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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, February 27, 1885, Image 1

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m^ I00L riCONDEROGA SENTINEL AND TICONDKBOQIAN. SOLID, HOWEVER XII. TICONDEROGA. N. Y.,' FRIDAY, FEB. 27, 1885. NUMBER 4 Attorney and Couaeeter at L«w, .^betlitawa, Bk*e* Oo., N. Y. In tb« ofltoi oct-nined by the late Orlando KeUogg. f OHH a FBNTON, p AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, nty N.T. Office In GiUigan sad Stevens' block. •pOBEK T IhJit^BUKiiii. Attorney ana- Coan*elor at Law, aderojra, E*<*ex Cocmty, N. T. Office ia TALDO & GROVKR, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, port Henry, Essex County* New York. I OaTSTTEB. BISHOP.' ATTORNEY AKD COUNKKLOB AT LAW, MORIAH, Etmmx Gown. HL T. Afforwey and Cuuwselor at Law, ELlZABETHTOWjr, N. V. Particular attentiou paid to proceedings in Surrogate's court. 45 W. ADK2H8, DBAl. G DBAl.BK nt gGraen, Sea Gteoo, Purple and Variegated SLATS. state fenifbed and laid. Terms reasonable. \ trl O band or obtained on abort uo- TUd H T. I.Kfc Clark's Restaura?: OPEN NIGHT AND DAY. Warm Meals at all Reasonable HOOK. OYSTERS U EYERY STYLE. Hotels and Parties supplied at speci at ratet Anvil, Vise, Cut- off Too) for Farm and Home use. . $4.50, W. SoM h y hardwar e •dealers. To in- irodnc*?. one fre<; to first person j *' - - \ Lvyi \' •• \* who gets ttp a ! ciuh ol four. Ageuk? wanted. Write for circu- lars. CHKXEY ANVIL & VISE Co., I>ETKOTT>MK:H. It vou want to Paint! PIEBCE'S PREPARED HOUSE PAINTS The Best in the Market. It ie not a chemical paint, but is composed of White Lead, Ziuc, Linseed Oil, Drver. ami first- class colors. i We warrant these paint? to 1*> equal to any i mixed paints iu the market, or to White I<ead or j Zinc, and Oil. i EEMEMBHTB, it is the cheapest, as it 1« the l**t. > Gr&lners and Carriage Painters' Colors, j COOK & HP I ANd, I DRUGGISTS. j BBB HOUSE, JIONTFORD WEED, PROPRIKTOK. WBBTPORT. N. VJ _ M7DKLANO~ Agent • F«r toe Oldest, Largest and Best INSURANCE* COMPANIES in America. Ures Life aad against Accid«nU, Fire and lhtuin BE A Fine Stock of Choice ST. LOUIS FLOUR AT WARNER «•» LEES. PORT HENKY,N. V J. KEL.LV, Proprietor j ^^ , ^, j Horses »nd carriages furnished on application j (, Q Yl O 0 Cl kJT OOQS j L t Uie #See. Passengers and baggage taken to ^\^ *** x * * j d from the depot and boats free of charge. j — • —— J of all kinds :it greatly reduced prices. One Fair Trial Will convince the most skeptical tbat NELUPION ifi araoni\ the rao4 wonderful discoveries of the 19;h iM*n.urr. It. cures the worst case* of Piles and c.ur« s them PERMANENTLY. As a specific for Constipation it, is with- out an equal. For Women during preunancy it is the bt^t known : Remedv. Read the Following : HOME TESTIMONY! Concerning the Merits of N K L U L> I O X . Almost Unable to Walk. For the past three years I have f>e>ii greatly troubled with piles and constipation, so bad that I was almost unable to walk or sit down. I had given up .all hope olreleif unless by surgi- cal oper&iioa when 1 iienrti of flu* remedy, Ne- Inpion, on*-alf at F. Wee<i'i> Drug Ktore of thi* place. AiXvr