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N*Y* S ta te L ib ra ry A lb a n y , N ,I» 12203' Lmmie Cemety'e No. I Mmrkmt Flee* ALBANY The Faiteit Growing Weekly Neutpaper In Northern New York r t r a l a n d ^R e p u b lican Foet’detlom. Clmmifiede 376-SSSS Serving lie sremler Lewie Comely area einee l830 143RD YEAR NO. 15 LOWVILLE, N. ¥ . 13367 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 9 , 1972 THIS WEEK 44 PAGES - 15 CENTS YOUTH PROGRAM -TbeCMtor- land Baptist Church la extending an Invitation to the people ot the area to share tn a music- packed weekend, December 2 and 3 it the church, with the \Youth In One Accord**. The special programs will begin at 7:30 p.m. on December 2 and 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, December 3. The \Youth In One Accord,\ from Houghton Collage, have traveled across the country and to several foreign countries range ot community and youth re­ semble, The ensemble features a ladles trio , presenting Jesu s C h rist through m u sic, testim ony, ’ and a m essage by D r . George W e lls. T h is w ill be the group's firs t appearance in this area and provides a unique opportunity to share tn thetr m inistry. L A C S A d o p t s R u le s O n O r d e r D O T S c h e d u l e s C o u n t y H e a r i n g A t a meeting on Monday, Nov­ em ber 27, the Board of Education o f L o w vU Ie Academ y and Central School adopted a new set o f rules and regulations to r the mainte­ nance o fo rd e r on schoolproperty. Adopted as a re s u lt ot legtsla. tion passed In Albany lasiSp rlng , the ru les Include prohibitions a- gainst drinking and gambling on school p rem ises, against the use o f snowm obiles on the school grounds, and against disorderly conduct at school activitie s . The Board m em bers discussed recom m endations o f tbe State’s Flelaehm tnn Com m ission re ­ garding school finance and o r ­ ganisation. Several-o f them w ill attend a public meeting a t Gou­ verneur on Novem ber 30 at 7:30 p.m ., at which Um e State Edu­ cation D epartm ent o fficials w ill fu rther explain theCom m lssion’a findings. The Board m embers continued thetr discussion on how to add InstrucUon In agriculture to the cu rriculum . Approval was granted fo r spon­ soring the sk i program at Snow Ridge on S aturdays. C h ildren tn the elem entary and secondary schools and at S t , P e ­ te r s ' w ill have an opportunity to register fo r a series o f five Ies- sons on successive Saturday m ornings. Leaves of absence without pay were approved fo r M r, D aniel Doane, an English teacher, and M rs. R ita Burrow s, a m onitor, M rs, Kenneth Gordon was ap­ proved fo r appointment as a sub­ stitute m o nitor. High School Prtn c lp s lC . Jam e s Shapiand subm itted a report on the new p h y sical education pro­ gram tor Juniors and seniors. H o l i d a y F e v e r T a k i n g F i r m G r i p I n C o u n t y New York State Departm ent of Transportation w ill hold a public hearing on Jan u a ry 17 on the pro­ posed construction of a new bridge to c a rry Route 12 acro ss M ill C reek Just west of the Village of Low vU Ie, Le w is County. \R e p lacin g the 1911 brtdgewlth a w ider bridge w ill greatly in­ crease the safety and convenience of t r a v e lle r s ,\ State Transporta­ tion Com m issioner Raymond T. Schuler said . “ T h is Is a highly desirable p roject, and the De­ partm ent Is anxfous to accom ­ plish It . \ The combined corridor-destgn public hearing w lU be held at 7:30 p.m . in theCom m unityRoom of the Lew ts County T ru s t Com­ pany ln Low vU Ie. It w ill deal w ith both the location o l the pro­ posed project and details of its design. It ts planned to replace the con­ crete arch stru c tu re, buUt ln 1911 and having a 19-foot-wtde roadway, with a new bridge with a 40-foot-wide roadway, located about 50 feet to the south. The highway ts to be