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JOURNAL & REPUBLIC AN, LOWVILLE,N.Y. 6 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1973 LEGAL P U B L I C N O T IC K S T A T E OK NEW Y O R K - P U B L I C S E R V I C E C O M M S S I O N N O T ICK OK P R O P O S E D K 11. INC IN TH E M A T T E R O F TH E A P P L I C A T I O N O F PO W E R A U T H O R I T Y O F TH E S T A T E O F N E W Y O R K Pursuant to Article VII of the Public Service Law for a C e r ­ tificate of Environmental Com­ patibility and Public Need author- Uing construction of the following electric transmission facilities: (a) Massena-Moses 230 kV tie line from a new 765 kV substat­ ion In the Town of Massena, Coun­ ty of St. Lawrence lo Applicant’s Moses switch yard in theTown of Massena, County of S t. Lawrence; (b) Massena-Marcy 765 kV trans­ mission line from the aforesaid new Massena substation to a new 765 kV substation in the Town of Marcy, CountyofOnelda;(c)Mas- sena-Quebec 765 kV tie line from the aforesaid new Massena sub­ station to a point on the United States-Canada border east of the tillage of Fort Covington, County Of St. Lawrence. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that POWER AUTHORITY OF THE STA T E OF NEW YORK (herein­ after called “ Authority” ), on or about September 21, 1973 will file an Application In the above entitled matter for a Certificate o t Environmental Compatibility and Public Need, pursuant to Ar­ ticle VII of the Public Service Law. During the course of the proceedings, alternate routes which may traverse municipalit­ ies (cities, counties, towns and villages) not presently affected by the primary and alternate routes proposed by the Authority may be offered without further notice by publication. The Public Service Commission may, without further notice by publication, approve a route for the facility which also may tra­ verse municipalities not pre­ sently affected by the primary and alternate routes proposed by the Authority. A copy of the Authority’s filing wtth the Public Service Commis­ sion, prior to the date of filing with the Public Service Com­ mission, will be served upon the chief executive officer of each city, county, town and village tra­ versed by the faculties as pri­ marily and alternatively pro­ posed by the Authority. Any member of the public de­ siring to contact the Staff of the Public Service Commission for information or assistance wtth respect to any question raised by this proceeding may telephone or write Howard A. Jack, Esq ., Staff Counsel, 44 Holland Ave­ nue, Albany, New York 12208, Area Code (518) 474-2529. DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED FA C ILITIES MASSENA-M06ES 230 kV TIE The proposed 239 kV overhead transmission Une originating at a new Massena Substation in the Town of Massena, County of St. Lawrence, extending to the Moses Switchyard which is part of the St. Lawrence Power Project, Town of Massena, County ot St. Lawrence, wtll be constructed of double circuit steel lattice towers. The preferred route will be approximately 8 miles In length of which approximately 2 1/2 miles comprise a joint corridor with the proposed Massena-Que- bec 765 kV tie. Another 3 miles of the line will follow alongside the existing rights-of-way eman­ ating from the MosesSwltchyard. PRIMARY ROUTE Location of Proposed RIght-of-Way TOWN OF MASSENA The preferred route wtll head due east out of a new preferred Massena Substation to he located south of the Raquette River In the Town of Massena near the Inter­ section of County Route 81 with County Route 57, and then follow along a Joint corridor with the preferred Massena-Quebec 765 kV tie route (hereinafter descri­ bed). One quarter mile beyond LaRue Road the line will turn away from the Massena-Quebec 765 kV tie route and head nor­ therly. Just beyond Harvestock Road the new line wtll Join the existing Moses-Plattsburgh 230 kV right-of-way. Immediately south of the Grass River, the pre­ ferred route and the Moses- Plattsburgh Une Join two other existing Moses lines. The new Une wUl parallel these existing lines on the east to the Moses Switchyard, which Is part of the St. Lawrence Power Project, MASSENA-MARCY 765 KV TRANSMISSION LIN E The proposed 765 kV overhead transmission Une wtU be con­ structed of single circuit