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N - i , StaW Library A l b a n y , N , X , 1 2 2 0 3 M n r k e l f t l n b * ^ ^ S p * L y .-'A’ ' T / m > P o i H G row ing W eekly J V w j | i h | « t /n N o r th e r n IS e tc York f j m m u t l r n t i i I t e p u b l t c m t Faitslrlion C lastifiedn 3 7 6 -3 5 2 5 Serving the greater Lewie County area since 1930 ■*55* 143RD YEAR NO. 2 2 LOWVILLE, N. Y. 13367 THIS WEEK 364 »AGES - 15 CENTS Bridge hearing tonight T a x W a r r a n t s D o w n $ 4 9 , 9 4 1 Fund donation Tax w a rrants totaling $3,052,- 395.18 have been levied by the IB towns o l Lewis County tor 1973, a decrease Of $49,941,07 below the 1972 tax w a rrants. These facts were announced today by M rs. Dorothy Kotel, clerk of the Lew is County Board of Legislators. Tax bills for all property owners o f the county have been mailed out. Of the total amount levied by the towns, a to ta l o f $ l ,857,607.84 Is charted f o r county purposes, while $1,194,787.34 Is for town purposes. A complete breakdown of the Individual w arrants in the towns, Including the total tax levy, total county apportionment, and actual town budget, tn that o r d e r , Is a s follows: Croghan - Total, $434,283; county, $302,465.53; town, $131,- 817.93; Including general, $16,- 664; outside village, $500; high­ way, $34,410; Erwin Plan, $15,460.86; machinery, $3,189; miscellaneous, $50,436; Croghan F ire Protection, $6,700; Beaver Falls F ir e D istrict, $2,539.03; Beaver Falls Light D istrict, $ 1 ,- 919.04. Denmark - Total, $256,689.22; county, $164,678; town, $94,511.- 50; including general, $18,232; part town, $246.50; highway, $ 9 ,- 331; Erwin Plan, $11,115; machinery, $31,045; miscel­ laneous,, $21,542; fire pro­ tection, $3,000. Diana - T o tal, $169,691.02; county, $106,611.08; town, $63,- SL Teacher To Retire The regular meeting of the Board Of Education of South Lewis Central Schools was held on Thursday, dan. 11, at the South Lewis Jurtlor-Senter HtghSchool. The b oard accepted the r e tire­ ment notification of M rs. Clark Chase, English teacher at the Junior-senior high school, effec­ tive December, 1973. Approval arts also granted for a leave of absence for M rs, Hazel Bush, a bus driver tn the school dis­ tric t. Reports w ere given to the board concerning receipt of the refund of contract costs previously paid to the consulting firm hired to examine the school district bus routes. Effective February 1, 1973, the price of extra serving of hot dogs, hamburgers, and ttsh-in-bun tn all schools of the d istrict, will be as follows: ham burger, 20 cents, flsh-ln-bun, 20 cents, and hot dogs, 15 c ents. T h ere ts no change in the price of regular school itmches. Clifford Rein hard gave an ex­ tensive report on the Language A rts program and other c u r­ ricular program s under study in the school district. He Indicated that the elem entary teaching staff has done considerable work in writing objectives for the K.3 Language A rts program . Inter, mediate level staff, Grade 4 through 6, has also completed much of its task. Approval was granted for a workshop for all staff on Feb. ruary 9 , 1973. There will be no classes on this day; however, staff K through 12 wiil be work­ ing on c u rriculum . Two additional half-day workshops were also approved; one scheduled In April and one in June. The board also approved a two- week sum m e r workshop pro­ posal for four teachers and ad­ m inistrative alaff to revise and expand the entire K .e Language A rts curriculum . Authorization was given by the board to borrow $700,000 tn anticipation of State Aid not due until mtd-Aprll. Tbls borrowing la necessary to meet obligations of the school dlstrtct until that lime. New staff appointments acted on by the board are as follows: Spencer M elss, bus driv e r- custodian; I ra Cobb, bus driver; Gary Eckerson, bus d river; John Knollman, bus d river. The board ha* approved p*r. HClpaUon In the Bus Driver Training Program , which will be •poosored by the Lewis County BOCKS. A resolution was also passed permitting the employment of re­ tired teachers as substitute teachers in the d istrict. Several board members