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I AUCTfiON A U C T I O N A U C T I O N i r n t y ■ A R K E T r i, 1973 > to .65 ) To .65 .52.61 .40.50 ES 3 2 7 jrs. 1 :30 P R I C E S A T I S I O M R A T E S E TO ' CK MARKET Springing All Tim ®*. i t h e r s L I R S R TRUCKING •7209 IQUE m 3 0 A . M . S H A R P d ( A r r o w ) !•) [TON THE FOLLOW- glass (carnival, co­ il ge, amethyst, opal- brln*, rte.) best, bottles, mlnla- ile, oak drop leaf hall t r e e , collection k, lanterns, wicker Election, metal Ice mas, two pine cup- :k chairs, oak step icka, reverse palnt- bad, commode, etc. console colored TV, table, round dining n top, etc, nNG HERE. COME TIME BECAUSE OF GOOD CONDITION, RVED. AINES, Owners ONS, Auctioneers C a r t h a g e _________ 9 - 1 - c iN T I D T O RENT ID TO RENT: Furnished nent or trailer. Im- tely. CaU Mark B o n n . 213, S.j4 ; A U C T I O N HERMAN SCHNEIDER EST. Milking Herd ft Bred Heifer Dispersal FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19 LOWVULE, N.Y. Tafc* tt*. 26A ntfrth from LpwWII® about ? mile lo County Highway D®j>f.. tor** l®ft eojla fat! Rd., about 2 mil®* to form, lowvili® la 25 mil®* ®owth®o*t of Wotortown, 55 mlloi north of Utica 41 REGISTERED HOLSTEINS SELL!! ( A l s o 2 A y r t b i r # C o v r t ( 3 5 M i l k i n g A g o C o w s - 3 b r s d M t l f o r t - 3 b a b y H o t t e r C a l v o s ) TOP SIRES REPRESENTED HERE II 4 b y D w o n W a l l a c e S e c u r i t y • 2 by \ O r l o \ • 2 b y W l n t a r c r e i t S u n l l n e r - 2 b y l o e l l e r X m a i - 2 b y H o w c c r a a H o m e a t e o d B r u c e l a d ■ \ G r a d u a t e \ • \ S a c r a \ . G e n e P a b • B u c k y T • P t t r l a n d o t h e r * TOP SERVTCE SIRES USED!! 4 t o S u a d c r l a B u c k y T ■ 3 t o B D I R o s a n n a R a d a r ■ 2 t o S a x o | i a c S h e r r y S u p r e m a - 2 t o A l r y t o p S i r S a a l a y V a l o t - W o o d i l d a F a r m V i c t o r B a l l t i - C h a p . C o c h r a n S B r i g h t . RECORDS TO 20,673 M. 705 FAT!! 10 ottf»rs hiav* records from 555 lo 660-lb*. fat. T h i s i s a g o o d w o r k i n g h a r d w i t h m a n y f r # » h i n f t u m m a r a n d m i l k i n g w a l l a n d b r a d b a c k . Only th® untimely d®ath of Mr. Schn®l*J«r moke* this iq I® posslbla. Jol® atari* 1 p.m. tuncH Avalfabl® Un<J«r Cov*f Catalogs ESTAII OF HERMAN SCHNEIDER OWNER, RO 1. IOWVHIE. NEW YORK R. AUSTIN BACKUS INC SALE MORS, t AUCTIONEERS MEXICO. NEW YORK 9-1-c IN M E M O R I A M IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of Donna my wife and mother of o u r children. Deep ln our h earts lie a picture Of a loved one laid to rest. In m e m o ry's frame we shall keep It. Because she was one of the best. Sadly missed by her children L tsa, Billy and Becky and hus­ band WUllam Tuttle. 9-1-c IN MEMORIAM In laving memory of our dau­ ghter and s i s t e r Donna Helltnger Tuttle -who p assed away one year ago, Oct, 16, 1972. When the evening shades are falling. We are sitting a ll alone, In our h e a r t s there comes a lodg­ ing, if you only could come home. Through tears we watched you suffer, saw you lade away. Our hearts w e re almost bro­ ken, you fought so hard to stay. But when we saw you sleeping, so peaceful free from pain. Our h e a r ts s till ache with sad­ ness, and te a r s just seem to flow. What it m eant to lose you no one will e v e r know. Sadly missed by Leo and Rose Helltnger, ber Mom and Bad and S isters and Brothers, 9-1-c REAl ESTATE REAl ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE FORSALEi House ln Watson. Four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room, full cel­ lar, an electric heat. Owner relocating. Call 376-7143 at any­ tim e. 6-tf-C REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT: Four bedroom home In good location ln LowvUle. Ask­ ing price substantially reduced. Phone 376-3338. 