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2.1} JOURNAL A N D REPUBLICAN,tOWVIUE,N.Y. WEDNESDAY, JULY 18. 1973 V A L L E Y B R O O K D R I V E - I N T H E A T R E 12 Ml. N o rth ot Boonville Rt*. <2 - 10 Ml. South o f towvtllo FRI.-SAT.-SUN. JULY 20-21-22 J E S S W jOH I INCH T O W N M A L L T H E A T R E FRI.-SAT.-SUN. JUIY 20-21-22 SUPERNATURAL b K ALSO S O N O B L O Quo lt»ow»: \Son\ T:00 \Equinox' 1:35 STARTS FRIDAY JULY 27 H a rrisville N o tes By Sue Burgess Ph. 543-2407 HABRBVILLE - Your c o r r e s ­ pondent Us taking local a d v e rtis­ ing for the LowvUle JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN. Her dead- ltne tor the ads Is Thursday mornings. She may be reached s t the above number. FUND DRIVE IS at the HarrlsvUle UnitedMeth- od 1st Social Hall a t S o.m. Those attending are asked to take a d ish to pass tor the covered dish supper. HORSE SHOW The H a rrtsville Mustangs 4-H __________ are practicing f o r the 4-H horse The HarrlsvUle teen group, *how» to .w,li ck they wl5 com- *'Youth Unlimited*', ts winding pete on July 22 sponaoredby the up its subscription sales tor the Johnstown Builders Association. JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN. Approximately twenty will p a r - The fund raising drtve,whlchwUI HclP*to from the BarrisvU le be completed by Ihe end of July, •T°nP ts tinder the leader- wui help build-up the local 8lllP **»• “ J M rs. Paul Whtt- group's near-depleted budget jearsb, Laxy W Ranch, H a rris- Subscription rates for t t e new s- r “ Je* paper a r e $6 p e r year; $7 for out-of-state. The teenagers will C OF C receive for tbelr tret&uxy. 91 for \ B T r t s f i U e A t m Chamber each new s u h e c rf r S o n S tslned. * C o m m e rw held a successful For further Informs tloo, contact **le# benefit ai the street Cathy Rite, Youth Unlimited P r e - *t*a <“nd, during May. Another sklent. (543-2466) o r Sue 5?** “ ** u «»*dul*d to r F r t - B u rgess. day July *7 at B o b 's Pool Hall « i Mato S treet from 10 a.m . GOLF STANDINGS The n e it meeting o f the Cham- July 10 standings of the H a r- ber will be held July 18 ai 7:30 rlsvllle Men's Golf League of the pan. In the HCS high school c i - Jim - m a r course in Gouverneur feterta. Discussion aad vote will are a s follows: D m s loo No. 1 -G - be conducted on tbe tot towing Buckingham and N. Lawrence, changes o f the by-laws which a re itfceextot- g* membership, true and L. M y ers, 5 1/2-4 1/2; personal aad boafoess, to be foe R. Burgess and R. Dooley, 5-5; sam e amount. L. Malbeuf and H. L esperaace, (*) Perm ission lo release any 4 1/2-5 1/2; A. Dooley and R . correspondence directly to foe Richer, 4 1/2-5 1/2; F. Scott newspaper without need o f further and Glenn Backus, 3 1/2-6 1 / 2 ; approval by d irector of m em b er- C. Ripley and R. Parow, 3-7; ship. T . Kllbourn and D. Baasette, 3- 7. Division No. 2 - T , Ka­ minski and F. Jenack, 8-2; D. M anchester and D. M anchester, 7 1/2-2 1/2; J . Hatfaway and P. Chamberlain, 7 -3; R. Stevens and J . Dundee, 6 1/2-3 1/2; L. Dash- naw and C . Folsom , 5 1/2-4 1/2; R. Davison and W. Jenack, 5-5; C , Williamson and L, Hafoway, 4-6; H. S eymour and R. Hlrschey, 3-7; K. Johnson snd L . Slm ser, 2 1/2-7 1/2; and E . Rice and S , M cIntyre, 1-9. On July 24, the Harrisville League golfers and their ladles will be served s sm o rgasbord at the clubhouse, following the completion of tbe evening's m at­ ches. STRANGE PET Some households have cate o r dogs for pete. Others bave turtles o r fish. But foe Milo Moody family on Graham Road, near Pitcairn, Is daring to be different. In thetr enclosed pas­ tu r e , the horses and cows and eating tb e lr hay and grain, reigns their prize of pete - a Baste. Named Popcorn, tt# Moody's * c- <Wlred him som e months ago In New Jersey where they traveled to pick him up, T