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v’ I s conference i„ 1 * r or earl, J»e public what they,! 1 I about teacher con. rnd priorities ior tra t the educational-an. GOt# ^ i. m e e t in g w i t h L o w i m . wl* BOCES Associs. * id e r s will b e D e c e m .' a t * P.m. in Low! h i l e th e m e e tin g wtth ' a a g e n a n d S o u th L e w i s , I i will b e D e c e m b e r )o 1 p . m . In Copenhagen . I OWILLE ACADEMY stmas eeds i t r i i a g s c o v n t t r i c e s rs • t o r e i e , N . Y . tn. Owners i m i i m i i i u m • w l t w W W I f '•May * Sloppy Joes, ■r«d whole kemal corn, y cake and butter, ta­ il pudding and milk, eaday * Turkey and $ do dressing, cran- Itftry sauce, cabbage salad, Rfdai and butter peaches aad milk. Wednesday - Plata wltb buttered green peanut butter sand- ( idles, fruit cups and milk. Thursday • Spaghetti with eat sauce, lettuce with easing, bread and butter, [.-cookies and milk. Friday • Tuna salad on tomato soup and crack­ ers, Apple Betty and milk, [SOUTH LEWIS CENTRAL Monday * Creamed dried if a n potatoes. Tuesday • Hot dogs. Wednesday - Hot turkey *mdwlches, Thursday - Pliras. Friday - Fish ln buns. ADIRONDACK CENTRAL Monday » Hamburgers, ito sticks, pickles, fruit milk or alternate of dmn-vegetable soup and luncheon meat sandwiches. Tuesday - Spanish rice, ittered com, rolls and but- ir, Jello and milk or alter- te o f chicken noodle soup peanut butter and Jelly Iches. Wednesday - Juice, hot dogs, macaroni salad, cake and milk or alternate of to­ mato soup and ham salad ■anwlches. Thursday - Plaza, tossed salad, Ice cream and mllkor alternate of potato soup and salami sandwiches Friday » Tomato soup, toasted cheese sandwiches, celery sticks, fruit'and milk and alternate of clam chow­ der and peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. BEAVER RIVER CENTRAL Monday . Spaghetti, let­ tuce salad, Italian bread and cookies. Tuesday • Scrambled eggs, peas, homemade cin­ namon rails and fruit. Wednesday • Hamburgers on buns, cabbage salad and strawberry shortcake. Thursday - Beef stew with mashed potatoes, oatmeal muffins and ice cream. Friday - Tomato soup, sandwiches, potato chips and fudge squares. H o m e m a k e r s M e t A meeting of the East Low­ ville Homemakers will be held Wednesday, Dec. 12, at the home of Mrs. Marguerite Hebdon, Elm Street, Low­ ville, with a covered dish dinner at noon. Mrs, Doris Jantzi will be assistant hos­ tess. ENGAGED • Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Bush, J r ., have an­ nounced the engagement of their daughter, Lou Anne, to LoweU Zehr, son of Bev. and Mrs. Vernon Zehr. Both are 1971 graduates of Beaver River Central School, Miss Bush la em­ ployed at Bossdale’s Dairy Bar, while Mr. Zehr is em­ ployed at Lomeo Brothers, LowviUe. A June wedding is planned. Y u le P r o g r a m A special Christmas pro­ gram wlU be held at the West Marttasburg Metho­ dist Church on Dec. 12 at S p.m. This Church was con­ structed around 1840-1844 and few changes have been made. The lights ' will be from kerosene lamps and the heat from two wood stoves. Financial Aid For Vets Returning veterans who nave not completed high school or received an equi­ valency certificate can earn _ their diploma and go on to coUege or hlgber education Institutions, according to Lewis Manfred, state veteran counselor. They receive financial as­ sistance whUe completing their high school studies, he said, without any charge to their entitlement to higher education t r i e r the (3 BIU. Under the program a sin­ gle veteran receives 9220 per month while pursuing a full time course of study. Addi­ tional financial assistance is provided those with depen­ dents. In order te qualify for this benefit a veteran must have served cm active duty for more than 180 days, any part ot which occurred af­ ter January 31, 1955 and dis­ charge must have been under Those who already have their high school diploma, but need special courses to qualify for admission to an Institute of higher learnings, are also eligible for this assistance. Veterans counseling and assistance ta applying for veterans benefits ts avail­ able at the local veterans counseling center of tbe New York State Division of Vet­ erans' Affairs located at the Court House ln LowviUe. Gfenfield Area News Ety Mrs. Alice Kogut Ph. 376-3377 JOURNAl AND REPUBLICAN,LOWVIUE. N.Y. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5. 1973 3-B & n e e % i l GLENFIELD. - Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rasmussen, Glenfleld R.D.1, attended the funeral of Ernest Lehman. Delphi Falls, N.Y. Mrs. Louise Lehman ts a sister of Mrs. Rasmussen. The funeral was held at Newell Funeral Home, Manillas, on Friday, Nov, 30. 