9-3-c REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: t e n room house ln Watson, one acre of Mod with 20 a 40 tn ground swimming pool. . Can be seen by appointment only. Gordon H . Prashaw, Glenfield, N.Y. 376- 6994. 9-2-p REAL ESTATE FORSALE: T hree bedroom home, bath and ooe- half. Good condition. Priced to se n . CaU Vero PeUum. 376- 2548. 9-1-c REAL ESTATE FORSALE: L e v is County • o v er 300 a c res,approx, 115 tillable, o v er 100 frees tails, parlor, bulk tank, automatic u a - ed e r s , 2 silos with unloaders, poods, sugar bush, approx. 100 head of m ilkers and complete line of machinery, ExceUeot 5 bedroom, 2 bath borne. Beauti­ ful view. Farm Specialist Real­ ty, 1118 Arsenal St., Watertown, N.Y. 782-2270 day or night o r Bill Cavanaugh, salesm a n , 387- 2366. 9-1-c REAL ESTATE FORSALE: Large old store and lot located a t Rec­ to r 's Corners. Excellent for snowsled and banting lodge.*3,- 500.00 Call 376-7130. 9-3-c REAL ESTATE WANTED) By principals. Acreage, hare farm s , cam p s, woodlots. Any­ where, cash, p a rticulars, p rice, \Gordon 726 E a s t 5 S treet, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218. Phone 518-483-3961. 4-tf-C FOR RENT FOR RENT: Three room apart­ ment, Lowville, modern, fur­ nished. Available November L Pharmacy or 9-2-p Inquire C o rner phone 348-8124. EMPIRE LIVESTOCK MARKETING CO-OPERATIVE Lo w v il l e 3 7 6 - 7 4 4 1 or 3 7 8 - 7 2 2 1 R e g u l a r Sales Auction I Monday j John J. Mahoney, Mgr. SALES TIME 1:30 P.M. B E E F S K C A L V E S S E L L IN G M U C H 5 T R O N G E R T H I S W E E K. Please call e a r ly your truck er or call 376 7441 or 3 7 6 - 7 2 2 1 service to the market. FOR RENT: Five room heated apartm ent. Edward Virkler, LowviUe. Phone 376-7022. 9-1-C FOR RENT: TraUer lot. Reed's T r a iler P a r k , Glenfield, N.Y. 42-ti-c FOR RENT: Downstairs a p e rt- menL Phone 376-2193. 9-1-c FOR RENT: In LowviUe. Like new, three bedroom home, Range included. Economical hot water heat. Available Immedi­ ately. DuFlo Agency, Inc., R eal­ to r s and Insurance. 376-2323, 9-1-c FOR RENT: Sm all, furnished, tour r o o m , second floor apart­ ment, one bedroom, newly c a r ­ peted. Available October 16. 376-3043. 9-1-C CARO OF THANKS =OR RENT CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank D r s . Holt, Her­ rm an and Rectra, the nurses and everyone who took c u re of me at the Lewis County General Hos­ pital. My famUy, relatives, priests and friends for prayers, cards, gifts and vis Its during my operation and stay at the hospital. Eleanor Hoch. 9-1-c CARD OF THANKS Our sincere thanks t.o friends, neighbors and relative!* who sent flowers, cards, condolences and other acts of kindness In our be­ reavement. The famUy of the late Dorothy I. Hall. 9-1-c , CARD OF THANKS We wish to express o u r sincere thanks to our friends, ne ighbors, relatives, churches, the Croghan and Castorland F tr e Deportments for their acts of kindness dnrlng and after our recent f ir e . Also, a thank you for donations of any kind. The Douglas Holton family. 9-1-p CARD OF THANKS t want to say a special thanks to my friends, neighbors, relatives, American Legion are! Auxiliary Post 1663 and Hie V.F.W. for the cards, visits, phone calls and gifts during my stay at the Houee of the Good Samaritan hospital tn Watertown. Wtllls Cainidge, 9,-1-c FOR RENT: Six room apartment, available immediately. Phone 376-6842. 9-1-C FOR RENT: Five room heated upstairs apartm ent, partly fur- nlshesd. Phone 346-1265. 