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The journal and Republican. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1929-current, February 07, 1973, Image 5

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f h\ I h r l ' It; . I » r . i . » > # * ■; \ f If t k I F i t * k i i «j ! T Ji . , * * AGWAY C E R T I F I E D S E E D O A T S - # 2 . 5 5 - # 2 . 4 5 - # 2 . 4 5 $ 2 . 4 0 b u . T H I S W E E K O N L Y d i r e c t l y o f f t h e e a r F . O . B . C u s U t r b t t u l A G W A Y ] CASTORLAND COPENHAGEN P h o n e 3 7 6 - 3 3 3 0 o r 6 8 8 - 4 4 2 1 4 9 3 - 2 8 8 7 The term s of Mayor Leonard K. V irkler and two v illage tru s ­ tees — D r. John S. M iller and Rodney Persons e x p ire In March, Mr. Persons was appointed Jan . 18 to fill the rem ainder of the term of the late Louis F. Meda. It la expected Mayor Virkler and D r. MlUer will seek re-e­ lection and M r. Persons will seek a two-year term on the board. Mr. V irkler who will b e seek­ ing his fourth two-year term , has served on the board since 1961, first a s trustee and then as mayor to succeed Floyd Lo- son. Dr, M iller was elected to the board In 1967 and was subse­ quently reelected for two term s. Mr. Persons, treasu r e r at tAp Lewis County Trust Company tn charge of personnel, purchasing, and assistant in operations, ls n^w to the local political scene. M r. V irkler and M r. Persons are Republicans. D r. Miller Is a Democrat, Other members of the board are Russell R. Zel­ le r , Republican, and John Fo­ garty, Democrat. The village caucus will b e Mon­ day evening, Feb. 12, a t the Low­ vllle Academy cafeteria. S o c i e t y T o A business meeting of the A ltar-Rosary Society of St. P e ter’s Church, Lowvllle, wtll be held Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 1:30 p.m . tn the church hall. WANTED : CATTLE & HORSES Dead or Alive $5 to $25 I f c a l l e d i m m e d i a t e l y Ph. 639-6895 Play-Do-Dog Food Co. Dexter, N.Y. ______ ENGAGED - M r. and M rs. Gil­ bert s . wtdrlck, have announced tbe engagement of their daugh- <er, Deborah Jo, to E a rl F, Boltver, son of E a rl J. Boliver, Croghan R.D. 1, and the late M rs. Dorothy F. Boliver. Miss Wldrick is a 1970 g rad­ uate of Beaver River Central School and a 1972 graduate of B.O.C.E.S. She ls a licensed practical nurse employed by Lewis County G eneral Hospital. Mr. Boliver is a 1970 grad­ uate of Beaver Rtver Central School. He Is employed by Low­ vllle Feed and Grain. A June 30 wedding ls planned. K i n n e y D r u g s K i n n e y h a s f l l l t d m o r e t h a n 7 M i l l i o n e x c l u s i v e l y I n t h e N o r t h C o u n t r y ! PRESCRIPTIONS Thar* m a t t h m m i M l L e t U s P r i c e Y o u r P r e s c r i p t i o n ....We Want You To Know.... KMNEY MINI PRICES AT AIL \NEAR YOU\ STORES THRU SATURDAY. FER. IO....QUANTITY RKHTS RESERVED Special! E L P R O D U C T O Blunts GET 1 CIGAR FREE for every 4 you buy (while they lest) Rue Cut Plica 62' 1 PACK OF CIGARS £ 4 5 e 6.95 MFR. LIST for-the-man-around-th e-house V I S E G R I P TRI-PACK The most useful tool »n the wortrf * curved jaw models, aft w*th -viru cutters io m ; m . 