taking the remedy two or three days 1 nejrati to feel relieved, and I am \now as well a* 1 have ever been. It cured me entirely within three weeks from the time i commence* I BITT Sentinel and Ticouderogian. Just ire Imnrnt-hrd »»d BEST TKOWDEROtiA. FMDAY JHOh-.XJ.Wi. FEB 27, 7Hft.1. How white tbe deep THE UNRIVALED STEWART if\ RANGES STOVES. The stillness of the winter Sabbath flay- Not even a foot-fall beard. .Smoothare the fields Kach hollow pathway level with the plain : Hid are the bushes, save that here and there Are neen the topmost shoots of brier or boom. John I). Hopkins, who was charged with stealing a chain f.oiu N. Bly'n saw nil) and eluded the offlVer. was flnjtllv »rresied no<1 taken berore Enquire Pnw* on Sat- urdaylartio answ>, to ,h« complaint made acralnst him. He pleaded not guilty !>nd also pleaded u former c<mvic;ioti for the snme offence. He haJ beeu to Ttcoo- dftroga and ple»d guilty to committing th» crime before Enquire Stevenson, who lined ; him three dollnr*. The complaint we are j informed, was made by hU counsel, who p in.o partnership with 'he V*rot«ut jn«° tices who fined a w«m,ft M fi ve dollar* for ' torturing * youny jriri almost to death A It was generally understood here, civil nct\>m has beea co»iim>iu-<-d again*; Hopkius h.r convoninjr tin, chain to hC own «•»?.- lehytttm. The Ti<xjudert*Ka J»m.ic Joseph ('ook Advocates H fSfW last fall, tlwt Joseph (\took nupported the R^pubiicnn ticket. Ho now advo cates tht» formation of a ut^w party hav Lamson & Brust, SOLE AttESTS, Tirowderoe*. N. Y. taklnjr it. J; is a v»-r and 1 tx-lieve it to IR roinjilaint.-. IIV|MENSE REDUCTION - AT WM. HOOPER & GO'S. UK AIDERS JN pleasant reinedv a wonderful cure take, caowK POINT, K. y., 4. S. VlAiJU Prepriotor. ftwi coach to and from ali tra^. 4 Ur«y Fresh Butter (RICH AKD S HOUSE, M. A. CLAfiK, Froprieior, EMCX CO., IV. Y A SPECIALTY. Par*tetwkhi»gtoffo(o Adiron^*ck» can *tt from here with my «raTeyanoes,or can tiattai trains or boats. Careful TERMS REASONABLE. Warner & Lee, The Upper Falls Grocery men. LAKE GEORGE AVENUE, ra., 3sT- \ST. ' 2.Ttconderoj?a N. V. Jan . •>•>, 1S8.V I OTER TWENTY YEARS AFFLICTED, ; Having suffered greatly from jkik'K and con- j Ktlpatton for over twenty years I was induced i by F. Weed, Druggist to try the new Medicine^ ; Nelupion, It's efl'ect has lH*en wonderful, I have only taken« few dosen and have no further | trouble. I consider it a ^rreat remedy I JAMES C'OKI'UON. Tieonderojfa N. V. Jan. 21, 1S85. Sold wholesale and retail by Fred Weed, Tieon- deroga. BRYAN BROS. DAR E BARGAINS THE BARBER, has opened his new HairCut tmgand Shaving Par! r:r In WEED 4 BEXXETT'S BLOCK, TTCOXDKR 0 (i A , .V. V . DEUWARE k HUDSON GANAL COS WESTERN TICKET AGENCY, ADDISON JUNCTION. N, Y. U F. PERRY, - - Agent. Ticlrots to all Western poipt* AT GBEATLY REDUCED H A R N ES S M E N, Manufacturer* and Dealers in Harness*, Saddles, Bridles. ; Fly Nets. Hor^e Sheets, Lap Robe:s and Dusters, i Whips, &c. Fine Harness & Tur Goods a Specialty. Agents for U»« ! M NTH I AN A HORSE BOOTS. \ Weed' s Bl«»ok, 1*» ff in St.. TI( 'OSDEll OH A. — IIV A j One of the LARGEST and BEST assorted stocks in the JOB LOT WM. HOOPER ft GO. HATS and CAPS,; PLUMBING, ing for its inaiu object entire prohibition of the manufacture, importation and sale of int'»xcating liqu<^rs of all kinds. He gav e his reasons for thin course to his Boston audieuce la?