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ED ITO R IA L S O u r postmen at w o rk . . . We have recently been extremely critical tn our editorials of the United States Postal Service, but we have, however, endeavored to praise our local postal officials In Lewis County for the fine Jobs they are doing under some very trying circumstances. A case In point of their dedication and hard work on behalf of the public that they serve occurred last week. Our readers will readily recall that last week the Journal and Republican published the largest edition In Its 143-year history - a 50-page special progress edition which made up a total of some two tons of news­ papers! By a human error, above and beyond the control of the news­ paper, the edition arrived from the printer at 7:45 a.m. last Wednesday morning, instead of before 6 a.m , as is usually the case. Consequently, the Journal’s special edition, which took much longer to process for mailing and distribution due to its s u e , was tn trouble. However, fully realising the newspaper's plight and the fact that thousands of Lewis Countlans look forward to receiving thetr Journal in the mall - on Ume- Lowvtlle postal officials came to Hie rescue of all and rearranged, al the very last minute, their schedule to fit the need of ihe moment. And we must not fall to mention the wonderful cooperation of local postal officials In helping to solve the problems, which would have resulted from the new Area Mall Processing plan that will go into effect next month. The Journal, through the efforts of local postal officials, coupled with the efforts of three of our federal legislators - Congressmen Robert C. McEwen, R., Ogdensburg, and Samuel S. Stratton, D., Amsterdam, and Senator James L, Buckley, the postal problems which would have resulted from the new set-up were forced to tbe attention of U.S. Postal officials at a higher level and little Lewts County and Its people were prevented from suffering a lot of problems, which would have otherwise been the case. So, this week, tbe Journal extends its heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the people of Lewis County, to the county’s dedicated postal officials and employes. Thanks, George . . . And before we pass from the subject of our postal officials, we cannot fail this week to pay our special vote of appreciation to a man who for years had done so much for this area that it would take pages and pages Inadequately cover what he has accomplished. We are speaking of LowvUle Postmaster George Foley, New Bremen. In extending a salute to ’’George,” we do so not only because of bis efforts as LowvUle postmaster, but because of his seemingly endless generosity as a good and kind man. We have never heard of an Instance (and we have known \George” for years) where he has tailed to extend a helping hand where he found It needed ’’George” holds a special place in the hearts of many people of this area; the number of people he has helped in one way or another through the years Is monumental, to say the least. There are many men who al one time or other found themselves down and out and thetr families suffering who were gtven the necessary boost to get them back on their feet by \George.” So, this week, we pay our respects toGeorge Foley and add him to our list of people who do so much but over the years some- how never seem to receive the gratitude they have earned, which Is no doubt as they prefer tt, for if they did It for the gratitude they might receive they would not have the big hearts that make \ them extra special. - Michael J. Blair M cGovern on A s ia . . , Four weeks ago. Sen. George McGovern (D.-S.D.), the Demo­ cratic standard bearer tn this election year, told a group ot reporters in Milwaukee just what effect he though his policies would have on South Viet Nam. After he became President, McGovern envisioned, theThieu re­ gime In Saigon would disappear, Uie Viet Cong would form a new coalition government tn the South and, eventually, the South would be absorbed by a Communist Hanoi. \I would expect General Tbleu and hia cohorts to leave very <P*lckly,” McGovern said. \M y guess is they would probably leave tf I won Hie election and there would be an exodus of the top generals and political figures of the country,” U all UjS. military support is removed trom Saigon, McGovern predicted, \1 think this Provisional Revolutionary Group (the Viet Cong political arm) probably wtll move tn during or imme­ diately after that period - but wtth an effort to broaden that coalition.