1 South Lewts won its first wrestling match of the sea­ son, defeating Clifton-Fine (S6-27X Five ptas were re­ corded by the Falcons en- route to their victory, by Ed Markham, Ken Kogut, John Munger, Chuck Mark­ ham and Steve Markham. Winning by decisions for the Falcons were Gerhard Mun­ ger and Tim O'Brien. In exhibition matches, the Fal­ cons last one out of four. The three wins were all by ptas by Tom Gorczyca, Louis Tiller and Steve Mooney. It was a nice start to a good year under their new coach, Kevin AUbel. The Falcons start Frontier League action Dec.. 5 at 6:30 p.m., at South Lewis, when they are hosts to Alexandria Bay. Saturday, December 3, Is a Holy Day ot obligation - feast of Immaculate Concep­ tion of Mary. Friday night Mass will be held at 8 p.m. (anticipated) Saturday, 8:30 a.m., at St. Mary's and 10:00 a.m., atSt. Thomas’s, Grieg. 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He attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn and had worked for the United States Rubber Company, now UntRoyal, Inc., starting ta- the labora­ tory ta New York City ta 1919, and worked ta Cleve- lan, Ohio, and Passaic, N.J. He began employment'tn 1932 ta the saturating de­ partment and later became superintendent .of this de­ partment. Prior to his re­ tirement he was responsible tor process and development > research., An1 active and 1 ingenious thinker of new and better methods of manu- factoring lexide, he was re­ sponsible for several pro­ ducts and process ta' novations used by the com pany today. He retired from l Latex ln Nov. 1967, after 35 ' years of service. He married Helen C arrier, Aug, 20, 1940, at Corfu, with 1 Bev. William T. Eaton, pastor of the Presbyterian ! Church, officiating. ' He jvas a member of the Beaver Falls United Metho­ dist Church, the 25-Year Club of Latex Fiber Indus­ tries, Carlowdan Country Club, the Beaver Falls Fire Department and theKntcker bocker Lodge, 642, F and A.M, He Is survived by his widow, Mrs.HelenC.Carnle; three sons, Roderick,Dillon, Colo., Robert, Lowville, Da­ vid, a student at Marietta College, Ohio, and a brother, Thomas Carnle, New Ybrk City, The funeral was Nov. 24 In the Beaver Falls United Methodist Church, Rev. Bruce Chapman, pastor, of­ ficiating. Christmas Party for Altar and Rosary Society will be held Monday, December IO, with Mass at 6 p.m.,followed by covered dish supper at the rectory. Gifts will be exchanged (valued at 51.50 to $2). There will be an election ofofflclers and sing­ ing of carols, with Father Papp at the guitar. The Statue of the Blessed Virgin of Our Lady of Fati­ ma Is on loan to the St. Martin's Church In Port Leyden for this week, ending Thursday. She was sur­ rounded by roses and gladi­ oluses. On Thursday even­ ing, December 6, prayers and consecration to the Bles­ sed Virgin will be held be­ ginning at 7 p.m. and ending wltb a Mass. It Is a pri­ vilege to pray before this Blessed Lady. Tbe Church will be open all weekend visitors are welcome. December 1, Michelle Bouchard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bouchard, Glenfleld R.D., was married to Wilbur Stanford, J r ., son of Mr. and Mrs. WilburStan- ford Sr., Star Route, Low­ ville, at 11 a.m., at St. Peter’s Church,' New Bre- man. A reception was held following the wedding at fhe Knights of Columbus Hall, Boonvllle. They will live outside of Lowville. Mr. Stanford Is employed by his father ta the logging Industry, and Mrs. Stanford ts em -’ ployed at P and C, Lowville, The South Lewts Home Bureau Chapter’s Christmas party, as announced last week, will be held a t Ruth Lust’s home. No table ser­ vice Is needed. Just the e x ­ change gift. DUE FOR AN OVERHAUL? How about your car Irtsur hncp? Bigger jury awards mean you need higher ln surance limits for Ml pro­ tection. The minimum Is not enough ... not nearly enough. For a completecar Insurance review, call us today; you'll he safer fo morrow, JOHN D. M O ORE & SON Insurance Ph. 376-6315 State St. Lowville W o m e n ’s C lu b Lowville-Carthage Chris­ tian Women's Club will hold a luncheon on Wednesday, Dec. 12, at 12:45 p.m. at the New Sahara Restaurant, Carthage. Speaker will be Dr. Allen Harrts, Syracuse, who will address the women on the topic, \A Challenging Look at Intervarstty Activity on Campus.” Soloist wtll be Mrs. Joyce Thesier, Special Feature will be \Gifts for the Men in Your Life,” to be presented by Beyer’s Boys’ and Men’s Shop, Reserva­ tions maybe obtalnedby call­ ing 346-6654, 493-0230 or 543-2986. 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