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t - B JOURNAL AND REPUBUCAN.LOWVILLE.N.Y. WEDNESDAY, JULY 21. 197] GBEK1 SEPTIC TANKS J S O S O O 7 5 0 IOOO 2000 OALS s p & s w s s * a s f e s - s , JITFEWON CONCRETE CORR «J<!» C M K M M MMItRTOWN, M.Y. ISC O t P*o**: 7 ••-1 * * 1 Named Director At to* Meant annual mewtingof Maw York State Mllfc D totrl- butora, Inc. • wttta *kSa trade •M onlattca ol o r a r 900 milk d t»- (m a tin g com p aalsi, John Roan, president, Rcsadalt F i r m s Dai­ ry , lac., L o w U Ie, wtu elected a director lor ttw com in* year. Other o fflcara e lactK l a re: Thom- aa K. B u tler, preetdact o f Maple F a r m s-Creighton's AUlStar Dai­ ry , E lm ira, prwnMent; wuilam Barton, general m a o a ie r, Sara­ toga D airy, Saratoga Springe, elca-praaldM l; Fnaak S e a r lea, in , p a r tn a r Seetrlsn CrwamanQt lac., N laiara F a lla, secretary, and Alfred Hamilton, general manager, Dpatate Milk Coopers- tlv*^toC j^JtK h M te^r«M a u rer. 85th ANNUAL EXPOSITION M o n n u F A I B July 3 0 - August 4 , 1973 Monday, July 30, 1973 ANNIVERSARY DAY Mornkg ION# - 4-H T ractor Opera to r i’ Coatait l*H# . Colamaa Broa. Midway Open* UOO-New York Cooaty F a ir Sire Stakaa - F ree G rudntaad M O - BeoavUle Falr-Ooelda Cowaty Talent Contest and Battle of Bead*. Iv a n h g 7:20 - Official Opaalng Caremaalea . Flag Raisin* Official Mlaa Booavtfls F a ir -Oneida Comfy C orooatlon 1:00 • Demolltlaa Derby Tuatday, July 31, 1973 YOUTH DAY COUNTY OFFICIALS t FIREMEN'S NIGHT Morafec IttOO - FFA-4-B Cattle Jedgiag and Farm Pnxhoce J u d g - 9ng- Homamaklag, Flowers, Produce, School aaad Grange lOrtO-e.'OO . REDUCED PRICE TICKETS FOR SHOWS AMD RIDES OM TBE MIDWAY. laOO - Ja i lo r Dept. Cattla Judgiag at CatUa A r ta-F r e a , Mew York Cooaty F a ir S ire Stake* - F ree Grandstand SrOO - F ree Graedataad Acta lnclodlnc Vldbul’i Elephant* and Yield T a y lor, VeetrilouutoL Iraotag 7?90-A d a lt Cattle Judgteg at Judgtag Area, P r s t Gtgastic Ftramaa*w Parade trom Main S treet to F a i r - B a n reD a a e tag at Am phi H e a te r TsSO - P a n d a at Gnadatand ' ' 9 :1 1 -G randstand S h o w . Fra* Acta Wodnmdoy. August 1, 1973 GRANGE DAY MoOTbNE feOO - 4*8 H f f N Star* AXI Dty Opan Ctaaa Cattle Judgiag Graadataad Free JU90 - New York-Verawot Fair Colt Stakes I mala* ■fjJO - Somra Dancing - Amphitheater S :18 _ Grands taad Show- Jack Kockmac World Chmnploe Hall Drtrar* Special Prfcell Thursday, Auguil 2, 1973 SENIOR CITIZENS DAY •MOTE - ALL ORGANIZED GROUPS OF SENIOR CIT- a m m w i l l b e a d m i t t e d f r e e t o t h e f a i r b e t w e e n U NOON AMD 3 P M . Tee mat betoag to tka Saaior Clt- Mena CM> ta your town o r city tn order to taker adwantage ot thka. M o n inc »;nn.4.B Horae Show AD Day cnBcurtaad Fr## 1:90 - New York-Vermont Colt Siakaa 1:00 - Special Grandataad Skow featuring th* Rhythm Lltaa 4 iie - Lightweight \o r e - PsH isf is great d gmsdataad. •weeing 7:00 Grandataad F ree Th* New York State Heavyweight Horae Palling Cham- ptoaehlp - IIJWS.OO is prlaea, 7:10 « S q n a rt Dancing • a t Amphitheater 10:00 - F ree Firework* Friday, August 3, 1973 YOUTH DAY Mom to* tOsOO - For**# Crop* Coe teat FFA Milk Judging 10:00 - 5rf» P.M. . Reduced and Rldea On Midway. Price Ticket* For Showa A-fttmooe LOO . Beef and D airy J r . Dept. Pitting and Snowman- a hip 1:00-3:00 - Meet the Tinman and the Coarartlw lio n from th* Enchanted Foreat 3:00 - F ree Graadataad Act* Keening Grandataad Free 7:00 - Junior Dept. Parade, Champiooihfp, C i t t i - Float*, at Grandstand. 