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525 A . M L TATE TED ISTINGS • S a il F a r a f US AT 'ECIALE3T LTV HALST, >WN,»;Y:\ - 2270 ■ 25-1-c ION :y rt 173 ILLS .31-.38 .25 .31 3S9 $ i • 4 AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION LEGAL ug, comfort. tdroom W ith kitchen, ot w a te r heat jo i s . Showing m e only. See -2823 a y , Inc. s purchased Bice Id 1967. 25-1-C_ FOR SAM , y remodeled in islly accessible ! Beaver Falls, down payment e Box 40, care d Republican. 24-2-c ; FOR SALE: bedroom mobile tely furnished. ;e, patio, b^ck irage shed. Ap- s acre of land, riced for quick .6391 o r 346- 25-2-c E FOR SALE: m bome, 1 2/3 chen with dlah- . In Caatorlahd. after 4:30 p.m. 25-2-p ■ J (l f ' <■ l >< f & t I / • f . I ■ ,M , ts* E M P I R E L IV E S T O C K M A R K E T IN G C O -O P E R A T I V E sp T c I a l d a T r y s a l e FEB. 12 at 8 p.m. Load o f Wisconsin cattle real close or fresh. Also lo a d of fresh cows aad.heifers. BULLS UP TO 40c THIS WEEK COWS UP TO 34.50 VEAL UP TO 66c LOWVILLE 376-722™ Regular sales auction every Monday j o h n M a h o n e y , Bam s u p t . A L D O D G E Sales time 1:39 p.m . P.S. Consignments Welcome BEEFS St CALVES SELLING MUCH STRONGER THIS WEEK Please call your trucker early or call 376-7441 for truck service to the market. FOR TRUCKING TO WATERTOWN MARKET THURSDAYS CALL Lowville Area - DICK BUSH • 376-2376 Or CLEMENT MARSHALL - C-vllle - 397-2608 Copenhagen Area - VERNARD DONLEY - 638-2348 Carthage Area - HERBERT MONTGOMERY - 493-1452 r ARTIFICIAL IN SEMINA TION & MANAGEMENT TRAINING SCHOOL for H e r d O w n e r s f t T e c h n i c i a n s sponsored by AMERICAN BREEDERS SERVICE, INC. FEBRUARY 19-23, 1973 Em p ire Livestock Sales Lowville, N.Y. for Information and registration contact LOREN WIDRICK Lowville 376-3352 DISTRICT OFFICE T b e r e s a 6 2 9 - 4 8 1 1 24 - 3 - p j | REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE W I N T E R B U Y S Y e a r round 4 bedroom home located 2 foil baths, fireplace, 3 stall garage REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Real Estate NEWS Aa a new service, Doney Realty is now offering news and Information to inform people about different aspects o f REAL ESTATE transactions. This week we are advising of the dif­ ferent types of listings available from your Real Estate Broker. The three trees a re; L ) Exclusive Sales Listing - meaning that only Broker may sell your property,!! yon se ll, you still pay commission. 8 0 Exclusive Agency - meaning that Broker may sell pro­ perty, o r that owner may sell property on his own and not have to pay com m ission to anv Broker. 3 .) Open L isting • meaning that any Broker may work or and te l l your listing o r that owner may s e ll his own property without obligation to any Broker. Doney Realty believes that the best type ts an open listing because the B roker must work harder to-sell your property before the owner sells, t f the Realtor knows that no sale will be made by blm and O at he has competition he Is bound to work harder for you. Remember, a little eompetltton never hurt anyone. Doney Realty believes that the custom e rs always come first. F o r all your Real Estate Needs, Buying, Selling, Appraisals, e t c ., consult the professionals, without any obliga­ tion. DONEY REALTY Michael Doney - Salesman 376-3151 .s .,.