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V EDITORIALS Drugs - Copenhagen . . . Several weeks ago a 16-year old Copenhagen youth was a r ­ rested on a charge of crim inal possession of a dangerous drug In the Sixth degree, a m isdem eanor. He has since been granted youthful offender status and hts case is being handled by the co u r ts In c losed session. The case against the youth stemmed from an Incident at Co­ penhagen C e n tral School when he was apparently caught smoking m arijuana on school prem ises. Principal Richard Rawlings notified the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the youth was taken Into custody. Several other youths were discovered by the principal to be possibly using drugs and were requested by M r. Rawlings to confer with their parents. M r. Rawlings made It perfectly d e a r that he would not tol­ e r a t e . as principal of the school, any use of d rugs on school prem ises. Periodl There would he no lfs, ands or b u ts about the m a tter; If someone was caught with drags tn his or her po­ ssession, police authorities would b e notified. Now, most people, Including this editor, a r e 100 per cent behind M r. Rawlings and wish that more high school adm inis­ trato r s w ere of his attitude regarding the drug abuse problem. However, few. If any of u s, take Ihe time to tell Mm so, but those who disagree, the “ bleeding h e a r ts” among us, are, a s usual, very loud In their denunciations. I d • recent letter to the editor, unsigned a s might be expected, Mr. Rawlings was viciously attacked. CThe letter did not appear tn this newspaper.) Let's quote a portion: “ 1 think that every­ one will agree that smoking marijuana In school is not quite the proper thing to do, but to call a law enforcement agency in for Something as minute as that and ruin a -young man’s reputation Is utterly ridiculous,” \U tterly ridiculous,” tndeedl Would the “ bleeding heart’’ who wrote the letter suggest that Mr. Rawlings cover up such Incidents that occur In his school? If so, they might consider this: In covering upsuch an Incident, a parent who does not share such liberal views might very well v isit a law enforcement agency and file a complaint against the principal, who would then be subject to a rrest for o b structing governmental adm inistration. Interestingly enough, obstructing governmental administration Is a Class A misdemeanor and crim inal p ossession of a dangerous drug tn ihe sixth degree Is a ls o a m isdem eanor, C lass A. In other words, Mr. Rawlings could have been derelict in his duties as principal of Copenhagen Central School ant covered up the entire matter; It has been done In the past at other schools. But should he also break the law Mmself In the process? And Isn’t the chief duly o l a p rincipal of a hlgb school to conduct the school In a m anner that Is best for the overall student body? Would anyone suggest that a principal who turns his back on a pot-smoking Incident Is doing w b a tls best for all of the students of the school? In any Case, Mr. Rawlings Is now the victim of vicious attack from a handful of unsigned letter w riters with pens dipped In venom and the target of every “ bleeding heart” that appears to crawl to the surface each and every time a community finds, to Its em b a rrassm e n t, that It I s not any different than any other community and shares the drug problem with each and every one. Having experienced sim ilar experiences for hts efforts In helping to curb the drug problem In o u r area, your e d itor can certainly appreciate Mr. Rawtlng’s position. And we hope {and know) that he will rem ain firm . Although ft is very often fruitless to try to trade verbal barrages with anonymous letter writers of the so r t that has attacked Mr. Rawlings, since they usually can s e e only a breath beyond the end of their Crayola, bul to quote fTom the letter again allows us to make a good point lor (he more sensible among us: “ To say that marijuana leads to harder drugs Is like thal If you drink a bottle of beer you^become an alcoholic.” And, so once again we find that argumen( 'eceeping u p that smoking pot t s no worse than drtnktng alcohol. Wel'l^tet’s twist those words around a little: Can the w riter honestly suggest that the alcoholic did not sta r t with a bottle ol beer\? Certainly he bad