^t week. Thewe are: 1. Iu most of the states the reigning political parties have refused to submit the question of Constitutional Prohibit- ion iu a won- partisan way to the people. 2. After constitutional Prohibition hat been pa&ied, the reigning political part- ies of to-day cannot be trusted to execute it. In Ohio a majority of voters expres- sed themselves in favor of Constitutional Prohibition. Ou the same day a state legislature was elected which favored the liquor traffic. 3. Cities are growing in population faster than the country at large, and, as the whisky vote haw its chief strength in citie?, the present bod state of af- fairn, arising from the domination of that vote, may l>e expected to grow wo|p , HO th|t the the political parties whiel* can **liy bo reformed to-day, will be still •*' [less susceptible of reform us the years advance. 4. Ij«t the new organization be called the National Reform party. While making Constitutional Prohibition a maiu issue, this party should adopt all the better measure* of politic* in re- lation t© other vital matters, such a* Anti-Polygamy, Civil service Reform, National Aid to Education, the Indian, the Chinese Question, the Purity of tbe bttliot-b i, Integrity in Candidate* for Office, Economy in Administration, Regulation of the Tariff. I know that there in danger iu making» political party too broad; there is danger, also, in making i' too narrow. The National Reform Party should steal thunder from all the fo«r quarters of the political sky 5. A broad, eclectic. National Reform Party, thus organized, would have a fair hope of either purifying the practice of itH rivals, by holding i * balance of power, or else of superaea, * them. 6. Carrying several statrt^ would !>e natural and constitutional fiKo National in the above aniele. known Ins joftured to H i^utlemau not ucqn>ui:tance» over-'enient to criminals. On the cmirarr much of the good order prevailing in oiir couitunnity is due to his nnMweivin* ad- ministration of the law. In this particular case, while the fine was l o \v, it w«s til that he should have imposed under the the c urge uue heavier MII.I paiKant did not \ dffen.laH( made which were not contradicted. The defendant wa« without counsel and witnesses, and although ho plead guilty thus encewsltating puuUthnuat the justice had IHOMI dosht an to his f »ilt. If the rurmers counsel In a previous crimi, nal «cuon wherein the defendant WAS *ig. charged made the complaint u« «tat«rf above, it doe* not follow that the jo«Uc« knew of such previous action or wa« nizwit as to the identity of the coi We have reason to shink cog. useJ. y^t justice teiupereJ with mercy pr|p$^f<.voiled. !TIN ROOFING • Mr. Perry can he seen at the Hall House even- •\si** *lter 7 o'clock. :»»_ JLISS' HOTEL, L. M. BLISS, Proprietor. [UflNGTOK, - - - N. Y. lmodnUonii for fifty guests. Located on i regular route t>etween A usable Forks and tke Placid and Saranae Lake. Dininjr plare ff Btagea both ways. Six