will be attending the Central New York School Board Institute meeting in Syracuse on January 25. The board again voted to Join the New York StateSchool Boards Association. Eligible voters in the school d i s tr ict a r e reminded o f the vote scheduled on Monday, January 22, from 1 to 8 p.m ., on two propositions. One proposition deals with the tran s f e r of funds from the present Capital Reserve Fund to the Capital Fund. This is necessary to finance the local sh a re of the elementary building renovations which w ere approved by the voters last August. The second proposition requests ap­ proval for the purchase of three school buses at a total cost cot to exceed $40,000. These buses will be financed through the us­ ual obligations and a r e required to replace buses which a r e pre­ sently ending their services In the d istrict. This proposition would or­ dinarily have been submitted to the voters at the Annual Meeting tn June; however, at that time there appeared to be a possibility of cutting down the number of ve­ hicles la use la the district. The ■district h as been unable to reduce the number of vehicles In use. M e r c h a n t s 9 P r o m o t i o n The downtown Lowville m erchants have announced a Joint program for shop­ p e r s ’ convenience and sav­ ings which Is to s ta r t today. The promotion consists of a number of quality Items to be offered a t significant Sav­ ings to shoppers on Wed­ nesday through Saturday of each week. Many of the Items, all listed on pages 6 and 7 of this week's Journal, are offered at savings of up to 50 percept and more. According to a spokesman for the Downtown Lowvute m erchants, this is a part of their continuing effort to bring quality merchandise to the consumer at economical prices with courteous per­ sonal s e rvice. NEW BRIDGE - New York S tele Department of Transportation will conduct a public hearing this evening (Wednesday) at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Lewts County Trust Company, State Street, on the proposed state construction of a new High B ridge, on Route 12, Outer Dayan Street, at the edge of the Village of Lowville. The hearing t s expected to be well-attended, with bath pro­ ponents and opponents of the new span voicing thter opinions about the replacement of the aged and deteriorating bridge, which Is shown tn the top photo. Actually, opponents to the project do not oppose the bridge Itself but a number of residents on Clinton Street wish to have the Town of Lowville close off the Clinton street exit to Route 12 along the bridge approach, a s shown by the arrow In the top photo. The lower photo shows the sharp Incline of the Clinton Street e x it, as tt now exists. It appears that those who wish to close the exit from Route 12 onto CUnton S treet a r e motivated by their desire to prevent in­ creased traffic along Clinton Street which might result from the new span and Improved exit. Some claim their motivation Is the dangerous Incline of the Exit onto Route 12, which makes en­ tering the state highway from Clinton Street considerably haz­ ardous. However, Francis Campbell, regional design engineer of the State Department of Transporta­ tion at Watertown, said today that the dangerous Clinton S treet exit would be eUmlnated with the con­ struction of the new bridge and approaches. Mr. Campbell said that motor­ ists will actually have to drive uphill, along a grade of minus two percent, for about 25 feet before entering the new bridge approach on Route 12. In addition, to r an additional 85 feet towards the present steep hill at the end of Clinton Street there wiU be a gradual slope of about two per cent. This, according to Mr. Campbell, will completely elimi­ nate the dangerous exit a s it now exists. Residents along Clinton S treet have already petitioned the Town Board of Lo-.wllle, which must make the final decision to close the street or leave It open- The board ts currently studying the proposal. One of the prim a ry objec­ tions to making Clinton a dead end street ts due to the fire hazard It would create. Clinton, provides the only m eans of getting fire and emergency ve­ hicles along Route 