rans porting him hack to a horse van. Popcorn soon becam e fam iliar with his new surroundings. Seemingly happy with h is adopted family, he allows I ts m e m b e rs-children In­ cluded - to ride him . His owners say he does occasionally get pe­ eved, though, and he has been known to \spit ou t\ Ms frustra­ tions. Popcorn doesn't like strangers at a l l , and visitors - many of which com e to the Moody farm Just to see him - are safest If they stay outside the fence. Popcorn has a heavy coat of fur and his owners anticipate he will be tjulte comfortable during our North Country winters. Mr, and Mrs, Richard Burgess, Maple Street, and their three Sons, Kevin, Brian and Darren, spent the weekend of July 7 la Montreal. Highlight of the trip was attendance at Jaxry Park on Saturday evening and Sunday af­ ternoon to view the Houston- Montreal baseball games. Com­ plications tremporarily aro s e . Sunday morning when the pre- purehased afternoon game’s tickets could not be located (everyone but the lady ol the house swore she was the last one to have the tickets In hand). Thanks to an understanding ticket manager, the family was given a pass to altend the game. On the way lack to the states, the Burgess family was \trealed” to an ex­ tended lour of Canada’s back roads, as Mr. Burgess somehow made a wrong turn. By the time the travelers crossed the lamp- lit trans-St, Lawrence River bridge, the events of the weekend had acquired* humoroustone,and the Burgesses reminisced while eating a late supper In Ogdens- burg. PRAYER COFFEE Harrisville Prayer Coffee, un­ der the auspices of the LowvlUe. Carthage Christian Women's Club, was held July II at the home of Mrs. Jeanette Wieks, The next Prayer Coffee will be August B, at Mrs, Sue Burges*’, from 1-3 p.m. The group in­ cludes all faiths and Is open to all women In the Harrisville a- rea. AT FAIR The HarrlsvllleSenlorCltlrens will attend the Lewis County Fair In Lowville on July 20 and will Join other Lewis county SC groups In » song fest a t the grandstand at 7 p.m. The county groups are attending as guests of the Lewis County Fair Association. On July 23, members of Ihe local group will meei In Constablevllle with other county group* for the monthly meeting of the Lewis County Council of Senior C ltj. r» m Clubs. The Harrisville a s . soclatlon will have Its next regu­ lar Aeml-monlhly meettngon July (3) Meeting <nce at month, both by regular member* and by board directors. (4} President stall have Ml authority to sign all legal docu­ ments approved by the Board ot Directors to tbe Chamber's name. (5) If this organisation should ever terminate, all monies still would be transferred to foe account of tbe Diana Develop­ ment Corporation, Harrisville. New York. (6) MembersMp would be ex­ tended without dues to sU mem­ bers of foe Senior Citizen'* Club and to representatives of tbeStu- dent Cowell of tbe Harrisville Central School, (7) At all membership meet­ ings, seven members shall con­ stitute a quorum. (8) From the membership, tiie president shall appoint a fin­ ancial secretary at his dis­ cretion. (9) An annual banquet should beheld. Quenton Forrest Rose, son of Mr. sod Mrs. Forrest s . Rose. Vergennes. VL. formerly <* Wt- cairn, baabeen elected t o f t e E s - sllon Chapter of PM Beta Kappn at Michigan Slate University. A biological sciences major, he _ „ plans to attend the Medical Col- ^ mrmvlUe“ “Fr#e Ll- H arold Kill, H arrlsvU le, waa summoned to Lake Bonaparte on June 26 t o assist Robert Achl- to o o f the New York City Police Departm ent. Policeman Atchison lost h is police shield and Identi­ fication card In the lake while pul­ lin g a near-drowning Camp Drum •o ld ler, John Bilodeau, from the w a ter. Bilodeau was reported to b e la good condition following tbe m ishap. A request for aid tn locating the badge aud c