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2 B m m L » » W M , i m m u , new n n IfMKSMY, Aprt S, It?2 FullS to c k of Jo h n D e e re Rofotillers F r o m 3 & 5 h . p . Riding Lawn Mowers 5 , 6 & 7 h .p . New Model This Year Model 9D A ll E le c t r ic B a t t e r y D r iv e n Also NEW HOLLAND HAS A SMALLER RIDING TRACTOR WITH MOWER L o w v ille L a w n & G a rd e n E q u ip P H O N E 3 7 6 - 3 8 2 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S.S. B e n e fits A n n u a l lfc p o r t Every person who received s o ­ cial security benefits ’or one or more months tn 1371 and earned more than $ 1,680 tn wages and self-employment Income ln 1971 must file an annual report of these earnings with the Social Security Administration b y April 15, Charles E. Reynolds, W a te r­ town district manager of social security said today. The only beneficiaries excluded are those who reached 72 before February 1971, The number of checks that a benefictary gets each year depends prim arily on hts total earntngs from work In the year. If he earns more then £1.630, the months In which heworksalso are Important. The annual report for 1971 also asks lor an estim ate of 1972 earntngs. The Social Security Ad­ ministration uses tills estl mate lo determine the number of monthly checks due tn 1972. Mr. Reynolds pointed out that this annual report ts separate from the beneficiary’s Federal Income tax return. Accepted At College Marion Fleming, daughter o f Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fleming, Copenhagen, has been accepted at SUNY at Potsdam and SUNY at Oswego in the field of Liberal arts. She will graduate from J e f­ ferson Community College in June. { * C a f e t e r i a M e n u s CARTHAGE CENTRAL Monday - Elem entary - tur­ key and gravy, mashed potatoes, Harvard beets, bread and but­ ter, gingerbread wtth whip top­ ping and mtlk; juntor-senlor htgh school - beef noodle soup and sal tines, c a r r o t and celery sticks, ham salad on buns, fruit tarts and mtlk. Tuesday - E lem e n tary-chuck- wagon steaks on buns with cat­ sup, oven fries, buttered peas, chocolate pudding with whip top­ ping and milk; junior-senior high school - cube steaks on buns wtth catsup, oven fries, buttered corn, white cake with butter icing and milk. Wednesday - E lem e n tary-gou­ lash, buttered green beans, p ea­ nut butter sandwiches, applesauce and mtlk; juntor-senlor high school - lasagna, lettuce wtth Italian dressing, buttered green beans, bread and butter, fruited jello with whip cream and milk. Thursday - Elementary - veg- bage salad, homemade cinnamon League M eeting Northern County Baseball L ea­ gue Is holding its first meeting on Sunday, April \ at the Hatf- wav House tn North Western at 2 p.m. All past teams and new temns are invited to attend. This ls a Sunday league and play be- s around May 28. Copenhagen P.T.O. will meet Thursday, April 20, at 8 p.m. The program will consist of the dance band and an elementary music group. - trifis a buns, b u tter, milk and icecream , nnpja u Thursday - Hot pork sand- F T t ' M e e t i n g wiches, French fried potatoes, milk and apple betty. Friday - Vegetable Soup, toas­ ted cheese sandwiches, jellied fruit salad on lettuce, mtlk and chocolate pudding. SOOTH LEWIS CENTRAL Monday - Teacher’s confer­ ence. Tuesday - Vegetablesoup, c r a ­ ck e r s , peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, raw cabbage s ticks, fruit and mtlk. Wednesday - Pizza, tossed s a l­ ad, peaches and milk. Thursday - Barbecue on buns, French f r ies, pickles, fresh fruit and mllkl Friday - Tomato soup and crackers, toasted cheese sand­ wiches and golden pineapple crush. AUGUSTINIAN ACADEMY Monday - Ravioli, mixed veg­ etables, fresh vegetable, fruit F re sh a n d S p rin g in g C o w s a n d H e ife rs Secord Storms C a r t h a g e , M .Y . 