*’ Hanoi, he averred, would be willing to live with a \friendly regime” ln Saigon run by the Viet Cong for awhile bot unification will come \tn time.’’ McGovern, of course, has never made any bones about bis desire to turn South Viet Nam and its 17 million people over to the Communists, despite the documented stories ot the systematic the VC have used to conquer that nation, fo a Playboy” Interview printed to August, 1971, tor instance. **• «»adf \Do you sympathise with the aspirations of the Viet Cong and their North Vietnamese alllea?” The South Dakotan replied: \tn that they’re striving for to- dspsod**t, yea. Tbetr posture fs more legitimate than that of Gaasral Tbleu, who is really a creature of French and American power., •. While virtually every politically aware person knows that Mc­ Govern intends to ditch South Vie! Nam, what ts not so well known is that he la apparently willing to turn over all of Southeast Asia - tome 70 million people or so - to the delights of Com­ munist rule. This startling piece of Information - which has escaped Uie attention of much of the major media so for - has been revealed by no less a person than Abram Chayes, who has been named chairman of a foreign affairs advisory panel to McGovern. Chayes, who also served as legal counsel for the State De­ partment under John F. Kennedy, Is expected to emerge as Mc­ Govern’s Henry Kissinger, should the South Dakotan win In No­ vember, In his first assignment on his new Job, Chayes recently travel­ ed to Peris, Jerusalem, Bonn and London to\clartfy** McGovern's views on foreign policy to U.S. allies. “ The notion that Sen. Mc­ Govern stands for some Isolationist, turning inward, Fortress America policy ts e false one,\ Chayes claimed. Yet Chayes acknowledged that McGovern was w illing to abandon our allies In Southeast Asia entirely, cut them off without a bullet o r a morsel of food, even In the face of o vert Communist aggres­ sion. Indeed, Chayes stressed, McGovern was not only willing to abandon our allies ln Southern Asia, but he was w illing to deliberately sandbag all the anticom m unist leaders tn the area to the same style he Intends to jettison Thfeu; that is , of course, if Hanoi requests It. Chayes made these remarkable statements last week to news­ men ln Paris, \Newsweek whose reporter was there at the time, printed the following excerpts from Chayes’ remarks: Q. You say you would cut off all m ilitary aid to Saigon as soon as the McGovern Administration lakes over. But what If the North Vietnamese also insist that the United States cease a ll economic aid to South Viet Nam before the prisoners are returned? A. Well, we’ll cut that, too, then. We’re not Interested tn keeping any presence there at atL Q. What if Hanoi then insists that we must dump Lon Nol to Cambodia and Souvanna Phouma to Laos - releasing, say, ICO American prisoners to sugarcoat the pill? A. I don’t think Hanoi will want Communist regimes In Cam­ bodia and Laos, at least not rtght away. But If K does, then we’U bave to dump Lon Nol and Souvanna Phouma,too. Q. And what happens if Hanoi says we must dismantle aU bases In Thailand before they will release the rest of the pri­ soners ot war? A . W e can live wtth that, loo. After aU, Thailand Is already making deals with Peking. Q . A re you saying that If he ts elected, McGovern would be prepared to abandon not only aU of Indochina but the other nations of Southeast Asia as well? A . We don’t belong there. McGovern’s apparent decision to betray a ll of our Southeast Aslan a llie s on the say-so of Hanoi ts astonishing, to say the least. What ts even more surprising ts that Chayes has re­ vealed McGovern’s ultimate intentions to reporters. It should only be a matter of time before the Republicans pick up C hayes' remarks aad stove them right back at the Dem ocratic candidate. — Human Events Q u o t a b le Q u o t e s “ A government ts free to proportion to the rights it guarantees to the m inority.” - Alfred M . Landon « I am not a bit afraid of anything I have said in a long political life .\ - Winston Churchill \W ith the monstrous weapons man already has, humanity Is to danger o f being trapped lit this world by its moral adolescents.