* LOWVILLE R. D. 3 200 acre farm all slock and equipment and most of the furniture goes with the sale. This farm is selling v e ry reasonable due to ill health. Don’t wait, make an appointment as soon as possible with my salesman? Floyd Zehr , Croghan 346-1265. Now ts the lime to list your property with us, wc have no oft season m our office and work day and night for our clients, rem em ber In the Lowville a r e a c all on my salesm an. STAN CZEPIEL FLOYD ZEHR R e a l t o r BRANTINGHAM LAJCE - directly on the w ater, and much m o re. INDIAN RIVER - 60 acres prim e bunting land surrounded by 22.000 a c res o f s tate land, plenty ol water. $6,000 WATSON . 5 bedroom home o n 80 a c r e s . $23,500 CARTHAGE - 40 acres next to Carthage C e n tral School. 1250 ft. road frontage. $75 year taxes. Asking $16,500. LOWVILLE - 3 fam ily apartm ent house located on quiet s t r e e t, good annual Income, live tn and rent (ays taxes., etc. LOWVILLE - 3 bedroom ranch on quiet street, excellant con­ dition, owner will reduce price for quick sale. We also have building lots, trailer lots, and farm s., for appointment on these o r any of our fine listings call the pro­ fessionals. D O N E Y REALTY Michael Doney Sale am a i. 376-3151 26-i-e W A N T E D ! W A N T E D ! W A N T E D ! Every type „of real estate, especially, village or country homes, Ukefront cottages, camps, woodlands, lands fo r r e ­ forestation, b u sinesses, farm s , building lots. Our firm was established In 1912, therefore it is not hard to realise, WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE tn selling real estate. We have a waiting ltst of prospective purchasers who are looking for any and all types of r e a l estate. We cover northern New York, not fust Lewis County. We advertise in num erous large city newspapers. So you see WE ALSO HAVE THE CLENTS. We cannot guarantee a sale but If your property is priced right, I'm su r e w e can se l l It fo r you. With o u r personnel, who a r e anxious to list and sell your property, we reel we can do the Job right. F o r An Appointment ONLY, please da.1t any one of the fal­ lowing licensed salesmen to discuss the listings and selling of your property. MRS. MAitGET DAVEY 376-6326 MR. DONALD WEEKES (days) 376-7013 MR. DONALD WEEKES (nights) 348-8019 MR. BERNARD SWARTZ MAN 376-3663 INSURANCE & r e a l e s t a t e a g e n c y 7642State S treet Lowville, N.Y. . - LEGAL LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids a r e requested by the B e a v e r R iver Central School D istrict, Beaver Falls,N e w Y o rk 13305 for the sale of one Used Dishwasher. BJdswlU be resolved until 1 p.m. on February 12, 1973, tn the business office at which tim e and place they will be publicly opened and read. Specifications and bid form may berobtalned at the sam e office o r by calling. 315-346-1211. 24-2-c NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the 1973 a ssessm e n t roU for the Vil­ lage of Lyons Falla?, New York has been filed with the Village C lerk a t her home on Me Alpine S t. Lyons F a l l s , New York,where tt may be seen and examined by any person until the third Tues­ day, viz February 2 0 , IS73, and that on said third Tuesday in February 1973 the Board o fT r u s - tees ol the Vm age of Lyons F a n s , New York o r a committee of such Board, will m eet InClerk’shom e, In said Village from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. for tb- purpose* ol com p lel. log the said assessm e n t roll and ol hearing and determ ining com* plaints In relation thereto. VILLAGE OF LYONS FALLS County of Lewis, New York NOTICE OF UNION VILLAGE CAUCUS Notice Is hereby given that a Union Caucus of the voters of the Village o f LyonsFalls.New York, will he held M onday,February 19, 1973 at 7 P.M. tn the Village Building to nominate the follow­ ing e Ulcer: Mayor - Term of two years Trustee - Term of two years and for the translation of such other business as' may properly come before the meeting. Dated tbLs 5th day of February. 