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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, September 26, 1884, Image 3

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:ilffi®fl DEIBS GOODS (TROY) Have opened today and placed on sale a full line of New Fall Black Drees Goods. These goods are the first con- signment of an immense line or- iered direct from Paris, and in- •hide the very ^ latest designs of the celebrated! LUPIN nmutffac- '-ure. The ladies will please bear it :nind that in purchasing these roods they not only get the best l>ress Goods to be foumj, in arty market in the world, b'r^iey also buy them at least 'i»v—IOT cent, heaper than inferior vithiea are offered by houses that b&y only in New York markets. NEW COLORED FALL DRESS GOODS S, V, S, QUACKENBUSH & CO. New Tricot Cloths. New Ottoman Cloths. New All-Wool Twills. New Silk and Wool Plaids. New All-Wool Plaids. New Cashmeres, tfce. We aro offering the most attract- ive stock of New Fall Dress Goods In the State. Prices very low to commence the Fall trade. 6.V.S. QUACKENBUSH & CO., Cor. Broadway and Third St., r, 2ST. -X^ FRIDAY M0BMm % 8EPT. 28.1884. Accommodation. BOUKP XQSTH. ..11^7 P.M. .. 5.UF.M. Trains pas* Tieoncteroga •» Lake George Special, Weel.... ...ltMP. M. New YorkT?t>e<:ial,Ka«t.... l.»P. * . New York Sued*]. South, wlU w»lt 40 arinutw for dinner at Fort Ticon<leroga. Al>DI80N UOAT>. East—l>«ave.. M9A.M Arrive ... 7J0P. M To alt trains from the Burleigh and Hall hous«« JAMK8 M\IXAS\ and E. A. PlXCHtK, Pito M VILS. Mails will close at the Ticonderoga Post Office as follow* : For the South 11.H0 A. U. 41 South......... 9.00P.M. v< North...... 4.36 P.M. 11 East, via AddUon E. B... 9.00 MAILS ARRIVE. From the South 1.00 p. M. South 5.45 \ North........ 1.19 \ East 7.0© '• FltKPERICK WEEB, P. M. Fred Weed, RAYNOLD'S LI! FINE STATIONERY, Fall Style CAPS, Ticonderoga, N. Y. D. W. EASTON, DEALER IN GROCERIES, PROVISIONS AND Country Produce. WE KEEP A |Complete Stock OF GOODS everything in our line and sell them as LO W as GOOD GOODS carube sold. Edge Butter and Fresh Eggs I SPECIALTY at both wholesale and retail. We T carry a full line of \£armbee$' Cakes and Cookies. fordallwbomaywfchtotaJu.1 ur*li*ation papers *no \ They wiil beat Cot office, Wflliam St* daring the i O*atege» &r 18^4, time •*• U»M7 i part tad o»gftxiae«p tlw United Suit«, 14,17ft; in UM> Britfc* l,S57j Tri-Wwkli*, W«tk3ift% 168; Sunday*, »>5; W<*klie«, 10,- 97$; Bl-W«*ii<«, 89; Monthlies, 1,502; B*- Moutbii«, 26; Qoarieriios, 88; showing *a> incmte over the public»Uons of 161$ ot 1,504. The greatest incre*» has b among the Weekly New«p»p«rs of apo&l* cai oharscter (?) while it among the class publications. The book very baDd*onie)y gotten ap and For The Campaign. You can have this paper till after the November election for 10 cents. PKBSOAAI. A.\T> GE\EBAL. —Two arrests for drunkenness this w& —Mr. Martin Brodie is in town this week. —Mrs. E<1 Ilulett is visiting in Corn- wall Vt. —No more cau now be sai 1 against that Hand Grenada. H8 Mr. Weed, 3,136 D. W. EASTON, —There are, I postmasters in this State. —Hay ward's Hand Grena.de Fire K&iln- gniisher is for .suits as Fred Weed's. —Miss M. A. Brown f-ptnt the Sat)- hath at her home in Brandon Vt. '--liea;e;i;ber the ball &au>e io-niorrow* flTifcrnoon —S ! :us vs. Wiiht-'lx <-s. --The hose Company will hold Oct. 22 *IK1 23 at the Opfcr:: H-M'.PP. —Hrs. 'WiUard Lams<<n ami <• were visiting in WVMport iasi w —The Steamer r<rrw>;.