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Lack Of Bids LA CS P roblem Perfect Attendance 3 y r s ., Gall Suiter and Bruce Widrlck. Grade 10 - Ann Hlrcta-nougb, 3 yrs., Mary Burnham, 4 years, Joyce Crouse, 8 y r s ., Beyerly RETIRING —Seven teachers,w ith a combined total of nearly 200 years of teaching experience, have retired from Lowvllle Aca­ demy and Central School this past Jtme. The retirees Include Ann Buno, Agatha Chmrtrand, Eugene Duflo, Mary Murpby, Ruth P a r is , Genevieve Stoddard, and Russell Z e ller. Mias Buno, top left, a native ot Little Falls and a graduate of Oneonta College, has taught fifth grade ln the LowvUle d istrict for thirty years. M rs. Chmrtrand, top center, a native ot LowvlUe, was graduated from Potsdam and has been em­ ployed as a fifth grade teacher tor twenty-one years. She taught previously ln the Indian River School system . Mrs. Chartrand and her husband, Pete, have three children. M r. Duflo, top right, has taught math at Lowvllle Academy for thirty-four years. He taqght ta ru ral schools for nine years p r e - vtous and was active ta coaching tor many years at the academy. Mr, Duflo and his wife, Dorothy, live on Water S treet, ta Lowvllle. M r*. Murphy, center left, tbe form e r Mary Hamilton, attended Ugh school ta Copenhagen ind a t­ tained her nursing degree from Syracuse University. She has been a school nurse-teacher st LowvlUe Academy for fifteen y e a r s . M rs, Murphy and her husband, John, form e rly operated Fair (Continued from Pag* 1> W l and 4,000 ta 1973; Friday, *1,000 ta 1972 and 2,500 ta 1973; Saturday, 1.000 ln 1972 and 9,500 in 1973. According to Mr. Woolshlager, a prelim inary accounting seemed to Indicate that overaU receipts of the fair were way up, al­ though there were e x tra expesses this year due to the Improvement at the gates, fencing, e tc. He said that a total of $10,000 was given ln prem ium s, of which 98,000 will be reim b u rsed by the state. Beryl W, Freem an, was ln charge of organising the exposi­ tion this year, stated that overaU the fair appeared to be one o f the biggest successes In Its history. He said that the entertainment was excellent this year, which seem ed to encourage larger crowds. According to Mr, Woolshlager, the only r e a l disappointment of tbe fair waa Friday, Grange Day, ta whlcb attendance was down about 4/500. The entertainment on the bill that day waa a gospel singing group, which failed to a ttract tbe anticipated crowd, he said. a dairy farm on tbe East Road. They have five sons and a daugh­ ter. Mrs. Paris, c e n ter middle, tbe form er Ruth Boshart, attended high school at Lowvllle Academy and graduated as an a r t m ajor from Potsdam. She taught p re­ viously In Oswego, Deer River and Baldwin before spending the last twenty years as an e le ­ mentary a r t teacher al Lowville, M rs. P a ris and her husband Je r r y , now deceased, have two sons. Miss Stoddard, center right, a lifelong resident of Lowvllle, Is retiring after serving the school system for thlrty-slx years. After graduating from the academy ta 1932, she attended O- neonta College majoring in Science. She subsequently earned a M asters Degree ln Guidance from St, Lawrence University ta 1960. Miss Stoddard