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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, January 23, 1885, Image 4

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*m- • i j *. Sentinel and Ticonderogiap. uvk :»;ul, Sitn r Fh'flKW JAW I».\». ning tXCOpt- t v *,-»<» how '•v pas hue e: •dodi tor of the I/>»d»ii World, one of the leading \soeietv\ .^htvts of Great Britain. w>> senteuc* i.lasr week.to four months' impii>-.>niu«'jo, for pul»li>liini: in his ;w pei\ a hit oi gossip th^t w;ss provon lihi-1- ; Otis, Ht lensi ?o the i-nur • satisfaction ei the e<nwi. Kn$;lish ju.i^es ;ue nierci- },-^ rowar.Ks oilencitT-i of this clas* and ; ir -.i t s-t a*. pot and .-<j ami hiijiih. atVa a}'|>aniil. s ;?- th e tl : Mr than »1av 1 l o the l»**opU* aJt d Mo t chi> fii'liti t mus i~ hi-* elee t»on diif. His swvwh ha- Uvu A imiguilkvti triumph <>f merit OV«T uto.tuts of etninen worth '»\i*r mom-yed mediocrity, of pur and patriotic jmblu sentiment over V piiM-n diVt. Hf i- ou'y !o hf aiii>wi .1 'otu' pint <f li<juoi' a day.\ Think of a real, live editor tK'int: obliged ti» s«h«*i>t. evi'i; for a hnc-f period «n a paltry pint t-very twony-four h ours! WEAR, DOWN Blotk, - fr«AUERS IN GENERAL GROCERIES PROVISIONS, Flcmr, Corn, Oatmeal, THEY If @W Is the time to buy, AND AT -— BAPTIST ClilTHCM <>!-' nC0NI>KIiO.;.\. Assemblyman I'arnes* uame npprars - among the supporters of Evarts on 'ho tinal vote. Al Daggatt said, last Friday. \ 1'ieanery und j«a.' himnions of the hotel that Barues was for Morton and the lat- parlor ai l pot-hou^ politicians. After ^ » ^ \** present, did not contradict. all. how feehh'3!.d puny is the strength the statement of the Senator. But he of ih»^ latter when measured against came out all right, finally, representing that utan'ar. u<ed and earnest public? The attempt tf the Morton people to withst;t:i(t tho tide »»f popular lavor that <»et m f<r K\i«!'.> can ouly suggest to the •,mid lii-tonoa! Mi>. Partingto*-\s effort- t-i kt.-p bark tin* Atlantic. What a uiHihi tiwug !<••!• tlit- .M»untry it would bv> u :Uf j eople eould only In- rou>ed to sijfjr dut\ a iitth- ofteuer : S:i!i it t]ot> not rM|iiirt' the t-Horf to do >o it onee .SM; the p-.iblk-coi^ciem-e is far more -•ii^itisv than it u^t-d to \H\ old Rssex's sentiments perfectly and are happy to record the fnet. Tin 1 Republican party has ever been the party of \sentiment\ Whenever it attempted to be other than stieh it lias 1 ailed most signally and effectually. The man or party who attempts to ig- noiv pure public sentiment is bound to be ignored himself or itself sooner or later. GILLIGAN & STEVENS Wholesale and Ketail Dealers in OlArLb ANU fANvY uKUl/CnitOf PROVISIONS, FLOUR, GRAIN, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, China and Glassware. TEAS A SPECIALTY. From t'ne reports of the Ryan-Sul- livan mugging affair, one would infer Vk-wed frum a partisan Ntundpoint it that it was just as well for John L's i- .-^rtaiuly A !»iaster!y acliie\enu'iit laurals that insj>eetor Thorne interfentd for -the Republican party. It shows when he did thai money and men 1 party fealty is not an all->ufh*eiont passport to position in that party \et. It shows that the grand We call attention to Physical IMniloaophy. The j4ieat evolutionist, Herbert Spen- •id partv is stiti alive and prompt to re- ^' '\'\• \ 1Mt ? °vr Ethic \, (lisc f f S 1 , • , , , . . .the finest ion. - *is life, on the whole, spond to the Jemauds ol the people worth living?