miles from snraniit oi n \ Imce Mouateio. Horses an.! saddles fur- -J partie* desiring to make the accent. The -*s are ia good condition, having been repaired s season. Wfitanees from the house. )3 railes ,ble Station, 10 miles to Lake Placid, 22 > Saranac Lake, « miles to Wilmington tch, 4 »iles to Big Falls, 2 1-2 miles to flume. •Terms: $8 to %U per week, $2 per day. 39 THE BURLETeH HOUSE, T1C0XDER0GA, X. V. IT. E. BAILEY, - - Proprietor. This New and Elegant Hotel ie^a»lly located T>e:n- the hu sinews-centre oi 1 1 town, midway between Lake ihamplain and taGeorjre. The bi;il*lin?r if of brick, s0x40, nones above basement, 100 Commodi.in> , ms. Newly Furnished atul .Supplied with hndanee of Lake Georue Water, Hot and Cold |ti^, complete Fire Protection on each floor. viTy .stable, Telej.Taph and K.\prc*s offif-ep Tnit'i-u*d with the buildinjr. '•>•* O O TO HcCOEMICK, TIfK EROHANT TA1LOR 3 FiT« At the Old Stand. M. HURT | Has resumed business at his old quartern, | HOOPER'S BLOCK, <Therr f)e is ready to greet lii«fu*lo]npr s , old and Hew. and *\it the m t o a T, in all the latent styles of SPRING and SUMMER CLOTHING. \ &*r New stock constant!? arriving. ! M. HEART. i j Ticonderoga, N. V. »•» |Hotel Delmonico. ; CHAS. B. I'EASE, Prup'r. I North Main St, - - Ticonderop. ! The Handsomest | Dining Saloon North of the threat cities. EVERYTHING !N STYLE, F. WEED'S, Tk'ondcroga. X. Y. THE STANDARD Dry Goods ,i.v/> Clothing House Is prepared to meet all competi- tion, and with that object HI view we have marked $15.00 Overcoats down to $12.00 12.50 \ - 10.00 10.00 \ \ 8.0« 8.00 - \ • r »- 50 47 ^ by Skilled and Experienced workmen Reform party to demand that the Na- tional Government should do all it can for the hupprcB&iou of the liquor traffic. 7. The National Government can nup- press the liquor traffic in tl»e District of Columbia aad the terit«rie«. It can au. olit-h the national distilling and brewing business,by which tbe nation is a partner in poisoning itnelf. [AppIauH».j It can prohibit the importation of foreign liquors, lt can submit to the «tate« an amendment to th<; Natibnal Constitu- tion prohibiting the maufacture and »ale oi alcholif beverag***' in the I'nited j State*. j : K The dominion Parliament of t.'ana- | da, l»y a vote of \T> to 40. \\i\* airejidv • pledged itself to p«Rs a uationui law to | prohibit the importation, manufacture land sale of intoxicating liquors, a* j sooa as it shall be nuown that a majoritj\ We vail special .uteutlon to tho advar- dement of the closing exercl»CH of the Union School ionnd in another column. These exercises mark u new event in the history of the town and M-ttool. The I-'niou School i* now w^ll nyttt«matixed; it, has a fixed coarae of study and adheres to that cotme. Tbrie yonng men, hariog compietod that course, wilt graduate OQ the 13th ef March and reeelre dipioma* ac- cording to the promise o f the Board of F^ucatioB. The following chiit«fiS i*« io he very mach iirger. M© »re told, will cousin of or^WaJ work in orations and com position, recltationa, dialogues and u»u«ic. WeHiiderstaud ,htt Principal PackarJ will upttre neither effort uor expense to inuke all the exerciwei «f a very