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Ticonderoga sentinel and Ticonderogian. (Ticonderoga, N.Y.) 1884-188?, February 27, 1885, Image 5

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NEW SILKS. EBB TlUOJf BKR4KZA, X. T. FSWAT MORNING, FBB.27, 1885. AT — Or. \XT. S. QUACKENBUSH «*3 OO'S Silk and Velvet DEPARTMENT. 1,000 yds. Light and Dark Colored \ » Satins (oo yds. Black Gros-Grain SSilk At 85c. worth $1.25 =;oo yds*. Black Satin Rhsaame* At $1.00, worth $1.37 1-2. V>o yards Cacliemere Black Silk At $ 1.00, worth $1.25. 1.00'yards Black Brocade Satin \At 90c worth $1.35. 1.000 yds. Shot Taffeta Glace Silks At 87 i-2c, worth $2.00. 500 Remnants of Black and Colored Velvets and Plysh, also Brocades, lengths from a quarter to a yard and & half, At 50c on the Dollar. We must clear out tbese Remnants of Velvet to make room for new goods. Buyers of Silka, Look at these BARGAINS ! At the Silk and Velvet Counter of 8, V.S. QUACKENBUSH & CO., Corner Broadway and Thii Tmble. Traia* U»?e AddUoa Jonction ©» th« D A U.C. K. E. at follow*: BOVkD SOUTH. n. T.XxpreM 1.4S r. M. Sleeper 11.00 P.M. AeconaoOateon V.IQA. M. 7.S01MI. BOOKD VOMTB. Untreai ExpreM —Notice Warner and Lee't n«w advert- isement on first page, —There * 111 ba a matk carnival it the Opera House rink in Port Henrj, next Wednesday evening. —Mr. Thomas Cowar, a welt known rem- THE COM IMC SHOW. The Malene*< ST. T.,) tiaaett*. A largn-Kited aud appi*euiativ»t»iu]i»*LC3 ! greeted Wbitraore«% Clark's M!usrr«U nt' Laweranc* Ope»a liou-e.oti Saturday *ve-j ninjjr las . Jud^tug from the roara oft and frequent upplau*«% we *h>uhl j !M 1: i E. FT. SIRLRT, FUOM TIIK New England Cooserratory of Music, place cm Fiiday last of rhumatic,f»ver. j t ^ music and' gpeeint-ty (MCIIVII ioml. -E B, v I)oii(?laHs ofSborenam has r*- j George M. Clark «ang with hie oldtimt ceived the third premium of $26, on but-1 vl «\» imd WIUi . entumimlc.ny rewiyed. ter »eut to ihe exposition at Ntw Orleans. } wn y^ l| t *)i|^*. c \* nW i lt »^' %tttl > . 1 ° \ n \—\\ •--*—*•• '- * 1 - • * ' - >v< * v ioTr 'uupuhV ^^ n —Preprations are being made for the ?toepw!' .\f.^'.V.'.V. .'.'.*. .7.7..7.7... I.S A*. Si J Droduciloo <>f the grand mill ar> drama entitled- The Blno and the Gray*' here, •• 1*401'.M. Ea»t— Leave ' 9.4*1 A . M . Amr« , ;j j f, n, Stage* T» ati u-aS»» from ihe Barleiffh and Hall IIOKMI JAMm MALLINT and B. A. Pi« MIX, Proprietor*. of ati vulgarit;., nn<l b<> ever?*\ Mail* will elo»e at the Tic< Office as follows: I For ike South 12.45 v. u. \ Roath (Sloipiri\\\*!\* \ Ea*t, via Addisois R, R MAILS AK&IVS. can tht 8outh(bj local fte^bt). 1.1ft r. u. Xertk 2.16 \ Sooth 5.45 » first w<ek in April. • .. . , —Joseph Warren of Srbroou Lnk?, has { «~ « 8 A c ,ll* >llel i 1 J. Ta * Cu * o f K< \ 7i * , , . „ . . j htat« h 1 . AHwny N. 1. want Hffi'uifi tu han- reccive<i a ebeck for buck-pay on a pen-,,}}«, * specially. 100 |*v c«<ut. profit and a' sion for $1,650, and he hit *Uo\vy<t $10 a j gold -wateli worth £\\> giv«n fre* WrSie ' month for the future. ! ** «»«* aud secure tu<? ageuev. ; - A. B. Robin»on, of Street K.ad. w ho I l^UinpiAM? 11 * CIIUI J? °, f tl ^* t * j ,..,,, ( meat in NKLUPION to eurv otT theraor- I »• «*»e candidate for poatraaster there, iu , bW ^cretion prodnc.d by the confinement) rost j cajge o f a cnanjfe ) nag j U8t shipped two car ; incidoutal 10 winter. Lat-k of exercise pro ' loads of applets to New York. . t.00 . 9.00 .... . 700 Fronj Hague. Taesdayn, xbnrsdajBand Sat- ardajrs. From Street RoaU, daily. FREDERICK WKCD. P. M. duce^ torpidity of the liver aud a general ••.MI h<*/-v i stagoation of physical funcuont. Nothing back Fr»nk Lambert and FJera Utttfji^ralnTtr!