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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, May 02, 1884, Image 1

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*'*'3*n TlCONDERO AND VOLUME XI. TlCONDEROGA, BUSINESS CARDS. TjOWLAND a~K£UZX3G,~ Attorney and CocoSclor at LAW, Elizabethtovra. Ek»ex Co., N. Y. In th« of&ot occupied by the late Orlando Kellogg. JOHN C. FENTON, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, Tico&deroga, Essex county N. Y. Office in Gi&gan and Stevens' block. T>OBERT DORNBUfcGH, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Tioonderoga, ER»e«.Coanty, N. T. Offias to TtfALDO\* GROVERT Attorneys and Counselors a* Law, Port Henry, Essex County, New York. k. B . WJO>XM>. B ATTOENEY AND OOUNSELOB AT LAW, MORIAH. Easxx Oooim. K. Y. W \BED HOUSE, MONTFORD WEJBD, Froprletor, WE8TP0RT, N. Y. \TgURLEIGH HOUSE, ~ TICONDEROGA, N. Y. T. E. BAILEY, Proprietor. Horses and carriages furnished on applica- tion at the offlofe. Telegraph and Exp ress f\ W.ADE3H8, UnlMiBtng Green, Sea Green, Purple and Variegated SLATE. Slate furnished and laid. Term* reasonable. Slate constantly on hand or obtained on short no- Jce. Street Road, Ticonderosa, N. Y. p POINT HOUSE, CROWN POINT, N. Y., A. a VIALL, Proprietor. Free ooaeh to and from all trains. A livery tonneeted with the house. TEKHOCfeS, PORT HENRY, N. 1. a H. JxanosoH, Propriety •barge. THE HALL HOUSE, J. E. HABING, Prop. Good stabling accommodations for the horses of gnests* in..our new haras* TICONDEROCA, N. Y. Clark's Restaurant OPEN NIGHT AND DAY. Warm Meals at all Seasonable Hours, OYSTERS Iff EYERY STYLE. Hotels and Parties supplied at speei al rates West Exchange St., Ticcnderoga, N. Y. RICHAKDS SOUSE, M. A. CLARK, Proprietor, Wesrtport, Essex Co., N. Y. Parties wishing to go io Adirondack* can start from here with my onveyances, or can be met at trains or boats. Caref al drivers. TERMS REASONABLE. O O-A/Hr\ The undersigned will keep constantly oa band all kinds of coal, BY THE TON OB CAR LOAD. 9ffioe in WEED'S BLOCK, VICKXB'S WSL G. BALDWIN, Sole Agent of the B. & a <X Tioonderoga, Oct. 27,1880. OO TO McCORMICJK, THE MERCHANT TAILOR, . FOR AJNEAT FIT. SATISFACTIOH 7 ^ GTTABAHTEEJD. JOHN MeCOEMICK, Worth Main St., [«3 T£coiLdero*ft. Fire Insurance. GELLIGAN & STEVENS Wholesale and Retail Dealers m STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, ITLOUR, GRAIN, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, China and Glassware. TEAS A SPECIALTY. We call attention to Crocker's Celebrated Patent Flour, The BEST in market, for which we a n the sole agents. UBA.DQUABTBB8 FOB FRESH AND SALT MEATS OF ALL KINDS GILLIGAN & STEVENS, 81 TICONDBROGA, K. T. Tre<>s(nB«©*m, n. T. IWAUDI For the Arrest and Confusion of the Man who can Produce a Spring that gives Better Satisfaction than MAY 2, 28S4. ie Glens Falls :ONFLAGRATION. A$125,0t)0 FIRE. Two Opera Houses and a . Church Burned. ©TTSIDE HELP SVXMO9TBB, the following particulars of the ter- that vUited Glena Falls Monday \ to the Republican of that Shortly after the great conflagration of 185#*fee Union Hall building, on toe brow of the long bill, Gleu street, wa« erected by Muesra. Abraham Staples and William H. GUdersleve, the front and side walls being of brick and the main portion and rear vff wood. Slope then it has been par- tiatty inbuilt. Monday the second, third and fourth stories were occupied by ten or a &mn families, and the first story by Robinson & Ingalsbee's meat market, Long's shoe store. GiWewleve's restaurant and Thompson, the jeweler. At six o'clock Monday morning a fire broke out in the room* occupied by a fam- ily is the southwest comer of the struc- ture and soon spread to the M. B. Little opera house building adjoining on the north, owned by Daniel F, Keeffe and L. C. P. Seelye, and occupied by Thomas & Son/ hardware j Sweeney Bra's., grocers; Dan'I O'Lear?, cigar manufacturer; D. F. Keeffe's law office, and the opera house proper. Before eight o'clock both these buildings were * mass of ruins. A southwest wind prevailed and the flamts *«r« dri?en from the burning pile to the Glees Falls opera house on Warren street, and