rebuUt from a point 425 feet east of the western villag e lin e w e s terly 0.6 m U e, The bridge approaches w ill have a 24-foot-wide roadway flanked by elght-foot-wtde shoul­ d e rs. The road Is planned to be Santa Land has returned to Lo w v U Ie fo r the 1972 C h ristm a s season. Tbe C h ristm a s rush Is getting off to a fast pace and to cope w ith the situation stores In the downtown shopping center area w ill sta rt opening un til 9 p.m. the night of Monday, Decem ber 4, for the convenience of shoppers. W ith the addition to the Low ­ vU Ie business d istric t of the new Lo w v llle Plaza at the \ Y \ It ts expected that shopping In Low ­ vU Ie w ill break all-tim e records this Yule season, as shoppers w lU be spending m o re locally instead of traveling to the su r­ rounding citie s fo r their gift H o n o r S t u d e n t s A t S t P e t e r ’ s Toy Donations M rs. Brenda B . Reynolds, chairm an of the Women's Com m ittee of the New York Stxte Bankers* Association, has announced that the Lewts County T ru s t Company and the N ational Bank of Northern New Y o rk w ill be having a collection box fo r toys for (fa* needy children tn Lew is County. The d rive Is being Sponsored by the Low vllle Am erican Legion and both banks a re \happy to cooper­ ate ln this effort to see that aU children have a m erry C h ristm a s .” Each Y e a r, the Am erican Legion has a d rive to ac­ quire discarded toys thal m ay be In need of som e minor* rep a ir or toys that people no longer have any use fo r. These toys are then rep a ir­ ed, If n e c e s s a ry, and g iven to the needy ch ild ren In Lew is County. \W e hope that each and everyone of you w ill find lt in your heart to come Into your local bank and leave a toy for some deserving ch ild ,” M rs. Reynolds said . PO S T E R W IN N E R S . Austin J . M a rtin , d irecto r o l the Lew is County Veterans’ S e rvice Agency has congratulated the w inners o l the Am erican Legion poster Con­ test, \H ire a V e te ran \ held tn October. W inners w e re: F irs t , Sh e ri Aubtn, Copenhagen C e n tral School, a $75 defense bond, and second, Ken Kogut, South Lew is C e n tral School, a $50 defense bond, both shown in Ihe top photo and th ird , David Thom a, Copen­ hagen Central School, a $25 de­ fense bond, shown In the low er photo. Judges fo r the contest w ere M rs, Sara W alesm an, M rs, ftea G raveley and H a rry Stahl. /‘.ppreclatlnn was extended In the National Bank of Northern New York, Lewis County Trust, (Continued on Page l-B) Report card s w ere distributed la s t week af Parent-Teacher C o n ferences at S t • Peter’s Sch o o l. S is te r Rosem a rie has announced the following students* nam es fo r firs t and second BR Board Pays Bilk T h e reg u lar meeting of the B e a v e r R iv e r C e n tral School Bo a rd o f Education was held Mon­ d a y , Novem b er 13, with Law rence M a ro lf presid ing . M rs. Jam e s M a rllle y w as welcom ed to the b o a rd, having been appointed to replace Lawrence C, Byrnes, who resigned la s t month. R e p o rts of the cle rk , tre a ­ s u r e r , a c tiv ity treasu rer, school lunch and federal aid w ere ac­ cepted a s presented. B ills In tbe general fund; tn the amount of $78,380.66, school lunch b ills tn ■the amount o f $8,401.60, V E A Fund b ills In the amount o f $10.97 and T itle n b ills In the amount o f $309.18 w ereapproved fo r pay­ m ent, G e rald N o rero s s , chairm an of the Ph y s ical Education D epart­ m e n t, discussed physical educa­ tion p o licie s . Reports w e re given b y those m em bers that attended the New Y o rk StateSchoolBoards A ssociation m eeting at S yracu se. Perm issio n w ss granted fo r the v a r s ity w restlin g team to enter the W h itesboro C h ristm a s Tour­ nam ent on D ecem b er 16. The School Rules and Regula­ tion P o lic y w ss presented and ac­ cepted. T