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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, June 27, 1884, Image 4

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>S TVEW GOODS / Just iteeeired NEW Oh, « Whe whonfl \v»!> «m»r Uiv Cray's Or t»y tiw hV:ilh.- Thai riwi» Invn. Vr\-*Ut» stream ni l^ lisp mer run. .*\<»»»»i» as- thv' summer iSoM* aud meadow^ ittjM* ot' t'arnan^ftn, Vr Hath LOJTO and gt lh<» wry ttvkod not >;?* rtn^ntjf o'er ive*.\ I whirled lair. by Orum !sed«H'Wd with SPRING BOSTON Clothing Store. Immense Stock OF riithtriix-lwill. Ev'rv «it\u- tanniiar^onif.Htii jmw Mill. \n*\ itU ll»o <-«..tira«k«*. kind and trn»\ lift*'*) (tutu d.i\. Who roaiiu I with inc in m-kles* trie* |.&ufc .•»'».! brae. l»iHjortn'< inUour plax ground wa SUMMER GOODS, man otircann* s I men in O i vwnt.* will, AT ( ur n . Within thi* jflon \vhero outla •lays r«»»me«! m*t% Ami, rUhiijf «M» tlu»whUjir.H|>|M ry t*<»w ami ilm, \ . WV vi ?U><1 Uu> umiHiior .la 4* nwnx roun-l the H-imnFU ; • ioa-atu to m»T^ tli Ami wlicii tho fa Thayer & Washburn's. _ girU With licii Ui|.!U' Am!, oh 1 l o mo oil. B Boys'. * Youths and Men's CLOTHING, All the Loading Stylo. HATS. CAPS. UENT'S FIRMSIIING GOODS. THINKS. SATCHELS. &c. Huxiug just returned from New York, purchasing my GOODS for CASH, I am able to offer SPKCIAL BARGAINS in all goods in my line. Give me a call and be convinced. I < aunot and Will Not be Undersold. B. KAMPF. •TksmiU.ro.-ra. X- Y. Boston Cioibing Storfc. WICKER & WEAR, Weed's Block, # - * Ticondevoga DEALERS IN GENERAL ^ GROCERIES —AND— PROVISIONS, Flour, Corn, Oatmeal 5 CANNED GOODS, Tobacco and Cigars. When \I>ov row from my ««>ul, AntI Kltt>. darko\»>d Kitty, mat outshone the tairyM«i*vn. To \Tho HIM kv U»wii| f,> l>uhhu\ tripped it with Old l»>Misii«! tlio tiddler plajed his host and high Though Mmd hoVa.*, to hear tho sound of Kitty's he to say, the stars went dancing in , tripped an lrn»h jig ami someone \ tit Idler phn t no more, by the hontirc • A mVm'ry saiK'tiflos eaoh well re * iy and t'ondK pray till sink* life's* i w ith the gootl old times when I wai nt*. to Mr*. MatUc McS< Ami. 'tU no tho sky. When Kittv ^li on tiu liui «*d-»i And tftill M'tttn Max tio<l 'ilc. Drum Cray, a winding way, runs from Bruek n*»v U'lfrmknuuv', through County Antrim, Ire land. Carnanhan, an old Pajran temple. Bath Lodge, s favorite bathing place. Dun ?*in, an old easlle whieh goes by the name ; of its founder, Km MeCoole. ! -w~-m BaJIv Ca«tie, built bv Randall McDonald, earl s HOSHAfV of Antrim, in the 12th \century. > A-A.WAK/M.J } ltunkan'x hill, whore the boys played. Dan Curry'* Lee, the. bonfire s*ite. We are daily receiving from Now York and Boston New Goods for Spring ami Summer in every line of BSlTDry and Fancy Goods, Notions, Received at .E.HULETTS A CAR LOAD OF Hue Blaek Walnut and Cherry, Which wm be eold at Bottom Prices. MTETHULETT, Luke WOOLEN. MILL, Formerly J. Q, A. Triwi way's Woolen Mill), Have a due line of C/ISSIMDRDS. ch as Plaid*, flair Line*, Stripes aud Suittnscs, » for wile at their mill. Will take wool In exchange lor cloth. iake George Woolen Mill, Ticon- deroga, E^ex Co., N. Y. May 20, 1884. 