to s t a r t somewhere. And finally, let us dispell the ‘ ‘pot Is no w o rse than booze” theory with this thought: Many tim e s we go out tn the evening to attend a social event of one s o r t or another. Bul how many of us go to these social events with the Intended purpose of getting stoned out of our minds on alcohoL Most of u s, a t least those of us In complete possession ol our faculties, might take a few drinks on a social basts, and som etim es we take a few too many and adm it It, but do we honestly go out to purposely get loaded? Okay? So now answer this one: Why does a person smoke a m arijuana cigarette? Unless he Is experimenting with It tor the first tim e to “ go along with the gang” he ts smoking It t o get stoned) And If anyone who uses pot regularly can argue against this statem e n t, then I would like him to give me an explanation (In an anonymous, unsigned letter If he ll&es) o f Just exactly why he smokes the c rap. So, In conclusion, keep It up Mr. Sawllngs. We sure wish there could be m o re school adm inistrators around like you. We owe you a debt of g ratitude. - Michael J . Blair A Farmer’s Vieiv C o m m e n ts by O tis M o o n I was pleased to take note ol devised b y the mind of man. Governor Rockefeller’s turn to Some argue thal a m u rderer at conservatism , which was a move the p resent tim e only gets “ life” that should have been made maoy tout I think thal a drug pusher ts years ago. many times a m urderer and no la my opinion his fling with s t *P 18 to° <*«sUc to stop thts liberalism has caused much 3 jitolerab!e crim e against the Like Now by Terry Oakes Karen’s Korner In bis State of the State Ad­ d r e s s , Governor Nelson Rocke­ feller outlined a new proposal that he wQl Introduce to the s tate legislature, if p a s sed, the mea­ sure signals a step in a new di­ rection aimed at ending tbe m is­ use of hard drugs. The new plan would make life Imprison­ ment mandatory f o r anyone con­ victed of selling narcotics. It would also demand life Imprison­ ment to be Imposed on anyone committing a crtm e while un­ d e r the influence of narcotics. Another Important provision of the proposal would prohibit plea bargaining in c a s e s Involving the sale of dangerous drugs. And finally, the Dew m easure would authorize $1,000 rew a rds for in­ formation leading to .the con­ viction of a drug pusher. The Governor’s words were greeted with both warm approval and con­ demnation. Let us now take a look at Mr. Rockefeller’s pro­ posal - why it is needed, what it m eans, and what it doesn’t mean. During the p ast few y e a rs, more than one billion dollars has been spent by New York State alone in an effort to curb the ever- increasing problem of drug a - buse. It can be safely said that all this money has been wasted. Instead of diminishing, the drug problem has approached epidemic proportions In some locations. No area Is free of this problem. Clearly, some­ thing else must be tried, and harsh penalties for pushers seem s to be the only alternative we have. The drug problem is a most delicate one. Recognizing this, the Governor has proposed no new m easures to deal with the users of narcotics. It ts gen­ erally accepted that an Indivi­ dual will continue to use drugs no m atter what the consequences may be. This is partly due to the addicting nature of most narcotics and also to the wide­ spread opinion that a person can do anything he wants, so long as It harm s no one but him­ self. 11 now appears that au­ thorities have realized this un­ usual state of affairs. How then to cope with the drug problem? Cut the suppUes off a t their source? No. The federal gov­ ernment has tried for years to reduce the Incoming flow of Il­ legal d rugs from foreign nations. Nothing seem s to work. The one billion dollars spent In this s tate on drug education and various o - ther narcotics prevention o- rtented program s has also met failure. So In the final analysis, It seem s that the only way to o - vercome the drug problem ts to put the pushers behind bars and keep them there. And the only way of doing this Is making a Ufe imprisonment sentence, with no chance of parole, mandatory, for drug pushers. It is hoped that by offering a $ 1,000 reward for Information leading to the conviction of a pusher, m o re people wlU be Influenced to co- 3Jaimtal anb