9-1-p FOR RENT; B a r* ft# CattU or storage. Call Lowville 376- 3337. 9-I-p FOR RENT: Office space In the , form e r Telephone Building. I Com pletely rem odeled. Three separate offices, line large dou­ b le office with reception room . AU utilities included. Phone 1-797-6670 o r 376-3912, 2-if-C FOR RENT: Heated upstairs a - partm e n t, four room s, stove and refrig e r a to r furnished. Call after 5 p.ro. 376-6228. Adults preferred . 8-2-p FOR RENT: 100’ x 69* traU er lot, Glenfield-G relg Road. Wa­ te r and sewage furnished. Avail­ able Immediately. Phene 376- I n t e r e s t e d I n S e l l i n g ? W e e r e ! I t ' s O u r B u s i n e s s ! W e h a v o a l o n g H i t o f p r o a p o c t l v o b u y e r a l o o k i n g f o r a l i a * o f f o r m a , b o r e a c r e a g e , c a m p * a n d h o m e * . If y o u w a n t I t a o l d o n d n o t ( u a t l i a t o d — c o l l t h o P r o f e t a i o n o l a . W o d o m o r e t h a n | u i t p u t u p f l g n a . JEFF-LEWIS R E A L T Y L o w v i l l e , H . Y . P i t . 3 7 6 - 3 1 9 1 W H E R E S E R V IC E iS T H E D I F F E R E N C E ! ! 9 - l- « 3889. 9-2-c FOR RENT: Two Holsteln s e r Wee bulls. Call 376-7471. 9-1-c FOR RENT: Three bedroom, 1- 1/2 bath efficiency home on 1/4 - ..... a c r e . Quiet s t r e e t. Option to buy after January 1 . One-third down, remainder as rent, Box 68, Low­ vUle, N.Y, 7-tf-c fft CAJRD OF THANKS I wish to thank a ll my friends, neighbors and relatives who so kindly remembered me during my stay In the House of the Good Sam aritan hospital with their p ra­ yers, Ylslts and gifts, especially Rev, Hunter for his prayers and visits. It was all greatly ap­ preciated. Roy Mealus,. 9-I-p CARD OF THANKS We sincerely want to than k each and everyone who helped *r» any way at the time of our bam Fire and In any way since. It was very, verymuchappreclaterl.M ay God richly b less eiich one of you. Richard, Delores Ro*n?te anti fam­ ily. 9-1-p R U M M A G E SALE RUMMAGE SALE: Duane Sch- wendy, Carthage « Naumburg Road. Women’s and chUdren’s clothes. Odds and ends. Thru October 19. 9-1-c u u M M AGK SALE: Lowvtlle United Methodist Church base­ ment. Thursday, October 18. 7 - 9 p.m, and Friday, October 19, 9 - 5 . 8-2-p RUMMAGE SALE; Garage and Junque sale-som e oldies, some goodies at M rs. Vincent Htr- schey’s home, Bowman Street, Castorland, Saturday October 20, 10-6. 9-1-c RUMMAGE SALE: Many m e n 's, women’s and children’s clothing and miscellaneous Items; some furniture. From four families. All Items priced to sell. S tarts Thursday, October 19, 9-8 p,m. Friday October 19, 9-9 p.m ., Saturday October 20, 9.9p.m ., Linda Kriwox’s garage, West Marttnsburg, three miles up Stowe S treet, gray bouse on four corners, 9-1-p CARD OF THANKS CARD OF THANKS f wish fo thank all my rela­ tives, neighbors and friends e- speclally Rev, Hunter who so ldndly remembered me while I was a patient In S t, Luke’s Hos­ pital, with prayers, v isits, cards, candy and for the tv. All was. appreciated and enjoyed every­ thing very much. Mildred Mealus 9-1-p CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank Dr. Herrman, Dr. Brooks and all the nurses that took such good care of me during my recent stay at the Lewis County General Hospital, Thanks go to all my many friends and relatives who sent cards and flowers. Mrs. Belva Marolf,Kea- ver Falls,N.Y. 9-1-p FOR RENT: SmaH five room house. Private road. Five mi­ nutes from Lowville. 3115 per month. Couple preferred. Gary HoppS, 376-6024, 8 -tf-c REAL ESTATE BEAL ESTATE FORSALE:Camp In C h a ses Lake area. One acre of land with furnished, Insulated camp. Excellent for snowmobU- lng„ hunting and fishing, Don Lannlng, 205 State S treet, Ful­ ton, N.Y-, Phase 592-6507.8-2-c BEAL ESTATE WANTED: Large home tn good condition ln o r near Lowville on State Street or Route 12 o r Route 26. Box 534, Canton, N.Y, 13617 o r c a ll 386. 