17 ADVICK TO MOTI1K1W. I Are you disturbed at night and broken of yoar j i by a sick child suffering and erving Vith lit uf cuttliiK teeth? ifm>, send at once and i a bottle of MRS. WISTSLOWM HOOTHINO iVBirpFORCHiLi»HEKTKETHiN«. Its value is j ncateulable. It will rtlieve the poor little suf- ferer imnMHliately. Depend ui>on it, mother*, nereis i»o mistake about it. it cures dysentery nd diarrhoea, regulates the Htoraach ami bowels, ure» wind colic, fattens the gums, rexluces. m- imation, and gives tone and energy to the whole ftystera. MR*, WIMBLUW'S SOOTHIWO SYRUP FOR CHlLi>HK\ TKETHINO in pleasant to the taste, and is the prescription of one of the oldest and best female ourae* and physicians In the United tates, and ia for sale by all druggists throughout - world. Price »a cents a botUe. The Kditor* C>*tlkering. : Report? from Pittsburgh indicate Uiat j he editorial convention hw proven a j nd success. After calling upon His j Excellency, Monday, the party left Albany following morning, coming up Lake George on the Horicon, thence by the *Ver j mout\ to Pittsburgh where they were | met bv the reception committee and sev- ral prominent citizens, who have bee n rUining them in a regal style ever iince. There are over a hundred mem- j of the association present. j BEEF, MUTTON, LAMB, POULTRY, SAUSAGE, PORK, TRIPE, HAM, LARD, PISH, ETC L E. WICKER, THOMAS WEAR 1ST JEW C O. I>. STORE WARNER & LEE. GROCERS AND Provision Dealers, Lake George Avenue TICOJJDEROGA, N. Y. i. on m Constantly on ALSO, TOBAtCO A^fM) CIGARS. Laces, Ribbons* Parasols, Sun Umbrellas, Fans, ' and everything usually found in a Dry Goods Store. FAST YOUNG 3T/W.LION 1OHAWI. Mahogany Bar, fctar.tls 16 liana* hich, weighs ,100 pound*. No liner bred stalHou hi the man- He can be seen at the LIVERY STABLE OF A. M. BAILEY, TWOKDEROGA, X, Y. Terms for Season, - - - $10.00, ToWarraat, $15.oo, PEDIQREE, Vermont JVew»* The Troy bicycle club Jutland, Vt.. July 3 and 4. Vermont has a law prohibiting school ;eachers frora usinsr tobacco in any form. William M. Everts, now posing for a t>rief period as* a farmer at Windsor, Vt., has lately added to his original invest- ment by the purchase of an adjoining one- hundred-acre farm. The managers ot the Hon e scale cona- tany state that the report of the failure of he company is untrue. Its business over via* more prosperous than now. BCXRIST. will roll en! J lis t received an elegant line of ID Tu-o.'Kieroga, Monday June 23,18S4, adaugh- ;r to Mr. and Mrs. Smith Arthur. MARRIED, At the M. E. parsonage at Ticonderogra, June , 1884, by Rev. E. .7. McKernon, Stephen W. Busby and Anna L. Bush, both of Brandon, Vt. WANTED, At the Island Harbor House, Hague, one or two good girls for the summer. Hague, June 10, 1SS4. A. C. CLIFTON. 2Ow2 Ticondevoga Markets. Reported by Gilligan & Stevens. FLOUR— ;axall, RETAIL PRICES. bbi. Jt St. Louis Michigan —-- Graham flour, perlb... Oatmeal GKATN— Wheat Bye Feed \'. Meal Oats ' Corn Beans PROVISIONS— Pork,clear \ mess Haras, perlb. Butter $ 8 50 :.. 8 00 .7.00 to 7 60 1 50 1 50 50 85 . 2 75 . 22 00 . 20 00 16 25 20 12 1-2 20 80 40 90 65 12 1-2 to ...07 to Lard.. Eggs ;..\.;.' Onions, per bu Potatoes Salt, Ashton's, per 5G lbs.. \ Deakln's, \ T, I., per bu Codfish, perlb 44 boneless Herring, per box Dried apples. Sugar, Drown. \ light brown \ granulated. ....... \ cut loaf \ powdered FRESH MEATS— Steak, round surloin - Roasts Short ribs and blades*...... Lamb ... . Veal Fowls Chicks TALLOW HAT, pressed, per hundred COAL, delivered WHOLESALE PKIOE8. Butter, i>er lb. Cheese, \ to l l Eggs, per dozen * 1$ Potatoes, per bushel Beef, per hundred 6 00 Pork. *• Dried apples 10 Beef hides, per lb 5 to 06 Calfskin*, \ JO Pelts 35 to I »S Beans,per buphel 2 00 Oats, \ 45 Veal calves, per lb 05 'Sheep, \ 05 Lair us, \ OB 10 35 12 1-2 07 71.2 08 081-2 12 1-2 12 1 14 16 16 08. 