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o n JOURNAL AND REPUBllCAN.tOWVIUE. M.V. * WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 5. 1973 Falcons9 Opener Sooth Lewis wrestlers op* ened the 1973-74 season on Wednesday, N ot , 26, with an Impressive victory over non-league rival Clifton- Fine Central School. The victory was especially note­ worthy since tte Falcons had to .forfeit tbe 16? pounds and heavyweight classes to CUf* too-Ftne, thus, starting tbe match wtth a 12 polo* <*eH* clt. New coach Kevin Aubel, attributed tbe score to an aggressive team effort. Au­ bel said: \The boys knew they had to have pins to make up the twelve points forfeit­ ed, and tbey came through.\ Five of the ten Falcon Varsity wrestlers pinned their men wtth quickest pin honors going to sophomore, 138 pounder. Chuck Markham with a time of 44 seconds. Senior co-captaln Gerhard Monger, 145 pounder, scored an exciting decision by es­ caping Rod Boula in the fin­ al 19 seconds ot the match. Tte team victory was clinch­ ed by senior captain Steve Markham, 177 pounder, when he pinned bis man in tbe second period. The Falcons will be looking for their second victory oi the season when they played host to Alexandria Bay on December 5, starting a t 6:30 p.m. at South Lewis Central School gym. Results of the match were as follows: Exhibition: 132 pounds, Jim Boula (CF) pinned Nell Austin, 3:48; 138 pounds, Tom Gorezyca (SL) pinned Doug Phelps, 1:38; 146 pounds, Louis Tiller (SL) pinned Jim Yeager, 1:55,and 145 pounds, Steve Mooney (3L) pinned Chuck RusseU, 4:40. Varsity: 98 pounds, Ed Markham (SL) pinned Paul Hendricks, 3:23; 105 pounds, Dan Woodward (CF) pinned Randy NeUenback, 3:06; 112 pounds, Ken Kogut (SL) pin­ ned Randy Boula, 1:56; 119 pounds, Dave VanHouse (CF) decision ed Mllte Cleveland, 11-2; 126 pounds, John Mun- ger (SL) pinned Doug Mar- rlam, 3:32: 132 pounds,Mike Grammo (CF) pinned Steve Stanley, 2:36; 138 pounds, Chuck Markham, (SL) pinned Tim Dowling, 0:44; 145 pounds, Gary Munger (SL) decision ed Rod Boula, 8-5: 156 pounds,Tim 0'Brlen(5L) declsioned Mark Steven, 4-2; 167 Pounds, Kevin Jeffreys (CF) Forfeit; 177 pounds, Steve Markham (SL) pinned Jerry O’Leary, 3:16, and Heavyweight, Bubba Streeter (CF) ForfleL Elks Leadership Award Grants Christina Shambo,daugh­ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stempo, Copenhagen R.D.1, won a 350 savings bond for placing first ln the Lewis County Elks Leadership Contest. Second place winner was Brian Sbampo, son of Mr. and Mrs, Roger Stempo, Maple Avenue, Copenhagen, who received a $25 savings bond. They are seniors at Co­ penhagen Centra] School. Teachers’ Spokesmen Country* Western Music • Dancing V i l l a g e T a v e r n Croghan, N.Y. F r i d a y , D e c . V 9 to 1 T h e n e w s o u n d s o f Chuck & Upcotmtry N O T I C E The Lowville Water Dept, will read water meters in the Village o f L o w v llle Starting the second week in Dec* YOUR COOPERATION Will BE APPRECIATED H.F. Woolschluger , Supt, FRENCH VISITORS - Tte mayor of Rennes and his official party visited La Mat­ son Francalse on the Naza­ reth CoUege of Rochester campus recently. Tte French dignitaries were hosted at a reception co- Fund (Continued from Page 1) the 10 libraries In communi­ ties outside of LowvlUe. In some cases these funds help with operating costa but in most eases, the monies pro­ vided by the Lewis County United Fund purchase new books, periodicals, records and tapes. Girl Scouts - $3,500 - Similar to the program for the Boy Scouts of Lewis County, a large portion of the United Fund contribution to this organisation goes to the Thousand Island Coun­ cil where many of the ac­ tivity programs originate. Proceeds from the Girl Scout cookie sale represent ap­ proximately 25% of their overall budget, whereas United Fund gifts reached nearly 40%. Heart - Apprixlmately $3,500 - The National Heart Organisations do not accept any United Fund contribu­ tions. Therefore, tte Lewis County United Fund has for several years ln foe past purchased very expensive heart and heart monitoring equipment for tte Lewis County General hospital. We have entered into an agree­ ment with the county to con­ tinue this program over tte next several years. The equipment that is currently being considered wlU be In­ stalled shortly after the Ex* tended Care Facility 1s open. Available to all. Polio And Birth Defeets- $500 - Contributions tn this area are directed to the Ithaca Rehabilitation Home and are used for research and rehabilitation of many of our local citizens. Salvation Army - $1,000. This nationwide organisation lUls a vital gap for people of all ages. Thetr programs and services are available to nearly everyone. USO - $400 - Even though we are not \ a t war” , we still have many local boys in the armed services. USO cen­ ters are available through, out the world to our local servicemen. Volunteer Services - $ 1 - 500 . a new organization originally funded from an incentive grant from CEO with a threefold program in­ volving transportation where relatives or public means are not available, shut-in visita­ tions and telephone contact for confined people. This sponsored hy the foreign language f*.cnlty and French students, many of whom have studied in Rennes fn Naza­ reth's year-abroad pro­ gram. Pictured, left to right, are Rennes councilman and pro­ group also coordinates the Meals oo Wheel program and Well Childrens’ clinics ln Lewis County. Youth Centers - $2,750- Tbls year the United Furd anticipates contributions to Youth Center in LowvUle, New Bremen, Lyons FaUs and Hax-rtsvlUe. It ls dif­ ficult to measure effect on these were It not for the activities at these centers. A worthwhile cause of It­ self. - Many people ask \Why there Is a United Fund drive, are there still separate drives from time to time during the year?” Perhaps the eeslest explanation ls that 11 the United Fond were able ta raise aU the money all of our participating a- genclee requested to meet their program budgets, there would be no other fund drives for these agencies. However, thia ls not tte esse, In that the United Fund is only able to raise approximately 3/4 of financial needs of its mem­ ber agencies. The total bud­ get ol all tJF agencies for 1974 exceeds $85,000. People from time to time decline to give tte United Way because they do not care to support the activi­ ties cf a pkrtieular agency. The budget aad admissions committee carefully ex­ amines the applications, Budgets, and programs of each agency and tries not to offend anyone. \If one were to add xp a u the ser­ vices and all the good the combined agencies are doing to the county, perhaps they should overlook one that is not personally appealing,” a UF official said. fessor of English at Uni­ versity of Rennes Charles tecotteley. Mary EUen La Flecbe of Schenectady, May­ or Herve F re vllle, Paul Va- nler at Malone,, Vice May­ or Victor Jan ton and Marcia Duflo of New Bremen. H o s p i t a l N e w s W e l f a r e A i d Slate Comptroller Arthur Levitt has announcedthedts- frlbutlon of $99,800 for De­ cember, J973, to the Lewis County Department of Social Services, The monies re­ present approximately 90% of the federal and state share of the anticipated welfare expenditures for December by the localities. The federal share amounts to $43.- 692.800. Medical and Surgical: Phyllis AUen, LowvUle; Os­ car Amann, Castorland; Lula Richter, LowvUle; Eusebius Pate, Castorland; Mary Muha, BoonvUle; Lucy Hany, Castorland; Gary Rhone, Tu­ rin; Scott Harris, LowvlUej Brenda VanAemam, Castor­ land; Kathy Green, Low­ vUle; Susan McCauley, Boon­ vUle; Doris McCloskey, LowvUle; Vtnal Hunt, Bran­ tlngham; GeraldineHaatweU, Port Leyden; Everett Green­ wood, Copenhagen; Gladys Patterson, Grelg; Anna Mc­ Grath, LowvUle; Raslla Jan­ tzl, LowvUle; Ronald Dorn, Lyons Falls; EugeneSmethy, LowvUle; Gladys Burrow, Lyons Falls; Joseph Stanek Jr„ Castorland; Margaret Rudd; Glenfleld; William Steiner, Croghan; Florence Wood, LowvlUe; LUllan Barrett, LowvUle; Theresa Edlck, LowvUle; Anna Payne, Beqavtlltt Bemfce Muncy, LbwyflTe; TftroWHa-' yes, BoonvUle; ArthurFarr, Port Leyden; David Lynda­ ker, Croghan; Wflhelmlna Nutt, Lyons Falls; Richard Graves, Grelg; Michael Me. Intosh, Port Leyden; Mary Slye, LowvlUe; Terry Stel- ner, Beaver Falls; Scott Halladay, Lowvllle; Mary Kovacs, Castorland; Carlton