3184, 8-3-p REAl, ESTATE FOR SALE; Five room house and garage, six acres land. Asa Egelsion re­ sidence, Pearl Street, P o rt Ley­ den. Contact Ruth Campany,Port Leyden. Phone 348-6452 after5, 8 - 2 -c REAL ESTATE FOR SALE; Building lot 90 X 250 f t , deep. Nice and level, ready to build on. Gordon fl. Prashaw, Glen­ field, N.Y, 376-6994. 9 -Z.p. 9-1-C DAIRY FARMS NEEDED All Six®* S f o c V t H o r B o r a Qualified fiu» of a»of« fe«y*r* woitinsr owor«nt##<j ihrw lofionol od»®r»l*lng. Coll oc wrJ»« Char?#* J. Graham «.»l Estate it.etpaolr PFsne 1-4S7-3M0 6-4-C REAL ESTATE FORSALE: L a r ­ ge lot wtth excellent view on E ast State Street, Lowvtlle. Frank Donaldson, owner. Contact Ml­ halyl Real E state. 376-6215 4-tf-c JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN.LOWVIILE, N.Y. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1973 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: S c . vptj room houso with 1/2 aero of land* located on Blue Street* Glenfield, N.Y. Call 376-7277. 4-tf-c CZEPIEL Realty Boonville, N.Y. Ballot (Continued from Page 17 sel. Amendment No. 3 -> The pur- ■' ~ \ pose and effect of this proposed REAL ESTATE FOR SALEV amendment Is to expand the le- Large storage barn and 18 1 /2 gtstature’s authorisation to loan acres of land, some second the money of the s tate to a public growth tim b e r, sm a ll creek on corporation and the uee thereof property. Would make nice by such corporation f o r the p u r - trailer lot o r for private home. poge of making secured loans to Gordon H. Prashaw, Glenfield, non-profit corporations to lm - N.Y. 376-6994. 9-2-P prove employment opportunities 1 \• ■ 1 - ........... ln any a rea of the s tate. P resently REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: House on Shady Ave., tour bed­ room s. 1 1/2 baths, nice loca­ tion. Two fam ily house, Main Street, Castorland; double Budding, Watertown, N.Y. For appointment only call L a rry Knapp, Denmark, N.Y. at 493- 0061. 9-l* c THESE SAVINGS CAN BE YOURS I! If you act Immediately. The owners have saldSELL.Get us tn offer! So fids mesas MONEY ln YOUR Pocket. State St. 4 hearooms and bath up with 5 rooms down. Oil best. Make offer, Stowe St. Double garage. 6 rooms and bath down, 4 room s and bath u p stairs. Oil Heat. Newly painted. Owner anxious. Over looking the Black River Valley, just outside the village lim its. Split level with 2 rooms and bath down, 7 rooms up, 2 stall garage beneath. Make offer. Carthage-Naumburg area, ranch home with garage beneath. 8 .bedrooms, bath, combination kltcheh-dlnlng-llving area, OU hot water heat. Price reduced several thousand d o llars. (In the Bearer River school d istrict). We Have Several Fine Building Lots tn Lowvtlle and some on the Pine Grove Road. Ask about these. R E A L E S T A T E A N D IN S U R A N C E 8 R O K E R 7642 S t o l e S t . , lowvjlla, N . Y . 6acausa Wa Ara Soiling. Wo NCtO N o w Llitlngi 9 - I- c Easy Walking Distance to stores, schools, and churches. We have this lovely, newly remodeled home, located on a double lot, ta a very pleasant a r e a . Five bedrooms, bath, store room snd hall upstairs. Four room s, half hath, store room down. Hardwood floors o r wall to w ait carpeting throughout. This home must be seen to be appreciated. Present mortgage may be assumed. For Inspection of flits pro­ perty. Call tor an appointment only. Mr. Bernard Swarteman, 876-3663. REAL ESTATE A INSURANCE BROKER 7642 S tate ST. LowviUe w* su u Ntto m o i i New listings! T-S-c G o o d F a l l B a y s ! ! LOWVILLE - 4 Bedroom home on large lot, featuring b u ilt-in oven and cooktop, garage, much more, low taxes. *12,500- BEAVER FALLS - 4 Bedroom Home wtth 1 1^2 baths oo large lot close to school. 