, Andrew I\). White, John I. Gilbert and Edwin Packard vvefe* chosen delegates to Chicago. The j Edmunds men held the balance of power, and the above is their nam- ing. At the New Jersey Republican convention Jast Fridav a colored man was chosen delegate in preference to ex-secretarv of the navv, Robcson. We call attention to this not to illus- trate the growth of the \fraternity and equality\ principle amongst us. for more striking examples than this are abundant, but to show the steady and constant increase of honesty and justice among us as a people. Few men possessed the requisite qualities of success to a greater degree than Robeson. A man of imposing pres- ence, of unquestioned ability and ac- complishment, an able and ready speaker, capable of moving almost any assembly. with*the comprehen- sive grasp and applicative power of a true statesman, perfectly conversant with every modern political art, with powerful friends and immense wealth, with an endless amount of bluff and assurance, coupled with certain bonhommic that silenced i monstrance and carried oft hi part our righteous feelings of disgust, and enabled him to triumph where a more sensitive and less hardy male- factor would have succumbed. But he was morally unsound and there- fore not more complete and humrla- ting is the ~ downfall of his tool, Keifer, than is his own, when once the people were thoroughly convin- ced of this fact. Rev. Moncure D. Conway. the celebrated English Rationalistic preacher, whose contributions to the magazines have made his name famil- iar to many of our readers, has just returned to London from a journey around the world. He found this country so attractive that he has re- signed his pastorate and intends to come here and reside. In an in terview with a reporter the other day he thus expressed himself: \A long and varied experience has con- vinced me that a man with brains, ideas and ability for effective work can do more real good by using his talents in the United States than he can accomplish anywhere else. The Americans can be influenced in favor of right changes. They are disposed to do what they can^ be shown is right. They have no prejudices in favor of existing wrong systems, They are the salt of the modern world. It is almost impossible for any person who well knows America and the Americans to be contented with life anywhere outside of the United States. Believe me the ma- jority of Englishmen who have visi- ted the United States and become properly acquainted with the real character of the country look upon it, with longing eyes, as the earthly promised land. I returned from ray recent tour around the world with such new visions concerning Amer- ica that I find myself discontented here and unable to resist the desire to return and remain there.\ Mr. Conway's utterance are not so start ling as those of Sir Lepel Griffen but they will strike the average European-American as being thousand times more truthful. That relic of the preceding gen- erations, the state paper, has met its merited but long deferred doom. After next March the official print- ing of the state, will be done in the counties to which it belongs. You may pack caucuses, you may stifle utterances, you may possibly elect your man, but the public will is bound to be carried out ultimate!, so sure as the heaven is above the earth. /The house committee have unani- mously reported against the t>ill limiting the life of patents. •HACK5IETACK,\a lasting and fragrant per<* (lime. Pri<;c -L~> and 50 cents. SIIILOir's Cl'RE WILL immediately relieve Croup, Whooping cough and Bronchitis. FOIl DYSPEPSIA aiuTLirer Complaint, vou have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shi- loh'h Vitalizer. It never fails to cure. A NASAL INJECTOR free with each bottle of Shiiloh's Catarrh Remedy. ^Price 50 cts. For sale by all Drutfjpsts. p f CD c © ! 3 CD Hi C N c CD CD 9 CD S3 I s CD CD I S g P H o a i © p <t> p s- a* Q o\ e-t- E td o o sr 9 o CD p s. P es O p p- QD 3 a Q o o -&. B' BOARDING. A few boarders can bo accomracnlaUHl on rea sonable terms, at Mr*. II. <. IIOAGVS, -2d hoii8« above bridge, £>w4 West Exchange st., Ti. FOR S7\ Toe house and lot on Cbssey street, inquire ot Mrs. Samh Vradenburgh. 