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1 0 JOURNAl AND REPUBLICAN.lOWVIUE.N.Y. WEDNESDAY'. NOVEMBER 14, 1973 T I P S in fiie snow . . A M F Net Earn in g s AMF Incorporated, world­ wide producer of leisure time and Industrial products, had Increased net earnings and revenues for the third tiuar- ter and first nine months of 1973, Rodney C. Gott, chairm an and president, an­ nounced today. Third quarter net earn­ ings rase to $13.6 tnllLion, o r 7 6 . cents a common share, after preferred d ivi­ dends. This compares ■with the record $13.4 m illion, or 31 cents a share, earnex! In the third quarter o f 1372. TRAVERSE RUNNING POSITION The traverse position is used for crossing Ihe slope. Since it is quite difficult lo hold the snowplow position for any length of time, the traverse posi tion is used more extensively. In the traversal position, the skis are parallel and quite close together. Most of the weight is on the downhill ski. The uphill ski, knee. hip. and shoulder are slightly advanced. T o keep most of the weight on the downhill ski, the downhill shoulder is dropped over the downhill ski. The knees and ankles are slightly flexed for­ ward with poles held at the sides and pointed behind the skier. A s the skier m o ves across the slope horizon­ tally at a slight downhill angle, the skis are on their uphill edges, so that the direction ol motion is exactly the same as that in which ihe skis point, t f this is true, there should not he any sideslipping- Lost ? W atch O u t ! On? of the hazards oftrav* ersing open, country In a snowmobile is getting lost- but If you wear a watch, you’ll never be at a loss for good directions. You canconvertyour watch Into a compass by jyst re­ m em bering a simple trick. If the sun Is in the sky, point the sm a ll hand a t the sun. Half the distance be­ tween the sm a ll hand and the “ 12” is south, facing south, the east is at your left and the west a t your right. Finding directions by the sta r s takes a little longer, but is no more difficult. The North S tar, P o larts, is for all practical purposes true north. To find it you must first locate the Big Dipper which is composed of a th r e e - s tar handle and a four-star cup. The two stars forming the outer edge of the cup point to the North S tar. Q. HOW AJRE THE SNOWMOBILE TAWS FNFORC^FP0 A, All law enforcement officers of the State, including sheriffs and local and S tate Police, a r e authorized to enforce the law. C o n ser­ vation Haw Officers, S tate Park Police and t o r * s t Bangers will en­ force tine law to areas within thetr lurisdiction. A violation of any provisions of the law or other rules is punishable bv a fine of not less than $5 nor more than $100. Snowmobile* safety certificates and special permits for special events m r, be revoked or sus­ pended for proven violations. Deputy Sht-riffs Thomas Jacunski, Joseph Levesque and Harold R. Hill havt- received special train­ ing for snowmobile law enforcement and the J. va -is Cojnt\ Sheriff’s Dept, receives state aid to a s s is t in this enforcement. L e t U s F i n a n c e Y o u r S n o w m o b i l e V fte N A T I O N A L B A N K O F N O R T H E R N N E W Y O R K T#n oihem to why* you in Wattrtowm • Adams Cintar • Clayton • Croghan • Lowville • Massena Sc: f % 1 : % S ' I % -St­ ir - I i< mf * T h e w i n n e r s a r e c o m i n g ! Snow may be a long way off—but the winningest srwwTTrihiles are almost here! It’s nearly time to make up your mind which of the beautiful new Ski-Doo models you’ll choose this year. Actually, you can see the winners now—on paper. Call in and pick up the colorful Ski-Doo brochures with ail the details of the new macLine-s. Wait till you clap eyes on the new T N T * 1 It combines good handling, comfort and safety' with