7:90 - Square Dancing 1:90 - Jcaro ls C , RUey - Top Female Recording A rtlat recorded \ H a rper Valley PT a ” . FREE Saturday, August 4, 1973 URBAN-RURAL DAY Morning LOO - The Boon Title F a ir Horae Show 12:00 * 4-H Dog Obedience T rial Afternoon Grande land Free 1:90 - Championship T ractor Puli Historic A atom obi le Expedition and Parade Evening 7:00 - Final* aad Presentation of Winner* at tSheBomt- nn* Ftlr-Oaeida Counly Talent Show 7:90 - Sour* Dancing 4: IS - Th# Jrn * Chitwood Thrill Shew feahirtnf Chitwood Greatest Show an Wheel*. Croghan News Briefs By Mrs. Harold DeLaPorte P h . 3 4 6 - 6 8 6 3 CROGHAN - Mr. and M rs. Wai­ ter Houppert o t Brentwood c e le­ brated their 23th wedding annl- eersary July 14 at tb e Indian Ri­ ver Grange Hall. Approximately ISO guests and relatives were present, including th e ir daugh­ ters, Pamela, 22, and Gale, 20, of New Hampshire. The couple renewed their m a rriage vqws ta the preaenceoIFatherC a ryK e e n , Q.F.M ., pastor of S t. Vincent de Paul’s Church, Belfort, and S t, Anthony’s , Indian R iver, and r e ­ ceived F r . C a ry's blessing. Walter Houppert, son of the late Clinton and Bertha Dlcob Houp­ p e r t, was m arried to Daryl B ush, daughter o f the late RoyandNellie Brannagan Bush, Belfort ta 1343 ta St, Vincent de P a u l's Church, Belfort. They have five children, Pam , Gale, Randy, Holly and Calvin. They have lived in Brentwood to r 20 r e a r * . Mr. Houppert is self-employed in th e construc­ tion business. M rs. B e a trice K loster, sta le r of M r. K loster, decorated the hall, and M rs. Gerald Edwards made the beautifully decorated cake. The couple received many gifts and a purse of money. The 15th annual reunion of the desceodents o f John and Elsie Kappell Steiner waa held Sunday July 8, at the Beaver River Fish and Game Cltkb, with 69 attend­ ing. John and E lsie Kappell S ietaer came to this country from Wynaw, Canton Bern, Swttaerland, ta 1884. There w ere twelve chUdren born; five are still living. The oldest attending was M rs. Fred la Steiner R e le aperger, 87, E rnest Stiner, Beaver F a lls, FredStein- * r , moo, William S teiner, C ro- gfaan, and M rs. E sther Steiner Hodge of Watertown. The 69 ta attendance included m em b ers ct the family fjrom V irginia, New Jersey, Long Island, Rhode Is­ land, S h e rrill, New H a rtford, Mo­ hawk, JUon, S y racuse, West C a r­ thage, High Falls and Castorland. Youngest p resent w as E lisabeth Steiner of New J e rsey ; oldest p re­ sent, M rs. F redtaSteioer Redles- P a rger, Castorland. Officers e - lected to r 1974 reunion were: President, Gerald L. McNulty, Huntington, L .L , vice-president, Edwin F e rrance, North Kingston, ILL, secretary and treasu r e r . C lara Steiner, Illon. M r. and M rs. I r a Spencer and IM tr tour soon, Daaay, Bobby, Gary and Johnnie Joe have r e ­ turned from Bonaparte Lake where they have been vacation, tag to r several days at a oottage there. Recent guests of Mr. and M rs. Bernard Turck were M rs. Torek’s sta te r and her husband, M r. and M ra. David H. B u r r , Glo- veravlll#. Weekend guests o f Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sehulx were Mr. and Mrs. William Brothers and sons, Andy, Mike and Chris, of Rochester, M r. snd Mrs. Robert Popovich Spengallen of Germany, Mr. and M rs. Rod Sheets and chUdren, Roddy and Jennifer, Rochester. M r. Brothers snd son, Andy, and M r. Sheet* left Rochester by bi­ cycle at 4 a.m . on Friday, July IS, and arrived ta Croghan at 7 p.m . the same day. This was accomplished in order to obtain a 200 - mile non-stop certificate from the Bicycle Club of Ameri­ ca. M r. and