from thence to the Presbyterian church steeple, the woodwork of which Notwithstanding the exertions of th h g the firemen the opera house building suc- i great sheet of, flame leaping W g quite acrosi Warre n street and threaten ing tiif baildings on the opposite side, which, by moeh oxertion were saved. Fortunately the brick wall on the nest d | ng Cronkhtte's half interest for $4,000. *n4 Glen streets. &W occupied by \The bay ma?e Opal, five years, by Jay Gould, out of Baby Alien, by Ethan Allen, * been sold by the Fashion j-'Simi Farm, ~\JL» to U. S. Junes of, Cuicago faim$ of Mrs. J. C. TMotKoo A Son's store, on Glen street, S«nn & Uebe clothing store, ChimpHn & Caroeroa's hide store. Hurd'K block, James Mc8weeney*8 and John Lynch 1 * t$aloons, and D, F. KeefFe, saloon building:. 1KJCRIES. * Quite a number of persons were injurod. Mrs. David Norton, Elm street, wan knocked down and her right hand was Stepped on, tearing the Jle*h from the in- dex finger and thumb. William Dunn, son of Egbert Donu, had his right index finger shattered In the armory. Leonard Fish had his right arm quite seriously in- jured by the same explosion. N. C.« Fer- riss, a member of J. W. Wait hose com- pany of Sandy Hill, received a slight cut on the head from a falling timber and also suffered from glass cut* on his left hand. B. F, Merwtn ras struck by a falling tim- ber and knocked down. Wm. D. Na»h of Sandy Hill was struck lu the eye with a burning cinder and quite badly burned. Confusion prevailed, goods and the debrti of the fire being scattered through the streets, and tne erowd of spectators: continuing until a late hour in the after, noon. IN HEW QUARTERS. All the postofllce and fixtures were re-, moved with but little injury to it, and the office has been opened for the present in F. E, Ranger's frame building, No, 115 Glen Street. C. W. Long's shoe store and Braley & Co'a, bookstore are located at 104 Glen street. Isaac Smith has removed the remnant of his goods to the small appartments at No. 17 Exchange street. eld, ManB^Aug/lf to- Hart&rd, Conn., Au«. 86 to 29' 8t! Josephs, Mo.. Sept. 1 to 8; Provideaee. ?' ia' ?n Pt *v 2 ^. 5; HeleM » Moni » * * to 18; Topeka, Kan., St a PkTHlfd 8 J., Sept. B to 13; 8 to IS j Beacon Park, _ 4 ieadlog, Pa., Sept. 28tt>28 HORSE NOTES. Sou«ht. Sifted and Scissored. Bets were made here the other night that Judge Davia would beat 2:20 tuW year. Jay-Eye-See won $22,680 last year in purses, premiums, &e. The'nieetiug at Island Park this year rill be held June 24 t» 27 and July 4. Frank, by Abraham, has wintered finely and shows a wonder!nl turn of speed for the season. He was lately driven a hrilf harness in l:07|. A cup worth $250, for members' horses ive never beaten 2:50, to be driven by members of the New York Driving Club who are nou-professionals, will be trotted for ou May 8. * \ Mr. W. J. Welch of New York is now the entire owaer of the 3'onng Blallion In- come, by Inheritor (sou of Jiy Gould and Lucy), having purchased F. G. Brown's Oar method of introducing this Bed Is to place it on trial, and if it does net suit, remove it free of expense to the party trying it. . A. Riley's shop, South Main Street, Tleoaderoffa, H. *• S, E, MOORE, Inventor and Patentee of thia Bed, has one complete set of machines at the above named place, where we »hali manufacture to pr«ve that this Bed is all we claim for it. We make all widths to order, and shall endeavor to make a success here as we have In other places where we hare established «ur manufactories. Now, if there are a few men here who want a permanent, pay- ing.busineas, that holds good twelve months in the year and does not require a large^capital, call and look the business over and we can give satisfactory reference to prove the success our agents and those who have purchased machines and rights of us are now making In otbei places. 