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j ttH I N A l t liMlllCAM. I l f V I I I E .I K W t i l l 4 * B WIHISIAI, IINMIV 17. 1173 W A N T E D : CATTLE & HORSES Dead or Alive $5 to $25 If called Immediately Ph. 639-6895 Play-Do-Dog Food Co. Z e n it h m a k e s f o u r q u a lit y h e a r in g a id s p r ic e d f r o m s85tos195. T h e q u a lity g o e s < C o m e in for a free hearing test a n d let u s sh o w you the wide r a n g e of Zenith m o d e ls and styles T h e r e 's a Zenith hearing aid to m a t c h any lo s s a hearing aid can help ff you aren't satisfied with your purchase, bring it back within 10 d a y s and w e 'll give you your m o n e y back. Rem e nber, Zenith h e a r ing aids have su g g e s t e d retail prices significantly below t h o se of m o s t foreign im p o rted in s t r u m e n t s b e fo r e th e n a m e goes on S l J. Hearing 132 Vfiislew St Phene 788-6170 Aid, Inc. Watertown, N.Y, H e l p l i s o n t h e w w a y ! Nwd hsalihfi oil or equipment Iwivtce in a hurry? Juit pick up lyour phone and dial One of our 1 mdio-drspatched trucks is probably J afready in your neighborhood Try us. Caff now for instant de­ livery of Gulf Solar Heat—your bast heating pit buy And keep our ; phone number handy fo? immediate*1 equipment service if you ever need it We can take care of all yoor j i home fteahng needs. wit LOW V ILLE OIL COMPANY !• ! S.ith, Pnprift.r PHONE 376-3533 OR 376-3410 FOR PROMPT DELIVERIES AND AUTOMATIC PRINTING SERVICE W a r r a n t s (Continued from Page 1) 850.44; Including general, $14,- 533.50; highway, 38,299.50; E r­ win Plan, $3,663.94; m achinery, $10,665; m iscellaneous, $9,188.- 50; F ire Protection, 32,500. Leyden - T o tal, $155,039.64; county, $94,570.30; town, $60,- 469.37; Including g e n e r a l,$9,696; highway, $19,905; Erwin Plan, $7,162.67; bridge, $2,35 5.70; ma­ chinery, $10,130; m iscellaneous, $6,800; F ire Protection, $4,420. Lowville - T o tal, $458,721,43; County, $349,335.45; town $ 109,- 335.50; lncludLlng general, * 2 9 ,- 157: outside town. $5,046; hlgh- way^l9,876.9I;Erw ln Pl*n,$19,- O00; bridges, $8,000; machinery, $15,750; miscellaneous, *15,- 505.79; Fire P rotecllon, $2,000. Lyonsdale-Total, $113,029.51; county, $71,519.03; town, *41,- 510,34; Including general, $12,- 700; outside, $60; highway, $7,- 450; Erwin Plan, $8,925.34; ma­ chinery, $1,295; m iscellaneous, $7,280; Fire P rotection, $3,500: Light District, $300. Marttnsburg - T o tal, $174,- 595.85; county, $88,097.02; town, $86,499.09; Including general, $12,526; highway,$ 12,200; Erwin Plan, $10,194.56; machinery, $29,235; miscellaneous, $7,500; Marttnsburg Fire Protection, $10,000; Glenfield Light D istrict, $1,040.04; Marttnsburg F lr e D is- trlct, $935; M arttnsburg Light D istrict, $810.24; Marttnsburg Water D istrict, $870.25; Glen- Held Sewer D istrict, $840; Glen- field W ater DIs trtct, $348. Montague - T o ta l, $22,571.46; county, $8,569.91; town, $ 14,- 001.55; Including general, * 7 ,- 845.85; highway,' $1,155.70; bridges, $300; machinery, 5 2 ,- 200; miscellaneous, $2,500; F i r e Protection, $150. New Bremen - T o tal, $248,- 178,13; county, $139,143.69; town, $109,029.69; Including gen­ eral, $20,832; outside town,$464; highway, $31,979.25; Erwin Plan, $14,376.87; bridges, $600; m a ­ chinery fund, $15,775; miscel­ laneous, $18,1*75: Kew Bremen F i r e D istrict, $3,000; Beaver Falls F ir e D istrict, $960.97; Beaver Falls Light D istrict, * 1 ,- 286.60; New Brem e n F i r e P ro­ tection, $700; NewBrem en Light­ ing Benefit T a x , $3SO. Osceola - T o tal, $55,657.88; county, $21,510.76; town, $34,- 147; Including general, $15,*790; highway, $2,472; Erwin P lan,$ 4 ,- 500; m achinery, $8,920; m iscel­ laneous, $1,965; F ire Protection, $500. Pinckney - T o tal, $48,616-49; county, $14,987.54; town, $33,- 629; Including general, $9,290; highway, $2,246; Erwin P U n ,*5,- 955; m achinery, $6,613; m iscel­ laneous, $9,200; F ire Protection, $325. Turin - Total, *140,576.49; county, $68,908.50; town, $71,- 670; Including general, $22,240; outside town, $230; highway, $ 4 ,- IOO; Erwin Plan, $9,500; m a ­ chinery, $23,300; miscellaneous, $9,700; F i r e Protection, *2,500. Watson - Total, $220,408.94; county, $ 134,89s.65; town, $ 8 5 ,. 