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L i b r a r y '•0 | a * V -i- n a- *- 2 o 3 C M 2 21972 f- j w - k e e allB a m eamngfs vtomatic Badger Free Stall Bam ler eliminates the un- sant chore of manually ping manure out of free I dairy bams. One pad- in each alley pushes nure into a pit at the j of the building, and irerses direction auto- aticaily. It travels at slow 6 feet per min- te, and doesn't dis urb the cows or re- itrict their movements. \ new Badger Free Stall Barn Cleaner can be installed in new or existing barns. C K S LOWVILLE >70 S 'hat Work! w a y s n f o r t a m e l !P i t 169.95 yo u r c h o i c e 276-2012 T h r e e C o u n t y S c h o o l D i s t r i f O h i d g e t s A d o p t e d Three Lewis County schools - Academy and Central Beaver ««ver Central f CJ “ ° 1' e*1,er fslls. and South Lewis Central School, Turin - AH h .t™ ? nnwt,n8s June 13. , m „ et were approved and »U Incumbent directors were re- elected. LOWVILLE ACADEMY Lowville Academy and Central School’s record-breaking budget <rf $3,004,500 was approved by a vote of 284 to 37, wtth one blank vote. Three other propositions on the school district baUot were also handily passed. A proposi­ tion to contract with BOCES for the transportation of students to the Area OccupatlonalCenterwas passed 306 to 8, with 7 blanks. Tbe rental o f a classroom to BOCES at $2,200 for one year was approved 309 to 8, with 5 blanks. The purchase of three new school buses at a cost not to exceed $38,OUO was approved 302 to 16, with 2 votd ballots and 2 blanks. In the only school board trus­ tee race, Aaron Wldrtck, Incum­ bent, easUy defeated Mrs. Donna Bunke, 212 to 99. Joseph Bolssy, running to fill the vacancy created by Lyndsay Fowler, who chose not to succeed himself, received 303 votes unopposed ex­ cept for a couple of wrtte-ln votes. Also unopposed were Douglas Robbins, who received 309, and D r. William E. Carroll, who received 320. John Szijarto questioned the board's decision lo drop the sum­ mer band program, which will save the district $1,600. A mo­ tion was made to return the $1,- 600 for the program to the budget, but lt failed to pass. Likewise, a motion to delete from the bud­ get $5,000 given ln support of the Lowville Free Library was de­ feated. Sam Vlllantl presided as Chairman of the meeting, assisted by Carl M iller, M rs. Betty Hoch, Robert R. Boshart, Ralph Bush, M rs. Beverly Bush, Lev! Schrag, M r s . Anna Schaab and Byrne O’ ­ Connor. SOUTH LEWIS CENTRAL For the first time voting ma­ chines used for balloting at South Lewis Central School's annual meeting, with (he result of con­ siderable confusion due fo a b risk write-in campaign for two can­ didates, a difficult process on a voting machine. The result was considerable blank ballots. Incumbent Kenneth E. Sliter defeated Theresa Rocker, both of whom w e re on the ballot, 217 to 155, with three write-ins for others and 27 blanks. David M ar­ mon easily defeated write-in challenger Marlene Vtnneau(263 to 106. There was one write-in for Edward Teal and 32 blanks. Miles Benedict also easily over­ come write-in challenger Henry Teal, 242-106. There were 54 blank ballots. Incumbent Erwin Wendt re­ ceived 339 votes, unopposed ex­ cept for four voles for Robert Markham and one for Howard Gingerlch. There were 58 blanks. The school’s $2,902,680 budget was approved 238 to 83, with 81 blank ballots. A proposition for the rental to BOCES of three classroom s at $2,800 each was approved 300 to 28 with 74 blank ballots. A second proposition contracting with BOCES for the transportation of students to the Occupational Center was passed 307 to 24, with 71 blank ballots. Lyman P. W illiam s, Turin, served as chairman of the meet­ ing. BEAVER RIVER CENTRAL Beaver River Central S chool's $2,381,000 budget was approved 172 to 99 at the annual meeting of district voters. In adddltlon, a proposition to inter Into a contract with BOCES for the transportation of students to the Area Occupational Center was approved 235 to 33, with 3 voids. The rental of two c la s s ­ rooms to BOCES was approved 241 to 28 with 2 voids. In the only board seat up for election, Duane Streeter was r e ­ elected with 229 votes. Th « Fntte Of Grouting Weekly Netttpaper Northern New York A W iE K k V MAJOR MARKET NEWARAPER j o u r n a l a n d ^ p u b l i c a n Loral l.etulership . Ownership ft 1 > arn.