taught ta the elem entary grades and Ju­ nior high English before entering the field of guidance ta 1960. She became the D irector of Guid­ ance ta 1967. Miss Stoddard has been active tn the Teacher’s Association having served as its president and secretary , a s well as the local and state guidance association. She has also been very Involved ta civic affairs having served on the LowvlUe G irl Scout CouncU and serving as a member of the Board of T rustees of the United Metho- Hospital (Continued from Page 1) Hospital ln Jam a ica, Longlsland, aa a staff nurse and then a head _ n u rse at M em orial Hospital In Syracuse, and a s n staff n urse at St. Mary’s Hospital. For the past three and a half years M rs. Hor­ nlg has been a nursing Instruc­ tor for Manpower In Syracuse. M rs. Hornlg ts a member o f the American Vocational Association and also the Manpower Develop­ ment Training Association. M rs, Hornlg h as been employed to establish a Department of In- Service Education which will b e a new program for Lewts County General Hospital, In the p ast In- service education has been done as an extra duty to someone's regular full-tim e Job, With the addition of 120 beds that the new Nursing Home snd Health Related Facility will add and the need to orient the new people to staff this new facility, a full-tim e trained person ls needed to perform the tn-serrlce education functions. M rs. Hornlg will be responsible for not only orienting all personnel but also for providing and co­ ordinating continuing education and training for the entire hos- dlst Church. Mr, Z e ller, bottom, a native of Pennsylvania, Is retiring af­ ter teaching high school science for forty-two years at the Aca­ demy. He attended Albright Col­ lege In Reading, Pennsylvania and earned a M aster’s Degree from Syracuse University. Mr. ZeUer has served as President of the Lowvllle T e a c h e rs’ As­ sociation and the local chapter ot the National Honor Society ls named ta his honor. He is currently a trustee for the Vil­ lage of LowvlUe, In past years, Mr. Zeller has been active ta the Boy Scouts and Masons, hav­ ing served a s M aster o f the Lodge ta 1947. RusseU and h is recenUy retired wife, Lola hare two sons. T h e ir third son died ln 1958. pltal complex. She will Insure that prior to the p erform ance of nursing sldlls, new employees wlU have Instruction,dem o n stra­ tion, practice, and supervision of the procedures involved. The continuing In-service education program wlU include instruction by physicians, dentists, nurses, dietician, therapist, and other health trained personnel, M rs. Hornlg*s office will be on the ground floor of the new Nurs­ ing Home and Health Related Fa­ cu lty. It wlU Include a large classroom area that can b e di­ vided Into two rooms by a fold­ ing partition and have the ap­ propriate training aids to con­ duct the In-service education program . S' No H itler Dean Cummings pitched a no- hit game for the Indians as they kept their Little League loss column clean by dumping the Giants 7-2. Cummings mixed Ms pitches well striking out nine and aUowlng the two runs during a stretch of wildness ln the fourth Inning. In the only other game played, the P irates crushed Bea­ ver River No. 1 by a score of 16-5. 