10w3 For Sale or to Rent. A very neat Ottage, Gardon an<l 18 Acres of Land, near the village, selllag jirioc. U ,GQ0 Terms CASH MRS. COLE, Tid FOR SALE! The svbscriber offers for sale his Dwelling House on Lake George Avenue, Ticonderocra. The buildings are all new and^Btted with modern conveniences. Those who wish a desirable bar- gain should call and examine. J. A. OUK1NS. Ticonderoga, March 13,188*. Tw4 Wm. Hooper & Co. reneral Proyision S T O S, B n Northern New York. Their stock of Hardware consists of everything in that line, together with a fuH line of STOVES >f all kinds and patterns, besides a full assort- ment of the celebrated Stoves known as the ad, near the v Terms CASH. Il4 H . COLE, Ticx>nderoga. FOR SALE. A Fine lot of CedLar Posts. C. G. BURT, Ticonderoga. R TflI r The houses and farm on the Burleigh ferry road, owned by the heirs of Dennis Leonard, de- ceased, is offered for sale or to rent. Transfer or lease to be given ott or about the Irst day of April, 1884. * Parties interested may inquire of J. C, Fenton, 'iconderoga, or address •-•'.. J. E. LEONARD, Adm'r, 9w4 West Rutland, Vt. LARGEST LINE. Crockery and Glassware. Boots and Shoes. This department Is complete. They also make and repair TITTWARB. They are prepared to do PLUMBING n all its branches. As FOUNDRYMEN They are doing an immense busi- ness. Their Machine Shop is under the supervision of skillful workmen, and is Headquarters for Essex County ALL WORK WARRANTED. Give them a call. MERCHANT =&= WILBUR, MILLERS AND DEALERS IIV FLOUR, FEED, MEAL, GRAIN AITD NOVA SCOT/A PLASTER. Custom Grinding In Provender. OFFICE IN West Exchange btreet. ALL whom it may concern and to all the readers of this paper, we desire to state a few facts and let you know- ow you can se- cure the BEST Bargains and the MOST GCODS for the LEAST MONEY. Lamson & Brust, A-gents for the Tiger Hay Rake In the following places: Ticonderoga, Pattersoi & Putnam, N. Y. Orwell & Shoreham, VI A s have we nave a large stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS on hand that we are anxious to con- vert into ready cash, X^ou will find it to your advantage to call on as possible and SECURE some of the Bargains that we shall offer tor the Next ihirtyDays and IGHT HERE WE will say that all our Heavy Goods, such as ROBES, FURS, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, BLANKETS, HOODS, Knit goods will be sold at FIRST COST, and if you R & TT/\ill call we will convince you that we have all the goods that we A dvertise. We have a fine assortment of Lumbermen's goods, such as Leggins and Overshoes, which we shall be happy to Qhow you at any time between the H ours of seven in the morning and nine at night. We shall always B e at store our and ready to wait on all who will favor U s with a call, and will do our best to con- vince you that you can TJely upon get- ting your money's worth every time. N ow, in conclu- sion, we will say that we do not advertise to sell goods we have not got, but we have everything that we advertise, and they can be found at No. 3, Weed's Block, next door to 'P. 0. THAYER & WASHBURN, Ticonderoga, N. Y. Agents for the OLIVER PLOW AND Spring Tooth Harrow, Buckeye Mowers, Adriance Reapers AND OASADAT SULKY PLOW. REPAIRS and SECTIONS constantly on hand, 8 Inspection Invited AT THE STANDARD-DRY GOODS and CLOTHING HOUSE! where they are now daily opening large lines ot Choice Spring Goods, consisting of everything to be found in a first- class Dry Goods and Clothing House. Purchasers should remember that prices are fully SIS per cent lower on some lines of goods than at any time in the past year, ai d more particularly tn the line of Clothing. The propri- etor of the STANDARD is alive to th '• fact, and has made prices accordingly in his now Enlarged Clothing Department LOW PRICES and SMALL PROFITS are leaders at the Standard Dry Goods and Cloth- ing House. JONAS LOEB. Vconcleroga, N. Y RID GLOVES, CARPETS, AND Small Wares. TABLE LINEN. NAPKINS AND TOWELS, Law & lite Goods of all kinds, Bleached and Unbleached 6O.IIOI: TICKING and DENIMS, Shirting Cloth of all kinds, bv the yard, and Shirts Ready-made OVERALLS, FROCKS, and ^Summer