h is policy Is mandated b y the State of New Y o rk and m u st be Im plem ented by Novem­ ber 30, The return tax resolu­ tion was approved. honors: Grade Tw o -M iss Joanne Bush - F irs t honors - P h ilip Szalack and T e resa A lle n ; second honors - John W e s t, Ronnie W a lte rs, Hank Kogut, Ja m es H a r ris , Kenneth Bu rt, K a trin a Sto ffel, D enise M c­ Lan e , L o r i K e lle y , L u c y Jo Hitch­ cock, Dlann D arm o d y, Ju lie Ba­ ker and Thom as H a ll. G rade T h ree - M tss Sandra Doty - F irs t honors - M ichael N o rtz, Rebecca Hanno, M a rla R l- an i, Beth H a ll, J i l l Albertson, Richard C a s trln a , Andrew Heape, Brenda B o lllv e r and Pa trick Pound; second honors - Kathy B a k e r, Suzy Bo s h a rt, Wanda Bush, S a ra AUen, G e rald W a l­ te rs, M ike Stoffel and Ph ilip Brow n , Grade Fo u r - S is te r C alas an­ ti n - F irs t boners - L e ft M u llln Catherine Altmfcre, John Lynch) Andrew M a tulew lc*, B e r t Bu rn ­ ham , Sharon Pe lo and D aniel M e . G rath; second honors - Sharon W a llg o ry, K e lly Daytdson, B e t­ hany M e lss, Jo a n Percoskl.D a v ld Kovach, M ichael Schneeberger, P a tric ia Cataldo, Deborah G ra- cey, M a rie Sw artzm an and Ed ­ ward Sam sa, Grade F iv e - S is te r Loretta- F trs t honors - M a rlann H itch­ cock, T im Young, D avid Dean, Je n n ife r C a s trln a , G e rald N o rtz, Richard Rozanski, BethHanno and Ju d y Houppert; second honors. John Cataldo, Elizab e th Lanzet- t» , M ary Ann Judd, Josep h B tr- chenougb, D enise M cG rath and M a ry Zubrzycki. Grade S ix - S iste r Rosem arie- F irs t honors - Eva K ill, Jana Rhubart, Robert Hanno and Tho. m as Lynch; second honors - R ich , ard R ian l, W illia m G o rczyca, M ichael Perco s k l, D a rlene M c ­ G rath, L a u rie P o rre c a , Lau rie Schneeberger, Theresa Stoffel, M a rgaret C a strln a and Shelia Kampney. Merry Journal A gift subscription to the .Jo u r n a l and Republican w in be appreciated again and a- gain during the coming months. You can send it without fuss o r bother. Ja s t enclose a check, money o r­ d e r, o r cash ( W e ll take the ris k ) fo r $6 in New York , S la te , $7 in fhe Continental United State s , o r $9 outside j the country. M a ll to the I Jo u rn a l and Republican, L o w v llle , N .Y . 13367, An ap­ propriate card In your name, w ill be sent a t C h ristm a s io : the new su b scrib e r. W e w ill start the subscription now or at C h ristm a s , w h ichever you please. selections. W ith the added bonus of Lew ts County shopping being le s s expensive since the county sales tax has only the four per cent sales Instead of seven cents charged tn W atertown and J e f ­ ferson County, Low vU Ie pro­ m ises to be a very busy com ­ munity during this C h ristm a s season. Tbe com bination of the new shopping plaza and the im ­ proved downtown shopping center area, plus the sales tax bonus, w ill attract shoppers from a wide area, including Jefferson and Oneida counties. Under the auspices of the L o w ­ v llle Businessm en’s A ssociation, Santa C laus w ill a rriv e in Low ­ viU e on M onday, Decem b er 4, at 7 p ,m ., and be the featured attraction In a parade through the downtown section, scheduled at 7. The association is sponsoring a residence and m erchant C h rist­ mas D ecoration Contest. Sign-up cards w ill be availab le fo r r e s i­ dents to the sto res. Judging w ill be on D ecem b er 17 and a ll par­ ticipants m ust leave th e ir decor­ ations up un til the New Year*. Priz e s w tll be awarded as fo l­ lows: F irs t , $25, second, $15, and third , $10. T h e re w ill be free m ovies fo r the children on Saturday, D e c­ em ber 9, andSaturday,D ecem b er 16, at the Town H a ll T h e a tre. A fter the m o vies, Santa w ill greet the youngsters beneath tbe o v e r­ hang a t the Batem an H o tel. A Santa C lau s mailbox w in