steel lattice structures originating at the new Massena Substation and terminating at a new 765 kV sub­ station to be constructed by Nia­ gara Mohawk Power Corporation In the Town of Marcy near and adjacent to Us existing Edlc Sub­ station. The line Is basically oriented north-south and Is ap­ proximately 134 miles long and follows existing rights of way for 108 miles: 59 miles along the existing Moses-Adirondack 230 kV right-of-way and 49 miles along tbe existing Adlrondack- Porter 230 kV right-of-way. PRIMARY ROUTE ^Location of Proposed RIght-of-Way TOWN OF MASSENA The, Une will leave the new Massena Substation In a south­ westerly direction approximately parallel to the southern town boundary for approximately 2 1/2 miles before angling slightly more westerly. After turning, the line will continue for approx­ imately 1/3 mile before cro s s ­ ing the west boundary of the Town of Massena approximately 1/3 of a mile north of Quenell Road. TOWN OF NORFOLK The line will enter the Town of Norfolk from the east at a point approximately 1 mile northeast of the intersection of New York Route 420 and Gladding Road. The line will continue southeas­ terly for approximately 2 miles before angling slightly more easterly again just east of the R a ­ quette River. It then will cross the river, County Route 82, and New York Route 56. Approx­ imately 400 feet from Its Inter­ section with New York Route 56 the line crosses the westerly boundary of Norfolk. TOWN O F LO U ISVILLE T h e l in e w i l l e n t e r th e T o w n o f L o u i s v i l l e v i a Its e a s t e r n boun­ d a r y an d . p r o c e e d d u e w e s t fo r approximately 2 1/4 miles when It joins the Authority's two exist­ ing Moses-Adlroodack 230 kV lines. At this point the line angles southwest and follows a- long the east side of the existing right-of-way for approximately 21 miles. The line leaves the Town of Louisville through its eastern border approximately 1/2 mile southwest of Nation Road. TOWN OF NORFOLK The line next crosses the western corner of Norfolk re­ maining on the eastern side of the existing corridor and running roughly parallel and about 1/4 mile west ot Nation Road. TOWN O F MADRID The line will enter the Town of Madrid approximately 1/4 mile northwest of the Intersection of the town boundary and Nation Road. Again the line will parallel the existing 230 kV lines on the east. The line will continue along the existing right-of-way through the entire town and w ill leave via the southeastern town line Just south of New York Route 56A. TOWN O F POTSDAM The line will enter the Town of Potsdam via the northwest corner of the town paralleling the existing 230 kV lines on the east just south of New Y ork Route 56A. Within the town the right-of-way will angle slightly more southerly approximately 1 mile before crossing the southwestern town boundary approximately 1/2 mile northwest of County Route 85. TOWN O F CANTON The Une will enter the Town of Canton via Its northeastern boun- - ROBERT MOSES SWITCHYARD POW E R AUTHORITY O F THE STATE O F NEW YORK 1 M ASSENA-M OSES 2 3 0 kV TIE 2 MASSENA-MARCY 7 6 5 kV TRANSMISSION LINE 3 M ASSENA-QUEBEC 1 7 6 5 kV TIE Massena North Atte p s jr-ffe-— _____ »-b)EW YORK-QUEBEC BORDER* I . h MOSES-PLATTSBURGH230kV TRANSMISSION UNE • -MASSENA SUBSTATION y - \ 6 k * . N Y 4 - . f - T4- \ . \ V 11- ■ - . \\ J i ' ' M- \ s v. j ‘ ■ \ -AMv' August 1 0 7 3 SMOSES-AORONDACK £»kV TRANSMSSWN Llff . c I v - ' .. Pitcairn West Altemater . ' K J S , j^ l^ P itc ijrn Short Ws>st Alternate- * . - (1 . \'_ •- „~4 : ,.. *=- ‘ • 4 \' .1 ( • wo ^ * / -A . f t , ; : 7 J . ■«p- > AdraidacA SUxcstoo ^ Y - i ■ - .L f ' P - l A \ % - ' r < LV- -.'— - ! .. . 1 \ - t : t - Y l - ^.*-4-*/ x ■ ..i: _ . - I * ) \ t r P o r t t e y d e n A lte r n a t e - ' ’ ' * ■ . ' 1 . ' ' 1 -■ ~ ■' - ; J ' ; t ' y fe- Y s A I V ii 1---//-T V . 'V '* • V’ ' - Y T s ll -r- J ‘ ■ ' - A / / » i ' j . V - , ----- I ' •) V j l *\ ADMCWOACX-eOHTEH 230W TPXt4S“ iS»ON t f * U j J ; 1 7 ' - < ' ■r <■’■■■ \ y , r i u s 1 n • \ i r ' : N , . , . , , .r - x 1 M I K F y i KEY ■ ....... mu PREFERRED ROUTE WNHMW ALTERNATE ROUTE -------- EXISTING 230kV TRANSMISSION LINE V - • ■/' L - J L / 7 - ' ( 7 4 l f S 7 i < f 7 „ J l -/ C -s.— i — ' .T 3 . ! - • ■■ : ' y V y . / / i A A w & b i •• / .r,.