1 / 2 p r i c e on various women s styles & colors. Have to make room for new foil fashions. L STIH HAVE SOME SANDALS LEFT 7 C L A R K E ' S Lowvllle Academy and C e n tral School Board considered new pro­ blems at Its meeting on July 23, as it was reported that no bids were offered to provide fuel oil, liquefied fuel gas, or meat tor the school for the com tag y e a r. Com­ panies that have bid ln the past cited uncertainty as to prices a s their reason for failure to sub­ mit proposals to the board. The adm inistration was given au­ thority to r e -advertlse. M rs, Robert Lynch presided throughout the meeting. Bids w e re accepted and con­ tracts awarded to V ^ . V irkler and Son for snow plowing; to W ater­ town Frozen Foods for fish; and to Roesdale F a r m s for milk. The 1968 Station wagon which h as been replaced with a new car purchased under state contract was sold t o thejhighest bidder, Patrick Mc­ Grath. Michael Doney of Low­ vllle was the high bidder f o r the whirlpool bath whlchcan no longer be used by school personnel. ta other action, the board ap­ pointed five new teachers. Da­ vid B lssett, c u rrently on m ilitary leave of absence, was reappointed to a m athem atics position. He taught in LowvUle tor two years befqpe Joining the Air Force. A native o f the Buffalo area, M r. Blsgett was graduated from M e- Kendree College and has done graduate work at Plattsubrgh. He ta m a rried and has o n e c h lld.M lsa Nancy Connell of Troy was ap­ pointed to an English position. She was graduated from the Col­ lege of S t. Rose, earned a mas­ ter’s degree at the University of Chicago, and has done additional graduate work at the State Unl- vers Ity a t Albany. For a y e a r and a half she worked for a publish­ ing firm , and this spring she taught seventh grade English lo Troy. Miss Linda Lelchtwels of Low­ vllle was appointed to a position as health teacher. A graduate of Lowvllle Academy and of Hud­ son Valley Community College, she received her bachelor’s de­ gree from the State University College at Brockport ln 1972. She did her practice^ teaching at Madison High School/ and during the past year she taught health at the New Hartford Central School. Mrs. Gay Lehman ol Kendall- v llle, Ind., will be teaching an In­ term ediate grade. A native of Canada, M rs, Lehman was gra­ duated from Goshen College ln 1971. In 1970 she studied ta Guadeloupe. She has done gra­ duate work a t Indiana University. For the past two years, she has been teaching fifth grade ln Ken- dallvtlle. Her husband, Sanford Lehman of Croghan, has accepted a position as a b usiness teacher a t Copenhagen. George R. Keyser ol Schoharie was appointed to a new position a s teacher of agriculture, Mr. Keyser was graduated fromSUNY a t Cobelsklll and ln 1972 from the University of Georgia where he majored ta aglrcultural edu­ cation. During the past year, he has taught agriculture In the sixth, seventh and eighth grades ta Athens, Ga. WhUe in high school ta Schoharie, Mr. Keyser was a state officer of the F.F.A. He grew up on a dairy farm . Other appointments were as follows: M rs. Monica Fogarty, school tax collector; Lansing Farney, bus driver-mechanic; F red Wilcox, substitute bus d r i­ ver; Robert