be erected at the Four C o rners, whprp cfBM rpn insy <J<*postt thetr le tte rs fo r the jo lly gentleman. Special p rizes w ill be awarded and the winning letters w ill be published In the Jo u rn a l and R e ­ publican. Business and c iv ic organiza­ tions a re making aa all-out e « o rt this year to give Lo w v tlle the best C h ristm a s ever and are planning various bazaars and oth­ e r a c tivitie s . Mail Rush In Offing Faced with the prospect that tbe 1972 C h ristm a s season could set an all-tim e holiday m ailing record, Postm aster George D. Foley said the annual ‘ 'M a llE a r ­ ly F o r C h ristm a s \ campaign is underway. H e re are Foley’ s tips on Christm as m ailing: A irm ail cards and p a rcels should be m ailed now to se rvice ­ men overseas to assure before Christm as d e live ry. Don’t forget to use zip codes on all Christm a s m all - fo both the address and return address. A ll gifts should be packed fn slurdy boxps. Cardboard boxes should be wrapped tn heavy pap­ er and tied tn strong cord. Don’t let any gifts rattle a . round tn C h ristm a s m a ll pack­ ages. S u fficien t cushioning ts Im ­ portant to give the box strength. There may be a set of ency­ clopedia shipped In the box on top of yours. (Continued on Page l-B) U F Goal $35,000 Give The U n i t e d W a y rebuilt generally along present Route 12 with som e relocation to tie In with the new bridge. M aps, drawings and inform a­ tion on the so c lal, econom ic and environm ental effects of the pro­ posed project are available fo r public Inspection Mondays through F rld a y s during business hours at the Departm ent’ s Region 7 O ffice, 311 Washington S tree t, Watertown. Personnel are a- vallable there to answ er ques­ tions. The public bearing w ill be un - der the general supervision of Charles J , Lym an, Regional D i­ rector at W atertow n . Maps show­ ing details of tbe proposed plans w ill be available for study a half- hour before ihe bearing and after lt. Department representatives w ill explain the proposals and outline their advantages and d is­ advantages. The hearing wlU allow In­ terested persons to express their view s, o ra lly or by w ritten state­ m ent, concerning the economic and social effects of the proposed project, Its Im pact upon the en­ vironm ent and Its consistency w ith lo c a l planning objectives. W ritten comments may be sub­ mitted to the Regional D irecto r at Watertown until Jan u a ry 31. M i n o r s 5 H e a lt h P l a n I m p r o v e d Salvation Army Asks Donations M rs. Edward S le b e r and M rs. Jo y c e Yousey, representatives of the Po rt Leyden-Lyons F a lls and Lo w v llle Salvation A rm y S e rvice Unit com m ittees, have announced that the Annual C h ristm a s Letter asking fo r fund donations Is feeing placed to the m all e a rly this y e ar. Servin g people ta need at C h ristm a s is trad itional w ilh the Salvation A rm y. C h ildren of low Incom e fam ilies Uke to have toys and something sp e cial fo r their C h ristm a s dinner* E ld e rly people and shut-ins, who depend upon someone to care for them, are assisted by the Salvation (Continued on Page l- B ) A preventive care program which makes available m edical exam ination and treatm ent to children growing up beforeapoor health condition becomes chronic and Irre v e rsib le Is underway ta New York State, So c ial S e rvic e s Com m issioner Abe Lavin e an­ nounced today. The health of up to 1.3 m illion youngsters ln tow . Income fam ilies w ill be p rotected by the program , be said, “ This new program , which w ill be provided under M edicaid, In­ cludes early m e d tcil exam ina­ tion, diagnosis, ar.d ire-ta.tnt,” Com m issioner Lavin e explained. \O u r aim is to detect as e a rly as possible those poorheattheem - d ltlons which requ ire treatm ent and to g ive (he necessary treat­ ment before the