\ *>,- ) \ ' \ J - K : W A W q m m & ■ « . • ; - f ■'■/: - 4 / ' . r f • / . : / ' - S r ' / / ' '■ I / / V ■ ' % / */*> iiiua iiu i uiit cot u i wouiiiy Route 85 continuing In corridor with and eaat of the Mosea-A- dlroodack lines. Approximately 1/4 mile northwest of New York Route 345 the preferred route will angle westward croaslngNew York Route 345 and tbe Grass River northwest of the Village of Canton. At this point the new line will cross the existing 230 kV lines and leave the corridor. Just south of New York Route 68 the tine will angle eastward again and Just southwest of Canton Road the preferred route w ill cross the existing 230 kV lines and resume its former position on the easterly side of the Moses- Adirondack lines. The preferred route will continue along the east side of the corridor to a point Just north of County Route 47 where again ihe new line leaves the existing lines. This diver­ gence wlU not involve a cross over. The existing lines swing westward while the preferred route wUl continue almost due south. The new Une leaves Can­ ton approximately 3/5 of a mile northeast of the point where the existing 230 kV lines cross into Russel. t TOWN O F RUSSEL The Une will enter tbe Town of Russel via Its northwestern boundary Just southwest of North Woods Road. Continuing south­ ward the new Upe will parallel the Moses-Adirondack lines ap­ proximately 1/4 m ile south of Woods Bridge Road. The pre­ ferred route wlU remain on the seat side of tbe existing lines through tbe remainder of the town. The preferred route leaves Russel via its western boundary approximately 1 mile southed Al- verson Road. TOWN OF HERMON The Une will enter and leave the Town of Hermonremalnlngon the east side of the Moees-A- dlrondack lines crossing the southeast corner of the town. It runs parallel to and less than 1/4 mile west of Spruce Road. TOWN OF EDWARDS The Une will alter tbe Town of Edwards at tbe easternly end of Its northern border and continue through the town on the eaat side of the existing transmission cor­ ridor to 1/2 mUe north of the town’s southern bouedtry. At this point the existing lines angle southwest and the Une coottnues ■oath crossing the town’s southern border approximately 2000 feet east of County Route 46. TOWN OF PITCAIRN The line will enter the Town nf Pitcairn shout 1/2 mile east of Cold Spring Brook State F o r ­ est and then turn smrtfawestward. : The Une will continue southwes­ terly until Joining the Moses-A- dlrondack lines again approxi­ mately 1/2 mile south of the Penn Central Railroad. Continuing oo the east side of the existing Moses-Adlroodack lines the pre­ ferred route will leave Pitcairn approximately 1/2 mile south­ west of Goose Pood Road. TOWN O F DIANA The Une wtll enter the Town of Diana on the east side of the Moses-Adlroodack lines via the Town's northeast boundary 1/2 mile southwest of Goose Pond Road. Th is la also the Lewla Comity Line. Just Northeast of the Middle Branch of the Oswe- gatchie River the preferred route crosses over to the west side of toe Moses-Adirondack lines. The Une continues south and crosses toe southern boundary of Diana Just west of Jerden Falls Road. TOWN OF CROGHAN The Une will enter the Town of Croghan through its northern boundary Just west of Jerden Falls Road and continue through the entire town of the west side of toe existing Moses-Adirondack lines. One third of a mile east of E r ie Canal Road the line crosses the southern boundary of Croghan. TOWN OF NEW BREMEN The Une will enter the Town of New Bremen via Its northern boundary east of E r ie Canal Road and foUows along the west skieof the two Adirondack-Porter lines through toe entire town. The Une exits through the town’s southern boundary Just southwest of C r y s ­ tal Dale. TOWN OF WATSON The line will enter the Town of Watson In Its northeast comer ap­ proximately 700 feet west of County Route 26 and traverse the town tn corridor with and west of the two existing Adlrondack- Porter 230 kV lines, with only two minor Jogs. One quarter mile south of Bradlsh Hoad the Une will cross the southern boundary of Watson approximately 3000 feet west of the town line’s Intersec­ tion wtth the Independence River. TOWN O F GREIG The line will enter the Town of Grelg 1/4 mile north of the Inde­ pendence River and