313,000- TURXN - 8 acres on Main Road with large metal garage - owner wlU seU land o r garage or both - wtu carry mortgage. WATSON - Camp located on Independence with 100 foot frontage, I 1/2 a c res, only *7,000- NUMBER FOUR - 3 room camp completely furnished on 1/2 acre with 2 wells. *5,500- We have these and many other fine listings that a r e available for immediate occupancy. For appointment on the aboveor any of o u r Ratings call the Professionals. JEFF-LEWIS REALTY P h . S T f t ' 3 1 5 1 L o w v i l i ® , N . Y . such secured loans may b o made by a public corporation (and are being made by the J o b Develop­ ment Authority) to finance the construction of new Industrial o r garage, one apartment rented, manufacturing plants In the state Redder Realty, National Bank or the acquisition, rehabilitation — ■ - - •• pr improvement of form er In­ dustrial or manufacturing plants In the s tate. UDder the term s of the proposed amendment, such public corporation ( t.e., tbe Job Development Authority) would also be p erm itted to make secured loans to finance the construction ot new buildings to be used for reserach and development, and for the purchase of machinery and equipment related to such new industrial o r manufacturing plants and r e s e rach and develop­ ment buildings. T h e proposed amendment would also Increase the percentage that such public corporation may lend to non­ profit corporations tor au such purposes from thirty percent to forty percent of prelect coot. Amendment No. 4 - The pur­ pose and effect of this proposed amendment ta to increase tbe monetary Jurisdiction of tbe d is­ tric t court from six thousand dol­ la r s to ten thousand dollars ex­ clusive of interest and coats snd to Increase the term of office of Judges of the d istrict court from six years to ten years. Amendment No. 5 - The purpose and effect of this proposed amend­ ment i s to delete from the Con­ stitution the provision designa­ ting the head o f the department of correction (now the department of correctional services) as the chairman of the s tate commission of c o rrection. Amendment No. 5 - Tbe purpose and effect of this proposed a - mendment is to confer upon the family court Jurisdiction o v er the custody of minors in habeas c o r­ pus proceedings. This would b e accomplished by eliminating the restriction upon the Jirtodietiaa of the famUy court, p resently con­ tained In the constitution, pur­ suant to which that court has Jurisdiction over actions and pro­ ceedings involving the custody of minors ex c e p t.fo r custody ta habeas corpus! proceedings. AmendmentKNK 1 • Ths pur­ pose and effect of this proposed amendment, which d e a ls with fo­ rest preserve lands located out­ side o f the Adirondack and C a t- skill parks, is to Increase the slxe of parcels of land which the Legislature may dedicate for the practice of forest or wildlife conservation o r authorize tbe uee thereof tor public recreational o r other state purposes o r the s a le, exchange or other disposition thereof, from not m o re than ten contiguous acres entirely se­ parated from any other portion o t the forat preserve to not m o re than one hundred contiguous a c r e s entirely separated from any o ther portion of tbe forest preserve. Amendment No, 8 • The pur­ pose and effect ot this proposed amendment Is to delete the r e ­ quirement now contained tn the Constitution that no county maybe