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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, September 12, 1884, Image 4

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I Marriage, Death and Birth notices free, but ex- traded oSltuArjr.-mmeut will be chutwd for at he rate of 5 cent* fwsr ime. Traasttorr nonce* parable strictiv in advance. Local htt$ine$$ readlag aotiec* 10 cents per No questionable aclrertlsernonk* received at any price. i —- { a vtrar, in variably in advance, 3 sample i The SEXTISE1. A TKX»'»EUOG1AS. ' iac and Oil. KionnBE8.it is the ckmpeM. m % I Grains s OJKI Carriage Pa|ptef#$ COOK & DEI ANO, DRUGGISTS. ** Of f-ds <• jui early ;;;J;*» 1 ; o : :irac t- -. ito, in '.;;«* c puMinkn Ufatiexinl dominations For President, .f AMES G. BLAINE. ot Maine. tor Vice PrejsuktJt. .1OHN A. LOGAN, t»f IUiiioi>». •wrv !>«-.»;. by Uh stul*.leuu*»->-. I ^'f »toi | of :aeT:-fas.io-, -m-i i a -i;--..;.t •«••• i .• • every >ta I.r.t A-A i p «>i i ».j .>: ;i; . I;; •. Tui«* , muc h nias b e &iiJ Oi imu vriii> k can t»e R<pnbHcaa Conntr convention. . stated wii i e*j,»s:ii ru.,-; ;Ln i>.; for in s \ UepaSsIit-ui ConvtHJion, Tor thf iHirix-?.-tf antuition he'iiii^h I»- a!i\v c-.l> . TI11- '<<•, «.f .f-Ie-'ate.- to thi- I.\»nirtv>;-ioi.;i2 couvfii- ' %> ^ ' * '* e °* \\ \ \\ '° \ \* ' »'»•'\' • r :t.. ii; .-.-..I f.;-rtl.i- transom. V other i.usiue~; ; of New Wk u - :ilu ^ Mr C1?v < la '» ^\ * - - :.i he m Mnt the Court H«n-..«t? in Elizatetbtown, severe a s t o l,as£-,t th e eutl of his iif.\ <-:i Tl'E-I>AV. SeptcmlK-r l«Hli, l^M, »t To'rhH-k U. C. KELLOgG . Chairman Co. Cmmn. :«t.,i. K.i./:,5H.tl,fravn.\.Y. \ .,*. Si. Ksl. , 0 ••;-.iat\ ot ! ii, ' \V ltel. i A L •n->.:Jfn- ,t. »liran Caurn« . ucu- tor the tmvp * uiat th ill i'c h-M at .Tu>Ji< o StevoiisonV otTnv in H-}»t. Kith, ivM, ia > (.I'ckK'k, for tho i»uryo>p o! .olcftiiic: throe ticlfjjater. to the O.mniy (Y.nveii- son to ?>c held at Eliz.*.l>ctht*»\vi) on tbe ifith day t\ September, 1S#4. By Onltr ui TOWN COMMITTEE. The Member o f Assembly. U.i Tue«u;!!} :<ext an assembly candidate it Elizah-\fi: -.-.u 'r/ iLe Ile- •• r.^ vir r:IIv will i.-- cli-. ^ab: : caui of tbt- ineaus bi» eketi^ lEiJiu\. KigLts Par:;,,\ say- iliui -*i»f w\i: •have a bcrapular.N re-aal f.n- ci\il Kti-vi.- • reform af:er'.v.).ii..-ii :i e daly i,i .ui-ie-i. :<« .Office. Th-l* K g.<ad ol 1 f.tsliiouo I ;!i.:idU-.- tnrated D-::ii;'or=i;io d-turine—ivf;>rm -tlmv ; '-otu side'' has beeu oared for. • Ver.ru. <n. fs all ri^ht aud Maine inu e s,>,b it I i: will uot be until t i.e October Stat*s- ai e ! Uv n- •: iro n th*; go ><t y-n.u»d for i>r«wie- i tioa- as to the tiii-c Mnc of tlifc natitjij-ii c »:i- ; test will b - ufiordtd. year arisi:--f.--..i the f-.iot .»; t,<- Adh*>«i- dack forest jireservaiiuu <]ue>;iou bei?ig still open, hue likely i\ 1 s-{tl.*d at the corn- tag RCSMOU of 'S;.? 1 L^^ist t ur^ i n one way or another. Oar position ou this subject is the same •a it was last wiuter, save that unr op.nious are more e<»ulirmed. We hold it to be of Vital importance to Northern aud Eastern New York that the Adirondack wild era ess should be preserved at anj cost, that farth- er inditcriumiatG cuttiug of timber should be proiubiied^ and that, if necessary, the state shi>':!d acquire possessiou of tut* entire region by tbe right of eminent domain. TltU avjy seem an extreme measure t.