^^ I agaiast any t« m in this state o,ute:Je of ' again «o promptly w NEH; WON. Wbole- Nev York for $1,000. ormore. -We are assurtJ that there will be dramatic troupe here next enuiiner; not j —Fraxier'c Tor parlor an«H>e«1 room snir the Idle Hows, but one haid to be far tu- ! New *tock just received penor. This is iaying a good deal. 1 —The CHICAGO WEEKLY NEWS is 18 tOKMlXU A CLASS IN\ MTTSTO- Thorough Infttructlou given in Piano and Organ, Thorough Base and Harmony. (\w h* won at tbe Hall HOUR*.*, Tirao<ler«^«. Mail Beginners a Specialty. MORTAR Li^OK SA1JC all ttte year armiml, at. T Wll- hJIKPHKRD'h, I Rutk*r Avenue, Tk^mler^fa. Farm for Sale. 13 l-r2 ACEEB and retaii by F Weed. — Go to Frazler's for your furniture, i For «wta. 8ai<! farm U about 1 1-4 miles ncrth of 1 Price* <tif dtwn. ! rte villa«.. JOHN SULLIVAK. ] Tieonderoga, Feb. 4,188ft. 1 A meeting of the Republican electors of the town o t h»»r f Ticonderogaa willl bee heldd att thee Operaa JIous*, ' Ot \ c r Mr. JftuieH Thomtvu of New York who ha- j WEEKLY NEWS ami the SENTINEL entered partneiship with Mttnuinghiun the | both ioT $2.25 a year postage inclii(te<1. popular tailor. See advertisement in Semd y »ii t h i ffi he | t $ yr potage inc n-! Semd your »»»»crii»tiou to thi« office. ROCK f> FORD luM-TralB WATCHES EXACT/** SERVICE meeting of the Republican electors of the town •f Ticonderog wil b hel a th Oper JIous* Tieonderoga, Saturday evening, Feb. 28, to nomi- nate Candida tes to be voted for at the coming town meeting, to be held Tuesday, March 3d, '85. 3D«xao.ocx«ttic Cet-u-OTis. A meeting of the Democratic electors «t tlie town ofTicenderoga will be held at the Court B\H)B, (iilligan & Stevens block, TicoBderoga, Saturday evening, Feb. 28, to nominate canal- daces to be voted for at the coming town mee tinsr to bje held Tuesday. March 3d. '85. — Ihe Sun « Albm,y speetai i:uer Prophet Wiggins has plK>.-»tl ! the nt-xt ^reat sno.v .storm for Maroli 1?< says sic- | to 21; cording to tk« official option of Judge j Men year will be th« centennial of the j '- Tappan of the supreme court, ihe state of j town of Sa]«m, wbicii was organized New York has not at this moment a title ' Mlirch '^ 8 - 1*^ G to a f.»ot of lani iu the Adirondack forests. —The new bank is tlu — In the year of 1861 there resided in A meetiui; of the Prohibition electors of the town of Tieonderoga will be held at the residence of Gusfctve WSckeroii Monday aftcn.oon at S o'elock to cookie <atndidates for town officers for the ensuing year. By order of Committee. PKItSOAAI. A\D <iK\EKAL -Mrs. Fred lv.»« is vkitiog h«r people in Wesfport. —Miss S. A. Arthur U vi«,itiu^ friends in. Gleas Faiijs. —There are 58 licensed »al»on» in PlattBburgh at present. —Mr. Albert Doibeck, of New Hague, started for CoarU&nd yesterday to take a position in a store there. -Read Quaekenbush L d's ue\y ad- rertisemant in auother column. They off r ! rare bargains jus* uow, j —Now is the time to prepare (or • pring trade by jnd'eious advertising, h's the A' FUCE STOCK IX —Let ererybodj bear iu mind the change iu the time of holding election thii year. Next Tuesday, is the day a month earlier than usual. —It is give* out that 8?. Jwhn, tke great prohibiiionUt leader, will hold a temper- axice camp aieetiDg on Lake George d«riug Ihe coining summer. Arrangements are now bciug made for it. —Mr. Brewster, who represents Hr. Gr&gg the jeweler here, has just sustained a painful loss in the death of his daughter Emma after a brief illness. . —Mr. John Mc(3onlev and son, of Cheever, were nearly frozen to death while i favorable comment on the part of its many visitors this week. It is certainly a credU 10 the place. Attorney Dorn- borgh will occupy it* old quarters, iu Drake's block. -Thursday morning last Mrs. Bridget Bradly of Miueville was discovered dead in her bed, aa infant two years of age iu her arms. The cause of her death was pronounced apoplexy. The deceased was about 42 fears of age. Ticonderogu \A reaching out.Mr Ires has just completed his contract of topplyiug the woodwork for Mr. Midbury's new mansion at BalUton, and onr enterprising photographer, Mr. Fillnaore. is is Troy this week whiher i e w u summoned to do work for some rich and fa«tiiieas Tro- jan firm —Miss Mary Fletcher died of •ouge^tion the vicinity or Ticonderoga a family by the ouma of Th<^«on, or Thompson cause of much j During t e rebellion Thomson engaged keystone of Hucnese. as the proverb saith. | of tne lungs at the Mary Fletcher hospit- on their way tiorae faom night of lait week. -Mr . O. W. Adkins Vermont Monday of Street Road placed fifteen different varieties of apples on oar desk the other day.