continue on the west side of the 230 kV lines to the southern town boundary. Approximately I mile east of County Route39theltnewllIcross Into Lyonsdale. TOWN OK LYONSDALE The line will enter the Tnwn of Lyonsdale via its northern boun­ dary approximately 1 mile east of County Houle 39. Its first 5 mUe /portion wtll be In corridor with and west ofthe two Adtron- dack-Porter 230 kV lines. Ap­ proximately L mile southeast of toe VUlage of Port Leyden the line departs from this corridor. The Une will rejoin toe Adlron- dack-Porler corridor, crossing over to toe east side of the exist­ ing 230 kV lines Just north of the boundary of Lyonsdale Just south­ west of Buck Corner Road, TOWN OF BOONV1LLE The Une will enter toe Town of BoonvlUe via its northern boun­ dary Just west of Buck Com er Road on the east side and par- aUel to the two Adlrondack- Porter lines. The Une remains in corridor with the Adirondack- Porter lines through the entire Town o t BoonvlUe and exits through the town’s southern boun­ dary 1/2 mUe west of Phillies Road. TOWN O F STEUBEN The line wtll enter toe Town of Steuben via Its northern boundary running roughly parallel to and west of French Road. The new Une wlU remain on the east side of the existing Adirondack-Por­ ter lines through tbe entire town and crosses the southern boun­ dary Just over 1/4 of a mile east of County Route 38. TOWN O F FLO Y D The Une will cross through the northeast corner of toe Town of Floyd east of and In corridor with the Adiroodack-Porter lines. TOWN O F TRENTON The Une will enter the Town of Trenton via Its northwestern bor­ der approximately 1/4 mile southwest o f Steuben Valley Road remaining on the east side of toe Adirondack-Porter 230 kV lines. The Une crosses the southwest­ ern boundary of the town 1/4 mile southeast of Kelly Tract Road. TOWN O F MARCY The Une will ester the Town of Marcy In corridor with and east of the Adirondack-Porter lines via Its northeastern boundary. 3500 feet northwest of County Route 87. At a point Just north of Church Road the new line crosses the existing 230 kV lines and Church Road. The route will then cro s s Glass Factory Road (County Road 36) and turn north­ west to enter the proposed Nia­ gara Mohawk Marcy Substation. MASSENA-QUEBEC 765 kV TIE The proposed high voltage overhead transmission Une or­ iginating a t the preferred new Massena Subetatlon In the Town of Massena, County of St, Law ­ rence extending to a point on the UJ3. - Canada border In toe Town of Fort Covington, County of St. Lawrence will be constructed of single circuit steel lattice struc­ tures. The primary route Is 21 mUes long of which 11 m iles are parallel to toe existing Moses- Plattsburgh 230 kV right-of-way. A new 765 kV transmission Une to be constructed by Quebec Hy­ dro - Electric Commission (Hy. dro-Quebec) w ill meet toe pro - posed 765 kV line at the U.S.- Canada border, east of Border Marker 749. PRIMARY ROUTE Location of Proposed RIght-of-Way TOWN O F MASSENA The transmission Une w ill ex­ tend from toe preferred new Mas­ sena Substation In an easierlydi- rectlon through the Town of Mas­ sena south a t toe Raquette R i­ ver for a distance of 3 miles nntll crossing Its easterlyborder approximately 3/4 of a mile east of L a Rue Road. TOWN O F BRASHER The line will enter the Town of Brasher via Its westerly border approximately 1 mile northeast a t this town boundary’s Inter­ section with County Route 81 and continues In an easterly direction until the proposed line meets the existing Moses-Plattsburgh 230 kV line just northeast of the In­ tersection of McIntyre Road and North Road. At thts point the line turns southeasterly and follows along the south side of the Moses- Plattsburgh 230 kV Une crossing the St. Regis River southeast of Kennan Road. The line turns again and continues for approxi­ mately I 1/2 m iles beforecross. Ing toe eastern Brasher-St. Law. rence County line approximately 1 mile south of County Route 64. TOWN O F BOMBAY The line w ill enter the Town o l Bombay and the County of Franklin approximately I mile south of County Route 9 and con­ tinues In an easterly direction crossing the Salmon River and then will angle northeasterly just east of Scanlon Road crossing the Bombay northern boundary approximately 600 feel west of Its northeastern com e