Courts, Croghan; Elizabeth Sanders, LowvUle; Louise Ramos, LowvUle; Ward Ta­ ras ek, West Leyden; Betty Fitzgerald, Lyons Falls; Janet Hunter, Turin; William FeeIey„Lowvllle; Margaret PhlUtps, Glenfleld; Charles Vandellnder, Port Leyden; Paul Hartaess, Turin; David Hlrschey, LowvUle; Carl Sauer, Castorland. Births: Mr. and Mrs. Ron­ ald Zelgler, BoonvUle, a daughter Nov. 26; Mr. and Mrs. David Millard, Turin, a son Dec. 2; Mr. and Mrs. William Plemons, Boonville, a son Dec, 2; Mr, and Mrs, Verle Walters, tn, Lowvtlle, a son Dec. 3, P I I R V I N E S E L E P — ____________ S U r C s * . . requires hand scrubbing! dies the stubborn stun tnat requ»c — * Tv.o fuff $iz<? revolving ->P'ay arm*,, on? tor cacti rack for improved kY-ashabii'iy * fi**ernt&<e c>o*id wood culling-board lop * Durable porceki.n. i?C3me?<Md Tub D o n ' t b e a d i s h w a s h e r - b u y o n e ! 2 s p e e d s , 5 cycle s including S u p e r S c o u r ! » Separate m-the-tiooT s^ve-ware and cutlery baskets » FuiMime filtering ’system hefpsetimin- a*? need for pre-rinsmg ► Rmse dispenser with fill indicator ^ m * Sound insulation helps absorb operational sounds ■ Water flow valve, splash -free disconnect and separate cord and hoso storage Before washing m Super Scour cycle After washing m Super Scour cycle. (Photo is unrefouched) E A S Y TERM S P U R V I N E S E L E C T R I C I f ( « » • I t . P h . l o w v l l l e E N D S T H E T R A S H M E S S ! W h irlpool | Trash Masher® compactor Reduces Irash to approximately 'i its original size * Drive system with two power screws provides a com­ pacting torce of approximately 2300- lbs. * Compacts up to a week's worth of Irash tor an average family ol four into a disposable bag * Drop-down slde-panel on drawer with lever- action lock « Key-type start switch * $ 1 9 8 . 0 0 Copenhagen,LowvlUe, Le­ wis BOCES and South Lewis are four of the stops on a three-county \Feedback Tour\ planned by NYSUT Field Representatives Paul Hannon and Don Meatbov for the first three weeks of De­ cember, U was announced today by South Lewis Pres­ ident Olive Emerson, Starting with a meeting wtth leaders of theBeUevUle and South Jefferson Teach­ er Associations on De­ cember 3, Hannon and Meei- bov wUl visit 22 associa­ tions tn Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties, wind­ ing up in Indian River and Gouverneur on December 19. The \Feedback Tour” ts to give the NYSUT repre­ sentatives a chance to hear what's on the minds of tbe local teachers they repre­ sent. We want to know what the teachers priorities are for upcoming negotiations” Hannon and Meslbov said, “But more than that we want to learn what else they feel NYSUT can do to help them with their work ln the class- W i n s C o n t e s t Lynn Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Murray, Watertown R.D.2, won a $25 savings bond for placing first to the Jefferson County Elks' Leadership Contest. He ts a senior at Copenhagen Cen­ tral School, room.\ During their two-week blits of the area, Hannon and Meslbov tope to visit with as many teachers as possi­ ble, in addition to tteir sch­ eduled afternoon and even­ ing meetings wtth leaders of tte 22 associations they represent. The NYSUT representa­ tives promised to told a press conference in December or early Jamur, to teU the public what they ,, learned about teacher con. cerns and priorities lot tm* proving the educational vironment. ~ The meeting with L owviii . and Lewis BOCES Associa. tion leaders wlU be Decern, ber 10 at 4 p.m. in Low. vllle while the meeting win' Copenhagen and South Lewis, leaders wUl be December )o at 7:30 p.m. in Copenhagen * Now Open For Your Christm as Shopping N e e d s / w m ^ D i c k ' s L i q u o r S t o r e B e a c h e s B r i d g e , N . Y . Dick & M a r y D o s z t a n , O w n e r * o f f e r i n g d i s c o x i t p r i c e s G / w i t C i t y F a s h i o n S h o w D e c . 5 7 : 3 0 p . m . i n t h e s t o r e A t t e n d a n c e P r i z e %i ‘ S p e c i a l D i s c o u n t s for those in attendance. DO you Hflyt A CHARGE? t h e m o r e f e r y e a r ■ft o n a y s w o r t h s f e r e G r a n t P la z a Lo w v ille $ $ & I I

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