4 9 3 - 1 5 6 3 efable beef soup with -saltines, And milk, carro t and celery sticks, bologna Tuesday - Hot dogs wtth rolls, sandwiches wtth m u stard, pine- vegetable, ratsin-carrot platter, apple upside-down cake and milk; fruit and milk, junior-senior high school-pizza, Wednesday - Beefaroni, but- tossed s a lad, buttered vegetables, tered corn, green salad, r a ls ins- Ice c ream and milk, ~ ,,lr f e y o u r a h i b F r n * We ll find out it your oil burner is robbing you of heating efficiency. Our free Heating Efficiency Test provides a solid estimate of fuel savings tnat you can get with a modem Gulf Econojet Oil Burner. Find ouf how much you can save. Cali us today. I'd lik e a fre e H e a tin g E f ficiency T e s t to find o u t if m y p r e s e n t oif b u r n e r Is a h e a t thief. Name ___ Address_ (Please Pnrt) _Phone_ e c o h o je t LO W V IL L E O IL C O ., IN C . led Smith. Proprietor Phone j/6-3533 or 3TP-3416 for Prompt Deliveries And Automatic licket Printing Service Friday - Elementary - fish squares on buns with ta r t a r sauce and catsup, potato chips, but­ tered vegetables, homemade r a i­ sin cookies and milk; Junior- senior high school - heef and gravy, mashed p o tatoes, but­ tered vegetables, bread and but­ te r , fruit and milk. COPENHAGEN CENTRAL Monday - Teacher’s confer­ ence. Tuesday - Hot dogs and rolls, potato chips, stewed tomatoes and fruit. Wednesday - Sweet potatoes, baked ham, buttered peas, prune cake and bread and b u tter. Thursday - Spaghetti, tossed salad, chocolate chip cookies and bread and butter, Friday - Fish and chips, cab­ bage salad, fruit and bread and butter. HARRISVILLE CENTRAL Monday - Teacher's con­ ference. Tuesday - Spanish rtce, green salad , buttered rolls and pears. Wednesday - Hot dogs on buns, pork and beans, sauerkraut and fruit. Thursday - Turkey and gravy on potatoes, peas, rolls, cran­ berry sauce and fruit. f rtda> • Toasted cheese sand­ wiches, stewed tomatoes and fruited tarts. LOWVTLLE ACADEMY Monday - Teachers’ confer­ ence. Tuesday - Ham and noodle casserole, buttered peas and carrots, peahut butter sandwich, citru s cup and milk. Wednesday - Chili coo carne, cabbage salad, bread and b utter pears and milk. ’ Thursday - Hamburgers on buns, macaroni and tomatoes, fruited jello and milk. Friday - Tuna salad on buns, cream of tomato soup, crackers apple betty and mtlk. ’ BEAVER RIVER Monday - Teachers’ confer­ ence. Tuesday - Cold cuts, buttered noodles, spinach, m tlk, bread and blitter and f ruit. Wednesday » Sptnfshrtce.eab- Here’s how we feef about your money: Your Interest... Is Our Only Interest! J e f f Q ) L « i o f s S a v i n g s A M LOAM association Route 12 South of Lowvllle cheese, apple crlSD and milk. Thursday - Shepherd’s pie (m eat, corn and mashed potato­ es), bread and butter, frutt and milk. Friday - Grades 1 - 5 Chick­ en nopdle soup, toasted cheese sandwfehes, carrots-celery - r a t- sfns. fruit and milk; 6 - 12 - toasted cheese sandwiches, baked beans, macaroni salad, green salad, fruit and milk. Extend D e a d line Motor Vehicle Commissioner Vincent L . Tofany has extended until midnight, Friday, April 7, the deadline tor renewing those driver licenses and vehicle re­ gistrations which are scheduled to expire in March. The Com­ m issioner cited the upcoming Christian and Jewish holidays as the reason for the extension. Music Festival