\ -Omar N. Bradley Like Now by T e r r y Oakes ' TL — fjjf K a r e n ’s K o r n e r One thousand dollars to evpry man, woman and child living to the United States. Thts Is what Senator George McGovern once promised to hand out to Amer­ icans every year In an effort to end the present welfare system. Although it ts generally accepted that welfare programs in this country are ln a mess, this ex­ travagant proposal would do no­ thing to diminish the problem. Even Mr. McGovern’s new welfare plan would be Inadequate to solve U»e welfare question. But one thing Is made clear by studying this year’s various welfare proposals - It Is quite evident that both Senator Mc­ Govern and a substantial number of bis followers have accepted the idea that wben a job has to be done to meet the needs of the people, and no one else does it, then tt Is the proper function of the federal government to See that the task Is performed. This line of thinking Is a direct re­ pudiation of the American Con­ stitution which was Intended to limit the powers of the central government. U McGovern’s wel­ fare proposals were to be put Into effect, they would do more to destroy personal freedom than any other single act in American history. To explain this statement, let us take a look at what Is wrong wtth government sponsored social welfare. We need only to lake a glance at present welfare records to see thatthe federal government has tailed tn its attempt to end poverty to this country. We will also see that instead of providing jobs for the poor, the govern­ ment ts expanding welfare rolls by the millions every year. And who foots the bill for al] this? Every working man ln the coun­ try must pay for this social wel­ fare that grows larger and larger with no end In sight to the trend. Government sponsored welfare 1s wrong and should be ended Immediately. What right does toe federal government have to take from one man the money that he has work­ ed for and therefore ts his legal property, and turn around and hand this man’s money over to someone who did not earn tt? There are hundreds of thousands of able-bodied men and women on the welfare rolls who couldbeout working for a living, but instead they are permitted to sit back and sponge off a ll of the honest, hardworking people, many of whom are barely able to make ends meet themselves. This is wrong and It must be stopped. No government has the right to tell a man that he inusl give up a certain percentage of his weekly wages to support someone else. But what of the people who really can’t work for various leg­ itimate reasons? Are they to be left out in the cold to die of star­ vation or disease? Certainly not. In this land of plenty, there is no justification for poverty. But if welfare Is ended, what Is to be done to aid the poor and disabled? The answer to this lies tn the hearts of all tore Americans and true Christians. Long before the government Intervened, the church provided for the needy, it the money that Is being col­ lected by the state and federal government tosupport public wel­ fare were to be returned to the taxpayers, they would then be able to make voluntary contributions to organizations which are designed to bring relief to the poor. This would not mean the end to welfare as such, but It wouldsig- nal the end of government- oriented welfare. The working man would no longer be forced to forfeit bis wages to support the laziness of certain Individuals. At the same time, he would be able to contribute to the poor who actually do need help, hut only if he wishes to do so. This sort of welfare program would also put to an end the bitterness that has arisen as a result of our present welfare system. Perhaps toe best argument ag­ ainst public welfare Is toe most overlooked one. If our welfare rolls continue to grow at the pre­ sent rate, it will not be long be­ fore the federal government win be toe sole means of support for a sizable number of Americans. When the government becomes the supplier of food, clothing, and shelter, and Indeed supplies people with, the things needed for their very existence, it then has unlimited power over these people and tte big brother state suddenly becomes the dictator state. It is hard to believe that this could happen to toe United States ot America, but how can we be sure that a man who controls the lives of millions of people will not use tots power to serve his own selfish desires? As Lord Acton once said, “ Power corrupts men; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We must never let this happen In our country. And