- They are all of his own raising, and are splendid speci- mens of the fruit. - The Lake George Pulp and Paper Co. aow supply with paper the Baltimore Sun, Washington Pout, Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Mew Haven fiegister and New Haven Journal, —A Port Henry ariUt has j.ist com- pleted an oil painting that is said to knock all ihe efforts of the Old Masters into *a cockett hat. so to speak. Anything less than that would not be iu keeping with Port Henry's manner of doing things. —-Mr. P. Sullivan, formerly of Tieonde- roga, has in company with Mr. Madden purchased the Globe hotel of Glen«? Falls from John C. Tillotson for $8,000. They will assume possession May l>t, previous to which time they will give up the Car- penter hotel, Lake George. —Mrs. Alinda Thomson, of Lewis CANNED GOODS, ALL KINDS, AT ; Reduced Prices, AT THATCHER'S, South Main St., - Tieonderoga. McCormick, the Tailor. I have just received from New York a splendid line of new samples of the very best material and latest s tyles. I have also received the last Fashion Plate with quarterly report of Fashions and am now prepared to give my customers the very best sat- isfaction at the lowest possible prices. Thanking you for past pat- ronage, I most respectfully :isk a continuance in the future. It you want any thing in my line immediately,please drop me a postal card and I will either send you sam-1 P ects for this summer are excellent. , —A cruel joke was perpetrated on the pies or come in person to take your crder. A complete assortment of broadcloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins. Meltons, Epglish and Scotch Tweeds. French Tricots. Piques, Worsteds, all kinds of Diagonals, Pilot Cloths, Corduroys, and a full line of Do- mestic goods always on hand. Your Respectfully, ^ JOHN MCCORMICK. al, Burlington, Vt., at 5:30 o'clock p. M. Tuesday. She wa« one of tbe founders of the Fletcher free library at Burlington acd tke fciiDder of the Mary Fletcber hospital, giviug$75,000for the grounds and build- ings and $125,000 for endowraest -of- -the hospital. There arrived in this market Friday for the fir«jt time, a quantity of snielis caught through the ice of Lake Cham plain. The smelts usually on sale here and In the Boston and New York markets come fYoin Nora Scotia and the Penobscot river. Maine. Those from Lake Chanaplain are found to be much superior in flavor and the traffic in them may become important, particularly if they are tasted by raetrop*- litau fish eaters.—Troy Telegram. -The prohibitionists of town intend to run a ticket of their own this year. They will not hold their caucus, however, on til after the Republicans and Democrats have held tbcir's, and will indorse those can- didates of both tickets, regardless of parties, that meet with their approval as far as relate* to temperance. Mr. Silas J, I Moore U understood to be their choice for supervisor and Mr. Gustave Wicker for excise commissioner. —Deacon Woicott aud Lis wife celebrat- ed their golden wedding the other evening with a small party. Mrs. Woicott was Miss Wells of Greenfield. Mass., and the two were of course married in 1835. Five boys have been born to them, the eldest being Rev. Henry Woicott. who lived in Massachusetts for the last \2 veirsandis now about going to California. M. Woi- cott was elected deacon of the Congrega-- in service for Uncle Sam. arid wa* wound- ed and taken to a ho-pitul,hi8 wifd word of his supposed death. After a time *.he married a man named Kred Smith; six yearn ago Smith and his wife w ere the employ of L. C. P.Suyler oi this y>\ and afterward returned to Ticonderosja.