^ v,-iii in last trip this Season one week fr< some 850 pages, printed on heavy booic pft- p«r, f legautly bound iu cloth. It trill seat to say address, prepaid, on receipt of $1.50. —Cot Hooker, th« member of the re- publican national committee irom Ver- mont, Saturday night bet $1,000 even with Col. McCune, editor of the Buffalo Courier, that Blaine would receive more votes in New York than Cleveland. McCune also bet Hooker $1,000 thai Blaine would not get 24,000 majority in Vermont. —The yellow postal note is rapidly be- coming a thing of the past. Iu another month it is doubtful whether one can be found. The Abolition of the original postal note is in accordance with an order homed April 25 by the Po8tmasier-G**neral direc- ting the Departmeut throughout the coun- try to hereafter use a note of new color and design. It was currently rumored at the time thi* order wab issued ibat the change was due to the fact that the yellow paper r tff«lr f» t that those who have ve both banner* in a position * good display, are accused of aiding the Republican*. This i haviDg offered the place before bad taken their rooms In the I and when it was topposed the Re- banner would be hunu between ra House and the SEJJTIXKL offl«, $t was rescinded after the case 5«- «iu»* »ntirely changed, m we bare stated. ffcat* i* a good opportunity to make this town a perfect bell for the next tdx but we have too much faith In the le of the leading men on both *4de«t0 allow this to come, to pass. Let ve something to row About be- f^re Such is began. Let u» remember we the nineteenth century, not the Ptin.ess Childbirth, a new book, teaches how any woman mat a mother without suffering any pain whaUrer. It also tells how to prevent aod overcome morning tickne«a. swelled Hmbs, a&d «U other e?ll« attendln« pregnancy. Physi- cian, highly recommend it as the wife's true private companion. 8end two cent stomp for full desctjptlve circular, tettl- moniab, and confidential letter sent In sealed euvelope. Address, Frank Thomas & Co., Pubs., BalJmorc, Hd. <|HHfH«W<t Grrnadrt Kffir*cy Triumph- antly Vindicated. Sefitinel : *2!ttii9££triment with llaywanl';* Hand G*e*Mtf!e Fire Extinguisher in the open the I\>*t Office, on last Fri- liave convinced the most of the superiority of these little JlT* ^%ihilatora over auy other known to tbfc public Iu Chh Instance a pile of seven feet wide by ten high thott>i§feiy covered with pitch pine and keroteoe, was allowed to become perfect- tf ifta|$*d, when it was prom ptly and eu- tlt^y «tSMfai8he4 by A. Mott Baii«y, the ageo* for tte sale of the Grenade in this MQ&gi, bf the use of only two of the ex- We are sure the citizens of gy and H ubjects. ach plac li stal note morrow. — Senator Miller addressed the Re- publicans of Pittsburgh, last Tuesday evening. — It is reported that Landlord Clark lias rented his hotel for a year to a Mr. Monroe from Boltoto, —Che Crown Point and Bridport far- mers\ and mechanics, fair will be held October 7, 8 and 9. —G. W. Howard says there are not five boats on Lake George that bar* paid ex- penses this season. —Miss Mattie Haring has returned from a month's sojourn at her old home in Pleasant Valley N. Y. used iu the lii>t issue of the p< was pokouous. Thin has been * denied by the Post office j^fcritie*. Two rtasonn iiiiiuei:ced the 't' % *. Firbt, the color o£ the oiigiual Ixotc wfts iujuriuiiH to tliti eyes; secuiuiiy, when ink wfts applied it spread over the surface aud gave the uoie fair j a very ugly aud uuhuHinews-like appearance, i The new noie ou lilac paper is a f;real inn- liidu-ii j piovfc'U,.;mt oii the old one. The destgu is •k, I Hs-.clwiiore. artistic, while the engruviug i« ,kf* her; of a superior workmaunhip. Chief