BI-County High School Music Festival wtll be held Saturday, April 8, at 8 p.m. at the C a r­ thage Central School. Students participating In the All-County Band are K ristine Kotary, Geof­ frey Lucia, Karen Stoekweil and Julie Sutoon. The following Co­ penhagen students are p articipat­ ing tn the AU-Cnuntv Chorus: Kevin Chapin, Gall Hodge, Mary LaBarge, Patrfck McNamara, John Repak a n d Suzanne Vary. £ The standard deduction is up this year; But, maybe you should itemize. II there’s some way lo save you money on your income tax, H & R Block will know how to do it. Itemized and standard deductions are nothing new. We’ve been preparing re­ turns for years using both. We’ll figure out your situation both ways and then prepare your return using the method best for you. You see, for only a few dollars more than it costs to do it yourself (with advice maybe from some other amateur), you can have your tax return prepared with complete confidentiality by a specially trained member of the H&R Block team. H & R Block’s fees start at f 5 and, the average cost was under f 12.50 for over 7 million families we served last year. D O N 'T LET A N A M A T E U R D O H«>(t B L O C K 'S J O B . H & R B l o c k . T b e in c o m e t a x p e o p le . OPEN TONIGHT Open 9 a.m . to 9 p .m . Weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p .m . Saturdays State Street, Lotceille, Phone 3 7 6 - 7 4 5 / 261 State St., Watertown 301 S tate St., Carthage H M a ln S t., Massena 93 E. Main S t.t Gouverneur 428 S tate SL, Ogdensburg 43 S , Main S t., Adams 421 Riverside, Clayton 81 Main SL, Canton 43 1/2 Market S L , Potsdam NORTH COUNTRY BUSINESS DIRECTORY GUIDE TO LOCAL SERVICES W H E R E T O B O Y JT W H E R E T O H A V E IT D O N E E X P E R T S E R V IC E S O F A U K IN D S SERVICE STATION MULLINS SERVICE STATION YOUR FRIENDLY MOBIL DEALER WE GIVE HAH GREEN STAMPS Tel, 378-7222 LnwvUI* •lIPPbY CpM P A irr, INC. SIR F a c tory S treet Wiiartoum Tel- 8U I-4M 0 China -- DUaa - Kil*»*»«r»- - P*pej And tialntMiance SugptlM Syracuse Chin*. F rigid a r t , .................. WEDDING STATIONERY AT Journal * Republican HEATING t PLUMBING ELECTRIC SERVICE SNOWMOBILES WM. M BURKHARD & SONS Heatliif-PUimbtng-SJieet Metal Contracting Croghan, New York 11*17 Tel-2311 Croghan MCIRATN’I tUBTMB Electrlcgl Heating EoBlpment And Systems f i r m - Commercial - Residential Itowe W fM t, LowviUe F ree E a u m a u e 271-M il Tick's Sato 1 Ssnto SNCLPRJNCE SNOWMOBILES CLOTHING. BOOTS, ACCESSORIES BEACHES b r i d g e , LOWVILLE, N.Y. INSURANCE OARrV' EOUJPMENT P1.UMU1NU& HF ATINU HOWtM w iuur ABENCY ALL LtNEXOF INSURANCE Phone Boonville 84B-46Z4 West Leyden, N.Y. O A R I - K O O L Bou - Mntic Milker,*: an/i Bulk Tanks Herman H. Ortlltb Martinsburg 3 7 6 - 2 7 0 7 stoddanr plumbing A Iteatfnf F r t e Eitlmnten 24-Hour service Phone 376-3210 JEWELRY NURSING HOMES V. P. JEWELERS STATE. S T . , LOWVILLE DIAMONDS, GfFTS GUNB, AND AMMO’ PHONE 3 7 8 - 3 0 2 4 INSURANCE T R A I N II FIN E R A t N I N E CLARENCE W, TRA1NOR WESLEY A, TRAXNOR Boonville. N.Y. Phone M h l l l l WEIER JLBULT HOME Port Leyden, N.Y, * 3 4 8 - 6 0 4 3 Reasonable Rates-State Approved Special Diet* Available WAtON ER-HICXQK ABENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 129 Schuyler S L , Boonville, N.Y. Tel. 942-4421 I LOREltg m m FLOWED SHOP K e n t A Permanent A r r e n g e m f 'n L s 3 1 1 S O U T H JA M E S S T . C A R T H A G E PHONE 493-3790 .Troll F ree From Copenttoftti Area c r a t o m - CIMHI4 3XW3 m LliMIER come, P o r i hryfhm, R,Y, LUMBER -ITTHL CHAIN SAWS

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