12 tn the event Dayan Street becomes blocked, tn addition, It provides (Continued on Page 8) Curb Free P a r k i n g Lowville Village Board of Trustees has Instructed the Police Department to once again enforce the use of parking m eters throughout tbe t illage, effective Im ­ mediately. According to Police Chief Robert McCue the move by the board was made follow­ ing a polling of the board members by Mayor Leon­ ard V lrkler, which was the result of ‘’complaints’’ that the free parking privilege was being misused. Higher Milk Prices Seen Lewis County and adjoining dairym en can look forward to higher milk prices in 1973, a c ­ cording to Hugh Worden, Lewis County agricultural extension a- gent. But, they also will lace increases In production costs. Many d airym en will face hlgber feed costs a s the wet harvest season in 1972 reduced the quan­ tity and quality of feed harvested on Lewis County farm s . Wt'h this combination, coupled with higher gram prices during the winter feeding season, production co s ts will be pushed up sharply on many farm s . Government em ergency feed and loan pro­ gram s, however, will help many farm e rs bold down the Increase In feed c o s ts . Milk production to New York S tate to 1972 was down 2.4% from 1971 and Cornell econo­ m ists predict a decline of 3-0% In 1973. They base their pre­ diction on a decline to milk cow numbers in 1973 and to part to a reversal to the long term up­ ward trend In milk, production p e r cow. Milk production per cow averaged 10,485 pounds In 1972, down 0.4% from 197 L 1972 ts the first year since 1957 that the level of production per cow has not increased from th e pre­ vious year. F a rm e rs a r e expected to cull th e ir herds heavily during the new year because of the poor feed situation and favorable cull cow prices. The term price of milk In New York Increased for the tenth con­ secutive year daring 1972. The blended price to the New York- New Jersey market was $6,25 per 100 pounds o r 23 cents above the 1971 price and $2.10 above the 1962 level. Prospects for 1973 a r e for a further Increase al 25 to 30 cents per hundred­ weight. At the sam e tliae, farms A’dack Board Convenes The regular meeting of the- Adirondack Central School board of education was held Tuesday evening, January 9. The minutes of the Decem b er 12 meettngwore approved, together with the gen­ eral fund, school lunch fund, federal aid bills and the treas­ u r e r ’s report. An area pistol team was given approval to utilize the rifle range under the Boonvllle K-8 gym­ nasium with the proviso that the group Insures Itself to cover injury to any of the participat­ ing m embers. A lease between the Adiron­ dack C e n tral School and the Adirondack Chapter of the Fut­ ure F a rm e rs of America was approved which Involves turning over 60 acres of land on the high school site for a period of five years. The FFA Chapter will bp able to sub-lease much of this area to an Interested farm e r over a period of five years through the process ol bidding, with the board of ed- (Conttoued on Page 4-B) can expect to pay 5 to 6 per­ cent more for their production Items. With this situation, Lewis County farm e rs can maintain their net Incomes only by Im­ proving the productivity and ef­ ficiency of their operations. This will be a difficult task for many farm e rs who now face a poor feed situation. Poultrymen can look forward to a significant Increase tn egg prices during the next six months. New York wholesale large egg prices for the year 1972 will average about 34.4 cents per dozen, only slightly above the average level of 197 L The period from May 1971 until October 1972 probably represents toe longest sustained period of low prices In the history of the egg Industry. Egg prices have strengthened sharply during the month of No­ vember and during toe first half of 1973 they will likely av­ erage well above the depressed levels o f 1972. Maple producers can look for­ ward to favorable p rices for prod­ ucts during toe new year. High bulk syrup p r ices d u ring toe sea­ son and a continual gain to pub­ lic acceptance f o r maple products has exhausted o u r