Its population Award (Continued from Page 1) daker, Ann Z e h r, M argaret Mc­ Donald, M ertle Normander and IaabeUe Orendorff; various past and current district officials of the V.F.W,; Edgar Normander, a member of the V.F.W, tor 51 years; and Michael J. Blair, editor Of the JOURNAL AND RE­ PUBLICAN. Commander Hanno presented gift* to Clem B rlot, Elwood Lyn­ daker, Past Commander Brown, M rs. Petrorits, M rs. Orendorff and Judge Davts. Invocation and benedict was presented by Rev, Robert Nay, pastor ot Lowvtlle United Metho­ dist Church. Judge Davis spoke about the de­ plorable s tate o t veterans’ b u rial grounds about the comity and sug­ gested that they be restored as part of the county’s p reparations tor the n ation's 2000* birthday in 1976. in mentioning the grave- altos, Judge Davis quoted from an Inscription on Hie Rock of Gi­ braltar: “ God and the soldier *U men a d o re in time of trouble- aod no m o re. Fore when war ls over sad all thing* righted, God is neglected and the soldier sligh­ ted,” Judge D a rts said that during our present trying tim es — “ vio­ lence ta the nation,” “ lack dr respect for the righto of o thers,\ flie resignation o f Vice-President Agnew snd the A rab-Isrtell W ar, lt was not a time to despair because “ there i s s till cause tor optimism.*’ “ T h ere a r e many in this room’* Judge Davis said, \who helped -Stop the-im p e rialism of Japan, brought down the brutal regim e of Hitler, stopped Communism at the 38th parallel, and then went on to rebuild the homes and countries of our vanquished \A fter ail of this,” he empha­ sised^ \o u r current problem s no m atter bow great they may seem can be overcome aa w ell.’* Election (Continued from Page 17 I* tor Paul C. M erz, Republican chairman of the Board of Legis­ lators, is seeking re-election and being opposedby Independent can­ didate, Peter J. O’RelHy, Beaver FaUs, who to running on the Lew­ ie Taxpayers ticket with tbeDove for an emblem, A t t h e m o v i e s At the Town Hall Theatre, F r i ­ day thru Monday, O c t . 19-22, two top hits, “Class of 44” anil “ The Thief Who Came To Dinner.\ \C lass of 44” I* a sequel to one of the top hits of 1 9 7 l,“ Sum- mer of 42” with the sam e lead­ ing cast, Gary Grimes, sensi­ tive and Intelligent, J e r r y Hous­ er, the comic type as girl-crazy as ever, and Oliver Conant, the misfit. “ Class of 44” ls a n o s­ talgic reminder of our not so distant past. It has been a s . a successful motion as the \Sum­ mer of 42.” Two years can make a difference. Rated PG. Also on the same program * \The Thief Who Came To Din­ ner/* itarrtng Ryan O'Neal, J a c - qoellne Blsae! and Warren Oates. It tells the story of a computer- age dropout who starts a fresh life as a brilliant burglar. It is a delightful comedy- Music by Henry Manclni, Rated PG Young Other comity legislative candl _ _____ dates, all nam ing unopposed a r e : s o r t e d unless , ______ RusaelTaltoltRepabUcanCro- shaU ,f to , member & gftan EleetlonD U tolct 8 and New q , , U8emblT. Bremen Election D istricts 1 and Araendmene No. 9 - The pur- 2; Gary F. Buckingham, Demo- ^ 0{ th|g propo(led crat, Croghan E lectionD istrict* traendment i , to perm it a term e r 4, 5 and 6 , and aU Diana E - ^ court ^ ct, lms lection D istrict*; 7oho F . Colvta, ^ t y court, the famUy c o u rt! Republican, Denmark Electicwi jj,e courts to r the city of New D istricts 1 snd 2 and H srrtobur* york established pursuant to s e c - and Pinckney Election D istricts; Hoo fifteen of srtlcle six of the Eugene Pmtteroon, Republican, Constitution o r o f the district Grelg. Lyonsdale and Watson E - court, who has retired because he lection D istricts; Edward