506.58; Including general, $18,- 987; Mghway$19 ,250; Erwin Plan, $18,514.58; bridge!. $500; m a . chlnery, $10,500; miscellaneous, $15,875; F i r e Protection, *1.800, W est Turin - T o tal, $177,040.. 79; county, $99,458.64; town, $77,682; Including g eneral, $ 2 5 ,- 310; highway, *3,780; Erwin Plan, $8,618; machinery, $25,230; miscellaneous, 1 12,094; Turin F ire Protection, $1,350; Con- stablevtlle F ire Protection, $ 1 ,- 200 . Scouts (Continued from Page 1) e r keys f o r s e rvice w ere awarded to Sanford Jones, Frank Hohn- son and Jam e s Shea. M r. Crossman announced plans for the4tb Annual B lue J a y Ranger Winter Camping Course sche­ duled tor January 26-28 a t Camp P o rtalerry. The program ts for leaders and troop committeemen and teaches the basics of sur­ vival In emergency conditions. Further Information may be ob­ tained from M r. C ross man, Trinity Ave., Lowvtlle, or the council offices at Le Ray St. Rd., Watertown. The Annual Black River DIs- trlct Father-Son Banquet for scouts, explorers, and their fathers wtll be Thursday, Feb­ ruary 8, at 6;30 p.m. In the Lowvtlle school cafeteria. This is the anniversary date of scout­ ing and the program will In­ clude \An Indoor Cam p fire\ with various troops participating. Re­ servations should be made with scoutm a sters by January 26. Troops In the d istrict will com ­ memorate Boy Scout Week with window displays in v a rious s to r e fronts In the a rea Feb. 3 -7, with prize winners announced at the banquet. ACS i (Continued from Page 1) ucatlon reserving the right to review any action taken to sub­ leasing the acreage. The pur­ pose of this action Is to allow a non-profit agricultural organ­ ization to involve Itself In man­ aging a large segment of land and, In the p r o c e s s , maintain the quality ol the land through pos­ sible fertilization, d rainage, till­ ing and seeding by the Chapter or by the party who sub-leased the land for agricultural pur­ poses. The board approved the part­ icipation of Adirondack C e n tral In a joint bid with South Lewis Central Schools as It relates to meat products for the cafeteria operations within the district. Ralph M trabelll, coordinator o f elementary curriculum , pre­ sented a detailed r e p o rt on the status of language a r t s in the elementary school. The report gave a thorough description of the C riterion Reading Program instituted this toll to twenty-four elementary classroom s. This program principally takes the b a­ sic skills required for reading successfully and provides the classroom teacher with informa­ tion concerning a r e a s where stu­ dents need help In m astering reading sk ills. T e sts to a s s e s s the degree t o which skills were m astered a r e also provided. This program ts designed to acco­ mmodate Individual reading sk ills, needs, aju! the various ways and speed at which chil- NORTH COUNTRY BUSMESS DIRECTORY GUIDE TO LOCAL SERVICES NHHE TO BUY IT WJRItTOMttfttMt iW tlF SERVKIS Of AU KM1IS MSIUN’S S E R V I C E S T A T U S YOUR FRIENDLY MOBIL DEALER WE GIVE S & H GREEN STAMPS T e l. 376*7222 Lowville BLACK RIVER RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY, ENC. 316 Factory S treet, Watertown Tel. SU-8-4280 Chtna-GIass-Stlverware-Pgper And Maintenance Supplies Syracuse China, Frigldare, Vulcan, G.E. WEDDING STATIONERY at JfC R R A L A R E P U B L I C A N TH IS SPACE A V A I L A B L E DAIRY EQUIPMENT DARI-KOOL Bou-Matlc M ilkers and Bulk Tanks BERMAN H. O lt T I E I B Marttnsburg S76-27Q 7 W iC C M E I * NICKOK AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 120 Schuyler S t., BoonvUle, N.Y. Tel. 942-4428 i B i c r s S H I S - S E R V IC E SNO-PRINCE SNOWMOBILES CLOTHING, BOOTS, ACCESSORIES Lowvllte TNIS SPACE AVAILABLE I I B I E R S T A M P S AT J O U R N A L A R E P U B L IC A N N i V A R B V I L S i R T A 8 E R C Y ALL L I N E S O F IN S U R A N C E Phone Bootwtlte 942-4624 W m l