My< m to-1 however, &iv<* thut until the note has been engraved ou perfectly white paper it will tbl» vtilaye can sot afford to he without &U mak efficient protection against the dfoijl ^tamest. They are so convenient* refta&ft a&d can be brought into requisition with 4^Ch celetlty that any are in its in- clpifcOty can «a»lly bo extinguished. Many people would like to know what the bottlet did oonUir. will- whioh Mott ex* ifflCBtod. /• Some of them are per- fectly HvH aware, howcv«?r, that Uief wr&tt not filled with kerosene ! A Looker On. not be wholly (satisfactory to the Depart- mettt. Examinations of teachers for the second district will he held as follows; Moriah—Wednesday, Sept. 24, 1884. Westport—Thursday. Sept. 25. * Crown Point ( Factoryvtile) — Friday, Sept. 26. Ticonderoga Saturday. Sept. 27, Schroon Lake—Monday. Sept. 20. Minerva-—Tuesday, Sept. 30. Applicants will be exainiut'j in Physiol- ogy and Hygiene in auuiti *ti to the usual The examination will liegin at pce sit 'J a. m., ^harp. KiK-h person ; applyiug will provide himself with writing muU'rifilf, CHKSTUU B. MCLAITGHMN, School Commissioner. - Just recived a fine liu« of nin^lt* and ilonblo breech-loading gnnu at F. Wucd's. All guns warranted and trial allowed. —Mr. J. Loeb is iu Now York making fall and winter purchase*, l^ook out for something new. —Look at the homitiful Wraps, Cir culars, Newmarkets, everv thing now at the Standard Dry Goods Clothing House. —If you want one of the latest style Hats go to the New York Clothing House. Phth A 8. N About that Banner Basine**. There have so many miserable, ly- ing reports gone abroad in reference to the events attending the raising of the Democratic banner that we propose to give a brief narration of the facts In con- nection with it, and if we mistate any- thing we will gladly receive correction. Before the Blaine and Logan club had rented their present quarters in Drake's block they proposed to hang their banner between the SEHTIXKL offlse aod the Opera Sop^rtntinident Ruggle.s, in am the in<joirios of a Plattsburgh scl collector, says: tw do<*« not limit the numb r of swala of a collector's warrant in common school or union freu adi<*>l dis- tricts, AfU-r the first renewal all «ub- renewals rapt obtain the • ap- cf the supervisor. In iixing the f a warrant and tax lint, the the warrant will govern. the collector to make a re- thirtydays after the war- \ in nis hands, the day on res the warrant wiii ri(«t 4» Computing the tiitM 1 . If, the warrant bear** date [ f it will be returnable -Mr and Mrs. *M. J. Tompkins and| Hott8e - This led us to offer the other side child of Sidney Plains have been visiting of the offic e to our »ea»ocratlc friends her sister Mrs. B. F. Frazier. —Mr. G. Bessette the tonsorial decor- for no other reason than to dissipate the miserable, little, narrow, partisan feellug ator and facial manipulator, has retur-1 yet remaining here about such things. ,. __.: _i T1...1 Mr. Drake, nnknown to the Blaine club, ned from his summer gojourn at Bol- on. —The Essex county teachers' associa- tion will meet at Elizabethtown Thurs- and Landlord Bailey had also given both sides permission to use their respective buildings, of course not expecting that other. When the Cleveland and HcnJricks ban- day. Friday and Saturday. October 23, j thev wou!d interfere or collide with each 24 and 25.