* About two year«£ ago we learned of Mrs. Smiths deiith. Duriue their^uy here her daughter (who was only two years old at the time her father's departrc^) bicame acquainted wish and married a young roan living here.Our storyis briefly told;Tweaty j or more year? has intervened, and a father S meets his daughter ; n the person of Mrs, 1 *ery»tory;by Loeomottv* -> EnKlneera.Oo*. duotani a.nd dthw OI Tbey Hulett s Splendid JHear Ye! Hear Yo! Hear Ye! k Grand Oprtiity 1% now offered bv the ! I New York CLOTHING ! H OU8E To all partiei tn want oi Clothing, Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps, etc ., AX:. We most respectfully announce to the people of Tieonderoga and ad- joining towns that we have on hand an immense stock of goods in our line which we now ofXer at Jewelry Store, Umislially Cliarles Elms. -Wcstport Cor. Fort Ann ForSale! Weed S Belil.eU'a Block. riCONDEUOGA. .Jewelry Mm; at popu- Ert-rythinjj in ! lar prices. J. FLANIGAN'S Stock of GROCERIES, .CANDY, i CIGARS, TOBACCO, VARIETY GOODS, SHOW CASES, FIXTURES. &c.i Inventoried over $1,100. A good chance to start in business and get a nice stock cheap. Rent low, and the best location town. Call early. Port Henry, N. Y., Feb. 23, '86. Repairing a Specialty. E. M. JOHNSON'S Crown Point Gallery Will «p«n November 1st and remalu open until Jnue 1st, 1885, Orders from any Negative made , since 1S72 will be promptly filled ; or Tuesday ETeiting, March 3d, 1885. AW3VI A F. TO! R t i matje from the wime, or copied from r kind of picture desired, and finished PLAIN, IN WATER COLORS, INK ji^i Whitmore & Clark's MIJfSTEELS, Brass Band and Classic Orchestra HANK WHITE, the King of Minstrelsy. ARCH WHITE, The Great Coin» - Artist. GG0. M. CLARK, The Old Time Veteran. A FULL COMPANY. I»r, «eo. \V. Iluntlc) , lien. A%ent. h&ndConcert at nwn and from of //all at aigljt. Bcaervcd Nealt at wredN Urn^ Htor*-. Doors open at 7. Fun at * oviurk. Low Prices, and for the NEXT :)0 DAYS will give Special Bargains To all in want of our goods. VV« have made a General Reduction in Prices, and you will find it to your advant- age to trade with us, The Leading AU(h <; 1 < A E. Y M. OX . JOHNSON, Crown Point, N. V Pianos! Pianos! Organs! Organs! ATTHB SHILOH COUGH arui Consumption sold br us on a guarantee, l! i-ure- i- ti jure IN New Music Store, Corner of West Exchange street and -CBO0P, WHOOPING COr<ilI aixl Broi Iditel hJ b ShiihV l of Tl'm Thomson, had the good luck to draw a peasion on\ her departed son who died in the army during tht; late war. tional church in|183a. and held the posr ail d j tion for 41 years when failing eyesight j wile j compelled him to resign.- Shorehtm Cor.f j k t ! I W CBO0P, WHOOPING C Immediately reher<<J by **> Wevl J ' ike * B °y Again,- , , , - . e r, ~ 1 Ttrites a prominont New Jersev ntiysi jiu -At the uunual fair of the Essex Conuty afier»ring A««e/^»Vm. Acconlisn to hia o« agricultural Socioty to be held in West.»testimony be bas been a oonstaut suffer* Her pensioa amouuted to over SL',000. ! ' i ft , the execuUvi after getting the pensieu slie left her hus- band and went West, taking the money committee of th<* Society will offer every j inducement to exhibitors aud horsemen with her. ItisratherhardonMr Thonip.j tobo P resenl ' The Society being nearly son as he is poor both iu health and purse. ; ^t of debt have increased their pre- - The Star Base ball club will reorgan- ize next week aod elect officers for the miums to a figure that make it an object for all that have> stock or article*, to com- coming vear. They will plav about the! P le U for ' The track wH1 be repaired same team as they did iMt season. Right} aii d refi:ted and mado 8econd *• none in after lent the club will hold a fair