5 m sues 4 5 ” 7 » y KiN NEV DRUG C O U P O N 2°® O F F G I F T W A R E with this coupon and purchase of any Giftware item from 7.50 up Coupon good *11 stores fftru Sat. Feb f3 except Washington St. W*tertewn. W Y $ VALUABLE C L I P A U S E $ Exciting Earthy Sensual Don’t Forget! JEAN NATE’ AFTER BATH LOTION 8 oz. 2 . 0 0 2 i6 oz. 3 . 5 0 « p A M B U S H SPRAY COLOGNE 3 oz. TABU SPRAY COLOGNE 3 oz. 4.00 5 COTY EMERAUD BATH POWDER 3 . 0 0 * EMERAUD 3.5 oz SPRAY COLOGNE 5 . 0 0 2 C H A N E L SPRAY PERFUME v. oz. AA AM SPRAY COLOGNE Vti oz. 0 . ( |U MM Assorted Bagged VALENTINE GANDIES by Brach 4 3 9 ! d a / u f U ~ V ALINTINE ANIMAL RED POODLE no. 790R RED and WHITE MOUSE mU449C RED and WHITE POODLE no. 353 for Your VALENTINE when you care enough J ANGEL no. 1463V B ed & WHITE DOLL PILLOW v ' c a n d i e s for y our Valentine F A N C Y H E A R T S Fazer Chocolate Covered JELLIES 4» oz MINT CREAMS 4* oz FRUIT CREAMS oz 4 3 / 1 0 0 VAL 1.17 F R E E K0DACOL0R FILM C X - 1 2 6 with PREPAID M A I L E R IT’S THE LOW COST WAY AND FASTEST- Ask for Details 6.30 VAL MY K I N N E V D R U G C O U P O N Y 1 ° ° O F F G I F T W A R E with this coupon and purchase of any Giftware item from 3.00 (o 7.50 Caupon good all stores thru Sat. Fetr to except Washington St. Watertown, N.Y $ VALUABLE C L IP A U S E $ N O R T H C O U N T R Y ' S C O N S U M E R S A V E R . . . L E T A K I N N E Y P H A R M A C I S T P R I C E Y O U R P R E S C R I P T I O N S ! CONFIDETS disposable bags inc. 4 6 4 1.2? VALUE S A V E 4 . 3 0 T H E M 6 R A N High Potency Vitamins 3 0 ^ <igg 30 FREE WITH PURCHASE OF 100 4 3 ” 8.29 LIST E S Z S 9 BRECK SPRAY-ON CREME RINSE 8 oz Reg. or with Body I MEAD A S H O U L D E R S SAVE 71- 1.15 VALUE 4 01 LOTION 01 2.7 02 TUBE S H A M P O O 4 4 4 1.45* VALUE D i s c o u n t i n s u l i n S a v i n g s R E G U L A R U 4 0 - 8 9 U 8 0 - 1 . 7 9 P R O T A M I N E ZIN C , N P H o r LENTE 1 1 4 8 - 9 9 ', U 8 0 - 1 . 8 9 SA V E 7 6 PEARL DROPS TOOTH POLISH 2?< 01 4 8 3 1.59 VALUE S A V E 4 1 ' MURINE for your Eyes 6 0 2 Plastic Squeeze Bottle I 4 5 7 c 98' VALUE SA V E 6 6 D R I S T A N Decongestant Tablets 1 24 TABLETS Colds Hay Fever or Sinus Relief 4 8 3 * 1.49 UST P R I C E S L I K E T H E S E A R E W H Y W E S A Y \ S A V I N G A T K I N N E Y D R U G S I S L I K E G E T T I N G A R A I S E I N P A Y ! Appian Way iPIZZA ARMOUR Easy Delicious Needs no Rising Time! 7 8 8 ' 1.35 VALUE SA V E 4 5 ' LEMON PLEDGE y* 7 02. f ) ‘'JU s m Waxe(1 Beautr INSTANTLY as you dust from SC. JOHNSON £ 6 5 c 1.10 VALUE SA V E 1 .3 0 from Johnson Way GLORY Rug Cleaner Spray on1 Sponge in' Vacuum off. when dry 249 LIST SAVE 56' TENDER TOUCH C H A P - N O - M O R E DOUBLE LOTION 01 £ 4 3 e 99' VALUE SAVE 70' D I A L Deodorant Regular 4 0L SPRAY for the whole family 4 3 9 1.09 UST S A V E 51 EVEREADY B A T T E R I E S no. 216 9 VOLT Pack 2 Transistors £ 6 7 1.18 VALUE T f V K IN N E Y D R U G C O U P O N T J ' f V I V A N A P K I N S I 140 Prints by Scott 8 with coupon 3 « o r 1.29 VAL 8 9 Good all Kinney Stores thru Feb- IQ. K I N N E Y DRUGS [ g g P R E S C R I P T I O N P H A R M A C I E S >-r _ V A I „ , ST ftlBANS MASSENA MAl0,,E WATERTOWN- CARTHAGE PULASKI LOWVILLE - ' Q p r | | & 1 T f v ' 1 1 9 N E A R Y O U .S T O R E S Pittsburgh ogdensburg canton potsoam gouverneur adams *•* v r t i f u» NORTHERN LEAGUE Vance Ins., 60.0 - 32.0; E s - senlohr, 