16 16 70 20 C. H. HOLCOMB, BILL POSTER & DISTRIBUTER, T \ST. SILK AND SATIN PARASOLS, from the very cheapest to th- best, which we shall be pleased to show to all in want of them. Our stock of SILKS and DRESS GOODS are also being added to daily. We have a fine line of Searsuckers, Chambrays, Cambrics, Lawns and Buntings for Summer wear in all styles am colors to suit. We have enlarged our Boot & Shoe Stock and claim to keep as good a lim as can be found in town, and a prices that are as LOW as any on< can sell the same quality.of good Give us a call and look over on stock before buying elsewhere. THAYER & WASHBURN, Ncu^ Weed's block, V/ Ticonderoga, N. Y J*mm U W>WAL AJDVt*B*-A eomsteto IWt I<«1 Work tor Women, hawlsomely Woad fi» ck>th ami lUurtmted; post-paid for 19 t«d««tt stamp*. Telia how to prerent and cure ^ PA*«# of the *»x, by »treatment »t home. Worth iu weight In Gol(J to eref? l»dy B«fftering from any of tne» di»«A*e*. Over 10,000 sold already. Addresa NUNDA PDBUAHUKO Co.. Nunda, K, Y. ANY UoirsKKKKPita who sends AT omm U» of 8ve tnarriod lftflic*, ai ami 1$ twooeot stamps for postiupe, will receive rEEB, for OKK KKTtKB v EAR, a haodaooe, eoter- tolninff and lnntrnctive Dome»tk Journal, d«vo- ted to faahloiw, Fancy Work, Decorating, Shop, piua:, Cooking, (and Ho«»etoakl Imattem. Be»t paper published for Ladle». Every Housekeeper watitstt. ttffgularnri<«.*1 . Address DOMESTIC JoearuL, Nunda, N, Y ery Htxj*ekeep«' Mn«t hend now! Yo» Cmm Have It. v M My dmt, wliat wotilcl I give to have ronr hair ?\ i« often «aW by raiddle-|gMd \m\\e* to young r»ne«. MHCUUI, yon may iiavo jsi8t siich hair, Parker'n Huir Bal«a»u will give it to yon. It wiH stop yonr l»ir from failing off, restore tbe original ooior mid make it loug, thick, w>ft and co««y. Von uetnl nut staud helpl«w>ly envying tbe girls. The Balsam in not oily, aot a dye, but is au elegant dres^iug, and i* es».t cially recommended for its clean lines** and parity. litMT 09 I.ETTEB S R KM AIMNG in the Postofice at Ticonderoga, N. V., Jane 23,1884. I Sanfonl E Billing*, Joseph Burnell, Miss Mar- gsrett Kselby, George Davl*— }, H Papioeau. Madam Virginia Myers, Alva A Moody, Fied O'Leary. Persons oalllnjr for advertised lettera will please alnjr r ae give date ot advertising. F. WBED. P. M. Wool Wanted!! n Exchange for Cloth. Apply to L. 1>, TttEADVVAY, Sup't Lake George Woolen Mill, Ticonderoga, N. Y. 21 etc., etc. |>*» *>> Erie** the last mile i Chifh b Clay to the backbone and of Erie' AfctaHab, 10 mile re- ile i 240 b b * AfctaHab, 10 m cord 92m, the last mil in 2:40; be by Abdanah Chief; he by Old Abdallah. Enea AMattftlft.dam was by ^enry, the noted ran. nlng horse, and just far enough oflf to give metal and »nd lose toe run. Boss's Abdalfah Chief was the »h*e of SatlneJle and Messenger Duroc and dam. Erie'e Abdallah sired Joe Hooper, record of 2:31. This cross of day and Mes#en ger from its best source and through two of the greatest horses, the sire of Henry Clay and nambletoumn. \ * IS Lakeview Stallions 1884. \Aristos\ (771). Six s ears old record, 2 .it 34; by* Paniei Lam \bert; dam the great brood marc \Fannv Jack son,\ &e. \ Arietos\ is the sire of H. B. tfinship. a trotter which has never yet'made a break In h: races, and has a record of '2, :I01 4 double and 2 .