hi^u or<lcr and appropriate, apt! worthy of the importance of the occasion. The music U by a full «rcb*».tm trom Sar*- to«a. Leon ('hautz. leader. Tuete I* iea- sou to l that«ikte irfdnt «f Public Instruction. Wtn. A, itoggle*. wiil be pie*?nt. Attention in »1M, called to fh« true exhibiiioti in drawing iu the nfiernooa at the academy, This braueh oi Mn4j was introduced it'o cchooi \u*t September, and we (inderfltund hat made extj«llent pr * We nrg* lie tU« and neighburlMHid to attend bo.!, ati*r und •v^ning, A .^>n l^aw Proposed for < oifr< tint; Taxra Th*s fallowing bill ha« be«?n introdurcd by Senator Bowcn \to tv^julate the f^es of the town collector as receiver of laxc* ia tho tuvnj of Pittsburgh\ . S«ctiari I. Within thirty <iuy« £I«J« ttiC flre*t postinu >>t' notictn bv the towa coHect'»r of the town of Piattsburgh, ^a the county *f Clinton, i«at desigttat* 1 wh*-ii and where he will af for the - 0(! 3.00 A u'Ood Ail A SPECIALTY STOVES. W'c call special jelehratcd tttention \u the of the {^iriadian citizens an- iu favor of i». {Applause.! '.'. Il>ep you to uol'u-v that Oi»* »«iost cuii8er\ativi' religious be dies in Hn-land are now demanding vi^oroii* prohibi- tory legislation. is 10. I ask rou to remember, tiiat llic J s Roman Catholic Church itself in the ; (: I'nited Stat's begins U> d»mand ii. „ 11. Tin? Woman (.'hri.-tian Tern her- i auee Union, u natiooal organization of ; t of rect-iviiig payment <if>axe«. an provided by laf, any person or corporation im»y p$.j tin* »axe^, prup'-rly payable lv such collec- tor pursuant to jiU^li notice, nrbout any foe or prec<-ri!a<;<- herton; and iifii of sink perc^ntajfe lint buar<i of >upetvbor> <«f tb« county of Clinton t-hali oacli ye^r l^vy ;>,nd raise upon tin- property >A ti>e town i,f PlaKsburgh fbe ^Un! o{ itoU;«r?, which sum hhali be received anti retained b r Kuch collector, or cr*#ditMi to Lim by tl.# oniitv trea.<un r up ncli coll<-c!;»r> a<c. Section j. After )wn >hv.\\ r- '-i ivf !l tIn - t-\p i Hub Ranires •wmrnaudiug influence, f.tvors th e for-j i,y i sl *-, nation <>f a u-sw political party After ( XJ J( . \ A )} , ,ru\<,rr'C(i liwUbsion of ill'- tiieme. iL ;. -r; ( . .,,,;,.,, -.-, tiii- f|e!ih'«r;it» r majorit y of it s •iventioii. IV>;tvcr Over- f-IS:-ACTION GUARANTEED. Ki.iy. St ' •'-' Ticoudero^a. , :The vorv l.c-f -T:.'^ - - 8 -^ ° • ' . DiCST in the woilcl. for \Yn.j.: vs c • Kirn- Dni.MANs. ^TUKKT JA«;KE'I>.; are SOLE AGENTS. LXKVVMAIJKKTS and ail he; vy WJJAPS, Ifttl^-^ th.in cr.st. Anl seliinjr fii<* Also the well known ,u'< s i' i a nation. ; ...iiibitior; [Vrtv ha - '•)''•!\;!; ran • ri!;.iiiHii' ' PLUG TOBAGCO \j Red Tm Tag; Ro*<- Leaff Kinvv ( ul Ch OYSTB E S ills tOWil af ,.-. J He _\ V J ) - t'«r <-<»nsiflerefi ; Lea Kin Crea. xo.. -•-• ACORN .,;:;,;. :; E ; l-:- 3LI2STB OILS OVES.- • lv: ^ o ! liiiff.-. -f.-vr-r >iiow!-. »M t;i;- \.V^^r.r^-vVE WILL^iT BK rXDE^^,,, !cit> nin le M::(-!i ^ ih - MANi'-. SOLD. .\;....\ ARI» imv Go«.r.- AND ri.^TMiN.: JOWAS LOEB. WM, HOOPER & CO. -.'> r;t(>- , \ ii,, ;-;c,ia ' ii ;'•:•< ;:r,i f i'i | of Inn; p.i: -.uii ft' •••-! \i.iv i-y tJ,,, ..i< •.- • r.l ..n- ::::.! -il.

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