56.0-36.0; Lewis Lanes, 53.5 - 38.5; Lowvllle S u rge, 53.0- 39.0; W estern Auto, 51.5 - 40.5; A.M.F., 48.5 - 43.5; Antler’s, 47.5 - 44.5; LowvUle E lectric, 44.0 • 48.0; C astorlaud Hotel, 43.9 - 49.0; Climax, 39.5 - JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN, LO V ttU f, 8- T- WEDHESMV, RIRUABV 7, 1873 Strikes and Spares 18; W etm ores, 31-21; Hocha, 21 1/2 - 30 1/2; Wests, 18 1/2 - 33 1/2; Buckinghams, 13-39. Men’s high single, Don Hoch, 505. Women’s bigh single, Mary Kelley, 431. CROGHAN WOMEN'S Monnat Plumbing and Heating, 50 1/2 - 25 1/2; Belfort ten, 43-33; Village T a v e rn, 39-37; Golden Shoe Store, 35-41; Mon— nat and N o rtz, 32 1/2 - 43 1/2; H and L M o tors, 31-45. High team triple, Monnat Plumbing and Heating, 2,609. High team single, Monnat Plumb­ ing and Heating, 896. Blgb In­ dividual triple, Phyltss N o rtz, 464. High Individual single, M ary Demo, 201. High average, Liz Peters, 145,36. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Agway, 17-3; Lewis L a n e s, 12- 8; Ingersoll’s , 11-9; Legion, 19- 10; Ross d a les, 10-10; Foothills, 8-12; A N ,F „ 7-13; Genesee, 5 - 15. High team three gam es, tng e r - soU’s , 2,867. High team gam e , Ingersoll’s, 080. High Individual game, J . Pomlnvllle, 203. High lndlvlduaj three gam es, D. F a r ­ ney, 549. High average, D. F a r ­ ney, 180. 52.5; Lowvllle 64.0; Northern 64.5. High team Motors, Homes, 28.0 27.5 single, Lowvllle E lectric, 1,058. High team triple, Antler’s , 3,088. High triple, Bernle Campany, 633. High single. Gale Woodhouse, 232 CLASSIC le a g u e : Lewis Lanes I, 291.Q-102.0; Boonville Bowl, 287.0-196.0; A. M.F., 276.0 - 207.0; Mibalyts, 262.0 - 221.0; M anser’s Garage, 256.0 - 227.0; Grelg G arage, 242.0 - 241.0; Don’s Welding, 240.0 - 243.0; Adderley Pontiac, 239.0 - 244.0; Marcy Amuse­ ments, 223.5 - 259.5; M iller’s Store, 213.0 - 270.G; B-oonvllle Vend, 193.0 - 290.0; Lewis Lanes H, 175.5 - 307.5. High team single, Boonville Bowl, 982, High team triple, Lewis Lanes I, 2,802. High triple. Dale Wldmeyer, 647. High single. Dale W ldmeyer, 234. C -ville Area LOWVILLE COMMUNITY LowvlHe Laundry, 14-6; Lewts County T rust Company, 13-7; Clarke’s Shoe Store, 11 1/2 - IV l o r e D » f * „ 8 1/2; Lowvllle F a rm e rs Co- ’ U ” 9 A3 r i u l l y op, 11-9; Bob’s Liquor Store, li-9 ; Genuine Auto P a ris, 11-9; National Bank of N. N.Y., 10- 10; Mullln’s MobH, 7 3/2 - 12 1/2; LowvUle Sport S|iop, 7-13; V e r’s Restaurant, 4-16, High team lrtple,C larke’sSboe Store, 2,894. Htgh team game, Lewts County T rust Co., 988. High Individual game, John Chamberlain, 216. High In­ dividual se r i e s , Ken Spann, 564. High average, Ted Lewis, 188. CROGHAN K OF C Marllley’s Store, 45-31; Vil­ lage Tavern, 43-33; H and L M otors, 42 1/2 - 33 1/2; M iller House, 41-35; Croghan Inn, 41— 35; Henry’s Insurance, 36-40; Monnat and Nortz, 36—40; Nat­ ional Bank, 34-42; Houppert’s Sunoco, 32 1/2 - 43 1/2; Grand Union, 29-47. High team trip le, Houppert’s Sunoco, 2,981. High team single, Croghan Inn, 1,049, High in­ dividual triple, Jim M trllley, 637. High lndlvlduaj single, Jim MarlUey, 227. High Individual average, Jim M arlUey, 190.3. FRiDAF NIGHT LASSES Kraft, 56-32; Lowville Auto P a r ts , 47 1/2 - 40 1/2; Ant­ ler’s , 47-41; P & C, 