• ad<o- \catt- but %vc c>ust<l8f tlic>'iiat ire of the case »li--;.tii:u!.s tt. and twe;ry yenr* hence it will h\. tuouu'i! 1 a small v»rioe to have paid for the inesiieaabie treasure of tbe Adiroulack •woods prt-served. { We discniised this question his: winter, i together wiih the o her pa4>ej-s of the coun-1. try, and showed the revolts that wero snre to follow the etittiug off of the forests. } Perhaps some of these, such as the effect j of the wilderness upon navigatiou, floods, I freshets, agriculture, commerce, &c, may have seemed too general aud far-off to merit , the particular consideration of our conuty J readers, though we have reasou to know that they did not as a general thing. If there are nny who do uot thiuk this matter of mnch moment to Essex county, let us ask them : What has done more for the enrichuMsit and progress of this count/, I during fle last dozen years, than summer ! vit-itaiion of it on the part of tourists and city people ? What has made land, that former- j ly could be had for a trifle, sell like lots i ou Broadway or Beacou street ? Is it not I summer hotels? What gives good | paying-, employment to hundreds of our population every summer and makes a good home market for farm produce ? Is it not city visitors ? What has tended more to refine und educate our people, young and old, than contact with educated and cultur- ed people who come here yearly ? How i many business enterprises of the county are due to tm's? Now, then, what brings! them here V Is it not chiefly the wonder- ful charm of the great primeval forests? The fragrance and isolation of tho wild woods ? Do these people linger in the re- gions where the forests have been cat off? Do we find them in Crown Point, Westport and Chesterfield as <nre do in ;h Elba and Keene? r e are showing the particular impor- tance of the forests preservation to the people of this county. We are not unmindful Of the interests of the lumbering portion of oar population. We say boldly, pay fhem fteirly for their interests. Better overpay them a little than allow them to go on and devastate as they have done in the past j and are doing now. Of course it is busi- ness with them to do so. They are not { supposed to be influenced by other consld- I ©rations than their own immediate gain. It I ia for £be people of the county ard state to look ahead and ^ee how their doings are going to affect them, and act accordingly. How shftlt this be done ? One way is v by sendiua a man to the legislature who will represent the view* .of the people on this question, uot those of any particular clique of individuals or corporations— that has brains, and foresight enough to see thig thing in its trne light—that ljas the courage of his convictions and the honesty requisite to overoome (he temptations of one of the most corrupt lobbies upon the face of the earth. Is it not strange that of nil the as- pirants for the position not one of them has made a canvass on the strength of his cbampionibg this question—the most izn- pqrlant as far as Essex county is eonoernedT tfet kae been broaohed ia years ? i \'^ud it took only one bottle to do it,\ j said a gentleman, speaking of Parker'^ Hair Balsam. I had a ran of fever, and when I got well of that my hair began to fall out so fast as to alarm me. I reaily didn't know what to do, until one da? a friend said, *Try Parker's Hair Balsam.' That was some months ago. What sur- prised me was the fact that one bottle was enough I expected to use up a dozen.