supply. District Scouting Dinner 100.98; Including general, $18,- 834; outside general, $1,850; highway, $5,041.86; Erwto Plan, $11,713.68; bridges, $2,686.35; machinery, $4,469.50; m iscel­ laneous, $10,115.57; Diana F ir e Protection, $4,100; Natural Bridge F ire Protection, $362; Natural Bridge Light D istrict, $116.52; Diana Refuse and G ar­ bage D istrict, $3,761.50, Grelg - Total, $173,722.91; county, $92,206.02; town, $81,- 516.71; Including general, $15,- 314.28; highway, $10,151.75; E r ­ win Plan, $15,042; bridge, $500; machinery, $11,635.70; m iscel­ laneous, $22,172,62; F ire P ro­ tection, $6,500; Brantlngham Wa­ te r D lstrtct, $200. Harrisburg - Total, $64,956,- 86; county, $29,675,48; town, $35,281.35. Including general. $7,436.35; highway, $3,400; Erwin Plan, $7,965; b ridge,$200; machinery, $10,000; m iscel­ laneous, $5,800; F ir e Protection, $500. Hfghmarket - Total, $26,190.- 03; county, $9,861.63; town, $ 1 6 ,- 341; Including general, $6,791; highway, $2,000; machinery, $ 3 ,- 500; miscellaneous, $3,700; F i r e Protection, $350. Lewis - Total, $109,913.12; county, $61,062.61; town, $48,. (Continued on Page 4-B) Hearing On Syrup Licenses A Department of Agriculture and Markets hearing will be held Thursday, February 1, with re­ gard to the licensing of food pro­ cessing establishments under new rules and regulations o f toe department wbicb take effect this year. Also under consideration will be special regulations con. ceralng the operation of maple syrup establishm ents. Tbe bearing will be held be­ ginning at 9 a.m . on the Eighth Floor Hearing Room of the De­ partm ent, located to Building 8, (Income Tax Building) on toe State Office Campus, Albany. Approximately 24,000 food processing establishments not presently covered by other laws will be required to register under the new llcenstog regulation, un­ less they are granted specific exemption by too com m issioner. “ In the case of maple syrup producers,’’ gatd Commissioner Frank W&lkley, \w e recognize toe short seasonal nature o f pro­ cessing for this product makes Im practical the application of stringent manufacturing prac­ tices.’’ The com m issioner In­ dicated that special rules will he established for maple syrup pro- (Continued on Page 8) About 60 persons attended the Annual Black River Dlstrtct Scouters Dinner held Tuesday, January 9, at S t. P e ter’s Church HaU, LowvUle. Members of the Wolverine Pa­ trol o f Troop 162 of LowvlUe, under the direction of Scout­ m a s te r Allan Raymond, pre­ sented tbe colors for the onen- Ing ceremony. WUford Thomas served as roaster o f cerem onies. Recognized were Richard Raymond, D lstrtct commission­ e r ; Barry Worczak. Lyons Falls, Camp P o rteferry Official: Jam es Shea, district chairm an; Richard Kalk, council comm issioner; Dr. Lawson Rutherford, council vice president; William Cross man, district scout executive, and Lee Bassett, Jefferson-Lewts Council executive In the absence of Maurice J o n es, Camp Portaferry direc­ to r , Mr. Worczak narrated a slide presentation of the area scout camp near H arrisvtllo. Mr. Denton showed n film of the 1973 National Jam b o ree scheduled for August In Idaho and Pennsylvania. Several district scouts a r e ex­ pected to attend and others In­ terested should contact their scout leaders. Mr. Bassett spoke on the chal­ lenges, committments and a c ­ complishments of adults a s ­ sociated with scouting and pre­ sented annual scouter awards for three years of continuous re ­ gistration, training and part­ icipation to Fred Scott, Natural Bridge, Ben D’ Amtco, Camp D rum , and Mr. Worczak. Scout- (Continued on Page 4-bf Week Of Prayer Each year a certain tim e Is se t aside to January when C h ristian denominations particularly pay heed to bow Important It ts to stand to­ gether as members of C h r is t's family, the Church. This year the dates are J a n ­ uary 18 through January 25. As a Church, Christians a r e called by God to bo living w itnesses of His love to'the world; an this Christians cannot do If they stand divi­ ded. The 1973 theme Is “ Lord, Teach Us To P r a y .