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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, September 26, 1884, Image 6

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%•, i«yyL, HARDWARE Builders' SHELF & HARDWARE of every description. One of the LARGEST and BEST assorted stocks in the WM. HOOPER & CO. PLUMBING, TIN ROOFING LAMSON&BRUST, EXCLUSIVE DEALERS /A/ HARD W ARE AXD- by Skilled and Experienced workmen. Fail Mint A SPECIALTY. A FEW Refrigerators left which we offer at Reduced Prices. STOVES IRON AND STEEL, Wood and Willow ware, Rope, Cutlery, etc. .A. 2>TEW LI3STE OF Hanging and Stand Lamps. AGEX1S FOE THE Stewart Stoves. tiiase Tin bine MTg Co. MANUFACTURERS OF SSfSSSS P0 ' VER FEED SHIMiLE MACHINES. BOARD KPOEltS, MATCHERS, IRBEGILAR KOCLDERS, kc. Also, Shaft Ing, Pnlleys, HitBjrcrs, Gears (both wood and iron).\ Saw Arbors. Al! k*nds of Iron Work. A 80 inf!i Whwi t«itH *t Hoi. yoke, Jnno 7, lsS4, ware (he fo!l<mi;i!r results. #6.60 per cent, at full Mncharise. I1$ U * ? • f STOVES. We call special attention to the celebrated Hub Ranges HEATERS, BEST n the world, for which we are SOLE AGENTS. ' Afso the well known ACORN XuXlSTE OF STOVES. |y\VE WILL NOT BE UNDER- SOLD. WM. HOOPER & CO. Send for Illu Lists, free, to e t r ^T, ORANGE, and Price MASS. ROCK fS FORD Quick-Traln WATCHES Vnequalled EXACTING SERVICE FOR SAJLE B Y H. R. HULETT. Also, the largest and most complete stock of Watches, Clocks JEWELRY, Silver and Plated Ware, Gold Pens, Spectacles and Eye-Glasses, to be found in Essex County. All marked way down to salt the times. Come and examine my stock for yourselves and be convinced. Rogers' Bros. Tripple-Plated Knives, $3.38, doa, •• \ Al Tea Spoons, 3-00 All goods purchased from me will be engraved free of charge. Guns, Pistols, Cartridges, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle and Sporting Goods, j?g~ Fine Pocket Cutlery and Scissors. A. S. NICKERS8KS Photograph Roems Above Burleigh House, South Main street* up stairs. i Copying afeA Enlarging at Moderate Prices! Also, Frames, Chromos, Albums and Views n hand. HPT FOUgD THAT WILL WELL REPAY INVESTIGAJIgN THE BEsVsAFE JylARVJNSAFECO, 265 BROADWWMY. 623 faESTNiirST.Fhiu. ELECTION NOTICE. SHERIFF'S OFFICE, \ COUSTY OF ESSEX. { ' OTICE is hereby given, pursuant to the . statutes of this state and of the annexed no- ce irom the Secretary of State, that the Gener- Election in this State will be held in this untv on the Tuesday succeeding the first Mon- jy oi November next (November 4th), at which lection the officers named in the annexed notice ill be elected. E. L. JENKINS, Sheriff. STATE OF NEW Y F NEW YORK, i OFFICE OF THE SECRETAKY C ALBANY, AUGUST 1ST, 1884. j „ the Sheriff of the County of Essex: SIR.-*Notice is hereby given that, at the Gen- eral Election to be heicl in this State on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of Novem- next (November 4th), the following officers . to be elected, to-wit: Two Associate Judges of the Court of Appeals In the place of Charles Andrews and Charles A. Bapalfo, whose terms of office will expire on the last day of December next. Thirty-Bix Electors of President and Vice-Presi- lent of the United States. A Representative m the Forty-ninth Congress the United States, for the twenty-first Congres- onal District, composed of the counties of Clin- on, Essex, Warren and Franklin. OUNTY OFFICERS ALSO TO BB ELECTED FOB SAID COUHTT: One Memb# of Assembly. Two School Commissioners. A County Clerk, in the place of John S. Rob- srts. A County Judge, in the place of Francis A. A County Treasurer, in the place of Eugene A Superintendent of the poor, in the place of Charles N. Holt. Two Justices of Sessions, in the place of Wil- liam Andrewartha and Richard L. Trmnbull. Two Coroners, in the place of Rogers Hicfcok and Melancthon W. Wilson. All whose terms of office will expire on the latt lay of December next. And attention is hereby directed to Section 1 of Chapter 533, Laws of 1884, which is hereto annexed and made a part of this notice. CHAP. 533. AN ACT to provide for submitting a proposed amendment to the constitution to the electors of the State. •assed Jane 14, 1884; three-fifths being pres- ent The People of the State of New York, represen- ted in Senate and Assembly, do enact as fol- °SECT1ON 1. The Inspectors at each poll in several towns and wards of this state at the „ __ era! election to be held in the State on the fourth (Continued from first page.) '•Have your young women marry far- mer*. Then thev'H get healthy industri- ous husbands. Young ladies should let the counter-jumpera alone.