\' Tu thecourse of his ar- rather than to the heck and call «>f poii- gument he takts occasion to divide man- tic-ian-:. kind into two groat classes, pessimists 1 Tin• R,.puMi«-:iii partv. like Mauurn und optimists. The former class com- 1 , \ , , prehends those to whom the world is a trie Irenen revolutionist, is carelessly ,i rfa ry place; who always see the dark, ureat. When there is nothing or\ inipor- forbidding features of things: who, in tanee to do it doe* nothing, but when it ihe language of Homer, are always 1 thiue, crusbinga rehellion. for ifissauce. withotftVcloiuJ wiSi sifveiMnarfiu. 3 ^ or electing a man that is needed, it can • The optimists are those cheery, f»w t sunshiny persons whose radiant faces 4 ( j ( carry light and hope into the darkest nooks and corners of our world. Among the causes assigned for such radical differences among men lie puts^ Crocker's Celebrated Patent Flour, The BEST in marker, for which we are the sole agents. UK A D Q UA It TERS FOR FRESH AND SALT MEATS OF ALL KINDS G-ILLXG-AN 8c STEVEH3, 31 'FICON'Dl;i<-jai, N. Y. CANNED GOODS Tobaoco and Cigars. BEEF, Thayer & •IWashbura's Is the PLACE, MUTTON, LAMB, PORK, POULTRY, SAUSAGE. Where you can buy TRIPE, HAM, LARD, FISH, ETC. ! L. E. WICKER, THOMAS WEAR. condense year:? of action into a hours, if it b- netv>>arv t<» attain th - nkaiing is a eomparatmly new g pt variance of physical condition. Who; would expect hope and joy to linger in. ] ? h 1 f dti fid d ;uausement, bin it has gained au aston- ^ ljeft j1- of a dyspeptic, or to fiad good- . . . . . , , , i fellowship in a man suffering from neu- isbing { >opulanty everywhere through- ralgia ? temocritu8,the laughing Philo- out the country, surpassing almo at sopher, was, you may be certain, a man I every other attraction good and bad. of excellent health, whereas Heraclitus. (hurdle, and theatres, lecture halls 'fte Weeping Philosopher was indubita- ' . . . ... *•.... blysuuenng from some chronic physical and saloons, complain alike of its tre- trouh!e> Reverse the conditions in re-! inendous magnetic power. The reasons for its wonderful sin-cess are numerous. gard to the health of those two philoso- phers, and their mental moies would but some of them are quite apparent to have been reversed likewise. . . , \ ,. . Dickens represents the gen al Mark those r.-ho have given the subjeet any Tapley as rejoiced atmeeting with dis- attention. Besides Jioin.u a j»liysirarcx- agreal>l«* people and discouraging cir- ^ivisc of au exhilarating character that cumstances because there would then mavbe iudulge.J in ^uallv by both h ^ soineinerit in preserving an unchan- . . t , \ , \ , , »ng gixkd humor ami spirits. Th? great sext->. theiv is a nowi-.y in the tact ol he- novelist should )ia\V described Tapley as ing able to obtain iadoors tlu- same yearning: i or an attack of sciatica or rheu- plt-asure a?> is aU'orued by the o\ er jMipu- mutism, lie should have let ioose John 0, -Munningham, Merchant Tailor. Of Long Experience (Hi lxKli aides «>r the \v;itt>r, i* now located in The room formerly occupie<i by the *• Ticontlero^iau.\ Mrs. Hall's Tenement block. South Main Street, TirtvxDKJioiiA, N. Y. CUTTING AND FITTING A *PEf;iAi/rir. All orders promjjtlv attended to. Your pat- ronage is respectfully solicited. Also, Repairing and Cleaning. £ L. C. DRAKE. EVERY 01 Wanted in Every Family iar ...«t..Ioor exercise of skatina. Then the po , G r Mar , k thw ^cruciating agony of piles, or have poisoned hir> system and en \ • spoiled the natural operation' of every mav be had is, important organ of the bodv bv chronic. J WANTED _ To soil tho patent \RAZOR BLADE SHEARS\ an-! \' IOEAI. BFTTO7T- C'UTTEB,'* Tin* onlv Shears in UJ« world that the biadts, arc fH>tt\K- so harnii s; can be sharpened or c«pTace.