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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, February 27, 1885, Image 4

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••--1 . £ kf . - f t ,=r. . Sentinel and Ticooderogiap. 1*1*4. nprrU tfc* Tear ! Ticonderoga .?. K. MUJIOIXASO. Rttitomnd rropr»ek»r. VSIDAT 4.1) HtrflrtiNrments will IH' in.^^rtni «>• by Uio y«»r. >i« aujb«M,v.' All InUs I>AT. Dectsrober 13. 2*Hi. i A. * . Wrri: roll culled: all the member* or On- board »res»e»t. The journal oi Thnmlay wan read, rwrwtrd • and »pprorp<l, Kegular onler of l>ttxiDt>H^ laken ——i On root ton of Mr. Knwc the report or th« wni- ] inltuv «»u ju*lio*»s ami coi).*ubli*» acermntf. «.i- Ukrn fnm) U»e taWlc. t»*«>» ! ^ ° ***** H° ll « l** 1 *^! * v f SniH»rTi>»»r* of the fount.'* rable ' Your ^\raiUtfo (>B j»\»tietv* and mnstablo .*»< .._-.. : n»nnL». would rt'sp^-lfuliy report that ih«- ' prrsvnu-d :«nd Tho pubitfilierft of K«ti?il<jS* Monthly offer twelve valuable rew.ml* in their Monthly for M.rch.nmonK' which i« 'he , KKIAII. K>Howim:: , • F |£xlH;m.r i,bl. \\t* nlU jr'iv*' 8*20 00 to tho pors.m tel Fancy Patent.. Una ••< »hf Wmir-* vt>r*'> in t V O•» ~ Markets. fitoVMM. KeU. 47. Mam**?, Dealh ami Birth none kt obituary romm<>»t * iit In* < oots nt line. *«* payable Ptriv # fnn , hot <rv r \» a«1v*B<*e. frd si any 10 following aeemmts, have b«*ru allowed by them, a.- tollous, \« j No. Nauu\ Nature t'l*fl : 1 »*«, s . (>lroil e<>ii»ktl>b* »f'Jl !*?* •„• H\ R. Ki>)k«x?. ju>«rv *« 1 1W , K. KtflkMKK \ * »5 ; 4 A. M. Uurand eon<ta,b)r ft O i K o . Bradtonl •• «4fl ' fiT. W. Hopkins •• 4»i » 7 (.:. M. IVaSf juhtko « 00 8 W. H. XorUirup conMabW- 1« 00 P li. r. iteiT^juMlre 4 8T» • o W. - ' 4 00 i v.\riai*!y tn TVoaderofift, V T. All «f Dated \i wonld not le*v** Khartoum if I M»«ui,\ wrote the heroic Gordon about A month bofor* h'm do«th. If •ver tbb •.v.rlJ had a, truo knigljt :.' ^a* it: thii man who w»s ceetiitHisly sacrificed hx t)*e e\i\pnh\o n*^l^( t ami hesitancy of ait HKieei-ivo iti!ni«*trT. Mr. S .\;id tfap • f]U9 . hi V. A. J^>we, Charles* Talbm r ral art>ooT.t» rcromnunvJcMi by tm- a* a'lc^Trd. be pr.id to tr<r- re*p«n t!r> <-l»iiuants out oi the contingent fund. Carried. BOCXTIE*. ' On motive »f Mr. Talbot, the report of the com-' mittec c»a iH»uiui»*a wan inker* fnMn tlw table. , To the FI«n. board of Supcrrlsors of the Co tint v Yonr committee OM bouatl«> respectfully tv-[ port that they have examined tlu» certificate* • and claims presented to ttoeui and have allowed tbe following No. <Td AIM* 1 J. C, Shaw, Minerva oae bear $10 00 *1U 00 2 Heyh I.mdsey Minerva on*; bear 10 00 10 (M \ tamont Scripture* bv Ma>*«'lt 10th. Should two Or Minne corral an«»ej< !>c rcw»iv«'»l. th« REWAK D wl'l h- .Vv\*\vA T»f MM.HI'V will l y forwiinhMl u> th- * i — IMT Mar h th«« lAlli. IMSTI. ]»*»r* «n< t»v- ins; lor thr rinvstnl mn'vi -eih' *20 . cn?s in divert tm |m*t»^f »>nmpH taken) with their «n«w« i r. f<tr which th««y will rnM-lvo th\ Monthly f>>»- April, in win.rh th* n.»»m* ;•»» ! «.