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I Sgt. Perry Cited By AF VJS. Air Foree Master S e r - gernnt baa received the Mer­ itor too* Service Medal t t Kwang Ju AB, Republic of Korea. Sergeant P e r ry waa cited for hla outztandlng duty performance while aaatgned to the 1550thFleld Maintenance Squadron at Hill AFB. Utah. He la now at Kwang J u , where be serves as first sergeant tor the 2078th Communications Squadron. The sergeant Is a 1952 grad­ uate of Brownvllle High School, His wife, Elizabeth, is thedaugh- ter of M r, and M rs, Vernon D. Wlndover of New Brem en. Q U E S T I O N ! Could yo« support your family for lust $700 por yoarf Woll, that's what it costs for I TOUR Sharifff with YOU footing I tha hill fer lodging, food, heat, lights, telephone, wator $ sawor ront, gas and a carl Year cast of living goos ap, ap, ap, Nat YOUR Sheriff's. His ramalas ths sent, $700, | yaar after yaar. Bat His Salary | Sens Up, Up. Up. Tiara fs Am Afffaraaflva — SPONSORED BY: % ( a M i jo * Stoujj P. O. Box 247 Lowville, N. Y. 13367 Otis (Continued from Page 23 ble because we do not know what em ergencies might arise In fu­ ture years which might have to b e m et b y our state. I fall to see why we have tea sub­ sidize the transit facilities In New York City s o therlders there can continue to enjoy a ttalrty- ftve cent fare to go back and forth to work. Here In northern New York we have to furnish oux- own transportation In the form of a c a r and thlrtv-ftve cents would n ot take u s very far! Tbe way the bond money Is t o be spent is vague, and f am won- Se n io r Citizens M e e t LowvlUe Senior Citizens wQl bold their social and birthday meeting on Oct. 18 at 8:15 at Bateman Hotel. E n tertainm ent a f ­ terw ards. Lets have a good tu r n ­ out. dering If p a r t of lt might be used to build the Long Island bridge that the Governor has vowed he will s e e buUt? AU these bond issues also make a nice tax sh e lter for the rich who can Invest th e ir money and pay no income tax on the I n ter­ e s t received from state or muni­ cipal bonds. Let’s have less spending and lower taxes, — O tis Munn News of,Copenhagen By M r s . f Betty Boulio P h . 6 8 8 -2 9 7 3 JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN,LOWVILLE, N.Y. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1973 Holstein Club Meeting Set A d i r o n d a c k T r e e S e r v i c e • T r e e R e m o v a l • Surgery Pete Miller Detr River, N.Y. Carthage 493-3200 Lowville 376-9950 COPENHAGEN - At th e ‘4ast regular vlllaga board meeting tn the VUlage o f Copenhagen lt irns voted on enforce the followlng'lav. and notify the residents as fol­ lowed. Notice ls hereby given that the VUlage Board of the Village of Copenhagen, Lewis County, has enforced the New York S tate D e ­ partment of Environmental Con­ servation Law, P a r t 215.3, which prohibits the burning of leaves in an o u tside, open fire. planning committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday.Nov. 1, In the Community Room of the Lewis County T rust C o .. LowvUle. The Lewis County American Legion Auxiliary wUl hold their first meeting for 1973-74 at Floyd Lyng Unit 723, Copenhagen. Frtday, Oct. 19 a t 8 p.m. Patrick O'Donnell, Main St., underwent m ajor surgery Mon­ day, Oct. 1, at Crouse Irving H o spitals y racuse, M aurice McNamara and Mrs. Lewis County Holstein Club will be holding a meeting to explain the how and why °f classification on October 25, a t 8 p .m . at Ralph Searl’s (arm on Route 12, North ot Lowvllle. M aurice Mix, di­ rector of classification s e rvices for the Holstein F riesian As­ sociation, will be there to explain and answer questions on c l a s s ­ ification of registered Holsteins. The meeting is open to anyone In the a rea0 There win be an area c l a s s i ­ fication program in the E a s tern New York area, beginning o n De­ cem b er 4. Anyone violating the law wlU be Donald Boulio judged farm pro­ reported to the New York Slate duce, flow ers, baked goods and Department of Environmental canned goods at South Rutland Conservation in Watertown. VaUey Grange Thursday, Oct. 