King, auditor of ex­ tra-cu r r icu lar accounts; Neal Aubel, head football coeeh. Resignations were accepted from Gilbert Cook, tax coUecfcor; Nancy Kratohvll, English tea­ cher; William Kratohvll, social studies teacher; and Patricia Van A am e m , c leaner. New civil service positions w e re created. Including the posi­ tion of aide to r the school n u rse's office and additional noon-time m o n itors. Administrative A ssistant Shel­ don Daggett reported on the Transportation supervisors’ conference which he had attended and on new developments In b us safety. High Regents Marks Noted Regents m arks erf 90% o r above at LowvUle Academy and Central School have been announced as follows: Grade 9 - J e r l Albertson, Math 9 - 92; Lori AUen, Math 9 - 92; G loria B e st, Math 9 - 98; Diane Brooks, Math 9 - 98, E a rth Science - 91; C h ristie Bar­ dlets, Math 9 - 97; Samantha C a s trina, Math 9 - 97; Jane Drake, Malh 9 - 100; Cathy Hitchcock, Math 9 « 98, Earth Science - 92; Michael Hlad, Math 9 - 93; Tammy Jackson, Math 9 - 90; Karen Johnson, Math 9 - 98; Anne Kellogg, Math 9 - 98; C h ris tel Kratohvll, Math 9 - 97; Bonnie L a F lalr, Math 9 - 99; Lisa Lane, Math 9 - 94; JaneU Lehman, Math 9 . 100; P e r ry Lehman, Math 9 « 98, Earth Science 9 Earth Science - 93; Jane Mar­ riott, Math 9 - 93; Joy Martin, Math 9 - 90; Louise McNelliy, Math 9 - 94 ; Nathaniel MerreU, Math 9 - 91, E a rth Science, 94; Ellen M iller, Math 9 . 92; J e r ­ ry M osher, Math 9 « 92; Susan Paddock, Math 9 - 96; Robert Schrag, Math 9 - 100, Earth Science - 92; Phyllis Shafer, Math 9 - 95; Karen Smith, Math 9 - 100; Alan Smlthllng, Math 9 - 98; Jana Snow, Math 9 - 91; Michael Snyder, Math 9 - 96; Friedrich Stahl, Math 9 - 100; Gayla Stoffel, Malh 9 - 100. Grade 10 - Stanley Blrcbe- nough, Biology - 92; Amy Bot- ssy, Biology - 90; Jeamtae Cle. mons, Typing - 90; Ctady Drake, Math 10 » 91; P a ltr Dykeman, Math 10 - 93; Jiaelle Ctager- Ichj Math 10 - 98, Biology, 99; Pam Hanno, Typing - 96; Fran­ cis Kalltae, Business Arith­ metic * 95, Biology . 93; Valerie Marolf, Typing - 91; Kay Morrison, Typing - 90; Teresa Nagy, Math 10 - 92; Karen Rudd, Biology - 91; Mary Sine lair, Math 10 r 98, Biology - 96; Shirley Slaijton, Typing - 90; Jan Vlrk- ler, Math 10 « 97, Typing - 99, Biology - 95; Marcia Weller, Biology - 95; Cathy Williams, Biology » 94; Cynthia Zehr, Math 10 - 100, Biology » 91. Grade 11 - Kathy Allen, Math 11 - 36; Janet Burke - Typing - 90; Rebecca Brown - Eng. 11 - 94, Soc. S t. U - 91, French 3 - 9 6 , Typing - 99; Judy Cav­ anaugh - Shrthd A Trans. -91; Lori Christm an, Shrthd. and T rana.-92; Kathy Denker, Che­ rnia try-92, Eng. 11-91, Math 11- 91, Soc. St. 11 - 91; Nancy t>w Bois - Malh 11 - 98, Chemistry - 96; Tom Gordon, Soc. St, II - 96, Math 11 * 98, Chemistry - 98; Mike Grau, M ith 11 « 97, Soc. St. li . 90, Chem is­ try - 97; Joe Hamilton, Chem­ istry - 95; Renee Hamblin, E ng­ lish 11 - 90; Math U . 91, Soc. St. 11 - 90; Amy Hitch­ cock, Math 11 - 91, Soc. SI. 11 » 91, C h e m istry - 91; Diane Hlad, Math 1 1 - 9 1 , Spanish 3 - 92; Shane Hoag, Math 11 - 96, C h e m istry „ 98, Soc. St. U - 9 4 ; Mary Beth Hoffman, Typing - 90; Sharon Kelly, Typ­ ing - 91; Amy M arlng, Typing, - 95; Patrick McCue, Soc. St. Shrthd. A T rans.