^ir»'ss of (he winner of the »t* «an ! :»;<! wiH l>e offi»«**.J- A«l<tr>«s« Kl Tt.Klxa f'fH- A I>»dy*« Prrffecl 4 ompnutAtt. I how any woman nu.v lM«r<nne a moth- j »«r without suiierini; :tny {win whatever. It JIIW) t«-Us how to pro vent J*IM! over- tiimc iv.orninjr >i<ktH*ss. swt*ll«] LinUw. Phjsirinus Iii'h'v nMtmnnenfl it a« thf vrxff'n tiuv ]>rivjte companion. Send cular, testimonialt, and coufidential let-; y Frank Thom;isJt Co.. Pubs\. Md. Baltimore, AOVKK TO M9THEIW It-is <^H»ji!y t*tJite<i that there ar»' rttily two hanking institution? ii\ »w York'•* ^nk Uo*l<i\Kwoe. one lynx 5 . . • 4 Willie Miles »itm»n)fU>n one •' 10 whost\ rfcoiiimeniiftiious have «*ii>y weight All •fwhuh i^ resjHHti\uily v submntcd. «ith English invwuw . and ihm - two- I^MOth.m . ^ic,Ta!iH>t. are roalh branches of London firms. Elijah Wcston _ , \ , . < Mr. Talbot moved that UK> report of the com- flie shameless way foreign Slock holders', , n iueo be Miiopted. and the several amount- rec- tt «^ /Mt™tQ!i<t< hor.. Ivv.t. fr^.t.^ in rkU i otnmended by tht comauitae as allowed, be pai-1 »su<»{JiKiii»i> n.i><. i«vu irt-ait^i in mi. • t h<* resj.»eetivy claimants, out of the eontingent ronntrv has inspired them with such a fond- carried. well founded suspicion of everything Mr. rietve moved that the report of the com- Amorioxn that they arc dropping our »|«^^ »»^antH>us arwuuuOH-ukeu fn»m M^-unties as quickly as they can flnd ' To the lion. Board of supervisors of the County Mmiethingthat prornines fair return ami] Your c^mitte on miscellaneousaivmint* sub »,,,.,„ ,n,ali m > »>!&*»wh*>r»» ' »» l tnei r ^P*' 1 \' o f •I»Ja»« 1 presented to and and- i mil their report of claim. presented to a ! tied toy them at this, the second session ; board. get a noetic oi JUKS. WIKSUIWS .>OOTHI>« SVRUP VOKCHILDHKM TBETHIMU. Its value is incalculable. It will relieve the poor little suf- ferer immediately. Depend upon it, mothers, ;. there is no mistake about it. It cures dysentery | and diarrhoea, regulates the stomach an<« bowels, > cures wind colic, hoilens the gums, retluces> in- j tarnation, and gives tone afid energy to the whole Hjstem. MRS. WINSXOW** SOOTHIJTC. Sim'i\; FOR CHILJDRKX TKBTniNG is pleasant to the tasU', i and is the prescription of one of tbe oldest and J best fenialu nurse* and physicians In the United, i states, and is for sale by all druggists throughout ' he world, i'ricc !W cents a bottle. sjfiLOH'S VITALIZES ts what vou need lor Constipation, Loss or* Appetite, I>i?zine»s and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 et^. per bottle. Michigan •- (irnliam flour, PIT !»» K Wheat I've Ham*, JH BiUUsr. « heest-.. Lard EffK* Uii •• DeaWinV. •• T. I., per Uti .rt|f..,|), per lb U'rring, pfr bo\ A powdfcre*! FKK.«H MKAT*— J^teak, round* \ «ur)otu Roa»ta lamb.. \ Veal Fowl* Chicks TAL U >W HAY, pressed, per hundred. COAL, delivered WHOLKSAl.K V ButWr, per lb Cheese, \ Kgg,s, per ihyzen Potatoes, per bushel Beef, per hundred Pork, '• DrieU applet Beef hides, per lb Calfskin*, ' Pelts Beans, per bushel Oats, \ Veal calve.-, per 1* Sheer, \ Litre bs. •• I 30 1 50 60 •20 Otl If* 0 0 12 1-2 25 1 Of 05 W) 08 10 3S JO M r 1-2 WICKER ft WEAR, D 'ZJ5fjL.>v THEY 60! GROCERIES PROVISIONS, ! Is the time to AND AT - Oatmeal, inaver 10 to ffe« to 12 M 16 tl 14 28 Mi j •;oo | Tobaooo and Cigara. \**• BEEF, 5 to .'»t^» '..'\.'.'.'.iaut 06 Of; 10 1 2T> MUTTON, LAMB, POULTRY, j PORK, 6AU8AGK. ! Is the PLACE, Where you can btiv r»ost overworked and j»oor-: et «>f ai«n in o«r txmntry \ NHrne of Nmare of Am't al'd 3 00 10 00 3 20 \1 40 5 40 , .7 50 7 20 10 00 18;« 15 00 4 00 31 2*2 H 10 40 00 15 00 55 00 4 401 4 40! 7 50 I 7 '20 ! 10 00 j 00 18 Xt! loOO i 31 22 : 11 10 i <0 15 00 ! 35 00 j * * T*<**Ci C*«i©S**t ?)* til^1 3 ti t WK t \'uiiti » **^ • m • » • \ \ , , \ I Joseph MrKory expense- the car drivers oi New ^ ork city. He, 2 A.J.Stiles assea*or work, mxieen houn a day. exposed to if^^SuSSSS^\^ all sort;* of weather, Lx compelled to .