-20 1-2 single, with 35 heats in 2,30 and better J his credit; also many more equally as promisini \LA»BERT0S\(2263). Four year old ice record, 2:2t, and trial, 2:1 full brother to \Aristos acknowledged by all U be the gamest, handsomest ana fastest entire son of Lambert. Roth horses stand over IS hands high, andOiave trotted a mile hitched together the past winterm 2 :2l 1-2. Terms, $50 the season, payable at time of ser vice, either cash or approved note. Mares brec to Lambertus that fail to get with foal can be re- turned another season. Any one desiring to use either horse should apply at once to be booked, as the list is fast filling, Mares kept atreasonabl rates at owners' risk. Address JOHN W. PORTER, I Ticonderoga, N. Y. BEAUSIRD. The following description and pedigree of this recent purchase of Mr. Baldwin's is from tbe Spirit of the Times : Hfc la a dark bay, over 16 hands, with a sma! ar, diamond patch on bis nose, and both bind g^to.^Hfeoonfimnation Is conceded to be hare published die portrait of a handsomer lieiabyKYsdyi SfttfiSRt Maine as the Set ___ connoiseur wouM „ alter in his make-up. . Hambleionlan, while Ms dam by Hiram Drew, out of a m esseager. She was known , Ute Seavey mare, and is fHraous as a re never dropping any bat good ones. can trot in the twenties. She was at the Fair Land sale of Gen. Edward _- Sanford, for $1,000, and at too same sale Beau- sire, then a yearling, was bought by Mr. A. I Darling for $3,000, by whom he was afterward BOH at KeHogg's combination sale, New Yorl for $5,150, Please don't have .your windows they are n©t easily cleaned, and witt teake wife cross for three months—I'll warrant u. Now don't do any of those things, but get H. C. WAXHAM to paint your house. Re will do it quickly kod neatly, |Mn e you a written goaraotee befor% ommencing that the work will b d efor% to vr*r 3 % Agents Wanted* The fastest celling A-I^rD?-A.IGHSr CHAKTS ever publlsbmi of the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. dress, J. M. MURRAY,Elizabeth,N, J., Publisher Maps, Charts, Books, etc 40-page catalogue free $1,000.00 Easily made, 21 qy kod eatly, |Mn e you a written goaraotee befor% commencing that the work will be done to vr*r satisfaction. 3 Rave your GAERIAGE irougbt to his shop. Files break their necks o& his carriage work. There is also a full line of \ NEW CARRIAGES FOB SALE, Desirable Building Lots on East Exchange St, ear corner of Main. Inquire of J. C. FENTON, 15 Ticonderoga. Remember the place, It. MAXH1X 8 Car- rlag« Factory, WEED VILLE COBNEBS, TL, X Y. Colamns and 100 Eocr»Tings la eacb ismw* 43d TEAS. $1.50 A YE AM Send three 3c, stamps tor sample copy lEag- lish or German) of tb/oidest and Best Agricul- tnr«l Journal In the ujrid. Orange Judd Co., David W. Judd, Pres. 751 Broadway, New York, fOTir a OF TCSVBIBUTIOSr—COUKTT OP ESSEX, «.