and bail I northern New York, while the parses wil t in the Opera House, the proceeds of wkich j be «» f » Value t0 » DSUre lhe m ' m S °* *& will go for the purchase of new uniforms, ? races. To visit ors every thing of an hon- iraproYing the ground*, building a grand |rable character, that can aid to th«ir ea - stand, &c. The opening game will be joyraent or the sportVill be effcred while noihing objcctioaaMe will be allowed on the ground. pUjed Decoration Day. The clnbs pros- coasters, Wednesday night, by some of j \*\ -»-«-' the wicked boys of town. These latter; EDITOR SEXTINEI : shoveled a monstrous heap of snow right ! l wish through your paper t< in the path of tbe bis sled whic!» carries from £?.7 yAr* to s an ax- day's tent M to be unable to prefor work; With comfort in that timr«. X<-ln Will &tre >jon if you can he IMPORTANT. Wbtffl you vi^ic or leave New York City, »av fiaxgage Expressage ar<l Carriage Hir« an<t *u>\> At tfiie Srand Uuiou U0U1J, oppo&itc (j ran'I Central Depot Elegant rooms Utto<( up nt a <*o?t of one million \ \ reduced to f !.<«» and upwards per day. plan. Elevator. Restaurant supplied it. florae <\urs sUtfes an*j el«vaU'<l j depots. Families can lire better fiwr I0M money at the Graud Union Hotel than at any rttier first-class hotel in the city. :>.*}• 1 Kurc with i TBTAT HACKING COirGIf t sred by Sbiloh's Cure. VV> gu MA.RRIED. rn Tfconderojra, Ve.\>. s, bv Ilev. II, Ij Dud»«rof Crowu Point ami Minni.' Ticomleroga. rith the| witn steeH»an 1 fo r ] about a do/-en. Down it came yelodity of a locomotive. The $am the impending datger but too late too af oid it. Into the drift they went, which almost smotherefi them all. When the bojs finally managed to extriacate them- f«lYes they looked as .though they had been in Mr. S. J. Moore'« employ for a Month, so white were they. Now thty simply want to know who w«re the authors of their calamity—that's all. correct j an error that exists in the minds of some' P M Bryum, Mr. G> 3/r Henry Miner. to the noti<-e inviting bids a bridge over Long Pond. My object in publishing said notice was simply to ascertain what it would cost to build such a structure anew in com- parison with the expense of repairing the present one. I had no thought of letting the job to anyone. Very Respectfully, ALEX. H. WEEP, Commiwiouer. OF LK1TKKN USING in the I'osionVi' atTin.r Y.» Feb. JG, 1 ieo. r () n</<\u Pereonscaliing for advt- lved&le ol advertising. V. WEED. 1*. M. For Sale! Tbe FARM owned and occupied by John Par, sons, located about bairmHTle west of Ti. .street. If not aold at private sale before March 20. 18ST., j, will be disposed of at auction on that date, at 2 : o'clock p. m, \ Sai4 farm eong^ta of 6O acre*, contaii consists . Or^ard, Meadow, Pasture, Woocl-laod.l- Lake George avenue. All kinds of Musical In struments and Musi- cal Merchandise. A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT. INSTBUCTI0N BOOKS For all kinds of Musical Iustrumeate. Sheet Music, Organ in as. Piano Stools. Aud everything in that line always on harv] OALL ON E.C.D.WILEY Proprietor, riCONDEROCA. N. Y. DOWN! DOWN! with the prices so as to compete with the times. 'VE OFFER Men's Overcoats for $2.50, $3.50, $4.50, $5.00 .mil upwards. Men's Suits for $5.00.$6.00. $7.00 and upward*.. Men's Pants, $I.CXJ». $1.50, $2.00 ;tnd upward^. i Gny. AI.I. worn., $2.00 •• Men's Boots, i Call\ $2.00 and upwards. Heavy. Si.75. $^.C Kcnicmbcr that our own Clothing an object tor \«>u to J and upwards. we manuf*aei*e anil can neikv *t. deal \\itii u^. It' \ui i \sant t>> save mom-). < iiinl H\- u s an d :>c made happy. {%?' Now is th e time to .Ire** for .J III i l.h MONIA • jTini' Dress or j Suits MAI>I. r<i *»i: .S77;V L\j. TV x. FECT FIT PER- >, Barn, and is well watered. For Lame Back, Side or CheM S roas fit Fi N. Y. SLOTHING HOUSE. •J'ICONDEROGA. N. \ . W- G. WILEY. *n\y 15. 1885. W^n.i

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