Ry- h u attained the constitutionally bicky. Democrat, Lewis and Ley- mandated retirem e n t age of 70 den Election D istricts; D r. Rob- y**rs, to continue thereafter to e r t E. Lormore, Republican, perform the duties of a Justice o f LowvUle Election D istricts I and his respective c o u rt, arid to p e r - 2 ; Sam F. VtUsnti, Lowvtlle E - m n , sim ilarly retired form e r lection D istricts 8 and 4; Elwta judge to the s u rrogate's court to H. Rowell, Republican, Maxttna- perform after retirem e n t the burg, Montague and Turin E lec- duties of a JtHtiee of the Bu­ tton D istricts; and Irving J. K rae- prem e court. Provision per­ ger, Osceola, and W ert Turin E - m itttng a sim ilarly retired Judge lection D istricts. of tbe court of appeals o r Justice A town by town breakdown of of the supreme c o u rt to thereafter tbe Individual town offices to b e perform the duties of a Justice o f filled at the November 6 election the suprem e court Is retained. will appear next week. Resort M O R K E X C L U S I V E L I S T I N G S LOWVILLE AREA, 108 a c r e bare farm here tsyour chance to buy a farm snd enjoy life ln the country, the home h a s 12 room s, 5 bedrooms, bath, full basement, 2 stall garage, 86 * 90 foot barn, nice creek, and much more asking. $39,000, CAS TORI. AND, large country home, 10 room s, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, oil heat, full basement, new siding, village w ater, 18 x 25 foot barn. Price, $27,500. NOW tS THE TIME TO LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH D&WE HAVE BUYER FROM NEAR AND FAR, FOR APPT, ONLY PLEASE CALL MY SALESMAN, FLOYD ZEHR, CROGHAN 346-1265. F L O Y D Z E H R Salesman Pb. 334* 1245 9-3- c (Continued from Page 1) pancy this fall and winter. In addition, the horseback, hiking and snowmobile trails have been marked; the golf driving range baa been completed; and full time reeeptlon-Informatlon office opened Oet, 1. Projects that will be started next spring will include the con­ struction ad the nine hole golf course; the swimming pool and wtdtng pool for children; the children’s play ground. The dude ranch facilities, thal wm Include lodging a t the ranch, wtll be completed along with a ll the other outdoor activities and facilities. L o t t e r y W i n n e r s Recent winners ta the New York Stale Lottery include Thom­ as H. Brlot, Croghan, *50. and I Mildred E. Burns,Croghan.llOO. Under existing provisions of the Constitution, such service would b e permitted for up to three suc­ cessive term s of two y e a r s , tf lt to certified that tbe services ot such Judge or Justice a r e neces­ sary to expedite the business of flie court and that he 1s mentally and physically able and compe­ te n t Amendment No. 10 - The p u r­ pose and effect of this proposed amendment' ts to discontinue and abolish the county court of Nas­ sau county after December 31, 1973. Judges of the county court of the county of Nassau tn of­ fice on December 81, 1973 would become Justices o t the supreme court for the rem ainder ot their term s and actions and pro­ ceedings pending tn the county court ot Nassau county on De­ cem b er 31, 1973 would be trans­ ferred to the supreme court ln that county o r aa otherwise may b e provided by law. The proposed amendment would also Increase the monetary Jurisdiction of the d istrict court ln Nassau county from six thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars exclusive of in­ terest snd costs. (Continued from Page 17 again chosen Presiding Judge o f the Court. His dedication to the political process was also ex­ emplified by his service as a county Republican Chairman - 16 years ln Lewis County - and the State Chairman