1973. * By o rder, of the VUlageComm 1 ttee - ............. iH - s r NOTICE OF CAUCUS Notice is hereby given that a UNION CAUCUS will be held at the Village F ir e Hal], C a stor- land. New York, February IE, 1973 al 7:30 p.m ., tor the pur­ pose of nominating candidates for Uw following Offices and any other business that may come up: SURPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ONEIDA Plaintiff designates ONEIDA County as the place ot tria l. The basis ol the venue ts P laintiffs Designation CPLR 509, Summons with Notice Plaintiff resides at County ot Lewis. DORIS A. Smith, Plaintiff, against, CHARLES M. SMITH, Defendent. ACTION FOR A DIVORCE To the above named Defendant You are hereby summoned to serve a notice of appearance, on the P lain tiffs Attorney (s) within 20 days after the s e rvice ot ttlis summons, exclusive of the day of servtce (or within 30 days after the service is complete If this summons Is not personally delivered to you within the S tate of New York); and In case of your failure to appear, judgement will be taken against you by default for the r e lief demanded in the notice set forth below upon the term ination of conciliation proceedings o r 120 days after tiling of a Notice o f Commence­ ment of this action with the c o n ­ ciliation Bureau, whichever Is sooner. Dated, February 2, 1973 ERNEST J WOLFE JR. Attorney ( s ) for Plaintiff Office and Post Office Address LOWVILLE NY 13367 T el. No. 315-376-6622 NOTICE: The object of this action is to obtain a judgement of divorce dissolving the m ar­ riage between the parties on grounds of abandonment. Public­ ation made pursuant to order of Supreme C o u rt Judge J . Robert Lynch on February 2, 1972 and tiled In Oneida County Clerk’s office, Utica, NY. 25-3-c NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF ASSESSMENT ROLL (Real Property Tax Law Sec. 1406) HEARING OF COMPLAINTS Notice IS hereby given that the A ssessors of the Village of Copenhagen, New York have com­ pleted their Assessm ent RoU for the current year, that a copy thereof has been left with the undersigned Vtllage Clerk, where It may be seen and examined by any person Interested thereto until the 20th day of February 1973, and on such day, at 6:00 to 10:00 P.M. said A s sessors will meet at Village Office to the said Village, to hear and examine all complaints to relation to such A ssessm ents, on the application of any person conceiving hlroselh to be ag. grieved thereby. All assessm ents have been raised to correspond with the Town of Denamrk as­ sessm e n ts. D a te* February 5, 1973. STANLEY W. PARSONS RICHARD T. FLEMING CLAUDE Ft. McNEIL HAROLD S. WHEELER RICHARD J . BBRCHENOUGH A s sessors VIOLA B, VARY Village Clerk ________________________ 25-1-c NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF ASSESSMENT ROLL HEARING OF COMPLAINTS Notice Is hereby given* that (he A s s e s s o rs of the Village of C a storland, New York, CoUDty of Lewis, have completed their A ssessm ent r o ll for the c u rrent year; that a copy thereof has been left with Richard Widrick at Main S treet, Castorland, New York, where It may be seen and examined by any person Interest­ ed therein until the day of February 20, 1973 and that on such day al 6 p.m. to 10 p.ta», said A s sessors will meet at the Village F ir e Ball to the said town, to hear and ex­ am ine all complaints In relation to such assessm e n ts , on the ap­ plication of any persons con­ ceiving him self aggrieved there­ by. Thursday morning, May 3, 1973 at 10 o’clock at the office of the Clerk of the County of Lewts, the names of twenty-eight Grand Jurors will be drawn to serve al a Tei