\ Tlu»n addressing tbe young ladies pres- ent, the General added: \Young women, choose your hus- band in the country. What you'll get in the city God knows—you don't. Stand by tho farmers and the land own- ers and w u will never, regret vonr choice.\ ' ' The gentlemen who are engaged in raising a fund to pay for the pede I for the statue of Liberty Enlightening the World have at last hit upon a plan which bids fair to secure the full amount , required. The plan is to have a fife and • drum corps composed of boys whose ages range from twelve to sixteen years • give open-air * 'concerts\ upon the steps ; of the Sub-Treasury Building in Wall ; Street. Contribution-boxes will be pro- L vided, and into these boxes the bankers j and brokers and others who comprise | the audience are expected to drop their 'money. An txperixnental concert the | other day was quite a success in its way* j The \drumming\ will be continued on Saturdays until enough money has been j contributed to complete the pedestal. j There is some talk of the cities of 'NewYork and Brooklyn leasing the , East River suspension bridge to paivate i parties. A good round sum has been • offered as rental, but the authorities of i the two great municipalities do not ) yet view the proposition in a verv £ai ! able light. : Port Henry. ] Fort Edward v« Port H»nry. j Tbo much talked of game of ball between ; the Witherbees of this place and the Star B. B. C. of Port E'lwaod took place Sat- Inxdiiy. There WHS every indication of a rainy afternoon, but old Sol, after a strug- | gle, mauuijou to get his head throngh the : misty clouds aud smile ou the eda'etit. Wiiherbee took 1st ou balife. English aud Butteriieid out on Hies to 3d aud 1st. Car- saw out ou 3 strikes, (J to 1st. Witherbee left on 2d. Stare, Gootifid'.l 1st ou balls, scores. Maher base hit, scores. Irish after gain- ing 1st is put out at 2d. Eyau after get- I ting l< is Jeff,\ Osboni foal tfv to C, ^Vat- soii strikes out. ; Witherbees, Conners out on fly to L. F. Daley out on fly to P. Hyde 1st by error of 1\ steals to 2d and scores. Hodgins 1st by error of 2d left. Tromblee out, P. to 1st. Stars, J. Goodfellovr out, S. S. to 1st. Pierson struck out. ^Lsnnoii, out on foul fly to 3d. Witnerbee fouled out to C. »English gets 1st by error of 3d, out at 2d. Batter- field base hit steals 3d but left. Carsaw base hit but left. Conntrs out on 8 strikes C to 1st. Stars, F. Goodfellow base on balls 2ud by error of C, scores. Maher scores. Irish base hit, scores. Ryan base hit, scores. Osborne out on foul fly to 1st. Wateou out, 3d to 1st, J, Goodfellow base hit, left on let by Pierson fouling o«t to C. Witkerbees. Daley out at 1st Hyde base hit, scores. Hodgina scores these two by a blocked ball. Tromblee fouls out to C. Witherbee flies to R, Stars. Lennon flies to L. F. Goodfellow 2 base hit forced out at 2d. Maher left on 1st. Irise foul tip to C. Witherbees. English 1st bj error of P, scores. Butterfield 2 base hit, scores. Carsaw base on 6 balla, scores. Conners i 2 base hit, scores. Daley olit «tl«C Hyde out at 2nd. Hodgins base bit tetf. Trom- blee out hy l y to R. F. Stars. Ryan and Osboru get 1st on cal- led balls aad score. Watson scores. J. Goodfellow out at 1st. Pierson struck oat. Lennou 1st by wild throw of C. Goodfel- low out at 1st by S, S. to 1st. Witherbee out on 3 strikes. English out P to 1st. Butterfield 1st by error of R. F., scores. Carsaw base hit, scores. Connere base hit, left. Dailey base bit, left. Hyde out on foul to 1st. Stare. Maher base hit, scores. Irish base on balls, scores. Ryan base hit, left. Osborn flew to Daley. Watson to 1st and Goodfellow out at 1st. Witherbees. Hodgins 1st by error, out at 2nd. Tromblee out S. S. to 1st. With- erbee base on balls, left. English out at 1st, P to 1st. Stars, Pieison base hit out at 3d. Len- non scores. Goodfellow 2 base hit out at 2d Maher out on fly to 3d. Witherbees, Butterfield out P to 1st Carsaw base hit left. Conners oat at 1st. Daily out at 1st. Stars, Irish flies to 8. S. Ryan base hit, scores. Osborue flies to TronJolee. Ws#on base hit, scores. Goodfellow base hit left. Pierson same. Lennon out at 1st. Witherbees, Hyde, Hodgins and ?ram- blee struck out. Innings, 12 3 4 6 6 Witherhees 2 0 2 I 0 