conditions be­ com e chronic andbefore irre v e r­ sib le damage o c c u rs.” Em p h asis ls being placed In i­ tia lly on children up to the age of s ix , heCom m lssloner explain­ ed, \because according to health officials It is between the period of b irth and entrance Into school that these children are least lik e ­ ly lo be to touch with a doctor o r m edical fa c ility. And It is to this period ot their greatest and fastest growth that undetected poor health conditions can do m ore and lasting dam age.” The program w ill also be open to older children, up to the age of 21 he satd. Cost of the program has been estim ated at $16.8 m illion by the State and local governm ent. It w ill u tiliz e the w e ll child clin ics of local health depart­ ments and other approved pub­ lic and voluntary agencies pro­ viding medical ca re for ch ild ren . R e fe rrals w ill also be made to In ­ dividual practitioners, especially where there ls a lack of public and voluntary fa c ilitie s and where the care needed ls more appro­ p riately provided through such re fe rra ls. Exam inations w ill cover the fu ll spectrum of health ca re , and w ill be designed to uncover dental, speech, hearing, and vision pro­ blem s as w e ll a s eye, e a r, nose and throat conditions; gastro-in- testlnal and genlto-urinary pro­ blem s; sick le c e ll anem ia; lead poisoning; anem ia; and other con­ ditions. A m ajor effo rt Is being made to identify the children eligible fo r such m edical service and to encourage parents to take ad­ vantage of tt,” Com m issioner Lavin e said . Identification of children who should b e referred fo r exam ina­ tion, diagnosis, and treatm ent w ill be accom plished whenever a fam ily applies fo r public a s s ist­ ance; at the tim e a fam ily ls re ­ certified as eligible for public assistance; and during field visits by staff m em bers of local social services departm ents. R e fe rral can also be requested by the p a r. ents of e lig ib le children when they believe an exam ination Is called fo r. Particip a tio n In the program ts voluntary. A ll children up to age 21 ln fam ilies which a re elig ib le for M edicaid are covered by the pro­ gram . Com plete e lig ib ility Inform a­ tion ls available from lo c a l so cial services departm ents. A s of this date, plans fo r im ­ plem entation of this program in Lew is County a re tncom plete.Dp- fln lte Instructions fo r this s e r­ vice w tll be published as soon as possible. 50 YEARS WED - Mr. and Mrs. Charles A* Holmes, parents of Mrs. Bruce (Arlene) Chapman, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Wednesday, Nov, 15, at the Community Hall fo Beaver Falls, with a surprise dtnnpr and evening program. They were married on a Wednesday, Nov. 15, 1922, in Newton, Iowa. A special feature of the evening Celebration was a program of memories, \This ts Your 50 Years Together,’ ’ with old photo­ graphs, music end special script written and performed by the three daughters, only two o f whom could be present for the occasion: Arlene from Reaver Falls and Naomi Moothart from Pontiac, Mich, There were six Ot the nine grandchildren present along wilh many friends, Including Mr, and M rs* w n b u r Chapman and M rs. Robert Hartshorn and fa ­ m ily from G lenfleld, art M r . and Mrs. Holmes _ known lo many Glenfleld ar* folks as well as Beaver F a ll area friends as Rev. Bruce V Chapman was pts tor of the Gler field parish about ten years a; and is presentlysemngchurcht tn Reaver Falls andBeaver Vallt and the couple have visited hei frequently. They presently lit ln Pequot Lak e s , Mhm.,*nd'spwr winters in Indian Hocks Beat: F la . Friends wishing to send gr«e lugs to be added to tU&rgescraj hook mnv do so tn: Mr, *j Mrs. Charles Holmes, c/o Bjru* IV, Chapman, Beaver Kalis, Nr York 18305.

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