in ul County Court set down for Mav 21, 1973atlOA.W : that on Thursday morning May 17, 1973 at 10 o'clock at the office of the Clerk ot the County ot Lewts, the names of forty-eight Trial Jurors will he drawn to serve at a Term of County Court set down for June 4, 1973 at 10 A.M. JOURNAL AMO REPUBLICAN, LOWVILLE, * • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1173 parcels, lots or pieces ol land described la the following list: Cooper, Robert W.j Lot on Mato Street., 1/2 acre; bounded on N. Agway, E . Main Street, and the n am es of thlrty-stx T rial s . River, W, Agway. Valuation $200 .................... $16.71 Doyle, Maurice J. & Jane: Res­ idence dn Maple Ave., 1/2 acre; bounded on N , D avts, E . Hall, N. Maple Aye., IV, Snyder. Valuation $1500 ................. J$154.60 Hayes, Donald J. & Nlae C.: Residence on Mala S treet., 1/2 acre; bounded on N, Llscum , E. Llscum, N . J a m e s , IV, Main Jurors will he drawn to serve at a term of S u p rem eCourtsetdown tor June 4, 1973 a t ID A.M.; that on Thursday morning, August 16, 1973 at 10 o’clock a t the office of the Clerk of the County of Lewis, the nam es of thirty-six Trial Jurors will be drawn to serve at a T e rm o f Supreme Court s e t down to r Sept, 4 , 1973 at 10 A.M.; and the names ot. street twenty-eight Grand J u rors will be valuation $1800. drawn to serve at a Term of County Court set down for September 5, 1973 at 9:30 A.M; that on Thursday morning, September 13, 1973 a t 10 o’clock at the office of the Clerk of the County of Lewis, the names ol forty-eight Trial Ju r o r s will be drawn to serve at a Term of County Court set down tor October 1, 1973 a t 19 A.M.; that on Thursday mamlng November 8, 1973 at 10 o ’clock a t the office of the C lerk of The County of Lewts, the nam es of thlrty-stx Trial Jurors will he drawn to serve at a Term of Supreme Court set down for November 26, 1973 at 10 A.M. and the nam es of twenty-eight Grand J u r o r s will be drawn to serv e at a Term ol County Court set down f o r Decem ­ ber 3, 1973 at 9:30 A.M. ha gen. County of Lewis and Stole of New York. Now, therefore, notice Is h e r e ­ by given that pursuant to Sec­ tion 126 of the Village Law, I shall on Thursday, February 22, 1973 at 7:00 p.m. In the Village Office, In the Vtllage of Copen­ hagen, New York, commence selling at public auction the a - loresald lobs and parcels to pay the amounts due for taxes, interest and charges. The pur­ chaser at such s a le shall pay the amount of thetr respective bids to the Village T reasurer within ten (10) days from the date of the sale and receive c e rtificates of sale, which shall bear Interest a t the rate of twelve percentum per annum, and after the expira­ tion of two years are entitled to foreclose the sam e and receive a conveyance of said property unless redeemed pursuant tolaw. . . $167.13 Hoshell, Nancy A.: Residence on Mechanic S treet., I acre; bounded on No. Rohde, E . New­ comb, N. Mechanic S t., W. Crowner Valuation $1300 .................. $123.48 LaC lalr, Jam e s,; Restdence and garage on Main St., 1 acre; bounded on No. Malden Lane, E. Smith, N. Vogt, W. Mato St. Valuation $3400. .......... .$204.21 M anchester, Douglas: Res* A | ldence o n Malden Lane, l/4 a c r e ; A p p e a l U p en VIOLA B. VARY Village C lerk and T reasurer 25«*3«c Dim es Fund bounded on N , C lark, E. Clark, FLOYD J . ULRICH Lewis County Clerk 25-1—c village of Copenhagen Tax Sale Lands to the Village of Copen. hagen, New York to b e sold for arrear of taxes. State of New York County of Lewis Village Of Copenhagen Office of the Village Clerk and T reasu r e r, Copenhagen, New York February 8, 1973 Whereas, a r r e a r s o f taxes tor the year 1972, duly levied and assessed pursuant to law, rem ain due and unpaid on the several N. Malden Lane, VV. P a rker. Valuation $900 .................... .