4 0 3 8 9 Stars, —2 0 4 0 3 2 1 2 -14 Mrs. A. M. Flint has returned from New York with her usual abundant stock of millinery goods. Base Vail is the rage with the town of Moriah. Tho question of stocking with trout some of the excellent streams in this vicinity long since depleted is one wnich should be con- sidered by those wishing the Tillage to be popular as a summer resort. Among Port Henry boys returned to col- lege are W.T. Foote Jr., Reed Wood- ridge to Union and C. N. Flint Jr., to the anior Academic class at Tale. Oar dram and fife corps were out Satur- day night and escorted the Fort Edward boys to the train. The railing along th« Bay road a broken L«wn in several dangerous places. A sidewalk is deing built south of the Cedar Point Foundary. the gen. State, tion to the amendment proposed to section eleven of article eight of the constitution. And each voter may present a ballot on which shall be- written or printed, or partly written or partly printed, in the following form, namely, for pro- posed amendment to section eleven of article eight of the constitution. Each ol said ballots shall be counted as a vote for said amendment not cancelled with ink or pencil, and each ballot so cancelled shall be counted as a vote against Ba'd amendment, and returns thereof shall be made accordingly by inspectors of elections canvassers. Saidballotshallbe indorsed \• and \con- canvassers. Saidballotshallbe indorsed con stitutional amendment\ All citizens of this State entitled to vote for members of Assembl; in their respective districts, shall be entitled t vote on the adoption of the proposed amendment during the day of election in the several election districts In which they reside. •\R88 Seeretary of State. farmer place. Thefiuve our best wlsbaa for their future ba&la&s. Grew* #oi»t. Crown Point has a musical association as well as Ti. Mr. Billett of the Times supplied the pal- pit of a Crown Point church last Sabbath, We always felt he woald come to some good cad. IfOBME AND €ATTJ,E 3XOTES. Report cays that Jay-Eye-See has gone wrong aud his engagements have been can- celled. H. B. Stevens of Bradford has owned a livery horse 11 years, which lias ear- ned $4000 in that time. On Wednesday, Oct. 1, Maud 8, will be sent a mile at speed for tbe purpose of b»atiug her record of*2.09|. Mr. J. W. Porter, lately received a car- load of mares from Connecticut, sent to him for the purpose of breeding them to Lainbertne. These niare* all had foals by Lambertas at foot. No higher testimonial to the merits of Lambertas as a sire could be accorded. Mr. Porter lately paid $200 for, a weanling by the above horse. L<UB- bertus promises, at no distant day, to* be one of the very foremost wtallious in this country. Conspicuous among tbe many fine stock horses /at the Burlington State fair were tlie stallions Ben Franklin and Addisou Lambert, owned by H. F. Cutts, Orwell. Vt., in for exhibition only, with seventeen of their get, two years aod three years old, six of which latter ouly were en- ered for premiums, and of these four or five were successful, one receiving the first prize over fifteen competitors. Baker and Harrigans 5 year old italliou Meander reeled off three straight hea.ts in 2.30, 2.26| aud 2.27£ at the Warren County j fair. This is the horse that was matched j against Treadway last winter at Port Henry. D. P. Simpson arrived in town on Sat- urday last from Kansas. The ferry at Chipmans Point has chan- ged hands, G. T. Wright having sold his interest there to Harry Snidecor who Is now prepared to do ferrying at all season- able hours day or night. A Urge company of the friends of Rev, E. D. Campbell and wife gave them pleasant .surprise at the parsonage on Wednesday evening of last week. The evening was pleasantly spent and at its close the company dispersed after leaving, as a slight token of their friendship and esteem for their pastor and family, a purse 0f 51 dollars. The presentation speech was made by Rer. G. M. Wiley of West Hebron, who was present, ajidwas respon- ded to in a feeling manner by tbe pastor ia person. : Oar young townsman J. R. Crammond who is acting in the capacity of clerk at the Mobicon House, Bolton, was married at that place on Mondny evening of last week, to Hiss McKlssick of New York city. We offer our congratulations. Married, In Putnam at the U. P. Par- sonage by Rev. E. D. Campbell, Sept 20th Mr. Preston Kiny of Malone, BM^ Law- rence