lt won’t happen tf we see to it that no man Is ever placed to such a position of ab­ solute power. Let us demonstrate that we have learned the lessons- of toe ahosolute power that destroyed the freedom of ancient Greece and Romebyendtagpublic welfare and substituting to its place a more desirable private system of voluntarycootributtons to help the nation's poor. Dear Uncle Elm e r; What do you think about Karl M arx?Davey Dear Davey: He makes good electric trains fo r the kiddles. Uncle Elm er Dear Uncle Elm er: 1 took two p ills to be doubly sure but ended up with twins! Eleanor Dear Eleanor: You shouldn't fool wtth Mother Nature. Uncle ElrneT Dear Uncle Etmer: If I vote for Nixon can you promise me he won’t raise my, taxes? Jasper Dear Jasper: No, but tf you vote for that other fellow and he wins, I can assure you that HE wtll have to. Uncle Elm er 3|uuntal mb JHt'publtCcm Dear Uncle Elm e r: Is there anyone around here who reminds you of the Godfather-somcone you can go to see to get things fixed? Al Dear AU Yes. Uncle Elm e r Dear Uncle Elm e r: What Is a three-time loser? Jodi Dear Jud I: The topple who m is­ takenly burned his welfare Iden­ tification card Instead ofhfsdrait card and drives an Edsel with a McGovern sticker on the bumper. Uncle Elm e r Dear Uncle Elm e r: My name is Autumn Reather. I’m blonde and 44-24-36. I think you’re cute. Anxious Dear Anxious: Have we got a fall for youl Uncle Elm er t t y K a r e n Y o u n g In thts day ajnd age, people take' many things tor granted. Yet, there Is one thing people should not take for er anted, simple as tt may be_ That is the ability to read. Even though tt is taught ln every school across the natton, • there are those who cannot read above the fifth grade level, yet 1 they have hlglx school diplomas. This happens everywhere, sim­ ply because tlie student may be slower, yet he cannot be put in a special class. So, he Is passed on by the teacher into a class of brighter students. Some are Just passed on because toe tea­ cher doesn't care. A group was created in New York State which teaches illiter­ ates. This group. Literacy Vol­ unteers, Inc., has spread throughout the state, and now has spread to several other states. ITUs group, over tte past two years, has been granted $220,- 000 by K.E.W. it ts a growing organization and now Lewis \ County has begun one and has been granted S4O0 by H.E.W. Literacy Volunteers was start­ ed to 1968 ln Lewis County. Lee Tyner and! the late Joan Davis were co-directors, Church Wo­ men United and United Fund help­ ed support the group. Da October, 1971, two women, Donna Bunke and Anne Eckelman, were train­ ed to serve as co-directors at the Syracuse leader’s workshop, In November, 1971, four Lowville Literacy Volunteers were train­ ed as teacher-s at a Watertown workshop, tn February of 1972, Lowville held Its own workshop and five more teachers were attained. In Lowville, the group’s grow­ ing. Yet, they lack toe one need­ ed Ingredient to make a go of tt: Students, To date. Literacy Vol­ unteers have five students. Low- ville’s group las presently on pro­ visional status .They can become affiliate group of Syracuse Lit­ eracy Volunteers, Inc., when they have ten students. Students shouldn’t be hard to come by any­ where, last they never seem to appear. In the U.S. there are 8 million functional illiterates, of which Lewis County has STS; Students 'aren't .scaxiaa, they, just seem to foe hard to interest. A functional illiterate, one who ts 25 years of age wtth less than 5 years o t schooling, covers up his problem, ELls embarrassment prevents him from seeking help, as does the Illiterates, one who cannot read above toe 5to grade level. Techniques vary, as does the student, but Literacy Volun­ teers is vwlUIng to help anyone who wants to learn. Publicity is another problem this group must tackle. They hope to recruit students through tbe Employment Office, Social Sendees Department and Low­ vUle Academy, If one can’t read, he is mis­ sing something big. Literacy Vol­ unteers to wlLJlng to help any­ one, and they give up their time to do so. Such advantages to life should not be ignored. M E M B E R NNA e p L p e r Association.- Founded 1105 7556 STATE STREET, I.OWVII.IE, N Y . 