> r Wm, A. li. Arthur n^essoi 1 l « A. J. Cook \ Htand most of the time, has no regular 1 7 Cbas. Tribot hour for meals, and ail for the mere 9'Jj-,*,'BeSd*Jeya*.e^w-* pittance of $ 1.75 per day,— bareiy t»uffi- 10 P.' W. Barber physician _ * . * .. . 12 H, ok N. Hewitt Itt*y8 nent for hu* own »upjx>rt to «ay Hothiag) 12 s. c, Derby repairing «f the family ttsuallr dependent upon j }J {?'^nffsSp^of poor*' him. The surface roads are all pavina; j 15 7\ n. Trumbuli .Jr., atty, . , ,. . , . , , \, ! 16 Milo Gibbs assessor iuundsome dividends, and surely public | 1T Ge o. S. Nicholson clerk Ac Kympathy will be on the side of the meu j j£ **• ^ ^bfn^ehemis^ 1 ^' in their efforts for an increase of wages, ( «) C. w. Daniels headstone a; which they propose to obtain by strikiug oj saUy'ii'bBacWJay^ 00 #»B April ltt, unless employers reduce' \ *our committee recommended that the several \ 1 ' - amouiJt*wallowed by them be ordered paid to 1 tfae nuinl>er cf hours to twelve aail rai»it'he respective claimants from the contingent their wa-es txj |2.50 a day. ; fu ^ i of v^bich is respoptfuUv submitted. ' i Dated the loth day of December 1884. ' _,, ... ~ ~~ ---- ~~ Jas. U. Pierce) who will *ucce+^d Mr. B->wen. is n^ D, L. Weeks J Committee.. i quettion that i* oow being asked with. o « moUun^^^thTreWt WUH adopt- <ionsiderable interest in political circles. ! «*d and the seevral amounts recommended by Uie —. . , , ,., . . , 1 committee as allowed ordered paid to the res- T!»ere i« ti'J JK'^rt'ity of Civnaidat^s for the; t>eC 4i Te ciaimaj)t>. out of the contingent fund.; nanatornhip-of course aJI from this j TlT ( ^ I ir JxaTiisT»cs t touutv as it belongs to Essex this year, j Mr, Wvcb* moved that the report ot the coin- «,-• f m x- x. « • rr,- 1 ' mitt«cc o n viuil sUitisuc.-* b e take n from th e table. ; h ir^t ana toremost,to be bnre.is Ticonde-1 c'arrted rdga's candidate, Mr. B. W. BurleighJ Hou^o f EIS-* ° f * upcrvlB ° r * o f lhe ! Beside him are mentioned the names of! Your committee oa vital statistics respeeUuHy ; TI^^ x: r« n +^ «.u^ ,!,„„! J 1 i p»bmit their robort of accounts presented to and ! Hon. N. C. Boynton, who should have auditer t by them at thU tl»c «c«ond session of I been speaker uf the Assembly this year.} your board to wit ^ ^ H»n. J. W. S'eele, the able chairman of!' °\ ° GILLIGAN & STEVENS Wholesale and Retail Dealers in STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, FLOUR, GRAIN, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, China and Glassware. , TEAS A SPECIALTY. We call attention to Crocker's Celebrated Patent Flour, Tbe BEST in market, for wbifh we are tha sole agents. UEADQUAMTBB8 FVH FRESH AND SALT MEATS OF ALL KINDS GILLIGAN & STEVENS, TICONDEROGA, N. T. TRIPE, HAM, LABD, i FDBH, ETC. j L. C. DRAKE. 81 H the Board of Supervis©r«» these many rears, aud Hon. W, F. Wesson of Wil-j siMIoloowib Vu? •injjtou. The backwoods are yet to hi\ j * \\\ keard from which doubtless will turn i ij£ eo \ l *£ B % \ « ^ \ t K/ISLTK Mf 1 GtiHc rcporit 1 •ut a lot of statesmen williug to sacrifice s (i. VV. >'oote registering themselves to serve their country by ! ^M^H. Turner M^fifePTfei aring the topi. An Ohio tramp .saved Am't d'd. .*•; 25 1 io :> 75 1 50 G 2.\» « 75 S> 1-* '21 2o 5 00 10 i-> 1 ,W Ami 1 ulM: *3 25 1 *i,> 5 75; I so! K25; a \5 » 75 ! •27 25 ; 5 00 10 25J 1 50' Whole 11 E. A. lilanchard i 1-2 G. W. Poewli, 3f. I)., \ K 7o •< T:> , ! Vi Town of Westport books :ui</ ; I blanks and amounts audited by | town board lor service mattter loa^I ot people from destruction, last j or registration. 