14 S. E. MOORE. C O X>. J OH* 1ST J± J, DEALER IN GROCdBBIES, PROVISIONS, CANNED GOODS, Confectionery, Hut*, Cigars, Tobacco, China, Glass, Earthent and Sfltwr Plated \Ware Hardware, Stoae, Tin and Wooden Ware, Bntland Hand-Ma Boots, Whips, Stationary, Notions, Etc, Etc. Flour a Specialty. lar-All Goods sold as Cheap ae the Cheapest 8* The undersigned is prepared to insure property of all kinds in good, reliable com- panies at rates as low as elsewhere. Farm i Buildiags, Household Furniture. Clothing, j Organs, Sewing Machines, Farm Stock, etc.? | insured against Fire and Lightnmfi in ti.-o ; *Taierto^ix Insurauce Company. ; ^\No other company insures against j Igntning. E. B, ETEYE^SOH, Agent, j Tioonderoga, » if V John 0, Munmngham, MERCHANT TAILOR Of Long Experience on both skies of the wr.ter, is now located at The Boston €iothf£igr ISouse* Xr.}\\- Main sn-.jvi, T]:-'.Mi;:;;'if;.\,X.V. CUTTING AND FITTING A SJ*KCIAI.TY. g 0 , A. R., wid Ancient'order of United Worfcmeo, and l»w offlcap of J. H. Batn, W. H. Matthew* and E. L. Safford, most of the mavable property from which was iaved. Gradually the flames ate downward* and upwards in the Presbyterian church, en- veloping all aud stealing under the roof. A ehout was heard; the crowd lining ^%xr- ren street ran belter skelter, and looking up saw the tall spire totter for an instant and then fall with a crash, striking the iron fence enclosing the front yard. The church was gutted, the walls alone re- maining intact. The west wall formed a protection, which, together with the streams thrown npon it, sated the parson- age, occupied by EeT. A. J. Fennel, from destruction, and preventing the further advance of the flames to the eastward. By ten o'clock the fire was under control. A dozen houses iu different parts of the village ca&ght ffre from sparks driven by the wlnd» bnt watchfulness saved them. The excitement was intense, fears prevail- ing of a repitition of the conflagration of tweaty years ago. OUTSIDE HELP. The fire departments of Sandy Hill and Fort Edward were present, the former with a steamer, and rendered efficient serv- ice. The Saratoga department also came but not in time to be of use. Our own department worked well, braving every peril, but lacked system. Much criticism was occasioned by the lack of water. The mains had not been flushed since last fall, and the winter's accumulation of dirt no doubt clogged them to some extent. Eleven or twelve one and one-quarter inch streams were drawn from the hydrants at a time, thereby diminishing the head and causing the sti earns to fill short of \vh it they were exppf tod to a<coinph«.h ll i Must's weie fix iu >nt, c ui^m o ' del<o •* I OSs AN D JA M IMVtr ' Jt'udiffiiill ti n v niinir i > J.\\K IM 1 J>-, \,»n'h ( , ( < !> <)• ' i mlif It, , .-a 1 (lo 1 1 l- i ( t ! i < ii.r ' c i - i '< t n- > *!•<• }( 1 . 1 i < I 1 > * DO i i- m Mi' 12 ' ) ' The dam of Cuater was the Bonnet Howe, sou of the old Eaton Horse, which stood for several years iu Famriugtou, Me., and was then taken to Wiutarop, whence he wem Sontb, Dr. F. L Gerald of Hyde Park, Mass., is the fortunate ow*er of a fine large bay colt, by J. W. Porter's Lambertus, which was dropped on the 18th inst. The dam of this promising youngster, Alma Heudee, is by Tuttersall, be by Rysdyk's Hambletouian, out of Mrs. Lofty, by Daniel Lambert This fellow when developed will have a legitimate right to speed, style and beauty. He will undoubtedly be heard from in time. The thousands of horsemen who bad the pleasure of seeing the gallant chesmut geld- ing Judge Fullerton (2:18), during his suc- cessful turf career, little dreamed that a trotter capable of wmuiug 104 heats in (2:30), or tetter would ever compete with a baboon iu a race for drawing custom for a clothing establishment, yet that is hi« pres- ent condition here in Boston, and what is worse the monkey has the pole, with the chances of winning largely in hi* favor. \A heavy purse, of not less than $6,000, will be offered by the Cleveland Driving Park Associatiou, ou July 4, for a team race between Mr. Frauk Work's Edward aud Dick Swivelier (2:1G£), Mr. William Rocke- feller's Cleora aud independence (2:16|), aud John Rockefeller and W. J. Gordou'ii team, Midnight aud Clingstone (2:18j). This would bring out a team record-break- ing race. If eircuiriHtauces not foreseen should prevent this race, another between Mr. J. I. Case's black geldiug Jay-Eye-See (2:10:|), ami