Mr*. Popovich were acquaintances oftheSchul* family while M r. Sc hull w a s teaching ln F iance. M r, Popovich la Prin­ cipal of an American Elementary School In Germany. Mr. Brothers ta * aon a t FrankBrothers,form­ erly of Castorland, who operated Hie Naumburg S tore and alao op. erated a farm . SL Stephen’s Fife and Drum Corp* have been honored by being Invited to represent Northern N ew York State at the Kingston, On­ tario, Tercentenary, August 11. Volunteer transportation ts need­ ed. Volunteers may contact M rs. Ronald (Barb) V irkler or M rs. D o ris Turck. The Fife and Drum Corps are also one of tour bands invited to play a l the Annual Woodsmen’s Festival at Boonvllle this year. Fife and Drum benefit Bake Sale and Cake Walk will be held F rl- day, July 27, ta front o f Father Leo Memorial School. Lillian Leroy of England who was a guest of the Nuns a t SL Elizabeth’s Convent for a week, resided at the home of Mr. and M rs. Richard Burkhard, Convent StreeL M rs. Leroy ls a sister of Mother Mary F rances, F .M JJ.M ., who te the Mother Foundress of toe Franciscan M issionaries of the Divine Motherhood. A Folk Mass practice and C.Y.O. meeting will be held at the home of M r. and M rs. Gil Monnat Thursday evening at 7 o’clock. Arthur V. Kohler retired June 1 from the National Bank of Nor­ thern New York, Croghan Branch, where he has been an employee for J 8 years. Story Hour a t the Croghan F ree Library began Friday, July 20, and. wlU continue throwh Au­ gust 24, each Friday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. A special collection will be taken in SL Stephen’s Church on Sunday for toe Missions o t toe Schaut Fathers CMtealonburst Society). Father P e ter Van Der Paalen will preach at each Mass ta SL Stephen’s Church. Father Van D er Paalen spent so me y ears ta the African Congo and was a prisoner of tbe rebels and has many Interesting sto r ies of his experiences. M rs. Irene Kelly has returned home a fter spending a fewdays ln New Hartford visiting h e r s is ter, M rs. Frank (Belle) Bamum. Russell Virkler of Watertown has been a guest ol Mr. and M rs. Benjamin Yousey. Mr. V irkler, son o f the late Emanuel and PriseUla V irkler, l s form erly of Croghan. Claudia Lom ber, who makes her home with M rs. Mary B. Garceuex and her husband, was admitted to Lewis C ounty General Hospital last Monday,where she ta undergoing medical treatmenL E a rl Kelly, who was a medical patleU tat Lewis C o tm t/G f |e r*l Hospltal fbr a few weeks, hag re­ turned to the home of\ MS niece and husband, Mr. and M rs. Wood­ row S trife. Mr. Kelly who resides ta Belm ar, New Jersey , ls spend­ ing some tim e here vlaltlngatthe Strife home. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold DeLaPorte onSaturday were their nephew and his wife,Mr.apd Mrs, Francis R. Conlon, Syracuse. F 3 .1 . Agent William RUey.hls wife and children,Nancy and BUly of V Irgtnla, spent a week at High Falls as guests of Mr, and Mrs. William Steiner. Mr. RUey ts a nephew of Mr. Steiner. Other guests at the Steiner home were Michael Mc­ Nulty and a friend who spent several days. Recent guests of the Francis­ can Nuns at SL Elizabeth's Con­ vent were Mr. and Mrs, John Wilcox and Ihetr daughter, Mary Beth, of East Green Bush, Al­ bany. The Wilcox family are friends o f the Nuns. Tammy Kohler,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kohler and Lori Buckingham, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Zane Buckingham, have re­ turned home from Guggenheim Center, Saranac Lake, where they Spent a week. Mrs, Zane Buckingham andher