\ \'^~~ —Mrs. Elvathan Vaughan, residing at! Schuyler Falls. Clinton county, commit- j ner arrivcd ' naturally the Democrats pro- ted suicide Saturday by cutting herlPO^d to carry out their original pro- throat with a razor. \ gramme. This reached the ear» of sev- —At a meeting of the directors of the Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper company this week it was decided not to start the new paper mill till after January 1st. —The new Episcopal church is rapidly moving towards completion and when finished it will be one of the handsomest edifices of the kind in this region. —James Kelly, a waiter lately employ- ed at Manchester, Vt., last night jumped from the steamer Saratoga of the Citi- zens' line, off Castleton, and was drown- ed. —Thanks to Mr. Taber, of Street Road for the magnificent specimens of apples, pears and Concord grapes, raised by himself, that he placed before us the other day. —Edward Parker, of Whitehall, aged fif- teen years, while riding on a freight * train at that place about five o'clock Wednesday evening of last week, fell between the cars and had one of bis wrists so badly crushed that amputation was found necessary. —Hugh Pugh and Michael Dalton, laborers in the quarry of Rising and Nelson, West Pawlet, Vt., were danger- ously injured yesterday by the falling of a large rock under which they were working. Pugh died soon afterward. —The following changes have taken place among our teachers in the Public School; Miss Potts of Port Henry in the place of Miss Sherman, Miss Bacon of Westport in the place of Miss DeWolf, Miss Royce in the place of Miss Bake. —One of the depositors of the broken Stale bank of Fort Edward is of the opin- ion that the bank will not be able to pay eral of the Blaine Club, who came to us, the secretary, and called our attention to the fact that the •jenemy's\ banner sweep- ing past the windows, over their heads, or where it would be between the rooms and the Republican's flag would not be in keeping with the \ eternal fitness of things.\ But as we had tendered our place we felt called upon to provide one as suitable in everyway in its place. Ac- cordingl? we obtained Messrs. Weed & Bennett's consent to allow the Cleveland banner to hang from their new building to the Burleigh house, provided Mr. Bai- ley would accord a similar privilege to the Republicans. Bat the idea of change seemed to strike some of the Democrats as an attempt to \drive\ them, though cer- tainly no such thing was thought of. We only essayed to arrange things satisfacto- rily to both sides. At all events they fell back upon their arrangement with Mr. Drake and the banner was raised right over the club room? so that <i Blaine speaker addressing a crowd from the club's piazza wt.nld be right under it. This incensed the club still further, and Mr. Drake was notified that the Blaine headquarters would be vacated. But he replied that when he gave permis- sion to both sides he had no expectation of either one's interfering with the other, and such he affirmed must be avoided. He warmly seconded the proposition that one banner should be hung between the Burleigh house and Weed & Bennett's, the other between the hotel and his corner, and as the rooms of the Blaine club were in his building he thought the Cleveland flag over ten cents on a dollar, and that the j ought to hang over Exchange street, assets of the firm of A.M. & CM.' Clem- j This precipitated the row in which we ects of Sandy Hill will scarcely reach five \ figured. The assault upon us amounted per cent * ' to nothin £> and tbe Personally abusive in- —The Union school has 3G8 pupils on its j suits were apologized for as soon as pas- rolls this year, This is ?aid to be the largeBt sion cooled, in a manly and straightfor^ attendance it has ever had. The lecture proceeds amounted to over $50 but there ward manner. On Wednesday evening an understand- are some expenses to'be deducted from ing was arrived at, we believe, and every- thissnm. Altogether the future of the thing will be settled satisfactorily. school is decidedly encouraging. The principal annoying feature of the --Photographer A. 8 Nickerson is back from Lake Geor^o aiul ready for business oneo more at bin yM stWl. * — Sptandid line <-f L;idjes Jftiwys, from \)T*e to $4.30 at Thny#»r & Washbunt. -New tine of L:h!i<K Plain \wA Plait dress flamirls, <-!I..