13 K.7 Journal Established 1838 Republican Established 1830 Merged 1860 Published weekly by toe owners and publishers Lowville Printing and Publishing Co. Inc. Richard E. Smith, President - Publisher Michael J. Blair, Editor Carol Smith, Advertising Manager Carol Dykeman, Offtce Manager Nnitonal Advertising Representative INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER MARKETS. INC. New York - Chicago - Detroit - Dallas - San Eranctsco - Atlanta Entered at Post Office, Lowvi!le,N.Y.,ai second-class mail matter SUBSCRIPTION - PAYMENT IN ADVANCE $0.00 Year New York State - $7.00 Year Elsewhere Continental United Slates - $9.00 Year Alaska, Hawait, Foreign Countries W e d n e s d a y , S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 1 9 7 2 Pm g e 2 Times ain’t what they used to be. I been lookin through the cat- elogs lately, lookin fer some Ideas lpr presents. A heap of birthdays, anniversary's, another things Is a «imm duo purdy soon in our fam ily. W alls, 1 was purdy inhaneed by all the really nice things to chuz from. ! particul­ arly like the colored clothes. Ya knows when theysays“ You’ve come a long way baby, . . .” It’s right true. Us females has come a long way. W a lls, I can remember when sve weren’t sup­ posed ter let our ankles show fer anybody. W e ll, I'll be daeged If ol Sarah Lee (that’s her maiden name, tt ain’t the same anymore) didn't up an get rambunctious. She done wanted ta get the atten­ tion of ol Freddy an so’s she’s didn't te ll none of us gals Jest what plot she was a halchln In \What's the us.> of laving rtnv . . .. when we can sprightly walk. . . tor in a larger sense we know . . . when someone savs what's true.. .the Master of a ll mankind. . , smiles frnm out the Wue . . . God knows that truth to everything., . ln this borrowed life . . . and In the end tt will prevail . .. though interims may mean strife . . . so many folk* Ignore the truth . . . unless it fits their way .. . God knows this and In the end. . . they wtll have to pay . . . so we’ll use the freedom . .. God meant for US a ll. . , we’ll write and say what's in our hen vis . , . though tt will not please a ll.\ M i c h a e l 4 . B l a i r . . « A C LO S E R LOOK Being tne editor of a newspaper is often a lonely job and depress­ ing, at times. No newspaper editor on this earth can please everyone and If one goes about fads work at­ tempting to do this, then he can be little more than a dismal fail­ ure. But sometimes something happens to make lt all worthwhile. Sometimes you receive a letter of gratitude, and when 11 comes from a man, like the one published on Page 1 of today’s issue of tte Journal and Republican, a man who has to be the most lonely man oo this earth, then It becomes extra special. -0- This week seems an ap­ propriate Ume - or perhaps as good a ttme as any — fo say a few words about our representa­ tion in the New York Slate Le­ gislature. Uvris «amty U . represented -In aw Mww-workuftato r —ato by Senator -fames H_- Donovan, R., Chadwicks, and to the New York State Assembly by Assemblyman Donald fo. Taylor, R., Water­ town. Lewis County to sand­ wiched In between Mr. Taylor's Assembly district — between Jef­ ferson County, where he lives, and a few towns ln Oneida County. It Is on the tail-end of Senator Donovan's Senate district. As might be expected, during most of the time toe county finds itself squashed somewhere ta the sand­ wich and lost out of sight on tte tail-end. This year, of course, to an election year, and Mr. Taylor and Mr, Donovan are up for re- election. It is not, therefore, so big a surprise to find them ln the headlines from ttme to time. Let’s take Mr, Donovan, as an FROM OUR READERS . . . her head. W a ll, I ’ve been danged Ifio she didn’t hack off Jest about three hold Inches from her Sun- day dress. Nobody done new a- hout 11 til that next Sunday a gotn ter church. She slipped out of th*r house aforehernrothercould see her an got halfway terchurch before any of us gals got to see her. We was shocked ap pea green with envy, tool Why In the blazes hadn't we thought of that? Of course, as soon as her ma an pa got ter church an saw the commotun an who was In the mlddfe of It. a few things changed fast. OI Sarah went home fast with us gate a perteclln her all in a circle so’s no one could see. 1 Imagine she’s really got the ol what-for when she got homrlNrm'- a-days the shorter toe dress the better an no one done gets sent home ter change. But then.. Editor, Journai and Republican: After reading your editorial, \Fa c ts on McGovern,” I decided tt was tim e th* people of Lewis county knew toe facte about Mr. Nixon. Fact: since the raining of har­ bors in North Vietnam in May, Defense Secretary- Laird esti­ mated an increased spending of 5 to 8 billion dollars In the war effort. One way io stop Infla­ tion, rig h t\ Fact: the? heaviest bombing in the history of the world to taking place over* North A South Viet­ nam, ordered b y M r . Nixon. Fact: 400 s fortes were flown by B-52’j over Vietnam, the week ot August 14. T he heaviestbomb- ing in one day ln ihe history of the world. Fact: toe United States has lost ISO planes, 38 known new prisoners a t w ar and 105 service men m lsslnf In action, M r. Ni­ xon better worry about POW’s, he’s doing his finest to Increase their numtoets. This is a man who 4 years ago had a \se-crpi; way” to end the war. Nome spcret, White you bave your names tor M r. Mc­ Govern, I hasre mine tor M t. Nixon. M r. Nixon vetoed 3 m ajor ed­ ucation bills lit the last 3 years, calling- them Inflationary. Es­ calation of the war tn Indochina by 0 b lillort dollars must be nec­ essary for his peace effort, and certainly nol Inflationary, right'’ To a ll this r must add one of M r, Nlxonr s la mmjs statements, \The war w ill not be an Issue thts year.” Las I , I atm very glad that you constantly refer to your editor­ ials as personal. I must com­ pliment you. .Mr. Nixon has the best smoke screen he could ever ask for to Lewis County. (Please print this Ui it’s com­ plete form .) — Sincerely, David Mthalyl. , Editor, Journal and Republican: We would Uke to fake this weans of letting; the School Board, townspeople, and all Involved from the friendly little town of Beaver Falls know that we deep­ ly appreciated toeir kind hos­ pitality to us while we attend­ ed the sessions o f the Conser­ vative Mennonite Conference, We especially appreciated the p r iv i­ lege of using the School facu­ lties - how wonderful ft was of you to have usf We owe a special thanks to the police department, who eves stood to the rain at times to keep the extra traffic flow going smoothly and safely, as well as assuring safe crossing for those of us who- were camping across the street- Wo found your townquiefoclcan and beautiful, and we assure you we came away with happy mem­ ories of Beaver F a lls. May God bless all who mad# ttts Confer­ ence such a pleasant one - we don’t rem ember ever having a t­ tended one o f our conferences where the- seats were as com­ fortable as there. Thank you again from 3 of the 960-pius who at­ tended. - M r. and M rs. LeRoy Yoder and Faith , Blaekduck, Minn. 56630. Editor, Journal and Republican: Through this paper t wish to coitgratuate the Lowvtlle Boo­ sters for their very successful (Continued on Page 5-8) example, a candidate who appears to he hitting Uw headlines a great deal lately. First of aU, due to various cutbacks in state highway construction foods and programs, many Lewis Countlans are concerned. So, ta recent weeks, Mr. Donovan has made the headlines twice on the subject of road construction. The first time, we were notif ied by telephone that tte New York State Department of Transportation has decided to build us a new High Bridge tn Lowvtlle, apparently upon Mr. Donovan’s urging. He makes the announcement that the project is to be undertaken. A few days later, the State Department of Trans­ portation comes out with a re­ lease. The timing is perfect But yours truly knew about the project several months ago and a detailed story concerning tt appeared on the front page of this newspaper. Next, Senator Dooo- vaa announces that the state plans to \repave and rehabilitate*1 Route 1* between Lowvtlle and Copenhagen. And a few days la­ ter the New York State Depart­ ment of Transportation sends out a story about tte project. Now, we don’t know haw good Mr. Donovan’s xspport Is with the people of Lewis County, al­ though we might be tempted to venture tte guess that most don’t even know him by sight, but hts rapport with the New York State Department of Transportation can never be questioned, Ob­ viously. Now, Mr. Taylor, cm the otter band, does not have auch a \close\ contact with the people of Lewis County, in fact, since I have been editor of the Journal (more than one year now), Mr. Taylor has breezed one news release across tny desk. It con- ceraed hts announcement of some road project that was going to be built by the state around Wa- intdysis and | Comment | Congressman Samuel S, Strat­ ton, D., Amsterdam, expressed his support of the decision by the