Republican By Karen Young Several weeks ago, In his •tstate of the State’* message. Governor Nelson Rockefeller called for mandatory life Im­ prisonm ent of all s e llers of d rugs and of all who commit violent crim e s while under the influence of drugs. “The hard d rug push- MEMBER Association ■ PER Founded 1896 7556 STATE STREET, I.OWVII.I L, N Y. 13367 Journal Established 1838 Republican Established 1830 Merged 1860 Published weekly by the owners and publishers Lowvtlle Printing and Publishing Co. Inc. Rtchard E. Smith, President - Publisher Michael J . Blair, Editor Carol S mith, Advertising Manager Carol Dykeman, Office Manager Tony Urbanlak, Staff Photographer National Advertising Representative ; INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER MARKETS, INC. New York - Chicago - Detroit - Dallas - San Francisco • Atlanta J Entered a t P o st Office, Lowvllle, N.Y., a t aecond-claas mall m a tter •: SUBSCRIPTION - PAYMENT IN ADVANCE $6,00 Year New York State - $7.00 Year Elsewhere Continental l; United states - $0.00 Year Alaska, Hawaii, Foreign Countries Wednesday, January 1 7 , 1973 Page 2 operate with the police tn these e r destroys lives Just as surely m a tters. Governor Rockefeller should be praised for his pro­ posal, and everyone should en­ courage the legislature to give full support to the bill. IPs a pity it hasn’t happened sooner. But there a r e some hidden m essages in the Governor’s re­ cent proposals. One cannot help but note that the m easure does not apply to marijuana. Per­ haps the government is having second thoughts about pot. No amount of Investigation and re­ search has conclusively proveD that there are any harmful ef­ fects from smoking m arijuana. But It must also be pointed out that “ p o t,” \ g r a s s ,” o r mart— and far m ore cruelly than a coldblooded killer . . . I there­ fore will a s k for legislation max­ ing the penalty . . . a Ufe sen­ ten c e .\ The Governor Insisted that there would be no plea b a r ­ gaining, no parole and no sus­ pended sentences In such c a s e s. The only exception would be d e ­ fendants under the age of nine­ teen, who would be eUglble for parole after fifteen years. To add to his crackdown. R ockefeller offered a \bounty” to be paid to those who informed on addicts and se lle r s . Rockefeller’s “ lifelong cure” Is a solution, but It is a solu­ tion with many faults. The Gov- “ What’s the use of laving down . . . when we can sprightly w a lk. . . for in a larg e r sense we know . . , when someone savs what’s true . . . the M a ster of all mankind . . . sm iles Irooi nut (he blue . . . God knows that truth Is everything , . . tn this borrowed life . . . and tn ihe end it will prevail . . . though Interim s may mean s tr if e . . . SO many folks ignore the truth . . . unless it fits their way , . . God knows this and in the e n d . . . they will have to pay . . . so we’ll use the Creedoiu . . . God meant for us s l l . . . we’ll write and say whal’s m our hearts . . . though It will not please all.” Juana Is still Illegal, and a s em o r s a y s , “ We have tried every long as this rem ains true, one uses It at his own risk and m u st be willing to face the conse­ quences If apprehended. This in Itself Is reason enough for a - votdlng marijuana. Finally, Governor Rocke­ feller’s proposal appears to sig­ nal a reversal tn government thinking and policies. It recog­ nizes thal money and increased possible approach to stop ad­ diction and save the addict through education and treat­ ment . . . We have achieved very little permanent rehabilita­ tion - and have found no c u r e .” But his resolution Is certainly no “cure.” Those who w e re critical of the program suggested that the state bad not tried every approach. Michael J . Blair. . . A CLOSER LOOK spending Is not the answer and Said Rejj. Bella Azbugt “ A com- cure-all (or society’s problem s. All the money In the world will not solve the drug problem o r crfm e , pollution, and poverty tor that m a tter. These a r e grass­ roots problem s. They a r e ex­ trem ely complex and cannot be solved by Increased spending. They require the cooperation of all parties Involved. The gov­ ernm ent seem s to have recog­ nized this In the drug question. It’s tim e the do-gooders and bleed log h e a r ts also realize that prebenstve rehabilitative