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yi> I l l l i U t REPUBLICAN. LOWVILLE,HEN YORK WEBRESMV, JONIARY 17. 1173 Study New Ag P r o g r a m Bridge (Continued from Page I) tfe. only avenue o v er which Route 18 traffic could be diverted tn an emergency. ■ F ire Chief John Lyng said that he Is completely opposed to any move to have the s tr e e t closed and that he Intends to attend the public hearing and voice his objections. For safety reasons, the Low­ vllle Police Department also ob­ jects to closing the street. such exemption. In other segm ents of the food Industry, license applications have already been mailed to the m ore than 24,000 food p rocessors affected. Additional copies of proposed regulations will be available by writing to the D epartm ent's Di­ vision of Food Control, Building 8, State Campus, Albany, New York 12226. Blood Syrup (Continued from Page 1) ducers which will have less stringent requirem ents but still Insure the wholesomeness of maple products. The Commis­ sioner Is empowered to do so where no health hazard will exist. At the bearing, the Department will also hear arguments con­ cerning a proposed exemption from the $20 license fee for sm a ll maple producers, those who produce less that 250 gallons of maple syrup annually. In gen­ e r a l , maple syrup production r e ­ quirements will dictate that establishm ents be maintained In a sanitary condition; that prac­ tical precautions be taken to exclude birds, insects, rodents and other vermin and animals from the prem ises; that the use of Insecticides and sim ilar pro­ ducts be used only under rigidly controlled circum stances; and that all facilities and equipment used for preparing, storing or otherwise handling this product be kept clean and In sanitary condition. If Commissioner Walkley ap­ proves the exemption clause, each maple syrup producer who qualifies will be required to file (Continued from Page 1) Kenneth R. Wldrlck, Richard Proulx, Betty M iller, Leslie Lyn­ daker, George K loster, John Rog­ gte, Allan Hoppel, Gerald Kuhl, Derwood Wldrlck, Vernon Lyn- daker, Paul Bush, Paul Proulx, Wayne Kuhl, Joseph Anderson, Dinah Yousey and Robert Yousey. J. P. Lewis - David Sham- back • Stan M erry, Roger Hoch, Allyn V lrkler, Erwin Zehr, G er­ ald Zehr, J e s s e Farney J r . , Art­ hur Van Severen, Jam e s Cam- pany, Mary Francis Baker, Patsy Nortz, Ronald Nortz. Climax - Gary Wldrlck, Doug­ las Wldrlck, Jonathan Zehr, T e rry N o ftsler, Mary Knight, C a rl Schack, David Van Cour, Mark M oshler, W arren Ebersoi, Fred Kohler, Vincent Paragon, Patrick Fotl, Ronald Hills, David Kloster, David Austin, Richard Nuffer, Ronald Hoffman and Franklin M erry. Indian River - Belfort - Bern­ adette Planty, Jayne Shaw, Fran­ cis. Kloster, Beverly Kloster, Mark Zehr,Donald M oserandEu- gene Nortz. New Bremen - Helen Glenn, Mary Ellen Worden, Clifford Tabolt, M argaret T a b o lt,\ ATvtn Windover, Francis Ostrowskt, Wilbur Lyndaker, David Lehman, Donna Petzoldt, Esther Moshler, Evelyn Clemons, Clarence Concerned citizens presented a plan for vocational agriculture Instruction to Lowvtlle Academy school board m em b ers, and the adm inistration Thursday nlgbt Jan. 11, at the Lowvllle Pro­ ducers' Co-op office. At present, agriculture taught at the BOCES In Glenfleld Is the oly source a Lowvtlle Academy student can get tn agricultural courses. Howard T e a l, agricultural Instructor at Adirondack Central School, described the program available at Boonvllle. In addition to the program taught at the ver\an3\ Betty W eiler. ” Lowvllle - Charles Pound, Richard Kapfer, Sandra Bush, Richard Bush, Katherine Rozan- skl, Susan Rqzanskl, David Sul­ livan, Robert Sterla and Susan Streeter. Naumburg - Lindsey Marolf, Helen Roggte, Ralph T aube, David Honer, Linda M o ser, Elizabeth Kteb and Nelson Marolf. school, students wishing to go to BOCES for specialization may do so . This latter part of the pro­ gram Is sim ilar to the program s conducted by the Carthage and Beaver Falls schools. The following program for agricultural Instruction was pre­ sented for consideration; Seventh and eighth grade, five weeks’ orientation sessions, exposing students to career opportunities In agriculture, agri-business and conservation: Agriculture 1 and 2, combined one period class of general vocational a g riculture, as defined by the state. Also, Agriculture 3 and 4, ad­ vanced Instruction of current practices and problems tn a g ri­ culture for those who can not work the BOCES program Into their schedule; sconservatton courses, o r elective open to any student tn high school; and farm visits fro supervision of work study program with the student as mandated by the state. Castorland - Michael Hirschey, was ajg0 recommended that Loren Hirschey, Norman Yousey, „ a student should b e u n d e rsuper- Carol B u rr, Donald F a rney, Betty vjs ion regarless of the subjects Swaet, Ed Sweet and Mary they are taking, and cost of the Graves. program should remain the sam e Beaver Falls \ Naumburg Area News MRS. IRENE G. SCHULZ Correspondent NAUMBURG - M r. and M rs. Harland Campany have announced by Governor Nelson A. Rocke­ feller, will give the state a re­ cord of food p rocessors. David E . C a rnle, a Junior at a written request annually for M e rry, J r . , Ann Lee, Louis Wea- I I I I I i I i s Give Your Car A Longer Lease On Life!! Wash Away Damaging Road Grim e And Corrosive Sait Is h $1 Wai 2St Drlt-Yows«H Wash 25c THERE'S NO NEED TO STEP OUT INTO THAT NASTY WEATHER!! LET US DO THE JOB FOR YOU!!! AT I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I \ Steiner, Pam M oser, Velma F a m e s , Tim F a r ­ ney, Pat Farney, Bruce Chap­ man, Mary Mooney, E rnest Sm ith, Ronald Thomas, C a rl Hop­ pel, Robert Hoppel, Jack Buskey, Donald Dewey and W arren Nuf­ fer. BRCS Faculty - Nancy Cham­ berlain, Frank B a rr e tt, P at F o rd, Linda O’Leary, D o rts Meyer, Pam Everette, Lionel Snave, Len Proulx, Jim Ftnguerra, Martha Boshart and Bruce Buckingham. BRCS - Students - Doug Pom- Invllle, Kay Farney, John Dlcob, Tim Meyer, Mona Yousey, Deb­ bie Bruce, T e rry Steiner, T e r­ esa Steiner, Timothy P e ters and M lchele Lehman. Recruiters were as follows: Beaverlte, Mr. and M rs. Earl Robinson; Latex, Larry Marolf; J.P . Lewis. Ralph S treeter; Cli­ max, Noreen S treeter; Croghan, Helena Kuhl and Barb V lrkler, Betty Wldrlck and Cecelia Vlrk­ ler; Indian River - Belfort, Bev­ erly Kloster, Viola Dutton and Peg Kuhl: New Bremen - Pearl Weaver and Helen Glenn; Naum­ burg, LaVeda Taube, L ouise Bey­ er and Ann Marolf; Castorland, Bernice Hirschey; Beaver F a lls, M rs. George Kloster, D a rryl VanSeveren, Dolores Chartrand and Gen Lyndaker; BRCS (Faculty) L a rr y Ryan; BRCS (Students), Michael Chartrand. N o rbert for tax purposes.1 Murphy, Belva ENGAGED - M r. and M rs. G er­ ald Z e h r, Carthage R.D. 1, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Karen Mae, to Beryl H. Walseman, H, son of M r, and M rs. Beryl H. W alse­ man, I, also of Carthage R.D. 1. Miss Zehr Is a 1972 grad­ uate of Beaver River Central School and Is now attending her second year of practical N u rs­ ing at BOCES school in Glen­ fleld. Mr. Walseman Is a 1971 graduate of Beaver River Cen­ tral School and ts employed-on his father’s farm . A sum m er wedding is planned. the engagement of their d aughter, Marietta College, M