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The journal and Republican. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1929-current, November 14, 1973, Image 11

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D a n c i n g Eve r y Saturday N ig h t 9 - 1 A d ir o n d a c k Drifters ' a t ’s P a w H o t e l \ Brantinghum , N.Y. JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN,LOWVIUE.N.Y. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 14, 1973 1 1 I • in th e s n o w • . A t T h e M o v i e s D i r k M a r i l y n G r a v e s 3 4 8 - 8 2 6 8 CATERING TO WEDDING RECEPTIONS, PARTIES S BANQUETS. At the Town Hall Theatre, Friday to Monday, Nor, 16- 19, “ Lire and Let Die.\ \Live and Let Die\ is the eighth In the successful ser­ ies of James Bond films based on tbe novels of Ian Flemming produced by mm * m - r iM W h e n y o u g e t M o t o S k i 7 4 s e r io u s a b o u t s n o w m o b ile s . G r a n d S p o r t. 440f 409 W E H A V E R E C O N D I T I O N E D U S E D S L E D S K a u f m a n n S a l e s & S e r v i c e Lo w v ille , N . Y . Beaches Bridge p h . 3 7 6 *3 1 2 5 Albert R, Broccoli and Har­ ry Bailsman. The film marks the debut of Roger Moore in the role of Fleming's In­ destructible Agent 007, bat­ tling against the ir -levolent and mysterious black ruler. Dr. Kananga, played by Yaphet Kotto, who plans lo dominate the western world with • onslaught of Voodoo and hard drug addiction. He is assisted in his use ot the occult by a stunningly beautiful seer named Solitaire, who is portrayeo with sensuous Innocence by newcomer John Seymour. The film has plenty of excitment with cars crashing ' Into cars and planes, planes crashing into cars and speedboats cracking up everywhere.' Rated PG. Special matinee for Sat­ urday and Sunday, Nor. 17 and 18 - \Alice’s Adven­ ture In Wonderland.” Its for parents aid children a- Uke. Rated G. Driver Course A Ihree-bour driver licen­ sing course will be held at Lowville Academy and Cen- Tueaday, November 27, at 6:30 p.m. in Room 1 11. In order to take tbe course, student# must have a valid learner’s permit with them. A fee of 1 5 will be charged adults and students from other districts. * , a g w a y S ! t o w & m u d t i r e s a r e f o u l - w e a t h e r f r i e n d s y o u c a n d e p e n d u p o n ! Any Pair >49” A FET AGWAY POLY 890 SNOW 1 MUD TIM Don't ait at home and wish you could be on the 00.. , snow just wont atop you when you have these anowbeateral Tough 4-ply polyester body under the tread for real gripping strength. Deep, traction lugs and edges grip tha road for good maneuverabilify in any weather. Studs avail­ able at extra cost. I M m M m VSTE m . B(660)78x13 *21.95 *181 0(695)78x13 321.95 *1.93 E(735)7Bx14 *24.95 *2.22 F(775)78x14 *25.96 *2.37 0(825)78x14 *27.95 *2.53 H(B55)78x14 *29.95 *2.75 G(82S)78x15 *27.95 *2.60 H(855)78x15 *29.95 *283 K y 3 Any Pair For *63* & FET AGWAY 11*0 SNOW A MUD TINES Agway’s very finest tire has ail you need to face any driving conditions with peace of mind. Massive fraction lugs and deep gripping edges keep you going in snow or ice. Two belts of Improved Dynacor rayon plus two plies c* uyn- acor add up to strength and durability. A tire you can count on when the weather gets rough! M m \ r r Mu. MTTE m . A78X13 *28.95 *1.81 878x14 *30.95 *2.00 E78x14 *33.95 *2.31 F78x14 *35.95 *2.50 G78x1« *37.95 *2.67 H78X14 *41.95 *2.94 078x15 *37.95 *2.73 H78xl5 *41.95 *2.96 J78x15 *43.95 *3.12 L78x15 *46.95 *3.31 LUsc Agway’s convenient credit plans: ’ MasterCharge, Bank Americard, Telmark m m F A R M E R ' S C O - O P IN C . 