—TO all persons interested in the estate of Orir Bradford, late of Crown Point,ot, inn saidd county,, deceasedd - NoUcee iss herebyy given that the uogate of said county will pro P i sai county decease NoUc i hereb given that the surrogate of said county will pro- ceed to distribute the proceeds of tbe real estate of the above named deeeased, sold for payment of his debts, at his office to Elizabethtown. on the 28h d f Jl t 10 'lk i h f of his debts, at his office to Elizabethtown. on the 28th day of July next, at 10 o'clock in the fore- noon of that day. Dated, Elizabetbtown Jane 3d, 1884. 20w5 FRANCIS A. SMITH, Surrogate. HOUSE KEEPERS Will find the \••\•'•k.... Ranges & Cook Stoves Will make a season in the stud at the.Saldwk Stock Farm, Tieonderoga. 16 JTORMg, $25JTgE SEASOlSu YOUNG ARISTOS, (Formerly ARFsTOS, Jr.) By Porter's Old Ari«»tos. Dam, old Pet, by BiUy Bln|t {who tretted on the Crown Point tr*6Elii-8JB£ by Smithes Young-Columbus, 11 of whose get have records below 1M. YOUX& ARISTOS was fbaleci April 12th, 1876. He laapure black with white bimt feet: stands 161-2 haads bigta and weighs 1175 pounds. He trotte4*mHe Qie 18tk of last March; on the ice, in 24614. Lloyd Porter drove him, and John W. Porter, Dp, Oliver and W. S. Stewart kept the time. Sereral others w itnessed the performance. O r He wilt make a season at Larrabee's Poiut. TEKM8—$SI4K), payable wheni»are is proved with loal, and all colts will be held unUt thi* i-* paid. y - - Larrabee's Point,Vt., April? DEUCALION, BY MYSDYK'S HAMBLETOSIAX, Will make a three months s«asoh m the stud a t tho Hall Hous e stables Tdh N Y I 1st,'84. Will make a three months s«asoh m the stud tho Hall House stables, Ticotidehwi, N. Y., I ginning March 1st,'84. *-•-*-- .TEKMS: f25.00 at time ot service aud $25.00 when a perfect colt is ioaJe<?. To be among the best that are manufactured. The FLUES are very large, insurinj FREE DRAFT. Tbe FIRE BOXES are large and deep and are lined with Newton & Co's Celebrated IRON STONE IMGS warranted not to clinker. The quality of the CASTINGS and the MOUNTING are as line as skilled workman can make them. Every Stove Warranted SOLD OMLY BY C. E. POND TICONDEBOGA, N. T. DEALER DST STOVES, TW, GLASS and WOODEN WARE, PUMPS, etc. TUismitluBg and Jobtog el aU Kinds. LOWEST PBICES TICONDEROGA UNION SCHOOL The Academic Department of tUfo ichool noi otters the advaataget of t horoagh inattaction ft Classics and Higher English Courses 17- Pupll« residing oat of the District are re- ceired at the low Tuition of FIVE DOLLARS PER TERM. Fw Order L. S. PACKARD. JE*ll Fire Insurance: The undersigned is prepared to insui property of all kinds in good, reliable cou Ponies at rates as low as elsewhere. Favm Buildings, Houtahold Furniture, Clothing. Organs, Sewing Machines, Farm St&t-k, etc. insured against Fire and lightntny in th «VatertowBlnsaxanoe Company. t^~N o other company insures •ightriing. E. Br~STEVENSON, Agent, Tloondevoaa, PT. Are you Going to. Paint? , don't have a painter hanging that will H, G, MAXHAM, LOOK 0TJT1 POEWHAT ,-] H. R. Hulett Bat to aay in thia tpaee aboet U* NEW GOODS!! GBEAT BARGAINS Stock Doubled- J* Don't fail to see the LATEST STYL% £ Pianos! Pianos! ° Organs! Orgai$! i AT THE New Music Store | Coruwof West Exchange street and Lake George avenues AU kinds of Musical In struments and Musi- cal Merchandise. A. CO3IPLETE ASSORTMENT. nrsTEUcnoN BOOKS For all kinds of Musical Instrameo* Sheet Music, Piano Stool* And everything in that line always on b» el CALL ON Proprietor, j *>^

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