< with new biades when worn out. ACtKNTS cASt M.. j \Vc r shall close out the balance j of our ; Ladies' Circulars i j Dolmans, Cloaks, i | Newmarkets, Who has an ae-i ^ount with me will! Walkin ^ Jacke ^s, oblige ine very nmeh by calling and pay- ing up at once, as I haye decided to make cheapness -.vith which joyment of this kind rtaTU evening i- he element important organ of the body hv ,i its constipation.' The joy of life 'all gone,, the mind gangrened, every function; •e i j $12 00 PER DAY Address The Razor Blade Shears Co., Ghillieotbe, 0. painful, tne \buoyant ]\Iark would have ,\ tii au< I success ha> easily become a creature like Shake- doubtle.-; its remarkable pr naturally, drawu public attention spear's Caliban. And then the joy, the towards it. and considerable discussion triumph, the ecstasy that would' have: lias ensued with regard to its merits and J f »Jt«* tl ' om the Perfect cure that XE- T * ^ . . LUPION would have effected it this won- dements. In a recent issue the >ew derful remedy had been available. ! York Tribune h\ eommentin- on the There is positively no excuse and there! subject gave the testimony of a pkysi- should be little sympathy for the pessi- ciac in which ho condemns the pursuit \\Jf in th f e da > r ?, ofli S ht a \ d P^g^ss. j , -ill Suffering from piles, constipation, bil- and says the exercise, long hours and , i ousness , indigestion and those mental exposure to drafts and colds have great- states that cau«*e everything in the uni- ly increased debility among young worn- ! verse to seem inharmonious and unlove- en, and laid the foundation of serious \J JOHN A. WILEY, DEALER IX GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, FLOUR, CANNED 3000S, Confectionery. JIuts. Cigars, Tobacco, China, Glass, Earthen ami Sil£r-Plaled Ware, Hardware, Stoue, Tiu and Wooden Ware, Howes Improved Scales, WALL PAPER, GLOVES AND MITTENS, HORSE BLANKETS, \ROBES WHIPS, RUTLAND HAND-MADE BOOTS, STATIONEBY, NOTIONS, «fce, <fcc. S^T 1 All goods sokl a- tbo L)\ve-t prices. TICOXDEEOGA, N. Y. ly c y g yg CD, and laid the foundation of serious I ^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ | diseases. The Sun speaks of the fanul- i te ll your friends of what it does for you. i iaritv indulged in by young men under , Piice $100. Fred Weed, sole agent for; Tid H d P g y yg $ , e agen the pretense of teaching giris.uniuitiated : Ticonderoga, Hague and Putnam, in the art. how to skate. In the last \ number of that Christian Advocate, the • HOUSE KEEPERS Will find the Ranges & Cook Stoves A I.ady'j* Perfect Companion. i Painless Chidbirth, a new book, teach- editor of that journal declares the craze <?s how any woman may become a moth-. to be in direct antagonism to all reiigi- ? Y without suffering any pain whatever. ; _, . c , . .,,.,. it also tells how to prevent and over- ous Efforts, a foe to yeuuine social life , como morning sickn ] ss e skilled limbs i and literary pursuits among the young : and all other evils attending pregnancy. ' by the demands made by it upon their } Physicians highly recommend it as the| lime and strength. wife's true private companion. Send' Made by Coming as this does from journals of p po two-ceut stamp for full descriptive^ cir- cular, testimonials, and confidential let- great merit, which have \cortainly no ; ter sent iu sealed envelope. Address ' ; Frank Thomas & Co.. Pubs., Baltimore! ; ; The Beauty of Youth. other purpose than that of benefitting society in general, the force of these ar- guments must be felt. But all these j criticisms are not against anything other j No mlUer how llPndsome or than the abuse of this really excellent ; young man may be otherwise, nothing exercise and wholesome amusement. ' can make up for a partially bald head* not the exercise itself. It is the great j Shining talents are attractive, but a shin- misfortune of its, Americans, not to l>e |j e ^s or '\n ifa' «• 1 Cai t Se p la t .