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S - K * t o o l * OTHER STORES LOCATED IN BAKNEVELD - CLINTON - UTICA - BOONVILLE - YORKV1LLE J Deputies Nab 3 Burglars Three juveniles were a rrested March 10 by S h e r iffs Deputies Floyd Martin and John K. H arris after three burglaries were re ­ ported in the towns of Greig and Martinsburg. Duputy Martin said two 14- year-olds and a 15-year-old a r ­ rested were referred to family court and their names were not released. Tne Glenfield grade school in the South Lewis Central School D istrict was entered afier 7 p .m ., March 9, and was reported at 9 a.m ., March 10, Entry was made by breaking a window in the basement door. Once inside, the youths ransacked the build­ ing taking a sm all amount of money and entered the school cafeteria where they apparently lunched on milk and potato sticks. In one classroom , lt was re ­ ported they w rote obscene lang­ uage on the blackboard and but­ ted a clgaret on the top of a desk. The exact cost of the d a­ mage and amount of money taken was not determined. The youths also allegedly en­ tered the Glen Tucker traile r , Glenfield Road, Town of Greig, by breaking the front. Mr. and Mrs. Tueker are tn Florida and a caretaker reported the burg­ lary at 11:30 a.m ., March 10. The vandals did some damage to the Ulterior of the trailer home, taking some articles. The loss will not be known until the owner arrives home. The home of Rev. John Joslin, Glenfleld, R.D., Town of Greig, was also- reported by a care­ taker as broken into. Entry was gained by forcing a r e a r window. Once Inside, the youths ransacked the home, taking money andother item s tncludlngcolns from a valu­ able collection. Some were r e ­ covered and the exact loss was not determined as Rev. J o s ltn Is away. Deputies said the arrested youths were local residents. The case is stil! under Investigation. !i Le w is C o u n ty T r u s t dishes it up! V) k i \ Deposits Made By The 10th Earn Interest From The 1st Interest Paid Quarteiiy Why be satisfied with less interest? LEWIS COUNTY TRUST CO. MiW V IM.E - 1*0ItT IJEYBEN - CARTHAGE Glimpses (Continued from Page 2) York City reportedly balked at the idea. Prim ary battles give shivers of horror to incumbent legisla­ tors. The picking uf candidates for coi.vcntton delegate is going to be a confusing u ess. But there seem s way out. To do other­ wise, noted Crangle, is to invite the national convention ..fflcials to refuse to seat the New York delegation. China Expert Speaker Here D r. Yu-kuang Chum, pi jfessor emeritus of Asian studies ji y education, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, will be Ihe guest speaker on China on T h u rs­ day, April 13, ai 8 p.m., ir, Ihe auditorium of Lowville Acadeim and Central School, under ihe sponsorship of the Lowville Ci­ vic Club. Tickets are available al the Com er Pharm acy, Lowville, or by calling any of the following: Mrs. Hazel P o n e r , 378-7148; Miss Do-o-l.v Allen, 376-6676; Mtss Charlotte / e h r , 376-316I>[' or Mrs. William kili.urn, 376- 6774. Tickets will also be available at the door. Copenhagen Class Leaders Salutatorian and valedictorian at Copenhagen Central School ~ have been announced by Richard Rawlings, principal. Julie Jean Sutton, daughter of Mr. and M rs. Kenneth Sutton, Watertown R.D. 2, has been named valedictorian with a tbree-and- a-half year average of 97.63%. Her majors are math, science and French. She is planning to attend SUN V a t Albany and m ajor tn m athematics. Miss Sutton s u r ­ passed M rs. Janet (Fenlon)Dip- pold. Class of 1960, who had a 96.3-c average. The salutatorian Is Miss Su- zanna K. Vary, daughter of Mr. and M rs. Mason Vary, J r . , Me­ chanic Street, Copenhagen, wtth a three-and-a-half average of 94.06%. Her m ajors are math, science, and French. She plans to attend SONY at Oswego and m ajor ln liberal arts. 4-H B a n q u e t To Be Held On Wednesday, April 12. 4-H Leaders and friends of 4-H, will again be giiests o f the Commer­ cial Banks of Lewis County at the 8th Annual 4-H Leaders Re­ cognition Banquet at St. Peter’s Church, Lowville. The ladles o f St. Peters Church tn Lowville will serve braised beef, family style with all the trim m ings, a t 7:30 p.m. For the program this year, Robert Bolce, Jefferson County Extension Agent in Charge of 4-H camp, will give an illus­ trated talk about 4-H Camp. There will be a short report from M rs. Geneva V lrkler and Mrs. Mary Mathys on their re­ cent trip to the National 4-H Cenfer Leadership Course, The banquet ls in recognition, of the many years of 4-H lea­ dership and every leader will b e recognized. Moody Back In Norfolk EN/3 John M. Moody, son of M r, and Mrs. Edward Moody, Rural Avenue, has returned to Norfolk, Va,, after spending a 15-day leave with his parents. Moody was home on leave after a six-month deployment in the M editerranean, While there, he visited many ports of interest, including Athens,Greece, Naples, Italy, Genoa, Italy, Barcelona, Spain, Roia, Spain, and many other\. Prior to reporting to his pre­ sent command, he was in Viet­ nam tor a year, operating In the Mekong Delta. Moody is expected io be re­ leased from active service in August, after lour years in the Navy. Firem en To Elect New Bremen Volunteer F ire Department will hold Its annual election of officers Thursday, April 6, at 7:30 p.m*, in the Community Center. Refresh­ ments wtll be served after the meeting* Recent G nests Mr. and M rs. Kirk Middle­ ton and daughter, Kristina, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, were*re­ cent guests of Mr. and M rs. Mi­ chael McHale and son, G a rrett, Old Glendale, JSif^AL All REPRUCM, LOWVtlE, HEW TIM 1 WEDNESDAY, April 5. 1S72 Met*t tin* H' work buot that's most popular in itscla-ss. 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