-U|M H! in i->vvn at Tlmyrr & Washbnru. —A full lino of Hats in uU the latest stylos for the fall trail' 1 just iveeivr<l sit the New York Clothing HOIIMJ. •Custom Hulls Hunk- to order a spochd- ty. at tin; New York Clothing House. —Ri'UKMiiber V\ A. Wiley A t.'o.N clear- ing out Mik- this month. \<;tval thirjjulns j in every kia<! of velm-lt.-*. j The lar^fsit stock of Kurnituro that i fver cumc into town, can \w s«on at R F. *'\ { ° i Fra/iiT's Furnituru Store. Chamber i tax (S-ilts, Lnungos, JiurentH, Wall Stands, J Cum Scats and Wood l> Htom Chairs, Ex- tension Tables, Center Tul •!<•.• -. Camp Chairs of all kinds, Hahv C;irrinin»s. B»<J- •tciitls of all kinds. Spring H\d> ]{o.kin.s Chairs, Looking ri| a >^>, [ vl sv Chiiirs, es, Willow IMU.HU Chairs, Pil- lows, Hinh Chairs. Crii», ai.ii Craillrs etc., ' at the lowest priee* that e;iu be obtained in any furniture store thi?* side of Now York, Also I'lidirtakiny, a larjs«* stock of Coilins, Ciiskct», liurial Hobcs, Shrouds at very whort notice, Please enll an«i^exam- ino before purch;i i *in^ el-ewbere, defy couipetition. 15. F. Frazier. HHeV n of the Gviie of iction declares that the dktrict tax Hliall iuive the ^Fect m % warrant issued to a collector The manner in which the town eDllectors are author- ized to collect town and county charges, is pointed out by Section 1, 2, 3 and 4, TitlelH, Chapter 13, Part I of the Re- vised Statute. It would appear that no property exempt from levy and sale under a tax list and warrant, except the military equipments specified on page 200 of the Code of Public Instruction, edition of 1879. A1>VI<;K TO MOTHICHfc. Arc you <!i»tiir)M><l at nijrht and broken of your rent by a tick child suffering and cryinjf with jmm of cutting teelhJ 1 K't-n, *en«l at oucvo atnl got a txiiilc of MKH. WIKSLOW'H MOOTIIIKO SVIUJI'FOKC'HILDRESrTKKTHiNu. Us value 18 iiicalcuiablc. It will relieve Uic \KK>V Htlto «Uf- ferer imntettiately. Uot>*-nd UJ«>H it, inotljeiH, there U no iwistake About it. it cares dysentery as*! 41arrte>ea regtthUe« tie stomacU audboweU re U no iwistake About it. it as*! 41arrte>ea. regtthUe« tiie stomacU audboweU cures wind colic, softens the gum«, reduce* in- ttamatioa, and gives tone and energy to the whole system. MBS. WIKRIX>W*S S<M»THIP!O SYRUP FOR CHILDHKN TEETHIN« 18 pleasant to the UlBUJ, and is tlie urtsscrinaon ojf on« of tbc oldest and best female nurjie«*ntl jmy»icianij In the United Klater,, and i» for sale by all drugxiHt throuhout the world. J'ri«*e »fl> cente a botUe. t te throughout FOR SALE. \ SPLENDID Building site for a Hotel or Cot,aKcs at Burnt Poiut, Lake (jeorjee nearly oppyeite Jlajjue village. The farm ooi^intr* of 1J0 acre*, abwnt half eleared, and commands a view uf the lake from Black .Mountain to lioger.s SIMtr. Will \*i sold rertftouable. Addresa, <iEOIt(iE SMITH, 32 Putnam, Washington Co,. N. V. \Jt/f IS« NELLIE B. POKTEK Will receive pupils in Piano and Harmony. For particulars inquire of Mrs. D. C. BASCOM, Ticonderoga, N. Y., Sept. U, lmi. .J5ml Fall aud Winter, of 1884, will com- mence Tuesday, September SOtb. Frear