5500 S H A D Y A V E . L O W V I L L E , N .Y . • P H O N E 3 7 6 *6 5 8 7 NEWS SPORTSWEAR - Whether siding, snowmo- blllng or around town, gals ibis yesr will be in style with these lightweight quilt Bow ling (Continued from Page 2-B) 22-13; Henry’s Hotel, 22-18; Donaldson Dodge, 21-19; Lewis Co. Trust, 2 1-19; Na­ tional Bank. 20-20; LeHav Motel, 19-21; Journal and Republican, 17-23; Duflo Spray, 14-26; VUlage Tavern, 11-29. High team triple, Pethsuma Pines, 3,081, High team single, Pethsuma Pines, 1,058. High Individual triple, Joyce Pellam, 560. High Individual single, Betty Farney, 210. High average, Dianne Hoff­ man, 168. GLENFIELD WOMEN’S THURSDAY NIGHT Hoffman and Dudo, 27-17; A.M.F., 25-19; Beavertte, 24 1/2-19 1/2; Central Hotel, 23-21; Greig Garage, 21-23; Foothills, II 1/2-32 1/2. Team high three games, A.M.F., 2,335. Team high game. Central Hotel, 1,005. Individual high three games, S, Hlgby, 552. Individual high game, S. Hlgby, 188. Individual high average, D. Hoffman, 166.3. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Ingersoll’s, 30-10; A.M.- F., 28-12; Foothills, 23-17; Legion, 22-18; Agway, 20- 20; Genesee, 18-22; Thomp­ son, 13-27, Bouchayis, 6- 34, High team three games, ingersoll’s, 2,927. High team game, Agway, 1.002. High Individual three games, George Ingersoll, 566. High W H I T E S T A G N o r t h w e s t P a s s a g e On top of The Big Snuir D A Y A N D N I G H T Cross C o u n try and D o w n Hill Skiing OVER 1 0 0 0 ACRES Lift Roles: 54.75 All Day 52.50 1/2 Duy 53.50 Jr. (12 and under) 53.00 Night (7 - tO p. IN T R O D U C T O R Y O F F E R , S E A S O N PA S S R A T E S Individual 575.00 Second parson $50.00 Student (thru ftlgh school) $50.00 Family (4 or morn) $195.00 S*Olor» pat ,sts tf# not Include nlgHf Ifncf. For further in formation rail; E X C A V A T I N G Buek'hoe - ('ruuler . Loader S N O W R E M O V A L B U C K D I C K I N S O N P. O. Bax 283. Lowville. N.Y. Phone 376-7482 ^ D O W N ^ • Slopping Bogs e Snowmobile Suits • MiMfPh • Parkas • Jackets • Vests • • Spoftspal Ccin ops • Fureko fonts G a r y Hopps Jackets with their contrast­ ing stitching. It’s a look of elegance with plenty of warmth from Sportswear by Ski-Doo. individual game, Warren Na- fzlger, 219. High average, HARRISVILLE MEN’S Faculty, 26-6; Brown Creek, 221/2-91/2; Lundy’s Insurance, 20-12- G A B Market, 18 1 /2 /- 12 1/2; LaParr’s Restaurant, 13-15; Mallette's Garage, 8-20; Green Acres, 8-24; KU- boum’s Hotel, 8-24. Scratch •ingle, G. McDonald, 246. Scratch triple, W. Kllbourn, 595. Top T?n - R. Kllbourn, 173; W. Weaver, 170; P. Betrus, 170; G. Hall, 169; R. Rite, 165; B. Dusharm, 164; C. Patnode, 162; M. Luther, 162; G. MacDonald, 161; F. Jenack, 160; G. Back­ us - G. Bassette, 160, High team triple. Brown Creek, 3,047. High team single, LaParr’s Restaurant, 1,117. High Individual triple, R, Burgess, 709. High individ­ ual Single, G. McDonald, 283. CROGHAN K OF C H and L Motors, 21-11; Croghan Inn, 20-12; Miller House, 17-15; Monnat and Norte, 17-15; Henry’s Insur­ ance, 16-16; Marilley’s Store, 15-17; Houpperl’s Sunoco, 14-18; National Bank, 14-18; Village Tav­ ern, 12-20; Grand Union, 12- 20. High (earn triple, Na. tlonal Bank, 2,899. High team single, Monnat and Norte, 1,018. High Individ­ ual triple, Fred Kohler, 563. High Individual single, Bob Muttimnre, 219, High in­ dividual average, Ralph Grimmer, 180.16. e w C v a l J o h n D e e r e iN O W M O B I L E S l 3 - 1 9 7 3 leftovers! U p d a ted to . 19 7 4 m a c h ines. Special Discount Prices Stop in to see the new John Deere 10 speed bikes ALSO Pre-season prices on John Deere walk behind snowblowers l & w v i l l e L a w n & G a r d e n State St. Lowville, N.Y. ■ A G W A Y I P r o t e c t y o u r c a r with ZBRBX ZEREX protects against freeze-up, ruat and corrosion. And, it’s guaranteed to prevent radiator leaks for a full year— or write Du Pont for your money back. anti-leak antifreeze and summer coolant L o w v i l l e F a r m e r ' s C o - o p . , I n c . I Shu*V Ave. Lowville © W i . 3 7 6 - 6 5 8 7

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