daughter Susie and Mrs, Arthur Buckingham motored to the center where they spent a day. They were accompanied home by the two g^rls. They also vis tted Mrs. Zane Buckingham’s son, Donald, a registered nurse who Is em­ ployed at the Center. I Was Just Thinking By Rev. Robert **F. Nay Analysis (Continued from Page 2) see anything even faintly humor­ ous about Ms plight. M others-In-law for centuries were f a ir game for the gagster, • but the other day when I wrote, \Public schools need m o re fed­ eral aid about toe way you and I need another m o ther-in-law,*' I heard from 324 mothers-in-law , all of them made. You can’t even make fun of entertainers any more, regard­ less of how hammy they maylook o r how off-key they may stag. When Al Capp lampooned the ineffable Joan Baez as \Joanle Phoney*’ a couple of y e a r s ago, she sued him tor bis shirt. The late W.C. Fields’ apocry­ phal epitaph, \On the whole, I’d rather be ln Philadelphia,\ would be viewed today as an Insult to the \taner-ctty’’ ghetto dwellers of that metropolis and probably a s a threat to urban renewal. And jokes about forgetful plumb­ e r s , lascivious traveling sales­ men and hick farm e r s are attacks on respectable trades. Even anim als are no thing to kid about. 1 found this out a few weeks back when I wrote that some prospered on something \th e way goats thrive oo tin cans,” only to receive a three- page d iatribe from the p roprietor of a goat farm denouncing me to r perputurning this canard at toe expense o t his Inoffensive if odorous charges. I shudder to think what he might have called me If I had ventured to reprint that fine old couplet: \Why reeks toe goat on yonder h ill/ Who dally d ines on chlorophyll?” Joke about f a t people and you hear from Weight W atchers, Inc. Joke about college eggheads snd you catch If trom the Am erican Association of University P ro­ fesso rs. Joke about the Mafia and you may end up In a cem ent overcoat Oh, there a r e a till a few sub­ jects you can clown around with, but the pickings get slim m er with each passing year. The I- rtsh haven’t yet complained about being portrayed as uncommonly belligerent, and the Scotch con­ tinue to hang on to toelr money and laugh at jokes about them­ selves. Tbe weather can s till be kidded with relative Impunity, and the hillbillies haven’t o rganised suf­ ficiently a s yet to blackball the \co r n sqoeeztngs - and - out • house*’ school of humor. Poli­ ticians a re s till fair game for toe jeste r , as are bankers, a long- suffering group traditionally p o r­ trayed by cartoonists as pot­ bellied w earers of silk hats, s a r ­ torial accouterm ents which I, for one, haven’t laid eye* on sine* I w a s 10. It** altaoat to Un pOtot^ how­ ever, where a columnist d o esn't dare poke fun a t anybody but him ­ self. And while I can be p retty laughable a o m e tlm e s.Idon’t think I could hold up a s the sole source of k n ee-alappers 62 tim es a y ear. It's a sham e to a way, that everybody’s become so sensitive. People used to be a lot more fun before they becam e so confound­ edly conscious of toelr own Im­ portance. - D r, Max Rafferty Samuel Johnson said, \To Im­ prove the golden moment of op­ portunity, and catch the good that Is within our reach, Is toe great art of Ufe,” I often wonder how many of us experience much of toe art ot living. We do not of­ ten think of Improving life o r of adding lo life. Many of u s »ee life a s a m erry- go-round on which we mount to get the most for o u r own personal well-being without the thought of seeking to Improve the lot of