a r d was later made to Use Lewis County Sheriff's of­ fice and Deputy Hill was dispat­ ched to the s c e n e . Deputy Hill then contacted a localdlver, Phil­ lip Schmitt, who retrelved the a r ­ ticles. In a letter from Police­ man Atchison received by Deputy H ill o n July 12, he was praised to r hla cooperation and Interest In th e m a tter. Included in Urn letter warn a check for Mr. S chmitt, from Atchison, expressing Ms ap­ preciation. M rs. Jean Marshal] and child­ ren , La* V egas, N ev., a r e visiting h e r p a rents, M r. and M rs. G eorge M iller, H arrlsvU le. When foe M arshalls return to Nevada In a few w eeks, M r. M iller will ac­ company them and will stay in L a s V egas until Ms return to HaanUtvflle In the foil. Deborah B a a sette, daughter of M r, snd M r s . Donald Bassetle, C h u rch S treet, h as returned home after spending several months in C learw a ter, Fla. M rs. Mildred Harrington, Washington S treet, 1 * a surgical patient ai fhe House of the Good Sam aritan, Watertown. Mr. and M rs. William McNa­ m a ra, Canton, recently pur­ chased foe home of M rs, Clara B rothers a n Lower M a p teStreet. Mr*. B rothers resides in Vic- tD1i«eJte«l\ J . Gravtoo teas pur­ chased (be Bonaparte Inn, Lake Bonaparte, from M r, mad M rs. Koaaetik C h a rtrand, aad I s a token possession. The C knrtrands have pm foostd foe home of Mr*. Jean Smith oa the Croghan Road, and M rs. S m ith has Installed a modu­ l a r home oa South Street where stoe n o * r e s ides. PETITION BOARD Lawrm ee Malbeuf, supervis­ o r of the Town of Diana, s t the Jtaly maettng of the town board wsu p resented with s petition from resident* of French Settlem ent Road and a r e a asking that F ederal Ra-vsme Sharing Funds be used to r the purpose of black topping th e roed this y e s r. The ellgl- b u t ; of these foods A s this purpose waa r e ferred to the town attorney t o r hla opinion. A public hearing will b e held in regards to parking an the town highway In the area o f Sand Bay at Lake Bona­ parte. Tbe tentative d a te for this bearing ts July 30 a t 7 p.m . The proponed o rdinance tor parking In this a r a w tn r e s tr ict par king on any portlonof foe town highway dten t o safety factors Involved. A resolution was passed au tto r iiln g the expenditure of 3600 as the town’s share of r e ­ pairing and replacing tbe roof Mattress Co. Brantingham Golf Notes Mets Champs Watertown M a ttress Company Mete finished their undefeated season last wesk with two more victories running t t e l r record to 12-0. Kevin Hurley hit h is 17th home run to break the all-tim e International League m ark of 16 set by Al Mabisxcsak som e years ago. The Mets clobbered the Kings 15-1. Checking other action, the S andstooers won tbelr third s t n l g h t , beating the slid­ ing Kings 16-9, the S tars dumped the Crackers 15-4 snd thus finish second, foe Mob tiers best tte W hirlybtrds and there were two forfeits; the Mets over the Lea­ thernecks and tbe Homogenlzers over the Yanks, Looking at tte Farm League Shows a tie between the Mustangs and T e llers for firs t place. A playoff will b e held during the f a ir. The scores: Hornets 10, Bills, 9; Mustangs 7, Hornets 6 ; Bills 2, Colts 1; T e llers by forfeit over Kids. Checking out the Pony Lea­ gue’s third week of play reveals the Indians double winners over tbe P irates 9-4 and the Tigers 6-5 while tbe P irates b ested Be*, ver River *2 7-5. Im p roper and lt appears st thts tim e as If no action will be ta­ ken asm the general election in November of tills y e a r . The pre­ vious action taken by the board to this m a tter was based on legal advice and recommendations gi­ ven foe b o ard to D ecem b e r, 1972. The Womens' Fall League of tte Brantlngham Golf Club will sta r t on Tuesday, July 24, at 5 p.m . The final scores of the Spring league a