1. The following m em b ers of tbe Lewis County H e a rt Board a t ­ tended the Eighth Annual Mem- A I • bershlp Dinner Meeting on Wed- A l l f l l V S l S oesday. Oct. S, a t the North Side J Improvement League, Watertowm H r . and M re. Homer M yers, Mr. tw t M rs. w illiam D trm ody, M rs. Lawrence Peacock, M rs. Clwum Hitchcock, a n of Low­ vUle; and M rs. Ann Shaver of Watson. M rs. Shaver was p r e ­ sented ihe \volunteer of the Year” aw ard f o r Lewis County. H r . Myers w as p resented a pla- ss outgoing chairman of the Lewis County Board, a position he held fbr two y e a r s . M r. Ralph Hoyt w as presented a plaque a s outgoing treasu r e r of Northern New York Heart Board. Tbe Lewis County H e a rt Board and W r i t e y o u r o w n l o a n s w i t h (Continued from Page 2j> are a surface toxin, prompt un­ known chemical reactions that protect the living tissue of the plant Itself. Leaves that grow after a plant has been doctored with lead are entirely lead-free. The plants assailed by non-leaded gas did not com e off nearly so weU. The conclusion would seem to be that harmful substances in automobile exhausts a re actually decontaminated by the lead con­ tained therein. Lead compounds act as catalysts to protect the growing tissue of plants that are eaten by- people who buy vege­ tables grown by the roadside. Prof. Huge m akes Ms com­ ments tentatively, as scientists are wont to do. But he wonders whether, In trying to legislate the lead out of gasoline, we a re ‘‘throwing away the baby with the bath water.” Lead does have a toxic effect, but the fumes from non-leaded gas inay b e even m o re toxic. Query: must we give up automobiles entirely? Can you picture an American deprived of automotive wheels? My friend Julian F e l s s ,a geo­ logist who has just r e tired from the Department of the Interior, rem a rks that by the tim e our envlronmentallsts “ have their way we won’t have any g as any­ way.” They a r e doing their damn­ edest to keep our oU companies from planning new Investment tn refinery capacity of any kind. “ C u rrently,\ says M r .F r e iss, “ the cost of a refinery ls pretty close to $200 million by the tim e lt l s on the line. Say what you will, only a big company can af­ ford to put out that much dough, let alone tie lt up for the better part of a year. Secondly, each refinery must b e designed for the feed and that’s a problem with­ out Ralph Nader. \Venezuelan crude Is d ifferent from that of Alaska or Saudi A— rabla. Crudefrom Louisiana may be different from all three. This isn’t the sort of business that the little Independent can g e t In­ to these d a y s; hence the proposed .anti-trust reaction against the Big Eight looks silly. But cur­ rently the federal government specializes tn silly actions.” F e ls s , like m yself, happens to have been an ecologist back In Hie 1930’s, He is s till an ecologist. But he is Ured of hearing Ir­ responsible nonsense that has ruined a once-promlslng move­ ment. - John Chamberlain. W A N T E D Caftle A Horses Dead or Alive • $5 to $25 If C a l l e d Im m e d ia tely P h . 639-6895 PLAY-DO-DOG FOOD CO. D a n c e Polish-Am erican Club G lenfield, FV.Y. Sat., Oct. 10 C O M E IN C O S T U M E P r iz e s A w a r d e d Joh Ryczek’s Orch. 9-1 Refreshments Members and Guests I S Y O U R M A T T R E S S A N O L D S O F T Y ? ■ Prearranged line-of-credit from $500 to $5,000 ■ Just write a check • F r e e checking service ■ Costs nothing until used / Try a firm night’s sleep on Sealy Posturepedic ‘d k e NATIONAL BANK O F N O R T H E R N N E W Y O R K Tan offices to serve you in W a tertow n m Adam s Center e Clayton • Croghan • Lowville • Massena THE NATIONAL BANK, NATURALLY’ A Unique B a c k Support System Designed in cooperationwi th leading ortho­ pedic surgeons for comfortably firm sup- port.“ No morning backache from sleeping on a loo-soft mattress.'Thoice ofcomfort^ too: Extra Firm o r Gently Finn. $ 0 0 9 5 Starting al ea. pc. twin si/e ITS POSTUREPEDIC MONTH AT' Watertown Mattress Co, Shady Ave. 3 7 6 - 2 2 1 2 Lowville

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