-^ ^ •. I able to enjoy any uew thing whatever j Balsam will stop the iossW the Hair and I without going to excess. We do nothing i start a new growth of glossy aod soft I IQ moderation. If any novelty comes out j ! ia ^ r 80 Qu !^ as to surprise you—resort- a commentary is it upon us a? a people ; Only standard 40c. 'dressing. that^so innocent a recreation as the skatiug ' rink can be so misused as it is claimed by these papers to be? We think, though, that most of these criticisms apply rather to the rink* in the city than to those in country tovfus. At least, so far sis we know,they are not applicable to oar home rink, whose managers are young men of town, well IMPORTANT. When you visit or leave New York City, sav Expressa^e ard Carriage Hire and stop find Union Hotel, opposite Grand Central Depot. Elegant rooms fitted up at a cost of one million dollars, reduced to $1.00 and upwards per day. European plan. Elevator. Restaurant supplied with tke best. Horse cars, stages and elevated railroad to all depots. Families can live better connected . wk, «de.Tor to I To be among the best that are manufactured. The FLUES are very large, insuring FREE DRAFT. The FIRE BOXES are large and deep, and are lined with Newton & Co's Celebrated IRON STONE LDK, warranted not to clinker. The quality of the CASTINGS and Ike MOUNTING are as fine as skilled workman can make them. Every Stove Warranted. SOLD ONLY BY C. E. POND, TIGONDSnOQA, N. Y. DBALSR IN STOVES, TIN, GLASS and WOODEN WARE, PUMPS, etc. TinsmitHing and Jobbing ol tU Kinds. LOWEST PRICES. C. Ii. BOWKER, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in BALED OR LOOSE HAY, MEAL and FEED of all kinds. Also AH sold as LOW AS THE LOWEST. NORTH ORWELL.VT. N«v. 24, W84. 44 AND Children^ Cloaks, At a BIG DISCOUNT. We shall close the balance of our BROCADE BEAVER CIRCU- LARS that were $23, for $20. 1 some changes in my | $ JJ f O %^ RCULARS thal All Cash custom- ers will find it to their advantage to call and see me and SAVE MONEY, as I have a large stock of Goods that inn LESSORS Kensigton Painting, AND Embroidery Stamping done. Etching Silk and Cotton for sale. All orders promptly executed. Christmas Cards, Infarts' Dresses, &c, MRS. E, TiPFETTR. be sold for CASH ONLY. L. C. DRAKE-. FILLMORE'S PHOTOGRAPH PARLORS. Newly Furnished; Comfortable Sitting Room*: Large Work Room; Xeat and Clean. 49> The-only v^ce in town where PhtHos are made with the new INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS. « , Everything in the PORTRAIT Hue uuule quicklv |- 0 ° ds and CO » vmCe vourseiv ami neatly. Call ami see samples ai»dget prices, , , - f) HOOPER'S BLOCK, South Main Sheet, 1st door P'° U Catl bu > ' mOre S°° d * \^ north of Firemen's buikiinsr, 43 S >r$I7. DOLMANS that were Sir . NEWMARKETS that were $::. for $10. And so on through the whole stuck of those goods. We have a [OB LOT of Ladies' Cloaks and Dolmans AT $3 EACH, That are very cheap. ! We have a full stock of Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, Legging and OVERSHOES. j that we shall sell as cheap j cheapest. Call and look over our -t TicbKBEROGA, money than at any time .-- J SUFFER with Drs»epsia and Lirer ! the flood. 1 Suiloh's Vitallzer Is g\mrantee<\ to ; WILL YOU Complaint? cure you. SLEEPLESS SIGHTS, made miserable by that j terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure U the remedy for < you. CATARRH CURED, health sad sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Bemed?. Price 30 oeate. Sitsal l»$ect«r rr<*. S«14 fey a!l Orur THAYER & WASHBORN. , X. T.. DM. li.

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