tbe best power and speed. Unbeatable! If ever anything was worth waiting for, this is. s k i - d o o W hat to do until tfie winners get here. Call in and pick up these colorful brochures and order now If.wVM T - Ui L o w v i l l e F o r m e r s ' C o o p . S p o r t s C en ter m m u m INDUSTRIAL 111.0; Vance Insurance, Ingersoll’s , 26-10; AMF, 95,5-111.5; Lowville Laun- 25-11; Legion, 21-15; F o o t- d r y , 92.5-114.5; Hoffman and hill’s , 20-16; Agway, 19-1*7; D udo, 83.5-123.5; Surge, Genesee, 15-21; Ttiomp- 74.0-133.0; Lewis Lanes II, son’s , 12-24; Bouchards, 6 - 64.0-143.0. Htgh team single, 30. A.M .F., 1,058. High team Htgh team three gam es, trip le, A.M.F, 2,984. High Foothill’s , 2,806. High team slngle, Neal Aubel, 230.Hlgh gam e, Legion, 997. High t n - trip le, Jim Davis, 579. dividual three gam e s , D. Farney, 565. Htgh individual SUNDAY CO-ED gam e, D. Farney, 214. Htgh ®ed Devils, 28-12; Honk- average, D. Farney, 182. e r s i 26-14; G's Si B ’s, 22- 18; Alley Cats, 22-18; Bell I Ringers, 20 1/2-19 1/2; Wi­ zard s , 20-20; B rothers 2, CROGHAN WOMEN’S Monnat’s Plumbing and Heating, 17-11; Monnat and N o rtz, 17-11; M r. “ T V * Tavern, 17-15; H and L Mo­ tors, 9-23. High team trip l e , Monnat and N o rte, 2,383, High team single, Monnat and N o rte, 858. High individual tri­ ple, Katie Campany (sub), 422. High Individual sin­ gle, Katie Campany Csub), 179. Htgh Individual aver­ age, Jean Donaldson, 145. THURSDAY NIGHT CO-ED PomlnvtUe and B o shart, 19-21; Ten Pins, 19-21; M’s & R’s , 18 1/2-21 1/2; Lucky ‘ S trikes, 18 - 22 ; Handl- cappers, 15-25; Krispy K rit- te r s , 12-28. High team t r i ­ ple, Honkers, 2,401. Htgh team single, Honkers, 826. High men’s trip le, Ray Dav­ is , 610. High m en's single, Vem Lam b er, 226. High women’s trip le, Norma Al­ len, 501, High women’s sing­ le , 501. High women’s single, Janet Turck, 183. High men’s average, Raj D a v is , 189. High women'* Td 8-4; Haggerty and Haggerty, T r a il M a rkers A v a ilable Low cost, durable snow- mobUe trail m a rkers and reflective m arking tape now are being offered to snow­ mobile clubs at cost a s part of Snoplan, the tratl groom­ ing and snowmobile club assistance program spon­ sored bySki-Doo Division of Bombardier Limited. Available are four d if­ ferent m a rkers and trail signs, Including reassuring orange blazers which mean the snowmobller is sUU on the t r a il, an orange and black directional Indicator, a regular stop sign, and a no snowmoblllng sign. Clubs and others desiring more information about how to order the m a rkers and tapes should w rite toSnoplan USA, Bom b ardier C o rp., 325 South Lake Avenue, Duluth, Minn.. 55802. 8-4; Norte and Hoffman, 7-5; Boyce and Wood, 1—11; Bush and Damuth, 1-11. Team CLASSIC LEAGUE Lewis Lanes, 123.5-83.5; Mihalyi’s , 120.0-87.0; Man- z e r ’s , 118.0-89.0; Coles Prc high triple, Potter and Ste- 0V ’n , Venn. 226. Team h icrhstride. , A ?* 7, ' ’ 1 107,0-100.0; Marcy Amuse­ m ents, 104.0-103,0; Greig yens, 226. Team htgh single, Potter and Stevens, 791. Men’s high average, Gordon __ - . ,,,, Pomtnvtlfe 17«-6. ' M e„’s high triple, Gordon Pomln- ville, 547, Men’s high sin- le r 's Store, 84.5-122.5; Boonvtlle Vend, 82.0-125.0; gle, Sherb Potter, 200, Wo- A.M.F. 81.5-125.5 Higl men’s high average Dianne team slnele» Boonvllle Vend, Z f m a n . g , 8 0 : T K lvo4r> \ H W .te.rn triple, Lewis high triple, Bellsy Damuth. V ^'rL , ’^ , . m t! 571. Women’s high single, ^ Chamberlain 618. Htgh Bellsy Damuth, 223. g f e’ ° » r *» I ^ r s o l l , LOWVILLE COMMUNITY LowviUe Motor S ales, 29- tf i ‘ tpw y jlle F a r m e r s . Co-op, Mullin’s MoBiie, 26-14; Rennie’s Sales ana Service, 25 1/2-14 1/2; Na­ tional Bank of Northern New York, 23-17; Lowville Sport Shop, 22 1/2-17 1/2/; Low­ viUe Laundry, 21-19; B ill’s Speed Sports, 19-21; L ipw I s County T rust Company, 18- 22; Bob’s Liquor Store, 17- 23; McGrath’s E lectric, 8- 32; Genuine Auto Parts , 3- 37, High team triple, Ren­ nies Sales and Service, 3,017. High team game, Rennie’s Sales and Service, 1,083, High individual s e r ­ ies, Ken Spann, 627. High individual game, Ken Spann, 242, High average, John Chamherlatn, 190’. CIRCUS CO-ED Monkeys, 34-14; Lions, 32-16; Elephants, 29-19; C am els, 28-20; Badgers ,26— 22; H o rses, 26-32; B e a rs, 24-24; Zebras, 22-26; Pan­ th e r s , 21-27; Buffalos, 18- 30; Kangaroos, 18-30; Tig­ ers, 10-38. Men’s high triple and single, Mike Nut­ ter, 551, and Dick Bellinger, 205. Women's high triple and single, HeleniCody, 539, and Muriel L ee, ?94, NORTHERN LEAGUE Lewis Lanes, 138.5-68,5; Clim ax, 129.5-77.5; A.M.F., 128.0-79.0; Clarke’ s Shoes, 124.0-8S.O; W estern Auto, 113,5-93.5; Kraft IT, IO3;0- 111,0; E ssenlohr, 90.C-' FRIDAY NIGHT LASSIES 16; Hitching Post, 5 ? - 17 - K raft. 22-18: p & r n - 2 3 : Genesee Five, 9 1/2-30 u i . High team triple, LowvUle Auto P a r ts , 2,836. High team single, Lowville Autc P a r ts , 1,027. High individual trip le, Carol Hulbert, 541. High individual single, Carol Hulbert, 225. High average, C a rol Hulbert, 165. TUESDAY NIGHT WOMEN’S Lewis Lanes, 26-14; Peth- suma Pines, 24-16; A.M.F., 23-17; Lowville Teachers, (ConUnued on Page 3-B) P v t . C h a r t r a n d C o m p letes B a s ic Army Private Michael K. C h a rtrand, 18, son of Mr. and M rs. Harold D. C h a r­ tran d , Croghan, completed eight weeks of basic train­ ing at the U^S. Army Train­ ing C e n ter, Infantry, Ft.D tx, N.J. He received Instruction In d r ill and cerem o n ies, wea­ pons, map reading, combat tactics, m ilitary courfesty, m ilitary justice, first aid, and .Army history1 and tra ­ ditions. Pvt. Chartrand received the training with CompanyC, 5th Battalion of the 2nd B r l- gade* He is a 1973 graduate of Beaver River Central School, Beaver Falls. W i n t e r i s j u s t a r o u n d t h e c o r n e r . B e r e a d y w i t h $ 2 2 9 W E S T E R N A U T O ASSOCIATE STORE 3 7 6 - 3 0 1 1 State Street L o w v i l l e A d i r o n d a c k S p o r t C e n t e r Boonville, N.Y. Ph. 942-2431 Joseph Pfeiffer, Owner Ariens Snow Blowers 5 H.P. thru 8 H.P. Full line Of Snow m o b ile, Suits Holmots, Boots. Gloves t n* H a r t Skis & Accessories LA Y - A W A Y N O W F O R C H R I S T M A S ! Open Friday Evening Until 9 p.m. T S A V E $ 2 5 N O W ! $ *TW CHAWS EOT MC10BES Aiso available a! low prices- - windshield kit, tire chains. ele*ctric starter kit. Alto available for tomtt MONTE CARLO R1DINO TRACT OR MOWEft 34” Rita Snow Wow*er 8 H.P. DUAL STA6E SELF-POWERED SNOW BLOWER R u g g e d two-st. blower c lears aw a y snow from drives a n d sidew alks in m tnulssl Heavy-duty construction includes th e s e safety features: e 4 sp e e d s forward, o n e r e v e rse e safety rem o te control discharge chute ■ side enclo s e d rem o te control auger engagem e n t • large 12 x 3.50-6 pneum atic tires • 26” wide blade c u t 1 T suction depth SAFETY AND SAVINGS! PRICE SLASHED $301 $388 DELUXE 3-STAGE 8 H.P. SELF-PROPELLED SHOW BLOWER High power, precision-made blower - n a fe ol winterized metal. Mighiy machine breaks up drifts last with finger lip control and indu dss these features: • 4 speeds forward, one reverse • remote control auger engage men! • differential drive action for easier! vrning free wheeling when nol in gear • |umbo 13 x 5 00-6 pneumatic tires . • Full 26\ width, 19\ suction depth th e m o r e for y o u r m o n e y s w o r t h sto r e Lowvin*-W*t»noiwii-Of««>»mjrg-Gov.niF>ir ----------------------- p.ot*d»m _______ ! ________ | _________ J

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