-» C.m .-ru * He.,, h’« Hndg. * iw .v r r 1.-11. * B e llo r * Fi mtmgham a Castorland * Constahlevllle * Copenhagen a Croghan * Dadvtlle * Deer River * Denmark * Olandal# * GlenfleM * Crelf « Harrisville $ Indian Liver * K.rs. h n .m il-' * 1 .mvii:. * I lonsrt .ta * H o n s Falls * Martlnshurg * Naumburg » New Bremen « Osceola • p in e C r m . * Port Leyden • Talcottvtlle * Turin * Weal Leyden # W ait Lowvtile W Weil Martinsburg L O W V I L L E , N .Y . 13367, W E D N E S D A Y , J U N E 2 1 ,1 9 7 2 40 P A G E S — 15 CENTS I U n t l u : \ l l — w 44 5 S c h o o l s R e a d y F o r G r a d u a t i o n J 4 R TOURNAMENT - Jour­ nal and Republican Men's Golf Championship Tournament was held Saturday and Sunday at Turin Highlands Association country club. In Ul* low gross category, Sam Vlllantl, Lowville, placed first with 185; John Swierczek, Boon­ vUle, second, 167; Ed Johnson, Lyons Falls, and Ron Bourgeois, Boonvllle, tied for third with 169. In the low net competition, John Hathaway, Lyons F a ils, was first with 144; Paul Sohovlc, Lyons FaUs, second, ISO; John Par­ ker, LowvUle, third, 151; Tony Snyder, Boonville, fourth, 155. Winner of the hole-ln-one con­ test on Saturday was Ed John­ son, 9\ 4’* on No. 9 hole, and Ted Snyder, Lowville, won on Sunday with 9’3*’ on No. 9 hole. Shown, left to right, In the photo are; Andre LaMarche, Highlands golf pro, Villanti, Soho- * lc, Bourgeois and SwiercZek. P r a tt- N o r th a m S c h o la r G r a n ts S w i m The awarding of college scholarship assistance tr nine June high school graduated in northern New York has been an­ nounced by the directors o f The Pratt-Northam Foundation in Lowville. The Foundation was e s­ tablished by the late Hazel Nor- than, o f Brooklyn and Boonville, G r e y s t o n e R e s o l u t i o n P a s s e d Because of the critical short­ age of nursing home beds that continues to exist in Lewis Coun­ ty, pending completion of the new 120-bed addlUon to the Lewis County General Hospital, thedoc- tors o f the County passed resol- uatlons tt their meeting Monday night, June 12, requesting local officials to lend all aid at thetr disposal to assist Greystone Ma­ nor, Martinsburg, to continue operating a s t nursing home until the hospital addition is ready for occupancy, which is scheduled for Spring 1973, and to d efer conver- slon o f Greystone Manor Into an adult home with a smaller census until that time. Under other business, the hos­ pital staff elected the following officers: Dr. P. T. Ocampo, president; Dr. J. C . Herrman, vice-president, and Dr. Elbert Dalton, seeretary-treasurer. The three officers comprise the doctor membership on the Jolnt-Conference Committee, which meets monthly with an equal number from the Hospi­ tal Board of Managers to Insure good regular liaison between the two hospital groups. Following the hospital staff session, the Lewis County Med­ ical Society met and elected of­ ficers, They are; Dr. William Reed, president; D r. Harvey Ra- phan, vice-president, and Dr. John H. Brooks, secretary-trea- surer. In memory of her late cousin, Va!'«r Pratt o f Boonvllle, who died in 1961. A total of $10,500 has been awarded for use by the winners In their freshman year at col­ lege. The scholarship award win­ ners and their high schools are; Dale Edward Austin, Glenfleld, South Lewis Central; Kevin B . Chapin, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Central; M ary Frances Evans, ConstablevlUe, South Lewis Cen­ tral; Sharon M arie Lyng, LowviUe, Lowville Academy and Ceatrai School; Deborah Ann MacNelll, Port Leyden, South Lewts Central; Norman Moshier, Lowville, LowvUle Academy and CentraJ School; Mary Margaret Scee, Carthage, Augustlnian Aca­ demy, Carthage; Norman Victor Stanulevlch, Taberg, Adirondack Central; Sandy Kay Waugh, Co­ penhagen, Copenhagen Central. The awards are in addition to the awards made In each o l the la s t eight years to entering c o l­ lege freshm en In those years. The scholarship awards a re made each spring to deserving North Country high school seniors and are continued over the students’ full four.year college program. Last year’s award winners were: John Burdick, Natural Bridge, Carthage Central; Doro­ thy E. Durham, Watertown, Co­ penhagen Central; Deborahs. La­ cey, Lowvtile, Lowville Academy and Central School; Anne M. Mc­ Grath, Lowville, Lowville Aca­ demy and Central School; Cyn­ thia L . Oddl, Watertown R.D., Copenuagen Central; Michael J. Peluso, Carthage, Carthage Cen­ tral; Eleanor E. Pupko, Boon­ vUle, Adirondack Central; Roger K, R ice, Boonvllle, Adirondack Central; Guy J . Sessions, Boon­ vUle, Adirondack Central; Anne C . Stoffel, LowvUle, LowviUe Academy and Central School;Ca- rol L. Ward, Port Leyden, South Lewis Central; Kermit R. W il. Hams, Carthage, Carthage Cen­ tral. The Foundation D irectors ex­ pect this long-range program to continue providing opportunities for higher education for deserv­ ing students In the North Cnuu- (Contlnued on Page 7) Registration for the Vil­ lage of Lowville’s summer recreation program at C r y ­ stal Lake will be held Mon­ day, June 26, from 9 a.m. to noon at Lowville Academy and Central School. Red Cross groups Include beginner, advanced beginner, Intermediate, swimmer, junior llfesavlng and advan­ ced swim mer. Anyone who Is either over seven years of age or has completed first grade In school Is eligible to partici­ pate. Instructors are Ned M er- reU, Lucinda M iller, Steve Vance, Chris Hearn, Mar­ garet Phillips, S h irley M ar- tng and Linda Watldns. Tho­ mas J . Yousey, H, is the di­ rector of the program. O l d H o m e D a y s A t G l e n f i e i d Glenfieid Old HomeDays, spon­ sored by the 3-G Volunteer Fire Department of Glenfleld, will be held on Saturday, June 24, and Sunday, June 25. One of the highlights of the annual event will be the fire­ men’s parade starting at 7 p.m., on Saturday, June 24. A l the present time, there are ten de*. partments participating for prizes. Included In the parade will be the dairy princess and one or more of her maids, the Prince and Princess o f the Glenfieid fire district, the Prince and Prin­ cess of the Lewis County Grange and many more floats and mar­ chers. Anyone desiring to enter the parade may do so by contacting Maynard Capron or BUI Greene at Glenfieid on or before June 22. Sunday, starting at 12:30, there will he a smorgasbord bv the (Continued on Page 71 A total of 457 Lewis County high school seniors will be gradu­ ated at commencement exercises next week. The total shows a marked drop ln the number of graduates. Last June there were 498, 41 more than this year. A breakdown of the number of graduates by schools shows BeaverR lverC e n - tral School with 105, South Lewis Central School with 105, Harris - vtUe Central School with 34, Low­ vUle Academy and CentralSchool with 166 and Copenhagen Central School wtth 47. A complete breakdown of the various commencement e x e rcis­ es of the schools and a listing of the seniors slated to be gradu­ ated ts as follows: B E A V E R RIV E R CENTRAL The annual commencement e x ­ ercises at Beaver River Central School wtt! be held In the school auditorium on June 23 at 8 p.m. Music will be furnished by the Senior Band. Diplomas w ill be presented by Lawrence Marolf, president of the Board of Edu­ cation, and prizes w ill be award­ ed by Clifford Chamberlain, su­ pervising principal. The Invo­ cation and benediction wiu be gi­ ven by Rev. BruceChapman,pas­ tor of the United Methodist Church. The Commencement speaker wUl be Pierre W allack, Mr. Wal- lack has been a high school so­ cial studies teacher at Beaver Rtver for nine years. He Is coach of Uie track and cross country teams. He came to Beaver Falls from New Jersey, where his pa­ rents still reside and where he attended local schools In M orris­ town. He holds a B.A. degree from Providence College and an M.A. degree In American His­ tory from Colgate University, He served three years as a United States Army Linguist (Chinese, Mandarin), ,,wl,n spe** on the topic. The Value of Being From Some- where.” M iss Jdan B e lier, member of the Class of 1972* w ill speak for ^ clfess. She Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beller Carthage RJ). Tickets will be held until 7:50 p.m. After that time, people without tickets may be seated. The public is invited to a short recepUon for the Seniors to be held in the old gymnasium after