-96; Joaui Mc­ G rath, Shrthd. A Tram . . 99 ; MiUnda M iller, Soc, S t, 11* 91, Math 11 - 92, Chemistry - 93; Kathy Rosa, Eng. 11 - 90; Michele Roy, Typing - 90; Ann S c h intz. Math 11 - 95, Chemistry - 93; Karl Stahl, English U - 90, Soc. S t, 11 - 95, Spanish 3 - 96, Math 11 - 96, Chem istry - 93; Mar­ ling Smith, Math 11 - 94, Chern- Istry . 90; Robin Stoffel Span­ ish 3 - 9 0 ; Gary Tenrllllon, Math II . 95 ( Soc. St. U J 93, Chem istry - 92; EUzabett Wallace, Soc. St, 11 . J 6 ; Lin- do W elter, Shrthd. u Trans, . 96; Rebecca W illiams, Eng. II . 90, Math II - 94 , Soc. St. lj - 94, Chemistry - 9 2 ; Cathy Wool­ shlager, Math 11 - 92, Che m - Istry - 93; Brenda Yauchzy.Soc, St. II - 91; Orson ’Yancey.Chem- istry - 91. Grade 12 - Michele B u rker, Shrthd. A Trans, - 96; Annette Malixi, Typing . 99; D e rek D a ­ ve y, Math 9 - 94; Jon M iller, Physics » 93; Paul Dunn, Bus. Arith. - 96. I* I I I D A N C E | Sat. July28 POLISH A tmr i'ltniilv Shoe Stare\ L o w v i l l a I I S AMERICAN CLUB | G le n fie ld I I I I 1 At Ziobers' O r c h . 9 p . m . f o 1 o . m . H e fr e s h m e n ts Members and guests Perfect attendance records a t W aller Bandych, 2 yrs., David LowvlUe Academy and C e n tral B e rnat, Cathy Boshart, C h a r- S c I mo I have been annouiced lotte Campany, 3 y r s ., C h r i s - Delles, Ctady Lou Drake, 2 y r s ., as follows: tine C llckner, 4 y r s ., Cora D a- Francis Dunn, Catherine Easton, Kindergarten - JohnD lcki-son. vis, Tam a ra Eckelman, 2 yrs., David Fowler, Michael Levlker, Shawn Hasty, Sandra H1U, Kim- Nelson Grau, Wendy Hamblin, berly Lampaon, M a rk Lehman, Christine Hanno, 3 yr>., Jef- Laurle Rasmussen and Jodt Wtd- ^ Hanno, Mary Hanno, Rebe- r,ck* cca H irschey, 4 y r s ., Theresa Prim a ry - Franklin A rcher, Lom b e r, 2 yrs., Michele tyng, AUen Ashltae, C a rol Ashllne, Lori M iller, Sandra Marlng, 2 Mary Bailey, Darlene Beyer, 2nd n . Dale Moody, Keith Muncy, year, David Beyer, 2nd year, 2 Mervta M y e rs, Jacque- Paula B rasle, Timothy B r a s te, lyn Powltn, 2 y r s ., Mary J o Ray- Henry Bush,Steven Cobb,Darleen mond Jeffery Robbins, 4 y r s ., Drellck, Dennis D relick, Ricky Bonnie SbetUe, T h e resa Snyder, Gardner, 3rd, Andrew Gordon, Andrea Swartzman, 2 y r s ., Na» 3rd, Karen Haggerty, EUeen Han- nine TerrU lton, Michael Ward no, 2nd, Russell H asty, Lori S u e end Rebecca Youngs, 2 yrs. Hulbert, 2nd, Timothy J a n tzi, 3 rd, Grade 9 - Jerl AlberUon, C a - Arthur Larkins, 2nd, Shartlyn therlne B e rry, Amy Btrchenough, Lee, Penny Jo Logan, 2nd, Lort 3 —s . . Michael B lair. 2 yrs., McNeil, S , « M i n e r ‘P e tei Mo- K e S Z Z r l . 3 yrs., R t a £ ^“ *4 r t T V r S ody.V lctorlaM o o re.W a irenN a i- Bow e rs, C h ristie Burdick, 3 y r s ., v I n J i ™ CHenn W aller tig e r , Wayne Overton, P a tr ick Gregory Burker, C a role C h r is t- o m r ^ Y ^ c e v B ^ Patterson, Kevin Plants, M arsha man jane Drake, 2 yrs., Diane g 2 L I ^ 2 L i ^ Albertson 4 Plants, S heryl Prashaw , Amy R a - Grandjean, L oren H aggerty, MI- ^ W dhele mos, Renee Robbins. 