others. Some are more critical and despairing of others than they are helpful. Have you ever thought of the dif­ ference ta time and effort It take* to build something agtInst tearing something down? It takes very little effort, thought or plan to' knock, run down, criticize and tear down something. One blast can fell a wall which took day* ‘or weeks lo build. One arrest can mar a life which took years to establtsh aa a dependable per­ son of character. Look at the effort which goes Into the creat­ ing of conalructlve things. Laaf week we had the Fair In H. R. Kaczor, 49, Expires Henry R. Kaczor, 49, of the O ster Road, Ava, form e r re s i ­ dent of Constablevllle, died July II ln Rome City Hospital. He had been ta Ul health for a year. He was horn a t St. Louis, Mo,, May 22, 1924, son of Michael and Rose Kaczor and cam e to Mohawk Hill with hia family ln 1931. He attended Constablevllle High School and joined ihe Marine Corps ta 1946 serving until 1948, when he waa discharged. Mr. Kaczor operated toe family farm on Mohawk HU1 until 1958. He m a rried Corale* Barton Hardin Jnly 6 . 1965. M r. Kaczor ta survived by his widow, M rs. Coralea Barton Kac­ zor; two d aughters, Kimberley K., Michelle R., both at home; four stepdaughters, M rs. M ark(Ver- nle) P ritchard, M rs. Roger (Georgeen) P r a t t, both of Lee C e n ter, M rs. Robert (Shannan) H o erger, Auburn, M iss Robin E. Hardin, a t home; three stepsons, George P . Hardin, stationed with toe Navy a t Newport, R.I., Jam es E. Hardin, with tbe Array al Fort Dlx, N J . , Kenneth C . Hardin, at home; a half s t a te r , M rs. Arthur (Helen) O’Brien, Oneida, and four grandchildren. The funeral was July 14 a t the T rainor Funeral Home, Boon­ vllle, Rev. A lfred N o rts, p a stor, SL Joseph’s Church, officiating. Burial waa In the church cem e­ tery. n t i m V a n ' s D r i v e - I n PIZZAS — SUBS — BAR-B-Q'S Shrimp - Chicken - Sandwiches ALSO Soft Ice Cream ( V a n . , C h o c . , & T w i s t ) Mr. Sippy (Slush) e 4 flavors SPECIAL Sundaes - 4 flavors For Take Out Phona 376-7042 Opan 7 Days A Waak 11 a.m. till 1 a.m. S. S t a t e S t . L o w v l l l e ..................... W A N T E D ! ONLY! PLUS 50c HANDLING CHARGE Portraits by \LITTLE RASCALS” LlmitidOlfof ..TPh$1»UM t,»i ffflfe - ToB# Photographed fora BEAUTIFUL 8 x 1 0 LIVING COLOR H E TUES.-W ED. 10 ajn. JULY 31 and AUG. 1 6 p.m. P & C S u p e r Market L o w v i l l * P l a u A t T h # \ y * N O R T H C O U N T R Y B U S I N E S S D I R E C T O R Y GUIDE TO LOCAL SERVICES E X P E R T SER V IC E S OF A L L K I N D S . . . W H E R E TO BU Y I T . . . W H E R E TO H A V E IT D O N E ... our bounty. How many total man hour* and hoy much effort waa ezpgyded for the total Fair effort. Yea, thousand* and thousands of hours and many, many people’s effort. A case ln point, one group of eight people manned a Bible booth for twelve hours plus toe effort and time of the coordina­ tor. I saw Gen® Ver Schneider on the street the other day. Few of us realize or apprec late the ef­ fort and Investment which it will take lo have Ver’s Dining Boom and Restaurant In operation again. We all a re soaccustomed to being served and waited on that truly we take much for granted which just does not happen o r occur by chance. Let us Seek more to Improve our golden moments of op­ portunity, Catch the good that Is within our reach and know more the great Art of Life. Selah, l l a l l H r t i n i n n Arm.uat Halt fa mlly reunion wlM hr fwld Sunday, July 29e at Ro­ bert BosharRs camp at Chases Lake.

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