the commencement exercises. The baccalaureate services will be held In the school audit­ orium on June 18 at 2:30 p.m. Vocal music will be furnished by the Freshmen Vocal Ensemble, Sophomore Vocal Ensemble and non-senior Chorallers. Douglas Martin w ill be the organist. Fa­ ther Anthony Moore, O.F.M ., pastor of SL Stephen’s Church, Croghan, will deliver the m es­ sage. The graduates are: John E. Adams, Linda L . Barker,Gwenda L. Bates, Brenda J. Becker,Joan M arie Beller, Stephen P. Berg­ mann, Bernard D. Bezlo, Cynthia Anne B rlot, Patrick D . Brouty, Mark Thomas Buckingham, Ro­ ger L. B u rrtss, LeRoy John Bush, J r ., Jack M. Bushey,CynthlaEll- zabelh Campany, Clare Ruth Chartrand, Paul Cherblnl, Don E. Clemens, Janet F.Clem o n s, L a r ­ ry A. Delies, Robert K. D e lles, Harold Uevelnes, Donald H. De­ wey, Jr., Gary M. Donaldson, Patricia E . Edwards, Thierry K. Enslow, David Fel Evans, James N. Farney, Michael Allan F arney, Andy Ray Grau, Ellon Marte Gru­ nert, Diane M. Gjrunert, Linda Ann Grunert, E rik Hansen, E- latae A. Hirscby, Doris M arie Hoch, Kenton L , Hoppel, Mary Jane Hoppel, Sandra May Jack­ son, Sandra Lee Kalam as, T e ­ rence M. Kelley, Robert M. Ki­ rch, Jr., Timothy K. K ioster, Amy L. Kohler, Donald J. Koh­ ler, Allen W. LaChausse, Ronald A. Lee, Kathleen Susan Lehman, Donna M. Lyndaker, Patrice Ann Lyndaker, Veryle N. Lyndaker, Suzanne M arie M arllley, Calvin D. Marolf, Sharon Kay Marolf, Earl R. Martin, James A. Mar­ tin, JU1 A. Martin, Mary E liza­ beth McCabe, Philip John M erry, Thomas Michael Meyer, Horten- cla Salas Miranda, Michael E r ­ nest Monnat, Wayne Thomas Mo­ ore, Mary Jane Morrow, Wayne E. Moser, Carol S. Moshier Pamela Jean Murphy, Paula Anne Murphy, Barbara Jean Nortz, T e - TALENT SHOW - Tammy Leh­ man, first prize winner of the 1971 Lewis County Fair Talent Show will be back again this year performing with her two batons. This year’s talent show under the direction of M rs. Francis S. Lee, will be held on Thursday evening, July 20, In front of the grandstand at the fairgrounds. The show this year holds pro­ mise of being better than ever. There is no age lim its and applications may be obtained from Mrs. Lee. Contestants will be judged on showmanship, poise, presen­ tation, attlrement and audience appeal. Cash awards and ribbons will be given. resa J. Nortz, Allan F„ Pate, William P. Plantz, Carl Ritz. J r ., Reginald J. Roch, Roger Karl Roch, Calvin G. Roggle, Galen J. Roggle, Donald Alan Sauer, Shelley MarleSchneeberger, Paul F . Scott, Randy Lewts Schweit­ zer, Linda Simmons, Kevin Har- oif Simpson, Frank Joseph Slay- ko, IB, Michael J. Steiner, Joan M, Turck, Stephen Joseph Turck, Amy Rose V lrkler, Linda May V lrkler, LuAnn Sarah V lrkler, Hehry Jay Wakefield, Joseph Lynn Walseman, Brenda Joy Widrick, Bruce F. Widrick, Charlene A. widrick, Edward D. Widrick, J a ­ mes R. w idrick, Marcia J, Wid­ rick, Thomas E. Williams, Al­ len Wood, Jeffrey A. Woolsch- iager, James A. Zehr,Karen Mae Zehr, Kim William Zehr, Lynn Robert 7.ehr, MarySuzanneZehr. SOUTH LEWIS CENTRAL Commencement activities will begin at the South Lewis Junior- Senior High School with the bac­ calaureate Sunday, June 25, at 2 p.m. tn the high school audi­ torium. Rev. Lawrence E ley, pastor of the Congregational Church, Port Leyden will deliver the ad­ d r e s s . Invocation and benediction will be given hy the Rev. Frank O’Hara, pastor of F o rest Presby­ terian Church, Lyons F a lls. A chorus, conducted by Mervtn Murdock, will provide musical selections. Graduation exercises will be held June 24 al 10:30 a,m. on the lawn at the junior-senior high school, when diplomas will be received by 105 seniors. The senior band, under the d i­ rection of Joseph Skowyra, wUl play for the processional and the recessional. Rev. Daniel F. Lyd - dy, pastor o f S l Martin's and SL John's Churches, will give invo­ cation. Miss Valerie Ackerman, dau­ ghter of Mr. and M rs. Fay A c ­ kerman, J r ., Constablevtlle, hav­ ing earned the highest average ln academic course, will deliver the honors address. The honor address for the ge­ nera] course will be given by Mtss Christine Pratt, daughter (Continued on Page 7) S p e c i a l M e e t i n g Carl H. Klelmann, presi­ dent, announced that the Board