drug program that has been adequately funded and adm inistered has yet to be tired .” In 1966, the state set up the Narcotic Addiction Control Com­ m ission to treat addicts. This was part of Rocky’s “ all-out w ar” on narcotics. The facili­ ties s e t u p were shut down due to lack of sufficient funding. Adding to that, many experts have sensed a stow down In the heroin epidem ic. Several re' Has anyone noticed lately that fully b ig bite, our country may be a t last coming Okay, out there, some of you to its senses? We a r e now w it- will call me a saber-rattling ness tag one of the most fantastic radical, completely heartless and transform ations tn the history of completely without feelings for American politics — Nelson A. the thousands of North Vlet- Rockefeller, the last of the big nam ese civilians being killed, tim e spenders (of your d o llars, But where were you each and that Is), the dandy of the s o - every tim e the Reds lobbed a spending money on extravagant, cent studies have also pointed oul nice-sounding program s Is not a lessening tn drug-related the answer to our crim e , pol­ lution, and poverty problem s. What we need now Is not more money, but enforcement of exist­ ing laws and a return to common sense In the enactment of future laws concerning these and o ther problem areas. Dear Uncle Elmer: Why ts there a spot reserved for a county c a r 1n the village garage when the village c a r has to b e kep! oul a ll night? Beadier Dear Beadier: Maybe there isn’t room forbothof them. Uncle Elmer damage to the taxpayers of oar State, startin g several years ago with h is insistent demands foi the passage of a Medicaid blU In the last few days of the Leg. Ulallve Session, over the pro­ tests of many of the members. This move nearly broke many al the counties In Northern New York and forced them to raise real estate faxes, which were already too high and In many in. stances to r e s o r t to a local sales tax. Next came the appointment of Charles Goodeu to the office Of U.S. Senator, and he failed 10 work with the Republican Admin- Istratlon in Washington and finally the writing began to a p. pear on the wan when he was soundly beaten by a conservative, Jam e s L . Buckley, and Ihe m ess­ age became loud and clear With the landslide victory of Presl- dent Nixon last November. I think Governor Rockefeller Is an opportunist, and he now believes that toe people are demanding s return to more fiscal responsi­ bility In our Stale Government, with less taxes and mors lav enforcement. His attack on drug pushers in demanding that they b e given life Imprisonment if caught and con. vlcted Is a great step forwa rd aa I tolnk this kind of traffic Is toe lowest form of e n terprise ever you® ol our country. A m urderer perhaps only kills o n r p b u t d n j p p i i ^ h p v rvM n $ lives of countless people s»ho Secame addicts and live the rest <}t their lives In agony arsd frus- iratton. A strong body and healthy mind a r e the greatest gifts that we can be endowed with and to de­ liberately destroy them Is surely the height of m adness. Dear Uncle E lm er: All you do Is make s a rcastic rem a rks about us public officials. Frankly, f am getting sick of IL Thoroughly disgusted. Dear Thoroughly: If you don’t like dem apples, den don’t shake der tree. Uncle Elm er. when It’s all slushy outside our sanding truck Is spreading sand all over the place b u t can seldom be found when I ts snowlngand very slippery? Gllberta D e a r Gllberta: You’re so slllyl Why anyone can figure that out. Because It’s easier to spread the sand when toe truck Isn’t sllppln all over on the Ice. Uncle Elm er D e a r Uncle Elm er: Why is President Nixon always sending Henry Kissinger abroad? Dodle Dear Dodle: Beats me. He seem s to be getting enough of them on his own. Uncle Elm er Dear Uncle E lm e r: I have this hot little Sunbeam. Boy, It’s the fastest thing I taiow. Delbert Dear D elbert: K 11 canbeat my Sunsweet, then ft must be fasti Drug addiction leads to crim es b’ncle Elm er of theft and violence, shcp-liftlng and purse snatching, because an addict needs the extra money to support a habit of this sort. Re probably becomes mentally and physically unftt to hold down a Job or support a family and has no ctthpr alternative but to resort to a Hie o l c rim e . This m eans higher crim e