Underwear. DRSSS GOODS of'all kinds for both olej and young. CARPETING and OIL CLOTH a New York Prices. Wall Paper, Borders, Window Shades and Fixtures. A Fine Line of LADIES BURT SHOES and other manufactures, also Men's and Children's BOOTS, SHOES & RUBBERS Crockery, China and Glass Ware. GROCERIES, BROVISIONS, Salt, and FRUITS in their SEASON Grass, Clover, Peas and all kinds of Garden Seeds. jy Call and see what we have and get prices. Respectfully, L.C.DRAKE. New Fiw Lewis & B Have leased the BLACKSMITH adjoining Wheeler & O'Connell' f%A and announce themselves \•*• j all kinds of ToTo\bIrLgr & lEBepsu Corse 8 A. SPECIA LEWIS A or. YOUNG ARB (Formerly ARls By Porter's Old Arlstos. Da T_ Billy Ring (who trotted on th. % track ln.2.28), by Smith's Young I of whose get have records below 2-It YOUNG ABJSTOS was foaled AjS| He is a pure black with white hind ¥: 161-2 hands high and weighs 1175 ptv trotted a mile the 18th of last March, ot in 2.16 14. Lloyd Porter drove him, and\ 1 Porter, Dr. Oliver and W. S. StewarU k% time.. Several others witnessed the perform tSf He will make a season at LarrabJe's '- y TERMS-.$25.00,- payable when mare is u with foal, and aU colts will be held until r. paid. ZEB . MARTI Larrabee's Point, Vt., April, 1884. ? --A.T- D.R.PUTNAM (West Exchange Street) You can get, at the Lowest/ of every grade and description, | Halters, Hame Straps j and everything to be had at a Hai Nothing but the Best OAK\ LEATHER used. \ ALL WORK WARRANT^ D. R. PUTNAM, Ag \ Ticonderoga, April 1, 1884. Fine Tailoring [ W. 0. HATHAWAY Has constantly oh band a fine assortment of Foreign and Domestic Cloths for Custom work, Which will be made up ra the latest styles by aw best of workmen. *' Mr, Louis ALEXAKDEB will make frequent trips to Ti. with samples to solicit orders for Custom Suits. W. C. HATHAWAY, 5 Port Henry, N.Y. A. S. NICKERSON'S Photograph Rooms! Above Burleigh House, South Main street, up stairs. Copying and Enlarging at Moderate Prices. Also, Frames, Chromos, Albums and Views OB hand. 4 Mrs. Annie Simpson, ME OF ALL KINDS In the Very Latest Styles. Booms over Express Office, South Main Street, w4 TICONDEROGA, N. Y. <3-o To F. WEED'S FOR-^ — Pure Linseed Oil IF'siln.ts. BOTTOM PRICES. DEUCALION. BY BYSDYK'S HAMBLET0XIA>' Will make a three months season in the ?ta^; the Hall House stables, Ticonderoea, N- ^ - (<e ginning March 1st, *S4. TERMS : $25.00 at time of service and S&'* when a perfect colt is foaled. J. E. HARI^ . March 1st, 1884. : To Rent, or For Sale. POUR DWELLINGS IIST as the Honse. and Occupancy given at once. T. E . BAILEY. TJconderoga, March 13 4 188*. 6 , NOTICE OF SALE. SURROGATE'S COUBT—Essxx Corxir. In the matter of the sale of the real estate of om Bradford, deceased, for the payment of hi* «ie^ By virtue of the surrogate's decree of sale •- the above entitled matter made on the 15th itoj;\ March, 18*4, and a further decree directing r f execution thereof, made on the24th day of .Van-- inst., the undersigned, sole administratrix *\ ^ goods, Ac, of Orin Bradford, deceased, wi;«,?.; at public auction to the highest bidder, on the K'-; day of May, 1864, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon s ; the front steps of the post office in the Lo«^ Falls village, of the town of Tieonderoes. f'-fr, countv, all that lot of land and premise? do* ^ > iu said decree, and situate in said town of TK*<|- deroga, Essex county, and deecrilwd as foil*™;: to wit: Situate on toe easterly side of the *•. highway leading from the Lower Falls viJlagt\' the Upper Falls, in said town, and bnnn«l«M « follows, viz: Adjoining the northerly bound?^ the John Stott lot, so called, and beginning in % centre of the highway; thence running c;i-W'• along the northerly bounds of the said Stott »* the centre of saidhighwav. four (4) ro^\ \'.'.; place of beginning, being the same lot dee.li> 1 : Orin Braufori by Geo. C. Weed and Henry ^T sey by deed dated the 25th dav of AIJC\-* { ' '* and recortted in Book 63 of Deeds, page 1<W- DatedUiiB 26th day of March, 1884. MAUT ARMSTRONG, Administratrix, &c., of Orin Bradfor»1, <uv< .«•• JOHK C. FBITTON, Att'y for plaintifl\. n U Leav

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