42 1/2 - 45 1/2; Hitching Post, 41-47; Genesee Five, 30-58. High team t r ip l e , Kraft, 2,937. High team single, Kraft, 1,004. High Individual triple, C a rol Hul­ b e r t , 505. High Individual single, Elaine Gallup, 195. High aver­ age, Carol H u lbert, 163. GLENFIELD WOfCEN’S Hoffman and Dudo, 56-3Z;Cen- tral Hotel, 49-39; O a ide's, 45- 43; Beaverlte, 44-44; Greene’s , 38 1/2 - 49 1/2; Wtdrlck and Son, 31 1/2 - 56 1/2. Team high triple, w Idrlck and MRS. EMMA HOFFMANN Correspondent CONST ABLEVTLLE - Con- stablevtlle S enior Citizens met in SL Mary's Hall on Feb. 1. The secretary’s and t r e a s u r e r 's r e ­ ports w e re read and accepted. Tbe president, Clarence C u tter, Introduced the guest speaker .E d ­ ward S elber, d is tr ict principal of the South Lewis School System , His speech was most instructive and Interesting, h is subject being the proposed renovation of the tour elem entary schools. The state will assum e 95% of the expense of this work, thus r e ­ lieving the taxpayers of the d is­ tric t of any burden. Painting, r e ­ pair work and, as In the case of the Glenfield school, additional classroom s will be In the p lans. Boilers wlU have new p a r ts where necessary and be updated r a ther than replaced as at f ir s t thought necessary. Contracts will be let the first week In March. Mr. s i e b e r further entertained the gathering with many beautiful slides o f toe Virgin Islands, where he, Mrs. Sieber and friends spent a vacation. A social hour ol card playing followed toe meeting and r e f r e s h ­ ments w e re served. Miss Winifred Sheppard Is a patient tn the Lewis County Gen­ era l Hospital, Her friend s hope for her speedily recovery. The Women’s Society of C h rtstlan Servlce met oo January 23 at the home of Rosetta Hoff­ m an, and was followed by a busi­ ness meeting. Refreshments w ere served. meeting. Refreshments were served. The next meeting will be with M r s . A rsa Weiman on February 27. A group of members from the Son, 2,813. Teamhlghgaine.VVtd- Constablevtlle Neighbors Club rick and Son, 983. Individual high triple, D. Hoffman, 496. In- dlvldusd high g am e.S.'X e rrlllloB , 192. High average, D. Hoffman, 183.52. MONDAY NTGHTCO-ED Damuths, 38-14; Allens, 34- vislted slut-Ins and e lderly me ru­ b e r s on Wednesday afternoons wtthln walking distance, thus giving the pleasure of a v isit and having the enjoyment o f a pleasant walk for themselves. They plan to continue their walking tour. * a E N U I N E A U T 0 P A R T 9 f i o o n v i l l e a n d L o w v i l l e D O Y O U H A V E A L L T H E T O O L S N E E D E D F O R T B E J O B Y O U A R E D O I N C f S t o p a t \ G e E n i B e \1 a n d c h e c k e a r S K T o o ) I n d w S p e c i a l . W E H A Y E 12 p c . 1/ 2 ” drive socket met plus box NO tf purchased seperateiy, O Y L K ] retail p r ice A f B i t would b e 329.22. y I I f ■\ \ wmmmma 7 pc. metric & 9 pc. std. combination w r e n c h set ’ Regula r 534.29 a . 1 1 9 “ S t o p i n s t \ G e n u i n e * ' f o r a l l y o u r • ■ t a o n o i i v e n e e d s . Don't say you cam’s f i n d it mntil mo* try \GENUINE.\ OTHER STORES LOCATED IN CLINTON, YORKVTLLE, UTICA, BARNEVELD, AND RICHFIELD SPRINGS. )■' V I

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