r. will connect with a new 765 kV line tn lie constructed by Hydro- Quebec. The Internationa! Boun­ dary crossing will be east of Bor­ der Marker 749. ALTERNATES MASSENA-NORTH ALTERN ATE The Massena-North Alternate would route toe Massena-Quebec 765 kV tie northwesterly par­ alleling on the south side of the Moses-Plattsburgh 230 kV right- of-way both of the Towns of Mas­ sena and Brasher, unlike the p re­ ferred rouie which diverges from the existing corridor to Brasher. The Massena-North Alternate a l­ so Includes routing the Massena- Marcy 765 kV Une north of toe village (Massena) alongside toe existing Moses-Adirondack 230 kV rights-of-way rejoining the preferred route at the totersec- Uon of County Routes 94 and 38 southeast of the Hamlet of Louis­ ville. This alternate wonld also Include a new 765 kV North Al­ ternate Massena Substation to the general vicinity of the Intersec­ tion of toe Moses-Plattsburgh and Moses - Adirondack rtghts-of- way, south of toe Moses Switch­ yard. HERMON A L T E R N A T E to the Town of Hermonthepro- posed route would not deviate from the existing corridor. It would parallel the existing Moses-Adirondack 230 kV right- of-way on Its east side. PITCARIN WEST ALTERN A T E to toe Town of Pitcairn this alternate route for the Massena- Marcy 765 kV line would leave the preferred route at the northern boundary of Pitcairn and bypass toe town to the west, rejoining the preferred route north of Pig Town Road in toe Town a t Diana. This alternate would cross tbe Pitcairn-Diana boundary line Just east of the point where such boundary intersects Goose Pood Road approximately 1/2 mUe west of the preferred route c ross­ ing. PITCAIRN SHORT WEST ALTERN ATE This alternate Is located en­ tirely within toe Pitcairn town Umlts. The alternate would leave tbe preferred route Just south of Rose Road to a more westerly direction and cross to toe northwest side of toe Moses- Adlroodack right-of-way. Where tbe existing line angles south Just norjh of New York Route 3, the alternate would continue straight until It meets the Pitcairn West Alternate, and follow the latter alternate until it rejotos ihe pre­ ferred j-oute north of Pig Town Road to Diana. “ P V ' — PORT LEYD E N A L T E R N A T E ta toe Town of Lyonsdale this alternate would shift the proposed Mtsaena-March 765 kV Une east­ ward away from Port Leyden. The alternate leaves toe preferred route Just north of the Moose R i­ ver and rejoins the preferred route near Wheeler Road. MASSENA SUBSTATION ALTERNATE-SOUTH This alternate site for the Mas­ sena Substation would be situated 2 1/2 miles east of the preferred subetatlon site on the preferred route. 4-2-c NOTICE OF SA L E THE NATIONAL BANK OF NORTHERN NEW YORK wUl sell at Public Auction at Thalr Banking House, Stale St. Low­ ville, N.Y. oo September 20,1973 at 10:30 A.M. the following 1971 Arctic Cat, 399 Panther, Snow- sled Serial #123324. We reserve the right to bid. NED E . CO LE Assistant Manager Agent of Said Bank 4 - l-c TOWN O F FO R T COVINGTON The Une will enter the Town of Fort Covington between the Sal­ mon Rtver and Frye Road and continues northeasterly to a point on tbe U.S.-C tnada border ap­ proximately 9 / 4 o f a mile west of the Fort Covington - Westvllle town line just north of Durns Holden Road. The proposed line NOTICE OF SA L E The NATIONAL BANK OF NORTHERN NEW YORK will sell at Public Auction at Their Bank­ ing House, State St. Lowvtlle, N.Y, on September 20, 1973 at 10:00 A.M. the following 1971 Gremlin, 6 cyl. ALA465E719975. We reserve the right to bid. NED E , CO L E Assistant Manager Agent of Said Bank 4 - l-c NOTICE OF FILING COM P LETED ASSESSMENT R O L L WITH C L E R K A F T E R GRIEVANCE DAY . (Pursuant to Section 516 of the Real Property Tax Law) Notice ts hereby given that the Assessment Roll for the Town of Denmark tn toe County of Lewis, tor toe year 1973, has been fi­ nally completed by the under­ signed Assessors, and a certi­ fied copy thereof was filed in the office of the Town Clerk, on the 1st day ofSeptember, 1973,where the same will remain open to public Inspection until October I , 1973. Dated this 1st day of September 1973 ’ STAN L E Y PARSONS LEONARD HAGGERTY JESS KARCHER Assessors of the Town e t Denmark 4-l-c

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