\ Clean, highly perfamed, not oily, not a dye. Restores original color. * Cured in its Various Stages. Desire for stimulants entirely removed. Home treatment. Medicine can be administered with- out knowledge of patient, bv simplv placing it in coffee, tea or any article of food. Cares guar- anteed. ALWAYS_AHEAD. CHEAPESTJND BEST! Over 100,000 Readefi. THE TROY WEEKLY TIMES FROM DATE OF SUBSCRIPTION UNTIL JANUARY 1,1886, FOB One _Dollar. SAMPLES FREE. J. M. FRANCIS, SON & CO., Publishers Trov Daily au 1 Weekly Times, TBO1T, IT- ^ST. will not cure. Circulars contai&issr testimonials and fall particulars sent free. Address GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO., 21 185 Bace Street, Cincinnati, O. Ticonderoga Markets. Reported by GilUgan to Stevens. SEPT. 12. RETAIL PRICKS. FLOUR— Haxall,per bbl,.. $ 8 50 Fancy Patent 8 00 \ St. Louis 7.00 f 7 50 Michigan —— * , €50 Graham flour, per lb f> .. 05 Oatmeal , 05 GRAIN— Wheat Bye Feed ;::.::::;::::;:\::. i so Meal 150 Oats. 50 Corn 85 Beans 300 PROVISIONS— Pork, clear 22 00 14 mess 2000 Hams, per lb 16 Butter 35 Cheese, u Lard 121.2 ES22 Onions,perbu I oo Potatoes Salt, Ashton's, per 66 lbs.... *\ Deakln's, \ \ T, I., perbn Codfish, per lb 14 boneless Herring, per box Dried apples. Sugar, brown •* light brown \ granulated. .......,. \ cut loaf •• powdered FBSSH MEATS— Steak, round •' eurloln Roasts , Short ribs and blades Lamb Veal Fowls Chicks ,. TALLOW HAT, pressed, per hundred.. COAL ( delivered 121-2 to 07 to 90 90 08 10 35 121-2 07 71.2 08 081-2 12 1-2 121-2 U 16 16 08 16 16 16 70 WHOLESALE PRICKS. Butter, per lb to 30 Cheese, \ .-. to 11 Eggs, per dozen 18 Potatoes, per bushel : 75 Beef, perhundred 6 00 Pork. \ Dried apples 10 Beef hides, per lb 5 to 08 Calfskins, \^ 10 Pelts 85to 12« Beans, per bushel..... 2 00 Oats, \ 45 Veal calves, per lb 05 Are you Going to Paint? If w>. don't have a painter hanging around a month. Don't get M painter that will have to pat on three coats to cover up what two would do if you had a good hand to spread it. ; Please don't have your windows spattered; j they are m»t easily cleaned, and will make your { wile cross for three months—I'll warrant it. : Now don't do any of these thing?, but get j SUMMER ft GOODS, AT Thayer & If. C. MAXilAM to paint your house. He will do it quickly and t neatlv. giving vou a written guarantee before] roanneiK-ing that the work will oft. done U> your; satisfaction. \ Have your \ '. i brought to hh >hop. Flies break their liecks on ; his carriage work. { There l? also a full line of , \V^ NEW CARRIAGES j Ne «-Yoi-kM n&w^^hjz Fish, Canned Fruits Qntfl Slierttom, yi Agent* f«r the OLIVER PLOW — •»— | Spring Tooth Harrow, { yegetoM<s , to ^ g^ Buckeye Mowers, j — Adriance Reapers [FMNtt A SPECIALTT. AKD ; • —— • - ,, r } , , CASADAT SOLKY FL0W.|\ i:MBMBKB ^JJ^ t> < * P0WrE «» W 3Sll I HI Til ^ BBPAIBS and 8ECTI0XS ! Vu»r pilroMge <t tMpectinKjr «o[lelted CHABI.E8 A. T1I1TCHEE Hotel Delmonico ' constantly on hand. Owing to a rery.lato sprine and unseasonable weather, the I ,.,„,,, ,„„; STANDARD at ihe »hop, selling at the lowest prices in town,. for the eta«5. &S~ Give us a call. 'demembcr the place, I>. MAXHAM'§ Car- j i \factory. WEEDVILLE CORNERS, 77., A'. 1\. , ri, 6, MAXHAM, , \ DRY GOODS and for >pr:»g and Summer in even |. fine n{ » CLOTHING HOUSE] frtui have a very floe assortment nl i CHAS. 11. PEASE, Prop'r. Main St, - - and CLGTHItiGj xr \ antl T lil t very tate aadlUoi » \«* y ! lar department worthy of yoo He have about , 1 e uus partien.! i-J 1 il 1IIQ r attention. | S3 j THE LARGEST STOCK And the Best Assort* mentof N . FtTBNiTttttE \ Brer offered Is Ticonderoga U atprawnl found at LMalcolm'sNewBlock ' -,- N | 100 Fine Suits, North of the •\\ cities - irooas, motions, ^gg^^-j-sp-Hjiijj,!, n STYU| Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, Ribbons, Parasols, Sun Umbrellas, Fans, We also have everything that can be found in a ! flrst-claes Dry Goods Store. Our stock of ' Ladies', Misses' and Genf s SHOES never was in better shape, Buy a pair and get a Finest Dressing in tht World,Free. JONASIOEB. 