of D irectors of the Lewis County Trust Com­ pany has called a special meeting of the sharehold­ ers for Thursday, June 29, In order to give considera­ tion to a three-for-one split ln their stock and to consi­ der the issuance of 12,500 new shares of capital stock. The meeting ts to be at 10 a.m. and will be held ln the Community Room on State Street. In addition, it was an­ nounced that the Board of Directors has approved a d l- vdend of $.60 per share to be paid on June 30 to share­ holders of record as of June 12, 1972. PLANTING PARTY - Port L e y ­ den kindergarten children found It fun to plant petunias In the V il­ lage’s UtUe park a l toe intersec­ tion o f Lincoln and NorthStreets, Tbe children have studied their community this year and wanted to plant flowers to msute the vil­ lage more attractive. Donald Crofoot, village m ayor, cooperated to planning the plant­ ing project, and the village had the ground prepared for planting, Monday Club provided the money to purchase the flowers. Sylves­ ter Burkhart loaned his equip­ ment for the planting. M rs. Raymond McDougaU a s ­ sisted M rs. Stephen Williams, teacher, and the 2$ children In the planting. Rain delayed the planting until Monday, June 12. The children raked the gTound. Then they took the petunias Iram the flats and dug a hole to set them in. After dirt was pressed around the plants, the ground was watered. The children were proud to be able to do something for Port Leyden, A c a d e m y S u m m e r Session T o O p e n Lowville Academy and Central School’s twelfth annual summer session will be held July 5 to August 15, lt was announced to­ day by Robert H. McNeilly, d is­ trict principal. Edward R. Watkins, coordina­ tor, said the curriculum will in­ clude s ix repeat courses for stu­ dents who have failed subjects during the regular year, o r wish to obtain higher grades or m arks, plus three advanced courses which are offered without creulL Tbe repeat courses a re biology, chemistry, math 9, 10 and 11, world history. American studie: and English 9, 10, U ana 12, Advanced courses are typing, driver education aad health. Classes are subject to can­ cellation If there Is an Insuf­ ficient number of applicants. There must be at least ten Low­ vUle Academy students to each class ln order for it to be o f ­ fered. Students who ride on buses a r e required to take a minimum of two courses. Class periods will he from 8:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m .; 9:45 a.m . to 11:15 a.m .; and 11:15 a.m . (Continued on Page 7) C a p a c i t y C r o w d H o n o r s R e v . C o t t e r a capacity crowd attended the ceremonies held In SL M ary’s Church and Church Hall, Cou- stablevllle, ln tribute to Rev. Robert L . C o tter's 25th Anniver­ sary o f his Ordination to the Priesthood. Concelehratlng with Fr. Cotter In his Silver Jubilee M ass of Thanksgiving on Monday, June 12, were his twin brother, Rev. Lawrence E . C o tter, Wadhams Hall, Ogdensburg; M s brother, Rev, C h a rles B. Cotter of Holy Angel’s Church, Altona; M sgr. Robert J . McCarthy, Gouverneur; Rev. Daniel Lyddy, Port Leyden; Rev. Anthony Moore, Croghan; Rev. Francis Plkor, Housevllle; Rev, Donald H. Karlen, Rome; Rev. Thomas D r iscoll, w e s t Ley­ den, and Rev. Em ile LaLonde, H arrisvUle. Other clergy attend­ ing the M ass and Reception were: Rev. Michael Jarecki. Wltherbee, a former pastor of St. M a ry’ s Church; Rev. Alfred Nortz, Boon- •tile; Rev. C h a rles Austin, p a s ­ tor of Methodist Church, Turin; Rev. Roy Som m ers, rector of SL Paul's Episcopal C h u rch, C o n - stableviUe, and Rev. Bruce V . Schraeder, Pastor of Lutheran Church, Redwood. SL Mary’s church choir sang appropriate selections during the Mass. F r . Cotter was presented with a bouquet of 25 red roses to honor o f the occasion. Arrangments were to charge of the A ltar-R o sarySociety, t r u s ­ tees of the church and members o f the Parish Council, who s e r ­ ved refreshm ents throushout the reception, including an an­ niversary cake. Following the M ass, Ft, Cotter was serenaded by the Constable- ville Band with s e v e r a l selections (Continued on Page 5) S p e c i a l J u n e D a i r y M o n t h , E d i t i o n t

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