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I W A T E R T O W N M A T T R E S S C O . will close at 1 p.m . S a turdays through Labor Day to give o u r em p loy e e s lo n g e r w e e k e n d s . Survivor Benefits State Veteran Counselor Lewis Manfred today reminded m ilitary retirees that September ZO l s the deadline for a r e tiree to elect to participate ln the new Survivor Benefit Plan. Under the plan, a retiree can elect to purchase an annuity for his widow or children by a re­ latively small deduction from re­ tired pay. The counselor emphasized the deadline for m ilitary personnel w © w 65 Chevy v-8 p .s . who r e tired before September 21, 1972, to e lect to participate In the plan Is midnight September 20, 1973, Under existing law, the deadline cannot be extended. B e ttrees who have not as yet made their election or a r e In need of additional Information on the Survlwor Benefit Plan should visit the local counseling center of the New York S tate Division of Veterans’ Affairs located at C ourt House ln Lowvllle for a ssistance. L a c e y 's U s e d C a r s M a libu , 4 dr. Conservation Corner 64 Buick Skylark 2 d r .. h .f . V -8 . p.s. 69 Plymouth V - 8 Fury II p .» . Stale St. 69 Mustang V -S , p .» . Orville Lacey 378-3231 What ls meant by conservation? It is the protection and wise use at our natural resources; tt also means guarding our supplies of soil, water, forests, and wild life so that they can be used wisely by the people o f the earth. The supply of most of our r e ­ sources ls limited and can easily be destroyed. Today man needs not only to protect today's r e ­ sources but also his resources for the next generation; and tom ­ orrow there will be m o re and m ore people to use these r e ­ sources. The first kind of resources to consider ls soil conservation. Most food comes from Ihe soil. Theadore Roosevelt once said \when soil ls gone, man must go .\ The fertile top layef of soil on the earth ls only tncjhes deep. It lakes hundreds of ye^rs to produce an inch of top soli, which rain can wash away In a short time. Good farm e rs use fertilizer gnd rotate crops with M O N N A T ' S § C R O G H A N I G A G L E N F I E L D G L E N F I E L D m HtjQtade- C e n te r O u t - ’S m o k e d PORK CHOPS J L i k l h VSDA-Grade W S T E A K S Beef'S ■ p u p ; t t ' O s a a r ntayer a u M a r i p u r e i van (Samps IBRK M A M S S M S n * 4 I 4 KAUTY 2 * UUEEKi a id s .l^Sate \ c h i cpAuu& f f l -’ m a m s m m M 1 15-07. BW— I ■ \ K’/ T H I S ( V ( / W 0 f » « O , 7 / 2 / J I w M \ C J n Z r t t t Z MEM j Tmeo American G /lI m w uos ^ I L i M w u d ld m i i J INSTANT !COFFEE (OFF J I Cp-OZ JAG J E tt F T ( ( £ | | u J / t w s Miipav t w e e s - yk i i fa m e - f i l m W i r y WHIPPED TOPPING S u j a n s m t -V * DINNERS ASS.T MEAT 11-67 . > MEXICAN i-W -S fu m e - Non Dairy a S F P E E 0 2 E A M E E - FdrhC UTOCCOU m s K*H4 'sovr - idf /off g o u f e C J 2 E A M — prs. tb /e Case.t.styk>£) I N E A P P L E | H I , a flJUi I t w s ecvPotJ e x p r e s s : ifct | / f W - y n e w u e t l tio x u i. S if&n d f 'f u r s ) w m g k t COFFEE T S d ! I-1RTIN I w frH is ecv/wv-express: 7 /ttf m a r * G A R I N E J t t M \mntSLerWlk ' F 1 NAL 1 ’ J S f l $AVe! • T O U C H -W R PRODUCE VAUIISI Fitter-Chef D e /fo n t C H E E S E -2 i , SPREAD V S A V E , 8 4 S Y >- | Q * GOUDA %QIIAUTY NEVER BEFORE C U C U M B E R S % « o r f 9 OFFERED! S A V E ^ f WBP H U N K S , KINO SIZE CHAIR *■■99 5 TABLE* * ^ 9 9 SKIDLISS OR A P IS 4 5 H I A U L l f T I I C E Ib . m m m S H O P I G A »ooo ■ i m p '•Hoppes* other crops oo the sam e land. They plow across a slope In­ stead of up and down. They plant trees or g r a s s e s o r build dam s lo maintain the soil. Water ls essential for life. Man and animals and crops need water to live. Water can b e kept on the land by planting trees and grass and by building dam s. People In most