t.eyden^l.Y. • R A Y ' S FLSW E R S H O P Real ti Permanent Arrangement* 314 SOUTH JAMES ST. CARTHAGE Ph. 493-3790 Toll F ree From Copenhagen Are* T H I S S P A C E AVAILABLE BRIDE - M iss Kathleen Aim Campany ol Croghan becam e the bride December 22 of Alan Ray Light of Syracuse and Whitewa­ te r , W ise. Rev. Patrick Callag­ han, O.F.M., officiated a t the candlelight ceremony to St. P e ter’s Church, New Brem en. The bride Is the daughter of M r. and M rs. Anthony E . Campany of Croghan. The groom Is the son of Dr. and M rs. Ray­ mond E. Light of W hitewater, Wise. Miss Susan L. Campany was maid of honor for her s i s t e r . Robert Allers was best man. Ushers were Thomas A. Cam ­ pany, brother ot the b r id e , and Robert Phillips. A reception took place a t the home of the b ride’s parents. The couple will be at home at Syracuse. The bride is a graduate of Beaver Rtver Central School and V assar College, Poughkeepsie in 1972.She attended Tulane Uni­ versity, New O rleans, L a ., a s a graduate student. Tbe groom is a graduate of Hamilton Col­ lege, Clinton, ta 1972 and Is presently a student at Upstate Medical Center’s School o f Medicine, dren learn to read. The board was given Informa­ tion concerning Adirondack's in­ volvement with the federally sponsored Regional C a reer Ed­ ucation Program . Eighty tea­ chers from several area school system s will m eet at Hamilton College to be trained in the de­ velopment of learning activity packages which address them­ selves to developing a concept ot careers. Joseph Was on and Eugene Hendtickson will r e p re­ sent Adirondack and will b e In­ volved with producing career education m a terials to be u - tlltzed to the classroom s from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The state historian has re­ quested Donald P ierce, of the junior high social studies s taff, to work with the other citizens In making arrangem ents for the New York State Am erican Revolution Bicentennial c e lebra­ tion. Mr. P ierce will be released periodically to a s s i s t to planning for the 200th y ear celebration of the nation. B e n e f i t Dante A benefit dance for the Lyndon E rn s t fam ily, who recently lost their home by fire and have a son confined to a hospital since last sum m e r, will be held Sat­ urday, Jan. 20 at the West Ley­ den F i r e Hall, sponsored by the West Leyden Ladtes* Auxiliary. Dancing will be from 9 p.m. to 1 a .m . Al Zlober’sO rchestraw lll providing m u stc for dancing. At O p e n House Henry O. Sehaab of the ins­ urance firm of Henry H. Schaab and Son, State Street, Lowvtlle, attended an open house at the new o ffices oftheinsuranceC o m - pany of North America (INA) on J a n . 10 in Syracuse. ALL THESE CARS AT REBUCEB PRICES! W interised & ready to go. LACEY’S USED CARS '7 0 M A V E R I C K 6 cyl., standard '66 F O R D S t a t i o n fV a g o n < J>r..AuU>. Power S teering '66 OLDS M OBILE CUTLASS Good Cowjttlon, & o r , h , t , '66 L T D F O R D Auto., PJS. 2 Dr. H.T. ’67 OLDS. CUTLASS Good Mileage V E S S T A T E STREET O r r i l l e L a c e y 376-3231 Roger’s Fabric Outlet MAIN STREET CROGHAN, N.Y. 9 a .m . to 3 p.m * Saturday, Jan. 20 JU S T ARRIVED! Truck load of Spring Knits Polyester 60” Doubleknit Good selection of tight colors Our Reg. $3.47 NOW ONLY $2.99 yd. 64”-72m Italian knit* P a s tel Shades Our Reg. $3.89 NOW ONLY $2.99 yd. Polyester 60” Singledentt* Our Reg. $2.99 NOW ONLY $1.99 j Polyetteroultalian knit* Under-Yard Pcs. Our Reg. *1,39 ea. NOW ONLY $1.29 ea. 60”-66” Cottom-Dmcmn Blend* Single-knit Our Reg. $2.49 NOW $1.69 yd. Polyester Knits Odeal f o r Bodyshirts) Our Reg. $2.99 NOW ONLY $2.49 yd. FANTASTIC C L 0 S E - 8 0 T F i r s t s and Seconds Assorted Fabrics 45*’ to 54** NOW ONLY 39c yd. o m REG. UP TO $2.88 Value Outrageously high interest! Earn tbe outrageously high on Two-Year Passbook Certificates and watch your savings grow outrageously! s CARTHAGE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 313 STATE S T R E E T 4 9 3 -3 4 8 0 C A I T H A S E , N .T .

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