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2-C JOURNAL & REPUBLICAN.LOWVULE.N.Y. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 12. 1973 C o u n t r y a n d W e s t e r n B a n d K v e r y S a t u r d a y 9 t o 1 S T A R T I N G S E P T . 22 B L A C K T O P • D R I V E W A Y S • P A R K I N G A R E A S / FREE ESTIMATES • BACKHOE SERVICE DRIVEWAY SEALING F r a n c i s J . S m i t h 397*3213 C o n s t a b l e v i i l e , N . Y . Reform Y o u c a n ’t r u n o u t o n u s . you cj <-> lorgei about cse*c>T t youftankor phoning for bra! ng ■ • deliveries th*S season With o.;r .m Jomat'Cde- very o' Gdl< * VOuH rx'.et run Qvl We ?• inYkR r. D~i .cry- t ' t W'?**-* U--31'nq O'l d'0{.r l O W V I L I E o i l c o m p a n y T e d S m ith , P r o p r i e t o r PHONE 376-3533 OR 376 3410 fQfi PROMPT DELIVERIES AND P.UTO.VATtC fmuTIHG SERVICE. (Continued from Page 2) lulure - a freshman, tn the niln* ortty. Can the contrast to Al* t>any l>t» more striking? i> ince wtth patience and plug* ! ging, vou can get something done in the California Legislature,it Is no accident that few of Its mem­ bers run for Congress, where you have to wait 10 years or so toget enough seniority to dowhat can be done your first year in office in Macramento. In contrast with the California Legislature, the oligarchial na­ ture of the Albany system stands out tn sharp detail. In an oli­ garchial system, everything comes down from the top; tn a representative democracy. Ideas come up from the people, through their elected representatives. As an essentaillyopen institution,the California Legislature is respon­ sive to pressure from below, and well enough organized with ample staff for both leadership and in­ dividual members to be able to stand up to pressure from the governor. In New York, our gov­ ernor calls our Legislature “ the most responsive in the nation” — and so it ts: - responsive to pressure from him. There have certainly been cases where he was right and the Legislature was wrong. But the question we have not been able to answer in New York State for the past 15 years is: What do we do when he's WRONG? The Albany Puppet Show is ob­ viously no answer. The entire American system is based on the separation of the Legislative and the Executive branches, and their Independence are intended to maintain a situa­ tion where neither branch can be­ come a dictator, where each watches and counterbalances the other. When the system is prac­ ticed, it keeps ambitious people from running away with power. Obviously, we do not practice the American system In New York State. End Part I NICE OF VOU TO DROP IN Fire Insurance Is not enough. Even a small . ..Accident Ukd UU» e n » ’ cost you your home. Get needed liability pro­ tection from a Home­ owners or Tenants policy. Call us today; make sure you’ re pro­ tected against slip-ups tomorrow. JO H N D .M O O R E & SO N I n s u r a n c e Ph. 376-6315 State St. Lowvtlle Like Now (Continued from Page 2 } and It could merely pass out of existence, I'ake notice, and mend your ways, scribes apd pharisees of the twentieth century, before It Is too late. “ Woe to you because you pay tithes on mint and rue and every herb, and disregard justice and the love of God. . , Woe to you because you love the front seats in the synagogues and greetings In the market place. Woe to youl because you are like hidden tombs, over which men walk unaware.*! (Luke. XI: -42-44). Letters (Continued from Page 2) Ject our plan. We have met with many of them and all have a- greed that something must be done but we have not heard of any alternate plans or offers to discuss the matter further. The resolution passed at the last meeting of the Lewis County Search & Rescue Service was to advise them that we do not feel we can train and equip a volun­ teer ambulance service In less than two months. Two months ls a very short time to get such a unit together. If we are not wanted, the towns and the county have only to remain silent until after the 15th of September. After we decided to attempt this we have talked with those “ pow- ers-that-be\ tn the area, hoping to get their support. Thus far a ll bave agreed that something must be done. We read where service orgAixations tn other areas get beljfid such projects with public suRport and funds, but not here. It seems that the people of the area are not Interested In emer­ gency health services. If we can’t get the support of the peo­ ple who will be using thts ser­ vice, we stand little chance o f being able to successfully op­ erate on a volunteer basis. Operating a volunteer ambu­ lance service will take a lot of people who are willing to volun­ teer their free time.' At times it can be . a problem trying to keep available personnel, as we have been told by other volun­ teer services. We feel that If Carthage, Gouverneur, Massena and others can do It, we can too, unless the Lowville area Is not Interested In such a project At this time we have about 20 mem­ bers who a re willing to give their time for training and to standby for calls. Of that number, only two are from the Village of Low­ vUle. They all are Interested In helping their fellow man In time of need. To make a volunteer service work, we need people, funds and lots of public support. We certainly appreciate the ef­ forts of the , JOUHJHL x s m REPUBLICAN in bflrUhg S m Women’s