pre­ vention costs for the already overburdened taxpayer, to say nothing of the toss sustained by him from thefts o f tots sort. It puts an added burden on our courts, which are already over­ crowded, and makes our streets unsafe and our highways more dangerous. I sincerely hope thal the reco­ mmendations of toe Governor a- long these lines receive quick and active support from our Leg­ islators and hopefully introduce a new era of conservative and con­ structive thinking. Dear Uncle Elm e r: How come Dear Uncle Elm er: You are such a disgusting o ld coo! I have no Intention of ever speaking to you again. Lad D ear Lad: I am such a d is­ gusting old coot that I honestly think I would never answer you If you did. Uncle E lm e r A t P r a y e r PRAYER; Our F a ther, we thank Thee for the s a c rifices, even to the loss of life itself, many have made In loyalty to their heritage and tor toe faith. We p ray that whatever e x p eriences befall us because we i a r e C h ristian we may accept a s serving Thy will and purpose. For J e s u s ’ sake. Amen. called E a s tern Liberal E s - Russian-made rocket Into down- tabilshm ent, e tc., changing from town Saigon? O r where w ere you a Uberal to, of ail things, a con- each and every tim e toe Reds servatlve! Two years ago, the tortured and mutilated an A m ert- Guv wanted to p ractically legalize can servicem an? O r where were marijuana; now he wants to nut you when the Reds entered acap - pushers of hard drugs, Including hired village, raped the women, LSD and hashish (concentrated killed toe children and old men, m arijuana) in prison for life! and forced toe young men to fight Two years ago, and le s s , he for them o r Join their d ead r e la- thought our c o u r ts needed r e - tlves? forming because they w e re too And tf C o n g ress, and the llb- stxtct; in spite of toe fact that eral-orlented bleeding heart our crtm e ra t e was going up s o journalists, gel off the P resl* fa s t that t h e “ bleeding heart” dent’s back long enough and don’t reform e rs couldn’t keep up with undermine everything he Is doing ways\ to le t them 'out of Jafl o r to force a peace settlem ent by keep them out of Jail as fast leading toe Reds to believe thal as toe laws w ere being broken if they hold out long enough Con- to send them to Jail. Now, g ress and public opinion will Rocky thinks the courts are too force him to give to to their lenient and wants an inspector term s , we will have p eace to V le t- general appointed to keep tabs nara. Want a tim etable? Okay, on toe do-gooders on the bench! here’s one—If President Nixon Two y e a rs ago, toe Rock couldn’t is allowed to pursue our poli- thtokupw a y s fastenoughtospend cles to Vietnam a s he se e s fit money for education. Now, he believes our educational system Is a m e s s , a heap of wasted tax dollars, etc., and wants an In­ spector general to keep tabs on toe educators of the state too. Wowl Kind of leaves you b reath­ le s s , doesn’t It? And, nationally, look what we a r e w itnessing. A few years ago, m o fe prisons would have'to be many wise men, who need not b e Q j __ /A f i l i n g things built. And, since toe Governor mentioned b ecause they cannot b e „ ’ * . \ * would forbid plea bargaining, forgotten, suggested that a war many more tria ls would be nec- should not be fought unless It ts chipped b o ttle tops, discolored essary, along with more law y e rs, fought with toe intention of win- linings tn vegetable cans, and Judges and prosecutors, ntog IL They could not under- loose tops o n m a y o n n a is e jars If anyone t s to be hit, and hit stand why our m ilitary forces am o n g m y groceries. I try to b e w ere handcuffed when It came to careful, b u t I can't catch attacking the enemy and destroy- e v e r y t h i n g . . . T h e sto r e tog his will and capacity for c o n - m a n a g e r thinks Tm a crank tfnuing toe b a ttle They couldnol w h e n , complain, b u t still i t g o e s understand how the man at the „ „ helm of the Ship of State could £* ' . . T Upset Consum er. allow a fourth rate power like „ . ... North Vietnam to makeUncteSam Let th e seller bew a re! L e ts look like a complete ass. Now, say y o u g e t h o m e a n d find a soap suddenly, N Ixon has pulled out a ll pow d e r box h a s 3 ioak. Put mas- of toe stops and has apparently king