W. J. Gordon's bay geldiug CiiugbtoiKj (2:14;, lor an equally iar^e purVe, wili be Bub->litUi.erl_ s Clingstone is iu Jit bt-oi p j's'jibl-j < oudi iou ind iu truiu- ! \ M fe,v hoi ci i art -> liUc e i'i} f\K> i kirk, NMT., Jun<* IT to Ittd.. Jane 17to20 r 17 to 20 ami U June 18 to 20 a*d Sept. 0 ton, Vt., Jmie 18 U 20; Btn June 24 to 26; Albany. H. T., Jt 27 and July 4; T. M, D, Park, W If. Y,, June 24 to 27; Brie» *%» to 27; Kingston, Ont., Joue 86 tfr St. Mary'., l-a., July \ to IT HaveSklS Mast. July t to 4; Yorkshire Ototre, 51 Y; J ?lV 4 and 5; Stafford Sprhig» # Ooiiflu, July 4 and &; Toronto, On*., J^r t lO Ptttsburg, Pa., DrivteB Pa«, 18; PHtsburg Exposition P ; Cleveland O Jul 2 8; PHtsburg Exposition Park, JtaV 5; Cleveland, O., July 29to Autf. k rak), N. Y., Aug. 5 to 8; JolteJ11. 12 to 15; Springfield, MA/ SS^ 181 * I ^fp^erm la. 1984, From the eddltion of Messrs. Geo. K ROWBII & Oo's. American. Newspaper 1M- rectory, now in press, it appear that th* newspapers and periodical* of aH kinds »tk present issued In the United SUtts aad pauada reach a grand total of .l$40fc, This is a net gain of precisely 1,600 dor* ing the last twelve months, and exfcibite an Incrette of 5,618 o*«f the total number publUhedjust ten years since. The in- creaie in 1874 over the total for 1W8 was 493. During the past year the dailies hare increased from 1,138 to 1,«54; tne weeklies from 9,062 to 10,028; and the monthlies from l.OSH to 1,49&., Tfee greatest increase is in the Western Statet. Illinois, for instance, now. shows 1,000 papers in place of last year's total ot 904, while Missouri iasues 604 kittead of the 523 reported in 1883. Oiher lead- ing Western States also exhibit a great percentage of Increase. The total num- ber of papers in New York State is 1,623* against 1,899 in 1882.' Canada has shared in the general increase. V1HIMOST HEWS* Rutland is aisitating the question of a horse railroad. Ex-Gov, John B. Paipe is operating large* \y in reat^state i« New York, ifor the Na- tiual Bank of-'BntUnd. Bamoseen honse, Oast Ie ton, has leased that hotel to Thomas W. Carpenter late of the the Fifth avenue hotel K. t., who wilt #ooa assume the management of the Bomoseen. The republicans of the 1st district of Vermont have nomiuated John. W. Stewart for congress and Chas. A. B. Vaieutine, of Bennington, and Harry JJallard, of Burling- ton, delegates to Chicago. They are pledged to Edmunds. A company owning and working the gold miue in Plymouth, has taken from it within six months the value of $13,000 at a cost of less than half that sum. A very valuable production of the miue in the shape of a bar of gold wa« lately exhibited iu the Bos- ton Journal affice. A correspondent of the Poultney Journal writes: The failure of another St. Albaas bank is bat a few drops before another tre- mendous shower that the lowering clouds say is coming. Lsokiug back thirty-six years, with L, Braiuerd and A. Hooghton at the head of the St, Aibaus bank, attending to the trust funds, speculating in stocks or using others funds at games of chance, one in appalled. Wo have now iu this county eleven banks and four savings banks or trust companys. Does the business need them? Canuot meu be found iu Vermont to mauaga trust funds who will atdnd to business? It is as essential to separate stocks aud ba«ine>s as it is ehurcli aud state. Such men as C. S. Sherman and Cyrus Jen- nings briug banks to the surface after they have been nearly rniued by speculators, the Bnui.lcm and Rutland banks for in- «tanc9. Why arc uot such meu called to un'^a thorn from the start? OKWEI.L. (' E Bh'i, S \ Wan«» ml n M Wn U ' t d t t f s ' o L f S' . ( ,1-PU. t » „ Al , » J I (r Ii.b' i I D W. ( i v i Vv . ) I tl t> •, . - J^- v. i I U \ 7 X 4 — at t iy *. * i a u, D C. H. KOZiOQSEB, BILL POSTER & DISTRIBUTER, TICONDEBOGA) JT. Y- I t \ , a 1 f Cff \ — i i < hilt t ie n in 1 1\ y-f J Me- j ~i) 1 I Dunn, bun STA*DA30 CUaE CO. Proprietor*, 197 Pearl Street, New York. )j (I i i^ > i ( 'i t ^ \ i n \ \ ui l li . n i i i \ ; f/v; c io 1 '/ ] t ! ( i t) , 1 i ) ! J \ J i i 1 rt 1, Co 11 , Ju n J ) t J l

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