3rd, D a r ry l ctaei Hlad, 3 y r s ., Ktam John- tie, Douglas Roggle,2nd,Ste- ^ T e rr y Ingersoll. Tammle 7 ^ j S Jackson, L isa L ane, 4 y r s ,, F r a n - c m ^ e ,6 - - - Darlene Steven Lane, Wakefield, Phillip Ward, Gall 3 Widrlck, S h e rry Widrlck, Mark “ ce ^ Woodhouse, 2nd tad Nolan Wood- J 3 & K l i - D u n e Beyer, 4th, ~ * * * Young, Vicki Marolf, 3 yra., Robin Mo­ ody, Kay Morrison, 2 y r s ., Don­ ald Murphy, Joe P o rreca, David Raymond, Jan V irkler, Linda Yerdon and Frank Robbins. Grade 11 - Brian Kenealy, 4 y r s ., Rebecca Brown, 5 y rs.,D e b ­ bie AUen, 3 yrs., Sue Dentag, 3 y r s ., Nancy Dubois, Stephen Gordon, 11 y r s ., Michael Grau, John H a rris, 2 yrs.. Shine Hoag, 2 y r s ., Mary Beth Hoffman, Ro­ bert Kafltne, 9 y r s ., Ronald D. Lyndaker, 2 yrs., Stephen Ma- kuch, 4 y r s ,, Marilyn Manner, 4 y r s ., Weeley Nafzlger, 8 y r s ., LuAnn Seelman, Martin Smith, Sally Campany, Sloane Davey, Danny D e lles, 2nd, Roxanne Dem ­ ko, Jam ie Foote, David Halladay, Angela Hanno, Trloda Jantzi, 2nd, Paula Kaufmann, Donna Lam b , Jody Marolf, Howard M iller, Wa! - tor M o rse, 2nd, B r a d Norton, Ingrid O’B rien, 3rd, Ronald P r i - deU, Andy Schaab, Gretcben Schell, H a rry Sm ith, 2nd, Heldl Stahl, Kendall S terla, Jan T a y lor, 3rd, NeU Widrlck, Donald Wood­ house, 2nd, Sandra Yerdon and Cynthia Zehr. Grade 5 - Rick Alien, 3rd, Mark Bowers, Rhonda Brouty, 2nd, Debra C a rter, 2nd, J u s tlna Gehrleta, 2nd, Sheridan Gooter- mout, Dawn Hanno, 2nd, Robin Leaf, Julie Lyng, JoAnn Maxing, Kimberly M arshall, 2nd, C a rm e - leta M iller, Scott Moody, 2nd, Randy Moore, David Murphy, s tn, Patrick O’B rien, Kay Oltn,Debra Roggle, Carol Rubar, Hans Schell, 3rd, Angela Stanton, Jef­ frey Suiter, Walter VandeLtnder, 2nd, Christine Watkins, and Su­ san Woolschlager. Grade 6 - Dawn Beyer, 3rd, Paul B rasle, 4th, Tammy Cle­ mons, Christine Doyle, Norman Farney, Patricia Gentry, L e slie Noody, C h a rles O’Brien, 4th, John Rice, 2nd, Robert Smith, 3rd, Diane Spann, 2nd, Paul Stanton, 3rd, Kay S terla, 2nd, and Bob Tiffany, 3 rd. Mr. Assad’s C lass • Billy Ro­ gers, Bonnie Smith, Jam esSm lth, Billy Williams and P a t W illiams. BlrchenbotK,T\BaTlbara 1 John B u rr, Alan Eckelman, Mi­ chele Ftaen, Nicholas Hanno, 5 y r s ., Joe Hill, Kevin Hurley, 6 y r s ., Kim Hurley, Michael Jack­ son, Roxanne Kaban, 6 y r s .,C a r ­ olyn Kalltae, 6 y r s ., Jam e s Law­ ton, Sharon Leaf, Tim Marolf, 2nd jrr., Tim M a rshall, 4 y r s ., Richard Morrison,Crmlg Murphy, Cora Nafzlger, 6 yra., Lori No­ ody, Scott N o rtx, 2 y r a ., Brenda P e ters, Robert Polett, Dean Ra­ mos, 2 y r s ., Paul Rice, JonSchell, 2 y r s ,, Ruth Seelman, 2 y r s ., Caroline S mith, C raigTerrlH lon, Kirk Ward. 5 y r s ., Keith Wid- rick (305), Lynn Widrlck and Tammy Woodhouse. Grade 8 - Robin Akin, 2 y r a ,. Why not ride in \COOL” air conditioned comfort in one of these fine used cars! 1971 Pontiac Firebird a/cond., a/frans. 1971 Mortie Carla a/cond . 1971 Olds Wagon, a/cond. 1970 Impala a/cond. or how about a 73, full your summer vacation plans? e lement! SERVICE CARS E s s e n l o h r M o t o r s , I n c . 376-6568 Lowviiie F e e d A g w a y 1 6 % M i l k e r P e l A high energy feed te g o a l o n g with pastures or green thep. AGWAY L o w v i l l e F a r m e r 's C o - O p P h . Lowvilla, N.Y. m e m o e r s a n a g u e s t s j | f

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