r e a s follows: MONDAY MORNING Vicky Bandych and Jean Don­ aldson, 86 ; Pat Houck and Shir­ ley Sweeney, 59; Helen Cataldo and Florence Gaylord, 55 1/2; Marge Swanson and Jean Rhone, 46; Judy T e rrtlllou and Agnes T ral, 35; Donna Hill and Helen Plato, S3 1/2, Low - F . Gaylord, 47, and S . Sweeney, 46. TUESDAY EVENING Florence Gaylord and Marie Braxle, 73; Marge Swanson and Sue Beck, 72 1/2; Jody T e r - rttllon and Agnes Teal, 69 1/2; June Loots and Vicky Bandych, 68 ; Mary O ’Connor and Marie Mantle, 64 1/3; Regina Bandura aad Shirley Ling, 63 1/2; Hel- an Plato and Rose Salmon, 53; Gay MandavUle and M arge E a ­ ton, 49 1/2; Stella Zim m e r and Marilyn G raves, 43 1/2; P a t B u r­ khard and D e lores Buckingham, 40 1/2; Donna Hill and Mary Sheldon, 38 1/2; Helen Cataldo and Amilda Bradish, 24. Lo* • F. Gaylord, 49; J. T e rr tllloo, 49 ; V. Bandych, 49. MEN’S LEAGUE Beavertte Monday Night Bob Snow and Don M artin, 55 ____ 1/2: Joe Brooks and E a r l R o - old WHey, 3 , binson, 53; GaryLom bnrandOick Payberg, 51 1/2; Basil Burn­ ham and Harold F o s ter, 47 1/2; Al Knowlton and Berate B e rg, man, 47 1/2; Stan Bush and Jim W right, 46; Bill McNeil and Cal Andre, 42; BUI Knapp and Ron Beck, 41; Dusty Golden aad Boomer Townsend, 40 1/2; E l­ m er Golden and Charlie C a r- pen t e r , 40; Red G rim m e r and E d­ gar Fitzgerald, 35 1/2. WEDNESDAY NIGHT Red Grimmer and T inker Kloe- te r , 114; Varlan Howell and Jack T e m illo n , 112; Harold F o s ter aad Lowatoe Woolscheger, 112 ; Lee Knight and Jack B u rns, 111 . 1/2; Bob Pierce aad Vlrgal Tay­ lo r , 108; Doug Bush and Bob Yousey, 105 1/2; Ronnie T homas and Doug Burkhard, 104 1/2; Don Anderson aad BUI M cLiae, 104; Bernle Buckingham and Pan] Jenack, 102 1 / 2 ; Joe Anderson and Bob Zehr, 100; Doo Fay and Ty M arkham, 94 1/2; Basil Burn­ ham and Al Knowlton, 91. CO-ED LEAGUE Jean and Fred Rhone, IS; Mary and Bernle Buckingham, 14 1 / 2 ; Maryland and Dick G r a tes, W; Cindy and Tony Andre, 13; He­ len aad BUI Plato, 12 1/2; Donna and Rich Hill, 12 ; Rons ami Mel Salm o n, 9; Amilda and Lyle B r a . d ish , « 1 / 2 ; Helm aad G lhrleln, 8; M ary ana Zip G el- la g e r , 7; Gay Maoderville and A l LaBus, 6 1/2; Nona and H a r - lege at Wisconsin at Milwaukee, to tbe toll. Debbie Ford, 18-year-old daughter of M r. and M rs. Robert Ford, H arrtevllle-N ahiral Brid­ ge Roed, fleer from Syracuse a i r ­ port 00 Jtme 6 to spend a few weeks to Bermuda. Accompany­ ing Debbie waa h e r aunt, M rs. Greta Long, Watertown, While to Bermuda, they will b e staying with M rs. l o n g 's daughter. RETRIEVE BADGE Lewis County Sheriff Deputy, b r » r y . Another resolution was passed to which the town boerdl recognizes Truck D r ivers and Helpers Lo­ ca l Union No. 687 as the barpatotngj representative f o r the fcovm highway employees. The town board was Informed b y At­ torney Joseph McGuire, through am opinion from the Attorney G eneral, that tbe appointment of Tack l . Hathway, Village Jus­ tice, to fulfill toe unexplred term o f tb e tote Fred Smith as town Ju s tice in January of 1973 was { o n C o m p lete stock of sandals! Shop our 1/2 price table of women's shoes. C L A R K E ' S S H O E S S t a t s S t r e e t L o w v i l l i S e e O u r F a i r W e e k D i s p l a y A t T h e L e w i s C o u n t y F a i r Our Salesmen Will Be Happy To Demonstrate Our Many Fine Products WE CARRY ALL AGWAY PRODUCTS • Bulk Feed Delivery • Flour- Grain - Feed -Seeds • Bulk Milk Coolers S Snow Sleds • Building Supplies • Fertilizers - Lime in Th e Past 52 Years This Association H a s Returned Profits To O u r Custom e rs, W h ich Totale d $ 1 ,1 4 4 ,3 3 4 .4 0 . W e Feel C o n fident Th a t Com ing Years W ill Be Even M o r e Prosperous A n d invite The Public To Become O u r Patrons. 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