3*1 at all hours, at the most reasonable rates. OYSTEES Ernst Bxchumre street. The Finest Quality —ASD— the Lowest Prices. UNDERTAKING m ALL ITS BRANCHES. COFFINS, CASKETS, TRIMMINGS, Etc. j rVAll orders will receive prompt attention. L. MALCOLlVt, 4 1 Ticonderoga. and everythiDg usuullv found in Dry Goods Store. Just received an elegant line ot SILK AND SATIN P/5RASOL3, from tbe very cheapest to the best, which we shall be please^ to show to all in want of them. Our stock of o© KID GLOVES, y ___ CARPETS, • in' rr\ ••* • ' t ' Fine* Tailoring*! W. G. HATHAWAI A3HD - — , .Small Wares. TABLE LINEfi NAPKINS AND TOWELS, Lawii & lite Ms of all kinds, Bleached and Unbleached Selling Out to go West The suDscriber offers for sale two fifoases. with all kinds of fruit trees on each lot. Water in the house. Also one Horse and Wagon, parness, Cutter, Peddler's Box, Ac. Inquire of WM. H. SMITH. Ticonderoga. MACHINE. R. M. OATMAN, AGENT, Hooper* 0 Bloek, TROXDEIWGA, HT. Y. SHILOH'S CURE WILL immediate}? relieve Croup, WhoopinjEf coujfh and Bronchitis^ FOR DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint, vou have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shi- loh's Vitalizer. It never fails to cure. A NASAL INJECTOR free wltfc each bottle ol Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 eta. , A, S. NICKERSOH'S NEW - Photograph Rooms! Above Burletgh Hbnse, South Main street, op stairs. ; ' SILKS DRESS GOODS are also being added to daily. We have a fine Hue of Searsuekers, Has constantly on band a fine aseortmeat of J Foreign and JBomestic Ulotlis i for Custom work, ; Cambrics, Lawns and H 1 ^;^- Buntings for Sammer wear in all styles and colors to suit. We have enlarged our Boot & Shoe Stock and claim to keep as good a line as can be found in town, and at prices that are as LOW as any one can sell the-same quality of goods. Give us a call and look over our stock before buying elsewhere- TICKING and DENIMS, Shirting Cloth of all kinds, bv the yard, and Shirts Ready-ijaade. OVERALLS, FROCKS, and Summer Underwear. DRSSS GOODS of all kinds for both old and young. CARPETING and OIL CLOTH at New York Prices. Which will be made up ra tbe latest *tv!e* 1* tbe best of workmen. THE Corner Dras Storf Window Shades and%*ixtures. A Frae Line oi LADIES BURT SHOES dkd other manufactures, also Men's and Children's BOOTS, SHOES & RUBBERS. Crockery, China and Glass Ware. GROCERIES, BROVISIONS, Salt, and FRUITS in their SEASON. Grass, Clover, P.eas and all kinds of Garden Seeds. JKalsomine Paint,, Oils, tfamish*. 1^* Call and see what we have I and get prices. I Glass and Putty. Respectfully, j Diamond Byep and Paints _^ L.C.DRAKE. ! VCOM>Bf \- 'OstricOWth^sT Jl e ^ es *t *^l J8? ETcrvtoinar (bond is a First-Cla.«s u* . Jr. Louis ALEXANDER will ma'ie iretpe ^2^ to ^J\ 4 * 1 • iim P le a to solfcit order* f W. C. HATHAWAY. Port Henrv, N. Y. At the Old Stand. Has resumed business at his old quarters, HOOPEE'S BLOCK, rebel8T6adyU>gre€tlB*a^ton>ers.oM Dew, vaAVh OMM t* » T, la all tbe latest rtyies of SPRIN6 and SUIIER CLOTHM MO-'Sem stock ctmstanUv axrMmg. M. HEART. Ticonderoga, N, Y.- ' ^ COOK &TDELAM'. Proprietors, A large enpplv THAYER & WSHBORI, JDTKD. CLEANED AND ODELBD No. 3 Weetl's block, »* s. y. is C. K. KO3UCOXB. •ILL POSTER i

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