is aware that there are thoufmndfi of persons throughout this entire Keetion of the coun- try who have beeu waiting and looking for- ward to this announcement, uud governed by past experience, aniieipating something marvelous in the display of rich aud rare goods. Frear, in making his preparations for this grand opening Tuesday, September 30tb, has borne this iu mind, and with the determination that these anticipations should not fail of realization, has used the almost unlimited facilities and immense cash resources at his command, to gather u ntock surpassing in magnitude and choice selec- tions any exhibit ever before made. On inspection you will be surprised by the im- mense piles on piles of goods, crowding each of the 42 departments; by the extra- ordinary richness and beauty of the ma- terials in the Silk, Velvet and Dress Goods departments, and the elegant and rare de- signs displayed in the Cloak Department: while the great values offered throughout, will convince you that on prices Ftear has outrivaled even himself. For this Open- ing, Fr«ar has had designed over 500,000 elegant cards and art novelties, which will be given in profusion, and every Bazaar, patron wili receive a souvenir surpassing j in beauty anything ever before given away : by any house. If you would see every- : thing which the leaders of fashion dictate { shall be worn this fall and winter, accept! _ G pnRGE AVENUE this cordial invitation to attend Tuesday,! LAK *=• UtUftl7tl AYCINUfc, 1>IMT OF LKT1KRN R EMAINING in the Postoffice atTieonderoga, N. Y., Sept. 22, 18*4 : Mr*. Ann HnaukihiK. &>*. M. I'. French, Fen- Denett Mr Juliu* W. Forrest—2, Mr. ed tetters will please r*. Ann HnaukihiK. &>* nv A. Dennett, Mr, Juliu* (Jhas. Orkins. Persons '-ailing for adverti give date ol advertising. F. WEED, P. 31. UPPER STORE WARNER _«« LEE, GROCERIES and PROVISIONS OF ALL KINDS. FLOUR, HEAUND FEED, Goods delivered free of charge to any pari of the town. Tobacco and Cigars FRESH CANNED FRUIT. September 30th Frear's Troy the Grand Opening. The New Apostles' Creed. I believe in the chaotic nebula, self-ex- istent evolver of heaven and earth, and in the differentiation of its original homogene- - ~ - In Exchange for Cloth. was self formed into separate worlds; divi- ded into laud and water; self-organized in- to plants aud animals; reproduced in like species; farther developed into higher or- ders : and finally refined, rationalized aud perfected in man. He decended from the monkey,-ftKcended to the philosopher aud sitteth dowu iu the rights aud customs of civilizatiou, under the laws of a developing socialogy. From theuce ho shall conae agaiu, b} tbc disimegration of tbe culmina- ted heiroyeueoufcuess back to the original hoffiogfcij&ousufc&ti of chaos. I believe in the wholly iiupei>oual absolute; the wholly in-catholic church; the disunion of the Saiutfc- tUe persihtauce ot force ; the survi- val of the filled; the dispeision of the body, aud iu death everlasting. Amen. George Woolen Mill, Ticonderoga, N. Y. DRUNKENNESS Cured in its Various Stages. Desire for stimulant? entirely removed. Horn.* j treatment. Medfc'ine can IK- administered with ; out knowledge of piitU-nt, bv tsimplv pla-.-int' It in roffw, tea'\or any artl«:le Ot food. Cures gtiar- Mlcta SI WILL 1 PAID Frrv nnv ca*v of drtinkcnnPS» thai (inhU'.n S]>cciiv will n»t <-uro. Circulars coutaining- testuuonial.i , and i'\i!l >>arucular>: ^ctit free. AWrc SPECIFIC CO., [ l&Kaee Street, Cincinnati, O. ! o CD Q > r o o i c % M M it © 5 Hi C w CD ! 5- i 5 & !2 M W ' It I i n

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