International Olympic Com­ mittee to complete the Olympic games scheduled In Munich, fol­ lowing the death of I I members of tte Israeli team as tte result of tte Arab terrorist raid. At the same ttme the New York leg­ islator called for tte posthumous award of special gold medals to all II victims of the attack. \I believe tte Olympic Com­ mittee did the righttting,” Strat- ion said in a statement. “ Itwould have been far more damaging to allow a wild band of terrorists to bring this complex and care­ fully-planned International un­ dertaking iq a haltbytheirsense­ less actions. We don't allow hi­ jackers and terrorists to halt International air flights. And the terrorist attacks that once were directed against Israeli villages from tte Golan Heights never forced those brave people to m- bandon their settlements, “World peace and understand­ ing wiU always be difficult lo achieve. But tf any fanatic with a hand grenade can put an end to every effort we make the future will be bleak indeed. \Let the competition proceed. No one who ha* ever tried to qualify for anOlympIc berth would never refer to this program a* ‘fun and game#.’ The effort that goes Info training for the Olympics is more like monastic tertovn. Details, st this point, are a little vague because tt was never published ta the Jour­ nal, primarily because con­ cerning; Watertown tt did not con­ cern Lewis County, tn any case, it ts hardly fair to the people of Lewis County to be forgotten most of tte time by their state representatives and remembered only around vote- counting ttme. And even then they are not remembered that much, because it is always taken pretty much for granted where the votes wtll go. However, where was Mr. Taylor and where was Mr. Don­ ovan when the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation decided to close the forget tree nursery at DadvUle, an Installation which provided jobs for many, many area resi­ dents? I do not now recall a word from either at the gentle­ men. I will no doubt now be told that their efforts were done \qutetty They must have been. Where were Mr. Taylor and Mr. Donovan wben the Black R i­ ver flats were Inundated this sum­ mer? Ws didn’t hear from them then either. Where were Mr, Taylor and Mr. Donovan when we recently faced a crisis with the VJS. Pos­ tal Service over Area Mall Pro­ cessing? A few words from them might have been helpful, although the needed results were accom­ plished without them. We could go on and on, as the reader knows. it should be pointed out that every time Mr. Tsylor and Mr. Donovan have stood for election to the Slate Legislature, the people of Lewis County have treated them very well at tte polls, tt would be nice Indeed If they would try to return tte favor a little more often - and not Just every other year when they are up for election. dedication. This is a qualify we need more of today, not less. \ I do believe, though, that we ought to honor ihe Israeli dead with more than Just one memorial service. Every one of tte It victims deserves a special post­ humous Olympic gold medal fo commemorate hts serviceandhis sacrifice.” “ American must work fo compllsh tte necessary; tt who work must he compensa justly, and ihe eligible work who elect to do nothing, sho not expect support from th who labor,” stated a leader tte world's leading grade \ milk bargaining cooperative. John C . York, general mana, of Eastern Milk Producers ( operative gave Ws views on current American dllemna the Aasoclattona’ headquarter: Syracuse, N.Y. recently, ta a prepared statement, I York said, \Lib o r groups, tf I been reported, are being blan for lowering the production j man hoar of this country's 111 force. Once heralded as saviors of the sweatshopwork man, these unions are becom the recipients of tte wrath American voters. One of th# reasons for t change ot feeling, I am told, due to tte wage increases t cenUfy negotiated by certain un officials without any consldt atlon of the effect these sett ments would have on the econo of the nation. Another is tte mt ner ts which certain leaders ht apparently placed ttemselt ahead of country during the w*j price treexe. tt should also be noted tl management, in its race I excess profits, cannotbestamj as lily-white. However,both U l and management havetMsmnal to hold down prices, causing tl country’s Inability to cSmpete (Continued on Pag# ?-R) I

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