47 l* 47 i* week, by remainiug near n broken i-ail i $136 43 sist; 43 i for over an hour m the freezing open air j ^^^ffi^^^S'be ordeSl pL^vo™ 1 \ x-o signal the train. His uoble action was ! the contingent fuud to the respective claimants. Mutablv rewarded. Manv people seem' All of which is respecitully submitted. 4 *i-', 4l ,,,\ I Dated the lllli day of December, Ib84. td thiud that only the lowest oi low are - — • found anion^; this class of restless \m-\ mauitr. Such is a mistaken idea. N>w5paper men know from experience! «>n i\u^ n of Mr. Ko«» the leport was ,-,.,, . ! adopted and the several amounts rccom- tl^t some oi the l>o*t compositors and | mei ; Jld hy lhc committee as allowed or- (l)rightest intellects are of the itinerant' dered paid t<» the respective chiimants out \>rder. and the same is true of other [ «t th« eoutiugent fund, c-allin-s no doubt. Thr very .n-.-rflow Mr _ pri^^ed^hatX^rT^rt of the oi brain force often drives meu to this CO munt:eo uii shetiff and jailors accounts life. To be ,-ure the life they lead is not be taked from the table. Carried condueiTe to moral development, yet To the Hon. Board of Supervisors of ^ss t -x many of the poor fellows are only ene- vourTo'mmitteu ou sheriff and jailor' uo- mies to themselves and their faults, like counts report the amounts claimed uud uliuwed as follows: NEW TAILORING FIRM. O Munningham & Thompson, The Metropolitan Merchant Tailors, We would respectfully announce to our friends and the public generally that we have formed a partnership and are now ready to furnish KINDS OF ' In the very LATEST BROADWAY STYLES. Mr. Thompson has been connected for years with some of the most prominent New York Tailoring Establishments, such as BELL, BROKAW BROS, and the like, and is prepared to give our patrons the very Lates Fashionable Cut and Finish in everything. thos*' of poor Burns.are --all of the flesh— noijt\of ilu\>]>irit '\ Many of (liein have rKH'u and can be reclaimed t iutlustry and nxdviln life of li. L. Jenkins sheriff s '.:>0 71 Al'd li > 71 Your patronage is respectfully solicited, at Mr. Munningham's old stand. Hall Block, Ticonderoga, X. Y. J. C. MI'XNIXGHA.M. 4 • JAMES THOMPSON. Who has an ac- count T*ith me will oblige me very much j We shall close out the balance j of our j : I Ladies'Circulars I • i ! Dolmans, Cloaki j Newmarkets^ Walking Jackets AND by calling and pay-! ing up at once, as I have decided to make some changes in my business. Children's Cloaks At a* BIG DISCOUNT. We *haU close the balance of os BROCADE BEAVER CIRCT LARS that were $23, for $20. SILK CIRCULARS that wer $20, for $17. • DOLMANS that were Sir. i< $9/ All CaSh CUStOm- 1 NEWMARKETS that were < 'for $10 . ers will find it to their advantage to call and see me and \ G. W . Jenkiny board ins? by a very little ' prisoners, etc ada'd t> . ert'-rt. ' RL. Jenkins. II. C Tidbut. .'. very a~bU> and scliolaiiv rebuke to Lhose fulsome »nJ injudicious wor- shipers of Shakespere. who hold him. as the Germans wen-e oneo said to du. t<> .be infalliable, is fount! in the current num- ber of 77/e- Century from the pen of JOHN A. WILEY7 DKALKR o'J .\>(! Total $:»7i r»7 :>:i S7 ; All of wbieh is resperU'ullv submitted. Dated Dec. 11 1S84 S. W. Prime) Henry Alien ComiuiUee. .). \V. W^hitehe&d .^ * )ii motion of Mr. Whitebead tbe report >Ir. O. B Frothingham. He concludes wus adopted, and tbe several amounts' re- ; jl hare a larg»e stock j GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, FLOUR, CANNED SOODS, j of G °ods that must; ltecti0 K*S^ 8 old for CASHi And so on through the whole slot of those goods. We have a 10. LOT of Ladies' Cloaks and Domaii:: AT $3 EACH, That are very cheap. —, ,.