Side '(Continued from Page 2) realize that I am not always right and certainly other females have other views. However, my column represents MY views. I consequently, do not feel that my analysis of the lives of wo­ men ts ' ‘shallow and Inaccurate.” And 1 cannot understand how 1 can be accused of Imposing my views upon others. Obviously, no one has to read them, and If they do, what on earth compels the reader to accept them? Any woman who ls happy and ful­ filled In what she ts doing, whe­ ther it be wife, motber, or sole support of the family, etc., is certainly not sbaUow. Any columnist, editor, o r per­ son who writes uses the term “ we” as It is usually used In an editorial sense Instead of “ I.” Now, Margie, any female, you Tor example, who may not be sat­ isfied with her lot should protest and mainly TA K E action In re­ adjusting her life to her own happiness. You mention In the third paragraph of your letter that: \They (millions of women) are obviously not happy,” Can you speak for all women, ad­ mitting that you \represent a very small percentage of the total female population?” If you have followed my col­ umns, 1 have discussed getting In­ volved before. This does not JUST mean being able to discuss topics Intelligently, but getting In­ volved actively. And I resent your final sentence tn paragraph three, I have aspired as high as I wish. I am a wife, housekeeper, I work 40 hours a week in a store, and I belong to organizations. I also spend my free time, which by the way is hard to find, campaigning door-to-door for my husband. (No, he does not compel me to do this. But love and faith in him does.) I enjoy all my roles and I feel I am deeply Involved In everything 1 do. Oh, I almost forgot, my column takes up a little time each week, and this too, ls most enjoyable. I would like to challenge you. Miss Cope- ley, lo follow me around for a week and see Just how Involved I ami 1 conclude now while NOT Im­ posing any restrictions on any fe­ male. I again repeat: it doesn't matter how many things a woman is Involved In-Just as IongasSHE Is happy and fulfilled. Each role (wife, mother, etc.) Is very In­ volved and complex. I, Ann B la ir, am very happy and certainly fulfilled. (Photo by Urbanlak,) TO WED - Mr. and M rs. WU­ llam J. Brown, Lowvlile, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Linda Rachel, toDennls R. Gyore, son of M r. and Mrs. Ernest Gyore, Snell Road, Low­ vUle. Miss Brown fs a 1970 grad­ uate of Lowville Academy and a 1972 graduate of Canton ATC In Nursery Education, She Is cur­ rently employed at RossdaleDai­ ry, Inc., LowviUe. M r, Gyore is a 1968 graduate of LowvUle Academy and a 1970 graduate of Jefferson Communi­ ty College. He served In theU.S. Air Force and Is now employed as a bookkeeper atSuburban P ro­ pane, LowviUe, An October 20 wedding ls planned. C e n t r a l H o t e l G l e n f i e l d , N . Y . N o w U n d e r N e w M a n a g e m e n t W a t c h F o r G r a n d O p e n i n g K i t t y a n d D ic k F e r r a n c e F u r n i t u r e R e f i n i s h i n g a n d R e p a i r s C h a i r S e a t s & B a c k s W o v e n FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN L e w i s C o u n t y A R C S h e l t e r e d W o r k s h o p S 4 9 9 J a c k s o n S t . L o w v i f f e 3 7 6 - 7 0 2 4 W e e k d a y s 9 a . m . • 3 p . m . b r i d » g • die. I in situation to the public. \ I might add that the JOURNAL ls the only puhlfc-spirlted agency that has given more than sympathy to this problem and our effort. - Sin­ cerely yours, Frederick J. Sch­ neider, secretary, Lewis County Search 4 Rescue Service, Inc. Editor, Journal and Republican: The coverage In picture and story of our youth from Camp Aidersgate was excellent and much appreciated. 1 read the paper with renewed interest each week. Keep up the good work! - Sincerely, Bruce W„ Chapman, Pastor, Beaver Falls and Beaver Valley UnltedMethodlstChurches F o r T h o s e D a i r y m e n W h o W a n t A L i g h t e r - W e i g h t . . . F a s i e r - T a - H a n d f e M i l k e r a n d Y e t R e t a i n M a n y o f t h e E x c l u s i v e F e a t u r e s o f t h e S u r g e B r e a k e r C u p M i l k e r . For Milking Parlors or Stanchion Barns. LIGHTWEIGHT . . . NOW EVEN EASIER TO HANDLE & USEI • BREAKS THE COLUMN OF MILK - FULL 38 CU. IN. CAPACITY. GOOO VISIBILITY OF MILK FLOW • ENTIRELY CLEANED IN PLACE - ADAPTS TO IN-PAR LOR WASHING (Where Approved) • CHOICE OF SURGE JET-FLO OR FLAT DOME INFLATIONS (AND MATCHING SHELLS) : i 7 6 « 2 2 i I S u r g e • B u y N o w W i s e B u y e r s - T a k e A d v a n t a g e O f T h i s P r e - S e a s o n S a l e 1973 SKI-DOO s - B r a n d N e w « F u l l W a r r a n t y P r i c e d f r o m $ 6 5 0 . a n d u p 1974 SKI-DOO's New- New - New Special prices through October 30 — On No Trade-In basis. E X T R A S P E C I A L - E X T R A S A V I N G S f \ N O R T H L A N D \ D o u b l e S l e d T r a i l e r s Deck - Wired Regular $229.95 Ready to go NOW ON SALE FOR LIMITED TIME AT * 1 8 8 . 9 5 A L S O — S p e c i a l 3 5 % D i s c o u n t s O n A l l 1 9 7 3 O n e P i e c e S n o w m o b i l e S u i t s In Slock Sept. 29 A M I L L I O N M A C H I N E S C A N T E A C H Y O U A L O T ! — - L y o n s F a l l s F a r m e r s C o - o p A g w a y S p o r t s C e n t e r 3 4 8 - 8 4 3 4

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