Co., and Mtei Nettle Cxtflpf the I GO § I •n S 1 WICKER AT VFc«<r« Btoeft, B«ALERS IN GENERAL GROCEEIBS PROVISIONS, Flour, Corn, Oatmeal, CANNED GOODS, Tobacco and Cigars. t F. M. MOSES. Families Supplied at $1.56 PE R MONTH. Larger quantities, 35c. per Hundred. Leave orders at WICKER & WEAR'S, North Main St., Ticonderoga.N. Y. BEEP, MUTTON, LAMB, PORK, TRIPS, HAM, L t WtCKER, POULTRY, SAUSAGE, LARD, FISH, ETC. THOMAS WEAR. GO TO McCOEMICK, THE MERCHANT TAILOR, FOR A NEAT FIT. SATISFACTION ° GTJAEAKTEED. JOHN MeCOBHICK, [4-2] Vieonderoffa. DO YOU KNOW THAT LORILLARD'S CLIMAX PLUG TOBACCO with Red Tin Tag; Rose £je«r Fine Cut Chew- in«j w *IEJS*»P ia ««» and Blaek, Brown and are the best and cheapest, ? r * Yellow SJflJlTS quality considered Lakeview Stallions 1884, \Aristos\ (771). Six years old record, 2 :27 34; by Daniel Lam- bert; dam the great brood mare \Fanny Jack- son,\ &c. \Aristos\ is the sire of H. B. Winship, a trotter which has never yet made a break in his races, and has a record of 2:1014 double and 2:201-2 single, with S3 heats in 2,30 and better to his credit; also many more equally as promising, \LAIIBERTUS\(2263). Four year old ice record, 2 .-27, and trial, 2:18, full brother to \Aristos 11 acknowledged by all to be the gamest, handsomest and fastest ent*e son of Lambert. Both horses stand over 16 hands Terms, $50 the season, payable at time of ser- vice, either cash or approved note. Mares bred to Lambertns that fellto get with foafWbere- turned another season. Any one desiring to use either horse^should applyat once to be booked, as the list is fast filling, Mares kept at reasonable rates at owners'risk. Address JOHX W. PORTER, t Heond*oga,N,Y. BEAUSIR& The following description and pedigree of this recent purofiase of Mr. Baldwin's is from the Spirit of the Times : He is a dark bay, over 16 hands, with a small star, diamond patch on bis nose, and both hind feet white. His conformation is conceded to be perfection of beauty, and we do not know when we have published the portrait of a handsomer horse. The most critical connoiseur would scarcely find anything to alter in his make-up. He is by Rysdyi's Hamblettmian, while Ms dam was Lady Badi. by Hiram Drew, out of a mare by WIthereU Messenger. She was known in Maine as the Seavey mare, and is fiunods as a broodmae never dropping any but good onea. er Echo, at six years old, showed a and sold for $6,000, and she is also tf»e dMQ of Gen. Sherman, Wlet, who add lor •1^00 when three years old, a&4 Paqnawket, any one of which can trot in the twenties. She was purchased at the Fair Land sale of Gen. Edward S. Sanford, for $1,000, and at toe same sate Bean- S then a li was bought by Mr. A. B . S^2^ SBJ&U8IBS Will make a season in the stud at the) Baldwin Stock Farm, Ticonderoga. TERMS, $25 THE SEASON. Campaign Banners. canvass, made as transparent as glass, andhiga- lydeeorated,for Procession Banned Window *«nspar«icie8,^Xanterns, also in* shape oi Maps, with two wooden or metal rollers. 3 feet high, by 3fbet wide, per doz........ A12 00 Complete Torch and lantern above alze^ Pictures of President and Vioe-Presldent, per doz., «ftAQ 18 ins, high, by 14 ins. wide, per doz., BM IS ins. high, by 28 ins. wideTdouble size, President and ViceJPresident on one sheet, per doz., Complete Torch and Lantern and above double size Pictures on two sides of the Lantern, four Pictures altogether, per doz., ^80.00 Medalion Heads of Jas. tt. Blaine and Gov. Cleveland, silver or gold, mounted on -plush cushion easels, size 10x13, each,.... 1 GO Sample copies can be had by reo per dozen rates. They are without m regard to noveir*, beauty, and value. SCOTT ABT COMJ/ANYT 178 Broadway, KeVTork. Pianos! Organs! Organs! ATTHB New Music Store, Corner of West Exchange street and Lake George avenue. All kinds of Musical In struments and Musi- cal Merchandise. A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT. DrSTBUCTION BOOKS For all kinds of Musical' Instrument* Sh.eet Music, Organinas, Piano Stools, And everything in that line always on b&sl CALLON Proprietor, TICONDE11OCA, N.Y. THE LARBEST STOCI And the Best Assort- ment of i FUENITUBl Sreroffered to Tfcoodeiog* it fwmdat LMalcolm'sMewBloci The Finest Quality —ARI>— the Lowest Prices- UNDERTAKING IN ALL ITB BHANGHB& CASKETS, TRDDHNGS, MALCOLM, Tleonderog*- R. M. OATAIAN, AGE.VT. Hooper'r Block. TICOBTOKBOGA, *. I

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