^... ^..v» ..^.WVJIU noic, nuwt s miproved fscaies, ' WALL PAPER, GLOVES AND MITTENS, HORSE BLANKETS. | ROBES, WHIPS, RUTLAND HAKD-MADE BOOTS, STATIONEEY, NOTIONS, &C. . &c. aid a^ tba Loweit prices TICONDEROGA, N. Y. •He •will be the favorite of the vigorous and the bright-hearted, 'mt not the corn- pan ion of the solitary or the oracJe of the sage: a rank, luxuriant creature who 'warbled his native wood-notes wild,\ Iwt hardly an authority for the theologi- an, or a pattern for saintly souls. It is <'3R}' to concede his supremacy iu his 5phen?. It is difficult to grant he was the poet of all time, or of the upper re- gions of space. To literary men he must always be dear on account of the brilliancy cf his style, the terseness of fcis senteuces, the variety and aptness of his illustrations, the momentum and the beauty of his expression ; but to purely spiritual insight tie will ever seem de- fective.\' A call addressed to the people of this state has been uso^d for a meeting in ! Ptica. Febtary 21. to form a state forestry* On motion of Mr. Smith the - report of tbe oomunttee uu piiuting was Uken from the table. To tbe Hon. Board of Supervisors ot tbe County of Essex: Your committee on printing respect- fully report that the following listoontains a correct statement of the claims present- ed to them and that they examined tbe ' same anc recommend tbe amounts as allowed by them be paid lo the seteral claimants. ; Name. A. C. H. Livingston, W. Lansing & Son ] J. E, Milholland I J. E. Millholland Painting, LriioiuiueiY ouitnping done. TP^ i \T \T~I T^V /-\ -r-k Etching Silk and Cotton for sale. K A I WM 1 I YD All orders promptly executed. | J-^^X.XJ±J1J \J XI Christmas Cards, Infants' Dresses, &c, MBS. E. TIPPETTS. George W. Gay. 4 236 75 236 75 197 95 197 95 189 15 189 15 3 00 3 00 189 15 189 15 201 65 201 65 1 allowed $1,020 65 All of which is respectfullj submitted. Dated Dec 11, 1884 O A Smith > F A Rowe )• Coinntittee- E Butler Jr.) [Concluded on last page,] HAVE YOU A IF YOU HAVE VOU WILL NEED GARDEN? 219 to i3i Front Bt., Philatftlphi*. C. H. HOLCOMB, BILL POSTER « DISTRIBUTER . B0WKER, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in j FILLMORC'S I PHOTOGRAPH LOOSEHAY, PARLORS - MEAL and FEED of all kinds. Also j Boots and 8 i L C. DRAKD. | Rubbers, Xewly rai-ni>he<l: Comfortable Sittiny t:i>um«: Large Work lloom: Neat and CJenn. **=-The only j>lace m town where Photos are made with the new INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS. ! Everything in Uw 1»OKTRAIT Urn- HIUHC <r j ami neatly, call aud se« sample* UH<1 get} All sold as LOW AS THE LOWEST. NORTH ORWELL VT. Nov. 24, 1S84. 44 HodHKK's r.Mu-K. South Main street, 1st door north of Firemen's buildimr, 4,5 TICOXDEBOGA, - - - N. V. j and GTfKR SHOES. | that we shall sell as cheap .i s cheapest. Call anc] look over \V.i -- x \\ ^•oTxls and convince your.-t'ive?' you can buv more gooci> ^•' ; same money than ;U nny i'*:•'<: ' ; ^\ ILL lOt SUFFER with Dyspepsia and Liver ! tht- finn.l Complaint? Shiloh's VitalizeV I* guaranteed to I cure vou. | SSSX&l THAYER & WASHBURN. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made terrible cough. Shiloh'g Cure you. iloh's Catarrh Remeav. Pri«e 50 1m4 \^ - ^\ \-'1 by all itr«jr- '% j l^eoderogR. N. \.,

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