tape over it. been bombing everything Insight, and to toe process has been leveling much of the North Viet­ nam ese oatioo. (AU of which, by toe way. Just happened to bring the N azis and toe Japanese to toetr knees d uring World Wax tL And the threalof whlchbroughl Ihe North Koreans to the con­ ference table, for genuine peace talks, back during Elsenhower’s days. Remember?) Maybe it is too late, as som e now suggest, but at least we now seem to be showing the world that the United States might b e a p a p e r tiger, a s a lessenin g crim e s . The Governor’s sudden pro­ posal has raised a seemingly Infinite number of questions. Rockefeller’s address was not specific enough to many areas. Under toe present drug laws, sale of drugs Includes “ g ifts” of drugs. The Governor didn’t In­ dicate this, but his office as­ s u r e s th e people he Includes “ g ifts.” Furtherm o re, he failed to make any distinction between the e x p e rim e n ter, the s m a ll time pusher and the big d e a lers. There ts no differentiation to Rocky’s mind, and toe Governor’s office Indicated that there will b e none. On an even m o re p ractical lev­ el Rockefeller’s proposal would be Im possible to initiate. If the proposal were to be p a s sed, many hard, by drug legislation, It should be the dealer, not the addict o r the sm a ll tim e p u sher of soft drugs. Addiction Is a disease and it should be treated as such. i m r l y s i s find Comment Moscow audiences have been showering plaudits on the latest public play from the pen o f Yev­ geny Yevtushenko, the K rem lin's pet poet. Go back to the store at some time when the checkout lanes are busiest Remove the tape as we will have a n end to the w ar li 30 days. That’s a prediction. - O - Thls week we a r e very please* to announce two new addition! to our editorial staff—Tony Ur­ banlak o f Urbanlak Studio as s taf photographer and Otis Munn Boonvllle KJD. 1, who will tx writing from tim e to tim e tin column, “A F a r m e r ’s View.\ Tony is an excellent 'photo- - grapher and we have been using . his photos fo r som e tim e now ' throughout tbe Journal. Mr. Munn, who o p e rates a d airy farm near Talcottvllle, has deep , roots to this area and n o one we know of is closer to the n eeds and ' thoughts of the Lewis County dalry-m a n . The f a r m be operates has been In the family since 1835, which makes It only five years younger than toe Journal and Republican. He ts close to toe heartbeat ol Lewis County a g r t- : culture, and we know you will enjoy his column, which will In­ clude from tim e t o tim e a poem or two. We welcome them aboard and know that the J and R will only grow better and b e tter through toetr contributions. JABBEBWOCK by jay Addison A New York Press Association Service you enter the store. Hold the box out away from you, the higher up In the air, the better. Let It leak. Give it a poke If necessary. Go to the checker at the center lane. In a loud, pleasant voice, say something like. \Excuse me. How can I exchange this for on# that doesn't leak?” If you're lucky, tbecheckerwill call the manager and the ex­ change cart be made right there with art audience. If you’retoldto go to the office, be sure to ask where it is . . loudly. Let the box leak alt the way. \It pays to advertise \ F l t O M O I K News notes ............................... . Administration officials appear to be making real headway In toetr drive against crim e . FBI figures released last wpek show that Crfme Increased only I per rent In the flrsl nine months ol 1972-the Smallest increase since Ihe bureau began Issuing reports In I960, (to 1988 , the last y e a r ol the Johnson Administration, serious crim e Increased 19 p e r cen t.) FIghtv-three m a |o r cities recorded actual decreases from January to September, with Washington, D ,C., crim e down fty m o re than 30 p e r cent . , , Editor, Journal and Republican: We have Just read a letter sent to by a reader trying to give H, Robert Norjz a bad tim e about trying to make Clinton Street a dead end s tr e e t. We live on Clinton Street atso and about 5 years ago Ihe School Board of Education made a ruling that this end of CtfntonStreef wan too dangerous to put their buses through. They suggested thal we should have o u r five year old child walk across a neighbor's lot in 3-4 feet of snow to meet the b us at a gas station, which we con­ sidered unsafe f o r our five yew old. So If it Is unsafe for buses, In our estim ation It should be closed to other traffic. Bob’s name wasn’t the only nam e on the petition that we signed to this effect. Boh Is befog unfairly criticized. Yours truly, C e ra Id and Betty W idrlck, 120 Clinton S treet, Lawvllle, N.Y, ’Under the Skin of toe Statue Reds have suggested, b u t that of Liberty,” which portrays toe paper u ^ers “ re have one aw- Untted States as a land of op- ....... . . .... ........ — mi— — — pressed, police-brutalized peace atheist-controlled Soviet capital dem o n strators and assassinated STe told by the bard that the pabltc figures -John and Robert *, -s - ,s * nation that would cru c - Kennedy and Martin Luther King- Uy Jesus if He were to r e tu rn , takes place on a narrow stage a s well a s being a land where against a backdrop of “ a tow er- Presidents are assassinated, tog curtain of sheet metal (an According to Theodore Shabad, Iron Curtain?) labeled to Eng- w riting In the New York T im e s , lisb letters, 10 feel high, 'The the antt-U.S. mood tssetfro m th e War.’ ’* moment the play-goers e n ter the E a r l i e r this year Yevtushenko toured the U.S. to the Joy of dom estic liberals. He was warmly received and fawned over by late night TV talk show hosts. And Doubleday & Co., book pub­ lish e r s , presented him to toe public via a “ P o etry in Concert” at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, billed as “ Yev­ tushenko and Friends.” Among the “ F riends” was none other than ex-Sen, Eugene McCarthy (D.—Minn.). Now, toe bard ts safe at home tn the Soviet U» nlon with hts verbal guns pointed - across the Arctic C ircle at the the Statue o f Liberty, standing car nation that made him welcome. * *kull holding a i d ; » cigarette lobby where they are greeted by enlarged photos of war p rotestors “ planting paper skulls on a Wash- capital in November 1969.” Skulls a r e a ls o featured props tn the play, crowned at various tim e s with soldiers* helm e ts,na­ tive Vietnamese h ats and A m e ri­ can Indian headdresses. To the tune of Yevtushenko’s lyrics, protesters battle police, siren s wall and strobe lights flash. At one point to the pro­ duction a girl in tan Jeans and yellow wtodbreaker, said Shabad, p resents herself to the crowd a s Ironically, theater-goers In the (Continued on Page 2-B) Tim es ain’t what they used to be. Whys what a danged crazy week I done had last week! ! done had so much cussed trouble danged if I no where t e r start, Ya knows, a l l these new ranged applfences Jest ain’t what theys cracked up ter be. F i r s t of all, my crazy toaster whent all haywire. One side didn’t work fera while so ’s t’s was a uata jest one side ter makto my toast to the rooming. An of course I allways eats too pieces of toast so’s It took me twice the time ter git my b reakfast. W alls, I’ll be danged ffin the side that was a workln done stopped an theother side that weren’t a workln done started. I was a waitln an a waltta f e r my toast a n I’s finally figured It alls o u t Dang thing nearly made me late t e r goahop- pin with little Karen. So’s , the next day 1 done got my ol faith­ ful! toaster out. It took me a - whlles t e r gtt t o e ’ I didn’t burn my toast-ya ha* thesm o k e cornea * poortn out of that thing like a ol loce motive togtne. But It was fun an know I'm used ter tt - my ol faithful. Walls, I didn’t no m o re than g it that fixed an my hot water heater Jest weren’t heattn Write, s o ’s I done got out my ol black kittle a n s it tt up on the stove full of water ter heet. Boys t t takes awhile* tu gtt her bolltn, but thats oil what we used t e r to do ter take a bath. Used an ol big wash- tub an boys what a fun time wes had washln tn the kitchen In the tub by the ol wood a tore. Nothin like It terday. An then* I was a flxin ter mix m y famoas cakes Us m akes when* in the middle ov rrtlxtn the batter the mixer dohe Stops fer good an no m atter hqws I try* tt Jest don’t work. W ills, 1 gits out my old fajthfull again - this tim e beln my trusty right arm an mixes tt up right nice. Folks Jest don’t no the h a s theys mtssln when theys uses the new appltences. Ol tim es was a heap m o re fun. But then . , . ufmmm \

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