a rietta, O., Connie M arie, to LeRoy John was named to the d e a n s list Bush, son of M r. and M rs. LeRoy for the faU s e m e s ter. He Is the J . Bush. Miss Campany is a son of Jam es M. C a rnle of the senior at Beaver R iver C e n tral Farney Road. School, Beaver F a lls. M r. Bush, Emery Bernat lost his father, a June graduate of Beaver R tver George Bernat, 87, by death at Central School, Is employed a t Lewis County General Hospital AMF Corporation, Lowvllle. on Thursday. Funeral services Ben Arnold and H a rry M e lster will be Saturday morning from were elected trustees of the the V irkler Funeral Home and Brady Acres Senior C itizens’ later at St. Peter’s Church, with Club a t Its recent meeting and burial In Lowvllle Rural Ceme- electton of officers at the C a r - tery. His wife died January 24, thage Club rooms. New York State’s maple pro­ ducers will have to be licensed by the tim e the sap season a r - 1971. Syracnae Visitors Mr. and M rs. Charles rives this year. A new law, p a s s — Calderala of Syracuse spent ed by the legislature last year Christm a s weekend with her Par\ as the result of consumer pro— ents, Mr. and M rs. Leonard tectlon recommendations m ade Tabolt, and family. New Bremen. A m p l y o p i a C l i n i c S e t South Lewis Lions Club will hold an Amplyopia C linic (lazy eye) at the Lyons Falls Elementary School between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m ., on Tuesday, Jan. 23. 1973. ■v Parents In the south Lewis County are urged to take their pre-school aged children (2 y ears to 5 years) to this clinic for a sim p le eye test to be a d m inister­ ed by trained Lions’ Club mem­ bers. “ L azy Eye’’ Is found In a few children each year. When d e te c t­ ed early, possible loss of vision in the affected eye can be pre­ vented through m edical help. For additional inform ation, those Interested may call 348- 8475 dally, Monday thru Friday, between 8 a .m . and 3 p .m . LOWVILLE LAWN & GARDEN S, State S t Phone 376-3821 Used Equipment In Stock! John Deere 8 h.p. with blower John Deere 8 h p . * *itb chains, wheel wpiebts, & mower Bolens 10 h.p. with b lower, mower, tiller & sickle bar SNOW BLOW ERS 3 Snoic B ird Blowers Lambert Blower SNOW M O B ILES 1971 Snow Jet 1970 Polaris Colt 1971 Arctic Cat Puma Convalescent Aids Sales and Rentals .olostomy and Ileostomy Supplies Canes - Walkers - Commodes Wheelchairs - Hospital beds Bedside tables - Bathtub rails Lowville Pharmacy,Inc IB S State St. W Phtae 376-3414 Mon.-Sat. 8 a .m . - 9 p.m. Sun & Holidays 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. iMULLIN’ S CAR WASHS i * I oft st A v b . Lowvlllo Fay Mullin , Owner Y o u r s a v i n g s e a r n t h e h i g h e s t r a t e s a t Just like the \real thing\ in everything but cost! S a v e ! B r ick Faithful reproductions in every detail. Light­ weight, washable. Easy to \do-it-yourself!” BRICKS to cover 10 sq ft f 1 i 9 9 White, Red or \Used\ ▼ • * S T O N E to cover C 1 1 99 6 sq ft ^ 1 1 Gray, White or Tan F A R M E R S CO OP INC. [5500 S H A D Y A V £ . iO W V I U E N Y. * P H O N E 37(5 6589 t -------- T & i S M o 2 y e a r T i m e D e p o s i t S a v i n g s A c c o u n t s C o m p o u n d e d D A I L Y Annual yield- 6 . 1 8 % GUARANTEED I N T E R E S T RATE FO R TWO YEAR MATURITIES. MINIMUM ACCOUNT $500. INTEREST MAY BE MAILED, ON REQ UEST, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, SEMI-ANNUALLY OR LEFT TO COMPOUND TO MATURITY. N o rthland P la/a Shopping C e n ter 111 ( linton Sircel in W a tertow n .12 East C h u rch Street in A d a m 1) M e m b e r F ed er al Deposit Insurance G o r p o ra t i o n

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