$75.96 Moore, Richard: Lot and traUer on Grove St., 1/2 acre; bounded on N. Fleming, E. Grove S t., S. B a ttle, w. Battle. Valuation $1600 ................... .$98.74 Peck, Vernon H. J r . & Bar* rlet H.: Restdence on Cataract St., 1/4 acre, bounded on N. Phalen, E . Hubbard, S. C a taract St., W. Crowner. Valuation $1600. .......... .$106.98 Persons, G erald J .: Residence 1/4 a c r e , hounded on N. Colvtn, E. Eastm an, S. Alexander, W, Colvtn Valuation $1400 .................. $141.94 Scovllle, NUes \V,, J r . £t Sandra J.: Residence on Washington S t., 1 acre bounded on N . Baker, E. Phalen, S . Colvtn, w . Washing­ ton St. Valuation $1800..................$128.69 Rumble, David & Mary: R e ­ sidence on Main Street, 1 acre, bounded on N . Johnson, E . Mato St., S. M arine Midland, W„ United Church Parsonage Valuation $2400. ............$291.35 All of the above parcels of land a r e In the Village of Copen. Appeal letters have been sent out again this year for the snnuxl March of Dimes Campaign of the National Foundation. This year funds will be used to belp support a new p r o j e c t. at the Albany Medical Center Hospital, In which a nurse spec­ ialist and teacher have heen ob­ tained for the Intensive C a re Unit directed by D r. Martin Gre­ enberg. The success of the program depends a great deal on chapters of the National Foundation within the area serviced by the Albany Medical Center Hospital. Appeal letters may be answered by mailing con­ tributions to Miss Mary O’Connor, P.O. Box 192, Low­ ville, N.Y. 13387. B u s i n e s s M e e t i n g S e t A business meeting o f Ihe New Bremen Youth C e n ter will b e held on Monday, Feb. 12, at 7:30 u.m. at the New Bremen C o m - uunity C e n ter. M ID -W IN T E R CLEA R A N C E S A L E $ $ $ S A V E $ $ $ O n N e w & U s e d B o m b a r d i e r S l e d s S K I - D O O Dated M s 1973 5 th day of February D a te* Feb. 5, 1973 179 MAIN STREET IfOONVtl.I.t, N.Y. S a l e s m a n PH. CROGHAN 345-1253 CASTOR!. AND, N.Y. 25-2- ROBFRT 6ATALDO ROY HAMMFCKFR JOHN THAI. A ssessors AMILDA B RADISH, Village Clerk 27- y-c 2 - Trustees tor years each 1 — Trustee for year a term of two a term of one Dated: February 5, 1973, DONAU) HAUJ WALTER THOMPSON Caueus Cnmmitti'e 25-1-c RICHARD WIDRICK CHARLES PEEBLES MAYNARD EDICK A ssessors 25-1-c NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that on Thursday morning, February IS, 1973 at 10 o’clock at the office of the C lerk of the County of Lewis, the nam es of twenty- eight Grand J u r o r s wUl be drawn to serve al a Term of County\ Court set down for March 1973 al 10:00 A.M. f l o 7D j . U l r ic h Lewis County Clerk 25-1-c NOTICE Notice ts hereby given that on Thursday morning, February 15, 1973 at 10 o’clock at the office of the Clerk of the County of Lewts, the names of twenty-eight Grand Jurors wtli be drawn to servo at a Term of County Court set down for March 5, 1 573 at 10 A.M.; that on Thursday morn­ ing, Starch 15, 1973 al 10 o ’clock at the Office of Ihe Clerk of tly* County of Lewts, the names of fortv-elght Trial Jurors will bo drawn to serve at a. Term of County Court se t down for April 2, 1973 at 10 A.M.; that or> S u i t s , J a c k e t s , B o o t s , M i t t e n s & February Is Bargain MonthI O u r D i s p l a y R o o m s W i l l B e O p e n F r i . 9 p . m . [ L S C T W I R J i f i 5 5 0 0 S H A D Y A V E L O W / I L L E , N . Y . « P H O N E 3 7 6 - 6 5 * 5 1

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