cities get their water from lakes and r iv e r s . C ities like Denver get their water sup­ ply from the mountains. When sewage and garbage are dumped Into the wafers, the water ls unfit to use. Industry Is building a n tl- pollutlon p lants to make the water safe. New York state Is helping to finance som e of these plants. Mills Uke the Georgia-Pacific plant ln Lyons Falls are buUdlng plants of thts type. The village of DUllon ln Co­ lorado has been completely raised fn order to pro­ vide a basin to catch the snow from the mountains to help pro­ vide water for the city of Den­ ver. Even this is hardly enough. The village of Vail, Colorado has been fighting Denver’s attem pt to tap their w a te r supply also. Forest conservation i s closely connected to soil conservation. T rees atop the erosion of ‘soil and furnish homes for wild ani­ m als and p laces of recreation for man. The many national parks furnish camping s ites and vaca­ tion lands for the people of a state. In tbe Adlrondacks the many camping sites are p rotected by trees. However, lumbering ln New York state has been over extended. Some of our forest land has been wasted because men have sometimes cut trees without planting new ones to take their place. In Colorado, along Route 70 f o r e s t f ir e s completely destroyed acres at good forest land. Lumbermen are learn­ ing to replant and not to cut down young trees. Id some s tates perm ission has lo be obtained from the F o rest Rangers to dig a tree and payment has to be made. Wild anim als play an Impor­ tant role In the balimce of life. B irds help control Insects. Tbe Bald Eagle has been alm o st ex­ term inated by sheep men who accuse them o fklU lngthelrsheep. Lett alone, Ihe Bald Eagle helped preserve the balance of nature. Hunters have killed wild anim als. The open season on does, many wild life experts claim , has a c ­ counted for few er deer in the Adlrondacks the past few sea­ sons. The harsh winters have also depleted the sto r e of deer. Draining lakes and swamps has destroyed ihe nesting places of birds. Along the new rood to Utica swamps hare been left In­ tact to provide a nesting place for birds. Some conservation­ ists believe nature, wUi main­ tain a balance If not Interfered with. But fish hatcheries In New York sta te such a s the one n e a r Rome help to restock our stream s . These are fust a few of tbe things thst are being done to destroy o r to conserve our na­ tural resources. Each genera­ tion must plan for the next so that the suppUes of natural re­ sources wUi hold out tor the people to come. - Charles Law L o t t e r y W i n n e r Victoria M. Wasco,Lyons F a lls R.D. 1, was a recent 550 winner ln the New York State Lottery. JO U R N A L A N D R E P U B U C A N .L O W V IL L E .N .Y . W E D N E S D A Y . JULY 18, 1973 3 „ | J F A R M E R S ! Used Haying Equipment in excellent condition 2 • No. 310 Self-Propelled Heattons 1 - No. 260 Self-Propelled Hetston 1 • I H Chopper with hay head ond corn head Gehf with Forage Box 7 ton Gehl wagon F e s t e r M i l l a r d At The “Y” — Lowville L t o j e s L O W V I L L E NOW OPEN 7 DAYS F r o m 7 a .m . • 9 p .m . S E R V I N G B R E A K F A S T . LUNCHtONS t DINNERS NOW SERVING THE FINEST SOFT ICE CREAM Vanilla, Chocolate, and a twist combination of the 2 flavors. Come In and See Vs C o n n i e & L l o y d R a s m u s s e n The Folks At RENNIE S SALES & SERVICE Will be atten d in g th e LEWIS COUNTY FAIR w i t h t h e i r d i s p l a y o f : e In tern a tio n a l V ehicles # A rctic C a t Snow m o b iles e Y a m a h a Snow m o b iles e Y a m a h a M o torcycles So — STOP IN AND VISIT US THE FASHION WORLD BEYERS. INC, LOWVILLE, N .Y. THE S Y M B O L O F Q U A L I T Y A N D SERVICE STARTS MONDAY JU L Y 2 3 rd S U M M E R S A L E ALL FASHION WORLD” SWIMWEAR R E D U C E D UP 5 0 %

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