of the New York Republican delegation to the San Francisco convention la 1964, Before that he had been a dele­ gate to The Republican National Conventions ln 1944 and 1946. H ta devotion to pol ttlcs has been no greater than his devotion to other worthwhile causes. For meritorious work In education h e received the Alfred E. Smith A - ward tn 1949. St. Lawrence Uni­ versity honored him as a dis­ tinguished alumnus tor services rendered both as a private and public figure. A member o f the St. Lawrence University Alumni Council, Judge Young la a form e r member of the Advisory Council of Oswego State University Col­ lege and the Canton Agricultural and Technical College, Proud of his heritage and hto Italian ancestry, Judge Young was honored tn 1965 bv the President of the Republic ot Italy when h e was made a Knight of the O rder of M erit of the Republic of Italy. Judge Young’s extensive ex­ perience aa a Court of Claims, Judge led to his appointment as chairman and chief counsel to the Committee on Land Acquisition Laws and Procedures from which came adore enlightened practices In land acquisition. He was a lso a member of the Judicial Con­ ference o t tbe S tate of New York. On June 14, 1966 Judge Young woo further recognition when h e was awarded an honorary Doctor of Lavra Degree by Brooklyn Law Sebool. Judge Yotng worked hto way through St. Lawrence U n lrerstty as a semi-pro baseball player and a professional football p layer. In later life hts passion has been bowling, and a bowling ball to standard equipment In his auto­ mobile. “ The Judge” was known as “ the Republican leader of the north country,” until hi* eleva­ tion to the court that grants p e r ­ mission to sue the state. Hewas still known as hls party’s elder •tote man and ln the area and took pride in U s success a t lobbying. He lobbied successfully against consolidation of the Court of Claims with the other courts daring the court reorganisation ta the latentaeteen-sixttes. \T h e work of this court, tike politics. Is my life,” he ooee declared. He is a past president of tbe Lewis County Bar Association; a member of the New York State Bar Association, American Bar As­ sociation, Knights of Columbus, B .P.O .E., L.O.O.M., S.A.E. f r a ­ ternity, and Gamma Eta Gamma, legal fraternity. He ls a member of the Lewis County Chamber ot Com m erce and Kiwanls Club of LowvUle, Fort Orange Club of Al­ bany, Black River Valley Club, Watertown, Carlowden Country Club Carthage, University C lub of Albany, New York Athletic Club and Buffalo Athletic Club, Also, the Admirals* Club, Co­ lumbus Citizens’ Committee, Inc., The Governor’s Clift, The Senate Club, ItalUn-Amerlcan L egislators' Club, TWA Ambas­ sadors’ Club, the Old Grand-Dad Clift, Jefferson-Lewls Boy Scout Cornell, Lewis County F ire As­ sociation and the Lowvtlle Grange, In addition to bis wife, M rs. M arjorie Farrington Young, he to survived by a son, H. F a r ­ rington Young, Turin; a daugh­ ter, M rs. William (Ann) M iller, Savannah, Ga., (currently visit­ ing Spain); four sisters, M rs. Minnie Ross, 55 Chagles Hill, Holyoke, Mass., Mrs. Angellne Magllone, 2563 Olentangy Drive Akron, O,, Mrs. Edgar (Lillian) Touchette, 18 Gil more S t., White­ hall, and Mrs, Joseph Mark (Christina) Anthony, Steamboat Road, Greenwich, Conn.; two b ro­ th e r s , Charles Young, Whitehall, and Carmel Young, 84 Lawrence S t., Glens Falls; fire grandsons and tour granddaughters, A s l a ­ ter, M rs. Charles (Anne)Gaffney, died in May, 1972. Funeral arrangements are with the Vtrkler Funeral Home, Low­ viUe. and the funeral ls tenta. lively scheduled tor Saturday. • •

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