\ To observe Christian Unity, a men’s breakfast will be held on Saturday, January 20, at 7:30 a-ra. tn Trinity Parish House. Men from th<? various denomina­ tions of toe village and a r e a are Invited to attend, A short program will follow break­ fast. In past years, this ttm e together has been well re­ ceived, and so It ts hoped the men will again support the event. On Sunday, January 21, the m inisters of toe village will exchange pulpits and speak on \What we hold In common as C h ristians.\ UNITED FUND - Lewis County United Fund Business Chairman Kenneth Gordon ts seen receiv­ ing tbe contribution from Frank Phelps, manager of toe Lowville Plaza Neisner’s store. Looking In Is United Fund treasu r e r , Rod­ ney Persons. This contribution will help towards the $35,OOOgoaL The annual meeting of tbe Lewis County United Fund will be held January 18, at which time a re­ port from toe g eneral chairm en, Dick Riani and BUI Hunt, wlU be presented. 188 Give At Blood Clinic A total of 188 units of blood were donated Jan. 11, when the Syracuse Regional Red C ross Blood Center bloodmobtle visited the Beaver Falla Community Ball, according to M rs. Doris Pokorny, Chairman. There were 203 persons reg ­ istered, with 15 deferrals and 25 f irst-tim e d o n o rs. Elghty-flvc units w ere donated for specific requests. Volunteers who helped make the c linic a s u c c e s s were; Recruiting, M rs. Velma F a r - ney and M rs. M argaret Robin­ son; pubUcity; M rs. Janice Ebersol; nurses, M rs. Ann Mar­ tin (chairman), canteen, M rs. L y ­ dia Zehr and M rs. M argaret Wid- rtck (co-chairm en), luncheon, M rs, Irene Yousey (char I man j; physician on call, D r. Elbert Dalton; Unloading and reloading, In charge of Norman Schulz; s e t ­ ting - up « facilities, in charge: of Royal Schwendy; ambulance, f u r ­ nished by Beaver Falls F ire De­ partm ent and was at toe tall all day with two d rivers In attend­ ance - Elm er and Ernie Smith. The clinic is of c o u rse a total community project with many all-day volunteers and many who worked fatthfully for d ays before. Industries represented were: Beavertte, 25; Latex, 19; C limax, 18; J .P . Lewis, 12;B.R.C.S. F a ­ culty ,11; High SchoolStudents, 10; A complete breadown of the donors Is a s follows: Beavertte - 25 • Donald Mar­ tin, T e rry Walker, Jam esSnyder, Calvin Andre, E lm e r Golden, Su­ san Z e h r, Pam Baum g artner, Jim Z e h r, David Montgomery, Judy Montgomery, Francis R u b tr , Bruce Richle.M arySmltluEldrsrt Lehman, Camertne Purcell, Ade­ line Kirch, Edgar Fitzgerald, Maureen Hulbert, E sther M os- hier, Ruth Adams, Evelyn C o - lumbo, Sam Kieffer, Lois Mus­ hier, Stanley Bush and Kenneth Austin. Croghan Area - Brad Kuhl, Mary Jane Morrow, William Morrow, Craig Martin, F r. C a ry Kean, Richard Zehr, Lena Mae Yousey, Daniel Z e h r, Edward Lyndaker, Carolyn V lrkler, Abram Clemons, Ralph Sch­ neider, Fay Ager, Edward M e- Hale, Joseph LaConti, Wilfred Proulx, Mary Ellen wtdrtck, J a n e Farney, Catherine Nortz, Helen Lehman, Kenneth E. W ldrick, Carol Wtdrtck, Ronald B u sh, Beverly Bush, Stephen B e r g - mann, G ert Adams,Dolores Mon- nat, Gilbert Monnat, Gilbert Wtd- rtck, Joseph Yancey, AudreySch- wettzer and Michael Monnat. Latex - Kyle G rim m e r, Charles Marolf, E a rl Yousey, (Continued on Page 8) <crrt> w t f :v J f , -2 - — com oPi«A* LAUNDRY f | f f O P LAUNDRAMAT OPENS - Modern Coln-Op Laundrsm at,operated by John Fogarty, Elm Street, Low- vtlle, and located tn Lowville Plaza at the \Y ” will bold Its grand opentng this week. The new facility Is the second to be operated by Mr, Fogarty in Lowville. Another laundramat to located next to the form e r P A C Market on Shady Avenue, Lowville. The LowvlUe Plaza iRundramat Includes 20 Speed Queen top- loading washers, color con­ trasted In white and green, four Speed Queen Super 20front-load- tng w ashers, two MUnor giant S 3 - poung capacity washers and 12 Speed Queea d r y e rs. Door prizes »t toe grand opea- ing will include an electric m » opener, electric percolator atot meat grinder. Registration fo r toe prizes sta r ts today with the drawing set for Saturday Noon,

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